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    is bow benjawan still dating ryan jett(vicky's bro)

    Wat u think bout bow,wid her movies?? she isnt good thai actor n she´s a real bitch i saw bow 1time...she look pretty, it´s sure coz she´s half thai n german ma couzin look preety 2 i dont ike her personality..its very baaaaad gurl i kno everythings bout bow, where she lives!! want 2 kno more...
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    pang & bow benjawan?

    n wat bout her personality...........she´s a real bitch!! -_- she´s a pretty gurl n thinks i´m a star!! i wooooow bull shit aske her @ ch7 fanclub wat works her mom in german...will kno wat she said
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    pang & bow benjawan?

    hmmmmmm ;) bow benjawan she´s a real pretty gurl...but wat bout her actor?? i find she cant play good movies <_< dats suck
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    *BitcheZ_When U C Me Make A Wish*

    *BitcheZ_When U C Me Make A Wish*
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    Bow Benjawan-ch3 new actress from the power3

    watta f**k!! why told u"bow look like miss universal"?? she´s pretty but not good actor!! i saw her movies....damn first time not good she needs 2 play like porno-actor!!she can damn good play!!^_______________^
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    pang & bow benjawan?

    <_< I cant stand fake ppl like bow i know where she lives in germany coz i live the same city she´s a cute gurl but.... : :angry: