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    What are your thoughts about BTS? I used to never like them but dang now I'm obsessed. My biases are the Kim line, but mainly RM. [Left to Right] RM (Kim Namjoon), Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook, Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Min Yoongi), and J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) Introduction Video...
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    Lakorns with the best ending

    I don't see a thread for this but which lakorns do you think had a great ending? One where it leaves you fully satisfied.
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    Your favorite real life couples

    I had to do a little research to see if this thread was created but it wasn't, so.... Which real life couple is your favorite? Mines are Nat and Aum - their love is so beautiful, they both support each other in whatever they do. I'm so happy for them. Mick and Benz - they're sooo cute...
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    Have you shipped a main lead with a second lead?

    In lakorns have you shipped the N'ek with the second lead guy or the p'ek with the other girl? In Sapai Glai Pieng Tiang I shipped Anne with Om Akapan more.
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    Hidden Kingdom? HELP

    My mom is wondering if anyone knows an old boran lakorn (I believe) where there was a war in a kingdom which later that Kingdom gets hidden away, until the end, they did black magic bringing the kingdom back up again. I don't know much about it, she said it was an old lakorn when they first...
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    Any Bitter/Sweet lakorns?

    I want a good lakorn to watch, one with lots of jealousy. Suggestion? I want a good lakorn to watch, one with lots of jealousy. Suggestion?  
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    Who do you want to reunite again? for me KA Mark and Yaya! waiting for this pair to get a new storyline, not a big fan of TD Rome and Ann, dying to see them again Mart and Janie -SPLT- was so good Tik Janie Aff and Bie Bie/ Fang Bie and Mew Kim/Aum Aum/Taew
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    Does Anyone know the list of stars Ann Thongprasom had chosen to star in her cartoon show?

    I was wondering which stars Ann chose for her cartoon show. If anyone knows, please reply
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    Yadech or MTeam?

    I saw Cupidcandy's topic on KA and since KA team's hype is pretty much gone, I made one of the younger generation. For me the only Yadech lakorn, I had watch is Duang Jai Akkanee, although I failed to finish it. I love Yaya and Nadech, but for me I wished they expanded more. I like Kim and...
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    If you can change something in a lakorn, what would you change?

    If I could change something in Sawan Biang, I would want Narin to just get a little bit more jealous when Kawee is with other girls, just so I can tell if she really did like Kawee. <3
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    What lakorn(s) do you wish for your pra'nang to star in instead?

    I wanted Rome and Ann for GRGR. I think it would be cute for RA since I missed them since CS, but I'm cool with Yadech getting the lead :)
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    Imperfectly Right

    Summary of Imperfectly Right Ann, a poor 25 year old woman who separated from her parents to live with her Aunt,Sarah, in Bangkok. She never lets anyone take her down and she hates love relationships, because of her parents divorce. Due to the need of money, she takes a job to be an...