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    Hmong Bloggers

    I blog! mostly about fashion, hauls, makeup! fun stuff!
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    How old is everyone here?

    I'm glad I'm not the only early 20s here lol
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    days in eden rewrite done, now onto new chapters!

    days in eden rewrite done, now onto new chapters!
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    dating other races or ethnicity

    I'm not saying you should look at things from my point of view, it was only my opinion. Our situations are different. I think what's best is for you to not look to love with a certain mold and perspective in mind. You know, don't try to meet men who are only outside of the Hmong culture...
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    dating other races or ethnicity

    I wouldn't say I'd never consider dating outside the hmong community but I have a very strong inclination not to. My dad and my cousin was having this conversation this one day and he kind of explained it in a way that really made me understand where the older generation is coming from when...
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    Need advice/Opinion

    There is no reason why he should tell his family that you don't want to go, sounds a little jackassy to me. That doesn't sound like an understanding boyfriend to me. I'm sorta like you. My family is very traditional and very hmong so I tend to watch what I do concerning my boyfriend and his...
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    suggestions/advice would be appreciated

    I don't think you need to really heed their advice and start searching for a man proactively unless you do want to start dating. I have plenty of friends who have never had boyfriends and we're all in our early 20's as well. In fact I didn't really date until I was in college. There's no...
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    Min Peechaya

    she doesn't look like herself here but still attractive in a fierce way :)
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    Mint Natwara

    She has sort of an old look to me, like an older looking visage.
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    Mai Davika

    She's just so cute!
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    Om Akapan and Pancake Khemanit

    Kind of an odd coupling for me but the clothes are so beautiful!
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    Kwan Usamanee- I'm not anymore Barbie

    I don't understand, is the title supposed to be ironic? She looks like a barbie to me, pinks and purples right?
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    Janie Tienposuwan

    Wow, sexy. I don't know how I fell about the overt sexuality but she looks good.
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    rewrite in process, chapter 1 & 2 done!

    rewrite in process, chapter 1 & 2 done!
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    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    Hi All, Thanks for the support so long after I've been gone. I'm happy to announce I will be updating this but with a complete rewrite. Look forward to it in the next few days!
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    Have you ever had a lakorn moment in life?

    I've had a few, most of them involving the same person. Its nothing specific but whenever he used to walk into the room, I'd always feel it in my gut and look around and almost always, our eyes would meet for a split second and the world would stop for just that moment. And then we'd both move...
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    Aff Taksaorn and Songkran Techanarong

    wow she looks so hardcore on the cover!
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    City of Love event @ Central Rama 2

    she's pretty but the lower lashes are a bit scary
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    Ploy Cherman

    shes so beautiful and shes not a stick!
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    Poo Praiya

    I feel like i've seen her in these poses a million times but I guess sexy is her thing
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    Yaya new CF with Super Junior

    lol that is both cute and funny
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    Nok, Ploy C., & Chompoo

    I love chompoo's dress
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    Saranrat wisuttithada [Lydia]

    I love this shoot!
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    Marisa Anita [Sa]

    her makeup's so pretty
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    Aff Taksaorn

    she's so pretty, she really matches that hairstyle
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    Barry Nadech & Mai Davika

    the angles on these pictures are so cool but wow, sort of racy!
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    Min P. & Om Akapan

    they make a very good couple, their faces match well together
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    Fang Pichaya:Blooming Beautiful Bright Girl

    is it just me or is she way prettier than before? it took me a while to remember where she's from.
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    [MBC] My Princess

    I'm just starting this and i'm actually liking it so far. I'm not a big fan of kim tae hee but she's really cute here.
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

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    Miniature Hmong Skirts

    omg how cute, you did the batik and everything!
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    Yaya & Mario [A Perfect Murder]

    ooh, I love that last one!
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    thanks all! Here is my first attempt at getting back to icons. I haven't done icons in the longest time but I thought it was about time to try again
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    Cecilia's Boredom

    beautiful posters! I love that pairing also!
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    I love the style and colors of your banners! Great Job!
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    Candylover32's Artwork ^_^

    aww, cute gif!
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    TheGurlo22's Creations <3 [UPDATED October 1st]

    cool effects! I like the positioning in the 2nd one!
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    [SBS] Secret Garden

    has anyone else seen epidsode 18? Gah, I'm so in love with this drama! the cute just doesn't stop!
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    Picture : fresno Hmong new year picture

    aww, thanks for sharing! I haven't been to the Fresno new year in 8 years. I'm hoping to go this year!
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    People who look like asian idols..

    people say my dad looks like jackie chan lol
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    tumblr anyone?

    I used to have a tumbler but I couldn't figure it out so I went to wordpress. The Daily Fixation
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    Mint Chalida, Mark Prin, Yaya Urassaya

    these are cute, gosh I can't get enough of Yaya!
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    Chris Horwang, Yaya Urassaya

    Yaya is so beautiful! I love the ones with the hat
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    [MBC] My Princess

    sounds interesting...I'm not really a kim tae hee fan but I like the story line.
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    I heard this last night and I was really shocked. I don't know him personally, I've only seen a few times so I'm more worried than sad. I think this is going to put the hmong people in disarray for a while.
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    Trying to Figure Out If I Have Feelings For a Close Guy Friend

    I think you like him. I think if you think for even a second that you have feelings for him then you probably do. Also if you're really good friends, your friendship should survive if you tell him how you feel. I've known a lot of guys and only guys who liked me have ever done any of those...
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    Aum Atichart and Aff Taksaorn

    They look beautiful like always!
  48. pbv

    New and Kwan

    the outfits a little over the top but I'd totally wear it lol!
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    Lydia Saranrat

    she's very pretty, reminds me of vill
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    Paula Taylor & Edward Buttery: What a Wonderful World

    they look genuinely happy to be together
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    hey all, thanks for all your lovely support! I hope everyone had a happy holiday. Here are two quick ones.
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    [SBS] Secret Garden

    gah, I just can't get enough of this drama! I love it and I love him. Its rare to see a korean drama where the guy is obsessing over the girl and not the other way around. And he's doing it in a dorky, kind of heartbreaking way rather than an annoying or creepy way lol!
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    Anne-Ken Wax Model Opening

    these are too cute
  54. pbv

    AMK originally FMK

    Avoid: Leonardo (he looks short to me) Marry: Maria Kill: madonna justin bieber, lady gaga, lil wayne
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    What do you think about the Hmong Chicken Post-Partum Diet?

    obviously the health implications are not all true; not sticking to the diet won't be detrimental for your health but you should just do it as a sign of respect for your culture, customs and family. I think you can afford a month of yummy herbal chicken to make your family not worry about your...
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    Lydia Saranrat

    I love the cover!
  57. pbv

    Grace Karnklao Duaysianklao

    she's very pretty
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    wow, I love it all!
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    Yaya Urassaya & Sara Ball:Chaps 30th Anniversary

    these are so cute, I especially love the hair
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    Ken and Chompoo Araya

    he looks kind of sad
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    I'm a little too afraid to watch the last one, especially after seeing the ghost on his back in the previews!
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    one more
  63. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

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    Yaya Opens up on Life, School, and Work Part II

    I'm glad she got discovered because she's really beautiful and she's not a bad actress.
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    huajaikaungtur's artwork ;] 1.30.2011 -- 7 today.

    I love your cuts on the banner, nicely placed!
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    TheGurlo22's Creations <3 [UPDATED October 1st]

    I love the colors in the Nat one!
  67. pbv

    Bellefire Artwork

    cool manipulation!
  68. pbv

    RR's Artwork

    aww, I love the icons! Also nice blending in the poster with yaya and barry
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    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    I love the aff and barry banner! Love the colors
  70. pbv


    cute banners!
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    Janie Tienposuwan

    Her hair is amazing!
  72. pbv

    Yaya Urassaya: Beautiful Bride Ever

    she's just so beautiful!
  73. pbv

    Chompoo Araya

    Her eyes look huge! The pictures look more cute than sexy this time
  74. pbv


    wow this shoot is a little too naked for me! Its weird to see actresses like that. Very pretty outcome though
  75. pbv

    Yaya Urassaya: Brilliant Aura

    She's so beautiful!
  76. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    sorry for the long absence!
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    Will you ever girls?

    Honestly, I don't think its my place to say what my bride price will be. I wholly support the idea of a bride price because I understand the reasons and background behind it. Its sort of a protection for the bride and the brides family because if a family has invested that much in you, then by...
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    I love it! I love the styling on this shoot
  79. pbv

    Katreeya English

    her facial expression on the cover looks a little crazy but the dress is really pretty!
  80. pbv

    Chompoo Araya

    She looks really pretty here, make up, hair, everything.
  81. pbv

    Anne Thongprasom: Princess Anne

    she looks so cute and fresh on the cover! the rest of the pics are very regal!
  82. pbv

    CHAT’s Fresh Traditions IV Fashion Show

    My cousin was in that show! I have a blog post on it here:
  83. pbv

    F3 - November Issue : Nadech&YaYa

    she's so pretty!
  84. pbv

    Barry Nadech: Rush Hour

    lol the photoshopping is funny but he's still pretty cute
  85. pbv

    Ploy Cherman

    she has an awesome body
  86. pbv

    Donut Manasnan

    someone needs to tell her stylist that leggings are not pants
  87. pbv

    Ploy Cherman, Gun, and Om

    i just love how her face photographs
  88. pbv

    Aff Taksaorn - In the Mood For Love

    this makeup is a bit too much for her but shes still pretty
  89. pbv

    Kwan Usamanee

    cool! She actually matches this look
  90. pbv

    Yaya Urasaya

    shes just too cute!
  91. pbv


    omg these are so beautiful!
  92. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    hi all! My internet's been down for the last few days. Thanks for all the awesome replies and support! Here are a few more that I've done with my real friends and family
  93. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    thanks all!
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    blog update: click signature!

    blog update: click signature!
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    happy birthday!

    happy birthday!
  96. pbv

    Kat's Artwork

    Love your aff icons!
  97. pbv

    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    I really like the text placement of that last one!
  98. pbv

    j e e j a 's

    nice blending and beautiful colors!
  99. pbv

    Bellefire Artwork

    I really like your sketches! I wish I could draw too! Keep up the awesome work!
  100. pbv

    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    love your kwan one!
  101. pbv

    Candylover32's Artwork ^_^

    the coloring in the aom one is very cute!
  102. pbv

    TheGurlo22's Creations <3 [UPDATED October 1st]

    cute! I really like the Ritz & Tanida one!
  103. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    thanks Ceclia! She's waiting for tik, I'm still trying to get through Wanida lol thegurlo22: I've been collecting them over the years but most are from deviantart!
  104. pbv

    What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate

    lol to Ann T comment above, I sort of agree, anyways my list isn't quite as lengthy and I don't have real reasons for why I don't like them. Aum p. - there's something about her forehead. Sometimes she photographs nicely and I think she's cute in some lakorns but she's not not a n'ek I wanna...
  105. pbv

    How soon is too soon?

    I guess I'm more modern than most but I say do whatever whenever as long as you're at the stage in your life where you're competent and cognizant of the consequences. So if you're 15 and asking these questions, I say reconsider. If you're 23 and asking these questions, I say you know yourself...
  106. pbv

    Have you ever...

    not raw but cooked have you ever jumped through a hoop?
  107. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    thanks guys! one more:
  108. pbv

    happy birthday!

    happy birthday!
  109. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    thanks all! It's been a busy weekend! Here's a quick one!
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    new fanfic: I N | T O X I C A T I N G

    new fanfic: I N | T O X I C A T I N G
  111. pbv

    I N | T O X I C A T I N G (korean fic)

    Chapter 2 | back to Invisible “Welcome to South Korea. The time is now 2:15 Korean time and the weather is slightly sunny with a fall breeze at 21 degrees Celsius. Thank you for flying Korean Air and we hope to serve you again in the near future.” Haewon sighed, turning her attention away from...
  112. pbv

    I N | T O X I C A T I N G (korean fic)

    Chapter 1 | Old Habits The door dinged exactly three times, pausing for half a second before dinging again, exactly three consecutive dings. Chase always gave himself away with his lack of patience. “coming, coming, coming—hold your horses.” Growling at the early hour, Haewon reached for the...
  113. pbv

    I N | T O X I C A T I N G (korean fic)

    Title: I N | T O X I C A T I N G An original story Genre: drama/ bit of comedy Setting: Seoul, Korea & NYC This is my 2nd attempt at writing a non-thai fanfic so bear with me. The first one is undergoing editing so it might not be posted for a while. Prologue Though the mirror spoke It's...
  114. pbv

    Hitting on guys...

    I haven't directly hit on a guy but if I'm interested, I make it pretty obvious. I got in contact with a guy I thought was cute and we've been dating for the past 4 years so yeah, I'd say it works! If you don't want to hit on them, just give them a lot of room to hit on you :)
  115. pbv

    What do you think about strict parents?

    My parents are and have always been strict but now that I've graduated college they're a little more relaxed. I went through a lot to get here though, I yelled, complained, boycotted, rebelled, snuck out...I did it all but for the most part I complied with their rules, I just found a way around...
  116. pbv

    LimeGrass Collection

    Those are pretty Icons!
  117. pbv

    huajaikaungtur's artwork ;] 1.30.2011 -- 7 today.

    I love the colors of the second banner! And cute GIF!
  118. pbv

    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    love the cheer poster!
  119. pbv

    blog move! check out signiture!

    blog move! check out signiture!
  120. pbv

    Pet Peeves

    I have a lot. One is slow drivers, I mean like going 50 on a 55 because most people are already going 60. I also get so annoyed when people disrupt classes for fun. ooh and one of my biggest pet peeves is people hovering over my shoulder or reading over my shoulder. It makes me so mad...
  121. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    lol, thanks! It takes a while and a lot of looking through tutorials! Keep practicing and you'll improve...
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    one more!
  123. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    thanks :) glad to be back! Here's a new one
  124. pbv

    Winner of Miss.Teen Thailand 2010

    she's cute! And I like that she has braces! I also like the last one pictured.
  125. pbv

    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    I love your font placement!
  126. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all the comments, makes me more motivated to create! Anyways here's one more!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  128. pbv

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  129. pbv

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  130. pbv

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    3 new artworks!

    3 new artworks!
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    one more!
  133. pbv

    Aff Taksaorn: Sparkling Star

    a little heavy on the photoshopping but still pretty
  134. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    Hey thanks everyone! Here's another one:
  135. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    they're all from deviantart but I don't remember who specifically they're from. That one was a mix of textures and brushes...just search large textures and abstract brushes and you should be able to find them!
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

  137. pbv

    Abortion or Not?

    For me, whether the baby resulted from an accident, rape or otherwise, I still say it's the woman's choice. I'd rather not have a woman give birth to a child she doesn't want or love or have the full intention to take care of. I don't think people should be getting abortions left and right but...
  138. pbv

    I am upset

    Don't worry about the dad, worry about the guy. If you know him and trust him then nothing will happen. Even if his dad is faking strokes to get his son to comply with his wishes, his son (your boyfriend) shouldn't give into it and if he does then you deserve someone with a better spine...
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    blog update!

    blog update!
  140. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    Ok here is a minor update:
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    2NE1 Official Thread

    I love 2ne1! i'm in love with their new songs clap your hands and the go away song!
  142. pbv

    Always in My Heart || Aum & Aff [CHAPTER 8 UPDATED!!!]

    please update! I really like this so far!
  143. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    I did it! Thanks!
  144. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    aww thanks, thats so nice! I will probably start a new topic because i can't change the name of this one and well..its 2010 lol
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    Rita Jensen; Pong Plus Om

    she's just so beautiful! I love the first pic
  146. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    It's been so long since I've been here or done any photoshoppping. I'm hoping to get back into it! I'll be back with actual pieces soon!
  147. pbv

    s ♥ r i y a ' s . g a l l e r y

    your icons are really cute!
  148. pbv

    it's been so long since i've been here...glad to be back and watching dramas again!

    it's been so long since i've been here...glad to be back and watching dramas again!
  149. pbv

    thanks! just started!

    thanks! just started!
  150. pbv

    Do you care about brand names??? OR the price

    I don't think people should bathe themselves in brands unless they do truly understand and appreciate the value of the item. For myself, I'm a recent college grad so obviously I can't afford to buy brands but if I had the money, I'd view it as the doors opening wider, not stepping into a whole...
  151. pbv

    Your 411

    Name: PaNhia birthday: December birthplace: thailand current location: MN age:22 eye color: Brown hair color: Brownish height: 5'2 right handed or left handed: right handed favorite colors: Pink & red favorite foods: pasta and curry favorite drinks: water, apple juice, arizona tea and brisk...
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    <a href="" rel='nofollow external'...

    <a href="" rel='nofollow external' class="su_links"></a>
  153. pbv

    What do you think of Taboo people?

    I think what people don't understand is that tabooing is not restricted because people are scared you'll marry into your blood, obviously with only 18 clans that can't be avoided. The reason it shouldn't be done is because of tradition and superstition and if you don't care about superstition...
  154. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    “Your highness…� “Sit here son,� King Tang beckoned, motioning for Cee to sit beside him, “I have news and a request.� Cee sat where indicated, straightening his collar, “certainly, I’m glad to oblige any request you have.� King Tang smiled broadly, “listen to request...
  155. pbv

    unique Hmong baby girl names

    i like these: nkauj hmoob - hmong woman (girl) nplawv dej (not correct spelling) - the heart of water /ocean madison noelana Alexandria Arabella Danica Helena i like really strong american names but my children will always have hmong names first..
  156. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    05 - Chance “What is it?” Araya asked, following his eyes. He turned back to answer her for only a second, “a friend from long ago---” but when he returned his gaze to the spot where he spotted her earlier, she was gone. Scrunching his brows, he blinked. Was he just imagining it? “Who?”...
  157. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    sorry for the long absence, i've finally found some time to write again “Your highness!� Pan exclaimed, pleasantly surprised. “Good morning princess Pan, how are we doing this morning?� He greeted, flashing her a brilliant smile. Color flushed her cheeks, “very well thank you...
  158. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    honeslty, i'm iffy about this one..i dont know how much i'll still want to write this one now that i've discontinued my two others...because blessed are the fallen was my baby, i first thought of it a few years ago and i really nutured it for a while but alas, its not the time for that...
  159. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    again thanks for trying to redeem the fanfic but as explained in the fill to completion thread, it just takes alot of effort that i cant afford to exert right not discontinuing it solely because of lack of current interest, its just a big mix of problems, mostly because im secretly...
  160. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    thanks for attempting to redeem the story guys but i think i've confused you....i'm losing motivation for multiple doesnt have so much to do with whether or not its being read, mostly i'm just getting lazy...i write at work because im at a computer all day it gets pretty repetitive...
  161. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    thanks for reading guys, i'll possibly update this one...i'm not sure, i've just shelved two other fanfics in this forum so depending on my motivation in the next week to write, we'll see what happens....again if theres not enough interest, i'd rather not waste my time posting...if i decide to...
  162. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    I've offically discontinued two of my four stories posted here...I'm still unsure about the life of this one, give me a week....i'll try to keep writing but my motivation has died somewhat...
  163. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    thanks again rahut-rissaya for being supportive to the extreme but i've decided to discontinue this one here also...i might continue it elsewhere but im not sure for now...happy reading!
  164. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    hi everyone I'd just like to say thanks for reading, especially to rahut-rissaya for her constant support but due to lack of interest i've decided to discontinue this on this site for now...I might update on my site or on some other site but officially, this fic will be shelved. thanks! and...
  165. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    Chapter 6 – the beginning For all that she lacked in life, she had never experienced a great loss. In truth, she started out with nothing, anything of substance gone before she was cognizant of its existence. For this reason, she, who should’ve been the most sagacious about having to...
  166. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    chapter 5 - changes Part Her life became pretty routine, a concept as foreign as being repulsed by someone who refused to give you the time of day. For four weeks now she’s woken up with a new perspective, a belief that the universe had a way of righting itself. She wasn’t optimistic to...
  167. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    011 – The big day “Did you see the look on his face?� Janie exclaimed, face flushed, giddy with excitement. Anne stared. In all the weeks she’s worked with Janie on her wedding, the woman had never exhibited a disposition other than practiced elegance and here she was, on the verge...
  168. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    04 ““ Time 10 Years “Mr. Pholdee sir, I ask that you be civil throughout the reading.” Tik lounged back, staring back at his lawyer with one brow slightly raised, “keep it short then.” The lawyer nodded grimly and motioned for the doors to open. In walked a woman, back straight, demeanor...
  169. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    Chapter 4: Fatal Kob growled, mumbling curses under her breath as she snuck out of Andrew’s office, checking her watch. It was 9 already, all the other employees had already gone home at 5 the whole building seemed deserted, most the lights were already off…damn him, she thought…he kept...
  170. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    author's note: thanks for reconsidering my fanfics...if they dont generate enough interest i'll probably put them on haitus or discontinue them indefinitely because its not worth the time to write....but for those who do read, thanks a is the next part for this story i...
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    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    here you go
  172. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    thanks some more:
  173. pbv

    Living in hell

    i know hmong culture dictates that you listen to your mother in law and yield to your husband but the fact is you have to think about self have a needs you...dont sacrafice your and the baby's health because of her...if worse comes to worse, pick yourself up and...
  174. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    010 - Invitations Ken got home and tossed his jacket on the couch, loosening his tie. Thinking back to the other day when Anne left him stranded with the food, he frowned. It took him upwards of an hour to get the hostess off of him and to convince her that his secretary had gotten it wrong...
  175. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    chapter 3: meeting “father did you hire a new secretary?â€? Mr. Gregson looked up, eyes twinkling at his younger son’s angry countenance, “yes, she’s lovely.â€? “no, she’s not,â€? Andrew replied, “she’s rude, always in a rush and not to mention clumsy..â€? “you’ve met?â€...
  176. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    Part 5 “Princess, the king is coming to see you…� “my father?� Pan asked, looking up from her studies. “no, the other king…� her maid informed, holding back a giggle. She nearly couldn’t help herself when he announced himself earlier at the door the princess’s chambers...
  177. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    i've been closed for a while but i'll do some here and there...ok so here is what i did with yours stardust...the picture was at an odd angle so i did the best i could
  178. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

  179. pbv

    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    Hi all, welcome to my thread!
  180. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    03 - leaving refuge “isn’t it beautiful?” Aff sighed, her eyes large and sparkling as the vastness of midnight sky reflected like pools in her eyes. “it is…” Tik replied in a rushed breathe, eyes fixed on the soft planes of her face. Something was happening. He wasn’t sure what but he...
  181. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    009 - dinner “I’ll take that signature now.� Anne announced as soon as they stepped outside Ukon Tower. “you’ll get it…� he said, walking up towards the street. “what do you mean I’ll get it?� she demanded following him. “after dinner.� “I’m not going to dinner...
  182. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    sorry here it is
  183. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    Chapter 2: Runner “So you’re the lovely young lady I spoke to on the phone?� Mr. Gregson greeted, a smile on his face from cheek to cheek. Kob immediately eased up at once at the man’s obvious kindness, “yes, I am. It’s nice to meet you.� “yes…yes….yes…� he replied...
  184. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    Chapter 1: breathe “Breathe….� she chanted, “breathe….today your life will change Forever….� Opening her eyes, kob sighed again, using her hand to shield her eyes from the reflection of the sunlight against the solid glass building directly ahead of her. It was like nothing...
  185. pbv

