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    Kwan Usamanee (CHEEWACHIT vol. 15 no. 339 November 2012)

    agh! kwan looks so cute! i don't know how i feel about how red her hair looks yet though.
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    Barry Nadech and Yaya Urassaya (SARANAEDARA vol. 2 no. 40 November 2012)

    thanks for posting this magazine! they look like they are having a ton of fun haha
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    random question ... i haven't started this lakorn yet though I really want to but first i was wondering who does atit get with in this version... it was different in the past two versions. does he get with may or fon?
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    Rahut Torachon... Love a man who isn't afraid to cry for the one he loves! Ken <3

    Rahut Torachon... Love a man who isn't afraid to cry for the one he loves! Ken <3
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    It was in the 4 hua jai thread

    It was in the 4 hua jai thread
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    Whoooaaa! I went on vacation for two weeks and everythings changed! I like <3

    Whoooaaa! I went on vacation for two weeks and everythings changed! I like <3
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    I canNOT wait for WPM tomorrow! I am addicted! Today's epi was great! Loved all the couples but...

    I canNOT wait for WPM tomorrow! I am addicted! Today's epi was great! Loved all the couples but I admit the cutest for todays epi was MTeam! He is totally scared of her! CUTE! <3
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    Soooo ready for WPM tomorrow! <3

    Soooo ready for WPM tomorrow! <3
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    super cute! I haven't seen many of Aum & Kim artworks && It always makes me happy to see them <3
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    omgosh those of margie and boy are super cute! && Thanks Thip, you rock!
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    Mint Chalida: The Exotic Glamour

    love mint she looks good!
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    Bie, Mark, Nadech, Om and other actors

    omgosh! they look good! thanks for sharing
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    Love them all! Favs, well of course the WPM one and DJA! you just made my horrible morning a little more bearable!
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    of course you did great! I love them! Especially the Kwan & Circle of love one <3 can I use the circle of love one?
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    Bellefire Artwork

    beautiful as always nikki! oh btw happy birthday <3
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    the cherry one is super classy ilove it!
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    ~Dorky Artwork~

    Aghhhh! that is soooo cute! gotta love araya!
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    RR's Artwork

    The icons are super cute! but the wallie that's hot! i love it! <3
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    Can't wait for WPM <3

    Can't wait for WPM <3
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao Mark :heart: :wub: :kiss: i'm not sure if this one was posted or not
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao soooo excited ;]
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    i want to watch this whole show!! i love how mark had his arm around mint and moved it real fast haha <3 barry and yaya are soooo cute too!
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    barry & kim credits to facebook fans
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    credits to facebook fans ;) i adore this!
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    sexy much?? hahah i love this haha
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao! he is so cute <3 he deff. likes yaya haha
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    OMG! I cannot wait til Friday! Yaya with a gun, Boy tricking Margie... ohhhh exciting haha <3

    OMG! I cannot wait til Friday! Yaya with a gun, Boy tricking Margie... ohhhh exciting haha <3
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    Fai is always funny when he's at the hospitial <3

    Fai is always funny when he's at the hospitial <3
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    three is already on air? I'm just now finishing 2 :/ OMG now I have something to watch to watch during the rest of my shift <3 haha> More of Yaya & Barry & MTeam! So EXCITEDDDD!
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    Is three already on air?

    Is three already on air?
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    It looked like he was scared of Jeed haha he didn't really look at Chaem until he was going to tell on Fai haha
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    I'm upset that Mark & Mint were in the second part and they didn't really talk... oh well Yaya & Barry made up for it. Also has anyone figured out what this man has against Lom?? I really want to know... But the storyline is interesting so far can't wait til Friday <3
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    Finally watching WPM and I'm seriously curious as to what Lom did to make this man upset... Boy...

    Finally watching WPM and I'm seriously curious as to what Lom did to make this man upset... Boy & Margie look good together <3
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    I AGREE!!! They are cute! Barry & Yaya too <3

    I AGREE!!! They are cute! Barry & Yaya too <3
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    is there somewhere else I can see the photos on pages 162 - 164 because it exceeded the bandwidth
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    Emmi's Art

    there's a tutorial here by candygirl :)
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    Emmi's Art

    really? that's weird... I wonder if I can make it smaller. Let me try.
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    RR's Artwork

    omgosh! i love love love the updates! you are amazing!
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    P B V : Graphics - update! 1/20

    beautiful work! I love the personal family and friend ones! they are amazing
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    huajaikaungtur's artwork ;] 1.30.2011 -- 7 today.

