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  1. smilealways06

    Any Thai fan? Desperate Need help finding a song...

    Wow!!! Been years since I posted anything in here:eek::eek::eek:But does anyone thai lovers of music industry know if there's an original from a thai song? I would like the artist and title if anyone can help, pls? The link is to a song by Ntxhee Yees Xyooj but I'm pretty sure its origin is from...
  2. smilealways06

    Dedication to girls/guys

    I didn't know if this is the right place to post dedications but guess I'll just post it here instead...I've seriously been sadden in some ways about hearing news of young girls/boys taking their own life and it really is devastated even though I don't relate to them. I just hope that if anyone...
  3. smilealways06

    The Royal Wedding

    Anyone stayed up all night or at least stay to watch the Royal Wedding? I totally did myself hahaha :lol: ...and all i got to say is it was totally amazing :thumbsup: like i say to my sis. we've just seen history made :clap2: live in front of our eyes... :D this wedding is by far one of the...
  4. smilealways06

    Mam Jintara Sukapat & Santisuk Promsiri (Noom)???

    Okay someone in youtube says that Santisuk Promsiri (Noom) and Mam Jintara Sukapat are husband and wife? Is it true or not? Can someone please confirm this?
  5. smilealways06

    Does Anyone Have MagicISO?

    Does anyone have magic iso maker with working keygen or serial number? Thanks in advance if anyone can help...
  6. smilealways06

    IE 8 vs Mozilla Firefox

    I'm trying to see which one is better so I can use it as a default browser...any suggestions or experience with IE 8 and Firefox?
  7. smilealways06

    Any Computer Person in Here?

    Anyone in here know if I install a new internal hard drive, do i need to install a new motherboard along with it? Or can i just install the hard drive but don't need a new mother board....I think the hard drive is wear out and need a new one. Will changing a new hard drive makes the computer run...
  8. smilealways06

    Who is the main actor in this mv?

    Okay i've seen this mv a lot of times now and don't know who is the main actor in this mv, can someone help me out? he so looks familiar but can't name any names...i know who the main actress is but not the guy, can anyone help?
  9. smilealways06

    Help out with a song....

    does anyone know this one song that sings something like this..."tsis muaj kuv koj mam muab kuv daim duab los saiv..." something about daim duab los saiv tau tsis muaj or something like that? i'm thinking it's either Blong Xiong or Wm Vaj? not sure and can anyone help out...thanks in advance...
  10. smilealways06

    Anyone bought any new music at July 4th MN?

    Sorry to ask this but did anyone bought any new songs? If so can you guys please share? I didn't get the chance to go up there so can someone please share some if you guys did bought some? To be more specific i would say like Seang Vue's album? Thanks in advance...
  11. smilealways06

    Need help with video...

    I didn't know where to post this topic cuz it's a it's a thai movie but is a hmong dubbed...anyways this is an old version of Bla Boo Tong...anyone know the title in thai or where i can find this movie? Or is what this who the actors are? Here is the link to go watch it: Nkauj Nog
  12. smilealways06

    Ku Gig Plik Ka Krae

    Have anyone seen this lakorn yet? I really want to see it but can't find it anywhere...or does anyone know when it's going to be on youtube or anywhere else? Here's the pic of the lakorn...
  13. smilealways06

    Neeg Lub Neej

    Do anyone know where I can get this movie? I really really really love this movie. My uncle used to have it but then, he seems to lost it somewhere and i really love this movie :lmao: ....can someone please help me :spin: ??? Here's the link to the movie if you don't know which one I'm talking...
  14. smilealways06

    Wu Chun and An Yi Xuan???

    An Yi Xuan Wu Chun from Fahrenheit I would love :wub: ^_^ ;) to see these two make a drama. If they do make a drama together I would :dude: definitely buy the drama lol :lol: .
  15. smilealways06

    Need Help with video?

    Hi there peeps of sarn, I was wondering if anyone can help me out on these two videos? Does anyone know who the artists name is? Please help, I'm in need of a big help thanks if anyone can. Please PM me or message me thanks. Pun Kao Jee Sa La Wan
  16. smilealways06

    A great site to upload songs and d/l songs

    Hey everybody, if you guys like to upload and download song this website is the best. It's call This site is more better than because you can d/l songs, upload songs, and even create your own playlist with songs from that site. Tell me if you guys like it by replying back.
  17. smilealways06

    Hmong Movie starring Dawb Thoj

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows the movie where Dawb Thoj, Txam Thoj, Ntxwam Hawj, and this one guy I don't know his name. Where Dawb Thoj kinda of plays two role and the guy I don't know his name dated Dawb Thoj. Txam and the guy I don't know the name are long lost brothers...
  18. smilealways06

    Does anyone knows what is this actor doing now?

    Does anyone knows what this actor is doing right now? Any recent pictures of him? His name is Waruth Woratum. Thanks.