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  1. darvil

    Can we all posts now?

    Sorry guys for the random issues. I'm going to upgrade more. Just want to make sure we can post first. We can all confirm its working good right? Darvil
  2. darvil

    Why do free hosting?

    Some people have asked me why I'm doing it and I realize its not a simple answer so I thought I'd write this up to give a longer more detailed explanation.   There's a couple reasons for doing this.  One of the selfish reason is that I wanted to raise brand awareness of AF which is why I'm...
  3. darvil

    Free Hosting Details

    AF has been hosting a couple of well known sites for a while now (years) but I have never announced it officially to the rest of the members.  I've wanted to make this official for a while now and was trying to find the right moment.  Now the time has come.  I have just recently upgraded our...
  4. darvil

    ❤️ Rules all members must follow on the forum

    Please read the rules carefully. 1. NO SPAMMING | MULTIPLE PHOTOS Limit the use of back to back responses with 5 or less photos per post (with the exception that some users may have less than 5 photos to share for the day). Members are allow to post 2 BACK TO BACK (consecutive) posts. Please...
  5. darvil

    This thread is dedicated to our beloved mod "tangmoe"

    I heard about it today earlier and I was quite surprised because she was so young. I didn't know about the battle she was going through. It must have been very rough. We are arranging something for her. Even though we weren't able to be there in her time of need, we want her family and...
  6. darvil

    Website Mascot (lets create one!)

    I have something I wanted to do in a bit and was thinking that we should make a mascot for ourselves. What do you guys think? A panda, a penguin? etc. Anyone want to give a sketch of something cute and simple? ;) Lets brainstorm about it. Check out some of the popular mascots on the web for...
  7. darvil (base domain)

    I've always wanted to do a vote site on asian entertainment. Its as simple as someone posting a link to an article, video, picture with some comments. Then the rest of us can vote it up if we like it or downvote it if we don't and also make comments on it if we want. Anything entertainment is...
  8. darvil

    new forum version and skin

    Go here for both username and password use "darvil" without quotes. Moving to a newer version isn't easy so I'm making sure everything working fine first and making sure all the mods work correctly. But thats the skin I'm set on. its based on xenforo default...
  9. darvil

    Praw Kanitkul Nestbud

    So I was in Thailand for the past few months and there I found out that one of the girls from an old band (X3 supergang) that I listened quite avidly as a youngster has kept singing. I had been following the career of Ann Thitima for years but I always thought the other girl in the group quit...
  10. darvil

    bitcoin !!

    I got into this a few months ago when I heard about this crypto currency on "security now" podcast. I know most of the people here probably don't know it but some people like anan might know about it ;) I wanted to post because today the value of the coins jumped another 3 dollars to almost 18...
  11. darvil

    Game of thrones

    Its a new tv serie based on a series of books by George R.R. Martin I usually read these sort of novels but never had the chance to read this particular series. The TV series looks damn good though and I am digging the story so far. There is a real epic feel to the tv series and the...
  12. darvil

    New Server! and some news

    I've been preparing for my move back to Asia so I've decided to invest in a server that was more robust then the older one we have. This is just in case the machine fails when I was away. I only wanted to spent around 500 dollars but I ended up spending over 1K. The older server now will end...
  13. darvil

    Thai lakorns making some waves in China

    I saw this show recently on YT. Someone posted it somewhere and I can't remember where I got it from. I checked to see if anyone posted it here yet but didn't see so pardon me if someone already did. The only thing I saw was Pong's China's trip which is also mentioned on this show. Its mostly...
  14. darvil

    Video Site Prelaunch!

    I call it prelaunch because I'm not done with the subtitling portion of the site yet. But its coming soon! Hopefully 2 weeks max ;) At least the basic form of it. But the site is pretty much ready to go. Integration is done with converge so there is just one universal login. You can change...
  15. darvil

    Need some help with building up jukebox collection

    Before we resume the radio, we need to build up a bigger collection of songs to play from. Basically anyone who has alot of songs would like to contribute by uploading (using ftp) let me know. We will all appreciate it. You can send me a private PM if you'd like or post here an I'll PM you...
  16. darvil

    Final Logo vote

    Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3
  17. darvil

    Here's the Logo Vote

    NOTE: You can vote on more then one logo. If anyone got a logo they want to add to the list, let me know. Send me a PM if you want to add privately. Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 Logo 5 Logo 6 Logo 7 Logo 8 Logo 9 Logo 10 Logo 11 Logo 12 Logo 13
  18. darvil

    New site logo choices.

    I've decided that we will also vote for our universal logo for the new domain. If anyone would like to submit their own please do so. Although the domain name poll is still going on, I think the name asianfuse is probably going to win. Basically it will be a similar poll with a choices of...
  19. darvil

    sarN's message and email

    I've redone this and deleted her posts (under her suggestion) because I don't want anyone to misunderstand that she was actually in Vietnam. Her sister logged as her to post her messages as the internet was very slow. I had a very long chat with sarn about everything and here is the summary...
  20. darvil

    Poll for the domain name switch

    So here are the choices that I picked. There were a few other ones like asiancircle and asiancreation but those are already taken. Lets see how this pans out yea! I need the name soon to do a logo and to do some templates so thats why I'm pushing it. I'll probably migrate the site next week...
  21. darvil

    SW switch? Poll Question

    So here is the thing. There has been some stuff going on with sarn and I am not feeling her commitment for the forum anymore.. as a matter of fact.. It had been this way for a while now. Anyway I talked this with a few people and was considering it. This thread is for all members who haven't...
  22. darvil

    Banners for the skin

    So Ning made a banner for us (dj ning). So here is the deal. I can have as many banner I want rotating randomly. So if anyone want to put up something on top, you're welcome to it! Here is what you can do. You should use this graphic as a base. Here is what Ning did Result on top...
  23. darvil


    So, Been a fan for a long long time now. Watching season 5 episode 4 really got me on the edge. One of the best show I've ever watched and I'm always on the cliff hanging on for the next episode ;)
  24. darvil

    Upcoming SW project ;)

    All right some people are not reading their PM me thinks ;) check out this link All ready to roll!
  25. darvil

    Poll on cellphone

    So yea.. pick a choice!
  26. darvil

    Buyers [Feedbacks]

    Just mention the user name and leave a comment if you would like. The reputation mod will be back for feedback also. Seunghee's Whore [+1 | ~0 | -0] siderealist [+1 | ~0 | -0]
  27. darvil

    Sellers [Feedbacks]

    Just mention the user name and leave a comment if you would like. The reputation mod will be back for feedback also. annae [+1 | ~0 | -0] sarN [+0 | ~0 | -2] imuso: -Sarn, Never keep her words/// Said that she will refund since last month, but so far nothing (I paid her since 2007-2008) and...
  28. darvil

    Rules you MUST read

    Rules/Guides Forum rules apply for this section as well! Read that too. Welcome! This is a new section for everyone to sell, buy, or trade stuff! Feel free to post what you have to sell or trade and feel free to post any request you may have. Sell/trade/buy at your own risk! No one at...
  29. darvil

    Before installing anything Scan it first

    CTR mentioned the site to me and I thought it was a good idea. Be aware though that alot of keygen are tagged falsely as a virus. You should always sandbox keygens.
  30. darvil

    Election 2008

    This thread was accidentally deleted by sarn.. don't ask me for details. She apologized for the mistake. I've setup a trashcan just for random incidents like this. But lets not cry over spilled milk. Anyway, this thread is important so I'm bringing it back. Today I was watching my...
  31. darvil

    I'm asking for money again!

    Well its about time to do some upgrades for the forum which entails money. I got a cool mod to track all the donations automatically! Its very cool! Check it out! (Donate me!) You can donate as anonymous (for those shy people) and anonymous amounts also ;) Also people can donate through the...
  32. darvil

    Tea and Pee

    So anyway Ever since I've come back from SE Asia trip, I've been drinking tea non-stop at work. I bring it in a container that keeps it hot all day. This isn't fancy tea or something. Its just your average Joe tea people drink in Burma. Its the tea that everyone drinks everywhere especially...
  33. darvil

    So what the hell happened just now

    Basically we got flooded by a ton of requests.. Totally out of the norm.. I felt like it was an intentional flood. (U'll see in the graphs). Basically SW's webserver was not strong enough to handle the amount of requests so it died repeatedly. Either way I got lazy and dumped the whole quad...
  34. darvil

    I'm doing something

    I'll be doing something tonight or tomorrow or the weekend. We're moving to a new technology; specifically Xen. The software we're using is now dead.. killed by SWsoft. Anyway there might be a tiny downtime depending on how smooth it is. Most of you probably won't even notice. But yea I'm...
  35. darvil

    Traffic Graph

    big spike ;) Almost 50mbits spike.. which is ALOT
  36. darvil

    Traffic is getting a bit out of hand.

    I will soon will have to impose some sort of restrictions. As for today the traffic has spiked 30mbits. Thats quite a massive amount. Although it is still under our quota I will have to do something about it so expect something.
  37. darvil

    Utada United 2006

    I just have to say.. I got my hands on this yesterday and have been listening to it none stop. What an amazing concert. Someone was nice enough to subtitled the whole thing too so it makes it even more special. I've been a fan of hers since I heard first love.. oh like in the year 2000. The...
  38. darvil

    sarNworld video streaming site!