    That poster is pretty <3 looks interesting
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    Emmi's Art

    Here is to Barry and Yaya!! <3
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    Emmi's Art

    here is the avi ;)
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    [Pic] Behind the scenes Ch7 Calendar 2011(2554)

    OMGosh Thanks for sharing! Kwan is beautiful! Min looks good too I love tle. Note looks like he gained a few. Som looks adorable. Pancake is blah ekkkk! and of course Om and Win look cute!
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    Barry Nadech & Janie Thienphosuwan

    THATS HOT!!!!!! Oh Barry... Will you marry me hahah! Thanks for sharing!
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    Chompoo Araya

    she's gorgeous though her eyes are a bit more poppy lol thanks for sharing.
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    Emmi's Art

    Thank you :) I realized late last night that on my first banner I put Min instead of Mint so here's the fixed banner && my current avi that I made :) More GIFs will be posted tonight so stay tuned ;) also if you want to use a banner and there isn't a avi that you want from my page let me...
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    Yaya Urassaya: Brilliant Aura

    she is GORGEOUS! thanks for sharing!
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    Barry & Yaya! Barry & Kwan! Love Love Love!! <3 Beautiful!!
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    I'm not a fan of Pancake but i would totally watch or read whatever it is you made that poster for because it just looks amazing!
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    TheGurlo22's Creations <3 [UPDATED October 1st]

    OMGosh I love em! Especially the Pang one! It's very nicely blended!
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    Bellefire Artwork

    Those wallpapers are BEAUTIFUL!!!
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    Love Love Love the kwan one! you are amazing! The WPM one is beautiful too!
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    Emmi's Art

    With the end of PRL here is a banner <3
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    aww... I'm sorry :( I hope you are okay...

    aww... I'm sorry :( I hope you are okay...
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    I would be Patapee's wife, if you asked me like that too <3

    I would be Patapee's wife, if you asked me like that too <3
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    "I might not be who you want, but I promise to take care of your heart so that you're never...

    "I might not be who you want, but I promise to take care of your heart so that you're never alone,,," Awww Din <3
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    Mark melts my heart with how sweet he is... he's so patient with Min it's cute <3

    Mark melts my heart with how sweet he is... he's so patient with Min it's cute <3
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    Aum Atichart and Koy Ratchawin

    they just don't look good together blahhhh but he looks good on the cover :)
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    Yaya Urassaya Sperban

    she's gorgeous! she looks super tiny on the cover.
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    Pinky Sawika

    her eyes are beautiful! she's cute!
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    Yaya Urassaya: Beautiful Bride Ever

    she's gorgeous! thanks for sharing!!
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    Bellefire Artwork

    you should get paid for your hobby i swear you're better then the professionals that are out there!
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    Emmi's Art

    I agree Nikki! They are just too hot! I can't get over them even if their story is over.
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    Emmi's Art

    sorry noy you'll be up early again because i'm about to tag you haha i'm still loving them. new mark and min ones will be up soon.
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    Bellefire Artwork

    omgosh! hottttt calender! I would totally buy that lol
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    me too hes so cute!!

    me too hes so cute!!
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    i really need to find those photos! that's so pretty!
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    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    omgosh! I haven't seen that shoot yet! It looks good!
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    TheGurlo22's Creations <3 [UPDATED October 1st]

    aghhh the ones with taya are cute! <3
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    Actresses you don't consider "pretty"

    Hmmm, I'm not feeling ... Pancake, Cherry, Noon S, Koy, Benz, Pok, Aom
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    Nadech opens Up on his life in the indsutry

    Aww he's so cute! Really good answers if only he was in America lol
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    You'll love it! It was the best one so far <3

    You'll love it! It was the best one so far <3
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    4 Hua Jai Hang Khun Khao helps my late work shifts easier. Rewatching over and over until new...

    4 Hua Jai Hang Khun Khao helps my late work shifts easier. Rewatching over and over until new episodes air :)
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    Mark, Nadech, Gun & Rit the Star

    mark and barry <3 sexy much?? thanks for sharing
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    Barry Nadech & Yaya Urassaya

    just seeing them puts a smile on my face. i'm watching DJA over again.
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    Tle Thanapol

    love him! he's so cute! thanks for sharing.
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    Yaya Urassaya & Barry Nadech:Duang Jai Akanee Premium

    i love them. they are the new it couple! super cute! thanks for sharing
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    Kwan Usamanee

    it's awkward i'll admit but she definitely pulls it off
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    Yaya Urasaya

    yaya is gorgeous! she's quickly becoming one of my favorites right after kwan and namfon ;)
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    Kwan Usamanee, Bride:

    ahhhh love kwan! she was definitely made for the wedding outfit.
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    Aum, Kim, Barry, Yaya, Mark, Mint, Boy, Margie

    yeah they are super colorful. i wished they matched the couples up
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    Taew Nattaporn

