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    This thread is dedicated to our beloved mod "tangmoe"

    Where to even start? I've never got the chance to meet Nong Tangmoe face to face before. Its making me tear up when I type this. I remember the days when everyone would chat on the SW chatrooms lol and that's how I got to know her. The love of Thai and Korean music, lakorns, etc! Those were the...
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    Microsoft office word 2007

    I am still looking for product key and none of the other keys worked. Can someone help me?
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    :) Already found someone to take VIP!
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    Potato Concerts

    So EXCITED! I want VIP tickets lol. :)
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    Potato Concerts

    Heck yes road trip!! 4 day weekend!! :D
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    Can't wait to go to the concert!! I'm excited! A lot of complaints about the concerts! Have you ever thought about American concerts? U can't even get close to the stars to even take pictures with them let alone get the chance to chit chat with them...that's just my thought. I've enjoyed all the...
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    Potato Concerts

    AHHHH! I love Potato and saw this on facebook!! :wub: Thought I'd share the info!! GET READY FOR THE LONG ANTICIPATED TOUR HERE IN THE U.S.A. BKK MASS APPEAL TOUR starring POTATO. TOUR DATES: APRIL 28th to MAY 9th, 2010 Confirmed Tour Cities: April 28th - LA April 29th - SF May 2nd - D.C...
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    Paranormal Activity

    I saw it last Thursday. Made me jump a few times lol. I was reading this article about interviewing the director and he said before he ever made the movie he had paranormal activity in his house. The house in the movie is the director's own house. He would scare the actors and they never knew...
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    yea yea! jay concert on 9-18-09 in Minnesota. Who's goingggggggg?! ^_^
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    yes! she's an awesome performer! :)
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    Sarnworld Photoshop Battle Thread

    alll of them are soo goood.. anyways i casted my vote.. i picked the first one even though i didnt like the text too much.. but the techinque she use seems hard to doo.. and her saying is nice ...
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    Sarnworld Photoshop Battle Thread

    hey just stopping by to show the love lols.. I voted.. hope everyone the best.. this is soo fun lols :lol:
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    I didn't think either of them were hitting mn. >_<
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    Wasn't the LA meet and greet $25 to go? LOL. I want to see photos too! Way is now back in Thailand after the concert.
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    *screamsssssss* I love potato yeaaaaaa! Hehe and would love to see Silly Fools as well :D
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    LOL...rock band of course they smoke hahaha. :)
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    Ahhhh Clash concert was so fun and the floor seating was SO worth my money. Loved it! :) Just can't believe the pix were like $20 PER person at the night of the concert AND you had to take it with ur own cam. Blahs. I had so much fun with all the girls that went to the concert!!
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    Tylenol may be taken away...what next?

    Read this!
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    yea some of my friends and my cousin have said the same thing. call and see what they say. I remember the website saying 4 days prior to concert that you should have the ticket so idk. EPIC...rawrs haha.
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    well even if u don't have ur tickets yet shouldn't the receipt be sufficient for the meet and greet? some people have to get their tickets at the box office tomorrow. :D yay! can't wait for the meet & greet tonight!
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    Ice Saranyu @ Wat Thammapathip [PARIS] 28/06/09

    Thanks for sharing the pix! I would love for him to come back to the US for tour again! :D
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    Kua Namsaeng With Ice Saranyu 27/06/09

    Awesome pix! My friends and I saw Ice at the Chicago concert last August! I should have posted pix but they are mostly on my facebook lol. :D
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    awesomeeeeee! :D
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    looks like vip to the mn concert is sold out!! $25 in advance & $30 at the door for regular tickets and there may be some floor seats left too. :)
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    Clash concert in Chicago CANCELLED!

    So sad that it's cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing Thaitanium too! I messaged P'Ten and he said that it was cancelled because there were too many concerts in Chicago and not enough people purchasing tickets/going to the shows! :(
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    Share your ghostly experiences here

    creepy stories!! lol. I have some stories: Back in high school like the 9th grade my friend and I used to stay up talking til 1 am!! One night we were just on the phone talking like usual and since she ate so much watermelon she needed to go to the bathroom so she set the phone down and left...
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    it's probably due to the cost of the venue too lol.
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    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    haha yes u drive super fast! 555+
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    lol exactly. u guys complain tickets are expenisve come to the MN shows. now THOSE are EXPENSIVE. 555+ But they are so worth it!!
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    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    haha I am so not following you! lol.
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    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    oh so sad. u liarrrrr!
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    Real Housewives of New Jersey

    Anyone watching this?! :D I like watching hooked on these shows hahaha.
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    Vampire Diaries

    I saw commercials on tv for it. Looks pretty good. I want to watch it when it comes out! :)
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    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    555+ Sunny :)
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    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    Awesome!! Big Sarnie get together after MN heheh.
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    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    come onnnnnn! there's gotta be more people than this!! lol. :)
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. why click all over when the info is already on SW? aiyoooooo...makes more work for everyone with registration and all taking the extra effort to find stuff on another forum!! >_< JUST STATING THE OBVIOUS!!!
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    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    P'Krystal and I want to know!! Let us know if you'll be going to their concert in Chicago!! :D
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    Happy birthday my dear! :D

    Happy birthday my dear! :D
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    yeaaaaaaa! can't wait for MN & Chicago 4 Clash!! Haha. ^_^
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    Woo!! Can't wait. I'm debating on hitting Chicago too haha. Just to see Thaitanium too!! :D Thanks for the info Sunny! <3 u!
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    Hmm road trip again?! Haha jk. ^_^ Thanks for the info Amanda!
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    Vote for who you would like to see in America next!!!!

    Bie & Nat...yeaaaaaaaaa! ^_^ Although I would LOVE to see Ann She's one of my fave actresses! :D
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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    Yea!! Can't wait hahah! ^_^
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    Pictures of Mos from MN

    awesome pix! i want the pix off of susan's cam hahaha! ^_^ it was fun! :D
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    The concert was awesome...even though people's butts were in my face and in my space but it was great!! Love you girls for making it great! ^_^
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    Remember Jason Young?

    o0o can't wait for this movie! I love horror movies haha. I think he just acts and models now.
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    BodySlam Concert USA

    I would love to go see them. Too bad the one in Chicago is the day before my graduation - totally sucks! LOL.
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    What the hell. I want to see Bodyslam. My graduation is the next day!! AHHHHHH! Gosh Amanda hahah. :P
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    Aof Pongsak

    I spoke to P'Nok and they confirm April but GMM won't give out dates until closer to April! I think she said that P'Aof is performing wherever Ice performed which is mostly the bars and stuff.
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    Aof Pongsak

    P'Aof will have concert in US next month. I know he was on At 10 show with like M, Oak Smith and stuff. Some other shows too but can't think of them now. Love P'Aof...I have like all his albums collection! ^_^
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    Aon Sarawut on Sudsapda

    i miss p'aonnnnnn! thanks for sharing pix! :D
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    bad checks?! darn people lol...
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    Chris Brown

    Crazy! I heard that supposedly Rihanna and Chris Brown supposedly got married and then the DA says he could face a max of 4 years and 8 months in prison Email from KDWB breaking news - Want to keep you up to date on the Chris Brown, Rihanna drama. OMG! Chris Brown has been formally charged...
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    Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (2009)

    Anyone see this yet? I saw it on opening night with my uncles. The movie takes place mostly in Thailand. I thought it was pretty awesome! The one girl that was speaking Thai in the movie - oh I thought that was so hillarious because my uncles and I did not understand her sometimes especially...
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    Oil Thana GM Magazine

    aww p'oil! i wanna see him again! ^_^
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    chin chinawut in taiwan filming a taiwanese drama

    wow! he speaks some chinese too yea!! :D
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    New Rape Scam - Please Read!

