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    Leh Rak Salub Hua Jai [CH.2]

    FanFiction Leh Rak Salub Hua Jai (Love Tricks, Swapped Hearts) Cast [NOT FINAL, WILL ADD AS STORY PROGRESSES] Taew Nattaporn as Princess Kaewkwan Mark Prin as Chananon James Jirayu as Danai Yaya Urassaya as Rarin Nadech Kugimiya as Prince YodFah James Ma as Prince Nakrop Pear Pitchapa as Chaya...
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    Game Marn (The Devil's Game)

    Watched bits and parts of "Kleun Cheewit" and I have to admit that Yaya and Mark are way hotter than Yaya and Nadech/ Kim and Mark put together! I've thought of this FF title for a while but could never find a good cast for it but I think I just did after hours of brainstorming. Goal is to wrap...
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    Chances are...(complete the sentence).

    So there's this really cute guy that added me on Facebook. We have one mutual friend and I've known that one friend for a few years...but the two guys happens to be best buds. So the cute guy and I have been talking on and off via FB for about a little over a month now (we never met because I...
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    See Why Ice Saranyu is Leaving the ET Industry!!!

    I came across this video and wanted to share with you guys. No spoilers. Find out why Ice Saranyu is leaving the entertainment industry at 47:00 mark!
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    Saeng Sanaeha (The Light of Love)

    I probably have about a million other stories to finish and it may appear that I've neglected them over the past year. I too, have had deaths in the family, relationship complications in addition to a recent secure career that requires my presence approximately 80% of the time. All I can say is...
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    Jieb Lalana & Good Morning Nang Fah

    OMG. This was so funny! LOL. I think I died a few times. The part where Ann lets Jieb pick who to play a love scene with and had to choose between Paula and Woonsen and then Nana was like: "What the heck? What's wrong with me and Jane?" LOL.
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    Vacation in Thailand

    Alright! For those who have been to Thailand before I need your honest opinions! Actually, anything will help because I've never been! How much money should I bring with me if we're going for a month considering there's no hotel fees or anything (my folks have several properties there)? 
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    The Evolution of Thai Music

    Hey, how's everyone doing? I am listening to "Ngao Nai Hua Jai (The Shadow in My Heart)" by Zeal ft. Noona as I am writing this (and yes, it's the OST for Ngao Jai 2015). I don't know how old you guys are but I am in my mid-20s. I grew up listening to all kinds of music and Thai music is my...
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    Ying & Ake the Star 11   Thank you to whoever made this. Made my day and night. It was so beautiful. I wouldn't mind if these two start dating!
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    Best Lakorn Scenes!

    So I am unsure if we have this topic yet but it's very similar to the existing topic "Best Lakorn Lines!". I found this clip in my bookmarks and favorites and realized how much I loved this scene when I watch the Jutathep series.   Khun Chai Rachanon- Supahburoot Jutathep, SoiFah (Taew) shocks...
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    Love Assassin

    I've been dreading to write "Khatakorn Sanaeha" so I've decided to discontinue it altogether. Better yet, I also decided to take Toomtam and Mo's love from that story to a whole new level in this new FF, "Love Assassin". Yes, it is also inspired by the new Vill/New pairing. :D I hope you enjoy...
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    [Hong Kong] Three Kingdoms RPG

    Anyone watched this Chinese series yet? If so, what do you think about it?
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    Lor Maak Maak Concert

    In case anyone wants to catch a glimpse of the Lor Maak Maak Concert. :D   And for fun, let's have a voting poll. :D    
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    CH.3 [a Chalida & Push FF] Gerd Bpen Dao (Born as a Star)

    I had to start this FF because I am in love with Push!!!   FanFiction "Gerd Bpen Dao" (Born as a Star)   Starring Mint Chalida as Saengdao (Dao) Prang Kannarun as Natnacha (Nat) Nychaa Nuttanicha as Kaewkwan (Kwan) Push Puttichai as Thanathep (Thep) Phet Thakrit as Prarop (Rop) Alex Rendall as...
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    Pra'eks, Pra'rais, etc. that look hot with facial hair

    I don't know if this thread exists but I'm gonna start it.   My top votes: - Nadech - Toomtaam - Ken Phupoom - Ken Theeradeth - A Passin
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    Stories of an Immigrants' Descendant

    So I was thinking many of us here are probably descendants, children and grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren of immigrants that came to America for various reasons. I am intrigued by immigration stories and have heard so many that I lost count. One thing is for sure, though, every...
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    Roy Plae Sanaeha (Trace of Love Scars)- CH.3, [1/23/15]

    I finally found the time to clean my desk earlier this week and found three memory sticks aka external hard drives in my cupholder. Two were filled with throwback photos and the other was one for school, including labwork, papers, and FANFICTIONS. I wrote the following way back when Buang Wan...
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    Dao Lohng Fah Pupah See Ngern

    I couldn't find this lakorn in the 'old lakorns' section so I created a new topic for it...anyways, I heard that one of the Thai princesses starred in a lakorn with Por Nattawut once many years ago. I found it on YouTube but I would like to know what it's about. Can anyone provide a summary for...
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    Bplook Dauk Rak (Blossoming Love)- CH.1, 11/4/2014

    I've been contemplating and even iffy on sharing this one for a while. It's based on a true story...will tell you guys later who's story it is. For the time being, I would like to share the cast I came up with. The title, "Bplook Dauk Rak" actually means 'growing' love or 'planting' love but for...
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    The Star- Princes of Looktoong

    Always thought these guys had the best voices in looktoong. Turns out I'm right. Would like to share. I've got to say I was never a huge fan of looktoong even during Got Jakrapun's era. These guys made me love looktoong. *wipes tear* Their voices are so beautiful. Omg.  ...
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    Original Storyline Lakorns

    We need a thread that rules out original storyline lakorns and remakes. Sometimes, I don't know if a lakorn is remade unless stated. Also, many, MANY lakorns are being remade lately so I thought why not list those that are original storylines and new?   First lakorn that came to mind for me that...
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    About Mike Pirath, Baby Mama, and Baby

    Is anyone here following Mike and his baby mama drama? Apparently, the adorable Maxwell is his but why on the birth certificate the baby's last name is Casinghini? Baby's whole name is Maxwell D'Angelo (where the heck does Mike come up with D'Angelo for himself and baby?!) Casinghini, not...
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    TH ALS Bucket Challenge

    I just had to. Lol. Just had to. I saw so many that I lost count. Hahahaha. I think the first one I saw was Gaem Wichayanee. And then, I saw Nadech's on the pop page. Add onto the laughter if it already isn't listed here. Hahaha!   Bie Sukrit @biesukrit_w...
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    [RTEAM FF] Rak Nai Ngao Glied- CH.3 (1/22/15)

    Anybody misses Rome and Rita aka RTEAM? *raises hand* Something is seriously wrong with me and revenge plots (I don't really have an actual plot at the moment). LOL. Planning to write this soon...all I need is a love interest for Nadech and Kao's characters. For Nadech, I'm debating between: -...
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    Lao Music Progression

    Goodness! Something is wrong with me! I usually never pay any attention to Lao music but lately, I've stumbled across a lot of Lao songs that I really, REALLY like. Had to share this one because I just remembered how much I like Alexandra Bounxouei. It is a duet released earlier this year...
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    What song is this?

    Does anyone know the name of the song that comes on around the 5:40 mark?
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    The Star- 10 Years of Love concert
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    Gun and Ritz acting gay. LOL.

    Had to share. Lol. Too funny and cute not to.
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    Pra'ek/ Nang'ek that are the "FULL" package

    By full package, I mean the pra'ek/ nang'ek must have ALL of the qualities of being a leading actor/ actress: - great acting skills - great personality - great potential - GOOD looks The following pra'eks and nang'eks my opinion: PRA'EKS - Willy McIntosh - Patson Sarindu - Sam...
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    Roy Ruk Glaang Talay Sai - CH.1, 10/28/2014

    For Adora, thank you for following the majority of my fanfictions. You've asked me to write this "Taam Hua Jai Bpai Sood Lah"- inspired story for a while and I've been dragging it due to the workload I've had. I know this is not the original plot of the story you had intended for me to write but...
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    [OneHD] Hua Jai Mee Ngao (Exact)

    Saw this on IG... Remake, old version starred Patson and Ning. Donut is nang'ek!!! Not sure who pra'ek is between Tono and Fair... According to AsianFuse Wiki's old version of the lakorn, summary goes something like this: Oumawasee is injured in a car accident and her body switches with the...
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    Looking for Khmer/Thai music?!

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a song that I believed was covered by Rasmey Hang Meas back in the early or even late 90s. Original song is Bird Thongchai's "Bauk Wah Yah Naruk". I remembered that when I first heard it, I was like "oh gosh, my ears are bleeding." Lol. Now, I was about to cover...
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    To those who play golf...

