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    [True] Autumn in My Heart (True Vision)

    i found it kind disappointing that tik and ananda werent there for the boun, they are a major part of it. hope thats not a bad omen for the lakorn
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    [Ch3] Game Rai Game Ruk (Lakorn Thai)

    i have mixed feelins about the latest episode, to even suggest living as a threesome..made me disappointed in charles.. gross but when he was kissing nang fah forehead (quite loudly might i add) he only loves fah
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    Funny celebrities interview answers

    yes Mew Lalita she was rumored to be pregnant b4 wedding...but she claim to be going overseas for her masters or PHD.. months later..she gave birth list continues Ploy C "we are still the same, nothing has changed between us'' when asked about her relationship with bf (now ex) Dome- turns...
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    Funny celebrities interview answers

    So over the years there have been some very typical answers most celebs give in their interviews From “we are just brother and sister” and “we are friends” and of course “we are just co workers” But one has to wonder if they think we are not on to them when “scandal” occurs. This post is only...
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    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art) aum knocks into aff so hard! sorry this is a repost
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    [Ch7] Tawee Pope (Polyplus)

    so true!!! i just realised when u mentioned it.... hmmmm maybe they will mention it more once she starts staying there longer
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    I agree some things should just be given and not bought...just in case ;P

    I agree some things should just be given and not bought...just in case ;P
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    4 adjective describe you?

    snappy sincere charming smiley
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    my best friend..just coz she wanted to :) WWTLP to hold your hand?
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    hug for sure.. one of my all time fav thai celebs sara legg?
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    my best friends new born son... so cute! WWTLP you did their hair for?
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    Laos people in the U.S. looking like Thai Lakorn Stars

    lol oh no im sure u are very attractive :D they will accept u lek... xo
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    craving lao food!

    atm i am craving lao larb! duck larb to be exact what are you lao food cravings
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    What classify someone as looking their race..

    i think i look lao, despite what other people say.. i guess because lao isnt as well known as other nationalities... i get thai, Philippio, viet, chinese, haiwaian etc how do i post a photo on here?
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    Menstrual Blood Lao/Thai/Khmer Voodoo

    lol i could have not said it any better! hahaha
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    Lao people!! Where are you??!

    hey im in australia too!
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    Who Is you Fav Celebrity!

    wang leehom
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    AMK originally FMK

    Avoid = fatty foods Marry = leehom wang Kill = spencer pratt
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    hug= wang leehom
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    Have you ever...

    yes saw a bunch of teens brake into a car while i was parked in a shopping carpark have you ever mis read something and totally got it wrong?
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    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    "why am i still feelin tired?"
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    ummmm no one.. i like to continue to create myself WWTLP u would cook for?
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    Which version of Tawee Pope do you like more?

    i could agree more with u both!!
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    Ruen Phaa (Exact & Scenerio)

    lol! i agree.. so much foundation!! but seriously son .. he still looks awkward ..his acting still doesnt wow me
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    actors that look older than actual age

    yaya -she is so pretty but i thought she was 21 or something rome- dude i thought this guy was in his 30's mew from that lakorn with por- apparently she is only 15-- no way!! i thought she was 25! kimberly- i thought she was 25 too weir- goes without saying pancake- i think its the height and...
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    as here!

    as here!
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    i feel the same way :(

    i feel the same way :(
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    HAHAHA! so true

    HAHAHA! so true
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    Love in Disguise

    if you love leehom like i do... u will enjoy it. ..he is cute and the music is great HOWEVER dont expect anything too much... its cliche and there are too many dream moments...
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    ewww fake friends.. how did i get so many!

    ewww fake friends.. how did i get so many!
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    ewww fake friends.. how did i get so many!

    ewww fake friends.. how did i get so many!
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    Annoying talk show host

    so i was utubing and i finally watched the talk show woody and O..M...G he is annoying... his mannerism, the way he askes questions and the way he acts !! how did he become a host!
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    i love love the part where they were teasing Tik about watching aff shower at the table he had the cutest smile.. so shy and all blushing... he liked what he saw :DDDD
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    i noticed that too!...she falls back ...ALOT! (and he catches her ) hahahaha
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    i love the part where she was yelling at him coz she wanted to go home - i think he finally realised then that this was no picnic for her too
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    Lao people!! Where are you??!

