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    Fitness & health

    Let’s share of fitness and exercise tips! I used to be a runner/gym rat/hiker before I had my son in 2018, but now that’s changed, and now it’s a struggle to get back in shape, due to my reoccurring knee problem and on occasion back problem (gotta thank my son for that and the epidural!)...
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    What is new with you?

    I hope everyone is good on here, and also hope you’re staying germ free and practicing social distancing! Anywho, I’ve been M.I.A for like 5 years... Life happened, and also I forgot my password LOL. So I just what to see what’s new with everyone :) So what’s new with me? My boyfriend got me a...
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    The Strings to My Heart (Nadech & Yaya) - Chapter 5 [4/22/2014]

    Why the hell not... LOL. Another FF coming soon... Let's hope I can manage to update on a regular basis [I surely do miss writing].     "They say you can't lose what you never had, can’t keep what’s not yours, and you can’t hold onto someone that doesn’t want to stay."
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    AOMG US tour

    Is anyone going to AOMG concert?! Just curious because I'm going! Woohooooo !!! I can't wait!  :dance2: :woot2:
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    The Corner of Love and Lust [in progress]

    What the hey...   A new FF coming soon. Just a short FF though. No particular actor/actress. Just a random FF that keeps writing itself in my mind. I also don't want to get caught up in a long one. This definitely won't be like any FF I've written. I wanted to try something different. I'll have...
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    Damaged (CH 1)

    CHAPTER 1   SONG PLAYING : LANA DEL REY - CARMEN   It's a joyous day for the lovely bride and groom. A new beginning as husband and wife, starting a new chapter in their lives. They're happy as can, waited so long for this day to happen. Laughter fills the air with smiles plaster on the guest's...
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    Plain Jane (Mint Chalida & Mario Maurer) CH. 1

    A new FF as requested by YaMaMiKi CHAPTER 1 Mint C. as Jane Mario as Daniel "Hold the door! hold the door!" A voice screams behind Jane. Jane looks over her shoulder in horror, clinging tightly to her grocery bags, "Huh?" She utters confusingly her neighbor, Daniel, darting towards her...
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    Bad Romance

    INTRO: LADY GAGA - BAD ROMANCE // LADY ANTEBELLUM - NEED YOU KNOW They say "Never make a man your priority when you're just merely his option." In the midst of the quiet night, her cell phone rings, vibrating loudly under her pillow. Her hands rummages under the pillow, searching frantically...
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    Love at First Night (CH 1 - 1/30)

    So this crazy idea came to mind when I was writing Smooth Operator. Another FF with Nadech and Yaya :D It definitely won't be a G-rated :lol: Kiss the innocent Yadech goodbye! :lolyup: It'll be a short FF (or at least I hope so lol) Here's a brief intro. She only comes out at night. Where...
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    Smooth Operator (CH 44 : END)

      I know I haven't been updating my other FF but hopefully I can finish this one & not get side track :D I'll have the first chapter up soon. Inspired by Crazy Stupid Love, He's Just Not That into You & Seducing Mr. Perfect. CHAPTERS: 1 || 2|| 3 || 4 || 5 || 6|| 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 11 || 12...
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    Love's Forbidden Passion (04.12 - CH 2)

    A new FF Coming soon! Starring Dennis O'Neil & Kimberly Voltemus again :D I'll have a poster up soon (just not sure when). --------------------------- He has eyes of an angel. His smile so infectious, it'll melt the hearts of women who dare to stare. His manly physique and strong masculine...
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    Her Pain, His Pleasure [CH 35-- END] [COMPLETE]

    Okay, I know I haven't finished any of my previous FFs but this storyline has been in my head for quite some time and I just gotta write it lol. It's somewhat similar to my Pain & Pleasure FF. The pair is very unusual but I see them fitting in my storyline :D So here's a little teaser =)...
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    Afraid of commitment??

    Okay so I've been talking/seeing this guy (who is also my friend) for about 3 months. We're not official yet simply because I think I have a problem with commitment. He told me he wanted to make it official. he said he wanted a relationship-- but once he said relationship, I just freaked out. I...
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    He's Just Not That Into You

    Ahhh... I just finish this movie yesterday night & I absolutely loved it!! It's a must buy for me! :D Everything that the movie talks about is true! I use to obsess over a guy calling me like the chick Gigi lol. & I totally agree when Alex said that if a guy wants to talk to you, he'll call...
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    Do opposites really attract...?

    Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with this because usually I don't check out guys who are opposite of me. :lol: BUT... since I think I'm crushing on a guy who's totally opposite of me & it just got me wondering if opposites really attract. I talked to one of my close friends about it & he...
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    What lakorn is this???

    I stumbled onto this magazine. It looks somewhat old. Anyone know anything about this lakorn? Or when it aired??? (I wished I knew how to read thai!)
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    Love at first sight...?

    Sooo I was the club on Saturday night with my sister & some of her friends. I was wearing a black blouse, black booty shorts & some stiletto pumps. So once we get into the club, we walk around the different rooms. There's 3 rooms total with different DJs so you can roam around or whatever. So...
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    Super Bowl XLIII...?

    Anybody watching the super bowl this sunday!?!? :D I know I am!!! even though my team the san diego chargers didn't make it :lmao: luckily my other team made it.... the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! :dude: I'll be cheering them on!! :D Heins Ward numero 86!! :drool: I'll be cheering for you...
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    Who looks better in a dress...?

    I brought this up in the SB thread and I just had to ask! :loool: Who rocks it better as a woman?? Ken....?? :D Or Krit...?? :loool: Hands down, I gotta give it to Krit... :loool:
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    Max Payne

    Has anyone seen this yet...? the one with Mark Walberg... well... if you are planning on watching it... don't. :lol: its a waste of money....!! Luckily I didn't rent it/buy it. My dad's friend gave it to him to watch so my sister & I decided to watch it... uh... it was a waste of time! The...
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    Guys who don't take no for an answer

    Okay... ladies & fellas, I need your help/opinion. I'm a nice gal, I think. LOL. Whenever I go to the club, I always meet those crazy type of guys. Who can't seem to take no for an answer. They're always persistent and annoying. I'm talking about those guys who keep saying "Come on... let me...
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    I hate it when...

    Come share some things that tick you off... I hate it when I'm driving on the freeway & some dumbass cuts in front of me & then instead of driving fast, they drive slow! OMG it ticks me the F-OFF. <_< I hate it when I'm having a good dream & then the alarm goes off & it wakes me up & then i...
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    Kob Suvanant Leaving The Industry!

    Such a shock for the Entertainment industry when channel 7 number one actress “Kob” Suvanant Kongying says good bye to the biz after 17 years in the spotlight. The actress didn’t clearly specify her reason for leaving but simply said people will find out when the time comes. The actress made...
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    it's that time of the season!!!!

    ... for some football!?!? :dude: I'm so excited!! The long wait is overrr!! My San Diego Chargers are back & ready to kick some asses!! Wahoooo!! :yahoo: It's gonna be an exciting season!! I'm so happy!!! :clap:
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    15 Laws for Women to Live By

    I stumbled onto this a while back & it made me laugh :lol: 1. Don’t imagine you can change a man - unless he’s in diapers. 2. What do you do if your boyfriend walks out? You shut the door. 3. If they put a man on the moon - they should be able to put them all up there. 4. Never let your...
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    Noy's Wonder World

    uhm... okay ... i wasn't gonna put up my pix/flix/stix! but... whateves. Now my fellow sarNies can check me out! lmao i kidd... but for reals though... Check meee out!!! weeeee!!! :lol: By the way.... i like to smile. :D ---DELETED---
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    Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture

    Did anyone hear about this news? Spain's Olympic basketball team posed for an advertisement prior to the Games which appears to show all its players slanting their eyes, a move that could offend its Olympic hosts in Beijing. The ads, for a Spanish courier company, appeared in the...
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    What are you 4th of July plans?

    Anyone doing anything special for 4th of july??? As for me... It will be a hot day in San Diego so.... B) i will be BBQing at the beach with my friends/family! Swimming in the ocean [though i can't swim] & just relaxing! ^_^ it can't get any better! :D
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    This movie is awesome! two thumbs up! if you haven't seen it, better get to it!!! You won't be disappointed! ^_^
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    Noy's Mini Gallery

    i'm not all that fancy with photoshop :lol: i try. here are some that i've made icons: banners: [my current siggy]
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    Congrats to the Boston Celtics!

    just wanna share my thoughts & say.... yeshhhh!!! they finally did it! :dude: Big ups to Pierce, Garnett & Allen! Boston three party!!! :clap:
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    Beam & some actress [i don't know her name]

    Are they dating??????? :o here's the article,;newsid=13459 can someone please translate it because i can't read thai!
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    Destination: LOVE :: Anne/Ken

    this is my first fan fic EVER. :lol: Ken: Sithra Wunnarot (Sit) Anne: Saifon Supowanta (Sai) Introduction Sithra: She's an ugly thing. She wears these huge, ugly pair of glasses. Her hair is always a mess. Her shirt, always untuck. Her braces, always has food stuck in them. Her name's...
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    actresses/actors with tatoos

    i was just curious because i've never seen any actress or actors with tatoos & was wondering if any of them have tatoos. :blink:
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    the strangers

    oh man this movie looks scary!!! it's base on true events too... anyone gonna go see it? in theatres May 30th. the strangers preview
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    which pra'ek do you miss onscreen?

    since there was one on nang'ek thought i'd ask about the pra'eks. which old pra'eks do you miss onscreen?? for me it would be: AU - i'm not sure of his last name but he played in SaMee Tee Tra with Ann. i haven't seen him play in a pra'ek role in a while. usually a daddy role or just a guy in...
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    if a man wants you..

    ladies... you might find this useful... please read.. it might make you rethink.. :) If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache...
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    I have this friend [imma call her julie] who i've known for about 8 years. she has this boyfriend [imma call him bill] who at one point was cool but now he's not important to me. He treats julie like shit & controls her. Julie found out that he was cheating on her & she came crying to me...