    Taew is beautiful. I agree she does look like both Pat and Aff in this shoot.
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    Katreeya English

    eh... i don't know how i feel about this shoot... thanks for sharing though
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    Anne Thongprasom: Princess Anne

    Anne is gorgeous! She's like the only older generation n'eks that hasn't been pushed to the side. Well her and Aum
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    Art Pasut and Namfon Patcharin

    AHHHHHHHHHHH! ART & NAMFON ARE SO HOTTTT! Thanks for sharing. I love them :)
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    4 Hua Jai Hang Koon Kao Pocket Book

    love love love this series! thanks so much for sharing!
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    RR's Artwork

    Aghhh! Beautiful TH wallie and avis! Jealous much! haha Amazing!
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    Emmi's Art

    Duang Jai Akkanee - Barry and Yaya Fever <3 different lighting Wallie ;)
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    Bellefire Artwork

    barry and yaya hotness! love em!
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    Pangnerlicious FanArt

    I love the DJA and Kwan ones, beautiful!
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    your gifs are good! love the yaya and aff one
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    my artworks

    I love the Rita one and the Aum & Cherry one is HOT!
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    Cecilia's Boredom

    I will forever be jealous of your work! You are absolutely talented :)
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    Candylover32's Artwork ^_^

    that cee and amy one is amazing. i need to learn how to do those haha it's on my todo list
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    LeEmYiS' cReAtiOn

    your fanfic posters are beautiful! you blend amazingly!
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    Tangmoe's Graphixz 2004-2011

    those are beautiful i love the leading man one :)
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    cute new banners :)
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    ohhh my gosh i love the new min and mark ones! great job
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    Emmi's Art

    i'm rewatching them both now during the wait :) thanks all. i should have my new wallie up soon be on the lookout haha
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    Emmi's Art

    thank you!! here's one of aum and kim. i'm currently working on the other couples i just haven't found a bunch of good pictures so i don't know when those will be posted lol. anyways here's my latest! and its animated haha proud of myself because i'm normally lazy to do animations.
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    your work is amazing! I am officially jealous!
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao; the first two stories melt my heart! I'm a hopeless romantic <3

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao; the first two stories melt my heart! I'm a hopeless romantic <3
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    Emmi's Art

    thanks! @ RR I just started watching it yesterday and I'm addicted. It's my current obsession! They have always been my favorite onscreen couple! Hopefully one day off screen will happen haha. Anyways here's another one I worked on:
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    j e e j a 's

    simply beautiful work!
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    Candylover32's Artwork ^_^

    your artwork has gotten so much better since i've last seen them! I'm so impressed! great job. they are lovely!
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    beautiful stuff! i love the one with Kwan! :)
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    Bellefire Artwork

    i've been a little behind but i'm caught up now. all i have to say is that your talent never seems to disappoint me.
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    Emmi's Art

    it's been awhile... i needed a new sig... here goes :)
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    Min Pechaya [Star is Shining]

    Min is so pretty!
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    Kwan Usamanee

    she looks more natural in this shoot, it's cute!
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    Aff Taksaorn: Sparkling Star

    Aff looks gorgeous! She's very airbrushed though.. but beautiful nonetheless
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    Kwan Usamanee: Heartthrob

    she looks amazing! I love her! She is so flawless. Thanks for sharing :)
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    Emmi's Art

    thanks everyone :) i'm glad you liked it noy
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    Jui Warattaya

    did she really cut her hair that short? it looks cut but i miss her long hair
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    Om Akapan, Min P. and Kao

    are they together? awwww im jealous he's hot lol
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    Cecilia's Boredom

    wow! love the manipulations. i am JEALOUS hahah
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    ~aiko's simple work~

    love love love em! i am impressed! my favorites are the kwan ones especially the one with all her past pra eks hahaha great job!
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    RR's Artwork

    i have always admired your work! i still need to watch that. great job :)
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    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    love the kwan and mint ones!
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    Emmi's Art

    Thanks everyone! Noy's request... sorry hunn... I had a brain fart. I didn't even have any ideas for a good 3 hours and it's now 4 in the morning, wow not my photoshop day lol ... so I just tried multiple things and came up with this... I hope it's okay
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    that tangmo one is beautiful!
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    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    I LOVE your Min posters :)
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    Emmi's Art

