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  1. calla

    Yias Kub Lis finally, its here. Thanks for his hard work. :D please support him.
  2. calla

    what is his name..

    when i was on vacation in Laos 2 weeks ago......i saw him but i was too shy and didnt go talk with him..lolz so i was just wondering whats his name. he looks very tiny in person..but he is very cute.
  3. calla

    Khab Lis

    does anyone happen to know where he live ? i know he is from Laos but i want to know the city. i will go to Laos/Thailand in 2 weeks and wanna meet him..lolz well, i like his songs so much that make me wanna meet him.
  4. calla

    July 4th

    does anyone know the exact date...? cause some of my friends they need to that they know when to buy their airplane tickets. :)
  5. calla

    Golf & Mike On "3Noom3Moom Variety"

    air Saturday 12 credit to Exact
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    Yardthip's Forum

    we're welcome all her fans !!
  7. calla

    The first and only FORUM of Yardthip
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    Cheevit Ran Thod [Exact]

    a new lakorn of p'tang ka........n'ek is not yet to confirm. but they said this lakorn is based on real life story. and it gonna be a hit drama too. so they got p'tang for the p'ek.....and as for the n'ek, it has to be someone who suit the role...because this lakorn is really a sad one. i'll...
  9. calla

    Nhoom Phom Yao Sao Poang Larng

    news credit to <3_Jieb @ spicy forum cap - credit to Vanida i can't wait to watch it.....hope its air soon. i love Dan......he's such a cutie. :yahoo:
  10. calla

    Puk Rob Pob Ruk - Comercial

    this is kinda like a sitcom...but its a comercial ads. all together are 25 episodes.......airing 1 minute per day. :yahoo: here are the clips teaser : episodes 1-2 : by the way...this ad can't not see on...
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    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    why por.....................:rolleyes:
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    3Noom3Moom Variety (show)

    its a new show for EXACT. they were very famous in their sitcom 3Noom3moom, which was aired for 8 years. so now Khun Boyd wants them back....but this time its not a sitcom....its a variety show. first episode will air this Saturday the 24. on Ch.9...DON'T MISS IT...i think Iptv might has it...
  13. calla


    my mom borrowed part 1-2 from my uncle...its not that good but damn.....Nom Phaj was so funny. I laugh everytime i watched him. omg.....he's so funny.....this is all i have to say.....lolz :loool:
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    Yard's Lakorn Magazines......

    Sorry but all these informations has moved to her forum.....this thread is no longer update
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    Fah Kub Tawun (TV Thunder)

    i saw the news from komchadluek yesterday....she was like she has a new lakorn called "Fah Kub Tawun" but she will be the n'rai. so i just wondering who are the pra-nang for this lakorn..anyone know ?
  16. calla

    Yard On 'Ratree Samasom" Talkshow

    i dont know why por t. there too....anyways credit to polyplus go here for the teaser....yard shows her tatoos cute. :wub:
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    Leh Kularb (Master One)

    I just watch Seesaunbaantuen....and Ta was saying it himself that after Jao Ying Khor Taan, he has another new lakorn with Nong-Yard. yes....another new lakorn of Yard. :yahoo: look like Yard is TV Scene's favorite daughter now. :lol:
  18. calla

    Most Talked Ch.3 Lakorns of the year 2006

    from SeesarnBaantuen 12-31-06 Most Emotional Lakorn Lom Huan Most Earning Lakorns Hima Tai Prajun Tur Kue Duang Jai Poo Yai Hed VS Kun Nun Hoi Most Classic Lakorn Jao Sao Barn Rai Most Romantic Lakorn Keaw Tah Pee Most Handsome Actors From lakorn Tee Tra Kon Song Most Surprise Lakorn...
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    Ja Iab Production

    ok, i know there are some coming very soon from Ja Iab. Somchai Yang's Music VDO Karaoke. Dr.Tom Special - with Mai Poo. Cov Lus Cog Cia - Paj Zaub Vwj with Coob Thoj's brother....i don't even know his name. i just went to the fleamarket and they all said these movies suppose to come out...
  20. calla

    Teh Uten's Wedding

    they got married on Saturday the 16th 2006. i have to say that his wife isnt all that good looking. Teh is the very first Thai singer that i knew. i used to love every songs of him. he's so cute back then, but a little too short. but anyways congratulation to him.... :yahoo:
  21. calla

    Yard's Lakorn Aired On 2006

    wow.....she has like 4 lakorns aired this year. will be 5 if include Rung Nok Bon Plai Mai... :lol: i hope she has some new lakorns for next year, and hope that "Kew Rud klao" will air next year too.
  22. calla

    Getting To Know Mark

    i guess many poeple want to know more about cutie Mark.......ehhe :lol: Name : Kritsada Pornveron Nickname : Mart Birthday : June 1st 1977 Birthplace : Bangkok Siblings : 3 (Mark is the 3rd child..and he has 2 older sisters) Education : College Of Art And Design in Savannah, Georgia USA...
  23. calla

    Nom Phaj txoj kev Lim Hiam

    hey, is this movie good....and is it continue from "Khib Ciaj Khib Tuag" ? just curious :unsure:
  24. calla

    A weird pix of "Pong" and "Kalamay"

    when i first saw the pic....i was so shocked....look at him, doesn't he touch her breast ? :o
  25. calla


    i just bought these and wanna share....... Suab Nag Yaj - Kob Lis sang 2 songs with was pretty good.....i love it. :yahoo: Ntxawm Ntxuaj Pag Lauj & Nraug Nas Lis - Umm......i don't know but in my opinion better not waste your money for it...its so annoying and XU SIAB although the...
  26. calla

    Poo Kong Yod Ruk (TV Thunder)

    i saw the openning ceremony from "Daokajai" its another lakorn of TV Thunder.....and i think it gonna air on ITV. i miss glad that she's back on lakorn. :lol: oh, by the come it has the same lakorn tittle like Num Sorrum and Tik Kayarath's lakorn ?
  27. calla

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    Noon has too many lakorns these days....but most of them are with Broadcast Television. :arrg:
  28. calla

    Muer Dok Ruk Ban (Act Art Generation)

    another new lakorn of P'Of Pongpat. :D i just saw the opening ceremony on Seesabaantuen. Its a period lakorn......they'll be shooting in ChiangMai for 1 month. there are 2 couples.......Chai & Ploy.....Mark & Aff. ehhehe I like Aaf she's so cute and pretty. :wub:
  29. calla

    Off Aphichati Die......

    credit to thairath he has a heart attack and die today. this so sad.... :(
  30. calla

    Yardthip @ OK Magazine 2006

    credit to love her dress :wub:
  31. calla

    Yardthip - Ploy Gam Petch Magazine

    credit to
  32. calla

    Watch Yard's VDOs @

    wanna watch yard's VDO at youtube ? just go their and type YARDTHIP....all her VDOs should come out. or here is the link :yahoo: the first 3 VDOs are belong to me (i made it myself) enjoy. :D
  33. calla

    Yard Was The 1st Guest To Be On "RUK UEY" Talkshow

    this was when she first went to RUK AUEY as their very first guest on 1-11-06 all pics credit to polyplus.....reuploaded by me.
  34. calla

    A-You Duo

    i heard she's a Hmoob Suav. but never heard of her song....if she sang Hmong or Chinese......? never heard about her until yesterday when i saw the Hmong Today newspaper. lolz....i think she's really pretty..... :D does anyone ever heard of her songs.....any recommended ?? go here for her...
  35. calla

    Yard On "RUK AUEY" Again

    i don't know when will this episode air......but i just found this at polyplus site. both p'tang and yard wishing for p'noi's b-day. so cute...... :lol: omg, yard on RUK AUEY like 4-5 times already, now i really wanna see her in a lakorn with p'tang. :)
  36. calla

    A Xiong Man & A Lee Woman

    i went to the fleamarket (in St.Paul) today, and i heard like many people was talking about a Xiong man and a Lee Woman......aww, its so nasty that i don't wanna listen to it anymore. ok......they was like....that 2 people having an affair and went to this one hotel and having s.e.x so they got...
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    Event Pictures

  38. calla

    Yard's Lakorns

    Sorry but all these informations has moved to her forum.....this thread is no longer update
  39. calla