    Emailed from someone - NEW RAPE SCAM!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!! Please pass on to all your girlfriends, wives, etc. Just to be on the safe side. Please be aware and pass it on to anyone you think this will help. Sunday afternoon around 5 PM I headed into the Target in Philadelphia, Pa. where...
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    help! lao store/pho restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul

    most of the places down university are like vietnamese/chinese places - isn't there that's lao family restaurant right near dragon star or something? lol...yes nicollet has more asian stuff!
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    [Movie] Twilight

    The 3rd installment - Eclipse will hit theaters June 30, 2010!
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    yeaaaaaa they do that so u pay them to take a pix with the dara!
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    [Movie] THE GIG

    I have this movie and my uncle jacked all my movies and can't find it now. You should watch's so cute and funny! ^_^
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    Coming Soon (Program Naa Win Yaan Aa Kaat)

    Hahah I watched that on Saturday with my friends...oh man I screamed at this one part they said I scared them more than the movie did. The ghost is CREEPY. LOL.
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    [Upcoming]A Haunting In Connecticut (2009)

    i wanna see this movie. yes I also so the documentary that was aired on tv called "A Haunting in Conneticut"...creepy!
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    YES!!! A concert on a Saturday here hahahah. VIP!! ^_^
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    o0o yeaaaaaa....P'Aof is also touring USA. P'Nok told me that he's going to the same places that P'Ice toured in the US. She didn't give me any dates yet! ^_^ AHHHHHHHH I want him to come here!
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    lol...I wonder if this coincides with the Lao/Thai/Khmer new year?! Haha. April 11th...hmm... I'm still excited! Can't wait to hang out with you girls again!
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    Iphone ......ring tone?..

    if ur phone has internet on it you should be able to cut ur own ringtones at and load it on ur phone. ^_^
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    I want VIP Sunny. LOL. U know I'm so THERE! ^_^
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    The Unborn

    I saw this movie opening night. Had some jumpy parts but not very scary. I think I watch too many horror movies but yea.
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    Thai stars on Facebook?

    Yea I saw a bunch of stars on facebook and it's most likely them because there's a bunch of personal pix. I have P'Pepper and Narongvit on mines. I've seen Amy, Cee, Noon and a bunch of other stars on there. Haha. Everyone is facebooking now a days! LOL.
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    Gran Torino

    The movie was alright. Sad ending but at least the gangsters got what they deserved!!
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    Telemarketers calling ur cell

    LOL...I heard something about that Do Not Registry being false and that anyways telemarketers aren't supposed to call but it is easier to get access to cell phone numbers now. I tell the telemarkets - me no speaka english...hahah that makes...
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    Happy new year to you too! ^_^ Oh yea...I'm SO thrilled with the below 0 weather we've been...

    Happy new year to you too! ^_^ Oh yea...I'm SO thrilled with the below 0 weather we've been having haha. What have you been doing?!
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    I miss those old singers! My faves from back in the day! Haha.
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    [Movie] Twilight

    Yea they said he has to bulk up and gain 19 pounds total by the time the film starts shooting. He's supposed to look 25!! Woo...can't wait for the new one to come out!!
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    Mew Lalita & family: Lots of Love

    OMG! Her kids are so adorable!! :wub:
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    New Year's Eve!

    working then...celebration with friends!! this year went by so fast!
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    New Year's Eve!

    hehe wows!! i'm gonna go karaoke my lungs out hahaah. :D
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    New Year Resolution 2009

    Wow everyone has a lot of goals hehe! Mines are - 1. Graduate (May 2009 with BS degree hahah) 2. Save, save, save 3. Find a new job that has to do with my degree 4. Lose weight - go to the gym more!! 5. Make sure to keep my resolution!! :D
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    Current Gas Price

    1.59 in the twin cities somewhere haha. needs to continuing going down! one point this fall it was like $1.29 I was so excited lol.
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    Snow ***

    Hate the snow cuz I have to shovel/use the stupid snowblower lol. We've had a few inches of snow...and it's so freaking cold!! -11 right now! >_<
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    Christmas Present Help

    it's the thought that counts! ^_^ make him a really nice xmas card hehe!
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    [Movie] Twilight

    Yes!! Heard it on KDWB - Dave's dirt hehe. Dinner Sunday - join us!! :D
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    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    Wow! How many times are they gonna remake this lakorn?! I remember the super super old version of baan sai tong and then also seeing num and joy's version. those had too many episodes lol.
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    [Movie] Twilight News for the tenantive release date of New Moon - November 20, 2009. Yea I heard it on the radio the other day! ^_^
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    I'm glad that the book was helpful! It was of great use to me too! ^_^

    I'm glad that the book was helpful! It was of great use to me too! ^_^
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    They are gonna play this movie in American theaters Jan 23, 2009!
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    This or That

    Olive Garden! Ken or Aum?
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    Alphabet Game'07

    R - Rainbow!
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    [Movie] Twilight

    Love this movieeeee! Can't wait til New Moon movie comes out - November 20, 2009! :D
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    Thai wedding songs - here's some from an old topic that was started a while ago! Also these songs that are listed on an album on ethaicd -
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    Wal-Mart clerk dies - Black Friday Rush

    Wow..psychotic people! They just trampled all over the poor guy and then kept shopping when they saw him laying on the ground.
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    New Ice MV featuring Yardthip

    Photoshoot of "Chorp Khon Jao Choo" MV I wanna see the it out yet?! Sighs...P'Ice needs to come back for another concert. His last concert was AWESOME! ^_^ - behind the scenes of the MV - Teaser
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    adorableeeeee! :D
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    Katreeya English may have tour in US and Europe!!

    Wow me and Lala were just talking about if she came back. That'd be so awesome. Her last concert was really good. I'd defintely go again. P'Kat is a sweetheart! :D
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    The concert was AWESOMEEEEEEE! I <3 P'Lift & P'Oil. P'Oil is so not stuck up like some people say he is! Sunny, Pze, Sarah, Mee, & Susan did an awesome job of working at the concert! Love you girls! Thanks to Lala, Nareeya, Starry & Nicky for making the night fun! ^_^ Sorry my pix aren't that...
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    Char's pics char! don't even remember some of these pix huh...too drunk! LOL! :P
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    LIFT & OIL Concert ~ Chicago Area

    Nueng said she's not going to the concert...she has to go to TN to visit family?? I wish I could go with Sunny & that I have to work next Friday!! >_<
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    what kinda shampoo & cond. or products do u use?

