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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    แผนรักแผนร้าย http://www.daradaily...B8%A2%E2%80%9D/
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    [Ch9] Sitcom: Luk Pee Luk Nong [Exact-Scenario]

    Replace Bang Ruk Sol 9 Look Pee Look Nong ( Cousin) Trailer On Air : 2012 , May 12 @ Moder Nine TV There are a Lots of New Stars on this Sitcom
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    [True] Coffee Prince (Nadao Bangkok)

    http://www.thaiwinds...17;ค-cof/ Thus remake will on air on True Vision Channel, only. The producer of this remake is Mr. Yang Tringyot, he is usually a producer for GTH company but he said this remake will not be a movie it will be a lakorn I think starrings will be most new face or a lot of...
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    [Ch7] Ching Nang (Polyplus)

    Credit new@ Thairath The newarticel wrote that Rojmay will play as nangek and she will pair up with Om and she confirmed on an interview that it is true, Fitting will coming soon. Her character will be a soft nang ek sryle something like thar.
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    Nang Sao Jumlang Ruk [Exact + CH7] He/She wrotes that the info was from ch7. ALL CAST ARE: Weir Sukollawat pair up with Pang Ornjira Ritz THE STAR 6 + Grace THE STAR 6 Grace Garnglao, Pookai, Yok Thunyakun and Thee
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    [Ch3] Phu Pha Prai Mai Dued (Who & Who)

    This drama will making by Kai Waruyut's company.And the new confirmed by TV POOL.The story: It is about the man names Phupar , he only loves the woman names Preamai one of many women who came into his life. Other women are Prangkeaw and Chao (Princess) Seangmanee. But trough as mistake Phupar...
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    [Ch5] Talad Arom (Xact) http://exactscenario...with-exact.html
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    [Ch7] Nam Sor Sai (DaraVDO) : Kob Suvanant / Num Sornram

    This new confirmed by Supitara Namchai's facebook and she is the one who works for CH7 Pra ek isnt confirmed or which company it is she does say it. She only said Noon next drama after Kha Kong Kon is Nam Soa Say น้ำเซาะทราย because a fan asked her. I dont know about the meaning of this title...
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    Shut Preeyashut

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    Lady Barn Na (TV Thunder)

    CREDIT: TV POOL I dont know is already a topic about this drama????
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    My Exact - Scenario's Blog

    My first english blog about dramas, it is only for Exact - Scenario's dramas and it is about this Company^.^ I know that my english isn't really good but I want to try it and to share to all who can't understand thai and for all who are fans from this Channel and this Company ^^...
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    [Ch7] Doot Daw Din (Kantana)

    Credit from Jakjaan's private manager. It will be a accident drama, that means , shooting and on air on the same time. creidit: เข้ามาสรุปปิดกระทู้นะคะ เพราะตอนนี้ น้องจั่นคงไม่ได้เล่นคุณพ่อหวานแหว๋วแล้วค่ะ เพราะต้องเอาคิวไปลงดาวดินแทน Praek is Stephan
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    Klin Gleab Kaa Sa Loong (Exact)

    กลิ่นกลีบกาซะลอง (Smells of Tree Jasmine)
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    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    http://www.scenario.....php?f=3&t=7143 exact drama project for 2011
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    Jakjaan Akumsiri in Japan 2010/August/13

    Jakjaan in Japan 2010/August/13
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    Smart Krissada and Khun Aof Pongput come to Sydney

    Smart Krissada and Khun Aof Pongput come to Sydney Sunday @ 29th August 2010 Space 127 Liverpool St. (SHARK HOTEL)Party start from 10.30
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    Khun Por Whan Whaw [DiDa]

    Khun Por Whan Whaw คุณพ่อหวานแหว๋วWait to confirmed!!I have the feeling this could be the 2nd part of Por Noo Pen Superstar but I am not sure
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    Wait to confirmed!!! And wait that the company said it themselves because of this I dont know which Company it is and only I know is that it is a action drama What I know it that the company want Jakjaan but it can changing everytime -------------- Dont know about who could be the nang ek...
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    Khun Chai Thid Roo Khun Noo Thid Din [Sook Sun Hunsa2]

    Opening Ceremony
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    Ngao Pray [TV Scene]

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    Jao Sao Rim Tang (Kantana)

    http://www.igossipy....le.php?id=13426 ถึงตัวจะไปเรียนและลั้นลาปาร์ตี้อยู่ที่อังกฤษ แต่ 'หนูปู-ไปรยา' ก็ไม่ได้หันหลังให้วงการบันเทิงหรอกนะค้า เพราะเธอเล่นบินมารับงานบ่อยๆ ใครที่กำลังรอชมผลงานของนางเอกเซ็กซี่คนนี้ก็ตั้งตาคอยละครเรื่อง 'เจ้าสาวริมทาง' ที่ 'หนูปู' จะบินมาถ่ายทำประกบพระเอกตาโศก...
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    [Ch3] Plerng Torranong (Makers Group) Jim Mayuchut's company
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    Sapai Mai Rai Sakdena ( TV Scene )

    http://www.napapafan...hp?topic=1670.0 เรื่อง สะใภ้ไม่ไร้ศักดินา ค่ะ พระเอกยังไม่ทราบ แต่รู้ว่าน่าจะเป็นภาคต่อ ของ สะใภ้ไร้ศักดินาค่ะ Sapai Mai Rai Suksdeea, is the 2nd part of Sapai Rai Sukdeena If nothing changing, the OPENING CEREMONY NEXT MONTH (June 2010)
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    Theptida Pla Rah 2 (Step Onward)

    Theptida Pla Rah 2 (Step Onward) http://www.napapafan...hp?topic=1670.0 If nothing changing OPENING CEREMONY NEXT MONTH (JUNE 2010)
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    Sudsapda May 2010

    Sudsapda May 2010 - THE STAR 6
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    Nataraja Awards 2009 WINNERS

    Nataraja Awards 2009 รางวัล นาฎราช 2552 WINNERS Categories: Radios (4 caterogies)Program: Kui Gub Buncha (Talk with Buncha) 02. Best Entertainment Production AwardGreenwave ( A-Time media 106.5 MHz ) 03. Best Radio presenter AwardsMeesook Jeangmeesook (Kui Yank Meesook / Talk likes MeeSook)...
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    Nataraja Awards 2009 (Nominess)

    Nataraja Awards 2009 (Nominees) รางวัล นาฎราช 2552 (read as Nataraj) Thailand's Oscar Awards Meaning = Nata = Acting/Arts Raj(a) = Royal / King King or Queen of Acting/Arts This award has been cooperation from various institutions. This is acceptable from Gold Television Awards, Star...
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    [Ch7] Ngao Gammathep (Kantana)

    Ngao Kamathep เงากามเทพ News: (I am not sure someone already open this thread or not if then the admin can delete it)
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    [Ch7] Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon (Compordee)

    And new stars from CH 7 Porsh Sarun Siriruk and Thun Tunva Suriyajuk (no pics)
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    Rahut Torachon [UMA 99]

    Rahut Torachon [UMA 99] พบกับเคน-ชมพู่ ในรหัสทรชน เร็วๆนี้ ของค่ายยูม่า
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    Pom Mai Yark Pen Sai Lub (Master One)

    Pom Mai Yark Pen Sai Lub (Master One) (Rumor new) Not 100% corfirming but inside said that is could be true
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    [Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]

    ลิลลี่สีกุหลาบ Lily See Kularb   Confirmed by Jakjaan's FC ADMIN and on the same time her private manager   Opening Ceremony is on the middle or end of May 2010
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    Shock! Ploy is already pregnant and married

    Shock! Ploy Chidjun Rujipun is already pregnant and married. She has already married last month in foreign countries. And she is nomore an actress for Channel 3. Here the Interview
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    Somwung Soo Soo (Showing)

    Somwung Soo Soo OPENING CEREMONY
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    Koo Duerd (TV Scene)

    News from@ Rumor about this drama is that Pi Por Nattawut is in this drama with Aum Attichart. But it is not confirmed. And if this news is true, both will act a important role.
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    Tur Gub Kao Lea Ruk Khong Rao (Polyplus)