    Yard's Profile

    credit to eotoday Name : Yardthip Rachapal Nickname : Yard Birthday : November 22, 1986 Birthplace : Bangkok Siblings : 2, an older brother, yard is the youngest Nationality : Indian, Thai Weight : 168 cm Height : 45 kg Educantion : High School First Work : Lakorn with ch.7 when she was just 5...
  40. calla

    Na Rok Tua Sood Thai

    i don't think we have a topic for this lakorn yet. well, its one of those stock lakorn. i just got the news that the teaser is already out and is going to air soon. but may not be a prime time lakorn....... :D
  41. calla

    Sood Ruk Sood Duang Jai ((TV Scene)

    yeah........another lakorn of yard. :w000t: :w000t: i'm not a fan of Aum, but its ok as long as yard is in there..... :wub:
  42. calla

    Jao Ying Khor Taan

    A Homeless Princess i think that's how to say in English. :D
  43. calla

    Who's The Guy In "Kawm Muas" Music VDO

    ok, my mom bought this MV and there's a guy in there he played in the song called "Nuj Nplaib Caum Tsis Cuag Ntxawm" and some more.i think he's really cute and i have a feeling that i saw him in a movie before. he looks alot like the guy from "80 xyoo tseem hlub" here is the cover of the...
  44. calla

    Noons Calls P'Tang "That Brother" Before this we always heard Noon calls "P'Tang Ka...P'Tang Kaaa" but now "Noon Siripun" n'ek from the movie "Pen chu kub Pee" staring to calls "Tang Saksit Tangtong" as "That Brother/That Dude" "About that brother....i still have no...
  45. calla

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    new stars credit to exact
  46. calla

    Ram Pee Sawas (polyplus)

    polyplus's new lakorn.....will be shooting this month. :D Noi will be the n'rai........ :angry: I can't believe its Paul again. he's everywhere now days....can't stand him at all. :blink:
  47. calla

    11 Top P'eks/Model In 1992 (2535)

    credit to panthip on the back Tang, Dodo, don't know his name but he's in many of exact's lakorn now days. middle Jay, Pete, Willy, Oh, Johnny, unknow.... front Woot, unknow.....
  48. calla

    lolz......cute and funny

    i got this pic from someone at just wanna share i think they are so cute. the baby girl act so evil..... :wub: :loool: incase some people can't read hmong.....lolz baby girl - will you admit it or not ? 1....2.... :loool: baby boy - I haven't cheating on you...honey...
  49. calla

    Poo Yai Hed VS Kum Nun Hoi

    its airing after wairaiyodruk......anyone watch it ? i haven't watch it but i saw the teaser....i don't like chuaiya but it looks really good and funny. beside that i will watch it because of tanya and i love this kind of lakorn. :lol:
  50. calla

    Sunshine Of Love

    i'm a fan of Jo just wondering if this drama good. by the way........any RECOMMAND dramas of him..? :P
  51. calla

    Nunfon Got Married

    anyone remember her.....she was in the lakorn "Sud Sai Pan" with p'tang and "Nai Hoy Tamin" with Sarunyu. she's married to a white man. still not beleieve what i just saw.....lolz, they seen love eachother very much. here is the clip from ch.7
  52. calla

    Veerakum Tum Pur Tur

    i believe we don't have a topic for this lakorn yet ? :D airing May 3rd (after "Jan Uey Jan Jao") to roots. here are the to thaitv3
  53. calla

    Ken On "Ruk Auey" Talkshow

    Ken is the guest along with Noon Siripun. (P'tang and P'noi's sweet-hearts) i'm so jealous. :wavecry: airing this Wednesday the 19th. credit to polyplus
  54. calla

    Stefan On Oops Magzine

    its coming out to polyplus. oops.....sorry i spell the topic as (oops magazine) wrong sorry ok. :lol: can someone correct it.....thanks.
  55. calla

    Keem Lis

    i don't know much about him. i just watched his mv once, the one he sang with Tshaus Hawj. lolz, ok i have something funny to share. :loool: i met this guy Keem Lis twice here in St.Paul Minnesota..lolz :lol: the first time i saw him was that time where i took my cousins that just came from...
  56. calla