    No, I need to start though I forgot that it started this week. Thanks for reminding me. Have you started?? Is it good so far? It looks like a good laugh.
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    Vill Wonarot & Bie Sukrit [Just the Two of Us]

    they are cute!
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    Min Pechaya [The Star is Born]

    she looks so flawless. thanks for sharing
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    Nok Ausanee

    nok is so gorgeous! it sucks that she always plays the nang rai role
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    Nathalie Davis

    i remember when she was younger and singing! does she still sing? anyways she's pretty
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    Min Pechaya

    this is a really good shoot of her. she's beautiful
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    Anne Thongprasom & Others

    kob looks so pretty!
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    RR's Artwork

    as always your work is amazing!
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    those are cute and nicely blended. great job
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    `l i ve l a u gh love`s ARTWORK

    the min one is amazing!
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    love the colors! i still haven't learned all that! jealous of course hahaha. great job
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    a n i e 2 b b 2

    that aum one is soooo hot! great job
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    a n i e ' i s m

    i love the sets and the aff poster is so creative!
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    b a u 's ps

    i love it! rome is so hot!
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    Emmi's Art

    credits to original texture creators and font creators
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    love the araya one! you just keep getting better!
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    thank you soooo muchh!! you are the best! I adore kwan!
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    those are beautiful. where did you get that last photo of kwan? I love it!
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    i love the janie and aum ones! they are beautiful
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    Cecilia's Boredom

    those posters of Ateam are hot! i love them!
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    `l i ve l a u gh love`s ARTWORK

    awww i love em! I miss seeing your work kristy! great job!
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    Chompoo Araya

    she looks beautiful even if she is totally airbrushed
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    Suay Rerd Cherd Sode (Broadcast)

    I am already in love with this movie! i can't wait. and my hubby is soooooo sexyy in this movie hahahah
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    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    cute stuff! I love the icons!
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    Emmi's Art

    Yah, I didn't know... some fan I am ha. But that's why I have the amazing people here at Sarnworld to keep me posted. I will be waiting for this. He does great with everyone he acts with I haven't seen one with him that I don't like yet. But then I haven't seen them all but I'm working on it...
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    Emmi's Art

    new banner for pat and por affection. join our forum :)
  149. L

    Emmi's Art

    really! omg! I have to see this then. well... just for him hahaha thanks for telling me. Is it on air yet?
  150. L

    Emmi's Art

    he's in another lakorn?? do tell. I am so behind lol I didn't even know about this. Is he going to be paired up with anyone?
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    her hair is scaryyy :/
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    Aum Patcharapa

    i am not feeling the outfit... not her best shoot
  153. L

    Rome & Yaya

    rome is sexy!
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    Ja Jittapa

    she looks cute! I like the angle of this picture
  155. L

    Yardtip Rachapal

    i feel like i haven't seen her in forever! she's so pretty! thanks for sharing
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    Candylover32's Artwork ^_^

    aww these are cute!
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    these are great! I can see all the improvement from your first ones! great job! my favs are the kwan and win ones
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    Emmi's Art

    thank you! Here's my current obsession!
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    Art never seems to disappoint me; I LOVE HIM!

    Art never seems to disappoint me; I LOVE HIM!
  160. L

    Art never seems to disappoint me; I LOVE HIM!

    Art never seems to disappoint me; I LOVE HIM!
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    Theptida Pla Rah 2 (Step Onward)

    I cannot wait until this movie airs! I am soooo ready for this! I love them together and really loved part one! I think the parts that were missing from the end of the song will be in part 2 maybe hahaha hopefully.
  162. L

    Emmi's Art

    Still my all time favorite couple: I'm bummed... I tried to do this with the picture : but then it came out like this when I tried....: So I fixed it until I finally liked it, thankfully... :) I should stay away from tutorials since I don't like what I get when I follow directions lol
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    RR's Artwork

    omg! i love em! kwan and win <3 these are amazing!
  164. L

    yam siriwattana picture here!!

    yam is gorgeous and has a great sense of style
  165. L

    The best boran actress?

    Yam is my all time favorite!
  166. L

    Yam Siriwattana

    love her! and I, too, agree that she needs to get back to acting with phone.
  167. L

    Lek Jassada

    he's a cutie! but she is too old to do shoots with him haahha. thanks for sharing
  168. L

    Emmi's Art

    Join our forum :)
  169. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks! it's all the helpful tutorials here and other different sites. Plus photoshop is way better then GIMP so it isn't me thats better it's the program hahah
  170. L

    lakornsrok newbie work!FINALLY UPDATED 01/14/14 woohoo finally haha

    i love those! i love kwan and win! these are great!
  171. L

    Emmi's Art

    my current lover! art! hahahah avie: sig: wallie:
  172. L


    cheer looks beautiful here! best shoot of her yet
  173. L

    Ploy Cherman

    whoa those tattoos are crazy but she pulled them off well
  174. L

    Por Natthawut

    he is still hot for someone his age!
  175. L

    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    i love the new sets especially the kwan ones and the min ones are super cute also :)
  176. L

    j e e j a 's

    I love the two FF posters especially the hearts one! and your sig is super cute!
  177. L

    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    i love the kwan and win one! it's soooo cute!
  178. L

    Emmi's Art

    oh lol the font is called skaterdudes and after I everything was finished I just painted some swirls and splats on it to make it look more fancy
  179. L

    Emmi's Art

    @ sajenna: feel free to take whatever you like. I'm glad you like them. @RR: I must say I feel like he might just be best with me too hahahah @Thip: I used photoshop for that one. Overall thanks for all the great comments. I'm glad you liked my work. Will be sharing more soon :)
  180. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks :) last one for the night
  181. L

    Boy Palinya

    Omg that's sad. I didn't even know this. He was so talented it's sad to know that he is gone. RIP
  182. L

    Yam VS Cartoon

    yam always! i love her :) though cartoon is cute and has talent too
  183. L

    favorite boran lakorn

    Favorite Borans: Thepsin Intarajak, 4 Yod Kuman, Thep 3 Radoo, Jao Chai Gomin **Yam is in every single one! && She does Amazing in all four!*
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    Emmi's Art

    thanks :) about art I agree! He has done good with everyone that I've seen him with so far. I must say he has done the best with pat though in my opinion. I'm about to watch the one he did with Namfon so I still have my options open hahhaha.
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    Emmi's Art

    first poster made with photoshop :)
  186. L

    Sirita Jensen

    rita is gorgeous thanks noy!
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    Pinky will not extend contract with Ch7

    I am still a fan of pinky. It bothers me that everyone makes her out to be so bad but before she had so many fans. All actors and actresses go through the phase of drama. It doesn't change the fact that she's good at what she does. Though everyone is allowed their own opinion. Everyone has some...
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    Utsanee Watthana [Nok]

    she's so pretty. it's sad that she isn't with vee anymore
  189. L

    swirlblue artwork

    your work is amazing! I'm almost sad that you stopped making them. And I'm sad it took me so long to see this thread. I'm hoping you'll make more soon.
  190. L

    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    that's really cute :)
  191. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks :) photoshop happy right now :)
  192. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks girls :) I FINALLY GOT PHOTOSHOP BACK, NO MORE GIMP EVER AGAIN HAHAHAHA :) my first two banners with photoshop are done! they aren't that good because I'm getting used to it again but I hope you enjoy them. <3 of course my first piece was of kwan! I adore her. then I was snooping...
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    Kwan Usamanee: Wicked

    she looks flawless in these pictures! thanks for sharing
  194. L

    Noon & Todd

    noon was gorgeous!
  195. L

    Kob Suvanant

    kob looks pretty here! i love that she doesn't have makeup caked on her face! she's a natural
  196. L

    Anne Thongprasom & Ken Theradeth

    ann looks really pretty here :) thanks
  197. L

    Min Phitchaya

    she's cute on the cover
  198. L

    Pinky [Viva Color] & Barry [The Road of Rising Star]

    i don't like these shoots its too wild for my taste.
  199. L

    k2 + m2 a r t

    i love the pinky and cherry ones!
  200. L

    j e e j a 's

    the pancake you did for thip is beautiful! i love it
  201. L

    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    i love your banners! my favorite ones are the kwan one and the om one!
  202. L

    Bellefire Artwork

    i am officially jealous! i love the cherries artwork and your blending is amazing.
  203. L

    Emmi's Art

    thank you :)
  204. L

    Kob Suvanant & Susie

    kob looks absolutely stunning!
  205. L

    Various Stars [Bring Back Happiness]

    what a great song! it really shows the unity these stars have. thanks for sharing
  206. L

    Chompoo Araya

    i think this is my favorite shoot of her! she looks great!
  207. L

    Rita Jensen

    rita is gorgeous! and the outfits look amazing on her
  208. L

    kwan usamanee

    love kwan! she's gorgeous!
  209. L

    Aum Patcharapa & Om

    oh gosh he is soooo fine! bad ending for him in PLP but he played it well! gotta love him
  210. L


    he is soooo fine!
  211. L

    Emmi's Art

    no problem ahgen! I'm glad they were what you were looking for. some sets I did for the Boran Forum
  212. L

    Art Pasut & Matt Peeranee

    my current obsession! he is sooo fine
  213. L

    Kwan Usamanee

    win <3 they are amazing together
  214. L

    Kwan and Win or Pancake and Weir

    kwan and win forever <3
  215. L

    Kwan is a fan of Om Akapan

    i would love them paired up!
  216. L

    Cheer Tikumporn, Ying Ploypapat, Grace Karnklao

    grace and cheer are soo pretty. I have never seen ying though but she's cute too
  217. L

    Pae Arak & Koy Rachawin, Grace Karnklao

    grace looks soooo pretty I am sooo jealous of her hair
  218. L

    Sririta Jensen: Summer Breeze

    she is so pretty and this shoot looks great too! thanks for sharing
  219. L

    Taew Nattaporn:Beautiful Girl

    she does look great here :)
  220. L

    Noon & Todd [Love Makes the World Go ' Round]

    noon looks great! I love this shoot of her
  221. L

    Piny Savika: Sexy Spicy Girl

    she looks pretty
  222. L

    Kwan Usamanee: Hottest Girl

    she looks amazing
  223. L

    Noon & Todd [Sweet Wedding]

    she is sooo pretty, though I prefer her with Kade. They seemed perfect for eachother
  224. L

    Om, Barry and Mark

    i am absolutely in love with om!
  225. L

    Aum Patcharapa & Om Akapan

    omg he is sooo fine! thanks for sharing
  226. L

    Om Akapan and Mint P

    he is sooo hot! is this for a movie or something?
  227. L

    Bellefire Artwork

    those are amazing! great job
  228. L

    a n i e ' i s m

    i agree! i'm sick right now too and my work will never look like that lol! great job. i am officially impressed
  229. L

    Nina's Graphics

    awww why don't you do graphics anymore?? you were soooo good! I miss seeing your work
  230. L

    Emmi's Art

    i googled her name and got some myspace pages that popped up and they are in an album called: Photo Gallery จากสยามบันเทิงค่ะ, credit : www.sbt you can click here to get the the myspace page that I used.
  231. L

    LeEmYiS' cReAtiOn

    those are soooo good! great job
  232. L

    nam rapeepat

    I like Nam. He's such a cutie. I don't think they give him roles that are meant for him, like he always gets the goofy role, but I do love him. I feel in love with him since Benja Keta Kwarm Ruk. He's really talented and has a nice voice
  233. L

    Emmi's Art

    Robert Pattinson [[My Love!!]] Same exact thing only I messed around with the border and I kinda like them all :) Original- Two borders :)
  234. L


    whoa i'm surprised I never saw this. I just clicked on a random one and saw yours && I'm impressed! you should make more
  235. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks :] here is another one.
  236. L

    Cecilia's Boredom

    omg those are sooo hot! i love em!
  237. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks :)
  238. L

    Emmi's Art

    more of my boredom and experiments. I couldn't chose which one I liked more sooo... I kept them both :)
  239. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks ladies :) @ AhGen, sorry it took me a while to respond. I am busy with finals but yes I can make you a banner and avatar. I wasn't sure what you were looking for; them separate or together so I have 3 sets here for you to choose from. Same idea on all of them but 2 are of just one or the...
  240. L

    LaLa's Artwork

    omg! i love the namfon and por one! i love them together!
  241. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks girls :) a few more but this will prolly be it until after finals. I had fun during dead week though hahah. Simple ones... I'm into simple things now days.... but they do look decent. Pat Napapa: Pinky & Aof... I don't really like the brown one... I had a brain fart and didn't...
  242. L

    Bellefire Artwork

    those look amazing! you are sooo talented
  243. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks thip & noy here are some recent-ER ones hahahah, thank god for dead week before finals. gives me sooo much free time. Pancake: Pancake & Tle: Taew & Por: && of course, my all time favorite actress!!:
  244. L

    Emmi's Art

    awww thanks :) 3 more for the boran fansite:
  245. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks swirlblue! :) here are some for Liam Ruk: Pancake && Wier Banner & Avi
  246. L

    a n i e ' i s m

    whoa those look so real! if you didn't say they were manipulations I would have believed they were real haahhha
  247. L

    Bie Sukrit & Punch Worakarn: The Flying Stars

    bie is sooo hot! i love him!
  248. L

    Aff :: We Magazine:: Thai Tradition, Vol.6 No.73 | May 2010

    she's pretty i just don't like her hairstyles here
  249. L

    Emmi's Art

    Last two for the night :)
  250. L

    a n i e ' i s m

    wow... your work is amazing!
  251. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks noy :) here's another RTYR banner
  252. L