    Herbal essence & stuff from Victoria Secret for hair products! ^_^
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    o0o what timeeeeeeeee? damn...I have a bday party to go to that day lol...
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    Learning Thai help

    I got this book...pretty helpful - It isn't too pricey like $13. My friend and I both have this book and that's how we learned lol. Do the lessons! ^_^
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    Airplane Carry ons

    I heard they were going to lift the ban on liquids sometime soon. IDK when though. But yea for now put all the liquid stuff in the suitcase you plan on checking. Last time I went to Vegas wtih my friend and her cousin had to throw out a lot of her make up because it was a little...
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    Learning Thai help

    Reading is not so hard. My friend made me learn when I was in my senior year of HS. I have this book which was really great. It still takes me forever to read but then you see words here and there and you get what you're reading. Find some books from Barnes & Nobles or find a place to download...
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    Fortune Teller

    Wow. I get my fortunes told all the time. My parents are like crazy...haha they take me to these places. I've gotten some done in MN with Vietnamese/Chinese people and then when I went to Thailand and Vietnam in 2006 my parents took me to like 3 different people. I was told supposedly I'd be...
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    VIP Tickets Lift & Oil - MN

    going...going...GONE! sold out. :D
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    VIP Tickets Lift & Oil - MN

    see the lift & oil concert thread.
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    VIP Tickets Lift & Oil - MN

    I wish you could too! **One seat left**
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    WAHH! I wanna see Da Endorphine unfair lol. :P
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    VIP Tickets Lift & Oil - MN

    Anyone want tickets to the concert. $62.50 a ticket. Really good seats! Message if you're interested and ONLY if you want VIP tickets. I think that these tickets are worth it - I went to Num's concert back in April and I had VIP tickets for that. I was literally standing below Num and could...
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    Thaitanium Concerts

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    Thaitanium Concerts

    Gosh..I wanna see Thaitanium. They just posted info on myspace about their concerts! Nov 8, 2008 Little Bangkok, 3111 S.Valley View Blvd Las Vegas, Navada 89102 Tel: 702-871-9227 Nov 9, 2008 Thailand Plaza Hollywood, 5321 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, California 90189 Tel: 213-380-6848 Nov 13...
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    ZaZa USA Tours

    the camera's depend on the sponsors. some sponsors don't allow you to bring cameras whereas others don't really care so you'd have to check with the sponsor in ur state!! here's a couple pix I am posting. ^_^
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    ZaZa USA Tours one of the video clips i took from the concert - it's when the first came out on stage and singing with Bovy - "Jung Wa Hua Jai" Really fun concert! :D
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    ZaZa USA Tours

    yes!!!! zaza tonight! ^_^
  116. K

    ZaZa USA Tours

    Woo can't wait. that place in Chicago is where Ice's concert was at and it's 21+ most likely since it's a bar. They make u buy alcohol!
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    VIP Zaza concert - Oct 24 MINNESOTA

    Ok make the 6 seats that are open...
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    VIP Zaza concert - Oct 24 MINNESOTA

    anyone? anyone want VIP?
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    VIP Zaza concert - Oct 24 MINNESOTA

    Ok I don't mean to sound like I'm rude or anything. It makes me frustrated when there's info all over and people tell you where to go. Here's the website - check out ALL concert infos on it ---- WHO: ZAZA FYI::SPECIAL GUEST//BOVY WHAT: U.S.CONCER TOUR WHEN...
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    VIP Zaza concert - Oct 24 MINNESOTA

    mapquest the information. please do not respond here unless u want VIP tickets. I need to find someone that wants VIP. I have 4 seats open. are $25 - sold ONLY at the DOOR. I heard all VIP tables have now been sold out. So here's your chance - 4 SEATS OPEN!!!! :D
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    VIP Zaza concert - Oct 24 MINNESOTA

    I just messaged u back...but tickets are not sold in advance for this concert. Regular tickets are $25 and VIP is $350 per table. 6 tables available. $43.75 per person - 8 persons max per table.
  122. K

    VIP Zaza concert - Oct 24 MINNESOTA

    Anyone want to go in on VIP with me. It's 43.75 per ticket if you do want it. Let me know ASAP! I'm trying to fill up the seats for the table. Right now I have 4 more seats open. Message meeeeeeee! :D By the way - VIP gets to do stuff first like take pictures first and the VIP section will be...
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    There's no info on Zaza concert yet for tickets and times! Can't wait for the concert though...2 weeks!! :D
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    Aof Pongsak Solo Concert in Thailand

    On the coming Saturday 29 November 2008, Aof Pongsak will officially have his first solo concert at “Mueng Thai Rachadalai Theatre”. Date: 29 November 2008, Saturday Time: 2.00pm Ticket Price: THB 2,500/ 2,000/ 1,500/1,200 Venue: “Mueng Thai Rachadalai Theatre”, Esplanade Cineplex, Rachada...
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    AHHHHHHHHHH! Nov 21! WOO! ;)
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    Aon sex clip SCANDAL!!!!!

    For as much as I like P'Aon I just have one thing to say. Don't do what you wouldn't want others to see! I mean come on...people tend to lose things so why take provacative pictures like that on your personal cell phone. People hack into stuff like that. I do feel bad for him though....but...
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    ZAZA!!!!!!!!!!! Woo I'm hella excited. LOL. :) I'd go see Bovy if I wasn't so broke. Haha rather save my money to go see Zaza! VIP!!!
  128. K


    Woo I'm so excited! Been waiting FOREVER! :D
  129. K


    YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Sunny...VIP!!!!!!! I want tickets! ^_^ Just as long as it is not the same day as Ne-Yo...I'm good! ^_^
  130. K


    Lol...we'll seeeee! Why such short notice?!?! Grr Sam for doing that lol. :P
  131. K


    Hmmm....I wanna go. Maybe I'll go!! ^_^ Here's a youtube video of Bovy for those of you that don't know who he is!
  132. K

    Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)

    I'm officially addicted to this lakorn lol. It's such a cute lakorn! :D
  133. K

    Lang on Keun Nee Wan Nee Show

    aww cool! ^_^ He's a cutie and songs are pretty good!
  134. K

    PETA wants Ben & Jerry's to start using breast milk in Ice Cream!

    GROSSSSSSSSS! My co-worker sent me an e-mail about it yesterday and here it is today on msnbc... I was talking to my friend about it yesterday and you would's not really unethical to milk a cow for dairy products but do you really think it's ethical for mothers to give up breast milk...
  135. K

    Paris hilton holding Ice Surunyu's new album????

    Hahah! Wow...nice photoshopping!
  136. K

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    I remember this lakorn from back in the day when I started watching lakorns! Hahah..can't wait to see the new version with Rita. She's so cute and would really suit the role. I'm curious as to who the p'ek will be! :D
  137. K

    louise scott on crush magazine

    wows! :) thanks for sharing!
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    Contact Lenses

    there's also some sites for korean circle lens and you can get those prescripted! lasts a year if you take really good care of them! they supposedly make ur eyes look bigger. i have a pair that are brown they just make my eyes lighter! for regular contacts i use acuvue which lasts about 2...
  139. K

    Heidi Montag MV - Overdosin' One word...WOW! :lol:
  140. K

    When did you start using the internet??

    wows...i didn't start using it a lot until i was in the 8th grade which was like what 1998 or 1999. LOL....I remember back in the day when I used AA. AA kinda sucks now it looks like a dating site (well that's when I last checked it!) faceboooooook! woo! ^_^
  141. K


    wow...lucky hahaha. i wanna see peck aof ice together!!
  142. K

    Ploy Chermarn - I don't want to miss a thing

    -credits - I don't want to miss a thing Published on August 20, 2008 After days of silence."Ploy" Shermal reveals her true feeling. Ploy expresses her all feeling when she accept to be the guest of "Ratri Samosorn" program.She...
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    I saw this last night with friends and the movie is so creepy! I jumped a few times lol...has anyone else see it? I liked it though since all the other scary movies aren't as scary.
  144. K


    tables!! i don't wanna be jipped like at Ice's for the damn table and only half can sit while everyone stands bs mannn! lol...:D
  145. K


    woooooooo finally i won't have to drive farrrrrr hehe like i did for Ice! ready to party! ^_^
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    Char's pics

    wahhh! i wanna go there now! :D
  147. K

    Aof Pongsak 4th Album

    YES!! Aof Pongsak's 4th album will be out August 26h! :D There will be some limited edition stuff added to it.
  148. K

    Ethai CD

    great place to buy from. just sucks that it takes long!! :)
  149. K

    Illegal to wear sagging pants in Michigan It's illegal to wear sagging pants in Michigan and people have been doing it forever but I guess - no one really wants to see some guys butt hanging out hehe... But then again...wearing the style of clothes the way you want or choose is like taking away your freedom of speech...
  150. K

    Check Unclaimed Property/Money - report that millions of dollars are unclaimed <<--click there to find your unclaimed property
  151. K

    MAlware Attack!

    i get this pop up all the time telling me to load java - thought it was my computer only!! weird...
  152. K

    Robot Girlfriends what has the world come to?! lol...
  153. K

    resemblence of anne and nat myria

    i agree!! :)
  154. K

    Fortune Tellers/Oracles/Mor Du?

