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    hope you guys like this one...i'm changing the character into korean since my sister want me to make this one korean... Notebook Main character Lee Hyang Sook (Fictional girl) Kim Jaejoong Minor Park Soo Jin Shin Min Ah Jung Yunho Park Yuchun Shim Changmin Chapter 1: Entry 1: Jaejoong's 1st...
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    Love in the ice

    here's a new fanfic. hope you guys like it. Love in the ice Major characters: Donut manasanan punlerdwongsakul Dan worrawech danuwong Minors: Sornram tappituk num Nutt nattapong dechapanya Beam kawee tanjararak Film rattapoom toekongsap Benz punyaporn pongpipat Gig suwatchanee chaiyamugsik...
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    Our love will go on & on (Short story)

    Hope you guys will like this one. Didn't have time to make it longer. Maybe next time i'll make it longer. Thanks you to everyone who reads my ff. I really appreciate it. Our love will go on & on Characters Donut manasanan punlerdwongsakul: A 22 year old woman, who feels so upset, with her...
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    Forbidden love

    Forbidden love Main characters Donut manasanan punlerdwongsakul Dan worrawech danuwong Minors Gig suwatchanee chaiyamugsik Benz punyaporn pongpipat Chapter 1 It was again, another bad day, for donut. Her mom, forgotten to wake her up so, she is now, cramming to go to school. She has not even...
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    The secret code (Short story)

    The secret code Forewords Worrawech Dan Danuwong & manasanan donut punlerdwongsakul, are two people, who both were involved the law enforcement field, who never bothered to have any contact with each other unless, it involved their profession. Worrawech Dan Danuwong was a quiet, young man, who...
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    Summer solstice

    here is the first part of my story... i'll come up with the next... you guys enjoy it... Featuring Dan worrawech danuwong Donut manasanan punlerdwongsakul Chapter 1: our beginning As the sun set in the distant horizon the landscape of the tranquil hillside slowly, disappear into the dark of...