    im here too!...well now i am :)
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    cant wait to see tik in uniform again .... ;)
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    Kulap Rai Nam(Tv Scene)

    rome's character need the man the heck up! so annoyed the bad girl is having all the fun
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    Suay Rerd Cherd Sode (Broadcast)

    i think sarah is sooo pretty in this lakorn i hope to see her in more leading roles and janie's hair is to die for
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    Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun (TV Scene)

    i love all the tiger and mook moments.. so heart warming >_<jealous
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    Sabaidee Luang Prabang

    finally watched this movie and i loved it! i just loved how lao people were shown... i felt that were spot on especially when someone comes to visit everyone and i mean everyone is the village gathers around.. hahah
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    this lakorn is lame... so slow.. i am just going to wait to watch the end of it
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    Crystal Liu Yi Fei

    she is in leehom movie!! i cant wait to see what her role is like
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    his new album and movie is out!! yay yay yay!
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    Rongram Pee (Exact)

    i want to know when numcha and chakrit will see each other again.. and will he realise thats the daughter not the mother
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    andrew was such a douche bag today!!!
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    so annoyed with andrew and joy in today's epi!!!..poor rita and her people
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    makes you think though... andrew thinks rita's dad killher his father ..hence why he is so angry with her family BUT the truth is that it was actually his uncle..HOWEVER rita's parents were REALLY killed by andrew's uncle... how will she truly accept the nephew of the man who killed her...
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    have to agree with u all...what a great comeback for andrew!...just goes to show..he still got it
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    i know! i am counting down the days.... :)
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    :blush: :wub: i have to add...when andrew was smelling rita's hair....omg hot!
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    omg the 5th episode is soooo good...things are starting to happen now and wow the coming out of teetayu as the bad guys nephew...true i knew (since i read the summary) but still a total shock i still think andrew loves rita very much....but he is sooo comsumed with hatered and revenge to...
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    arrrgghhh i cant wait for tonight exciting
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    one thing still kinda doesnt register with me is how he is allow to walk around the kingdom all the time....where are the guards????? <3 andrew gregson
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    so good so far!!!! i love abdrew and the elephant hehehe
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    Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)

    i dont like the cover either but think of it this way... aff isnt in the middle because Aum didnt want Tah to touch her so he sacrifice himself and let Tah touch him instead :P
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    Paula Taylor

    she has such a cute face..u dont get bored at looking at her
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    ooo i cant wait for this lakorn!!!
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    Yok Lai Mek(Broadcast Thai)

    sarah is just sooooo pretty!!! i think she looks prettier than janie
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    Prajan See Roong (Lakorn Thai)

    This lakorn is a great example of nature VS nurture, it doesnt really matter who your parents are but rather how you were raised that can determine how u live ur life and how you treat other people aff's character is kinda 'boring' but i can see why she is like that...she has lived in a...
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    Tao got re married???

    nat myria is doing the stage show of nang nark and looking after her sick mother
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    Tao got re married???

    funny thing though is that his gf is chiang mai or something just found out the same time as the press that he got married !! her name was ern or something... they did a telephone interview on khanpak something about this seems fishy
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    Tao got re married???

    i heard it from khanpak any pics?
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    Chakrit Yagnam & ?

    wow thats hot
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    Janista Liushalermwong [Bam]

    WOW! so stunning, this couple is just beautiful
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    SHAPE vol. 3 no. 38 May 2009

    her nostril look funny to me but she is still pretty
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    so if she breaks up with Aum, will she then move back to channel 7?...hehehe jk
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    Cartoon married at 16?

    according to dirtiilaundry she was married!! omg , anyone else know anything about this?
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    Aum Patcharapa

    i just realise..aum doesnt have much of a top lip
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    I met one of the guys from the lao boy band Idolz

    i like that song too! i saw the guy on the right (the one with the sunnies hanging from his shirt) he is very cute!
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    when someone says "I am Laos"

    i dont care if people say laos, laotian or lao just as long as they acknowledge they are from laos i hate when i see/hear lao people call themselves thai or e-san because they dont want to be call lao especially in thailand because lao tends to mean country folk or lower class :(
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    when someone says "I am Laos"

    what i found funny is that, even if you say i'm laos or i am laotian/lao there are so many people who go in return....whats laos?
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    favorite laos food?

    can i add gang puk wanh, yumm
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    Laos Weddings

    i recently went to a lao/chinese wedding and was alittle disappointed because they didnt do lao or chinese ceremony rather they opted for westerned sort of wedding including food!, which is a little sad because the lao ceremony even though LONG it is very beautiful and our wedding food is amazing
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    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    I'm guessing lao-chinese?
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    I met one of the guys from the lao boy band Idolz

    i was sitting with my cousins in laos and we were having dessert when i noticed some guy starring at me, i thought to myself, man i must stand out as a until my cousin was like hey he is that singer from the band idolz and i must say he was very cute! he looks japanese/korean if he...
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    Romantic Princess

    i love this series!! its so easy to watch and watch again, <3 Jin aka Wuchun
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    Mia Luang ( DaraVdo)

    i really hope they do get back together, wee deserves ALOT better and aum was made for this role, sooo is portraying this character so well!
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    Pueng Kunya

    she has sad looking dolls eyes
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    pok p.

