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  1. jeeja

    [KBS2] Pianist (Mini Drama)

    Pianist T-SER Credits: Dinoflamess @ YT Credits: DramaWiki Credits: VITALWARNING @ AllKPOP I am so excited, though it's only a mini as in 1 episode, but it's Minho that i'm excited to see. Airing November 20, 2010!!! NEXT SATURDAY! December 4??? This is (i think) the Final edp in a...
  2. jeeja

    Smile Again, Jojo

    Casting: You (Fictional): Jung Jojo Choi Minho SHINee MBLAQ 2PM ZE:A & many more XD Introduction: [Jojo’s Narration] This boy made a rainbow in my dark life and I promised him to always smile. Prologue: [Jojo’s Narration] When I was seven, my mother left me on the bus stop and never returned...
  3. jeeja

    [Tutorial] Pic-N-Name

    I’m sorry if it’s not understandable, but I tried my best (it’s the first time i'm doing a tutorial). Step1: Go to file and click NEW Step2: Customize the size you want and click on TRANSPARENT before pressing OK This is how it will look like: Step3: Choose a font that is thick (EX...
  4. jeeja

    Bie Sukrit & Punch Worakarn: The Flying Stars

    OMG, i'm so excited this is out, lol no pics yet at Magzdee, but here's the one I got off BFC & PFC (credits 2 them) u won't b seeing this much in the mag anyway lol there so cute 2gehter, i wouldn't mind seeing them pair up in a lakorn, i'd totally love that :wub:
  5. jeeja

    A Token of Remembrance [Mini FanFic] (COMPLETE)

    Casts: Kim Bum as Han Min Jae Chanidapa Pongsilpipat as Sung Soo Ha Part 1: “Here Mr. Han, she left this for you.” His apprentice gave him an envelope. “Thanks,” he replied as he took the envelope. He settled down a on a stone bench under the peach blossom trees. It’s about mid March when...
  6. jeeja

    j e e j a 's

    i'm still a beginner and learning everyday wat i can do with PS-ing. just a way to keep me out of boredom and will...drama in life of course haha...have fun and please give advice so i can improve. i'm more on just simple and plain...not so creative. old stuff i ps-ed last year i think lol...
  7. jeeja

    The Best Man [Mini FF] (COMPLETE)

    ©aikoden Starring: Aum Atichart Aff Taksaorn Prologue: “Here comes the bride!” the bridesmaid announced, and there I stood looking at her from the stage. That smile of hers was brighter than a thousand suns. It was a smile that I can never forget in all my life time. She walked gently...
  8. jeeja

    Destined by Heaven

    Casts: ~Bie Sukrit as Ah Feng Wongnaboot ~Toey Jarinporn as Rinya Sontitadakul ~Aerin Siripon as Reena Sontitadakul ~Ball Vittavat as Yongchai Wysainuksala ~Vill Wannarot as Villyna Reechiwut ~Son Songpaisarn as Cheewin Chinasunat ~Tai Chutima as Waan Wenchaiyoot/Taktampetch ~Techin...
  9. jeeja

    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    Info's: Title: ดอกรักริมทาง Dok Ruk Rim Tang AKA: Love Flower by the Edge of the Road Genre: Romantic/Comedy Air time: Monday-Thursday 20.25 Broadcast On: Channel 5 Broadcast Period: May 19, 2010 - June ,2010??? Casts: ~Bie Sukrit as Pattavee / Khun Vee ~Vill Wannarot as Anusorn and...
  10. jeeja

    fan fictions

  11. jeeja

    Hua Jai Sila

    T-SER: HUA JAI SILA aka HEART of STONE Casts: Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew as Tor/Sila Fang Pitchaya Srithep as Mintah Methinee Kingpayome as Mam Peemai Sumonrat Wattanaselarat as Rasamee Behind the Scene: 01 ll 02 Pictures: 01 ll 02 ll 03 ll 04 ll 05 ll 06 ll 07 ll 08 ll 09 ll Magazines: 01 ll 02...