    Yea! I heard that you aren't supposed to buy your own tarot cards because it doesn't work otherwise. I have a palm reading book which is great on finding out people's personalities! I heard that the death at a certain age isn't always true because it's been said that even people with short life...
  155. K

    Fortune Tellers/Oracles/Mor Du?

    Fortune telling is pretty interesting to have done but not everything is told to you. My parents have had my told millions of times and it comes out the same. I wish I knew how to read cards - my friends do mor dao with cards using yes, no, maybe or don't know. We do that for fun! So when I was...
  156. K

    Pregnant Man Gives Birth

    He gave birth anddddd it wasn't delivered by C-Section hahaha. :huh:,,20210491,00.html
  157. K

    Baby Cut out of Murdered Pasco Woman

    wow that's messed up. take someone's baby and claim it as your own. how can people do this kind of stuff? i so do not understand and then they say she was possessed. wow...
  158. K

    Teen Decapitated by Six Flags Coaster

    ew...i've been on that ride before in Gurnee. my sad for the guy's family though. >_<
  159. K

    Anyone know what happen to sarnworld video?

    i've had issues with that too. it happens every so often where you can view the page. wierd!!
  160. K

    I heard Yardthip and Tye Nattapol are dating??

    aren't they both dating other people?
  161. K

    7th HEAVEN U.S. TOUR

    boooooooooooooooo not in mn...>_<
  162. K

    Who got their REBATES?

    Rawrs i just got a letter...they say i should get mines by Friday the 20th. It better come ^_^
  163. K

    Family Imprisons Woman For 18 Years;

    wow...harsh! people are definitely crazy to do that. >_<
  164. K


    i wanted some of the songs off that movie...but i don't think there's a soundtrack. the song ja was dancing too was "Tick Tock" by Palmy. :) here's palmy's mv of the song -
  165. K

    bankok dangerous

    i am! interested to see how well this movie goes here! ^_^
  166. K

    New Citizenship Law??

    i haven't heard anything but it definitely has been harder since everything that happened with 9/11. my friend said her husband still has to get his because he won't sign a marriage certificate cuz he's gay like that lol and it'll cost him about 700 to apply! my uncle's came from vietnam in 94...
  167. K


    I watched the movie twice this weekend! It's hillarious..seeing chakrit as being "gratoey kwai"! You guys can dl it on this torrents have to be a member and it's dvd quality and click on Torrents :D
  168. K

    America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

    Season 2 is coming out 6-19-08!! Did anyone see the auditions for the show?? It'll be hard to bring it like how Jabba did it since they set the standard so high but I can't wait :)
  169. K

    Sabaidee Luang Prabang - Cultural Revival

    can't wait to see it! pretty interesting ^_^
  170. K

    Sabaidee Luang Prabang - Cultural Revival

    article link - 'SABAIDEE LUANG PRABANG' Cultural revival By Parinyaporn Pajee Daily Xpress, Vientiane Published on June 3, 2008 Laos' first commercial film in more than three decades opens in Thai cinemas on Thursday The...
  171. K

    Sex & The City Movie

    Did anyone see the movie!? I saw it Friday with friends and it was ok...good some parts but kind of long! What do you guys think?
  172. K

    Homeless Women Lived in Man's Closet for a Year! This happened in Japan - where this women lived in this man's closet unnoticed for over a year! He started wondering why food kept disappearing so he installed security cams and come to find out there was someone living in the space above the...
  173. K

    Help??? Looking for a boy and a girl thai name....

    I saw some baby names online there's a bunch of websites! Rattana is a cute name for a girl - means crystal Niran for a boy means eternal ^_^
  174. K

    Donkey jailed in Mexico

    Haha...i found it funny! You can jail animals for biting or kicking someone...that's hillarious :P Here's the article -
  175. K

    Babies thrown off tower

    crazy crazy people! would they feel if they were the ones tossed from the buildings instead of the babies!!
  176. K

    What nationality are you?

    I'm Asian!! Haha...Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian ^_^
  177. K

    Louis Scott

    i think i saw his myspace or is star_fish...something like that haha. ^_^
  178. K

    Louis Scott

    Louis' dating that one girl that used to be Joey Boy's backup dancer isn't he? She's from the UK i think? Lol...yea and he played in movies too like Dek Dane and The Haunted House. His ex gf is Jen Jansuda that played Pat in Sawan Bieng...and umm he was born in Africa if I remember reading his...
  179. K

    Thai Town in LA

    i wanna go again!! go to dokya usa...they have a lot of stuff too ^_^
  180. K

    Movie: Secret

    i watched this movie. weird story but cute. :)
  181. K

    i hate it when professor this semester asked me and my friend if we were hmong. we said no...she's like are you lao (wow Laos is a country, it's Laotian durrrr!)? i'm like uh huh...err stop talking to me. yea then she had the odacity to ask what country we were from. it's like hello we already told...
  182. K

    Calling all people that went to Num's concert in MN

    i so agree with you guys. people should not talk smack or say stuff to you guys. you guys did a great job! they can just shove it if they aren't happy. i mean come on...if they had to do all the work you guys did they wouldn't be talking. having to deal with the crazy people is enough and then...
  183. K

    Num Sornram in MN

    here ya goes! some pixes...yea i shot the angles up his nose quite often...haha. so sorrrrrry! I had to post this one it was too funny. I took pix at the wrong time haha.
  184. K

    Which Thai singers do you want to see perform in the U.S?

    **Aof Pongsak** Ice Potato Clash Bie Peck Pelitichoke :D
  185. K

    Calling all people that went to Num's concert in MN

    Do you or anyone you know not get a picture? There's about 160 out there that didn't get a chance to pick up the pictures because ink ran out. If you or someone else didn't get theirs please post a comment here! All the pictures have been printed. It will be easier to be able to send out the...
  186. K

    Buying/Selling restraunt problem

    yea they should have transferred everything to her name thorough a lawyer. my parents had a restaurant for 10 years and sold it when i was like in the 11th grade a few years back. i and family truly does not mix lol...everyone is greedy!
  187. K


    cute! another boy band...looks like another "k-otic"...hahaha!
  188. K

    Num Sornram in MN one of num's clips! ^_^
  189. K

    Num Sornram in MN

    It's taking forever to load videos. I have one of Kal from the concert with those 2 lil girls... will load more later lol.
  190. K

    Num Sornram in MN

    i think it was an older lady. man the older ladies are like horny or something it's disgusting lol...
  191. K

    Num Sornram in MN

    i love you guys for doing the concert (mee, pze, & sunny esp). i know how much work it is cuz i did it at p'tain's concert when my aunt sponsored a couple years ago. yea not everyone will be happy with the results but if you've ever been to any previous concerts here this one was more organized...
  192. K