    Link is Here is the link to all the media. Anyway the video site is NOT integrated with the forum so you won't be able to login with your SW account. Now my request is for you guys to start uploading lakorns on there or any other TV...
  39. darvil

    My town was hit pretty hard by the storm

    Well I woke up when my laptop started beeping as it was dying. Turned out we had a massive windstorm here last night which turned everything upside down here. I went to work and had to drive thru little streets as most of the main roads were shut off with fallen trees everywhere. Anyway check...
  40. darvil

    Sorenson Squeeze for people if they want.

    I've been using this thing for a while now.. and its working out for me. I've been converting alot of files to FLV from various format. Try it out.
  41. darvil

    Pics of the Server where SW and other sites are running on!

    So I finally got my hands on a cable so I could transfer some pictures. To start off with. Here's the RAID card I used on the server;rd=1&rd=1 This is the card in the server right now. Here's the link to the case the server is in...
  42. darvil

    Asking for Donations! And whats going to happen to SW for the future.

    Before anyone start reading I want to say that nobody is obligated to donate. I don't want to give people a guilt trip (except to those I know well). I was told to keep the post "short" so I'm making a Short Version and a Extra Info Version of my post. Here's the SHORT VERSION: First of...
  43. darvil

    Beckham joining MLS!!!!!!!

    Did anyone see this? This is crazy.. lets hope it won't be a waste of time and money like Pele. Although Beckham is definately MORE accessible to the US audience. I hope this will propel US soccer to the next level.
  44. darvil

    I'll be gone for a few days so don't freak out!

    So yea I'll be back thursday night so don't freak out.. I'll pop in once in a while though.. This is the kind of time I wish I have a laptop.. dammmit Anyway I'm going to Las Vegas for CES.. NOT for vacation.. although it does seem like a vacation. Here's the CES site so you guys know what...
  45. darvil

    Darvil's Learning Center

    WELCOME to Darvil's Learning Center I will be posting documentaries and videos that is deemed to be interesting BY ME. No Criteria or rules or anything.. Just gonna post stuff I like and I think is cool. Here's the first download. Its called The Bangkok Hilton Info Link for The Bangkok...
  46. darvil

    Feedback on the new look.

    So what do you think about the new look? Personally I think its great but hey I'm a bit bias :) BTW there is also a lite version of the forum. I put that version up those of you guys who wants speed through the forum. Here's the link for it. Its located
  47. darvil

    Chat works now??

    This thread is only for those of you who couldn't enter chat either from school or work AND NOW could enter it. Let me know.. I'm curious if my work was worthwhile lol.
  48. darvil

    New Skin.. !!!

    Hey guys.. I forgot to make this thread. Tell me what you think. So far I've heard these issues with the skin. 1.) The chat buttons are not working for people (there's 1 on top and one on bottom) 2.) The spacing between categories are too much making it takes up more space. (I'll ask the...
  49. darvil


    This section is to raise money for a Server! I'll add the donators name unless they want me to remain as anon. Teedee17 20 dollars cynthia_ngoc 50 dollars pangrakpepper 10 dollars kumpangxruk 20 dollars John 50 dollars Anon...
  50. darvil

    <span style="color:#CC6600"><b>Official Radio Thread</b></span>

    Ok so today some of you guys might have seen it. THIS is what will appear on the forum. THIS IS ONLY ON THE MAIN FORUM MENU. If you are inside one of the forum it won't appear no more. Here is what the picture means. 1.) Main Radio Channel 2.) Secondary Radio Channel 3.) DJ title...
  51. darvil


    sarnie idol 1 Idol 1 files Mod Survival game Mod Survival Finals
  52. darvil

    Yo Yo. I installed an Arcade on the forum

    Well I had some issues with the button on the top so I made a short link on the forum to it. Makes everyone happy. Sarn you don't mind right?? :P Click on it and play! Enjoy :w000t:
  53. darvil

    Hey all you people in California

    Well a "special" friend of mine is moving to California so I'm wondering what would be a good location near LA to live in. Any of you guys know a safe area with "cheap" prices? It'd be nice if the location was near an Asian store or market.
  54. darvil

    <span style="color:red">I LOVE THOOKATHA!!</span>

    Thookatha in Thai means Doll. Well she's the little doll in my heart that is pulling heart strings. You know how you can always say that a marionette is controlled by a person using strings from above? Well in this case its the other way around because I'm the one being controlled by the...
  55. darvil

    All right anyone here know anyone who's seeing an older forum of THIS forum?

