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    Last Thing You Ate

    I know there's a thread of Food in the Photo section, but just wanted a section where people just share what they last ate. It'll be interesting to see all different kind of food being eaten everyday. So here it goes: Oreo Chocolate Cream Cookie.
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    Memories of Love :: Ken/Ann

    - Okay ladies I'm back with a story; it's a old story that I wrote for a English Project and it's base on the one and only top Ch.3 favorite on-screen couple Ken & Ann. I hope that you ladies will like it. Memories of Love It was a beautiful summer afternoon; the sun was brightly shining...
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    A Possible World War III???

    My sister and us were having a discussion of how there was a guy who can see the future and he said that there will be a World War III and where it'll cause everybody in the world to die. It was not clear, but it did mean that it'll be possible. I have been giving it some thoughts and I think...
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    Upredictable Love :: Aum/Aff

    ----> Hi! Everybody. Here's a old story of mine that I decided to go back and write of our HOT JLR Couple. After watching JLR and reading others story. I wanted to share one of my work. Also asking my JLR Sisters for suggestion, I decided to share it. So hopefully you guys will enjoy it and...
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    Name on MV

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody know how to put a name on a MV. Cause I'm working on some videos that I took at a couple concerts that I went too. And want to edit it to into a MV and able to have my name on it. I'm not sure if you have to have a certain program to do it or just do it on Window...
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    Luj Yaj Concert : Back For The Last Time

    I saw a poster of his upcoming concert. It will be his very last concert before he return back home. The concert will be held in Minnesota at the resturant call "Bangkok Ave" with Special Singer "Amanda Vang". The concert date will be in January 11th or 12th 2008. I'm not sure, because I just...
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    American Remake of Asian Horror Movie

    I was sufuring online about Jessica Alba pregnancy and found that Jessica Alba was going to be the main actress of the American remake of "The Eye". I think that it's kinda stupid for the American to remaking all these great Asian Horror, because it is already made into a movie and there's...
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    Luj Yaj Concerts

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody know when Luj Yaj will have his concert in Minnesota. I know that he's going/have a concert in California and that he's going to come back to have a concert in Minnesota. If anybody know or can tell me the Date of his concert. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Hello! Miss/Hello! Baby

    Has anybody seen this series? Just finish watching it couple days! I recommand it! It's really good! It have a good storyline and doesn't have drama in it! ;)
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    {// miiss LALA Land ll }

    Welcome To miiss LALA Land! Hope that you'll enjoy yourself here! And sorry if I have don't have much stuff! Cause I just start collectin! So ENJOY yourself! And if some of the album is not working! Please do contact me so I'll know! Thank You! :D ! HEHEHE! [-Upcoming Albums-] Zita Zalia ...
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    Name All Thai Celebrities That Have Tattoos or Piercing!

    Actress/Female Singers: Aom P. Ann T. = I saw it in Oum Ruk Yardtip Mo Pat Tata Lydia Actors/Male Singers: Tack Bank Bird = Alittle nose Pierce Tik *That's all I can think*
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    Anybody wanna share there Asiantown page! :)
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    Photoshop Text!!

    I was wondering if anybody know where I can get or download new photoshop text......Because I'm tried of using the same old text that the photoshop just have....I would really appreciate it....Thank you... :)
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    Need Help How To Zipp A Folder!!!

    Hi! There...I was wondering if anybody know how or can tell me how to zipp a file folder...i would really appreciate it....:D
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    LaLa's Artwork

    Here's all of the artwork that I did so far...Enjoy!
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    Hi! There...I'm a newbie here!!

    I just wanna say hi...and hope to get to know all of you guys..since i'm just a newbie here..and barely know nobody here...and just hope to know all of guys... :) ^_^