    I have vids too that I'll try and load later. I felt so violated at the concert lmfao...some girls were invading my bubble! I think I was going to get pushed off my seat hahaha. Anywho's the concert was really fun even though I was sitting right next to the speakers and became deaf hahah. I have...
  193. K

    Tax on Music? Gosh they want us to pay for music and then now charge tax?!!
  194. K

    The PCD Presents Girlicious

    gosh...i totally missed what happened to charly. someone fill me in. did she get cut cuz i know the other 4 girls made it. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. >_< i can't stand the way natalie makes her mouth when she sings it's like i love tiff's voice when she sang that song last night...
  195. K


    2 more days! can't wait :D
  196. K

    How to dl from megaupload

    click on link, enter the code it asks for on top in the box to the right then wait for the free download button to pop up and download! :)
  197. K


    i love horror movies! ^_^ can't wait for this one to come out!
  198. K

    Thai songs

    buddies media! ^_^
  199. K

    num sornram in sd

    aww nice! thanks for sharing! ^_^ can't wait to see him here in 2 weeks! :D
  200. K

    Shaolin Girl (2008)

    looks good! can't wait to watch it ^_^
  201. K

    Bangkok Dangerous (2008) american trailer for the movie
  202. K

    Death Note Spinoff - L Change the World looks pretty interesting. i watched both death notes and liked it. what do you guys think? :D
  203. K

    Baby with 2 Faces - India

    article - SAINI SUNPURA, India - A baby with two faces was born in a northern Indian village, where she is doing well and is being worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess, her father said Tuesday. The baby, Lali...
  204. K

    Leona Lewis

    Can't wait for her album to come out! April 14! She had this song downloaded in 30 minutes with like 50,000 copies! :D Here's her interview with the radio station here this morning -
  205. K

    Brit & K Fed getting back together??

    I was listening to the radio today and they said that they were getting back together. Gosh! It's supposed to be on the front cover of some mag. Has anyone else heard about this? What do you think?
  206. K

    Beyonce & Jay-Z getting married tonight!,,20188814,00.html Did you hear the news? LOL...they've dated for so long it's about time they got married. So cute! They just took out a marriage license earlier this week. ^_^
  207. K

    My Sassy Girl Trailer (Hollywood remakes)

    gosh...what's up with all the remakes...can't they come up with their own storylines. remakes are getting boring!! stick with the originals...rawrs!
  208. K

    Edison Chen to film movie in Singapore & Chicago

    article link - Edison Chen to film movie in Singapore He said 'I quit' to the Hong Kong entertainment industry just 35 days ago. But it seems this declaration will not spell the end of Edison Chen, not with his alleged forays into Hollywood...
  209. K

    Asians in US use technology to have sons gosh everyone wants to have so sad!
  210. K


    i wear glasses too! haha i just got new ones a month ago cuz i misplaced the last pair i had for like 2 years. i love wearing contacts though! ^_^ i would really like to get lasik one day...hmm i'm scared though!
  211. K

    If It's War Asians Want... wahhh i was reading that article...didn't see the post. anywho's there a petition out there regarding the article. geez...didn't this guy ever take a cultural class?!
  212. K

    family sues myspace Quite interesting don't ya think? I don't think MySpace should be held responsible for their daughter's misrepresentation of herself. She's the one that claimed she was 18 AND she's the one that met up with the 19 year old. She's like 14...what the heck...
  213. K


    I think it will be better to test new therapies on people who are old and not on a little girl because it was adventured. Her parents knew she would die, that is why they let their daughter test the therapy. They wanted to find out if the therapy was successful then they would be able to help...
  214. K


    The second article was written by Denise Grady on March 18, 2008. It was published in the New York Times. This links with the first article; it is a treatment tested by a young girl by the name Melanie who is affected by cancer. When she was nine months old she had suffered two surgical...
  215. K


    1st paragraph - The first article was written by Mike Stobbe on February 20, 2008. It was published by an American newspaper. This article is about the death rate in the United States caused by cancer. The first cancer in men's body is generally prostate and for women it would be breast...
  216. K

    Man Pregnant with Baby Girl reminds me of that movie "Junior" with Arnold Schwarzenneger or however u spell his name and Danny DeVito. LOL....
  217. K

    Man Pregnant with Baby Girl,23599,23433...from=public_rss Like OMG! I didn't even think it was possible. It's crazy...he/she! Interesting though! What do you guys think?
  218. K

    America Best Dance Crew

    ahhhhh! yes jabba won!! :D
  219. K

    Travel Buddy

    I'm so going again next year...Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and maybe China woo hoo! ^_^ So far I've been out of the US to Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. I wish I had more money so I could travel more lol. Haha...I was stuck with my aunt for my trip and wahhh she got on my nerves...I had...
  220. K

    Going to L.A.

    Are you going with a group of friends? If you are you should consider renting a car and get directions from mapquest before you go! That's what I did my first time going to L.A. Hahah...I was like 19 with no clue of anything in L.A. My friends and I rented a car and followed directions to...
  221. K

    Mae Nak as a Friendly Ghost?

    Friendly ghost article link - Thailand's favourite phantom, Mae Nak Phra Khanong, is back to haunt cinemas, this time as an animated character with a big heart Published on March 24, 2008 The popular ghost story "Mae Nak Phra...
  222. K

    Shutter (2008)

    I saw the movie on Friday. Such a disappointment...the ghost wasn't even scary looking. She looked plain...>_< They added some other stuff that wasn't in the Thai version. Did anyone else see it yet?
  223. K

    The Impossible Quiz I'm stuck on 15 far can you get. I dunno if anyone posted this yet. :D
  224. K

    America Best Dance Crew vote as many times as you like for either group on voting time ends 8:59 pm March 27th. woo...i'm voting so many times for jabbawokeez! :D
  225. K

    The Best Looking Man

    mike he drool...^_^ wu zun's also adorable!!
  226. K

    Tata Young arrogant?

    article link - video interview clip - Just an everygirl She may be a pop sensation, a sex kitten and someone who likes shooting off her mouth, but Tata Young insists that...
  227. K

    Belle China Dolls opened up Dance Academy

    article link - It's bell's best foot forward Bell Chinadolls opens a dance academy and finds the answer to her dreams Published on March 21, 2008 Suphatchaya Lattisophonkul, aka Bell Chinadolls, dreamed of being a dancer and...
  228. K


    yesssssss! saturday for num good! ^_^ there's always junk food at these concerts lol. last time i went to concert i was starving...snuck in some subway hahaha.
  229. K

    America Best Dance Crew

    i love jabbawockeez! ^_^ ugh...i think it's rigged. come on they don't want 2 Asian groups going against each other. Kaba Modern could have done so much better with their performance it's like they knew they were going to be the ones to leave. Status Quo isn't even all that great. I cheer for...
  230. K

    The PCD Presents Girlicious

    i saw the re-run last night. gawd so much drama up in there it's crazy! yea i know that girl should have been sent home - she really doesn't seem like she's so into it. it seems she does everything effortlessly.
  231. K

    Shutter (2008)

    i saw some other trailers for the remake of shutter and it looks exactly like the thai version. like how they have the pix that you turned into a flip book and they see the spirt crawling up the bookcase or whatever and the car accident too. Car Accident Clip
  232. K

    Dan Beam - 100 days for Big D2B

    time flies. can't belive its been 100 days already! >_<
  233. K

    Dan Beam - 100 days for Big D2B

    ที่คณะ 3 วัดหนาม�ดง จ.สมุทร ปรา�าร เมื่อเวลา 10.30 น. วันที่ 17 มี.ค. นายอุดม-นางยุพา �ิตติ�รเจริ� พ่อ�ละ�ม่ของ...
  234. K

