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  1. p3pci

    Countries you'd like to visit

    Traveling is one of my most favorite thing to do. I love sight seeing, people watching, indulging in culture. I recently came back from a Europe trip and it was wonderful. Next I would love to visit: Japan Bali Singapore Morocco Hong Kong Shanghai Beijing Sydney
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    What nationality is everyone????

    I'm Cambodian/Chinese. I love different cultures and learning about their history. My bucketlist is to learn more languages. I want to learn: Thai, Mandarin, and French.
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    Mos, Zaza, & Sornram Concert in Hollywood

    I was super excited to see P'Num again since last year and I gotta to agree that he was a totally different person. In his own world like someone else mentioned above. I took my aunt to her first Thai concert and she said it will be her last. She was disappointed at the fact that it started...
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    I heard about this concert from a friend. Why is it so pricey?
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    [info] Concerts in FRESNO [NUM, MOS, ZAZA]

    Hi guys just wondering if you guys went to their concert this past week. Would you mind sharing pixs, it's very exciting.
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    I don't see anything about L.A., will they be there?
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    Cool, I miss Sornram..his concert was fun. Is he coming back to Los Angeles? I have a few song request for him (if that's still ok): 1)Yah kay roo ah ra ter-originally sung by Joni Anwar 2)Tae Pang Korn OST 3)Gorn Numtha Yode Thor Pbai-Sornram slow song 4)Mai Kuh Rak Gun Luh Chai Mai-Classic...
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    JAY & NAT TOUR THE U.S. she back in Thailand now?
  9. p3pci

    Chin Chinawut , Ruj and Mario live in sydney

    i wish they would tour america.
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    Hey do you guys know if Nat will be returning to L.A. anytime soon. I missed her concert and would love to possible catch another one if she is.
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    oh i wouldn't mind seeing them both.
  12. p3pci

    Jui & Pinky

    my goodness pinky is absolutely beautiful.
  13. p3pci

    Sinittra Boonyasak [Noon]

    beauty runs in their family. Ploy and Noon are HOT sisters.
  14. p3pci

    Pattarathida Patcharaweerapong [Tangmo]

    she looks so much like aum on the cover and especially with her bangs to the front like that.
  15. p3pci

    Andrew and Noon Praew May/2009

    I love Andrew, he's super duper cute except chest hair pix lol.
  16. p3pci

    Pat Napapa & Ae

    Awww that is so cute, i love Pat she's adorable. Her contacts looks good on her. Does anyone know where to get circle lens in Long Beach. It's all the craze in Japan and Korea.
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    Hi! Magazine: Volume 7 Issue 8 | April 2009

    she is so freakin gorgeous, im so jealous of her beauty.
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    Khmer 2pc dress for sale

    Im very interested as well. But do you have pictures.
  19. p3pci

    I love you are super awesome and amazing for uploading all of these lakorns to share...

    I love you are super awesome and amazing for uploading all of these lakorns to share with us all. Thanks for your hard work.
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    IN Magazine Feb. 2009

    Aum is too cute. I like her tank tops and her bangs are growing out again.
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    Wow she's sure has a lot of dudes in one night. She kisses them all too or something. She's cute and pretty, but she needs to think about her career.
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    Sinittra Boonyasak [Noon]

    damn beauty runs in the family...both her and ploy is really really gorgeous.
  23. p3pci

    Tangmo Pattaratida: Open My Mind

    I have that exact dress as Mo. The one with the pink lace at the end. Cool.
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    Will Oil & Lift be coming to LA, or Long Beach, or Vegas?
  25. p3pci

    Look a like or not at all...What do you think???

    I always thought this and still do, she's the next Noon hahaha. But Noon is a big shoe to fill cause she's a very good actress.
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    Nataporn Teemayruk [Taew]

    She looks pretty and yeah i always thought she looks a lot like Noon and Yui and now even more so because noon wears these traditional clothing a lot too.
  27. p3pci

    Mario super sexyyy w/ glasses :]

    I havn't seen any movies yet from him but I think he's cute and i hope to see him in more works
  28. p3pci

    How much do Thai stars get paid?

    ^_^ I know I wouldn't mind having a million or two man that's sounds great.
  29. p3pci

    [Pix]Cast of Thang Chaung Peurk on Ratree

    yard hair is so cute. and she did get a lot skinnier her chin looks extra pointy.
  30. p3pci

    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    I was cheezin it like crazy, because rothana kept making me laugh..he was hollaring stuff like "she love you dao pra suke" I'll try to post the ones from LB and LA too.
  31. p3pci

    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    Hi guys here are some of my pics that I took at the Vegas concert. Shout outs to Mayury and Sethna!!
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    Yeah you guys are right..they pronounced it wrong so I was confuses too, I was like what lakorn is that and then when they said Donut I was oooohhhh i knew it. I heard jong plon jai.
  33. p3pci

    Num Sornram in MN

    That is so cute how you photoshopped it like that. yes you guys make an adorable couple. Thanks for sharing!
  34. p3pci

    Num Sornram in MN

    Hey I got back from the LB fan meet and greet and he annnounce that he will be bringing back Nat Myria when he comes back in December, he said come support him na.
  35. p3pci