    Emmi's Art

    Grand the star: [[ for sweet thai boran forum]]: Ruk Tur Yod Ruk:
  253. L

    Son Songpaisan

    i don't think he's a great actor but his looks totally make up for it hahaha
  254. L

    kwan usamanee

    i must say PRRA because she looks best with Win and she wasn't too strong nor was she weak. The story like was also better though I do love her in KKKR
  255. L

    kwan usamanee

    I don't believe that Kwan actually has a bad personality. I feel like the media just needs another story to write so they pick on her because she is big news and has a big fan base. It's not fair to say that she has a bad personality. But I do agree that Pat is a great star also with a great...
  256. L

    Poo Praiya & Oh

    i love how poo looks in this shoot
  257. L

    Natthawut Sakidjai [Por]

    he is soooo sexy!
  258. L

    Grace Karnklao Duaysianklao & Others [Golden Family]

    grace and grand are cute! this is a silly shoot hahah
  259. L

    Various Actors [Transition]

    por looks hot! wier looks a little funny lol
  260. L

    Tarn & Grace

    great and chom!!! i love them hahah. grace looks great in this shoot
  261. L

    Pinky Savika - The look you'll love

    shes gorgeous i love her best in the black dress though
  262. L

    Aimee Morakot [Sexiest Beauty Queen]

    i love amy! she's beautiful
  263. L

    Grace Karnklao & Ice Atichanun

    whoa that's really photoshoped! but grace looks pretty
  264. L

    Chompoo Araya & Great Warintorn

    chom and great look good the rest looks really bad; outfits, backgrounds, props... just blahh thanks noy
  265. L

    Chompoo Araya: Princess Blythe

    chom looks sooo pretty! she never seizes to disappoint her fans
  266. L

    Grand The Star 5

    grand is pretty in this shoot
  267. L

    Emmi's Art

    here are two of just Great. I am currently in love with him :)
  268. L

    Great Warinthorn

    can someone please reload these pics? I didn't get to see them either. Thanks so much!
  269. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks! I just finished Fai Chon Saeng and I must say I am in love with Great! here's one I just made for that movie :)
  270. L

    Sririta Jensen: Sassy Sririta

    for really ugly outfits rita worked them! they actually look wearable on her!
  271. L


    i love cherry! she's pretty, not gorgeous but pretty. people can relate to her more because she has a normal beauty and talent
  272. L

    Ple Jarunee

    whoa! she isn't in the right age range to do shoots like this... i must say she looks decent though besides the hairstyles
  273. L

    Num Sornram & Jakjan Akumsiri

    num is sooo sexy for his age! i love him!
  274. L

    Pong & Pang Ornjira: city life

    whewww pong is hot hahah pang is pretty. suppppppppppper photoshoped but it's super cute i love it
  275. L

    Channel 3 Various Stars:12 Hot

    chaiya looks like a girl lol and oil looks tiny but the rest look great!
  276. L

    Barry Nadech

    are they new? I've never seen them before... but he's hot! and she's pretty
  277. L

    Chompoo Araya: I’m A Lover

    she looks different in the third picture but still she looks great! i don't think i've ever seen a bad shoot of her. thanks!
  278. L

    Bee Namthip, Pancake, Cherry, Kan Kantathaworn, Pol Pulapat: Come Together

    im not a fan of pan but she does look pretty here! cherry and bee do also
  279. L

    Chompoo Araya

    she is sooo pretty! love araya!
  280. L

    Emmi's Art

    thanks a bunchhhh noy! I made one just for you now. i hope you like it :)
  281. L

    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    awww that one is cute! i love the idea
  282. L

    Heyy! I miss you :]

    Heyy! I miss you :]
  283. L

    Emmi's Art

    some stuff i worked on today... the aff & aum one looks funny... but i was experimenting :]
  284. L

    Noon Woranuch [Don't Worry, Be Happy]

    she looks older but she still looks amazing
  285. L

    Pat Naprapa

    wow! she looks amazing!
  286. L

    Pinky Savika: Denim Goddess

    she is absolutely adorable
  287. L

    Noon Woranuch

    noon looks amazing in the purple. she is sooo gorgeous
  288. L

    Weir & Pancake [Again & Again]

    this is a beautiful shoot. i'm not a fan of pan but i must admit she looks great here
  289. L

    Kwan Usamanee

    this is sooo cute && yeah that is the person who played as her older sister in KKKR
  290. L

    Pat Naprapa [Dolly Mania]

    she looks cute here ッ
  291. L

    Chompoo Araya

    omg she is so beautiful!
  292. L

    Emmi's Art

    Aum Set: Kwan:
  293. L

    Kwan Usamanee: Quest for a Perfect Dress

    omg she is soooo gorgeous! i love her in these dresses
  294. L

    ~aiko's simple work~

    omg i love the one of kwan and por! they look great together great job! i wish mine were nearly that good :]
  295. L

    Aum Patchrapa : In the Heart of Milan

    omg she is soooo beautiful here. I need to make a banner with these. thanks for sharing
  296. L

    Emmi's Art

    awww i miss you too and everyone here. i have been so busy with school it's been crazy but i'm back and plan to stay active for a good time lol. ohhh and thanks
  297. L

    Emmi's Art

    awww thanks. I'm glad you are going to take up artwork again. I'll be waiting to see your work :]
  298. L

    Emmi's Art

    Hong Fah Set
  299. L

    Emmi's Art

    awww thanks :]
  300. L

    Emmi's Art

    Old Pinky Sets:
  301. L

    Emmi's Art

    Older Sets Pat Napapa Namfon P & Por T Sets Kwan Sets
  302. L

    Emmi's Art

    Newest Sets Prajun Lai Payak Set Kwan Usamanee Set
  303. L

    Emmi's Art

    It's been awhile since I made a new banner. I thought I started a topic here awhile back but I guess I was wrong. I will be posting old banners that I have done and new ones. The new ones are wayyyy better then the old ones because those were when I was learning. Now that I am taking classes on...
  304. L

    Kwan Usamanee

    awww i love her... her eyes are sooo pretty here.
  305. L


    i hate that they never give her some girly shoots. she would be soo pretty in them...
  306. L

    Kwan Usamanee

    she's gorgeous! my absolute favorite actress :]
  307. L

    Piny Savika: Sexy Spicy Girl

    awww shes sooo pretty!
  308. L

    Namfon Patcharin : Papayorn Bunterng

    whooa I never saw this shoot! shes sooo pretty i love her ... her outfits aren't all that though
  309. L

    What's Your Favorite Cee Lakorn?

    CEE && CHEER!! Love them!
  310. L

    Cee & Cheer @ A Platinum Event!

    I love them together :] they are the cutest! my favorite onscreen couple.... plus he's hot so it helps lol
  311. L

    Cee & Cheer" New Lakorn Pic"

    can someone reupload the photos? i wanted to make a new banner with them .. i love them together! cee and cheer forever :]
  312. L

    Stuff on Cee

    that hasn't been updated in a while :/
  313. L

    Cee's profile

    whoooaa... I didn't know he was Chinese... he's soooo hot! i love him :D
  314. L

    Lakorn Concert

    ohhh how did i miss this
  315. L

    Por's Gallery #34

    gosh i love them together
  316. L

    Por at the Thank Press

    i want to see this
  317. L

    Por's Gallery #25

    cute everyone looks great
  318. L

    Por's Gallery #24

    they need to do another lakorn together i miss them
  319. L

    Por's Gallery #23

    whooo hooo i love namfon
  320. L

    Por at the Channel 3 36th Anniversity

    i dont see pat lol is she in the pink?
  321. L


    i want to see this
  322. L

    Power 3 Time

    i love the power 3 club
  323. L

    Game Show

    lol they all are so cute
  324. L

    Por and Crew

    i love som and por is such a sweet heart
  325. L

    Por and Friends

    these are cute pics
  326. L

    Por and Pat

    i love them!
  327. L

    Por in You and Me Magazine

    you can never get tired of seeing him lol
  328. L

    Por At His Best...

    that suit does look good on him
  329. L

    Por at the 2005 Top Awards

    i never saw these pictures he looks good
  330. L

    Various Pictures of Por

    he is so good looking!
  331. L

    Favorite lakorn of Namfon

    jao sao ban rai and tey jai nak wang pan were my absolute favorites
  332. L

    Ta Warit & Namfon Patcharin

    she is so gorgeous shes one of my favorite actresses i just love her
  333. L

    Namfon Patcharin

    she is so gorgeous i love her
  334. L

    TV Pool : Vol. 918 - Poo & Pancake

    they both look really cute!!! thanks for sharing :)
  335. L

    wow im behind thanks for the birthday wishes :)

    wow im behind thanks for the birthday wishes :)
  336. L


    i still couldnt get it to work can you please help me thanks so much
  337. L


    i downloaded photoshop cs2 from here but it wont let me load it can you please help me
  338. L


    i downloaded this and i dont know wat to do from here can you help me??
  339. L

    <span style="color:orange"><b>Fon Neua</b></span>

    does anyone kno where i can watch this i havent seen it yet and i really want to
  340. L

    Wong Sa Wan

    i want to download this one to can someone upload it ive never seen it and i cant find it anywhere
  341. L

    hi i downloaded the movie WOO AI NEE NOR YUD WAII TEE TUR and the parts 17-20 did not work can...

    hi i downloaded the movie WOO AI NEE NOR YUD WAII TEE TUR and the parts 17-20 did not work can you check them please :] thank you