    TUR GUB KAO LEA RUK KHONG RAO = You and he and Love between us (I hope I translate it correct ^^´´) NEWS: Opening Ceremony soon (Wait that Pancake finish with Tawun Yor Seang) And they're plan to shooting in China
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    Mon Ruk Sai Fah Lap (DiDa)

    Will On Air after Porb Apartment They've already shooted some / a lot of scene and will ON AIR SOON!!
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    Jao Sao Rai Som (TV Thunder)

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    Salud Sod Company [TV Thunder]

    SITCOME: Salud Sod Company
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    7 Prachan Barn

    Fitting Drama Art Pasut, Namfon Patcharin, Namfon Kullanat
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    Nang Sao RukDee (MIRABILIS)

    It´s comedy and it is a evening Lakorn before drama @8PM It will ON AIR VERY SOON!!
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    [All News] Lued Kattiya The Musical Dome Interview about Lued Kattiya Musical. Usually all cast have to train for this Musical @June 2010 and will act live on end of this year but Dome must shooting his Lakorn from Polyplus first and because of this we will not see this Musical on this...
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    Traa Barb See Kaw [Exact - Scenario]

    Opening Ceremony is@March 2010 It is a very big PROJECT!!!! Interview from Khun Boy and Confirmed by Khun Boy.
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    Ngao Hua Jai (Kantana)

    http://www.igossipy....le.php?id=11885 Story / Characters THAI เคยหวานกันในละคร "กาษานาคา" จนหลายคนอินเผลออยากให้เลิฟนอกจอมาแล้ว งานนี้กันตนาเลยขอจับคู่นางเอกหน้าหวาน "นุ่น-วรนุช" ลงละครคู่กับพระเอกขาวตี๋ "นิว-วงศกร" อีกครั้งในละครดราม่าเชือดเฉือนอารมณ์ "เงาหัวใจ" เรื่องราวจะแซบแค่ไหน...
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    [CH.3] Rak Nakara (Act Art) : Mark / Taew / Mew

    เป็นนางเอกวัยใสกุ๊กกิ๊กกับเรื่องน่ารัก แล้วไม่เกิด แต่มาเด่นดังในเรื่อง "ดงผู้ดี" ตอนนี้ "แต้ว-ณฐพร เตมีรักษ์" เลยถูกวางเป็น "นางเอกเจ้าแม่ดราม่า" ไปซะแล้ว เพราะ "หัวใจ 2 ภาค" ที่ประกบ "ปอ-ทฤษฎี" กระแสก็ไม่ธรรมดา แถมค่ายแอค-อาร์ตยังวางตัวให้เล่น "รากนครา" ประชัน "แอฟ-ทักษอร" อีก
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    http://www.pantown.c...245&action=view what is name of Khun Jaa compny?? She will make this drama (if nothing changing....) The location of this drama is in Nepal.
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    Sapai Jao Sua (TV Scene) Evening Drama
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    [Ch7] Seur Sa Ming (Colosium)

    http://www.thaipost....te/101109/13281 http://www.baankwan....opic=3264&st=20
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    Tum-Ruard Lhek (Colosium)

    http://www.khaosod.c...HhNUzB5T0E9PQ== http://www.thaipost....te/101109/13281
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    Exact - Scenario TOGETHER 2010

    PICS from TOGETHER 2010 Party
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    Woon Nakruk Kang Talad (Idea Power)

    Romantic Comedy ON AIR Modernine TV 16th January 2010 Time: 2PM - 3PM Every Saturday and Sunday. 24 Episodes CAST: Bank black vanilla ( อธิกิตติ์ พริ้งพร้อม Atikit Pringprom) Bell Girly Berry (มนัญญา ลิ้มเสถียร Manunya Limsatien) Tee AF4 ( วิวิศน์ บวรกีรติขจร Wiwuts Buankierateekajorn)...
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    Plaeng Ruk Rim Khob Fah (Master one)

    Musical Lakorn info from Tina and StarNews Magazine. Opening Ceremony@9 December09
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    Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun (TV Scene)

    Romantic - Drama
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    Mon Ruk Baan Toong

    มนต์รักบ้านทุ่ง MonRuK Baan Thung Every Saturday and Sunday 3PM Alreday ON air since 10th Oct. 09 here: (epi12 it is now)
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    SudSapda l November 2009

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    SudSapda l November 2009

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    TV Pool - Cutie & Sexy : Poy - Treechaya

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    SudSapda l October 2009 Matt Peranee

    SudSapda l October 2009 Matt Peranee
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    SudSapda l October 2009

    SudSapda l October 2009
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    Tawun YohSeang [DiDa] Vee Veeraparp Pancake Khemmanit as Tawun and Yohseang Tuptim Unyarin as Jaiboon Kade Tarakade l Ratchaneekorn l Sammy Punthida
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    [Ch3] Sai Sueb Delivery Not confirm, must wait to confirm
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    Khun Nai Sam Salueng Opening Ceremony Genre: Comedy
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    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    Sam Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media) Boy Pakorn and Chompoo Araya A Harget info from P´Tinah
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    Kularb Rai Glay Ruk (Duang Malee Manee Jun)

    Info from: P´Tinah
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    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    Title: Mia Teng เมียเเต่ง Info: OHO Magazine and;boardseen#new Hope nothings change >.<
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    Nah Kark [ Masked ]

    I never see it (looking it now) / I love him so much and his acting is brilliant, ingeniously from ATEAMforum Epi1 -1/8 Epi1-2/8 many more!!
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    Emegency (Natee Shok Shoen)

    If someone miss him (like me so much>.<) can watch in TV RERUN his SHOW: NATEE SHOK SHOEN (EMEGENCY) every Wednesday. (he is since long time host in this show) must say he is still handsome, no, he looks better and better , looks more handsome!!!! What a men, even he is older but look...
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    Sai Lub The Serie gub 24 Kadee Sud Ham Jai (GTH)

    Sai Lub The Serie gub 24 Kadee Sud Ham Jai from GTH Starring: Dan Worawej - Petty Unksumalee - Jack Fanshun and many more ON AIR : Saturday 26th September 2009 Modern nine TV Time: 20.40 (Thai Time) Every Saturday - SundayEpisodes: 24Genre: Serie - Comedy/Romantic TSER...
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    Factory Tee Ruk [Workpoint+BungFai Film]

    Genre: SITCOME http://www.thaitv3.c...howtopic=914678 ON AIR THIS SATURDAY Every Saturday (replace Game Loon Ruk)
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    Nean Noy (Trible Two);PostId=18495 Genre: SITCOME Many more comedian here on this sitcome
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    Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO]"จักจั่น"%20เครียด..กลัวกระแสแอนตี้%20!!!%20"คุณแดง"%20ดันเป็นนางเอกแทน%20"นุ่น"%20/ OPENING CEREMONY COMING SOON!! It is @end of this Month or if somethings changes then it will be on October 2009 Starring: Jakjann Akumsiri Suvannasuk Weir Sukollawat...
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    ON AIR : 5 SEPTEMBER 2009 ON CH 7. Boys over Flowers รักฉบับใหม่...หัวใจ 4 ดวง Ruk Sha Pub Mai...Hua Jai 4 Duang Every Saturday and Sunday. 9.15-11.00AM actor: นักแสดง : Koo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon CH7 NOVEMBER 2009 - Worlds Within...(THAI DUB) Saturday -...
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    Channel [V] Award 2009_Royal Paragon Hall >>22.08.09<<

    Channel [V] Awards 2009 credit@ RUJ Forum CLASH
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    [Ch3] Sao Bai Mai Tao (Maker Group)

    News @ Aff WB if this Topic already exist you can deleted it open it because I can not finde it ^^´´
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    Jub Tay Wai Rai Sai Samorn (UMA 99 + Exact)

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    UMA make Lakorn with Khun Boy can read interview here hope someone can translate in english what I only can say it that they are ready planning a new drama and are searching actor and actress PS: I hope CH5 let manydrama from UMA that CH3 never show on TV . on air...
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    Keuy Ban Nok (TV Thunder)