    What is the difference between "beginner" clubs (sets) and professional clubs (sets)? I know that you can get fitted but really, what is the difference in the clubs? How do you know if it's made from different material and what not? And, how can you tell if one is better than the other? I've...
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    Preap Sovath sings in Thai/Lao

    So, is this considered Thai Looktoong or Laos Isaan? I don't get it...Lol. Anyways, I've never liked Khmer music but I did grow up witnessing my Dad's side and his friends all into it. Hahaha! And so, I was introduced to Preap Sovath. But no, I do not listen to Khmer music because me no like...
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    [YADECH FF]- Nangfah Haeng Huajai, CH.3 (1/11/15)

    It's been a while since I've written a Yadech FF...or maybe even them as the leads...hmm...I don't remember as I've had so many but also a confirmation that I am not dropping any projects unless otherwise stated. This plot was created out of my much anticipation to see Yaya take on an angel...
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    GMM Grammy- 10 Years of Love

    I don't know if anyone here is old enough to remember when "The Star" reality show debuted. I didn't know anything about it until I accidentally stumbled upon Bie's then-hot MV "I Need Somebody" back in 2006. Lol. I fell in love! Led me to research and bam! I found The Star like that. Went back...
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    Din Lom Phet (Dirt Encircled Diamond)

    Here I go again... Another BieNa FF, along with Bella and Mark. FF- Din Lom Phet (Dirt Encircled Diamond) Cast: Noona Neungthida, Bie Sukrit, Bella Ranee, Mark Prin Summary Karatkaew (Noona) is a young woman who was abandoned by her biological parents when she was a baby. She was brought by a...
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    POLL- The Star 10

    Making this on my iPad so it's hard for me to control the "actual polling and voting". Lol. The following should suffice, yeah? Most Charming Guy? - Kang Most Handsome Guy? - Tum Hottest Guy? - Tae Best Personality? - Kang Best Vocals? - Tum Best Overall? - Kang Most Beautiful Girl? - Nat Most...
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    The Difference Between Thai & Lao

    Just curious... If you understand Thai, can you understand Lao? If you understand Lao, can you understand Thai?   Thai and Lao are very similar to me, but maybe it's just me. I know lots of Laotians who are fluent in Lao but cannot fully understand Thai, or not even at all. I grew up learning...
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    15 Facts About Yourself

    I don't think we have this thread so I created one. :) Bored at the moment...let's see what kinds of people we have here on AF. That way, we know each other a little better. ;)   Of course, I'll begin:   1. I am very impatient. 2. I love driving. 3. Golf is my favorite sport. 4. I can swim in...
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    Teaching in Thailand

    Can anyone provide me with any information regarding teaching in Thailand? I am currently looking forward to teaching English preferably to middle school or high school students but I really don't know where to start. If possible, I want to move there and build upon a new life where I can also...
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    Buddhist fortune telling/ psychic reading

    Anyone here behold these abilities? I am going through a phase of life that has made me very confused lately and the more I think about my future, the more I wonder what it will be like. I used to never believe in it but once, my Mom went to Thailand and a Buddhist monk looked at her face and...
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    Is this meant to be?

    Consider the following three scenarios:   1. Two people who were supposed to meet a year and half ago but didn't because the female side gave two rainchecks to the male side for two  blind dates meet a year later and began to date. They fall in love and try to maintain a stable relationship by...
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    Bie's new single!!!

    Oh, I love him more and more everyday!   New single: "Rak Tae Bplae Wah Ter"
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    What's your religion?

    This thread was inspired by beachboy777 aka Lucien. Lol. As we all know, he is a huge believer and follower of Christianity. Now, I'm curious to know everyone else's religion too.   This may shock some of you but I am...atheist.
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    Name That Song!

    This is very similar to Thookatha's "Name That Lakorn!" game. Lol. Since we have one for lakorns, why not have one for songs? However, here's the catch, the songs must be THAI ONLY. Lol. And that is because lakorns are Thai, if that makes any sense at all.   So basically, you wrote out two or...
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    Khatakorn Sanaeha (Love Killer)- CH.2.2 [11/24/14]

    You guys can take this as a New Year's gift I guess. Lol.         Khatakorn Sanaeha (Love Killer)         Genre: Drama, Romance Cast Kimberly Voltemas as Sutthida (Da) Mint Chalida as Namthip (Thip) Mo Monchanok as Veemon (Mon) Nadech Kugimiya as Akkadej Pawawijun (Ak) Mark Prin as Chananon...
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    5 Qs- What ___ got you into...?

    Bored outta my mind...   1) What lakorn (s) got you into lakorns? Oum Ruk with Anne and Ken and Kaew Tah Pee with Tik and Cherry. 2) What song(s) got into Thai music? Mine was "I Need Somebody" by Bie. 3) What Chinese series got you into Chinese series? Condor Heroes trilogy 80s version got me...
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    The Star 10

    Anybody knows when this will air? Usually, the Star airs around November or December and it's January now.
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    Baby Names

    Because I feel like we should have this section. Lol. No, I'm not expecting. Hahaha.
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    Stuck in a relationship that is where.

    What would you do if your girlfriend/ boyfriend told you: "Don't try to read or understand me?" because he/ she doesn't want you to worry about a certain something? You love that person but if you don't try to read and understand them then the relationship gets nowhere, right? You can tell your...
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    [Ch8] Poo Cha Na Sip Tit (RSVDO)

    I found an MV for this lakorn (?) on YouTube and looks interesting but didn't think there was a thread for it so just thought I'd share with you Film's latest lakorn. Don't know who nang'ek is but if anyone has further details, please provide them here.  ...
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    What did you get for Christmas (2016)?

    Bed set. Bathrobe. Bras. $80 in gift card to Victoria's Secret. $100 VISA gift card. Peacoat. Coach phone cover. iPhone 5s.
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    Digital Photography

    May I start a digitial photography thread here since photography is considered "art" and "talent"? If there is a pre-exisiting thread of the same topic, please forgive me. Lol. I did not dig through AF to find it. Ahehehe! But! I love photography and it's something I do almost everyday when I am...
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    With True Love...

    A little poem I wrote and am planning to embed in a Christmas card along with presents for my boyfriend. We haven't been together long but I think I really like this man. I've let him down a couple of times and though he doesn't mention it, he surely seems to express it. Sometimes, I overthink...
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    Thailand's Political Crisis

    Anybody knows the details regarding this issue? I've seen most Thai daras posting political related stuff on IG but since I can't ready Thai, my best bet is CNN. Seems like Thailand is in turmoil right now. Anyone knows what happened? How this stuff began?
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    Rachatayard (The Heir)- CH.11 11/26/14

    May add this to my already long list of unfinished FFs? Yes? Okay, thanks.   Rachatayard (The Heir)     Genre: Drama, Romance, Suspense   Cast Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Urassaya, a beautiful young woman from an aristocratic background; she is engaged to Mom Rachawong Chaiyapol Naresuan but...
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    Ra Wung...Kon Gumlung Ngao MV

    This is probably the best Bie MV ever...EVER! Well, besides Mai Chai Poo Wised MV... But this one rocks. Huge fan of Bie and this's growing.
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    Fah Rai Dao (The Sky without Stars)

    Yadech fever suddenly hit me. I know, I know, it's super DUPER late for me to catch this but hey... I can't imagine this story without them. I know I have other ones like this but I recently got inspired by a new storyline... :D Anyways, unless I say so, I'm not dropping any projects. I AM...
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    Supporting Actors/ Actresses worth promoting!

    So here I go expressing my opinion regarding the Thai entertainment industry. There's been A LOT of fresh faces lately, some good and some bad (acting wise and looks wise) but only a few make the cut and actually get promoted to pra'ek/ nang'ek status (ie: Jutathep brothers, Sixth Sense girls)...
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    Gun Napat's new single!

    I tell ya, I always anticipate his projects...him and my Bie and they never fail to disappoint me. Great soothing single from Gun! Enjoys peoples!   Song- Yoo Peua Rak (Live for Love) Artist- Gun Napat (aka Gun the Star 6) Label- GMM Grammy    
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    Kaew Tah Pee 2, CH.2 [4/7/14]

    Oh yes, here I go writing another one! One of my all time favorite lakorns and I'm writing a sequel to it! I'm very excited. Lol. Grown up Kao inspired me so let's see how this "sequel" goes. Lol.   FanFiction Kaew Tah Pee 2   Cast Cherry Khemupsorn Tik Pholdee Jaja Primrada Ace Worarit Patricia...
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    Eye Kamolned ft. Payu Clark

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the main girl in this MV is Eye Kamolned, right?
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    Rate this Lakorn!

    I am extremely bored, so bored that I am about to scream at the top of my lungs. No, I'm not crazy but I am just that damn bored. So! I'm gonna start a game. We all love lakorns, right? Yeah? Awesome, let's rate them, FOR FUN so NO FIGHTING! Lol.   Instructions: I name a lakorn and the first...
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    Peua Wun Proong Nee (For Tomorrow)

    Upcoming FF inspired by Sood Sai Paan's plot and Bie's "Kam Taam Kaung Kwaam Wai Jai". This was a last minute thing. I've been so busy with work lately so I'll try my best to squeeze in some FF time here and there everytime I get the chance.   A BieNa/ VillTam FanFiction: Peua Wun Proong Nee...
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    MV starring Boy Pakorn and his brothers

    Don't think this has been posted but hey look! Boy Pakorn and his younger brothers are all in this MV for Yes'sir Days' latest single! Yay! They're so adorable. Lol.
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    thatsouthernasianchick's covers

    I love singing but too bad I'm nowhere near good. Anyway, just wanted to share. I don't have professional recording/studio material but only me and my laptop. Lol.   ^I attempted "Gaan Dern Taang" by Pramote a few years...
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    How can you tell if a guy likes you?

    Never thought I would ask this question but my fellow ladies, how can you tell if a guy likes you? A lot of people like my family and close friends say that this guy takes interest in me but I don't believe it. I really can't tell because I've never felt this way before. It's weird! Lol. They're...
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    Plik Fah Haa Ruk - CH.8 [5/8/14]

    Guess I'll alternate between the FFs that I'm currently writing. Hope you guys will like this one.      Plik Fah Haa Ruk (Turning Over the Skies in Search for Love)   Cast Mint Chalida as Amika (Aim) Mark Prin as Payu Puttichat Tanawong/ Seua Kimberly Voltemas as Nattamon (Nat) Om Akkapan as...
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    TWIN Lakorns!

    Don't know if y'all noticed but there has been many twin lakorns out recently and I'm a sucker for twin lakorns. Lol. So, may I suggest we name them here?   RECENT ONES: - Reuan Saneha- fraternal twins, Nike Nitidon and New Chaiyapol - Kaen Saneha- fraternal twins, Pop Thrakoon and Patricia Good...
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    thatsouthernasianchick's creations

    I'm no pro and I'm not perfect so neither are these creations. I do these things out of my passion for art and computer graphics. I honestly don't know how to actually make these things so they all might seem to have the same concept. Also, I don't want to just create and save em on my PC so I...
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    So we have a thread for BEST LAKORNS but I don't see a thread for WORST LAKORNS yet so I thought I'd make one. I know there are some lakorns out there that while you watch, you can't help but think "What the fudge!" or "Oh em gee, what a waste of time!" or "Geez, I just wanna slap the director...
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    Cute Mario moment and sneak peak of Chai's "femininity"!

    Boredom leads to YouTube for me sometimes and this time, I couldn't help but to share what I found that made my day. Never knew Mario could be so cute and Chai had that "other side" to him.
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    Superstar Dilemma - CH.7 [13NOV2013]

    I've never written a Noona/Bie one. So, I'll try to make this as hot as possible.  
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    The Star singing competition

    Just for fun!   Most successful year of the Star (most competitive)? Least successful year of the Star (least competitive)? Best/Most Interesting year? Worst/ Least Interesting year?   Cutest guy from the Star? Most charming guy from the Star? Hottest/ Sexiest guy from the Star? Best...
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    The best version of Koo Gam far

    Though not the original intention, this will probably cause a fan war. Since the Thai classic Koo Gam has been embedded in most of our hearts for years now, I just wanted to hear some opinions on this LAKORN. Note Nadech and Richie's movie version does not count! We're going to be fair and not...
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    *COMPLETED* Fah Likit Ruk (Heaven Destined Love)- END [6/25/14]

    I know I have two other FFs that I haven't completed but I have to write this one while I'm in the mood. This one is gonna be a time-travel FF. Hope you guys enjoy this one! My first MTEAM FF!
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    "Inseparable"- A Koo Gum FanFiction- ONE SHOT (COMPLETED)

    *Wrote this out of my love for Koo Gum.   A Koo Gum FanFiction- ONE SHOT "Inseparable"   Cast: Noona and Bie   "If dying is the only way for me to hear the words 'I love you' from you, I am happy to die in your arms so I can hear those sweet words. Knowing that you love me and that I will die...
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    Nang Ram (Noon Sinitta & Off Apichart)

    I've never seen this lakorn but I really like Noon Sinitta and Off Apichart (I miss this guy so much) so I want to watch it. Only problem is, I can't find it ANYWHERE. Can anyone help?
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    Chin's Nang'ek!