    Stefan On 'Wan Wun Young Wan Yoo"

    no pics yet.....but its air this friday the 7th on ch.7
  57. calla

    Wai Rai Yod Ruk

    Airing, April 12th.......Before News On Ch.3
  58. calla

    Cherry @ Ch.3 36th Anniversary

    credit to
  59. calla

    Sexy Stefan And Friends....lolz

    lolz.......he's so cute and funny..can you tell which one is him. :wub:
  60. calla

    Por On "Ruk Auey" Talkshow

    this was aired 3-8-06 credit to polyplus and tangsaksit forum
  61. calla

    Phor's Profile Name : Thrisadee Sahawong Nickname : Por Birthday : January 23rd, 1978 Siblings : 3, Por is the oldest Height : 1.83 m. Weight : 72 kk. Education : Bachelor Degree of Managerment Hobies : Watch Movie, Ballroom Dance Animal : Godfish, It name is Tony ~~(lolz...i guess its a...
  62. calla

    Joy Interview

    credit to thairath these pics are from Volume Magazine, i don't think its out yet. so hey, i just translate as i know, i tried my best don't mind ok. :D she says, I always wants to has this photoshoot ever since the first time I came to the entertainment industry. now I...
  63. calla

    Cherry's Profile

    Translated By : Calla credit to Name : Khamupsorn Lastname : Sirisuka Nickname : Cherry Birthday : August 28th Favorite Colors : Green Candies : All Siblings : 1 brother and 1 sister (Pupae Ramadee) Car : use My Dad's Car
  64. calla

    Ken's Profile

    if anyone want to post these information to other forums, please always credit to me and this forum. :D credit to Name : Theeradeth Wonpuapan Nickname : Ken Birthday : December 3rd 1979 Height : 180 CM. Weight : 75 KK. Father : Veerapraviti Mother : Kayajana Siblings : 1 Older...
  65. calla

    When Best Friend Turn Evil

    ok..just wanna share my short story. i have a friend (she used to be my best friend back in high school) she married after we graduated....and started to act stupid and crazy. she treat me so bad....even though she lived with husband in different state. she always e-mail me and said bad words...
  66. calla

    Lady Mahachon

    Airing 1st Episode On February 12th Friday-Sunday Ch.3 pic credit to thaitv3 and me for upload.
  67. calla

    Joy Siriluk On 'Ruk Auey" TalkShow

    Airing on Wednesday 2-1-06 Joy is the 4th guest :D she's crying :unsure: credit to polyplus
  68. calla

    Tur Keu Duang Jai(เธอคือดวงใจ)

    time and date - credit to lovely roots :wub: Airing On February 20th Monday - Tuesday after "Nang Barb" forgot where i got this pic from....but credit to me for uploaded it. credit to thai brocast television credit to
  69. calla

    Yug Los Ua Hmong

    ok, have anyone see this Thai lakorn translate into Hmong called "Yug Los Ua Hmoob" Saksit Tangtong is the p'ek he acts as a hmong man "Yo Tha Yee" who love his culture and people. ok this lakorn is suppose to gave it as a present for the King of Thailand. now this lakorn is back to air because...
  70. calla

    Thai Stars Wearing Hmong Clothes

    ok.....i can see that these days many of thai female stars are wearing hmong skirt. see this pic.....she's Noon Siripan (n'ek from Tang's new lakorn and from the new movie called "purn sanit") she's wearing a hmong skirt...which is very cute. Lana Commins also wear a hmong shirth on her first...
  71. calla

    Pin Din Hua Jai

    แผ่นดินหัวใจ this lakorn air after "song rao nirun don" Wednesday-Thursday" here are some pics from this lakorn :P Tang as : Kun Nun Kai Tor Noon as : Molee - Tangmo credit to Thai Broadcast Televsion & Saksit_World Forum
  72. calla

    Ntxub Txoj Hmoo (Movie)

    does anyone see this movie ? well....i never like to watch movie hmoob but my mom borrowed this one from her friend and i watched with her. i think this movie is really cute between p'ek and n'ek...lolz. :lol: i love it so much when n'ek got divorce and back....p'ek tried every way to meet...
  73. calla

    Family Die On House Fire

    9-30-05 article newest...... the father and daughter die yesterday. :( the family related to my aunt's husband....and my aunt told my mom yesterday that while the boy waking up....they told him that his parents and sister all die...and...