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    Nichkhun currently filming a Thai film

    Personally I love GTH movies like Bangkok Traffic Love Story, Hello Stranger, Phobia 1+2...just to name a few...Nichkhun in a new movie for the first time should be interesting. No doubt this is going to get lots a buzz since the Korean wave is in trend for Thailand. CREDITS:SOOMPI
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    1805, Min Island

    Well hello!! In the past I have written about some of my favorite lakorn KuKwans like Ateam, Tik and Aom, etc. I couldn't leave Yadech out because I love them as much! Therefore I will be having them in this fan-fiction. The concept is a little confusing, trust me, I had to revise it a few times...
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    LIPS December 2010 Issue

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    Out of the Blue, My Whole Universe

    I haven't written a fanfic in the longest time but then again I was away from Thai lakorns for a long time, there weren't any inspirations but I have a new-found love for the BarrYaya couple. This will be a fanfiction with Nadech and Yaya. CHARACTERS: BARRY NADECH KUGIMIYA YAYA URASSAYA...
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    Toni Rakkaen

    I just saw the trailer to B-ig Boy about Po is a young country guy who dreams of becoming a cool B-Boy dancer to get attention from the girl he has a crush on. When Po hears the news that his grandfather is in a hospital in Bangkok, he uses this news as an excuse to move to Bangkok, telling his...
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    1 Tsob Ntoo, 2 hom Txiv

    This movie, I am not sure if its out but I saw the preview to it along with Xab Thoj's 2009 movie. I want to see it! Has it been released? If anyone knows let me know! It stars Eb Lauj, Txiab Yaj and a lot of other people. Eb and Txiab look good together.
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    Mr. Martian

    Well, I have been busy lately, but I came up with a new fanfic that I hope will interest anyone so enjoy! Will try to update more often. SYNOPSIS: After a very long time, they meet...AGAIN? Yuke, the perfect boyfriend who acts like he's from another planet and Vill the feisty heartless girl...
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    Best of Times

    Weeks ago i saw pictures but I just found the trailer today...whoa!! pae looks so hot!!! with short hair!!!!!! and those glasses suit him!! i have no idea what this movie is about but whoever does, please share. lol. i wanna see this movie!! it looks good and i'm becoming a fan of pae. if you...
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    King Khan at the Golden Globes

    Anyone watch the Golden Globes? I missed it but I watched Slumdog Millionaire win best picture which is great news for India. I watched the movie a few weeks ago and it made me teary on some parts. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MUSIC OF SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! The film won four Golden Globes: Best...
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    Leighton Meester@magazinedee?

    dumb question! hahaha...i was looking at the magazines at and i came across a photo-shoot on IMAGE a famous Thai magazine. The model whose in the shoot looks like Leighton Meester...what do you all think? This is the picture at magazinedee...looks just like her... link to...
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    Droplets of Memory (COMPLETE)

    PREFACE "Unfortunately, I'm a spirit but whats more unfortunate is that I can't remember...I don't know who I was." Its believed that a spirit must remain on Earth for 100 days to say their last good byes to their loved ones. Today was the first day of the one hundred days for Chakrit...
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    Pinky Savika @ IIFA AWARDS

    I found recent pictures of Pinky at the IIFA awards, Bollywood's award show that is like the Oscars. She and two other Thai celebrities were the only ones I found pictures of...she must be a fan of Bollywood...and she's in a SARI! Very beautiful! You would probably think she's a Bollywood...
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    Ib Leeg Tub

    This is the BEST Hmong movie I've seen in a very long time! It should really be the Hmong Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Its a Xab and Hnub movie so of course they get married and he cheats on her BUT for the first time in this one he doesn't remarry. I really liked this one because its not about...
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    Prick Me with Love's Thorn

    I AM TOTALLY CHANGING THIS FANFIC!! AUM AND AFF'S STORY WILL REMAIN THE SAME BUT I WILL NOW BE USING YUKE SONGPAISAN AND WIEW WANNAROT AS THE SECOND COUPLE!! Reasons: I'm obsessed with these two couples and I think it would be unique to put them in a fanfic together.
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    I read Wise Kwai film blog a lot! he's good at reviewing Thai movies. Well, new horror film coming out and I'm super excited!! 4Bia has four horror stories in one movie. The first, Directed by Yongyoot Thongkongtoon (was director of Iron Ladies), it's the story of an unemployed...
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    Kiss after Kiss:: Tik/Aff

    I'M SORRY!! I am dropping this fanfic! Cupid's Signal will be dropped because I can't revive it...its too hard and I don't have the motivation for this fanfic anymore. I use to love this story but I am not in the mood to write about college love. The characters aren't compatible enough either, I...
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    Romance on Duty :: Aum/Aff

    :lol: Reading Sarn's fanfic inspired to write it is...if you like me think of a title! I will continue as much as i can. Lead pa'ek and nang'ek: Aff Taksaorn as Isra Sucinda (24) Umm Atichart as Niran Nitaya (28) More characters as the story progresses... And...
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    Laos to Host 2009 SEA games

    CREDITS TO LAOSMILE The 2009 SEA Games in Vientiane was officially announced to thousands of athletes and officials from Asean nations on Saturday night during the closing ceremony of the 24th SEA Games in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand . The closing ceremony took place in front of...
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    Sabaidee Luang Prabang

    CREDITS GO TO LAOSMILE Lao Art Media and Thailand 's Spata will be joining forces to film a new movie entitled Sabaidee Luang Prabang, which will demonstrate the beauty of Laos to local and foreign audiences alike. The film production team, comprising members from both Laos and Thailand, has...
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    Very old Thai movies dubbed hmong...

    Hey!! i'm looking for some very old thai movies that were dubbed in hmong. they bring back happy memories and i wanna see them again. okay i'm going to describe them and you help me find the title...and maybe, help me find the movie... first... this movie stars sorapong chatree...he lives in...
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    Ntxawm thiab Tsov (Yer and the Tiger)

    Okay so I just say a preview of this movie and I really, for once, really wanna see this movie! Has anyone seen it? The nang'ek is very pretty. anyone seen it...tell me! :)
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    I LOVE SHAHRUKH AND GAURI KHAN! Period! Then comes Ajay and Kajol! -SRK LOOKS SO IN LOVE WITH HIS WIFE!! GOD I LOVE THEM!! They're so beautiful together!!
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    New Hmong singer: Lao Moua

    Okay, so yesteraday my mom and my aunt went to the flea market here in St. Paul to pick a karaoke video of this new Hmong singer named Lao Moua from one of our relatives. When I first looked at the cover I was like...hmm...not bad looking. Except that hairdo needs to go. Then my mom put it on...