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  1. xodxo

    ♦️✨Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018♦️✨

    Last night was the annual fashion show of Victoria’s Secret. Everyone looked stunning and breathless. The actual show will air Dec 2nd! :) enjoy these pictures for now! :D Kendall Jenner Taylor Hill Gigi Hadid Bella Hadid Candice Swanepol Behind the scene Cr owners ✨❇️⚡️...
  2. xodxo

    HOT (lakorn) screen shots of Mark**drools** lol ^^

    I made this thread to post and share hot and sexy and handsome screen shots of Mark from all and any previous of his lakorns. I couldn’t help that sometimes I go back in time to watch him. :D :coleman: :love: :facepalm: :icon12: Mark as the HOT headed temper Techit with so much sex appeal...
  3. xodxo

    [CH3] Miti Thii Saam (Act Art) : Nadech Kugimiya/ Taew Natapohn

    Miti Thii Saam is Act Art’s next production. I don’t see a thread for this yet, so wanted to create one for fans to start discussing. At first I wasn’t fascinated by the epic sci-fi/fantasy mojo that ActArt tends to have crazy ideas for, but after another careful read to the caption/summary and...
  4. xodxo

    Mark P: Various Concert Clips+Pics

    Coucert back from 2015! Lor Mak Mak!❤️ Love Mark and Sonyuk’s cute little bromance moment. :D ❤️ Song; Jai Nak Ling (Life of a Gangster) By Aof Pongpat! :D Cr YouTube
  5. xodxo

    Mark P in Cambodia June 29th 2018!

    It looks like Khmer fans are already getting their signs and posters ready for Mark on the 29th!! Haha, they’re so cute! The effort is marvelous!:worship2::love::icon12::angel10: Every where is LOVE Prin!❤️:angel10: Getting this thread set up in advance to share his pictures from Cambodia...
  6. xodxo

    Mark Prin: Dara Daily - June 2018

    Cr Daradaily/Prinfanclub Banmarkpantip/Bee_emily
  7. xodxo

    Thai Celebrity with a Nice BOOTY :)

    okay— to further our discussions without ever being bored, let’s focus the topic on Thai celebs with a very nice booty. Bootylicious. Post your share!!! :D I’ll start off with Diana. The first time I realized she’s had a super nice booty was in Samee Tetra. Man, it was this scene! Her behind...
  8. xodxo

    [Ch3] Wiang Kum Kam (Broadcast Thai): Pope Thanawat/Bella Ranee

    kNong of Broadcast Thai confirmed koojin Popella will reunite in her next lakorn Wieng Kom Kaam. Cr bellafc
  9. xodxo

    Mark in San Francisco, CA (GQThailand/Cartier)

    On his way at the airport!:angel10: Cr rightful owners
  10. xodxo

    Mark Prin: GQ THAILAND - April 2018

    Cr tagged/GQThailand
  11. xodxo

    Ch3’s 48th Anniversary/Soccer Game

    The stars are already rehearsing and prerecording their songs!! Can’t wait!!! So excited!!!!! The event will take place March 10th!
  12. xodxo

    Thai actress and their cooking skills?

    Okay, so I was curious about this bc while I adore Mew but since she really has to prep for her new movie as a master chef. She’s interviewed that she’s never cooked anything, not even cut up vegetables and such. I don’t even think she’s even been to the kitchen lol cuz in Mews household, they...
  13. xodxo

    What lakorn(s) do you think should be remade but haven’t yet?

    I was going through my old movie/Lakorn collection and I came upon Krai Kum Node with Noon/Kades version and really thought that Lakorn should be remade. Why? Because I like the period genre. It is filled with so much class, classy music, amazing costumes/wardrobes and women are very feminine in...
  14. xodxo

    ❤️ [CH3] Kong Karm (Act Art) : Bella Ranee / James Jirayu / Phet Thakrit / Mai Charoenpura

    Latest news has it that p’Off found a new story and it’s called Kong Karm. This story draws inspiration from p’Off after the success of Tong Neau Gao. The story involves n’ek who is a prostitute, who meets p’ek from an upper class status and falls in love. He brings her home as a wife, but the...
  15. xodxo

    What Lakorn Production do you want your actors to work with?

    eg. lakornthai, broadcast Thai tv, Act Art, Medta, etc... I’m just curious if anyone has a favorite Lakorn production and what has been their favorite lakorn produced from that production? Lately, I’ve been digging Broadcast. I’m wishing they would work with Mark soon bc I trust their acting...
  16. xodxo

    I need to get him out of my system!

    I have a huge thing here! I am really curious to know your opinion about what I have to say. There is this one guy I went to college with. it seems we used to like each other, but some things come up. His friends seem to really despise me because at one point in college I told everyone I didn't...