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  1. karen_moo

    My Valentine

    Starring: Mint Mintita Genre: Romantic Comedy
  2. karen_moo

    happy 25th birthday dan!

    Yeah, i wish we had some kind of contact w/ Dan so we can send him some of our love. but owell ^_^ Dan's 25! whooo! When i first "knew of".. "fell in love with" him.. hahaha, he was only 17. How fast does time fly man.. but anyways. I just wanted to say.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO P'DAN JA! :clap...
  3. karen_moo


    So i was going through my karaoke album and I came across ANNITA! Haha! Bacckkk when I was like.. in middle school like 2003, I was quite obsessed with Annita! but now.. where is she? Her first album "Where R U?" was a pretty good album :) she had a grrrreat bodddy! swear! haha but after that...
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    we're only allowed 1 picture in out signature?

    are we only allowed 1 picture in our signature? is this right? or i just gotta make my resolution smaller and it would work :D
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    black vanilllla!

    does anyone know where i can find pictures/wallpapers of black vanillla! i tried, and i can't find any. HAHA! only old ones of course. :) but yeah, point it out for me please? thanks ! =D i have a recent obsession over them ;) especially BANK! ahhh!
  6. karen_moo

    Pream's Interview

    I just finished a show i forgot the name and the guy was interviewing Pream. (Tata's ex fiance) It was like the first time i heard him talk so much. hahaha! he's such a cool guy. and i never noticed how hot he is ;) It was a really good interview. That guy was really good. Deep into details...
  7. karen_moo

    where's NOTE W?

    I believe his last lakorn was Choom Pae? And have't heard from him since. Does anyone know what hes doing now? Maybe A new lakorn soon? He was just growing on mee and he stopped! =( Note is a cutie though =) he was always cute with Yui J.
  8. karen_moo

    Where's Dan Now?

    Does anyone know where hes been, how hes doing, did he sign with a new record company yet ? Haven't heard of him in soooo long! Arg. i was watching HIS diary on youtube. i miss DAAAANNN<3 sooo much guys! Don't you guys? ='(
  9. karen_moo

    What song this is?

    Can someone tell me who the real artist is and what its called? THANK you :D
  10. karen_moo

    At10 - Reminisce of Big D2B -- search for #6 - 9. A Special program for Big brought to you by TheeSip talk show. <3Big will always be in our hearts. ILoveYouBig!
  11. karen_moo

    Tata young & Prem's Engagement

    Has anyone seen the preview of their engagement? Awwww, it was so cute! They're so sweet to each other. Aww, He cried because they didn't get to see each other for 2 days until the day of the engagement. It was very Thai, i liked it. I just saw it n At10. Omg Prem is a lucky guy :] hes quite...
  12. karen_moo

    Noon Woranuch is now dating...

    Is she dating that one dude.. that always brings her flowers.. but then they deny.. AIYAAA! But recently.. I saw them on Daokrajai and they talk about each other now.. so does that mean they're officially together? I forgot him name.. =/ They said hes a num "Hiso" HAHA, and hes a racer too? Wow...
  13. karen_moo

    Wheres Nadia?

    Haven't seen her on the show lately? Does anyone know what happened to her? Or do I just dont' see her. Haha. I only see Joy, Oil, and Pooky. I think thats her name. haha o___O
  14. karen_moo

    Isn't this cool?

    Haha! I juss thought this was cool so i wanted to share. i found picture of Tyra Banks when she was skinny, thats like.. 1998 haha! I hekka thought she looked liek Pat so yeah. Tell me what chu think? LOLS :] :yahoo:
  15. karen_moo

    Tik Jedsadaporn Pondee

    haha juss wondering ! :D kuhs i havent' seen any nerw pictures of him lately . thanks :D
  16. karen_moo

    Noon & Khed

    :'[ so sad these two had to break up, but I never knew what really happened. Why did this break up? & Who broke up with who? Anyone has pictures articles or anything? Please let me know. i was a really big fam of these ex-couples :( thankss