    I found this video to be funny. Don't know why but it was cute and funny at the same time to me. Gosh, these two actually look really cute together! Lmfao.
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    Best/Most Favorite Chinese Series

    We've got a thread on best lakorns in the Thai section. Since I'm also Chinese series fan, I'd like to know what Chinese series you guys like and give your opinions on the best. Since I'm a 90s child, I would definitely have to say that TVB produces the best Chinese series. However, almost all...
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    Playing with Fire- A Pretty Little Liars FF-> COMPLETE

    A Pretty Little Liars FanFiction- ONE SHOT Playing With Fire     Original Main Cast: Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer   "You what?!" "Spence!" "Oh my god!" "Please tell me this is an April Fools' joke!" Aria, Emily, and Hannah stared at Spencer in shock, their jaws dropped and eyes widened...
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    The Star 9 - The Eight Finalists!

    The Eight Finalists of the Star 9!   I think their names are (in no particular order): Boon (auditioned like three times), Diew, Aun, Cherie (Nichkhun's little sister), Bambi (her mother was a former Thai supermodel), Chris (An Australian guy with a Thai soul), Dee (mixed little girl), and Tum...
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    Blue Blood (Leurd See Fah) - CH.7 [1MAY2013]

    I must be watching too many lakorns lately because I suddenly came up with so many plots. Here I go posting this one because I like it the most at the moment. Lmao.   LEURD SEE FAH (BLUE BLOOD)   *NOTE- blue blood signifies royalty*     GENRE: Drama, Romance     CAST   Kimberly Voltemas as...
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    Most OVERRATED actors and actresses

    So we have a poll on most UNDERRATED actors and, I'd like to hear everyone's opinions about the most OVERRATED ones. The one on top of my list is...drum roll...AUM PATCHARAPA. Man, not only she is considered the sexiest woman in Thailand but also one of the top-paid actresses. I...
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    Lakorn Similarities

    Okay, so I just began watching Pan Rak Pan Rai starring Charebelle, Toomtam the Star 7 and Singto the Star 5 and I promise you, it's VERY SIMILAR TO Ngao Rak Luang Jai starring Mint N, Mark Prin, and Nadech. So far, Pan Rak Pan Rai is good and I loved Ngao Rak Luang Jai but I can't help but to...
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    Surprise, I Love You! - A 4+1 Superstar Fanfic--- COMPLETED

    Just a short little love story for Valentine's Day. Hope you guys enjoy it!   Surpise, I Love You! Surprise, Phom Rak Khun!   A 4+1 Superstar Fanfic   Starring: Yaya & Nadech, Kim & Mark, Margie & Boy, Taew & Mario, Toey & Ken P.   Summary   This year for Valentine's Day, the guys want to...
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    Nang'Ek Undup Neung (The Number One Nang'Ek)

    Suddenly came up with another plot. Bringing Ann and Ken back! COMING SOON!   Nang'Ek Undup Neung (The Number One Nang'ek)   Genre- Comedy   Cast Ann Thongprasom Janie Thienposuwan Sara Legge Pei Panward Ken Theeradeth Film Rattapoom Art Pasut Dew Suriyon      
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    Majuree Phak Ron (Joy Sirilak & Kelly Thanapat)

    Hey does anyone know where I can find and watch this lakorn online? It's an old lakorn starring Joy Sirilak and Kelly Thanapat called "Majuree Phak Ron". I've been looking for it for awhile now. I remember that Joy's character was the Satan's child from hell and I think Kelly owned a...
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    Talay See Dum cover- Lisa & Pat

    *screams* This is totally too adorable! Just wanted to share to Thai music fans and Yadech fans Game Rai Game Rak fans, whatever! This is just soo adoarble I just had to post!!   No copyright intended!
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    Even if the Sky Tumbles (Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai) - CH.9 [27APRIL2013]

    Well, here goes nothing. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes so please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors. Hope you guys enjoy this.     Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai (Even if the Sky Tumbles)     Starring: Kimberly Voltemas Mark Prin Urassaya Sperbund Nadech Kugimiya Mint Chalida Mint Natwara...