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    Looking for Guitar tabs for Thai Songs

    anyone know a website for guitar tabs for thai songs??? like i found one...but its really outdated, so he doesnt have newer songs on there...i found a few websites...but they are in thai...and really do me no help if anyone knows and could help...please do! ^_^
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    Thom Rainbow's Concert

    i went this past saturday in Burke VA!! it was fun..i'll post pics later though!! i still need to upload them from my camera. ^_^
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    Anyone know a Singer named Thom???

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    Do you have any Lookreung family members??

    i'd like to see if any other sarn members have a diverse family as i do! hahaha....most of my cousins are lookreung..and they are gorgeous! i'll post pics later!... if you do have lookreung family members, what are they mixed with?
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    CONTACT: JOANNE DUANGMANEE EMAIL: U.S. CAPITOL REFLECTING POOL, NOV. 17, 2007, LOY KRA-TONG: FESTIVAL OF UNITY, LIGHT, AND HOPE Washington, D.C,- Her Serene Highness Princess Vudhichalerm, the Thai–American community and Singha...
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    Banners By Lilxgxriah

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    i thought she was OK to be honest...i mean i look at all the other thai models and actors, and they're so much prettier...all i can say is that they could of picked a better candidate...oh and JAPAN won!...korea was in the top 5..USA was last lol...she was very pretty though
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    yep u guessed it...MISS JAPAN!! hahah..i thought she was pretty....last place was USA haha....Korea was cute too...but yeah, JAPAN was 2nd last happy that JAPAN got first this year
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    the winner was JAPAN!!! it was so great to see an asian race win it!! lol...korea was also very pretty too!...although i thought USA was very cute...too bad she fell on her A** haha
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    credit to :
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    Going to China for 1 month!!

    im goin to visit my uncle in beijing, china who jus recently moved there to work for 4 years..and i've never been b4!...if any of u guys have been let me know what i shld see and cool spots to see movie stars or music stars lol
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    How much older is Noi compared to ken?

    how old is noi and how old is ken?..i keep readin that noi is too old for him or something
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    Laos people in the U.S. looking like Thai Lakorn Stars

    i realized that most of my frends and family members could deffinitely pass as a thai lakorn star or atleast models. like i hate how thai people think they are so much better than laos people...honestly i dont think they've seen laos ppl in the u.s. cause they are just as pretty...anyways, let...
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    Do any thai actresses/actors come to the U.S?

    i was wondering if any of them ever come to U.S...i mean they would get a lot of press and other fans if they did...if you guys know anything about this topic, let me know! pretty curious
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    Sorn Sinchai and Tai Orathai Concert

    are these singers good?, never really heard of em...but yeah they're coming for the annual 4th of july celebration, they are performing on the 1st of july, thats all i know...but hey if any of u guys know who they are, let me know what u think of them...