    Num Sornram in MN

    YOu mean some people kissed him on his lips? what?
  36. p3pci


    Me and two other girls was dancing right next to him on stage...totally fun. he was groovin and he said "come everybody excercise"
  37. p3pci


    I know that song is totally stuck with that's what it means haha, i had no idea what the song is about. thanks for translating for me. Its the song he opened with, so if you noticed some of the other clips that others posted may have that same song.
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    Oh yeah haha...thats what i forgot, I was busy trying to finish my message to you and forgot all about pasting it hehe. HOpefully that works.
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    Here is the link to the concert in Ohio from goes to vilapanh who is the owner of this clip. The crowd was so hype and it is really loud. Looks like an actual concert. When are you going to post your pics from SF, I still gotta post mind from Vegas.
  40. p3pci


    We were the party huh...these old ladies just sat there and complained. I saw some clips on youtube from p'Num's concert in Ohio and stuff, and there was way more people and they were all standing. Whereas in Vegas we get to go next to him like ten times, take turn one by one...way more...
  41. p3pci

    Which Thai dara do you want to see in the U.S?

    Hi Mayury, I would love to see P'Oil the most because he seems to have a really cute personality and I like his voice also. My other choice would be the group ZAZA. Oh oh...I remember along time ago Ann Thongprasom came to visit Long Beach, but I missed it I want to see her and possibly Nat...
  42. p3pci

    Taew Nataporn & Mario Maurer: Be My Valentine

    Mario is super cute...he still young for me but I think he's handsome. I'm totally crushin.
  43. p3pci


    Wow Mayury, that's a whole lot of money...I would be so honored and flattered if I was Num. So you got star struck? That's how I was at the New Year festival in LA. That's funny, you guys were all drunk...was Num drinking too? Did you get to gamble yet in Vegas or go to any buffets, we'll...
  44. p3pci


    Thanks for sharing, you should have given Num a kiss, he would let you right? And he was right there whispering into your ears that's so sweet. What did he say? I hope he speaks English cause I won't be able to understand haha. Glad to hear that you had fun. Post up some pics. They sold...
  45. p3pci

    Parnwad Hemmanee (Per-i)

    She looks really sexy and that guy is hot also.
  46. p3pci


    HOpe you girls have fun at the concert tonight! Let us know all the highlights about our Num. Please post lots of pics.
  47. p3pci


    HOpe you girls have fun at the concert tonight! Let us know all the highlights about our Num. Please post lots of pics.
  48. p3pci

    Overrated Actress

    pancake and pinky
  49. p3pci


    ^_^ So happy that he is coming to our lil'ol town of LB. I have to see him up close this time. Make up for thai festival. I have a test that day too, but lucky my teacher said I can take it early.
  50. p3pci

    p'NUM in Fresno

    Thanks for sharing the pics. He looks so cute! I like him in that tshirt, very hot.
  51. p3pci

    Tye + Noon Pics

    They definitely make a cute couple. Love the shoot, it looks so relaxing and they look like they enjoy each others company.
  52. p3pci

    Tang Pan Korn

    I love the soundtrack to this lakorn, and I like the meaning as well as the storyline a lot. I think it did drag a whole lot, but overall i'm a sucker for romance and this one is for all the lovers that go through many obstacles, not even after they pass, they still end up together. I like the...
  53. p3pci

    Num in Las Vegas April 23

    Wow your flying down from SF, I have relatives that are from bay area. You're going to be there first than us. That's okay though because Vegas is fun, there are lots of things to do. I mostly like buffets, RIO is the best. My bf is supportive and he was laughing <_< at me beacuse I went to...
  54. p3pci

    Num Sornram @ L.A. Thai New Year Festival

    I know what you mean, I have to study for a test before I head out to the concert in Las Vegas, but I don't know if I can because i'm just so excited. It's weird that they held in on a Weds. I had to take off from work. Good Luck with all your papers, I hope you get high scores on all of it...
  55. p3pci

    Num in Las Vegas April 23

    Yeah is anyone interested in meeting up, it'll be much more fun with all of the fans together. We can work off of each others energy and show Sornram a warm welcome to America. My BoyFriend is so sweet, he knows I love P'Num and he's willing to drive me and my bestfriend there. And he's going...
  56. p3pci

    Num Sornram @ L.A. Thai New Year Festival

    Thanks that's really nice of you, I'll save them all, send them my way and thanks a bunch. I wish he come to Long Beach! I'll be there for sure, you will too wouldn't you!? We can cheer for him together, just daydreamin right now *sigh* should have ran after him. I was looking for the...
  57. p3pci

    Num Sornram @ L.A. Thai New Year Festival

    I hope so, keeping my fingers crossed...that would make up for it and I would feel more satisfied. Now I know what to do, I gotta admit I was pretty star struck and I couldn't move haha. Us fans should stick together and scream his name really loud so we could make a connection with him.
  58. p3pci

    Num Sornram @ L.A. Thai New Year Festival

    Better yet, I wish he would come to Long Beach, like a couple of years ago, Captain came to a local resturant and it was a good crowd. I love NUm!
  59. p3pci

    Num Sornram @ L.A. Thai New Year Festival

    That's so cool, I wisH I would have followed him with you girls. The pics are amazing! I'm about to cry, waited so long and didn't even get to see him perform. He is much cuter in person.
  60. p3pci


    you are so good. can't wait to see the new stuff. I'm sure its going to be fantastic. you inspire me to keep going with this adobe photoshop thing, i get so frustrated but the outcome looks really nice, and afterwards you get a sense of completion and accomplishment! Thanks for sharing your...
  61. p3pci

    Aum P.

