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  1. p. Zoua

    Uthaitaewee 2017

    Picture credits by LakornThaiBoran official FB & Satang Naphop, Spy Sittichai, etc. Airing Saturday Feb 11, 2017 Starring: Mon Surasak Suwannawong Mean Waranporn Ton Narin Pim Aunya Kukkik Songsangtearm Satang Naphop Pobsil Tusakorn
  2. p. Zoua

    Miss Thailand 2016 The reality: Boran Lakorn Challenge

    Basically they had this challenge, the contestants participate in boran lakorn roles and then the director of Samsearn tells each of them how they did in their acting skills...I found this pretty interesting...wish they would've made one of Nang Sib Song but whatever. LOL There was a mix of Pla...
  3. p. Zoua

    Boran Lakorn Collaboration mv

    HI all! Since summer is ending, I've decided to host a boran lakorn collaboration video under Sweet Thai Boran Forum account. Please feel free to sign up if you want, however, please note that the due date is Sep 2, 2016, so please sign up only if you are for sure that you'll be able to submit...
  4. p. Zoua

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    Pictures by Dara, Luktan, Fahsai, Pobsil & LakornThaiBoran Note: Girl on left is playing Akanee           I don't know what's going on with Samsearn. They say they were going to make Kraithong next, but looks like they put it off and now they're going to make Sid Yod Kumon instead and these...
  5. p. Zoua

    [CTV] Concubinage Record 2015

    Pics by Weibo  info from this blog:   Trailer: (No subs)   Starring:  Sun Jian, Zheng Qing Wen, Yu Ting Er, He Yu Jun, Yin Jun Zheng, Wen Xin, Wang Le Le, Li Xi...
  6. p. Zoua

    Nang Sib Song

        PICTURES by BOOKPOBSIL & LakornThaiBoran FB   I'm quite confuse....thought they were going to be making Sung Tong and Kraithong next, but I see these pictures floating around and the only words I can make out is Nang 12. lol  it's on LakornThaiboran facebook page.
  7. p. Zoua


    Does anyone know how Dootv work? I'm just wondering b/c I haven't tried it before and thinking about it. How much do you pay? is it worth it and are there older lakorns on there??? You can download too right? lol Sorry a lot of questions. Thanks in advance. :)
  8. p. Zoua

    Sung Tong 2015

    Pictures by PYJ FB Page & Jae_Patcha!!!         I think Jae Patcha (nang ek for Yor Praklin) will be playing Rotjina for Sung Tong 2015, b/c she posted up the first photo on her fb page saying "ไกรทอง vs สังข์ทอง" so most likely it's the other lady in Kraithong and her in Sung Tong. But if I...
  9. p. Zoua

    Kaew Na Maah 2015

    CREDIT TO LAKORN THAI BORAN FB & other pages           The boran lakorn after Yor Praklin is Kaew Ma Na. It will star Ek Ekkaraj and Dear Darin (same pranangs from Monarkarat). Either that or either she'll be paired up with guy in black?? but yes...     *Sorry to misinform everyone earlier...
  10. p. Zoua

    Kraithong 2015

    CREDIT:: PICS from PYJ Club FB Page             Starring Kukkik...and I'll find out the actors name later. lol
  11. p. Zoua

    [Mainland] Legend of the Ancient Sword (Hunan TV)

    Images by Sina. Credit to VIKI for cast and sumary   Title: Legend of the Ancient Sword /Gu Jian Qi Tan English title: Swords of Legends Also known as: Legend of the Ancient Sword Episodes: 50 Broadcast network: Hunan TV   Casting: Li Yi Feng as Baili Tusu / Han Yun Xi Yang Mi as Feng...
  12. p. Zoua

    Yam Rugrunda Married!

    CREDIT::Yammy IG               I believe the guys name is Aum. But yes, congrats to them both. Yam has been in boran lakorns ever since I can remember.  Specially in thep sarm rudoo with Phone <3 
  13. p. Zoua

    [Movie] The Palace 2013

              Cast:  Zhou Dongyu as Chen Xiang Chen Xiao as Yin Xiang (13th prince) Zanilla Zhao Li Ying as Liu Li Lu Yi as Yin Zhen (9th Prince) Dicky Cheung as Cheif Enuch   Summary: (by me) A historical romance drama film taken during the reign of Kangxi. Chen Xiang enters the palace at a...
  14. p. Zoua

    Yor Praklin 2014

    Credits:: FB, Fon, Jae Suchada, IG, etc               If you guys haven't heard, they're remaking Yor Praklin again.    Newbies for the main casts again.    I haven't seen any version of Yor Praklin but I liked Au and Aont's opening XD..but ugh...I hope they remake something that hasn't...
  15. p. Zoua

    Tong Thantree Engaged/Married!!!

    For all you boran fans, you should know who Tong is. She's been in boran lakorns for quite awhile now but never got the main roles, just a side role or always a mother/queen role. Well, i think she just got married or engaged bout two weeks ago. I think it might be married but she posted on her...
  16. p. Zoua

    Costumes in Boran Lakorns

    Pictures by Samsearn, FB, Lek Jessada forum, etc.   UGH not to bash or anything but man, costumes in the boran lakorns have been ugly over the it's starting to come back a little but some of them were just Fah's purple costume in Tkt here....     Fah is gorgeous but...
  17. p. Zoua

    [Mainland] Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (Shenzhen TV)

      Pictures by CREDITS:: WIKI-D addicts Title: 怪侠一枝梅 / Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei Also known as: The Vigilantes In Masks / Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei Genre: Wuxia, adventure Episodes: 30 Broadcast network: Shenzhen TV / Southeast TV Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-01 start (Shenzhen TV) Opening...
  18. p. Zoua

    Hlub 1 Tsug 13 Hnub

    New hmong Movie 2013-2014 by Cha Her/ Txhahj Hawj   Trailer:   So as you all know I'm really picky in watching Hmong movies...since I saw Cha/Txhaj at the New Year, I wanted to take picture with him and get his autograph, since I saw his old movie with Dawb Thoj...
  19. p. Zoua

    Hmong New Year MN 2013-2014

    So I  went the first day with my bf and his family this year and Xab Thoj and Txiab Yaj came. WOW, i'm surprise how small and petite Txiab is. They also went and sang on stage but it was kinda awkward cause at first the peeps didn't put on the song so they had to improv a litttle. lol but my bf...
  20. p. Zoua

    Hmong Vines on FB

    lol check it out on fb. There's some funny videos up. Like one with this guy says "Hmong people at the new year be like....NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!" lol    I find it kinda disturbing how Hmong peeps always be copying things from other groups, but...
  21. p. Zoua

    Monakarat 2013

    Pictures by Samsearn             (CREDITS::: Sherrie & Thai Boran Invision Forum) Title: Monakarat (มนต์นาคราช) Also known as: Mon Nar Ka Rak    Cast: Ek Ekkaraj Kritsiritip as Chai Siri Dear Nitchagan Gitsagun as Ninwana and Darawadee Aom Prattamaporn as Apsorn Sawan Pon Ophapoom as...
  22. p. Zoua

    Juntra Suriyakat

    Clip:   *CREDITS TO SHERRIE ---thai boran forum* "This is a remake of the older one by ch.3. Note that Pei Panward first entered in the industry in this boran. She played the supporting role alongside with Praek's little brother. Her brother is a bad guy and praek's...
  23. p. Zoua

    Boran after Jaoying Tang On

    Boran after Jaoying Tangon is จันทร์-สุริยะคาธ. Someone mind translating?    not even a teaser. lOL more like a short clip:   Hopefully they'll give better trailer or preview tomorrow. I have no idea what it's solar eclipse? 
  24. p. Zoua

    When Was The Last Time...

    HEE HEE...similar to Who Was The Last Person Game...except it's just time or moments. lol Just answer and then ask.    When Was The Last Time you had fun in the snow?
  25. p. Zoua

    Tsov & Tsuv 2012

    Trailer: Xab Thoj's new movie. lol the disputes between the Green and White Hmongs. Sister in law bought it and I watched it. I'd have to say this is one of his good movies. :D Even though the moral is pretty decent and simple, it doesn't drag and straight to the...
  26. p. Zoua

    Has Ch.7 removed copyrights yet?

    Has ch.7 removed their copyrights yet or no? Just wondering cause I think Min's latest lakorn still is on youtube for the past few month right?
  27. p. Zoua

    Uploading picture onto AF Wiki?

    Does anyone know how to upload picture onto Asianfuse Wiki? I clicked onthe links for the tutorials but the page didn't work..
  28. p. Zoua

    [Mainland] The Patriot Yue Fei

    Pictures by Chinese Entertainment News & OneAsian Website Info by Wikid-addicts Title: 精忠岳飞 / Jing Zhong Yue Fei English title: The Patriot Yue Fei Also known as: The Loyalty of Yue Fei Genre: Historical drama, war Episodes: 60 Broadcast period: 2012-Dec Summary: Yue Fei rose from lowly...
  29. p. Zoua

    [Mainland] Mystery In the Palace

    Credit::PacificAsian Forum Title: 深宫谍影 // Shen Gong Die Ying English Title: Mystery in the Palace Cast: Gan Ting Ting (甘婷婷) as Liu Han Xiang / Yi Dan Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) as Ge Tai Michelle Yim (米雪) as Empress Dowager Liu Ting Yu (刘庭羽) as Tai Zi Fei Zhang Dan Feng (张丹峰) as Yin Reng (Crowned...
  30. p. Zoua

    Jaoying Taeng On 2012

    From Samsearn Link: From Jaoying TaengOn FB page Jaoying Tang-On เจ้าหญิงแตงอ่อน Main: Pete Gritsirithip (พีธ กฤตสิริทิพย์) Kukkik Kochankorn Songsangterm (กุ๊กกิ๊ก กชกร ส่งแสงเติม) Cast Chek Satawut Dunyawichit (เจค ศตวรรษ ดุลยวิจิตร) [used...
  31. p. Zoua

    Pred Wat Suta 2012

    Pred Wat Suta 2012 (Ghost Temple Suta) Starring:Naen Vijitra, Aont Rattipong, and Aom Tuangrat Khachasa wow really crowns?? is this even a boran lakorn?? looks intriguing
  32. p. Zoua

    Just a little "general" advice to everyone

    Hello everybody. I'd just like to give everyone words of encouragement. It's pretty general and i'm sure most of us may already know this, but i'd like to share my experience with everyone. In life, do whatever the eff you want and be whatever you want to be. Be who you want to be and not what...
  33. p. Zoua

    [Mainland] Swordsman (CCTV)

    CREDITS: Forum & Wiki!!!! link: http://www.ancientch...php?topic=432.0 Title: 笑傲江湖 / Xiao Ao Jiang Hu English title: Swordsman Also known as: State of Divinity / The Smiling, Proud Wanderer Genre: Wuxia Episodes: TBA Broadcast network: TBA Broadcast period: TBA Synopsis...
  34. p. Zoua


    POSTER by CANDYLOVER32!!! Nareethong Teaser: Summary: Nareethong ~ by p. Zoua Starring: Fah Napisabosmon & Phone Katawut, Fuse Kittiwong, Tar Phasin Nareethong (Fah) was sent to be reborned as mortal as punishment for making Jinda Maekla's crystal ball fall onto...
  35. p. Zoua

    [Movie] Little Big Soldier

    Pictures from Little Big Soldier website Music Video: Directed by Sheng Ding Cast: Jacky Chan as Liang Soldier Leehom Wang as The General/Crowned prince Steve Yoo as Prince wen (younger brother of the General) Really good movie. Bought the...
  36. p. Zoua

    Poov Plig Hav Zoo

    Don't know if anyone started topic on this movie yet, but Hahahaha this movies was alright, but made me laugh.....hahahaXD I only like two scenes out of the whole movie though. lol. But I can see it wasn't planned out that well. lolXD
  37. p. Zoua


    Don't mind if I write a Thai Boran Fanfiction.... :fanfic: THROYSUTHONG Preview: I'm going to be posting up the story on here too. So yep. LOL made the preview before joined here so dont mind. LOL THROYSUTHONG Sakkun - LEK - Oldest brother Ratachadee – TONG - Sister in law, wife of...