    KEUY BAN NOK Country Son-In-Law
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    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (CH3+Maker J Group) http://www.thaitv3.c...howtopic=657336
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    Best Aticha has change her first name

    She has change her first name from Best Aticha Pongsinpiput to Best Chanidapa Pongsinpiput เบสท์ - ชนิดาภา พงศ์ศิลป์พิพัฒน์ And she has a new MV , as a nang ek for Dew The Star5´s new MV , Leak Tung Jai Dai Ruk Tue, this Music is from Hero1000Ruk Opening Song, more Info @
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    Lom Hai Jai The Musical All songs for this musical written by Khun Boy Kosiyapong and Khun Boy Thakonkeard will be a regisseur (whatelse XD) they both work togehter End of July all of cast and production they want to start with the training Gam The Star 4 she has...
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    Jareeya Enfoney (Nok) WHAT WOMEN WANT /

    Melody spirited away by Jareeya Enfoney
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    Tye Chutima Teepanat

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    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    News from Komchadluek and information about this news from P´Tinah Opening Ceremony coming SOON!!!!
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    Mew Lailita, Willy, Chatchai, Joy R, Kai Varayuth Noi Busakorn, ?, Ken Teradeth, Cherry Khemupsorn, Yardthip Rajpal Anne Thongpraspm, Da Thairath, Marsha, Oh Pakjira, Janie Tienpusawan Aum, Kik Danai, Tah Warit, Producer of Tv Scene, Tui Nok Sinjai, Pong Nattawat, Boy, Aom Phiyada...
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    Pimploy SEXY IN THE RAIN

    Pimploy SEXY IN THE RAIN
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    Gob Suvanun Kongying Bonnagun

    "OHO" ปักษ์แรกมิถุนายน 2552 เตรียมพบกับการเปิดใจแบบหมดเปลือกครั้งสำคัญของนางเอกตลอดกาล กบ-สุวนันท์ ปุณณกันต์ กับคำถามที่ใครๆ ต่างกังขาและเสียงเม้าท์เล่าลือมากมายเกี่ยวกับตัวเธอ ทั้ง ชีวิตหลังแต่งงาน , เรื่องบนเตียงกับ "พี่บรู๊ค-ดนุพร" , ความรู้สึกที่มีต่อ "อั้ม-พัชราภา" นางเอกคู่แข่ง และ...
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    Patcharapa Chaichuer

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    Palita Gosonsuk

    Sexy ปาลิตา โกศลศักดิ์ สาววัย 20 ต้นๆ คุณคงเห็นเธอมาไม่น้อยในนิตยสารหลายๆ เล่ม รวมทั้งผลงานการแสดงของเธอทางช่อง 7 ที่มักจะได้รับบทร้ายที่คอยสร้างสีสันให้กับละครหลังข่าวได้เป็นอย่างดี วันนั้นเธอบอกกับเราว่าเธออยากเล่นบทที่ต้องร้องไห้มากๆ ซึ่งก็อาจจะเป็นจริงในเร็ววันนี้...
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    Bow Pakamon Jaroenwarodom

    Pretty Girl โบว์ ภคมน เจริญวโรดม ผู้หญิงที่หนุ่มๆ คนไหนก็ต้องอยากเดตด้วย เพราะเธอสวยสะดุดตา น่ารัก มีเสน่ห์ ช่างพูดช่างคุย และแสนจะอ่อนหวาน แถมยังมองโลกในแง่ดีอีกต่างหาก “มีคนเคยบอกว่าโบว์ตาสวย มีเสน่ห์ ก็จะเขินๆ นะคะ แต่โบว์ว่าน่าจะเป็นที่เรียวปากมากกว่า เพราะโบว์ชอบคิดว่ามันสวยได้รูปดีค่ะ...
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    Koy Rachwin Wongweeriya

    Cover Girl เรดิโอ ก่อนที่จะได้มามีผลงานโฆษณาและภาพยนตร์ตามมาอีกหลายเรื่อง อาทิ เขาชนไก่ ในปี 2006 ตามมาด้วย รัก/สาม/เศร้า ในปี 2008 และล่าสุดกับ คิดถึงอนึ่งพอสังเขป ทั้งหมดยังไม่รวมละครที่กำลังจะตามมาอีกด้วย นั่นคือข้อมูลคร่าวๆ ของสาวคนนี้ที่นาทีนี้ไม่มีใครไม่รู้จัก...
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    Weir + Pancake - Japan/Tokyo

  92. J

    Kwaan Usamanee

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    Singto & Dew & Fluke The Star 5/ Nice 2 Meet U

    I-SPY vol. 13 no. 243 May 2009 Nice 2 Meet U
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    Poy TREECHADA - The Perfect Girl

    Star Clip Zooming vol. 1 no. 1 June 2009 Star Clip Zooming ฉบับปฐมกฤษ์ เราได้ผู้ที่มีตำแหน่งสวยที่สุดในโลก จนผู้หญิงหลายคนต่างอิจฉาเธอ “น้องปอย ตรีชฎา มาลยาภรณ์” สาวสวย เสน่ห์แรง ที่เธอกำลังขึ้นแท่นสาวฮอต ทั้งเรื่องงาน และเรื่องรัก ซึ่งเธอได้ยอมมาเปิดเผยหัวใจให้เรา Zoom ในทุกๆ...
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    Grand The Star 5

    Sudsapda - June 2009
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    information and links gathered by aikoden http://www.yimsiam.c...a...r&id=017743 Sry, he want not tell about the name of the drama and Nang ek too. He said Polyplus tell him he should not tell the name. This Lakorn will shoot (begin to shoot) end of this year. CH3 is searching a nang ek. If...
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    Som Whan...Namtaan Preaw (CH7 + Media of Media)
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    [Media] Koom Pah Kham (Media of Media)

    // Edit by fun; Please remove stocked tag if this ever get a time slot. Edit: Original broadcast channel was Ch7. This is being picked up by a cable channel, Media Channel.
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    Khun Nu Shantana (CH3+TV Scene)

    This news is from OHO magazine and I have information from P´Tinah ^-^
  100. J

    Dara@The Gala Night of Mea Nak Prakanong the Musical

    Dara@ The Gala Night of Mea Nak Prakanong the Musical New (Sakul Ka) Mod Gam TS4 Ton TS4 Bie TS3 Ruj TS4 :lol: Pan & Pui ViTrio (Pae ViTrio is still in New York) Teaw @ Dong Poo Dee
  101. J

    Sujintra - Thailand Super Model - March 2009

    Sujintra - Thailand Super Model - March 2009
  102. J

    Bo Thanakorn + Paula

  103. J

    Tee Tunnatun

  104. J

    The Star 5

  105. J

    Ruj The Star

  106. J

    Gum Payagoon (TPBS)

    Drama for make a better socialทีวีไทย%20(TPBS)%22รุกละครลั่นกล้อง%20%22กรรมพยากรณ์%22%20/
  107. J

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    http://www.igossipy....cle.php?id=8172 Start to shhot next month and they need only3-4 to shoot this drama and We can see this Drama end of this year^^ I want to see old verion from Pi Kob^^ But can not finde it T.T
  108. J

    Women Revolution

    I am not sure if all have already see that or not
  109. J

    Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tue [Exact]

    But I am not sure it is confirmed or not T.T Drama for 2010 I hope this news will be true !!!!!!! miss Pi Aom!!!!!!!!
  110. J

    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    @ This drama Tongek and Good feeling company boss they have extra specially written for Ken and Chompoo
  111. J


    ACTS Channel Talkshows, Lakorns, Sitcomes (Specials episode) many more 24 hours PROGRAM ●Hot Drama - Rerun after dramafrom CH5 Monday-Friday. 09.00-10.00(R1)/13.00-14.00(R2)/23.00-24.00(ORI) Sunday. 19.00-23.00(R3) ●Hot Drama - Hot Series hot drama, hot...
  112. J

    Huajai 2 Park (Act Art)

    I have this news from Agency from Act Art She say opening ceremony is around in end of this month or next month kaa Huajai= Heart ,song= two ,park=sector,zone, I think title mean The two hearts
  113. J

    Hero 1000 Ruk (Exact)

    news from
  114. J

    Suek Wun Choo Jai [Tohglom]

  115. J

    Huajai rai monlapid [TV Thunder]

  116. J

    Nue kuo 11 Shaak jak wun reak...tueng wun laa Start: 5 March 2009 @ Mueng thai rachadalai Theater
  117. J

    Yui jiranun manojam best actress of asia 2008

    congrats!!!!!!!!! SHE WIN IN THIS CATEGORY ASIA BEST PERFORMENCE BY AN ACTRESS 2008 in SINGAPUR in the same category was Pok piyatida too. they both act in Drama: Nang Tart at CH7
  118. J

    The Star War Concert

    Start: January 2552 (2009) Concert between all The Star genarations. from The Star 1 until 4
  119. J

    Anuparb Por Khun Ramkhamheng

    news from weir@"...3;_2_17356.html if i know name of this drama i will change it^^ Last interview text something so: we meet each other at set but we aren´t act together another pairing Kwun pairing up with Aof Chanapon and i meet Jui and P´Por but we talk...
  120. J

    EXACT-SCENARIO TOGETHER 2009;news_id=2990 New project: New TV on Cabel TV ACTS-Channel Sitcomes: Heng Heng Heng in - 7th year Bang Ruk Soi 9 - in 6th year Pen Tor - 5th year Ban nee mee ruk - 4th year Nud gub Nad...
  121. J

    Rongram Pee (Exact)

    I have this news from here: Pi Chakrit said, Exact has send to him a script to him and he think it is very intresting. Chakrit act as a Ghost
  122. J

    Poo Priya: Modern Angel

    Poo Priya: Modern Angel credit@
  123. J

    Paula Taylor: A little Magic girl
  124. J

    Amy Amaria Jacob: MIX FASHIONS

  125. J

    Mhai Wisa Sarasart

    credit: Daradaily
  126. J

    Jui Warattya:To be Fascinated

  127. J

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    @new from Thairath Tui Pakorn and Pang Ornjila;content=111681
  128. J

    AF5: TV Inside

  129. J

    Academy Fantasia 5 Lisa : Rock Your World

  130. J

    Four-Mod ~ Take care skin in winter issue

  131. J

    Jakjaan Akumsiri: Puen duen Tang

  132. J

    Don´t know name of the Drama

    I do not know of the name of drama but it is corformed by pi Nut have read newz on because of Tui Pkorn Mano Exact plan a new drama Starring are Bee Namtip and Pong Nawut and Tui Pakorn Mano ------------ I THINK This must be intresant
  133. J

    Sririta Jensen

    Profile of Sririta Jensen Sririta Jensen Career: Actress and Model BD: 27 October 1981 BP: Indonesia She´s half Thai-Denmark a little chinese(?) cause her Mother is Thai-Chinese T: 173 c. School: was in Bangkapi School and School of Communication Arts Bangkok University-(Creative...
  134. J

    Plerng See Roong (Broadcast Thai Televison)

    Information from
  135. J

    Pancake+Weir Be with You

    �พนเค้� เขมนิจ + เวียร์ ศุ�ลวัฒน์ : Be With You Pancake Khemanit+Weir Sukollawat
  136. J

    Weir and Pancake in Parbpayon Buntueng

    ภาพ : นิตยสาร ภาพยนตร์บันเทิง ฉบับที่ 1634 ( 14-20 พ.ค.51 )
  137. J

    Bee Namtip@LISA

    Lisa weekly Vol.9 No.16 ( 30.4.2008 ) so tall *.* she is very sweet^^
  138. J

    question from a thai Chun&Ella Fan

    can someone tell me this>.< Pls^^ i am a thai can not read and understand chinese languageT.T i saw all vdo clip from Chun&Ella can someone help me this, too? they are very sweet>///< hope they have a new serie together [Hana Kimi part 2 hehe *.*]>.< Thx in future sry for english , not...