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    Man I Slept With

    Synopsis: Carlos married Sam to save her from the 'supposedly fiance'. She was a childhood friend, a best of friend and he respects her for that. But he didn't expect that she would give up herself to him during their honeymoon. But after that night, he needed to leave her because of his work...
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    [Revised] Five Roses 2011

    Characters: Yaya Urassaya Barry Nadech Mint Chalida Mark Prin Erich Gonzales Mario Maurer Margie Rasee Boy Pakorn Gunjaesal Parntong Porshe Saran SYNOPSIS: Yaya and Mark are going to be married by the will of their parents. For Yaya, though she hadn’t knew Mark for so long - maybe she'll learn...
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    Jai Dam

    Synopsis: Alice was her name, a modern day writer of fantasies. For some reason she was heading to downfall, she couldn’t keep up with her editor’s request. Everyone seems to write about vampires and wolves, but that’s not what she wanted to write at all. She had been seeing her psychologist...
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    GARAGE: Mario Maurer

    As published in the Dec/Jan 2012 issue of GARAGE Magazine (Philippines) credits to:
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    Garden Of Hades

    Synopsis 1: Garden Of Hades—a place owned by Thasarit, a ruthless businessman. He intended to build that place for the young boys to train them on how to rule in business world. With his remaining days, Thasarit gave the six boys he fully trusted with a task as part of the last will. To marry a...
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    Happy New Year A.Fusers!!!

    since this site is called Asian Fuse, i have to get use to it na. so for my first greeting... Happy New Year, A-Fusers!!!! ^_______________^
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    Foolish Heart [[Chapter 7-B & COMMERCIAL MODE]]

    Synopsis: Now that Thor's going to marry soon with his long time girlfriend. Ying (Urassaya Sperbuen) who secretly admires him since they were small is now brokenhearted. How she wished his older brother would marry first, why it has to be to her beloved Thor? The night at the engagement party...
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    Hi-So Love Story [[Chapter 1]]

    Main Characters: Janie Thienposuvan as Leeyah Thanwareth Living in hi-so world makes you famous. If you were born in a rich family, you're qualified to be the next QUEEN BEE. But sometimes, most of them are not contented and that's why they end up being selfish. Ploy Chermarn as Solenn Hubson...
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    [TV Series] KRISTINE

    Teaser 1 trans:A place of unparalleled beauty, yet a place where battle sprung beforehand. This place is the Paso de Blas, where you can find Villa Kristine. Teaser 2 trans:there are two clans that are reigning in Paso de Blas... the Fortalejo Family and the de Silva Family. "Traitor!!!"...
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    Hunting Roses

    wallpaper 1||wallpaper 2 Main Cast: Jake Cuenca as Lixon Llamora Erich Gonzales as Lady Shaine Chin-chin Gutierrez as Lady Rose Synopsis: After accomplishing so many missions and hailed as high-ranked NBI agent, Lixon Llamora has put into another mission; babysitting the famous fashion...
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    [TV Series] IMORTAL

    (unofficial poster) Teaser 1 International Emmy-nominated Angel Locsin is coming back to primetime television via the fantasy series “Imortal” opposite the Box Office King, John Lloyd Cruz. “Imortal” is said to be the second book of the fantaserye “Lobo” which earned for Angel her very...
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    Tempted To You [THE END] ::7-D::

    Tempted to You Trailer Cast: Erich Gonzales as Daniella del Fierro Gerald Anderson as Andres de Yulo/ Andre Jason Abalos as Inigo Sandoval/Inoe [change] Jessie Mendiola as Aubrey Katrina Monteverde/Rina Christopher de Leon as Antonio de Yulo Chin-chin Gutierrez as Anna del Fierro Ton-ton...
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    Close To Your Heart ::Chapter 10::

    Cast: Piolo Pascual as Anthony Sandejas Erich Gonzales as Luisa Sandejas Andi Eigenmann as Alexis Sandejas Xian Lim as Damien Montecillo Synopsis: Luisa would understand if Anthony would hate her forever, she's just a homeless girl brought by his father. a sister that he would...
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    Kites Trailer

    One of bollywood's most controversial movies (due to the stars alleged affair) "Kites" . "Kites" is now showing in India,US,Europe and Latin America.... Starring India's finest and one of the most handsome man in the world Mr. Hrithik Roshan And one of the most beautiful latinas Ms. Barbara...
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    Shokojo Seira

    * Title: Shokojo Seira * Also known as: A Little Princess * Format: Renzoku * Broadcast network: TBS * Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-17 start Production Credits * Original writing (novel): A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett * Screenwriter: Okada Yoshikazu * Producer: Isoyama Aki *...
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    Fallen Angel ::Chapter 1::

    PREVIEW [Poll will run for 3 days only, it will reveal to your votes if who are their main partners in the story] Partial Synopsis: its not even a dream. what would it looks to have a detention area in heavens? Ken Theeradej, a billionaire without knowing what he died for. he was...
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    Bangkok Traffic Love Story

    i am excited about this movie... but i hope someone could sub this movie once its available.
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    LovePro (Love & Protection)

    first fanfic poster i made of JaStine, i have to make another poster of this one. because the actual title of this fic is LovePro (Love & Protection). Starring: Cristine Reyes as Estrella dela Paz/ Stella Jake Cuenca as Yuan Cedrick Flores/ Yuan :: Ricardo Amato/ Ric also starring Robi...
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    World Leaders Honors Cory

    Pope, other world leaders honor Cory By Norman Bordadora, Jerome Aning Philippine Daily Inquirer MANILA, Philippines—Pope Benedict XVI hailed the late former President Corazon Aquino for her “courageous commitment to the freedom of the Filipino people” as he conveyed his condolences to her...
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    Tutorials for Adobe After Effects

    where i can find some tutorials of Adobe After Effects? i hope you could post the links of the tutorials of after effects.
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    Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*

    BOOK SERIES CONTENTS: Ladies Room, Book 1: SUSPICIOUS LOVER Rita/Rome Ladies Room, Book 2: MY NUMBER TWO Aff/Aum A story of five women hardly know each other, as the story goes... each of them will find out how much they're connected to each other. what will happen to their story? who will...
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    Precious Heart Romances (4th Installment): My Cheating Heart Trailer

    In its tradition of bringing the best drama series on television, ABS-CBN has partnered with Precious Heart Romances in coming up with teleserye based on well-loved romance novels. The Kapamilya network and one of the leading publishers of romance pocket books have signed the deal last February...
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    In My Heart There's Only You- Chapter 1

    Title: Sa Puso Ko'y, May Isang Ikaw (In My Heart, There's Only You) Note: it's obviously a Filipino Fiction that I'm going to start in other forum and also planning to post in a blogsite. therefore, i have 3 fics to start... (ladies room, onso 2 and this one.) Cast: Gerald Anderson as Chris...
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    ABS-CBN Summer Station ID 2011

    ABS-CBN BEAMS WITH PASSION AND PRIDE THIS SUMMER: BE THE BEST THIS SUMMER 2011 No matter who you are or where you are, there are passions that are raring to go out and this summer is the perfect time to unleash your enthusiasm and do what you love most... This is also the inspiration of this...
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    Lovers In Paris (Philippine Version Remake)

    Piolo Pascual wants to protect his ‘relationship’ with KC Concepcion. Production has already begun on Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion’s much-anticipated teleserye Lovers In Paris. But even before the Pinoy remake of the hit Koreanovela hits the small screen, showbiz is already buzzing about the...
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    where can i find the tutorials and other stuff to DL for adobe after effects? such as 4 elementals (fire, water wind, earth)
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    Only You (Philippine Remake Version) *Full Trailer*

    Angel Locsin teams up with Sam Milby in the Philippine remake of the hit Korean series “Only You”. According to earlier reports, the title of the Angel-Sam series was “Buhay ng Buhay Ko” but the ABS-CBN management decided to give them the Koreanovela remake instead. Angel Locsin will be...
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    Star Magic Catalogue 2009

    Star Magic Royalty Page the first page of the catalog is the ROYALTY page, showing all the actors/actresses that succeeded in showbiz industry. for the first 55 pages, these actors/actresses were selected to pose in ROYALTY page since they're the stars to look up to for more series, movies and...
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    13-year old boy becomes a father *Not A Father After All*

    mmm... i dunno if i was late to find this news... XD a 13 year old boy becomes a father with his 15 year old girlfriend. actually, i dont know what to say. but i certainly hate the girl... XD
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    You Changed My Life

    Official MV/Trailer Full Trailer “You Changed My Life Movie” - A Very Special Love Movie Sequel You Changed My Life Movie - A Very Special Love sequel will be shown in theaters in February, just in time...
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    If The Couple Breaks Up, the whole crew in your group of friends is also affected

    i cant, we cant... we cant pretend to be happy if one of our friends Jervy and Kate finally broke up, the only thing that bothers me is that our friendship as group... kinda affected with the two and we cant pretend at all. however, i wanna understand the fact that they found their new love...
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    2NE1 Official Thread

    Sandara Park talks about her first TV role in Korea Former teen star SandaraPark happily shared some good news about her acting career in South Korea with Ever since she spent a few days in Manila last August 2008 for a vacation and an appearance on ASAP ’08, Kapamilyas have been...
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    Celeb To Binbo Taro

    Wealthy daughter of a hotel chain mogul meets poor widowed father of three. Despite their vastly different values and beliefs, will their chanced encounter blossom into something more? you can watch here it: ----- i like Aya Ueto she rocks with all...
  34. nikki1786

    My Fake Fiance:: Chapter 1 COMPLETED

    Starring: Rome Patchata Sririta Jensen Synopsis: Rome Patchata is a famous actor and their family owns a silk company, he loves his career more than anyone else, that's why he never get serious with his relationships. however, as soon as his grandmother who's lives out of the country and...
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    SwishMax2 tutorials

    im currently making a flash banner, using my program Swish Max 2... yeah, im quite illiterate when it comes to codes though... but what i dont certainly understand is to by export it in SWF... then what's next? how can i generate it so that i can see the codes?
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    More Processed Meat Song

    watch this video, its funny and it really reminds of me every x-mas... XD receiving packages... XD LOL especially this x-mas.
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    My Compilation Frances' B-day (videoke to the MAX)
  38. nikki1786

    Most Embarrassing Gift You Ever Received From X-mas

    what's your most embarrassing gift you ever received from x-mas... i remember when i was in 5th grade and i was transferred in a public school. i dont know how to socialize myself with my friends because i still dont know how to speak their language... specifically the Visayan dialect coz my...
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    Dog Show Moments

    i can certainly say that fine arts people are weird but creative :P for 3 days i was out because i was helping my friend Oskie and Jayce in editing a video. i was really bored and same goes for jayce... oskie was rendering the video and feel sleepy. but when i told jayce "let's make a funny...
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    Shimokita Glory Days

    Summary Based on the manga of the same name. Yuta, a ronin student, moves to Tokyo wishing to enter the University. With no money, he’ll move into a share house filled with beautiful women. Cast Ichitarou - Ono Yuta Seto Saki - Tajima Minori Mashiko Rie - Muroi Chiho Honoka - Nishina Natsume...
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    Nikki's momentum UPDATE: Farewell Party of Jervy

    last sunday, november 09, 2008. my friend Sle or sleVirgornian here in SW, treat me last sunday and we went to the island resort together with my friends and our close friend teacher specifically "the coolest teacher in fine arts department" went to island beach resort namely "ISLA RETA". so...
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    Nikki's momentum

    last sunday, november 09, 2008. my friend Sle or sleVirgornian here in SW, treat me last sunday and we went to the island resort together with my friends and our close friend teacher specifically "the coolest teacher in fine arts department" went to island beach resort namely "ISLA RETA". so...
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    Bellefire Artwork

    Ken Ateam
  44. nikki1786


    Official WALLPAPER Official BANNERS Betrayal, lost in love with someone.... Ann will fall for the mysterious guy Ken. Vengeance and Jealousy, a chance to be loved by someone... Aff hopes for Aum to learn to love her. Despair, to change and learn to love again..... Rita finds herself...
  45. nikki1786

    Love, Fate and Destiny

    this is my all time favorite short story if you were about to ask me about handicapped love relation. -------------------------------------------------------------- A Silent Love From the very Begining, the girl's family objected strongly on her dating this guy. Saying that it has got to...
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    Cowboy Socialite :: Rome/Rita *COMPLETE*

    official wallpaper official banner Title: Cowboy Socialite (Rated R) Genre: Comedy Love Story Characters: Sririta Jensen as Cassandra Panchaingpon or "Sandy" Rome Pachata as Aris Warunpongsom Synopsis: Sandy just got back from America knowing that she is the heiress of her...
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    Bellefire Siggy's and Wallies

  48. nikki1786

    Bellefire Siggy's and Wallies

  49. nikki1786

    When Time Heals :: Ken/Ann :: Pat/Por

    official wallpaper official banner Starring: Ken Theeradej as Ren Warathungrom Ann Tongprasom as Dian Sanwangpon Por Thrisadee as Acid Sanwangpon aka "Tri" Pat Napapa as Lin Warathungrom Synopsis: its been 5 years since the last incident. Ren is still in love...
  50. nikki1786

    One Night Stand Only :: Ann/Ken

    OFFICIAL BANNER: Title: One Night Stand Only Characters: Ken Theeradej as Iñigo Ruenreng aka 'Ney' Ann Tongprasom as Carissa Nuengphirom aka 'Rissa' Synopsis: Ney (Ken Theeradej) is the only son and heir of the Ruenreng family. a good son, intelligent, understanding, caring...
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    (Your Love) Far Away :: Aum/Angel