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  1. starlet1985

    Vicki Sunisa tells off a hater

    Lol @ Vicki, i never understood the haters, if u don't like this person why do u even bother going on their social-network-profile?
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    OMG, Nathan Oman does "VOODOO"

    From what i understand he was trying to make people love him? And then something about a homoseksual spell? Im a bit confused here, like i understand what they're saying but it's confusing because of the 10 shades of CRAZY in this story. She was funny when she said maybe he was just doodling...
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    [Pix]Ch3 4 series lakorn for their 40th Anniversary

    Aw that is cool. They got some cute newbies. And Aum is looking fine as ever.. a little bored but still fine lol
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    Dan's Diary

    Yaay!!! It is back! Now all we need is an update lol
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    2 pm

    OMG!!! I just stumbled on this news through google by accident. I am so shocked. Then i came here to see if anyone else knew about it too. I had so much hope for Jay to come back. What could he have done that was so bad? I'm really going to miss him. Ok i'll get back to this later because im...
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    anything new on vicky jett...

    I agree. She is underrated. I want to see her more but i havent heard any news about her im sorry
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    Dan's Diary

    Does anyone have any idea where went? I know it wasn't updated frequently but it was a source for personal messages, videoclips, blogs, stories and candids from Dan Worrawech. And a couple of days back i wanted to take a look at the site to see if it had something new and it was...
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    Num Sornam in California

    Haha it was fun to read your stories. I'm gonna go see if i can find some sneaky recordings of it on youtube hehe
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    Yah!! It's Finally Here! The Age of the REAL Kiss has arrived

    Ruk Leh Saneh Luang (Por Thrisadee & Ploy Cherman)
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    Paula Taylor Boyfriend is Hot

    Not hot but cute.He looks nice :D
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    The Brain Game

    It took me like a minute or so but at first didnt really understand what i was looking for and then i saw him. And i was like AAArgh! Cause it scared me lol.
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    how to know he likes u

    I think you can tell by the way he reacts to you. -Like he will always call you back or on his own. -Remembering the things you've told him like your favorite food, or like that you had a dentist appointment today (and he's gonna ask you how it went). -He notices things like new shoes or a...
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    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!

    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!
  14. starlet1985

    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!

    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!
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    Num Sornam in California

    @Fun4fun you can borrow mine but you'll have to pretend to be dutch lol Your siggie is pretty btw what programm did u use to make it? on topic: why don't they ever come to Holland :( But everyone who is going: have fun! Take pictures and let us know it was :D I'll be waiting here dying with...
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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Don't know if they were mentioned, because i quickly browsed through this topic but was too lazy too read everything lol but: Golf Mike. They do have an asian accent but they sound pretty good to me. Like i'd be able to have a conversation with them in english :) here's a clip: golf mike...
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    yes a lot of dust under the bed
  18. starlet1985

    The Person Below You....

    yes and no depending how you look at it. tpbm craves sugar
  19. starlet1985

    Have you ever...

    no but im not sure if i understand the question right have u ever picked your nose in public?
  20. starlet1985

    This or That

    Thats not fair i want them both! loosing your teeth or loosing your hair?
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    A Place In The World

  22. starlet1985

    Alphabet Game'07

    I - Ink
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  24. starlet1985


    my boyfriend lol i always jump on his back. wwtlp who stepped on your toe?
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    3 word game

    with a duck
  26. starlet1985

    The Fact or Fiction Game

    fiction? mine was a fact btw i used to have green hair
  27. starlet1985

    The Fact or Fiction Game

    fiction (i hope lol) mine was true by the way i witnessed a baby stab his father in the face with the ballpoint i gave him. fact or fiction?
  28. starlet1985

    Hot Or Not

    hot starbucks coffee
  29. starlet1985

    Alphabet Game'07

    M- Make up
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    my hello kitty stuffed cuddly toy :) wwtlp you slapped?
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  32. starlet1985

    A Place In The World

    i get the E again uhm... Estland
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    The Fact or Fiction Game

    uhm i never seen you play but my guess is your probably good at it so partially true. i have a hello kitty tongue ring
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    Person above you...

    tpam likes action lakorns?
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    Alphabet Game'07

    F - ferocious
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    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    Name Kannika Age 23 Fav Color Pink Your Gentleman will be Romantic ... A Great Dancer ... Plays Classical Guitar Have Gorgeous Blue Eyes Annual Salary $433,133.95
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    Five things about yourself

    1. I eat non stop but for some reason i still look like a skinny b... 2. I never shut up.... never my mouth just keeps going like i have word diarhea (i know i did not spell that right. 3. I cant spell 4. I am way too sweet for people and it is really easy to take advantage of that. I am what...
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    Some of The Stupidest Song's I've Heard Is..

    the cheecky girls - touch my bum it is horrific, seriously that one will bring tears to your eyes and not in a good way
  39. starlet1985

    Have you ever...

    no but i might someday have u ever worn sunglasses at night just to look cool?
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    3 word game

    it is delicious
  41. starlet1985

    This or That

    chicken taking the elevator or running up the stairs?
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    the purser @ work (what? we were bored lol) wwtlp you high fived?
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    Word Association Game

  44. starlet1985


    no not a machine but does this little sewing kit count? (i nicked it from a hotel room somewhere hehe) fussball table?
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    A Place In The World

    El Salvador
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    If I Could Be Someone For A Day I Would Be...

    i want to be Hrithik Roshan wife. Or i would want to be some one like Whitney Port or Charlotte Casiraghi. The kind of girls that have the looks, the money, the brains, the job, the hot guy, the cool friends, basically everything and do not have a care in the world.
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    Daily Addiction

    tea or cappucino/ latte machiato lipbalm nailpolish (right now im a fan of dark purple with glitter, yeh i know im a diva lol) earrings (i feel naked if i dont wear them) MASCARA food (i eat every other hour or something)
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    Alphabet Game'07

  50. starlet1985

    A Place In The World

  51. starlet1985

    Amy Klinpratoom

    That's hot lol
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    Chompoo Araya

    I think she is very pretty but there is something about this shoot that does not look right. And the cover picture... the choose THAT one! She makes a bit of a weird mouth there. The shoot is a bit off to me. But Chompoo is not lol she's my girl hehe
  53. starlet1985

    if YOU could STAR in a lakorn who would you....

    This is fun how did i miss this topic? Anyway my pick would be: Por Thrisadee for any kind of lakorn i wouldn't care as long as it was with him lol Film Rattapoom or Beam Kawee for the kind of lakorns like "Hima tai prajun" the sweet/romantic/high school kind know what i mean? Rome...
  54. starlet1985

    "E Turk" aka Aump P with the large forhead?

    Hmm.. but she is already rich herself right? So why would she do this? And the story sounds too cryptic to me. It ends with the person who made this story saying they won't rest untill the pimps & ho's are unmasked.. then why make a puzzle? Then just say who they are? When i hear gossip like...
  55. starlet1985

    Kae Chollada: Woman of the Year 2008

    I have no idea who she is.... But someone's looking hawt & sexy in a magazine lols
  56. starlet1985

    spicy forum

    So guys i have a question and it may sound a bit dumb but you'll have to forgive me i'm a bit slow sometimes. ;) On the spicy board it says you have to read the rules topic and that's the only topic i can enter. It has a link to the topic where you can read the terms of use about crediting and...
  57. starlet1985

    Paula Taylor and Marc Nelson

    Aaaaw Paula is my favorite glad she is happy. I have absolutely no idea who Mark is and what he does but OMFG!!!! is he HOT! Go Paula!
  58. starlet1985

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    OMG!!!!!!!! I can't stop crying! R.I.P. P'Big i hope he is free from pain now. My condolances (i know i did not spell that right) to his family. He will be in my heat forever (K)
  59. starlet1985

    ur current word/phrase that you are constantly using at the moment

    Mine's DUDE! and another favorite : OH NO YOU DII-IIINT!!!!!!!!
  60. starlet1985

    DAN-BEAM spliting..!

    AAAAAAAAAAARGH NO!!!! Sorry but i hate RS now. give the guys a break they didn´t want to split and the way they let the boys know just 2 days before the press conferene is rude.
  61. starlet1985

    Is it true that Goong, the loogthoong singer is dead?

    I'm really sorry to confirm the news. It's sad. He was scared after the accident with 1-2-go. So he decided to drive to his gig. And thats when it happenend. It's really sad...
  62. starlet1985

    P'Big D2B

    Thank you pink_juliet. I'll check right now im new to interlove so i was reading that story about how they met Dan & Beam in Sydney :)
  63. starlet1985

    P'Big D2B

    No wait the latets update is from september 12. Sorry My bad!
  64. starlet1985

    P'Big D2B

    Thank you so much N'Kristy. The latest update is from august 200. I hope there's anyone who has some more recent news
  65. starlet1985

    P'Big D2B

    Guys, i'm not sure if i made this topic already, if i did so sorry then i totally missed it. But does anyone know how P'Big is doing? Last thing heard was that he had a lung infection and had to go back to hospital. Does anyone know if he is still in hospital or at home? If anyone could share...
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  67. starlet1985

    RS. Eng subs

    You guys are so right. I never use the english subs i just hum along if dont know the words to the song already lol. But seriously i can't understand the eng subs because it looks so different from how you're supposed to say it and then it only works confusing....
  68. starlet1985


    I thought there was a "Block button" on here? Tell her to hit that and she won't be getting messages from the dude again. If i were you i'd tell him to F-off and mind his own business and maybe your girl could make it clear to him in a really harsh not-able -to-get-it-wrong way that she doesn't...
  69. starlet1985

    about weir it is true that he's????

    Wow it's almost like every male actor in Thailand gets the gay rumor at some point. I guess that's when they'll know their famous: when the gay rumor starts to spread you've really made it lol ^^ i kid i kid......
  70. starlet1985

    Thailand most popular actress????

    Uhm.... i think... Aum, Kwan and Kob are quit popular now....
  71. starlet1985

    Voicemail/Answering Machine Messages

    555555 That one is so funny. I should have my friend do that for me. Mine is just plaine and simple like: Dude, you know what to do bye. lol short and simple
  72. starlet1985

    Do u speak a good english?

    Your Score: Advanced You scored 92% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 80% Advanced, and 60% Expert! You have an extremely good understanding of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of each of these three levels' questions correct. This is...
  73. starlet1985

    Which Sports Car Are You?

    <h2>I'm a Chevrolet Corvette!</h2> <img src=""> <p><b>You're a classic - powerful, athletic, and competitive. You're all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone...
  74. starlet1985

    Someone help me get rid of this DIRT!

    I think we all have our share of skin problems maybe you can go to one of those beauty salons and ask advice on how to treat your type of skin there. The advice above sounds helpfull too. But don't be embarrased about it, as long as you tkae care of your personal hygiene you're not dirty and we...
  75. starlet1985

    someone wants me to lower my pants.........

    Haha you learned dutch, well.. then i guess you missed out on the most famous part of A-town lol ;)
  76. starlet1985

    someone wants me to lower my pants.........

    Uhm... no that's not what we do in Amsterdam. I'm living i nthe A-town 2 at the moment but unless they work in a nudy bar, people keep they clothes on around here.. But dude if the girl want to see you, you can do whatever, but please in private next time...
  77. starlet1985

    Person above you...

    The person above me uhm likes flowers? (looking @ your avie :) )
  78. starlet1985

    Cee, Nam, and Tai

    They all look hot but i think they all look a little bit alike. I think all 3 of them could be brothers or cousins or something. Maybe that's an idea for a next lakorn lol
  79. starlet1985

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    I like them both but i like Dan Beam much more so i voted for them :)
  80. starlet1985

    Dadaa's first attempt....

    Lolz thanx guys, i did that with paint shop andn ow im trying to figure out photo shop.... lol it is sooo difficult hope i get to master it lol
  81. starlet1985

    Tey Jai Ruk

    OMG!!! you met them??!! I am so jealous of you right now? Where did yo meet them? Is it difficult? How are they in person? Tell me all about it if you want... im like so obsessed with the power 3 club lol
  82. starlet1985

    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    I saw the 1st 2 episodes now.... Not sure if i like the twin concept but i really wanna see Bee turn evil. She always have this cute and innocent look over her. I wonder how she pulls this of... I do think Chakrit is doing really well playing 2 characters at the same time....
  83. starlet1985

    Dadaa's first attempt....

    Oke this is the first result of me trying to get the hang of this paint shop pro something programm. I hope yáll like it. lol If you have any requests you can always ask me.. But i have to tell you first that i am just learning lol.... let's see if i am able to make my own banner here lol. If i...
  84. starlet1985

    Ruk Auey: Tey Jai Ruk Cast

    Lol in that picture in the middle it looks like he's trying to look down that girl's dress... haha cheecky Por! Lol j/k
  85. starlet1985

    Por's Gallery #21

    Did Por just give het the watch for her birthday? That is so sweet... handsome and got good taste Por is perfect lol
  86. starlet1985

    Your 411

    No way! I aslways go watch their games with my aunt at the stadion. Lol guess i'm not as "in the middle of nowhere" as i think i am lol. I hope PSV helps you win on Fifa lol
  87. starlet1985

    From Childhood to Now

    Por was cute as a kid.... he is way handsome now..... But OH MY GOD!!!! Did he have a bobline?!?!?! I'm sorry but P'Por... don't ever do that again.... i beleive that one pic is blackmail-material lol
  88. starlet1985

    Por Thrisadee-Sirita Jensen:Something still remain

    Oh my god.. .this is like the hottest photoshoot...ever...!!!!!They both look so good..... Thanx for sharing :D Btw does anyone know what that tattoo is? Or what it means? Just curiuous lol xxx
  89. starlet1985


    Can someone please make a banner for me with Por Thirsadee, Beam Tanjarak and Marsha in it please? I would do it myself but i'm a real computer art dummy :lmao:
  90. starlet1985

    Your 411

    This looks fun... so here is mine :D Name: Kannika "Dadaa" van der Meeren birthday: August 12 birthplace: Eindhoven current location: Eindhoven (i need to get out of here quick) age: 21 eye color: Brown hair color: Chocolate brown height: 5ft5 weight: 52 kg..sorry i only know in kilo's right...
  91. starlet1985

    check this out

    Ohhhh my God...... *Dreamz Away*...... They look so hot.... Por looks hot even if he is hanging from a pole.... And Mos is cute too... And Note... And Chakrit.... Tik too... aw never mind they all hot & handsome lmao......
  92. starlet1985

    Celebrity Fund-Raiser

    That they're nude doesnt really disturb me cause in the pictures i see you dont see any x-rated bodyparts... The thing that got me wondering is... Who's idea was it to pose BUTT-NACKED for Aids charity... Cause people tend to associate nudity with sex. And how do you get aids? Exactly....This...
  93. starlet1985

    who is she?

    Yes she is in Fight for you and i believe she is also in Film Rattapoom's Say Hi.... I heard somewhere that she's a model but i am not so sure though it was just hearsay...
  94. starlet1985

    who is the best pra ek !!!!!

    Por Thrisadee!!!! All the way... But i also like Dan and that guy from La Ong Dao but i dont know his name but i see him play in that Lakorn lol
  95. starlet1985

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    - Someone always pulls out a gun atr some point or another.... - N-ek and/or p-ek are most likely to get shot by the villain end up in the hospital but never die..... - Someone either the p-ek or n-ek cares about always dies.... like nan.... - At the main event all the...