    Blessed Are the Fallen :: Andrew/Kob

    Blessed are the fallen starring: Andrew & Kob Genre: Drama Rated: R Synopsis Chaos erupts when the biggest will of the century stipulates two people who have abhorred each other since the day they met to live in the same house, breathe the same air and make the same living! Andrew Gregson...
  186. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    Chapter 4 Cee stood, overlooking the heart of Yasamuri from his position on the cliff slightly east of the road into the kingdom. There was an innate peace that filled him when he dispelled concentration of the tasks ahead and just breathed in the beauty. He must truly be his mother’s son...
  187. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    Chapter 3 Sithimoni “you’ve sent my introduction letters?� Cee asked, entering the court. “yes, your highness� his adviser Thun answered. “and?� “they’ve accepted and extended their hospitalities and gratitude for your visit. You are to leave early next week.� Cee...
  188. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    Chapter 2 Far away…. “up! Jab! Right!� the trainer yelled, repeating his protocol fight techniques. Finally the two fighters finished with one soldier on the ground and the other’s sword nearly against the flesh of his throat. “how did I do?� the winner asked, slipping off his...
  189. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    Chapter 1 She was beautiful even in her older age. Starring up at him with all the love of a mother, her eyes still shone as it did when she was much younger, her beautiful ebony locks weaved with silver splayed across her pillow where she lay. She was only nearing fifty but her health had been...
  190. pbv

    Heir of the Last Princess :: Mo/Cee/Pancake

    Starring: Mo ..............Cee ..............Pancake Genre: Period/Drama/Romance Rated: PG-13 Authors note: This is the sequel to my old fanfic Lover of the Last Princess staring Kob and Oil. This story follows the lives of the people in the three kingdoms after the disappearance of the last...
  191. pbv

    A true miss hmong california?

    i dont know what this thread is too lazy to look...anyways seems like the argument is about whether or not she went to laos with multiple intentions...and the answer is yes... she went to do a publicity stunt...but that doesnt mean she didnt want to help them or that she didnt care in...
  192. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    02 - Place in Eden ”Aff.” “what?”he asked, half paying attention and swallowing a spoonful of rice. “my name” she explained, watching him curiously, “what’s yours?” “uh...Tik...”He replied, wearily. There was no reason anyone could link that to who he really was. Besides, it was...
  193. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    ]01 - 1998 “Listen to me, where are you going?” The young man paid his father no need, briskly pushing past his father, “get off me!” Pushing past, he grabbed his coat and dodged his father’s attempt to grab hold of him. “come back here let me explain!” His father’s voice charged at...
  194. pbv

    Days in Eden :: Tik/Aff

    Days In Eden Starring: Tik & Aff Genre: romance/drama rated: pg-13 [ summary ] At 17 and 16 they met in a rush of youthful plight and passion, each feeding off the other's hunger for life and adventure...but will they forget their days in Eden as the pressures and realities of society...
  195. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    thanks for reading guys...really appreciate it...still getting used to writting again so my vocabulary and grammar may still be a bit i made a new poster for this...i will update trying to keep my chapters short and sweet so that i can update more rapidly
  196. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    008 - Anne to the Rescue “Anne?� May asked, eyes threatening to fall out of their sockets, “you know the delivery girl by name?� Anne sputtered, not sure she heard right. Was she really being patronized by a monkey a heels, “are you implying im beneath a name?� Anne asked, letting...
  197. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    007 - May Day “come in..� Ken called, replying to the soft knock on his door His secretary Nu came in, carrying the flowers from a few days ago, “sir, what would you like me to do with these?� “oh..� he uttered, he had completely forgotten about them and had just left them on his...
  198. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    006 - Florist “I’ve brought someone to meet you� “who?� Janie asked, “does this have anything to do with my missing florist?� Andy smiled a little chagrined, “yes…and I felt so bad about forgetting that I got you the best one.� “sure about that?� He nodded, “yes...
  199. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    005 - Common Aquaintences “are you sure she really wants me as part of the party?� Ken asked, dubious. “well why not?� “I don’t know…won’t it be..� he looked uncomfortable, “awkward?� His friend laughed, “ken that was in grade school…I’m sure she’s forgotten it...
  200. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    004 - Flowers and Business “Good afternoon Ms. Anne!� “Hi,� Anne returned, “are you ready for me?� “yes,� Mrs. Tida replied, fashioning her amiable smile, “would it be the usual?� Anne nodded, “plus the few dozen changes.� “right I see you’ve been making changes...
  201. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    003 - Orders “Noy! Did you order the flowers like I told you!� “I did mam…� the maid replied, cautiously. “then how come he hasn’t called me yet?!� “I don’t know mam…� said Noy, shrinking into the background. “who did you use?� “I used the Little Pearl...
  202. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    002 - twenty years “Anne…where are you?â€? “I’m leaving grandpa…I’ve already loaded everything…â€? “are you sure you’re not busy..I can always deliver them myself…â€? She grinned. He always used the guilt factor on her even though she’d already promised. “yes…â€...
  203. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    first chapter... note: i realy dont want to write if no ones going to read it so i would appreciate feedback... 001 - All Great love stories have a beginning “You will not marry him do you hear me?� Noon cried, clutching her heart, looking over her shoulder at her father roaring...
  204. pbv

    Fill To Completion :: Anne/Ken

    Fill To Completion Starring: Ken and Anne Rated: PG-13 / R (ish depends on how I feel about ken’s intensity later) Genre: Drama / a bit of comedy Character Summary: Ken Deviously handsome heir to the Ukon Textile Empire, he’s been fed his every desire in a silver spoon since he was...
  205. pbv


    well actually some restaraunts add tip to your bill if its a higher end one or if you're with a party of 6 or more..also the general rule of thumb is 15% regular restaraunts unless you have a party of 8 or more than its 18% and for higher end places its 20% unless you have a bigger party then it...
  206. pbv

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    this is the only lakorn thats really caught my attention in a while...its fast paced, interesting and has wierd'd think ann was the one going to get revenge for her sister but turns out shes just stuck in the middle...i like it that way though then ken can feel alot more remorse for...
  207. pbv

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    everytime i see the ending credits on the part where he kind of turns her into his chest makes me just go aww..i wish things like that happened in real i feel bad for her...shes in the middle of all their issues...but gosh i do love ken...
  208. pbv

    [Download]Softwares By Tina

    if you mean me i dont know...i just need to photoshop i used photoshop 7...
  209. pbv

    [Download]Softwares By Tina

    just rebooted my computer..lost my photoshop can you please upload it again?
  210. pbv

    hi, thanks for saying hi to me..i didnt even know this thing existed until i googled

    hi, thanks for saying hi to me..i didnt even know this thing existed until i googled
  211. pbv

    hi, i didnt know this thing existed

    hi, i didnt know this thing existed
  212. pbv

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    its not about gain and its not about what the americans ususally do..we all know we didnt go into iraq to oust sadam, we went to show our control and superiority...but what we're arguing is what should happen, not what usually might say its futile to argue for something that wont...
  213. pbv

    Escorts, marrying for money, etc.

    you know if i felt like it i wouldnt object...but if i was forced to, of course it would be degrading and depressing to work as an escort...but on the other hand some people do it because it makes them happy, they like sex and they like money...there's nothing wrong with that...we're not morally...
  214. pbv

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    i disagree...we as americans should get more than a little was we americans who left the hmong to fend for themselves....we've dominated the world economically and politically for more than half a century now, the choice is ours....i think our leaders chose this domination and now...
  215. pbv

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    i think this is a situation that has only recently come into light and so few know the extent of i will explain what i know from a hmong person's point of view (yes, those are my people in the jungles, forced into hiding for fear of their lives) after the vietnam war the american cia...
  216. pbv

    Dowry System, what do you think?

    well actually what you're refering to is simply a bride price; however it is expected that the brides family give her a dowry in things, not money...its called piv cyuam (wrong speelling you get the gist) and its mostly clothes and items and maybe a cd i used to object the bride price...
  217. pbv

    why go to college?

    i'm in college to earn my independence...independence from a husband, independence from a family... if i ever get divorced i need to be able to pay for it and then support myself and kids...
  218. pbv

    hnub qub

    im dont really know about these two...but the fact that their mother pushes them into the spotlight makes me laugh...besides a beauty pagent doesnt make you an educated hmong women worthy of anything other than your dont make you a model..enough said..
  219. pbv

    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    omg its so funny when i see things like this...i mean i get that they need to have fun too but its just not
  220. pbv

    Nkauj Laus/Nraug Laus

    dont worry...i wont marry until i'm sucessful and financial secure which wont be until like this day and age, success cant be defined by the number of kids you have anymore, its by how you can support them...
  221. pbv


    sorry, forgot to say i also think those hmong models need to be more selective about who they shoot...some girls are just not worth the film
  222. pbv


    i think its a desperate attempt to break into the modeling industry, if not fashion then import...i just want to say that modeling like this doesnt bother me if theres a purpose, like a lingerie photo session to sell lingerie but if your just walking around taking pictures in thongs, i think its...
  223. pbv

    Waiting for Something/Someone

    one word...time its better to find the right one at 30 than the wrong one at 16... be patient, yours is out there...
  224. pbv

    I'm a real bitch!

    i dont know you but from what i dont really strike my sympathy... get a grip, break free from all inhibitions including your mother, his mother, everyone..they taught you the morals now interpret it..take everythingn with a grain of salt...listen but make it you, not soak it in word...
  225. pbv

    Wish List

    i'm a simple girl, I want simple things 1. 120 gig ipod (yes it does exist) 2. new canon 3. new labtop (mines so weak you see..) 4. new phone 5. lots of money 6. more jordans for my boyfriend 7. the new marc jacobs bag (its really a simple black bag) 8. a replacement lv messenger (my...
  226. pbv

    Guess who is our HMONG Britney Spears & our HMONG Justin Timberland

    i dont think we have one though the idea is funny...we don't have enough means of scandel and gossip to make any hmong celebrity into a britney or justin
  227. pbv

    what kind of hmong girls is prettier?

    i don't think region would affect the prettiness of anyone...i think what you know and see does though...for example, the majority of korean stars are beautiful but thats because execs nitpick and find the prettiest to expose to you...look at the mass majority of koreans and you'll see they're...
  228. pbv


    shes funny i heard shes doing boxing movies now...i wouldnt buy it until I heard it...i agree that most of the Hmong singers out there dont dignify a burned cd but there are some good ones..
  229. pbv

    hmong hater right here

    well shes obviously got something stuck up her butt..I hope shes 14 or something because if shes older, damn, she needs a grammar coach...its alright, she can be racist all she wants, maybe someones should email her the link to anjelah the commedian's vid of her vietnamese nail salon...
  230. pbv

    Let me here your opinion...

    I think the reason we see this repeatidly in the hmong community is because tradition decrees that no matter what you stay with your spouse and work it out for the children and to save know its true, everytime a couple has a problem or someone threatens divorce, the whole family will...
  231. pbv

    Does anyone have this movie or remember it?

    whats scary about her is she smiles when she talks and when shes threatening the guys shes still smiliing with blood dripping down her mouth..
  232. pbv

    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008

    I think all pagents are corrupt in some way or another, I mean no one really knows whats going on unless you experience it firsthand the ones that do experience it firsthand are somewhat bias so you still can't really the MN hmong new year this year, we had at least one girl from...
  233. pbv

    [Tutorial] Making Video GIFs!!

    image ready just wont suppot the avi file
  234. pbv

    my demo singing

    youre very good and i rarely say that regarding singing so good ups! you should persue've got good control..
  235. pbv

    [Tutorial] Making Video GIFs!!

    for some reason I can't get it to open in imageready on my pc but I can do it on my labtop...any ideas?
  236. pbv


  237. pbv


  238. pbv

  239. pbv

    PBV[designs] ..artworks... fanfic..posters... subtle..fate...
  240. pbv


    k here are some more! this is my friends posing in front of my friend chris' car and this is the layout i made for my friend amy's myspace...texture credits to hybrid genesis
  241. pbv


    hi everyone..i 've been gone a long long time..anyways i've decided to start or try to start photoshopping again...and i might even write again..i dont know..if i do i'll put updates or half of updates or whatever i got in my blog so make sure to check it out! here is the top of my current...
  242. pbv

    Some of The Stupidest Song's I've Heard Is..

    lady soveriegns song love me or hate totally confirms my opinions of the british hood and hip hop stigmas...
  243. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    heres my latest: worranat
  244. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    i just added make up, evened out the skin tone, lightened the picture, hair color oh and i gave you alexis bledel's pupils...lolz...took it straigt from her picture
  245. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    ok my most recent customer: mike luver before and after
  246. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    sure send it over
  247. pbv


    new one
  248. pbv


    some of these are pretty good, i like the one with the going to canada...however i think it'll be hard to make these into movies because it requires budget to make hmong people appear as millionaires...its easy for korean ppl and thai people to make good movies because they have a country to...
  249. pbv


    sorry i've been gone a while! schools been taking up my time, for all of those who requested stuff, i'm so sorry that i havent been able to do them, however if you would still like me to, request away and i'll find time as soon as possible... these are senior pictures i did for my sister mai...
  250. pbv


    check it out! i'm a myspace newbie but you wont regret!
  251. pbv

    Ever had thoughts about commiting suicide?

    i've never entertained the thought of suicide just cause if i get mad, i prefer to get even, if i get sad, so what? ppl are sad once in a while...i accept it, deal with it and its done
  252. pbv

    Quotes and Poems

    a poem called my beautiful friend My beautiful friend If beauty were defined By mere human eyes It’d bend and curve Like this friend of mine It’s eyes would be amber gray Cheeks melting into skin Smile endlessly sweet not in vain Trailed by a pool of men So it was then inevitable That...
  253. pbv


    more photography, my model and muse is my cousin Anabel
  254. pbv


  255. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    my next customer azn_chick83
  256. pbv

    babe_girl's art work

    nice colorizations!
  257. pbv


    here's something i did for a request today!
  258. pbv


    stuff i made for others:
  259. pbv


  260. pbv


    ok here you go: ave: banner:
  261. pbv


    here you go ployathina
  262. pbv


    here's yours mahnchao
  263. pbv


    here you go kristys
  264. pbv

    Question game

    ice cream
  265. pbv

    Pictures of latest thing you bought,

    i know! but it was back to school shopping..
  266. pbv

    This or That

    cockroaches, you can step on them getting ink poisoning or skin cancer?
  267. pbv

    Pictures of latest thing you bought,

    this is from my shopping expidition on tues and glue! five for 25 cents at office max
  268. pbv

    Things You Noticed About Love

    it isnt so much a fairytale but a project really...there's no guarentee of a happy ending but it all depends on the work you put in...sounds kind so unromantic but its reality
  269. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    no, it's just like regular artwork..layers and round brush
  270. pbv


    new aves!
  271. pbv

    Five things about yourself

    1. the only reason i dont update my fanfics more often is i wont settle for second rate writing...i want it to be good and intelligent and fun and as that takes time, it's harder to do cause my writing isnt just fun writing, it's meaningful... 2. i do want to take over the world, if not...
  272. pbv

    The Fact or Fiction Game

    fact! i would marry harry potter fact or fiction?
  273. pbv

    4 adjective describe you?

    leader, creative, ambitious, me
  274. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    my second customer YajVaj!
  275. pbv

    Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

    Name: devon tristain ____ Sex: male (all male, completely male) Age: no more than 3 years my senior, 1 year my junior Nationality: 1 quater black, 1 quater thai, 1 quater european, 1 quater hmong ( i love mixed people, they're so beautiful) Birth Place: anywhere Current Place: ny Eye Colour...
  276. pbv

    How do you express your feelings

    impromptu poem go! Kiss Intake, a bit softer Release a bit slower Torn I turn Then come a bit bolder His response, Breath quicken Heart thrummed Pulse surface ridden Clutched, Bone to sinew Hollow to offering Skin to skin, Places never been to----- Nothing, Nothing, but a heartbeat...
  277. pbv

    Question game

    cinnamon dolce latte! how tall is the tallest feline in the world?
  278. pbv

    The Person Below You....

    true, can't resist a hot guy the person below me knows their own name---------and can say it fast five times!
  279. pbv

    This or That

    apple juice... getting a dasani bottle stuck on your head or getting smacked in the head with one 500 times?
  280. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    here goes one i did of myself for senior portraits...i did it a while ago:
  281. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    no problem girl! it was fun..i like working with real people rather than just celeb pics
  282. pbv

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    hey everyone! i've opened up a makeover shop! my first costumer is milkjuice! here she is: if you would like to get a custom makeover yourself, pm me and you can be on your way to digital glam! lolz..i crack myself up...
  283. pbv


    yeah, just pm me your pic
  284. pbv


  285. pbv


    10 more! sorry everyone, this is my new you'll be seing alot more of these
  286. pbv

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    i really like the first one! good job! i'm just beggining with icons too
  287. pbv


    more aves
  288. pbv


    new aves:
  289. pbv


    sure send me your pic
  290. pbv


    you give me your picture and i make you over! basically thats it..lolz
  291. pbv


    now this is my kind of art...i have no patience for drawing with a mouse so i commend you for your work! good stuff!
  292. pbv


    thanks everyone! these are my new ones...anyways i have a new love for digital makeovers so if anyone wants to be made over, request here! Mark of Power With every waking moment, I’ll love you all the more Pursuasion, the art of Forgotten castles
  293. pbv

    Pagnia Xiong

    she has some of the best lyrics i've heard in a long time..espeacially the song about the walls
  294. pbv


    thanks! here's one i did today
  295. pbv


    thanks...i did two you can see, my obsession with skies havent yet subsided...i have this fascination with putting things where they dont belong like horses and dolphins in the sky
  296. pbv

    pbv'scollection06 goes two more...i have a minor obsession with the sky right now ayumi: kingdom of dreams sirita: sky goddess
  297. pbv


    one new one
  298. pbv


    thanks...i do take requests but you must know, my skills are still limited lolz..but i'd be happy to try!
  299. pbv


    heres a new one [700x550] featuring Bee Namthip living breathing fantasy
  300. pbv


    thanks! heres one i just made...and i wrote a poem to go with it, its a little different on there cause i've done some editing How many eternities will I live How many will be in waiting for you When I remember I fall again And deeper it cuts where you’ve last been Still I ache in every flesh...
  301. pbv


    thanks for all the comments! much appreciated! some other new stuff...the first one is a club flyer i made for my uncle's gig this one is a request from a friend
  302. pbv


    here's my most recent:
  303. pbv


    thanks everyone! here's my newest...i did at school so it's just mediocre ok...
  304. pbv

    need help on basic math

    its 8/18 and then 4/9 reduced...just take 2/6 times the recipricol of 3/4 which is 4/3 and then you reduce
  305. pbv


  306. pbv


  307. pbv


    sure, go ahead..thankyou for liking them
  308. pbv


  309. pbv


  310. pbv


    hi everyone! i decided to begin a new thread since i'm doing a whole new string of graphics wings collection
  311. pbv

    ~~Tiffany's Posters~~

    i like the intense coloring....overall they're pretty good, you just need to work on blending and text position a littlebit
  312. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    aom: goddess of yesterday
  313. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    paula: capture me [and save me for yourself]
  314. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    thanks! here's my newest featuring a calvin klein model
  315. pbv


    im so exited to watch this but im biased sinced i loved the 95 version
  316. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    thanks everyone! heres my most recent..took me a few hours but i'm happy with the result ploy: timeless countenance
  317. pbv

    Koda Kumi

    she's alright. her voice doesnt interest me much but she's cute
  318. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    sorry, double post
  319. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    kob: soft spoken beauty
  320. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    kob: princess of old
  321. pbv

    describe these actress looks :

    Aum Patcharapa-sexy but sometimes i feel like when she's sexy she cant do anything else for a long time and then when she's innocent, she's just that...there's no transaction Joy Rinlane-cries too harshly, a bit cold Ann Thongprasom-beautiful, can really break your heart with her expressions (in...
  322. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    looking back on yesterday; no matter how far, i'll dream of where you are photo credits: screencaps from "kuv Leeg Niam" this is the lead guy's father looking at the n'ek through the side mirrors of the car as they're driving away with the n'ek's son...and the woman is the n'ek at old age...i...
  323. pbv

    constructive/plastic surgery

    i wouldnt do it myself because i'm satisfied with what i got and also im not too partial to pain but for all the people who do, more power to you!
  324. pbv

    Ib zaug ntawm txoj kev hlub

    the story is good, the acting is mediocre...the halfmusiccal, half movie thing is really stupid but funny in its stupidity...the actors dont look good..i like the p'ek's younger sister and her husband the best cause they match and they're cute together and their story is the the main...
  325. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    one more today...i shot these images while commng home on the bus so i'm pretty glad with the results
  326. pbv

    PBV's Art!

  327. pbv

    PBV's Art!

  328. pbv

    Beautiful girls are amazing

    this post starter is dumb. ---Bee Thao, Infantryman, 3rd Division, US Amred Forces, google me.
  329. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    mo: yesterday's memories [2] mo: sweet surrender
  330. pbv

    MKL's Graphics!

    your art is nice..i like your 2nd jakjann one..keep practicing and posting!
  331. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    one today ann: based upon the surreal
  332. pbv

    how much do you know about hmong?

    1. What are regions of the world that scholars have speculated the Hmong may have originated from? siberia, mongolia, china 2. Name 8 Hmong Clan Names vang, yang, lee, khang, chue, moua, thao, her 3. Name the East and Southeast Asian Countries that the Hmong live in. china, thailand, laos...
  333. pbv

    Hmong writing

    this is hmong writing i think...we have the roman aphebetical writing system which we use more but this is one of the first writing systems invented for the hmong language
  334. pbv

    What college/university do you go to?

    im still in highschool but next year i'm planning on going to Carelton (its the most expensive private school in MN and is MN's equivilent of Harvard) my education is going to deprive me of food funds! lolz...
  335. pbv


    im going as a nurse ;)
  336. pbv

    Love or Destiny

    you guys are so cute! love suks!!
  337. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    yes i've been using photoshop since july probably...i just had a lot of time this summer to learn and play around with it..
  338. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    one update aom: capturing beauty
  339. pbv

    Hmong superstar

    i'll let you know as soon as possible
  340. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    thanks more today kwan: age of innocence
  341. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    moandceeart paulaart paulaart2
  342. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    numfonart lalitaart marshaart2 aumart5 songart hyoriart2 hyoriart3
  343. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    arayaart arayaart2 arayaart3 maidforme myorphanboy marshaart
  344. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    aumart aumart2 aumart3 aumart4 aumnumart tikarayaart
  345. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    tataart tataart2 now1 angieart hyoriart saraart
  346. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    katart janieart joyart mayart pangart
  347. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    yuiart3 yuiart4 matikaart kobart kobart2
  348. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    kwanart2 kwanart3 kwanart4 yuiart yuiart2
  349. pbv

    PBV's Art!

    hey guys! i wanted to share some artwork! i've been learning and using photoshop for about 31/2 months now so i hope i goes my collection (not in chronological order but the ones at the end are more recent) kwanart vickiart tukart tukart2 tukart3
  350. pbv

    Hmong superstar

    have you guys heard of the hmong superstar/idol nationwide search? well its going to be held at darathai restaraunt in st.paul mn and they're looking for anyone with talent and have to be 17-24 i think and you dont have to be from can send in a demo tape and they'll give...