    Lydia on myspace

    i say real...there are pix of her and matthew plus the pix with no make up. lol...
  235. K

    Catfight at 30,000 feet - Songkram Nang Fah

    article link - Catfight at 30,000 feet Former flight attendants brace for defamation battle over online memoir depicting unsavoury goings-on between airline crew members Published on March 15, 2008 Those whose lives are...
  236. K

    Censorship of Songkram Nang Fah Interviews

    article link - Angels on warpath Interviews canned as author of soap on flight attendants finds herself in legal trouble Published on March 13, 2008 The "War of Angels" ended last week as far as television audiences are...
  237. K

    Got Jakrapun

    isn't he married now with a kid? someone told me they saw it on a talkshow? lol...
  238. K


    I think you could call the place you got the phone and have them give you a code to unlock it. I know t-mobile will do it for you for free. :)
  239. K


    i used to work at my parents restaurant back when i was younger until the sold it off to someone else. i got this current job which i've been at for 5 years almost as a high school internship. now i qualify as their "college intern" lol. well if you're looking for a job and you would like to...
  240. K

    Cindy Sirinya designing swimwear

    article here - Cindy hits the beach Siriya Burbridge wanted to be a professional swimmer, ended up modelling swimswear, and now she's designing it Published on March 11, 2008 If you wonder why Siriya "Cindy" Burbridge is sitting...
  241. K

    Actress Tang Wei banned from media

    article here - ang lee (director) defends the actress - Quite a controversy going on with that movie. They say that it's very explicit in the sex scenes and shows betrayal in the movie.
  242. K

    Chocolate - Jeeja

    Getting a kick out of 'Chocolate' out of 'Chocolate' article link - Thailand's new female action star aims to knock out the critics with her big-screen debut What action-movie fan hasn't wondered how their favourite hero would...
  243. K

    America Best Dance Crew

    i like those groups too haha. really cool dance moves :D
  244. K

    The PCD Presents Girlicious

    Anyone watching this?
  245. K

    Lydia clarifies her relationship with the former prime minister

    article link - Lydia clarifies her relationship with the former prime minister Published on March 3, 2008 Deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra's karaoke and golf partner Sarunrat "Lydia" Visutthithada burst into tears when...
  246. K

    Lee Wang Hom

    you can also visit his fan forum - all the albums are up there.
  247. K

    WWL or DBY?

    why why love!! such a cute drama. mike and rainie seem to have so much chemistry in the drama. :wub:
  248. K


    hahah! i can't wait to see this. i saw them interview on at 10 and stuff. hilarious! :D
  249. K

    Handle me with care/rod

    looks like a cute movie. I want to watch that when it comes out! thanks for sharing the trailer! ^_^
  250. K

    Jay Chou is now a teacher too!

    Jay Chou has been asked to be a performing arts guide at Shanghai Fundan University. I think he's adorable! Would love to be in that class haha. :D article here - -credits to:
  251. K

    One Tree Hill

    i watched last night's episode too. hahaha. i don't usually keep up on it. it sort of got boring for a while. last night's ep was pretty interesting.
  252. K

    Shutter (2008)

    it looks ok. i'd like to see it though. ^_^ thanks for sharing the clip!
  253. K

    Ponglang Amazing (Ponglang Sading)

    Did anyone watch this yet. I watched it on funny! Part 1 - There's like 11 parts if you watch it from this person. Otherwise the other one is like 20 parts and neither has subs.
  254. K

    The Love of Siam

    well here's part 1 i couldn't find the english subs. sorry!
  255. K

    Edison Chen leaving showbiz indefinitely!

    Wow...after all these scandals he's had he's exiting the entertainment industry indefinitely! read the article here - -credits to:
  256. K

    Aid Package from Bush hmmm how much money will we get? would i even get anything? what about you? i haven't even done taxes yet!!
  257. K


    Happy Valentines Day!! :wub:
  258. K

    The Forbidden Kingdom

    posters! it's coming to the US April 18th...^_^ -credits to:
  259. K

    3 word game

    is in pain
  260. K

    Alphabet Game'07

    J is for Jennifer ^_^
  261. K

    man forced to marry goat

  262. K

    Happy Chinese New Year

    happy new year!! get some ang pau! ^_^
  263. K

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    jana woke me up...i was still sleeping...ahhh late for school!!
  264. K

    What song are you listening to right now?

    rosette - crushed ^_^ download it in the buddie media section...hehe
  265. K

    Guess This Star??

    she's so cute...i think she still looks the same. :)
  266. K

    Kung Fu Drunk

    Jay Chou's going to be starring in a movie called kung fu drunk. it airs in china feb 7th. -credits:
  267. K

    Ken & Noi: Sweet Double Lives

    aww that's so cute! :)
  268. K

    The hardest riddle on the internet

    rawrs i'm stuck on 8's gonna take foreverrrrrrr!
  269. K

    The Eye

    i still wanna go see this next friday. i can't believe that jessica alba was nominated for worst actress for those movies she was in. i sort of liked awake if my aunt wouldn't have spoiled the ending for me lol. ^_^
  270. K

    Heath Ledger dead

    Yea I read about that earlier too. It's so sad...he has a 2 year old daughter too >_<
  271. K


    I wanted to see this and now I don' My aunt called me yesterday to tell me about it and that she got sick over the movie. She said she was disappointed and wanted her money back. People are telling me that it's like how they did blair witch project with someone running around with a...
  272. K

    sites to dl free music

    yea you can't dl from imeem unless it's out on itunes to buy and from ijigg there's usually a "download file" on top if it's available to dl from. i used to use esnips but that seems to have so many corrupted files and now it's unavailable to dl from!
  273. K


    i saw the movie with my aunt too. oh that was a funny movie...i laughed so hard ^_^
  274. K

    The Eye

    yea gosh...all these damn remakes. they're going to remake "Alone"- marsha's movie arghhh! I just read some reviews on it. That's totally crazy. Remaking all the good Thai ghost movies now. >_<
  275. K

    sites to dl free music is my new fave website haha...most of the time you can d/l it ^_^ you just have to be a member there!
  276. K

    The Eye

    it seems like the story line is like the original but i do prefer the original. did you guys hear that they are also remaking "shutters" but totally different storyline?!
  277. K


    err i like that show too...wasn't the season finale last week due to the writers strike? ahhhh!
  278. K

    one missed call

    So this one missed call...has anyone seen it yet? It started playing in theaters yesterday. A remake of the Japanese version.
  279. K


    It's finally here and I uploaded the link in the Chinese Music section of Buddies Media. Enjoy!! The album is great ^_^
  280. K

    97% of Hilton inheritance goes to charity

    Did you guys hear that Paris' grandfather gave a chunk of the inheritance to this charity in his father's name? She was originally going to get $100 million now they've recalculated and each person will get only $5!!
  281. K

    A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

    i heard her and the guy she chose are no longer together supposedly because she has a busy schedule. season 2 is coming out...wonder who she's going to choose! i read on people her blog is up on myspace hahah...
  282. K

    Bangkok Dangerous

    feb 17, 2008 it's being released in the U.S as stated on imdb. i can't seem to find any trailers either! they've been in production since aug 2006...
  283. K

    Tom Rainbow Concert Minnesota

    Crystal Ballroom is in Crystal, MN and time is from 6 pm to 12 am I think. I didn't see how much tix were but the tix are sold at the door like always.
  284. K

    Tom Rainbow Concert Minnesota

    So yea I saw the flier last night of Tom Rainbow's concert at the Crystal Ballroom if anyone was interested...Feb 22. ;)
  285. K

    Concert - Minnesota

    i stole this off of sunny's myspace lol...can't find the flier i originally had... anywho's anyone going? it's coming up this friday!!
  286. K

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    POP STAR DIES Fans mourning heartthrob Big D2B idol dies after four years in a coma following canal car plunge Published on December 10, 2007 Teen heartthrob Parnrawat Kittikorn-charoen, better known as Big of boy band D2B, died yesterday after four years in a coma, his doctors said...
  287. K

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    Big, of boyband D2B, dies after four-year coma Hundreds of his fans pack hospital, funeral SUTTHIWIT CHAYUTWORAKAN Hundreds of fans of singer ''Big'' from the boyband D2B flocked to Siriraj hospital yesterday to bid farewell to the 25-year-old vocalist, who died of a blood infection after...
  288. K

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    "Big" of D2B band dies Parnrawat Kittikorncharoen or Big of D2B band died Sunday morning after being coma for four years, a doctor said. Parnrawat has been in coma following a road accident two years ago which led to bacteria infection in his brain. Doctor Manoon Leechawengwong, who used to...
  289. K

    Concert - Minnesota

    The sponsors have connections with someone from Grammy whether it's a manager or someone that books the stars. GM would be pretty hard to bring to the US as of right now considering that they are always very busy. YAY...can't wait for the concert! ^_^
  290. K

    Concert - Minnesota

    Jennifer, YaYa Ying, & guest starring YaYa Ying's mother on Friday, December 28th, 2007 at the Crystal Ballroom. Tickets will be sold at the door for $25. I'll post the flier when I get a chance to scan it! ^_^
  291. K

    You Know You're Lao When...

    Haha I got bored and found this off of LaoRoots Mag facebook group YOU KNOW YOU'RE LAO WHEN... 1. You can name all the ingredients that go into thum mak hoong. 2. At least one person drives a Honda in your family. 3. You got more than one generation living in your house. 4. Everyone in...
  292. K

    Spice Girls New video

    Check out their new video...even though they're older they are still hot haha.
  293. K

    Arron Yan like Rainie Yang

    there was some news that when she was sick her bf went to take care of her and cancelled his tours?
  294. K

    Wu Chun helping Taiwan

    he had a grand opening of his hotel and fitness center in august. promoting tourism in brunei. ^_^ hot pictures hehe.
  295. K


    aww that's so cool! ^_^ becoming international
  296. K

    Arron Yan like Rainie Yang

    wahhhh all the jealousy! not to worry. i think rainie is dating that one dude from f4. she's been dating him for a while now. i can't think of his name at this moment.
  297. K


    ahhhhhhhhh! WHY! lol i wanna go dang it. I'll be in Chicago on the 24th. grrrrs. lol.
  298. K

    Lust, Caution

    i'm so going to see it tomorrow haha. ^_^
  299. K

    Toilet shaped house

    It's very interesting lol...
  300. K

    This or That

    tik!! ice saranyu or peck pelitichoke?
  301. K


    anyone have a cracked code for adobe audition?
  302. K

    Andrew Cronin(new actor)

    p'andrews on hi-5 haha. i am so late! lol...i want that song in the lakorn he sings...anyone have it?! he was in this RS movie too. he told me to watch it. i think it's that movie i can't remember anymore! he said he had a small role in it.
  303. K

    my msn is ^_^

    my msn is ^_^
  304. K

    Yea I already got it. I uploaded the MP3 version of the album already. Thanks though! ^_^

    Yea I already got it. I uploaded the MP3 version of the album already. Thanks though! ^_^
  305. K

    tom rainbow

    i wanna hear!! he's coming to mn next month for a concert.
  306. K


    facebook rules...i don't go on it enough haha which sucks. but i like it! ^_^
  307. K

    Going to China for 1 month!!

    my grandma went to Shanghai...she said it's so beautiful there! hopefully I get the chance to go study there next summer for intersession ^_^
  308. K


    me 2!! i like the cute little ninja hehe
  309. K

    P'Matt and Lydia

    the mv is so cute haha. i love her hair color! ^_^
  310. K

    Do any thai actresses/actors come to the U.S?

    I heard that p'pepper used to study in chicago and my aunt said she cut his hair once hahaha. debbie bazoo studies somewhere in Cali too. o0o I think Lydia also studies in Chicago or somewhere around Illinois. I've heard a bunch of stories about mos too...not so good!
  311. K


    happy new yearsssss! ^_^ how come we don't have water splashing in mn...rawrs. sad it's cuz the old ppl here don't like it cuz of all the fancy wear hahah. but i'm going to the nang sung khan! my friends cousin's in it! then party hardy afterwards lol.
  312. K

    Happy B-Day Grandpa!!

    happy birthday p'tim!! hope all your wishes come true and have a happy songkran! :D
  313. K

    it started with a kiss 2

    aww! can't wait til it comes out! ^_^
  314. K

    Jail possible for Thai king insult

    The king pardoned the Swiss man!! Link for article HM the King pardons Swiss man jailed for royal insult HM the King has pardoned a Swiss man who was sentenced to 10 years in prison last month for vandalising portraits of the monarch, prosecutors said Thursday. "I have learned that he...
  315. K

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter everyone! Does anyone have any plans?
  316. K

    Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

    i got 60% damn it and i go to college haha. wow i haven't really retained anything over the past years. p'dyno post your score!!
  317. K

    Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
  318. K

    Do u speak a good english?

    wow...haha interesting quiz Advanced You scored 92% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 53% Expert! You have an extremely good understanding of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of each of these three levels' questions...
  319. K

    New singing group - recruiting 2 more!!

    sorry group members info are on the down low as of right now so can't give out any info muahaha. you'll just have to find out later. are you interested?!
  320. K

    New singing group - recruiting 2 more!!

    My friends have started a singing group and would like to have 2 more people join. They would preferably like to have anyone that speaks Thai or Laotian and understands the languages. They currently have 3 people in their group and have already written their songs and have their beats down. I'm...
  321. K

    Singer sentenced to 2 years in jail

    Singer sentenced to two years in jail for having sex with minor Rock singer Ekkarat " Dak" Wongchalard was given a two-year suspended jail term on Wednesday for having sex with a girl under 18 years old. The Criminal Court set a condition that he contribute to society by producing two songs...
  322. K

    JKI - Jay*Ken*Ice G-Jr

    Mai Yark Hai Tur Mee Krai Mah Jeep MV - youtube Their MV is so adorable! Their album & vcd is coming out this weekend! :yahoo:
  323. K

    Jail possible for Thai king insult

    wow! i can't believe someone would do that! sucks for him! he deserves to be sentenced!!
  324. K

    Hana-Kimi Taiwan Series

    i'm in the middle of watching 14...this series is so cute!! i heard supposedly there's going to be hana kimi 2 coming out. anyone heard about that? ahhh can't wait for 15...i thought it was supposed to be finished a while ago. did anyone see the hana kimi special?
  325. K

    death of a baby

    my friend was telling me about the tragic death of willy and yelly's baby. the news is a couple of days old but here's one article from the internet. it's so sad that they had to lose their baby. :o Sad news to the McIntosh couple Dr Tongtis Tongyai announced the death of a son of high...
  326. K

    zan & peemai got married

    they both have hi5 and the pictures they've taken from the wedding look so cute and also from after the wedding. i don't want to post them on here cuz they're personal pix but yea! ^_^ i'll link the hi5 later!
  327. K

    Ko One

    Has anyone seen this drama yet? I want to watch but there's none with subtitles >_<
  328. K


    jiro jiro!! ^_^ he's so adorable! =P
  329. K

    When you went back to visit lao...

    i was there for 2 days over my summer vacation. i enjoyed it but it was sad because i didn't get to go around very much except to see some of the temples and the morning market. i found out my great uncle used to be the general of awesome hehe. ^_^
  330. K

    zan & peemai got married

    They are so cute together!! Remember back in the days when Zan & Bank were a singing group in RS and now their brothers Golf & Mike are singers with Grammy! ^_^;post_id=277910 -credits to mthai & lee for info!- here's the new mag of tur gup...
  331. K

    Thailand Safe?

    my cousin visited one of the international universities with her friend over the summer...she liked it a lot. hmm i was in thailand over the summer and i did see some foreigners get ripped off but yea like the others said foreigners are easy targets. i got ripped and gosh was i angry. lol i...
  332. K

    Thai MV Parodies

    I don't know if anyone saw these but I thought I'd share...they are so funny! Tata Young Parody - El Nino Buzz Music Parody - Love You Jung Tata Young Parody - Yom Buddha Bless Parody - Fire
  333. K

    Various Fashion Shoots

    o0o hot stuff. hehe thanks for sharing! ^_^
  334. K

    Lao Ghost Stories

    I was in Laos in June for like 2 days visiting family. I went to 3 different countries but yea. One day me and my best friend found each other in Vientiane at morning market place...we didn't even know. Yea anyways she came over to stay that night with me at my great uncle's house and my aunts...
  335. K

    SarNie Oscars

    Most handsome/Most beautiful - Most intellectual - Best Smile - Most Cutest - Saifah, Annee Most thoughtful - Most Friendly - Annee, Reagan, P'Tim cutest couple - P'Tim and P'Thook SarNie Clown - Most Arrogant - Best Personality - Best All Around - Sexiest Voice - Most Dramatic - Most...
  336. K

    news on Aon Sarawoot

    aww my p'aonieeeee! miss him! aren't they talking about his lakorn with this nang ake named noon....:)
  337. K


    i have him on hi5!! :) he has like 3 albums of when he used to be with grammy... "club love" "matthew mania" (i think that's what it's called) and "code love"
  338. K

    tack and pitta

    i heard they recently broke up and pitta has been dodging the papparazzi and reporters that have been asking her about what happened.
  339. K

    Katreeya English

    i just got back from kat's concert. it was sooooooo awesome. she's a really great entertainer! she danced with all the songs. ^_^ whoever's going to her concert in chicago will have a blast!
  340. K

    Katreeya English

    wow i thought she had 2 shows in vegas. that's kewl she'll be in LA. but why a weekday?!?
  341. K

    Katreeya English

    my friend said p'kats not in the US yet!! wahh i hope she makes it!
  342. K

    Katreeya English

    ok this is what's going on... May 20--Concert in Minnesota May 21--Concert in Chicago she'll be going other places also but i don't know the dates.. Vegas (on weekday) Houston, Texas New York
  343. K

    Katreeya English

    the sponsors don't send her places. u need a sponsor in the place you live that's willing to bring her there. like our sponsor here told us she's going to texas because he spoke to the sponsor in texas.
  344. K

    Katreeya English

    wahhhs that totally sucks she had to postpone her concert in Chicago. I heard she had problems last year so she didn't go to Chicago.
  345. K

    Aum Patcharapa

    wow she's hot lol. i love her!! she's so pretty :)
  346. K

    Katreeya English

    if it's that much doesn't some of the profit go to the thai temple. its to support the temple...good cause!
  347. K

    Katreeya English

    (708)594 - 8100 there's the number for the temple in Chicago...hope that helps u
  348. K

    Katreeya English

    i heard from the sponsor that her next stop after minnesota is Houston, Texas...I'm assuming the concert will be like on the following Saturday the 27th or so, but I don't know.
  349. K

    [funny] Crazy Asian Mother

    haha that's so funny. i remember my friends mom freaked out on her for getting a B she was like a straight A student too!
  350. K

    My Job - Your Job

    data entry is a good start for a student. i sort of did that thing...customer service. i'm still doing it while in college. it gets boring after a while but the pay is good for a student! good luck with the job! ^_^ i've made plenty of errors too but after a while u'll be a pro! hehe
  351. K

    gas prices.....

    holy cow u guys spend a lot? where u all live? i spent like $1.73 per gallon on gas today
  352. K

    How much you spend a week?

    i'm so broke too! i pay like $80 for gas in one week...i drive all over the state! i prolly spend like over $150 in one
  353. K

    Khao Har Wah Nhoo Pen Jao Ying

    awws i wanna see this! i love cee!
  354. K

    Katreeya English

    concert at Shakopee Ballroom 2400 East Fourth Avenue Shakopee, MN 55379 8 pm to 1 am. tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door
  355. K

    cindy and byron

    aww i love them! they are so cute togther!
  356. K

    Katreeya English

    kat's concert in chicago will be on may 13 at Wat Dhammaram 7059 WEST 75TH STREET CHICAGO, IL 60638
  357. K

    Tack & Pitta

    aww they are so adorable together! :wub: he never smiles in the pixes though! :blink:
  358. K

    Katreeya English

    get in early and sneak the cams in! hahah
  359. K

    Nunfon Got Married

    that's awesome! ^_^
  360. K

    Katreeya English

    we haven't had a concert in MN since November! it has been a very long time! i'll try to find out more info on the concert in chicago from my friend!
  361. K

    tata young has a sister!!!

    that's so sad! i think i saw a clip of it on "thee sip" (at 10)
  362. K

    Katreeya English

    yea i'm pretty sure she's coming this time since i guess she felt bad about cancelling last time. i'm not sure but i saw the posters.
  363. K

    Katreeya English

    o0o are $30. umm i think ur supposed to call one of the numbers listed on the fliers. i'll find the numbers or find out where u can buy them cuz i need to buy some too! :P
  364. K

    Katreeya English

    Ok well I just saw posters at this one Viet place on Saturday for her concert in Minnesota. The concerts gonna be at the Shakopee Ballroom on 5-20-06 (Saturday) from 10 pm to 12 am. Only 2 hours...that sucks! There will be another concert for her prior to that date on 5-13-06 in Chicago at...
  365. K

    What is your ethnicity?

    i'm an asian mutt hahaha... thai, chinese, vietnamese, and laotian! ^_^
  366. K

    mySpaCe there's mines! ^_^
  367. K

    Dan D2B New Pocketbook Check it out...the book just came out. A pocketbook is kind of like a biography isn't it?!?
  368. K

    Dan D2B New Pocketbook

    His new pocketbook is coming out soon! Here's a couple pix. for more click.... -credits to OnlyBeamFanClub forum and Jan :)-
  369. K

    This or That

    nero! math or science?
  370. K

    Who's going in Thailand ??

    i'm going in june!! woo hooo! ^_^
  371. K


    hello welcome to the forum! nice song u chose. u have a good voice ^_^ see you around!
  372. K

    Ghost Of Mae Nak

    yea my friend said she saw the movie on satellite and she told me not to buy it. she said it was not that scary and not very interesting although cee and tangmo were really good actors in the movie!! >_<
  373. K

    Kade and Noon

    aww so kute!! thanks for sharing! :)
  374. K

    Ja Ae Baby

    i wanna see this lakorn!! details details! :) beam...drools hahah