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  1. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    I'm confused of it too as the Father knows the 4th kid is a girl already so why didn't he say anything and about to let it happened of them marrying?:confused0: Also whatever the ending is I just know and think to my heart that the 4th kid and the 4th giant girl had a lovely bonding and they...
  2. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    Very disappointed in's like why just now till that new Prince is coming out when everything feels so far already....They're making Thai boran lakorn worse and worse :confused0:
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  4. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    They should had never started the Fire one and the giant Princess this like if they're just going to make us disappointed oh well Thai boran lakorn now a days sucks to adding and trying to make something new out of it which made it worse I couldn't bare to watch any anymore :facepalm:
  5. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    This sucks. It's like they started those two with something already and then all of a sudden it turns out to nothing. Why couldn't they just make it happened in a way as they both had feelings for each other already?
  6. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    What is going on with this? I've seen many pics and comments in Instagram of the 4th couple are they really going to be separate??? :crybaby2:
  7. Chanli27

    which stars you cant stand to watch their lakorn

    Honestly........... New wongsakorn - I don't know I feel his acting is just bad with trying too much to be the character he's acting and he have no emotion within any of his lakorns I just don't feel it and he's not good at acting at all and he's not even cute Vill - I mean she is pretty and...
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    Which Lakorn Would You Like To See Remade?

    Jao suo noi if anybody remembered? I love that drama it was so entertaining and funny of when the p'ek is suspicious of the n'ek disguising
  9. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    Seeing all of them grow up made me so happy lol and the 4th couple is getting cuter and cuter every time oh don't separate them they need to be together till the end to keep me watching :aaaaa: :aaaaa::aaaaa:
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    Hug Wallace Huo
  11. Chanli27

    Who Is you Fav Celebrity!

    James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the vampire slayer show.......Oh god his character acting is phenomenal and unforgettable
  12. Chanli27

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Safe and sound- Taylor Swift Never a big fan of Taylor but I love this song
  13. Chanli27

    Hot Or Not

    Somewhat he's......never mind he's just cute Tangmo
  14. Chanli27

    I hate it when...

    When people used violence to solved problems as some things could be over with just words and reasons
  15. Chanli27

    Who's had plastic surgery?

    Some female stars are beautiful of who they are already but then plastic surgery ruined them that's sad
  16. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    Excited really wanted to see them all grow back up and what are they going to do next???
  17. Chanli27

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    Nang'eks get rapes and then at the end everything is alright with forgiveness
  18. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    Ranma 1/2 is one of my favorite Japanese Manga Anime too Lol and I'm just really hoping there's a way the 4th couple to be together......but is it possible?How???
  19. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    I'm really wondering how is this going end Pitcharat is definitely also having a crush on the giant princess and how are they're going try to make her straight back lol
  20. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    I think it happened in one of the old versions of them going back to kids and I just couldn't wait for them to grow back again lol I miss the 4th couple already
  21. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    I still have hope for the 4th couple too I mean even though their both girls but they are forming a really special connection that even I'm feeling it too. They're just so perfect together.....I'm becoming a huge fan lol
  22. Chanli27

    Thank you it's been great on here and it's nice to be a part of something

    Thank you it's been great on here and it's nice to be a part of something
  23. Chanli27

    Actresses you don't consider "pretty"

    With this I'm going to have to go with Esther Supreeleela
  24. Chanli27

    If you can change something in a lakorn, what would you change?

    Weaknesses of the n'ek or p'ek of when getting bully they don't do anything with just only crying or sadness I hate those types of lakorns I'll be like really?really?and yelling to the tv you better get yo self up and fight back oh hell no come on be strong
  25. Chanli27

    What superpowers would you like to have?

    I would love Immortality including eternal youth........I mean everyone would wish to live forever young and also the ability to heal/cure things would be really nice
  26. Chanli27

    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    I really like the 4th couple they're so cute together :love: