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    Pope Thanawat

    Pope narakk!
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    Cee Siwat and Amy Klinpratoom

    OMG what a hot couple! I love these two.
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    Dome Pakorn and Koy Ratchawin

    They're so cute! Thanks.
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    Kan Kantathavorn

    He looks good and the scenery is beautiful.
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    Barry Nadech

    He looks hot with just that black t-shirt.
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    4+1 Channel 3's Superstar

    Wow, Mark and Anne...that's one hot performance! Thanks for the vid.
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    Dior Event

    Aff looks so gorgeous. I would love to see Aff and Barry in a lakorn together.
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    Brook Danuporn and Kob Suvanunt

    They are the cutest family.
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    Chompoo Araya

    She looks stunning here.
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    4 + 1 Superstar

    They're all very hot!
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    Paula Taylor

    Paula's gorgeous. She looks the same after having a baby.
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    [Ch3] Dao Kaew Duen (Broadcast Thai)

    Wow, Aff and Pope! I hope it's true.
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    4 + 1 Channel 3 Superstar Lakorn; Couple

    I like Plerng Torranong the most.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    I think her problem was reasonable enough not to tell anyone.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    I was surprised, but i totally understand that she didn't want to lose p'ek and besides it was only on the cheeks.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    Yeah, i was surprised about that scene too.
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    Porshe & Mint Natwara upcoming photo shoot

    they look smokin' hot!
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    ^it was nice talking with you too. good night (for us).
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    Yeah, ch7 is degrading everyday. Maybe tubtim does these sad roles so well that they keep giving it to her.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    yup, I definitely see her character as a n'ek. Nonetheless, she's always a n'ek in my heart (with her charming features and cute and sweet personality) ^_^ oh I sound so cheesy.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    I really hate ch7 and their (stupid) plots/storylines most of the time. Tubtim's character always suffers in most of her lakorns.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    oh, you're welcome. there's no need to thank me. i think you're more of a true fan than i am, more dedicated. Awww the scene is so sad and so sudden too. thanks for all the spoilers. wow i'm amazed they spoiled this much for the fans.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    So true, many lakorns didn't go "by the book" either. Well that's what real fans are, right? I'm only watching this for tubtim.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    Whattt???!!! I don't like this. Why can't she sacrificed and live? Is it possible that they will change the script? Like it or not, yes, we still gonna watch this for tubtim.
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    haha I don't mind spoilers teedee. I just hope she doesn't die cuz that would really sucks. yeah, i totally understand tubtim's character and why she turns evil. I'm glad that others are complimenting tubtim cuz that means she will be more popular, then has a bigger fan base, and they will...
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    [Ch7] Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew (Dida)

    I agree with you. They should make her a (main) n'ek soon (and yes with nat as her p'ek). I love tubtim. she's so versatile. she can take on any role. BTW, her character in this lakorn is so sad though. I hope she turns good and has someone to pair up with at the end like Kwan's character in the...
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    Various Stars

    wow, all the n'rai are here and all are looking gorgeous.
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    Barry Nadech Kugimiya

    he's smokin' hot :thumbsup:
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    Mint Natwara

    But I don't like the wig on her though.
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    so cute and hot at the same time :wub:
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    Noona and Ter

    Yeah, I love them together.
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    Noey Chotika

    The Photoshop part looks bad.
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    Bee Namthip

    I like the third picture.
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    Yaya Urassaya

    I like her in every look.
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    Matt Peeranee

    she's beautiful a princess.
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    Pao Paowalee

    She's cute. Love her voice.
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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Khunnie is the best!
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    Thai Stars with perfect english haha just want to share this
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    Various Artists

    gypso and gypsy are cute!
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    Kim Kimberley

    It doesn't really look like her.
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y) Oh, Toey is so cute in this performance!
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    I totally agree! Don't forget to add her long legs too :lol2:
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    p' mam, p'por t is here in fresno!

    @pongporfan27 Thanks for sharing your experience meeting P'Por and P'Mam. I smiled the whole time while reading your story. It makes me want to meet him in person too. You're so lucky!
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    After watching ep. 6, I sympathize Naam. The flashbacks of Wat and Naam look so cute. Pita's acting is great here. Miss her since Sapai Part Time. As for the song Mark sang to Kim, it was awesome. Love this couple!
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    Kim Kimberley

    she looks so gorgeous here. I think it's one of her best shoot.
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    Tik, Chompoo, Bird Wanchana, Sorayuth

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    [Ch3] Ruk Pathiharn (Maker Group)

    Kim is so cute in this episode and the romance is heating up.
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)
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    Tangmo Pattarathida

    mo's gorgeous and beautiful architecture!
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    Aff Taksaorn

    sooo pretty...naruk ka!
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    Aff Taksaorn

    so beautiful and elegant!
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    Bee Namthip

    Wow! so beautiful!
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    Four Sakolrat

    it's kinda scary
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    [Ch3] Ban Nok Kao Krung (Quiz & Quest)

    Pat and First look good here. And I miss Meji ^^
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    Ch3 Party Anniverary

    I love all my ch3 stars! Tik still looks handsome.
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    [Ch3] Ruk Pathiharn (Maker Group)

    Cute...can't wait! smart-kim and mint-alex
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    [Ch3] Game Rai Game Ruk (Lakorn Thai)

    Charles jai rai with Fah mak! Poor Fah and P'Mor...I can't take this anymore!
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    [CH5] Kularb Satan (Exact & Scenerio)

    I just wanna say that Bee's acting is superb in here. :thumbsup: And Pang and Bank are cute!
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    [True] Coffee Prince (Nadao Bangkok)

    @jakjann Wan, tui, and boy are under ch3 for lakorns so i don't think they can be in here. and besides, they're looking for newbies/younger peeps which i prefer the older ones tho. Here's the latest news/interview. Tao af8
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    4+1 Channel 3's Superstar

    Mark is toooo cute and funny :wub:
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    [CH7 Mini Series] Nam (DaraVdo)

    yeah, the 1st series sounds good; but the third one is with pancake and vee again?
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    Arisa Will

    this is too revealing for me.
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    Chompoo Araya

    she's gorgeous.
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    Barry Nadech

    I like the black and white pix!
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    Channel 3 2012 Calendar

    I love CH 3's calenders!
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    Sammie Puntitha

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    Min Pechaya

    So pretty!
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    Pope Thanawat

    pope looks hot!
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    she's one of my fav singer. Patcha looks good here.
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    Stephan Tasit and Namfon Kullanant

    Nop, I think Fon has a new guy.
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    Nadech and Yaya

    p'aof "yhaak gin" nadech :coverlaf:
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    Stephan Tasit and Namfon Kullanant

    I think the bottom says "Namfon's 10 secret reasons why she doesn't go back to Stephan"
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    Tubtim Anyarin

    everything looks good but i think the facial expressions are gonna awkward.
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    [True] Coffee Prince (Nadao Bangkok) According to this interview (starts at 14:45), there will be Mac and Tao from AF.
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    Current Celebrity Couple of 2011

    Ter and Peak is another cute couple. Love them in Bedside Detective.
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    Benz and Mick

    They're so cute and funny. Love them in Mia Teng.
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    Various Stars

    yes, it's a weird concept.
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    Min Peechaya

    She looks nice in these clothes.
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    Mint Natwara

    she's preetyy!
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    [Dichan] Cherry Khemupsorn

    she looks gorgeous in this shoot.
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    Pope Thanawat

    Cute with his hearty smile
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    Yaya Urassaya

    I like the cover.
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    Mario Maurer

    He looks cute in this dorky style.
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    Jack AF

    He has a nice body.
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    wow, it does bring back the old memory. Thanks for the BTS!
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    Noon Woranuch

    wow, flawless!
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    Sangravee Atsarak (แสงระวี อัศวรักษ์)

    Wow, she was really beautiful when she was young.
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    Chompoo Araya

    Oh the eyes, so pretty.
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    What's your favorite Ken-Ann and/or Ken-Janie lakorn?

    Definitely Oum Rak, the lakorn that started it all. As for Ken and Janie, I like PJSK.
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    Navin Tar

    I like the hair.
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    Cris Horwang

    i like the makeup and the concept.
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    Noon Woranuch

  94. M


    Cute, love her and her music.
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    Guy & Vill

    wow, one HOT shoot!
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    Ken Teeradeth

    He's still hot.
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    Sara Legg

    a cute doll :cloud9:
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    Min Peechaya

    so pretty...i like the last pic.
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    ^Omg, totally agree with everything you said.
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    Kob Suvanant

    Yes, they're very cute. Kob looks stunning here. Thx!
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    Anne Thongprasom & Peter Corp

    Nice pairing...they should have a lakorn together.
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    Funny celebrities interview answers

    :lmao3: I like this topic. It's really funny especially pancake's case.
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    Cute! thx for sharing.
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    Petch Rattanarat and Toni Raekkaen

    They're cute together. thx!
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    Boy Pakorn & Margie Rasee

    They're so cute! thx!
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    Aff Taksaorn

    just beautiful. Aff looks so gorgeous. Love her in mag
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    Kim Kimberly

    so pretty!
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    Kob Suvanant and Family

    Cute family! thx!
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    Boy Pakorn

    he looks good here.
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    Ploy Cherman

    another great shoot.
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    Mint Chalida, & Alex Rendell

    these two are cute!
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    I would recommend you guys to watch it.
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    Barry Nadech

    a cute guy riding a bike :)
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    Various Actors

    wow, they all look very thai.
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    Kob Suvanant

    Her baby is very cute.
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    Various Stars

    yes, what is she doing?!
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    Jui Warattaya

    cute with a new sexy look.
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    Sara Legg

    yes the makeup is scary
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    Mark Prin and Mario Maurer

    cute with two hot guys.
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    He's cute even with that not-so-cute haircut.
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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Another one of Beau af5 and Nat af4 on Nat Nattarat's english show Beau comes in at 11:50
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    PIC from Ploy Chermarn's Birthday

    Cute! Looked like a fun party. HBD to Ploy! Thanks for the pix.
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    I agree with you, jennaloveu.
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    I agree with you, jennaloveu.
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    Yaya,Ploy,Aff,Chompoo - Black

    I like Aff the most in the pix.
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    Aff's Next P'ek

    I picked Por T.
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    Hugo Chakrabongse's son

    he's adorable and what a cute family!
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    Exact new actresses 2011...

    haha, I agree with you.
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    Aff and Chompoo

    I agreed.
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    Mark Prin and Mint Natwara

    I really like the shoot. It's cute. They look good together so I hope they're dating.
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    They looked cute. Can't wait for their lakorn.
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    Various Actresses

    May and May :) Mario and GubGib are cute together
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    Aff Taksaorn

    I miss Aff on magazines too.
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    Margie Rasee

    It's cute shoot. Margie is pretty.
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    Aom Phiyada in Sukkaisabaijai Magazine

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    Behind The Scenes of Ch3 2012 Calender

    They're cute. Can't wait to see the rest...anticipating the pair-ups of all my fav. onscreen couples.
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    Dome Pakorn and girlfriend have broken up

    I totally agreed. I hope they find their "best" persons for them.
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    Aff and Chompoo

    They look absolutely stunning. I love their commercial too. Thanks for the pix!
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    Nadech and Yaya young pics

    Thank you for sharing the pix! They looked so adorable.
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    New Movie: 30 Kamlang Jaew (30 กำลังแจ๋ว)

    They look cute. Aren't this movie's name and story line similar to Ploy's current movie?
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    which celebrity you wish they could date in real life?

    I wish to see my Aum and Aff date in real life the most.
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    Lookkate Methinee and Cindy Sirinya

    The mothers still look gorgeous with their adorable kids.
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    Anne Thongprasom

    Ann is so gorgeous. I love this shoot.
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    Jui Warattaya

  145. M

    Jieb Sopitnapa

    she's still gorgeous and I like her style.
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    Four and Mod

    They're cute.
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    Pope Thanawat : F3 TV Fan Club

    Pope's cute!
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    Mam Kathaleeya

    Mam is forever beautiful.
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    Nadech and Yaya

    All are cute.
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    Nuna Neungthida Sophon

    she looks different here.
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    Kwan Usamanee & Toni Raekkaen

    very cute shoot. and kwan's gorgeous as always.
  152. M

    Mint Chalida

    Mint is getting prettier and prettier everyday. The girl is growing.
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    Toey Jarinporn

  154. M

    Pancake Khemanit

    The first pic is kind of weird.
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    Palmy's back! I miss her and her music. This is a nice shoot of hers.
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    agreed. she still looks gorgeous.
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    Four - Mod

    her mom looks so young
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    Namcha Chiranat

    the makeup is scary.
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    Gorgeous indeed
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    Various Actors

    They're all looking so hot.
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    She's cute and i really want to see her movie.
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    I agreed with Kulyia.
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    Kwan and Toni Finale wedding dress

    they look cute and kwan's face is flawless.
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    Koy Ratchawin

    colorful clothing in this shoot.
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    Taew Nattaporn

    Teaw is cute as always.
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    Tanya Tanyares

    Tanya's gorgeous!
  167. M

    Lakorn Mia Teng

    everyone look great and the head piece is awkward.
  168. M

    Taew Nattaporn

    Teaw's cute and suits the natural look.
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    So many girls...they're all pretty.
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    Nadech and Yaya

    they look cute in the hmong clothing.
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    Noon Sirapan

    wow a unique shoot. noon looks good with the abstractness of the pix.
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    Cris Horwang and Others

    I like the last pic of Dan's
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    Jui Warattaya

    Gorgeous shoot...Jui really suits these traditional dresses. She really looks prettier and thinner in here.
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    Margie Rasri & Boy Pakorn‏

    I like Margie's long hair but not her makeup in here.
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    Sririta Jensen

    I like the fist pic. Rita's hot.
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    Marie Broenner

    I agree with Cupid Candy. The shoot is really bad.
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    Ken Theeradeth & “Noi” Bussakorn

    Wow...sweet as ever. I like the cover.
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    Dome, Gun, Mario, Pae

    Hot guys!
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    Jakjann Akumsiri

    beautiful shoot.
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    Susie Susira

  181. M

    Mario Maurer

    Mario's hottt.
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    I really like the shoot. Bank and Bell are so cute.
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    They're so cute!
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    Actresses who still won't do a real kiss

    I think Sammie did it in Lui with Pol.
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    First Look At Willy McIntosh's Son!

    Their son is so cute. Congrats to them.
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    Nai Thum Ruat Truat Hua Jai (Dara Vdo)

    I guess others are not Kun Dang's favorites like Pan and Wier.
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    [CH3] Suparburoot Saleum Saleu (Step Onward)

    I agree, I can't believe they've been putting her in evening lakorns since ever. I miss Namfon and Por too. They were so cute in that lakorn. But, Art and Namfon are also a cute couple on and off screen.
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    Nai Thum Ruat Truat Hua Jai (Dara Vdo)

    I would love to see Tuptim and Natthew pair up again too.
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    [Ch8] Thong Prakai Sad (RS)

    This lakorn looks interesting with all the hot guys (oil, bank, fluke).
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    Thank you very much for sharing all the pix lesibangbang! Kim and Mark look cute in the rain scene.
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    They look different on the cover.
  192. M

    Namcha Jiranut

    cute but too much photoshopping
  193. M

    Aimee Morakot Kittisara

    Pretty and the leggings...
  194. M

    Bow Benjawan

    yeah, Bow's pretty!
  195. M

    Mew Lalita

    she's still gorgeous.
  196. M

    Mint Chalida

    Cute in TD's clothing.
  197. M

    Noona Neungthida

    Noona's cute but I don't really like the contacts' color.
  198. M

    Gijee Jormkwan

    I like Gijee's eyes.
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    Mario Maurer and Taew Nattaporn

    Wow, I like this shoot especially the cover. they look good together.
  200. M

    Aum Patcharapa

    wow the cover.
  201. M

    Mario Maurer

    cute with a weird expression.
  202. M

    Sara Legge

    Pretty...I like the last pic!
  203. M

    Min Peechaya

    Yes, the first thing I noticed is how long her face is.
  204. M

    Chompoo Araya

    She's so pretty :wub:
  205. M

    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)

    OMG, I can't wait...mark the calender for it!
  206. M

    Sammie Cowell

    She's sexy and pretty...I like her eyes.
  207. M


    The last pic is so cute.
  208. M

    Cris Horwang

    Preettyy! Thanks.
  209. M

    Chakrit & Pancake with mothers

    Cute picture of Chakrit and his mom.
  210. M

    May Fuengarom and Ae Pornthip

    They're so naturally pretty!
  211. M

    Taew Nattaporn

    Taew's cute!
  212. M

    Andrew Gregson

    finally a shoot with Andrew. He's so hot. I wish he accepts more lakorns.
  213. M

    Ploy Cherman

    She's gorgeous as always but the lipstick has to go.
  214. M

    [Ch3] Pim Mala (Tv Scene)

    At first, I didn't like the storyline at all but I watched it because of the cast. And as I watched, it also has morals/life lessons hidden in each episode. Now, it's more interesting to watch because First is in here. I was surprised when I saw him appeared. I hope there's a twist and Aum...
  215. M


    The girls are so cute!
  216. M

    Which version of Tawee Pope do you like more?

    I totally agree. Pancake does not suit the role at all...I would prefer Min as well. Not to mention the pranang's chemistry and acting abilities, they can't even compared with the old version. As for the musical, I prefer Dome and Nat's version even though I love Captain and his voice more.
  217. M

    kob gave birth.

    Wow, her eyes! She's so adorable.
  218. M

    Dream team show: Thai, Korea, Japan other country

    Thanks for sharing. I like Nat and Beau :wub:
  219. M

    Thai celebrity TWITTERS

    Thank you so much for the twitter links!
  220. M

    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)

    I would love to see Aff with Por T as well. Thanks for sharing all the pix lesibangbang. I especially like the one with Aum and Aff together.
  221. M

    [Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]

    Cee and Jakjan are great together but the story is not helping them. Its draggy and lame. I'm tired of watching it. Hopefully the story will get more interesting once they go to Hong Kong.
  222. M

    [Ch5] Koo Kum (Exact)

    I agree Onahc.
  223. M

    [CH7] Dok Kaew (Compordee)

    I like Sun and Kratip in here. They're cute.
  224. M

    [Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]

    The BTSs are soo funny!
  225. M

    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)

    I love the pix too! :wub:
  226. M

    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)

    They went to the movies together :wub:
  227. M

    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    The teaser looks fun. Can't wait!. Thanks Tinah for sharing it.
  228. M

    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    I couldn't agree more Alice. I'd also like to add that they are hilarious when they're together.
  229. M


    sooo the first pic.
  230. M

    Ploy Cherman

    She does look rai here but still gorgeous though.
  231. M

    Vill Wannarot

    Vill's pretty and the shoot is beautiful.
  232. M

    Mario Muarer & Taew Nataporn

    Cute...looking forward to their lakorn together.
  233. M

    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    Haha yes, it could be destined.
  234. M

    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)

    Wow, they have the "Umm&Aff" jacket? So cute...I want one too.
  235. M

    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    Oh wow, I could really see the resemblance between the actors of the old and new version in the pix. Thanks Alice for sharing!
  236. M

    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    Haha, she took the situation really manly. Yup, love those scenes :thumbsup:
  237. M

    [Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]

    Jakjaan and Cee turn out really cute in these first few episodes. Can't wait for the next week.
  238. M

    Thanks for the add!

    Thanks for the add!
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    Mv of Bird Thongchai "Taan Fai Gow"

    Been hearing this song since ever but never had a chance to see the actual mv. Thanks for sharing. Wow, Bee was hot. I miss him onscreen since his last lakorn with Tik Kanyarat-if I'm not mistaken (can't remember the name of it, but I believe it was a period lakorn with three pairing...
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    Ch.7 version of Ch.3 lakorn

    Thanks for sharing. It would be fun to watch if we do have ch7 versions of ch3 lakorns.
  241. M

    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    I agree Cecilia...I love Pip and Khem's story. I think it was the best out of the three stories/couples.
  242. M

    Tard Rak (Lakorn Thai)

    I sympathize Ward though. Can't wait for next week's episode. Love Ward and Aongdin.
  243. M

    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)

    Wow, the ghost is very freaky. Props to the makeup artist.
  244. M

    Which Nadech's Ad do you like most?

    I like the ones with Yaya...Foremost and Lays
  245. M

    Nai Zaa Kee Ka Sap (Tv Scene)

    Donut's cute. Glad she get to have a n'ek role again
  246. M

    Khuu Khane Saen Ruk (Baan Lakorn)

    I actually anticipating Nadia and Oun's scenes. They look like a very funny couple in this lakorn. I'm glad Nadia's in a lakorn again after years...I miss her.
  247. M

    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    I'm looking forward to this one very much. So many interesting couples...and two newbies. Kane looks cute. Hope Kim-Mark's storyline will be more interesting and exciting than the old boring version.
  248. M

    [Media] Koom Pah Kham (Media of Media)

    I really want to see this lakorn. It looks so good and interesting with Paul, Joy, Yui, and its storyline. It's sad to see the cast and crew's effort and hard work go to waste.
  249. M

    [Ch3] Bupae Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai)

    I would love to see Anne and Andrew together.
  250. M

    [Ch3] Tom Yum Rum Shing (Broadcast Thai)

    I like Chom's outfit...its cute.
  251. M

    Kwan Usamanee: Kwan New Looks

    Kwan's gorgeous in this shoot.
  252. M

    Porshe Saran in Magazine

    Wow, that was tons of pix of him. Cute.
  253. M

    4+1 Channel 3's Superstar

    I'm so excited about this project after hearing about all the hot p'ek.
  254. M

    Tard Rak (Lakorn Thai)

    Ward and Aongdin are so cute in today's episode. I can't believe it's ending already :(
  255. M

    Barry Nadech, Aum Patcharapa

    Cute! :wub:
  256. M

    Dome Pakorn

    I would so go see it if i was in Thailand.
  257. M

    Nathalie Davis

    I like the second and third pix.
  258. M

    Mario Maurer

    I like the cover.
  259. M

    Benz Punyaporn

    She looks different here probably cuz the makeup
  260. M

    Por Nattawat

    Poh looks good on the cover.
  261. M

    Chompoo Araya

    Indeed, Chom is gorgeous :thumbsup:
  262. M

    Ice Apissada

    Ice is so pretty. thx for sharing.
  263. M

    Min Peechaya

    All the dresses are beautiful! And absolutely, the people (Min, Mo, Vill) wearing them are gorgeously stunning.
  264. M

    Chompoo Araya had surprise RitZ The Star's birthday

    Chompoo is so sweet. Thanks for the news!
  265. M

    Planking with Thai Dara

    Some are very funny and creative.
  266. M

    [Ch3] Ruk Pathiharn (Maker Group)

    Like blissfulxoxo mentioned, they should have Umm with Kim and Mark with Mint again. I would love to see them in a lakorn together again.
  267. M

    [CH7] Jao Ying Lhong Yook (Mirabilis)

    I miss Mo as a n'ek again.
  268. M

    [Ch7] Chun Ruk Tur Na (DaraVdo)

    I like the name of the lakorn though.
  269. M

    Tui Kiatkamol

    Tui looks great here.
  270. M

    Barry Nadech

    the cover is... :mellow:
  271. M

    Kim Kimberly

    Kim's cute :wub:
  272. M

    Om Akapan and Barry Nadech

    Two cuties!
  273. M

    Tangmo Pattarathida

    Cute pix!
  274. M

    [Pic] TV Pool 22nd Star Party

    Thank you for the pix!
  275. M

    Tard Rak (Lakorn Thai)

    This lakorn is so cute. Love Janie in here.
  276. M

    Pong Nawat and Sammie Cowell

    Pong and Sammie look cute! I like the background too.
  277. M

    Diew Suriyon

    he has a nice body.
  278. M

    Jane Jensuda

    i like the black and white pix.
  279. M

    Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

    love her smile
  280. M

    Various Actresses

    the cartoon effects look kinda scary...but other than that they all look gorgeous.
  281. M

    Chompoo Araya

    stunning cover
  282. M

    Cris Horwang

    I like the shoot. thx
  283. M

    Min Peechaya

    wow they're all beautiful and the dresses are gorgeous!
  284. M

    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    Boy and Margie are so cute...can't wait for this lakorn either
  285. M

    Tard Rak (Lakorn Thai)

    Love Por-Janie in this lakorn :wub:
  286. M

    Sririta Jensen

    she's Pretty!
  287. M

    Jui Warattaya

    I like the pink dress pic!
  288. M

    Yaya Urassaya & Barry Nadech

    They're so cute!
  289. M

    Tangmo Pattarathida

    hot cover!
  290. M

    Paula Taylor Has Given Birth

    she has a perfectly happy family now.
  291. M

    Raeya Vs. Thongpairum

    Overall, Thongpairum is WORST!
  292. M

    Anne Thongprasom

    very elegant...Anne's my princess.
  293. M

    Kim Kimberley: Sunshine on the Spotless Mind

    I love Kim!
  294. M

    [Ch7] Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon (Compordee)

    The love triangle in here is so sad. I'm cheering for Jui and Wier tho.
  295. M

    Lui [DIDA]

    Me too! This lakorn has so many n'eks...Tangmo, Jan, Amy, Yui, and Sammy for the 2nd gen. and kinda hard for p'ek to choose from.
  296. M

    Dok Som See Thong(Broadcast thai)

    This lakorn is great. Love the cast. And isn't it ending next week?
  297. M

    Kim Kimberly

    really cute...i like the shoot
  298. M

    Lui [DIDA]

    Please let Mo be the n'ek.
  299. M

    Lui [DIDA] Jakjaan on the wall?
  300. M

    The Star7

    I'll be fine if either Amp or Toomtam wins...but just not Note. I agree with y'all that she can't sing. idk something about her annoys me in general.
  301. M

    Jui Warattaya

    love jui in this shoot!
  302. M

    Sara Legg

    so beautiful!
  303. M

    Barry Nadech

    omg, so many hot guys! love them all!
  304. M

    Grate Warintorn

    Cute! Love his smile :D :thumbsup:
  305. M

    Oops!: Volume 7 Issue 155 | April 10, 2011

    SCREAMS!!! Can't wait for this scene. They look very cute :wub:
  306. M

    Joy Rinalee

    Joy's gorgeous!
  307. M

    Teya Rogers

    very nice...miss Teya!
  308. M

    Yaya Urasaya Sperbund

    Yaya's so preetty!
  309. M

    Jui Warattaya, Son Yuk

    Jui's gorgeous in this photoshoot!
  310. M

    Margie Rasee & Boy Pakorn

    Hot! Love both of them!
  311. M

    Ploy Cherman

    The photoshoot is very beautiful! Ploy's gorgeous.
  312. M

    Mint Chalida

    Mint's so cute!
  313. M

    Kim Kimberly

    very purty!!! :cloud9:
  314. M

    The Star7

    I love Silvy! Her voice is so powerful.
  315. M

    Barry Nadech, Nichkhun, Pae Arak

    barry and nichkhun cutee! :wub: :cloud9:
  316. M

    Bee Namthip and Kelly Thanapat Broke Up???

    They were such a cute couple. It's sad :(
  317. M

    Aff Taksaorn and Other Stars

    Aff looks so beautiful on the cover. Her dress is pretty.
  318. M

    Kim Kimberley & Boy Pakorn: Field of Dream, Lips: Volume 12 Issue 14 | January 2011

    hot!!! I would love to see them pair up in a lakorn.
  319. M

    Sririta Jensen and Chakrit Yamnarm

    Rita looks gorgeous!
  320. M

    Oop! Magazine

    very cute...thanking for sharing!
  321. M

    which actress(es) do you think have a nice figure?

    :thumbsup: I love your answer...and totally agree with that btw
  322. M

    Teya Rogers

    Teya is so cute. I miss her onscreen.
  323. M

    Ploy Cherman and Tar Nawin

    I like the cover despite Tar's makeup+hair.
  324. M

    New Wongsakorn and Jui Warattaya

    they're such a cute couple and one of my fave!
  325. M

    Aom, Ann, & Others in Bride Magazine

    Anne looks so gorgeous! All the dresses are beautiful!
  326. M

    Ch3 41 Priew Siew Fun Event

    Yup, Matt's makeup is creepy. It look like a fun event. I especially love their performances.
  327. M

    Sirita Jensen

    Rita is really pretty in the shoot.
  328. M

    Chompoo Araya & Others

    she looks gorgeous. thx!
  329. M

    Dome Pakorn Lam

    I can't wait for his lakorn either! He's always looking hot&handsome.
  330. M

    Sammie Puntitha Cowell

    I like Sammie...she's pretty. thx!
  331. M

    Aff Taksaorn & Songkran

    Aff looks different but still pretty.
  332. M


    very cute and bubbly! thx
  333. M

    Boy Pakorn & Yaya Urassaya

    love the shoot. Boy and Yaya look classy and hot!
  334. M

    Barry Nadech & Kim Kimberly

    very cute! Kim in a different look with her hair straighten down is pretty. Barry's hot as always.
  335. M

    Sara Legge

    I like the shoot. Sara is pretty!
  336. M

    Cherry Khemupsorn & Ananda Everingham

    Thanks for the sharing the pix. They both look really nice. Congrats to them as well.
  337. M

    Tuptim Unyarin Teerathananpat

    Gorgeous! thx
  338. M

    Fang Pichaya:Blooming Beautiful Bright Girl

    Pretty! I like her eyes.
  339. M


    ha i love kim's eyes too
  340. M


    very cute! thx
  341. M

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Just looked at all the recent pix of them make me miss them so much. I really want the whole cast to reunite in a lakorn ASAP
  342. M

    Yaya Urassaya + Margie Rasee + Kimberley + Mint Chalida

    Ha Screams! these girls are so pretty...and now they're showing off a little of their "sexy" side lol HOTT! This makes me miss 4HHKK. I just pray they would reunite in a lakorn soon
  343. M

    Aum Atichart and Aff Taksaorn

    Omg ATEAM forever! lovely
  344. M

    Aum, Kim, Barry, Yaya, Mark, Mint, Boy, Margie

    very them all!
  345. M

    Yaya Urassaya & Kim Kimberly

    Both of them are so cute and they look gorgeous! :wub: Love the concept of the shoot.
  346. M

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    OMG I don't want this series to end.
  347. M

    Yaya Urassaya,Margie and Kimberly in Lisa

    The girls are so cute :spin: :cloud9: and they look gorgeous in their own ways :wub:
  348. M

    4 Hua Jai Hang Koon Kao Pocket Book

    The pictures are cute! Thank you so much for sharing!
  349. M

    Fang Pitchaya

    wow, the shoot is beautiful. Fang looks great, gorgeous, and sexy. :wub: :cloud9:
  350. M

    Barry & Yaya interview from Pappayon Bunterng

    aw what a cute article lol Thanks for sharing!
  351. M

    Ch3 2011 Calendar

    I totally agree with you. Their picture looked so plain and simple compared to others'
  352. M

    Ch3 2011 Calendar

    me too
  353. M

    Sudsapda 2010 Awards

    Thank you Cecilia for the clips. Tik looks hot despite his dry skin lol. I love how he always gives awesome accepting speeches at award ceremonies.
  354. M

    Janie Tienposuwan

    i like it. it looks natural.
  355. M

    Donut Manasnan

    I really miss Donut's long hair.
  356. M

    Aff Taksaorn - In the Mood For Love

    I like the shoot. Aff looks different; but she is still gorgeous :wub:
  357. M

    Janie Tienposuwan

    Janie is very pretty :wub: :spin:
  358. M

    Jui Warattaya

    very stunning :D
  359. M

    Jui Warattaya

    she's gorgeous and oh the eyes :drool:
  360. M

    who is hotter

    i can't really choose between them...nevertheless, i would have to give it to aum. he's my #1 :wub:
  361. M

    Theppha But Maya, Theptida Jamlaeng (Kantana)

    this lakorn is getting so good right now. Love Kwan and Win's chemistry. they're super duper cute together :wub: :spin:
  362. M

    Huajai Rak Kaam Pop [ TV3 Cholumpi ]

    i really enjoy watching this the storyline.and tye and donut are so cute :wub: :wub: Glad to see Donut as a n'ek again.
  363. M

    Barry Nadech

    OMGosh he is sooo cute!!! :wub: :wub:
  364. M

    What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate

    I can't stand Aun W. he's just eww...U G L Y and can't act AT ALL
  365. M

    Lakorns with a horrible ending/left you haning

    ooh i hate that too.
  366. M

    Stars who starred in 2 or more lakorns together, which lakorn is your favorite

    Oh thank you very much for correcting it :lol:
  367. M

    simply..ROMANTIC lakorns

    Oum Ruk-Ann and Ken Ruk Tur Took Wan-Aom and Ken...omg I love the soundtrack for it Jam Loey Rak-Aum and Aff...the ending scene was the cutest ever!!! Manee Yard Fah-Ann and Willy...this one has been ages but it's very good+romantic something w/ Sai Lom? Marsha and Peter Corp-they went to New...
  368. M

    Stars who starred in 2 or more lakorns together, which lakorn is your favorite

    AumAff-of course Jam Loey Ruk, it's the best :wub: RomeRita-Klin Kaew Klang Jai. CeeCheer-Kom Fak PloyPor-Ruk lae Sanahe luang? their first lakorn together w/ Por and his blind twin KenAnne-Oum Rak NumKob-i think it's called Huajai...? the one that pre'ake had a heart disease PongBee-Buong Ruk...
  369. M

    Favorite Supporing Actors/Actresses

    Puli Rotmay Meji-love her the most in Bab Ruk Talay Fun (paired up w/ Man G.?) and Tay Jai Ruk (w/ Ta) Jaja Amy Amika Gosin-love his eyes Oh Anuchit-love him in every cute Aerin+Pookai (especially in Ching Chung) :wub:
  370. M

    Aff Taksaorn & Aum Atichart: The Perfect Match

    they are so sooooo cute together :wub: oh meltzz... so missing them on screen together
  371. M

    Hot Hit Tv3 2010

    haha i would love to see tui's lakorn though :wub: sorry off topic :blush:
  372. M

    Hi, thank you very much for the birthday wish. I hope you're enjoying the holiday season :D

    Hi, thank you very much for the birthday wish. I hope you're enjoying the holiday season :D
  373. M

    Hi Emilie, thank you very much for the birthday wish. I hope you're enjoying the holiday season :D

    Hi Emilie, thank you very much for the birthday wish. I hope you're enjoying the holiday season :D
  374. M

    Noon Woranuch [Don't Worry, Be Happy]

    aw lovely I really like the 2nd pic
  375. M

    Anne T,Aum P, Pei Arak,Om Akrapan,Aof Chanapol:5th Anni

    hmmm...Ann with some pretty boyzz :lol: i like :wub:
  376. M

    Teya Rogers

    ooo I wanna see it. I love Teya :wub:
  377. M

    Ok! magazine award

    Congrats to the winners...I love them all :wub:
  378. M

    Jui Warattaya TV Inside : 327 Vol. 6 - 21-27 October 2009

    Thank you very much for posting this. :wub: I love p'jui. She is so pretty in the face expressions.
  379. M

    [Ch3] Plerng Boon (Makers Group)

    Yup, i totally agree with you 110%. My Aum and Aff doesn't deserve this awful-type lakorn.
  380. M

    Rahus Lo-Gan (CH7)

    i'm watching this one for jui but man...stephen again? and not like there's somethin' wrong with that but it's just his acting skill that's too stiff.
  381. M

    Ching Chang (Exact-CH5)

    I totally love Aerin's character in this lakorn...hope ging and atit will have more sweet scenes together...even though i know it will end soon.
  382. M

    Elle Fashion Week 2009

    Aff looked the BEST!!! :wub:
  383. M

    Kwan Usamanee

    hey i like the different look on her...short hair also suits her
  384. M

    B Namthip & Rasee [Hair Today]

    the shoot is kinda boring...btw i never knew bee had a sister? :huh: or are they?
  385. M

    OHO vol. 2 no. 40 October 2009 [Charming Girl! It's Real!]

    kob and pan looked so cute that pic:wub: ^_^ i'm liking janie and tangmo too. everyone looked great in here except for ploy('s legs) :) :lol:
  386. M

    Ploy Cherman [Charming Girl]

    i really like ploy in the last pic cuz of her expressions :wub:
  387. M

    Pancake Khemmanit [Autumn in Korea]

    oohh nice pix...thx i love the scenery and the feel of being in korea ^_^ :lol:
  388. M

    Aff Taksaorn, Aum Atichart, Tah Warit

    they all looked very hoooooootttttttt.....ohhhh my ATEAM...just wordless :wub: :wub:
  389. M

    Up coming Actresses

    i really like aerin in ching chung right now :wub:
  390. M

    Paula Taylor

    tnx...paula looked really pretty in the last pix
  391. M

    Jui Wattaraya & New Wongsakorn

    they are so cute together :wub: hope they will have a lakorn together again
  392. M


  393. M


  394. M

    Aff, Ploy, & Umm at Ratree Samosarn

    aff is so so hot especially with aum :wub: oh i can just feel the hotness and chemistry of ATEAM. aff looks absolutely gorgeous especially in that outfit. thanks for all the cool pix (and that there are many of them too)!!! :D
  395. M

    Your Favorite Actor Ching Chang?

    this lakorn is getting so good right now, it's very dramatic and everyone are playing so well...hope the 2nd generation will be as good as the first :D
  396. M

    Aff Taksaorn broke with 10+ years boyfriend Oor

    i just hope for the best for aff in her love life :D ...but hey ATEAM :wub:
  397. M

    Jui & New

    how did jui and captain broke up...can someone plz tell me cuz i missed the news...plz and thank you :D
  398. M

    Benz Porchita Na Songklah

    this looks creepy
  399. M

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    thank you for finding and putting in the links, guys :D i really like seeing Thai stars speaking in English. :wub:... and i don't care if it's perfect english or not cuz i still enjoy it