    Noon is very pretty in that picture with Aum. Aum looks okay, I think she had better days, but she does look different in the face. Thanks for sharing!
  62. p3pci

    Mario Maurer and Apinya Sakuljareonsuk

    Now that I'm seeing this kid more and more, I think he's so cute. He looks really young still, but he is definately a hottie already. Hope to see more of his works. And there girl is pretty cute also.
  63. p3pci

    Namfon, Stefan, Pinky, Lydia, Tah, etc.

    Numfon looks really cute in that up close shot. I like the curls in her hair. The pic of her and stephan is cute also.
  64. p3pci


    That's great, how can we purchase tickets? Call the resturant that's holding the event? I wanna be guaranteed a spot that's for sure. I'm gonna ask some friends to go to, support him. I've been a fan for a long time, ever since superteen eek, i'm excited. I'm gonna be going to the one in...
  65. p3pci


    is this true...omg omg...i wanna go, how exciting. is this a confirmed event? I'm definately there.
  66. p3pci


    Just finish watching this movie, it's so good. I stayed up and I already wanna rewatch it also. Love that scene at the end when he pretends to fall, so cute hehe. I think I caught the fever also.
  67. p3pci

    Jam Loey Rak (completed)

    I'm so happy to have come upon this thread. I love this lakorn it's so addicting just like everyone has said. I totally stayed up to watch eventhough I may have dark circles the next day, it's too cute. I just wanna say thanks you thank you so much. I really appreciate this. The eng subbing...
  68. p3pci

    Hair Trend: Bangs

    yeah sometimes it's not always about following a certain trend, if it looks nice on you and you feel good about it, you definately should do what makes you happy.
  69. p3pci

    Hair Trend: Bangs

    bangs are cute, it's an easy way to change your style sometimes when you want something new.
  70. p3pci

    How come Ann never mentions anything about her family, except for her Grandmother?

    her story is so sad, but look at her now she's a mega star! she is still very fortunate to have a lovely grandma.
  71. p3pci

    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Mr. Lakorn: Hi everyone I have some thai lakorns that are dubbed in khmer for sell if anyone is interested, please contact me. Each lakorn is dubbed by Mayura. The lakorn will come in a case and a picture is provided. :) My contact info or you can pm me. P.S...
  72. p3pci

    Happy 18th B-day to TV Pool Party

    I like Aum's hat it's so cute on her.
  73. p3pci

    Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman

    It's so sad too see P'Num like that. I feel so bad for the woman's family. May she rest in peace. I hope Sornram will find it in his heart to forgive himself, that's gonna be hard with all that guilt.
  74. p3pci

    Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman

    Oh gosh what's going to happend to him now. Was he drinking and driving or something, that poor woman.
  75. p3pci

    Best Period Dramas

    I favorite would have to be Tawee Pope and Sai Lo Hit.
  76. p3pci

    win tawin & poo praiya MV

    that's such a cute video, Poo is so hot and i love her in that baby blue shirt
  77. p3pci

    Pat's Gallery #37

    thanks for sharing mara phang. i really like pat she's cute and this photoshoot proves she can be sexy too. i also like her as an actor she's great.
  78. p3pci

    Pat's Gallery #1

    she's pretty with big eyes. she looks lighter in here.
  79. p3pci

    Levis Engineered Jeans "Free to Move" boys...i agree what's with the wrestling bealts and cape. everything is hot.
  80. p3pci


    this is a sexy shoot...she's amazing. I like thw style and all the photos.
  81. p3pci

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    umm...i always thought num was handsome especially in sai lo hid...but it seems he's far from it these days..i think they have too much make-up on him.
  82. p3pci

    johnny efrone adn his wife

    hey they have a good looking family. what cute kids they have..awww.
  83. p3pci

    Yard and Ploy

    yard looks like she's day dreamin and ploy looks like she's really bored..what are they really doing here? they do look alike tho.
  84. p3pci

    Ann Thongprasom

    ann's really photogenic..even tho the clothes is not all that .
  85. p3pci

    Yard and Ploy

    gosh they do look alike..good job on finding them posing the same also.
  86. p3pci

    Lisa:Floral Fancy

    ann is so pretty..she has classic beauty...she's really rare.
  87. p3pci

    B Namthip

    she's always gorgeous
  88. p3pci

    FHM Sexiest 100 Women

    it's so good to see many familiar names...most of the stars that i like are on the list wha hoo
  89. p3pci

    Yardthip Raipal:True Romance

    she's a cutiee