    So anyone here know people who are seeing a different forum then this one? And by that I mean an OLDER forum.. like ONE week old. Tell them not to freak out and post. Somehow they're redirecting back to the OLD server. I'm trying to figure out why half of the people can see the new server...
  56. darvil

    Special Announcement & Request

    Hey guys. Basically I want to start something cool that is connected to Sarnworld. I've got everything setup and ready to go for this new site. The only problem is the fact that the "look" of the site is quite bland and boring. For those who are quite GOOD with graphics and html layouts, I...
  57. darvil

    <span style="color:red">SERVER HAS BEEN SWITCHED. NO PROBLEMO</span>

    Dont upload or post anything you don't want dled
  58. darvil


    All right click on Click here to download programs *These are ALL full versions. It means you don't have to pay. :D I've put a password on the folder. Username: dfemc_is password: weaksauce
  59. darvil

    What is the reputation system?

    Rep or reputation has been installed on the forum by yours truely. Basically everyone on this forum (who has at least 2 posts) gets 1 vote per day. You can use this vote to either give ANYONE a negative or a positive vote. When you do you can give a reason why you did it. Its not a serious...
  60. darvil

    Just got done with another project.

    Well I got only 2 songs in rotation right now. An english song and a thai song. Check it out;stream.nsv
  61. darvil

    I'm an uncle!! w00t

    Well my niece was borned this morning.. I had a chance to see her this evening. She is absolutely adorable. My sister is married to a farang so the baby is going to be a lok-krung. She seems to have black hair highlighted with blond color and have really long eye lashes. Also big eyes which...
  62. darvil


    Ok I might move the server tonight.. so don't post important things. Not sure when i'll do it.. probably in a few hours. I'll try to retain as much post as I can. ^_^
  63. darvil

    The lottery thing in the northwest

    Man you guys seen that 300 million dollar jackpot? Funny thing today. I went over to my mother's place to eat dinner and found out she bought 10 tickets. My mother never ever buys lottery.. but I guess in this situation everyone is buying. :lol: Man the states are making a killing on this.
  64. darvil

    I messed things up a little

    I had to do a full restore.. and as you can see we lost a few hours.. Well even though that was a bit scary... just think of it as a practice run.. See everything is back to normal.. so next time anything at all happens we will be able to restore everything! :w000t:
  65. darvil

    As promised here is the DVD ripping tutorial Now if you haven't done the DAT to Xvid tutorial and you want to know a little more .. be sure to check out
  66. darvil


    9/25 - Added a mod that allows bbc code to be added in Topic titles and Description (This ability is only for admins for Moderators). 9/25 - Added a Board Panel with statistics 9/25 - Added a Guest message for new visitors to the site. 9/25 - Ability added for Admin to specify how long topics...
  67. darvil


    Comment? like ? no like? hate? People will better source... please contact me. :D
  68. darvil


    So far 1st and 2nd episode have been released. Any complaint? Sub quality? got some advice? bad language? etc etc If anyone have a better video source let me know.. I want high quality stuff. I'll be willing to reencode. I want the standard to be similar to the 350 meg korean tv rips.
  69. darvil

    My apologies to the sarNies

    Due to a misunderstanding between our host and I, this setback was created. To keep the story short (because it is a rather complicated and convoluted story) I would just like to apologize to everyone. My apology is mostly toward the active members and those who are on their way to becoming...
  70. darvil

    Translation advices!

    Now obviously in translation you don't really need to know any techniques but I think there are a few things you can do to make things easier for editors and timers. I'm a relatively new translator so I haven't discovered alot of GOOD things to do yet so the following picture showed a part of...
  71. darvil

    Subtitling tutorial!

    Ok first I use a very simple program. I don't think right now we should focus on complex systems and advanced stuff. We can do alot with subs but lets just get the basics done. Anyway I use a program called Subtitle Workshop. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it. Its very simple and...
  72. darvil

    Reason why the old forum wasn't restored

    Well there is only reason why it wasn't restored. Basically I messed up! :angry: I was suppose to backup which I did. The problem was that the backups I did were corrupted.. all of them! I didn't double check which was a big mistake. The major reasons why they were bad was because I was...
  73. darvil


    Hey check out the trailer if you haven't already.. do the high quality stream I'm so excited to see this.. it looks just like a real MAN movie. :lol: Of course I'm sure alot of girls also enjoy his ass kicking.
  74. darvil

    Such a lonely Forum

    YO wazzup?!! :lol: