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  1. transcend89

    [Request] Txoj Hmoo Phem (Koo Krum)

    would like the original vhs cassette if anyone is willing to sell it or record it. hope to make it a birthday gift to my sister in april. let me know of any issues in the video thanks preferred payment: paypal
  2. transcend89

    Please help translate song

    I know this is not the place but in the lyrics request section there's not much help so i'm trying here first. Here's the thai lyrics if anyone could translate that would be great เป็นเพราะลิขิตฟ้า ที่ทำให้เราได้พบกัน กำหนดให้ฉันรักเธอที่หัวใจ แต่พอได้ใกล้ชิดกัน ก็ยิ่งเหมือนเธอนั้นยิ่งห่างไป...
  3. transcend89

    help anyone know???

    here's goes i have very limited memory about this hmong dubbed movie all i remember is that it involved a golden leaf don't remember what the sl is about...just putting it out there... edit: alright i'm looking for this hmong dubbed thai movie which is similar to the american verison Dangerous...
  4. transcend89

    Anyone know or remember this lakorn

    well it's an old lakorn i don't know who starred in it but it was hmong dubbed by BI_VISION and the hmong title was called Hlub kawg Txog Sia any help would be appreciated...if memory serves me right it was about a girl who was kidnap by the p'ek and they wanted her for ransom to release their...
  5. transcend89

    who has dated/married who???

    who are the thai stars dating or who have they dated??? i'm so curious to know
  6. transcend89

    list ch.3,5,7

    i've seen my share of thai lakorns but i barely pay attention to which channel has which n'ek and pra'ek name the ones you know from each channel thanks i appreciate it
  7. transcend89

    which n'ek and/or p'ek shouldn't/never pair up??

    who do you think will not make a good couple if they were starred in a lakorn and if they did should they be paired up again????