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    Who should be Nadech's next co star?

    i know this is an old poll and that's why she's not on here, but having just watched Majurat See Nampeung recently, i would love to see one of my all time favorite guy, Nadech (the other one being than Ken T.  :wink: ) pair up with Namtarn
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    Which characters in Suparboorut Jutathep captured you?

    Each of the Khun Chais was awesome in their own way, but the one that I enjoyed the most was Chai Lek.  I love the fact the he's always a bit silly and never gets upset with Soifah for some of the childish pranks she pulls on him.   But I have to agree with bubbles8, none of the Khun Chais...
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    Which couples you like more?

    no even for Yadech bias here.  One of my all time favorite on screen couples.
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

    Just recently finsihed the Khun Chais of my favorite line is from Khun Chai Puttipat when he was telling the grandmothers that he was marrying Kaew.   Ya Oon: You want to ask permission to marry her? Chai Pat: No I'm not asking permission. I'm just telling you.   he knows what he...
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

    hahah...i'm currently watching Thoranee Ne Nee Krai Krong and i love this line from ep 5 where Pan and Aueng are trying to take off Athit's super tight pants because he was sick...    Aueng:  "Is this a fashion trend or he doesn't have money to buy pants?  Probably he has worn it since he was in...
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

    I could have swore i made a reply to a similar thread before but i cannot find it.  Here's one of my favorite lines, and it's from the drama Wanida.  It was the scene between Aff (Wanida) and Joy R. (Pisamai).  My favorite line was Aff/Wanida's line.   Pisamai:  I'm Major Prajak's lover...
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    Lakorn Makeup

    i agree...i too wear minimun makeup....i need to look into primers as well...i just started using BB creams a few months ago and i love it...What is a good brand for primer?
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    "Ridiculous" Lakorn Endings

    many channel 5 lakorn ending sucks, but i have got to agree with Dok Soke being one of the most stupidest and suckiest ending ever...that drama made me wanted to strangle the n'ek...i mean seriously, how can she marry him and then just leave him like that...i was the "WTF kind of ending is...
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    [SBS] Faith

    love the drama, found the ending disappionting though, after their love and longing for each other i wanted to see more of them being together
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    [KBS2] Nice Guy

    i was waiting for more epi to come out before watching it...just watched it this weekend and i love it..i'm totally hook. So glad i only have to wait anxiously for two weeks for it to finish. I think it's worth watching. I watched it because of my bias for Song Joong Ki, but found that I...
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    The Most Handsome Pra'ek

    If we're rating them on handsomeness I have to say Ken wins hands down for me. I didn't start liking him until i saw him in Oum Ruk. I I saw him in Nung Nai Suang and he didn't make all that big of an impression on me until i saw him in Oum Ruk. Although Nadech is my favorite out of all four...
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    Best Lakorns!!

    the one that you are probably thinking of where she was in it with Pat is Ka Neung Ha
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    hahah...Thooka, you are too funny...yes it's the Om and Min's call Bundai Dok Ruk, of my favoirtes
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    His family owns a farm. She is a beauty queen. She gets a job at his family farm where her best friends works in hopes of catching the son of the owner's eyes. He is the responsible brother who was ask to intervene as his brother often does not make the best decision regarding woman. He falls...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    This thread has been quiet for a couple of days, so here's one. He is the head of his family. He does not approve of his two younger sibling's signifcant others. Her father owe him money and pretty much sold her to him. He makes her get marry with his younger brother because he does not...
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    Which actress play best/worst role as princess do you think?

    Which actress do you think play the best role as a princess? I agree with many of you, for this this one goes to Kob in Silamanee, with a close one to Ann in Manee Yard Fah. Which actress do you think play the worst role as a princess? ??? for this one for now Which princess dress from which...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    i think i may have seen it before but can't remember who was in the movie...vaguely remember maybe Oil as the p'ek and Gig as the fiance that likes BDSM???? so I'm going to guess that the drama is Khun Chai Jom Yoog????
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Khun Nu Chantana ?? sounds like Overboard with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn...LOL
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    Rare Hmong Dub Movies

    I think the Hmong title was called "Mam Hlub Lwm Tiam" or something like that...and the last time i check i think i still saw them for sell at LongCheng Market in Sacramento....I think i also saw them for sell at Phooj Ywj Lee's Market and Marysville, California as well (can't be sure). I love...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Sapai Look Toong
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    N'ek that should come back.

    I would love to see Ann Alica as n'ek again...and Best and Fang. I too would love to see Ning K come back to acting.
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    [Ch3] Khun Seuk(Tv Scene)

    I am not overly fond of "war/period" drama, but I'm going to watch this for Ploy and Aum. I love Ploy and she just looks simply beautiful in traditional thai clothing...and it helps that Aum is such a sexy Seima...LOL
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    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    you have got to be f'en kidding me...that was such a horrible ending...i watched this for Pong and because I found Charbelle cute...but the ending totally killed it for seriously...they could not have left it at the wedding scene (i for one would have been satisfy to have that be the...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    looks like no one is gonna try to guess this one? here's another clue. this drama stars child actor Alex Rendell in the role of the young boy left in charge of the country
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

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    Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasri (WE vol. 8 no. 97 May 2012)

    i know...i didn't think they were actually dating because i read somewhere that she has a boyfriend and that she and Boy are just really good friends...but then his wiki profile says he's dating her and hers says she's dating him and i was like "WTH? Did i miss something?"...LOL
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    Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasri (WE vol. 8 no. 97 May 2012)

    okay question to all u big time Bargie fans....R Margie and Boy really dating? On their Wiki profiles it says they are dating each other? I thought they were just good friends and that she already has a bf? Can anyone clarify this for me. I'm so confuse now.
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    One of my all time favorites as well and the first drama to really get me hook on thai lakorns. I can watch this drama over and over again. I just love Willy and Anne in here.
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    She is an art student that lives with her aunt. She starts modeling on the side for extra money when one of the models did not show up for a show. She trips and fall on the runway and he helps her up. There is a misunderstanding where his sister thinks she is the mistress to the sister's...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    They met when she rescues him from being attack by some thugs. He finds out she is friends with his younger brother, who is in love with her. She rejects the younger's brother's proposal. He goes to find out why she rejects his brother's proposal and finds her with another man. He mistakenly...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Ding...ding....u've guess correctly
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Her older sister and his younger brother are in love. His family does not approve as her sister is older and also has been divorce before. His family tricks his brother to go work aboard by saying that they will let the two marry after the brother has gain some life experience. His brother and...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    She returns from studying aboard to find out that her father is sick and her family is bankrupt. She ends up working for him at his farm. He does not trust woman because he found out on his wedding day that his fiance was pregnant by his rival. He claims to hate her, but secretly finds her...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    He was from a drug war torn country. He and one of his friend were sent to Thailand to further their education in order to help their country. He met and felt in love with her at school. she is from a wealthy family who did not approve of her relationship with him. They decide to elope to his...
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    Lakorns that are worth watching over (and over)

    For me... Manee Yard Fah The 4 Hearts of the Mountain series Oum Ruk Buang Bunjatorn Fah Pieng Din Bundai Dok Ruk (double dose of Om...LOL) Leh Ratree Roy Leh Sanae Rai could I have forgotten one of my all time favorities, Ka Neung Ha (Ning and Pat version)...I must have seen that...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Say it is't so. Those two were one of my favorite leading Pra'nangs. I love Captain and Aom together.
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    It's Fah Pieng Din with Captain P. and Aom P. and her dad did know that p'ek was the dad's sister's son....her dad told her about all this before he died.
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    I don't know what the Thai Title is called as I only saw the Hmong dubbed version, but I think you're talking about the one where Katreeya English was the ghost/n'ek. I can't remember who the p'ek was. She was killed at the house and haunts it, she may be been killed by p'ek's gf's dad or...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Badarn Jai with Aum A. and Margie
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Their dads were best friends and promised to have their children marry. She lives in the country side. He lives in the city and is a play boy who is obsessive with appearance and cleanliness. They did not like each other when they were younger because he called her "black/dark skin". He does...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    He was born out of wedlock. His step mother and half brother hated him. She was his neighbor and childhood friend. Everyone thought he died as a child. He ends up living with his aunt, who happens to be the mistress to his stepmother's brother-in-law. To take revenge on his half brother, he...
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    Benz VS Aum P

    Benz hands down...i never really got all the hype about Aum P. I feels she's a bit overrated. Haven't really seen any of her work where i was super impress.
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    Your Favorite Nadech & Yaya Lakorn?

    chuck in another vote for love Fai-Jeed long too love the character Fai more than Charles/Saichon, and i love fiesty Jeed as well...
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    New Hmong Dubb. Thai lakorn?

    it's been dubbed by HA Entertainment and u can find it on's call "Pom Txhua Hnub Kuv Thiaj Nyiag Hlub"
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Duang Jai Kra Sip Rak with Pok Piyatida and Au Tanakorn
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    one of my favorites and this one should be easy... N'ek finds her husband cheating on her so she runs away to her father's home. N'ek sleeps in an old bed she finds in her dad's home and travels back in time to meet P'ek. N'ek and P'ek falls in love because P'ek has been dreaming about her...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Hua Jai Chocolate
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    What lakorn(s) do you wish for your pra'nang to star in instead?

    what, they are remaking Ka Neung Ha with Film and and newbie??...that's one of my all time favorite lakorn...i not sure Film will fit the role of Poom, Pat was a great Poom and Ning a funny Yai....i was hoping for team Yadech or MTeam for this drama...
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    help me point out the wedding lakorns

    yes, sounds like it's the one that Cecilia posted....Dood Fa Rai Dao with Aon Kevlin Kortland and Aon Ratipong Phumalee...i loved that drama...
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    Nadech or Porshe?

    My personal bias...Nadech...I just that man.
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    [Ch3] Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (No Problem)

    omg...we're at 151 pages already and the darn drama hasn't even started to air yet...LOL...does anyone know when it will air...i'm needing my Yadech fix now....
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    the "new" pat napapar

    this does not look anything like the Pat I remember, frankly i'm disappointed in this new look...i too almost couldn't recongize her, the only thing i recognize was the smile in the second photo...
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    [Pics]Chai & Vicky's Wedding Day! 5-4-12

    aww....vicky looks beautiful...i love the simplicity of her dress...looks like that of a greek goddess' toga...
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    [Ch3] Ruk Ork Akard (Polyplus)

    Can someone who's watch this drama please add a Synopsis/Review of it on Wiki, i'm want to know what the story line is about yet i'm too lazy to search thru all 44 pages of this thread to try and find it...thanks...
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    [Ch3] Mook Liam Petch (Pau Jing Jong)

    Can someone who's watch this drama please add a Synopsis/Review of it on Wiki, i'm want to know what the story line is about yet i'm too lazy to search thru all 29 pages of this topic to try and find it...thanks...
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    Ratree Somosorm - Rome, Ploy, Tanya

    this has already occured in Kulap Rai Nam with Rome as p'ek, Yaya as n'ek and Ploy as n'ek's older sister who happens to be the n'rai.
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    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    Newest Thai Dubbed lakorn I know of is Dok Kaew with Mai Davika and Win forgot what it's call, there's also Ruen Pae, among too many others that i can't remember them all at the moment
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    awww...i think this thread is meant for artist in laos/thailand that you want to see perform in the the states....Maiv Xyooj lives here in the states so i don't think she counts....LOL
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    Which Thai dara do you want to see in the U.S?

    Where do u live, if you live in Cali, Parn will be in Cali this weekend Sunday March 25 @ Cache Creek Casino Resort
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    Productions Names/Dara Nicknames

    hahah...pancake is a bit wierd...but u have it listed twice...LOL...i'm not a big fan of pancake... haha...i agree with many of the ones that have already been's some more from my list... i've always thought Lift was kinda wierd, and Pepper. Then there's Ball, and Fresh, among a...
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    which thai actor would you marry?????

    i would so marry Nadech, even though he's way younger than me...LOL or Om, or Dome (Traipoom-Vamp Boy...hahaha), or Por T, or Captain
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    [Pic] Willy Mcintosh & his son

    such a little cutie...he's going to be stealing hearts when he's older...he looks just like his daddy, got his daddy's eyes, nose, and cute cheshire cat grin..
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    Proud Moments in Thai Nang'ek History

    i know there a a few scenes that i've seen that i like, but the only i can think of right now is in Wanida during the military ball scene where Wanida meets Pisamai for the first time. Pisamai: "I'm Major Prajak's lover." Wanida: "I'm Wanida Mahasak, Major Prajak's wife." She wasn't even...
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    p' mam, p'por t is here in fresno!

    just saw this....does anyone know if they are just there today or if they'll still be there tomorrow as too far from fresno to make it there today, but wouldn't mind driving down tomorrow if they will still be there tomorrow.
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    Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns

    All this talk about Kobori makes me want to rewatch Koo Gum again....LOL..think i'm going to do that during my week off...LOL
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    Worst lakorn of 2011

    think that person meant the Boy/Margie drama where they start off with the wedding, then flash back to 3 months before the wedding and took a good 8-9 epi before they got back to the wedding scene again....i was a bit annoy with that as well...
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    Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns

    I agree with these and want to add them to my original list of Fai/Akkanne (Nadech from Duang Jai Akkanne) and La (Pol Tanthasatien from Samee) I also want to add some more to my list. Poom Rattanabodin (Patson Saritu from Ka Neung Ha) – he fought with and tease his n’ek like crazy, but when...
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    AsianFuse Top Awards 2011

    GRGR all the way.....but for p'ek of the year, Mr. Vampire Dome comes in a close second with one of my other favorite leading man Om following closely behind with BDDR.
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    Best Lakorn OSTs

    Stupid dumb questions, but I'm not able to see any of the youtube clips....all i get is a image icon..any ideas on what i need to do in order to be able to see them?
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    What lakorn introduce you to the Thai Lakorn Industry?

    i've watched lots of lakorn when i was little especially Boran (some of the most memorable r Uthai Tawee and the one where the queen/princess has a set of quads, 3 boys and a girl...not sure what that one is call) because my one aunt that understood thai and can tell me what was going on love...
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    Chalida's Next P'ek?

    now that i've got a chance to think about it again, I want to add another guy that is not on the list...I wouldn't mind seeing her and First Ekkaphong reunite in anothere drama with just them as the leading couple...they were cute together in Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying
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    Favorite PraNang 2011

    Definitely Yadech in GRGR for me....those two are adorable and that drama is my current addiction Om and Min in BDR comes next Ken and Jane in KRLJ Dome and Ploy in RMMWT (Dome is the hottest vampire i've ever seen)...LOL
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    Chalida's Next P'ek?

    she's super cute, i would love to see her with my favorite guy actor right now Nadech....or with Mario because they both have such baby face...I also don't mind see her star with Pope again because I just love them in Tawan Duard...
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    4+1 Channel 3's Superstar

    out of all 5 guys i have to say my favorite is Nadech, follow by Mario, Mark, Boy. I haven't seen any of this Ken fellow's work so I can't rank him..LOL...Mario is a cutie, but with his baby face i sometimes have a difficult time taking him serious...especially in Plerng Torranong with Taew...i...
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    Recommendation: Age Difference/Forbidden Love Lakorn

    Here are some off the top of my head... Awayjee See Chompoo - (Por T. and Ja) he was in love with her mom, she calls him uncle, then her mom ask him to marry her to protect her from her dad. Fah Pieng Din - (Captain and Aom P.) they are first cousin, but when they were little they thought...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    You know u r watching a thai lakorn when you significant other complains that every spare moment u have is spent on youtube watching ur current lakorn addicting....LOL
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    which role/character would you play...

    i would love to play the role of Yai Mankaew in Ka Neung Ha (Ning and Patson)....and my second choice would be Jeed in Duang Jai Akkanee (Yadech)...
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    Who was the hottest pra'eks in the 90s?

    # 1 for me was Willy follow by * Captain * Pol T. (love the man, he isn't what i would call handsome, but is super charasmatic. * Num Sonram * Patson
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    does anyone know how many epi this drama is gonna have...i mean i love Om and love the storyline, but i'm kinda ready to see it getting wrap up soon....i don't want to see them dragging it on too long and have useless things happening just so that they can make it a lot of epi...
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    Thai lakorn with super obsessed pek

    i forgot to add one of my all time favorite epic romance drama....Kobori from Koo Gum is a very persistent p'ek as well...he wasn't obsessive, but he knew want he wanted and he went for it...
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    Thai lakorn with super obsessed pek

    I was going to say Oum Ruk as well because Ken's character was persistent of Ann's character even thought she hated him for having gotten her pregnant when they were both drunk... and I would like to add Fah Pieng Din (Captain and Aom P.) - Taweda persistently persue Celica even though his...
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    laos girls and ME - bad combo

    You have access to all that important information about him and u two are just friends? Dang, I want a friend like that as well...LOL. I had many good guy friends in college, but I would have never given them access to my checking account/credit card, maybe the car every once in a while, but...
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    issues before marriages...

    it's the quiet type you've got to watch out for because those are usually the "silent but deadly type"...LOL..anyways if you don't want people to think bad of you, don't write things on your FB that they can see and judge you by...i know that sometimes we get upset and want to rant, but if you...
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    Will you ever girls?

    first and foremost i really don't think anyone should be getting marry unless they can support themselves and their spouse financially and not rely on their parents to be supporting them. I would never speak up to contradict my elders because it is rude and disrespectful to do so. When I got...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    * when the characters have long last names that most fans cannot even pronounce...much less try to spell them...LOL..
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    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    newest ones i know are 365 days of love (365 Hnub Ntawm Txoj Kev Hlub)with Ken/Ann and Dance of the Stars (Sib Tw Kev Zoo Nkauj) with Oil, Ploy and Lydia
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    Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns

    Love Mr. Fai in Duang Jai Akkanee also love Pol T. in Samee
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    Same Songs, Different People Singing

    Kos Lis - zoo nkauj noj tsis tau DANIEL BOONE - BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY
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    Baan Sai Thong

    from my understanding their grandpas are brothers (Poh's paternal grandfather and Chai's maternal grandfather, her dad and his mom are suppose to be first cousin) and the original last name is Pinitnam...her grandfather left, his stay in the house, but as he only had one child (Chai's mom)Chai's...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    omg, just found this thread and I just love it, so funny and true. Some of my favorite are the following: 40. Middle class does not exist, there is the rich and the poor only 63. P'eks are unusually virile and/or n'eks are unusually fertile-it only takes one time to get pregnant (usually from...
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    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    newest one i know of is Thara's Himalaya, dubbed by EQ and by Sun.
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    Duay Rang Athitarn Thai Hmong Movie

    I have the to say the old version was way better...I love Weir, but I'm not much of a Pancake fan....think Weir looks too young for the role because he's suppose to play an older mature men...I keep expecting to see Kob and Tua instead of Weir and Pan...
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    saving yourself until marriage

    That's what i said, having been raped is the only time where you do not have a choice about losing your virginity, other than that, the choice of keeping it or losing it is a personal choice of an individual...
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    saving yourself until marriage

    virginity is so way overrated these days. so many people are not waiting until marriage to experience sexual pleasure. but, of course it's possible to remain a virgin until your marriage, why wouldn't it be? choosing to loose one's virginity is a personal choice that one makes, unless of...
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    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    sorry, accidently double posted...
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    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    Anyone here an avid hmong song listener??? I'm trying to find out the title of the song and the artist for the hmong song that they play in Nplooj Siab Tsis Qhuav Ntshav....Mart and Susie's lakorn "Plerng See Roong" the song....
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    hahha....i don't even know who this person i don't care if they're a man or a woman..
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    so is this messed up or wht?

    that's just hecka does she know it's him that infertile and not her.....i think some people are just way too stupid....why the heck would you go order yourself a husband/wife from laos/thailand anyway....most of them don't know anything and it will be like taking care of an infant...
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    need help finding this artist..=) this out to see if this is what you want....supposely the singer is Bao Lee and you can download the least that what it says here..... is this the guy version of the son you were looking for in the oil, noon lakorn...
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    A-Z hmong dub thai lakorn

    here's a new one... Mae Ying (Yim Hlub Yim Mob) Starring Num and Noon.....uploaded by diamondsXx13 Song Kram Nang Fah (Lub Neej Lwj Siab) Starring Pong, Bee, Kong.....uploaded by iluv805
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    Hmong Dubbed Thai Lakorns ?

    the list is still here.....just scroll the page it's call A - Z Hmong Dubbed Thai Lakorns....
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    A-Z hmong dub thai lakorn

    yes, i'm sure there was three version but i have no idea what their titles are...LOL... i know for sure that the TNT version is call "Ncauj ntxub siab nyiag hlub" or something like that, then there's a Hmong Production version, and a EQ Production version as well, I think
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    A-Z hmong dub thai lakorn

    Hahah....i don't think you were paying close attention kulyia....Sherrie has's like number 6 on her list....
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    A-Z hmong dub thai lakorn

    Hahah....i have my own's some that I notice you didn't have....too lazy to do the little hyperlink to each uploader's page and/or movie list....can't be bother to do you can fix when you have time and if you want to Sherrie..... Movie: The Whistle (Txoj Saw)...
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    A hmong story

    wow....we have some pretty talented sarnies on there.....just recently discovered this thread....i love to write stories as well, but then part way through I loose interest and creativity and usually end up quiting...LOL....i think for now i'll just sit back and read what you talented writer...
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    Help with asian diet pill

    yes, that's the diet pill i was referring to, and most people i know don't really change their eating habits and/or exercise at all, but pill supposely just "did the magic"...LOL. One of my friends says it makes her "fidgeting, hyper, restless" and she can't sit still, she always has to be...
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    chinese shaman

    i'm not sure how much of this stuff actually works, i think that some of it is bull...the gender of your baby depends on the Y chromosome that comes from the male if the man is spouting out just X chromosomes than odds of having a boy is zero, because the female body only carries X...
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    Buang Ruk Kamathep

    i agree with you....i think Ton has the better voice....and I like the voice for Bee's friend more than hers, i think....LOL...
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    Help with asian diet pill

    Not that i know of, you need to order it online.
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    Maiv Lug Xyooj

    I think I found what you're looking it this one???? Nkauj Tog Nkaug Nta
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    Looking for an old movie

    If it's this one, 0swtlilannie0 used to have it on her old account on youtube, if you request for it again, she might upload it on her account again.
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    is this nkauj cua's real voice?

    yes she dubbs movie....Hmong Production is dubbed by Hmoob Nplog (hmong people in Laos)
  118. R

    Lub Siab Hlub - Ken and Janie (Hmong dubbed)

    that person's account supposely got suspended and she opened up a new account but has not got a chance to upload tht movie up again. I think her new acocunt name is yasmee2008
  119. R

    Buang Banjathorn Hmong dubb...

    from what i've heard the husband/wife team that owns that production supposely split up, so they stop dubbing. The voices for nang'ek and pra'ek are reportedly their kids, at least that what my aunt(who owns Sun Production) has said.
  120. R

    baby hmong boy name

    Here's my list of names I like XobLaim – Thunder, lightening LajSiab – Relaxing, Peaceful TiajLim – Dependable, Reliable KeebKwm – History PuavPheej – Souvenirs, Mementos and my personal favorite, which is my son's hmong name CimXeeb - Memory, to recall/remember
  121. R

    Maiv Lug Xyooj

    Is this what you're looking for??? Lub Neej Niam Tog Txiv Nta
  122. R

    Help with asian diet pill

    a lot of people i know have used the Lida Daidaihuas diet pills and they say it works great for them....i've tried it myself but it gives me bad side effects....makes me super tried and sleep and I can't afford that in my line of work so i stop taking it. You're suppose to just take 1 pill a...
  123. R

    let's gossip :D daughter...she just has boys...and i think she's actually just turning 32....but her oldest is in high school already though...
  124. R


    That is such old just heard about it?
  125. R

    Can someone help me find this old chinese series" Deadly Struggle"?

    The papaya's okay, just tell the guy at the front desk (inside the rental store) that you want to get papaya, and you can specify how you want your orders to be like.
  126. R

    Can someone help me find this old chinese series" Deadly Struggle"?

    just went to the rental store today....they do indeed have copies of this movie as well as lots of old sou thao dubbed movies.... L&L rental 6420 Stockton Blvd Sact., CA 95823 916-422-1007 They are located at the corner of Stockton Blvd and 47th/Elder Creek across from the car lot where there's...
  127. R

    Hmong Community Reacts to Gran Torino

    Here's my 2 cents so don't no body get all angry okay....from my view point, over all it was an okay movie...i personally don't really feel offended by the movie...after all it's just suppose to be for entertainment one ever said it was suppose to be a correct portrayal of...
  128. R

    hey! wht happened?

    i don't think she herself flagged the videos....i'm sure the more exposure she has the better she'll like it....i think her ex flagged the videos after they split because he's the one that owns purple star entertainment....just my 2 cents....
  129. R

    Can someone help me find this old chinese series" Deadly Struggle"?'s own by hmong people....I'll double check it the next time i'll there to make sure they have it...and i'll let you u live in sacramento or some where close to there...because that's where the rental store is at....
  130. R

    Can someone help me find this old chinese series" Deadly Struggle"?

    Oh.....Nraug Zaj Tsheej Zoo, I used to love watching it too....LOL....i think my aunt has an old hmong dubbed copy around her house somewhere....not sure where you can find it these days thought....i thought i might have seen it for rental at L&L (i think that's that name) rental in...
  131. R

    Paj Huam Haam

    i like a few of her songs, but my favorite are Leej Nus Toj Siab and Vim Tias Kuv Nyob Deb....i stumbled upon her songs on youtube and had to go out and buy mself a copy of her album.....she has a nice voice....i don't know much else about her though...
  132. R

    The REAL MabSua Lis:

    i wouldn't make too much of their supposed ages on their myspaces.....mine says i'm 99 yrs old, and i'm definetely not that old....and my little 8 yr old brother has one as well and his says he's 16, which he definetely not....anyone can just make up any ages they want to be for their myspaces.....
  133. R

    Name all Hmong Cali Bands/solo artists

    No Billy no longer lives in California, he use to live in Sacramento, but he moved up to Oregan a couple of years ago. I know for a fact because he's my sister-in-law's brother. I hear he might be coming up with some new stuff, not really sure yet.
  134. R

    Portraits of Hmong Women

    thanks for sharing this website....lots of interesting stories....
  135. R

    Dum Khum hmong dubb???

    My guess is that Sun or TNT will most likely dubbed this....they like to dubbed exact productions....
  136. R

    Hmong version of F4

    i'm not much of a fan of hmong movies and thus do not know any of the hmong actors....but just for some observation i think E.T and his wild hair would match Dau MingZu's wild "pineapple head".....LOL.....and then there's this guy i think name ViXay or something like that from the movie "Yug Tau...
  137. R

    Which lakorn would you like to see remake?

    I agree....i would love to see a remake of Ka Nang Ha....that drama was freaken halarious and i loved it....
  138. R

    ::Brenda Song::

    I wouldn't say she's not hmong....she's half hmong....which in my books makes her as much right to be a hmong as anyone else....even if she doesn't publically announce this all the time....just my opinion.....
  139. R

    Num S. and Nui S.

    i don't think they're back together....i read somewhere....i think it was at FantasticStars's blog...that there were rumors that Num's with a new girl????
  140. R

    What's your favorite KIND of nang'ek?!

    I like Pat's portrayal of Kaew in "King Kaew Kar Far".....she's was freaken funny and whitty... Aff character Ah-Yong in "Botan Gleep Sudtai"
  141. R

    Which nang'aek was the worst and the weakest?

    if we're going to be talking about Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed....i have to say i hated Kwan's character Torfun from this drama.....she was just plain stupid....doing everything to protect her supposed mom out of family filial even taking the blame for everything that the stupid mom did...actually they...
  142. R

    Pakou Thao

    I agree who's MTV???
  143. R

    Not wanting to talk to a Hmong guy

    I agree some hmong guys can be annoying. I remember growing up have random strangers call me and I would usually hang up on them. But it's the time when random strangers show up at your house that you can't get away from. I had an great-aunt, who was really into trying to get all the guys...
  144. R

    Maiv Xyooj's Myspace Blog...

    I agree with you, sometimes people just need to mind their own business and let others live their lives their own way. I personally knew Mai Xiong before she got married because she grew up with my older sister. She got married really young, while still in junior high and had her kids at a...
  145. R

    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    I agree..what's all the fuss about...frankly i don't really pay too much attention to the hmong community even though I'm Hmong so i don't even have any idea who this Dao Vue person is suppose to have been or what he is suppose to have accomplish within the hmong community for there to be such a...
  146. R

    TABBOO?? yang+yang. etc...

    No need for rudeness or disrespecting another culture's belief. That was totally uncalled for.
  147. R

    Jai Rao (in hmong dubb) by TNT Entertainment

    someone should tell these productions to offer websites where we can view what dramas they've dubbed as well as with options to purchase online. I for one hate having to wait until new yr celebrations so that I can buy least here in cali now they have the SEA Games in July so I...
  148. R


    Here's one I have not heard mention yet. Dr. Dia Cha
  149. R

    Kids singing!

    LOL, i find this discuss interesting. I have to agree, they put way too much makeup on these little girls and have them perform such grown up moves. Funny thing about this mv being at every booth at Frenso New Yr. One of my aunts hated it, rite, because every where you go, this mv was on...
  150. R

    Jai Rao (in hmong dubb) by TNT Entertainment

    Sun Production and TNT are own by two brothers so they use basically most of the same dubbers. One of my kind of distant aunt and her husband own Sun Production. I know I miss the nang'ek dubbed voice for Dala. The new nang'ek voice is not so bad thought. I definetely love the main guy...
  151. R

    TABBOO?? yang+yang. etc...

    personally I don't think it's right for two people with the same last name to date/married etc. But different people have different views. And I agree, it's a bit weird that two unrelated people with the same last name should not get married because it would be taboo, yet it's okay for first...
  152. R


    I'm a Associated Clincial Social Worker. Do therapy work with kids with "special needs"… LOL… mostly behaviorally challenge and/or mental health issues.... Sometimes it's rewarding and I love my job, other times I want to either strangle my clients or "kids" as i call them and or their...
  153. R

    Hmong Clan Ways...

    the supersition with falling/tripping at furnerals is that your spirit will end up going to the afterworld with the spirit of the decease....i think. As for the not marrying Vue girls...i think that supersition exisits for most clans, some clans are just not as strict about it as others. I'm...