    i think she looks sooooo pretty in mia luang, she looks and plays the role very well plus is she said to be marrying next yr, so happy people are normally more rounder :P
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    Game Loon Rak (Mana Production)

    is this a sitcom or lakorn
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    [MV by PrikThai] Fluke + Pang Kwankao

    was it just me but was that ploy in the begining?
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    Willy/Mam and Yelly Pics

    is it just me or does mam is seen more with her bro than with her husband
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    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    hahaha but u already know what i look like :)
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    yay leehom let out a new album!!! heartbeat
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    “Anne-Num” secret romance?

    ann s is wayyy prettier than nui
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    Are Thai stars approachable?

    i actually met mamee, (the actress in alot of the thai films) in melb and she was shopping with her friend or assistant..but the funny thing was that she was the one who kept starring at ..shouldnt it have been the other way around :P i just pretended not to know who she was hehehe
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    to all the ladies...what is in YOUR purse? haha

    whats in my purse??? haha pretty much my life, mobile phone ipod purse, money, id card, bank card, credit card.,..u get the point pics of love ones compact mirror mascara press powder compact sunnies keys to car and house small coin purse
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    Paula Taylor & Sunny: Effortless Chic

    i love the dresses
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    Aff Taksaorn & Dome Prakorn

    aff is pretty as always but dome's hair has to go
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    Aff Taksaorn

    she is perfect!
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    Ploy Cherman & Pang Kwankao

    wow ploy is soooo pretty and sexy..but who is this pang?
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    Aff Taksaorn

    i never get bored of her smile, just beautiful
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    Paula Taylor

    i like the 5th pic most, but the hair is
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    why was episode 8 only 17mins long?
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    Aff Taksaorn

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    Sririta Jensen: Make It Right, Make It Bright

    love the blue and purple outfits, wow she is beautiful
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    Aff Taksaorn

    i never get bored at looking at her face, so beautiful!
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    Ann Siriam: Beauty Evolution

    ann has a baby face to me, she still looks the same as she did in silamanee
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    Janie Thienphosuwan: Attractive Wonder Girl

    i am loving the jewellery she is wearing very nice
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    Amy Amaria: Have Fun with Plaid

    she cute, her hair reminds me of aff's hair in jai rao
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    i am up to ep 7 and finally the back story of the maid and bua's mum is reveal can't wait for the next ep
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    Peung Kunya Leenuttapong Official Thread

    she has sad eyes, still cute though
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    Aum Patcharapa: Lady First

    i like her hair and if she smiled i think this shoot would have looked betta
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    Jakjaan Akumsiri: Living With Mind

    she has pretty eyes
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    Paula Taylor

    she is cute but her hair reminds me of a a jelly fish
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    Gigantic River Cave Revealed in Laos

    wow wow wow , amazing!
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    Vic Zhou

    his acting has improve so much, from meteor garden to mars wow what a difference!
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    Sung Tong

    i concur, the old ones were great, and not so long ....
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    Fortune Teller

    i want my fortune told, any one know any online site i can go to?
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    Sapai Glai Peun Tiang(Polyplus)

    hehehehe me too, i think they will have great chemistry with each other
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    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    Just watching the teaser mades me wanna cry, i don't know how i am going to cope when i actually watch each
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    i can't wait to uncover bua's mum past, i am up to ep.6
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    i totally agree!, but then again i kinda understand why he is like that, because liking someone and admitting liking someone can sometimes conflict with each other, buti must say lift character is so charming, if i was mookhorm i would pick lift..hehehe yep loving this lakorn too, is so easy...
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    Best Criers

    really?? omg he cried really well in leud kattiya the night b4 he was going to be executed when he was hugging aom goodbye
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    Best Criers

    for me females: Ann and Aom p Males: Andrew gregson, tik J, ken and tangsakit
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    love this lakorn, Bua has never looked prettier, oil is soooo funny and lift is sooo sweet LOVE IT!!
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    Ann Siriam: Beauty Evolution

    wow, she is forever beautiful!!
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    Tik as Pra Aek Taewada

    i don't feel that with tik and andrew at all, both are extremely hard working and very serious with their work plus they both like to take one acting job at a time, i think thesereporter just have nothing to write about them because both don't have much romours
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    i think he has moved from pop teen artist to truly it so talented i am jealous..hahaha
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    Mor Krit some guy who does fortune telling..for the stars

    my sister said he was on the 3 num 3 mon show with tang mos and kob and he predicted that mos was going to have a shot gun wedding, kob will be scared of his wife and tang will have a beautiful girlfriend/wife. some thing along that line, i havent seen that show yet but this guy is seriously an ass
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    Sririta Jensen: Make It Right, Make It Bright

    I WANT THAT PURPLE DRESS!!! i am loving rita's hair, seriously omg :)
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    Mor Krit some guy who does fortune telling..for the stars

    have u seen this guy, omg he is soooooooooooooooooooooo annoying, the way he talks and points!!! i saw him on the wooddy show and even woody thought he was an ass (he didn't say it but his body language said it all) i think he was on 3 num 3 mom tonight too
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    Aff Taksaorn: Delightful Day

    she is beautiful!
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    Pinky Savika: Absolute Fabulist

    i don't know about this shoot, not loving it, the cover is abit much for me
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    Janie Tienpusuwan:Along Came Janie

    love the hair!!!
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    Sririta Jensen

    wow, loving the cover, Rita is a stunner!!!
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    Num Sornram and....who?

    i like to see him with Aff, Aom p or Buachompoo.. just for a change
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    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    lek very narm :)
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    Tik Jessadaporn, Ruj Suparuj & Toey Jarinporn

    p'tik is soooo handsome!!!!!!!!! lor jung!
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    Silamanee - remake lakorn, favourite N'ek to play leading role

    the nang ek i would like to see play this role would be Aff because she has a very asian beauty look, hard to explain and for the pra ek i would like to see Tik J and Thun (as the younger bro) man that would be soooo good
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    What are you addicted to?

    atm i am addicted to FACEBOOK
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    which thai actor would you marry?????

    i would marry tik j or tang saksit (coz i think its about time 4 him..hahaha)
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    Silamanee - remake lakorn by Workpoint

    i'm not happy with the casting at all! i always wanted a remake of this lakorn coz its one of my favs, but i also pictures it with tik and thun as the brothers tik being the main pra elk of course and maybe aff as nang ek
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    Television Gold Award 2007

    aff is beyond words, sooo damn pretty and thun looks hot too
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    Bow Chayada & Achi: She's the One

    she is soooo pretty, and at times she looks so much like p'bam her sister
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    If tik were ever to play in a lakorn again, who would make a cute couple with him?

    i would like to see Tik with Aff, Ann or Even Buachompoo
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    What happen to Num Sornram?

    p'num tum jai u after his heart break from Nui
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    Mart & Janie

    mart is sooo cute!
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    Post your pictures of Laos here

    wow great pics, makes me miss lao btw, wow the monks and the girls were touching,...thats not right
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    Ruk Rhythm (Sit-com) (Toh Klom/Workpoint)

    i have to admit that i first thought this sitcom was so so, but after watching it for a while now, its definately better than u thought, well worth the watch!
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    i'm not sure if u all have seen this or not, but the team of 3 num tricked p'tang on his birthday, by having a bunch of screaming groupies at the studio while they were filming his show. he was sooo nice and sweet and funny check it out
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    Pei Parnward

    not her best shoot
  147. 2

    Aom Piyada's new boyfriend

    i think he is cute!!! go aom
  148. 2

    [pic]aom skaojai and her bf

    he looks alright, but what do u expect, most stars date not soo good looking people as them
  149. 2

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    margie still isn't growing on me, donut is very pretty in this lakorn
  150. 2

    Mart Krisada Phornweroj check out this link, mart is soo cute and ann is funny..hehehehe
  151. 2

    Mart Krisada Phornweroj translated by Diamend
  152. 2

    Need info on Mart

    thank u thank u soooo much!!! i was having trouble to find info on him, thanks aot everyone wow he is half chinese ..learnt something new too
  153. 2

    Thai Stars Who Wear Glasses

    bua beam sister wears glasses and i have seennat myria wear glasseswhen she is reading lyrics, i think it was for some show
  154. 2

    cutie jaja

    she has nice eyes
  155. 2

    Paula Taylor and Marc Nelson

    are u sure they are together, coz i thought she said she was single on wwwy, aom's show
  156. 2

    Need info on Mart

    i need some info on this guy, he is sooo cute love him in the lakorn with ann whats his real name when is his birthday, that kind of stuff please someone fill me in thank u
  157. 2

    Nimit Marn(Tv Scene)

    i concur, mart's character is beyoud bad
  158. 2

    Country Representations

    Indian: Pinky, Middle Eastern: Pat British: Kat English French: Rita Thai: Aff!!! Aom!! Chinese: May P Hmong: Vicky Korean: Lydia Japanese: Bua S Cambodian: Namfon P
  159. 2

    Trab Sin Din Fah(Exact)

    this lakorn is too emotional for but i must say p'mam is beautiful
  160. 2

    Lee Wang Hom

    leehom is the great, a true musician, love him
  161. 2

    Nimit Marn(Tv Scene)

    so whats mart's background story? why is he so bad?
  162. 2

    Anyone remember "Nang Sip Song?"

    i think i am the only one who didn't like it, coz it grossed me out how all 12 sisters married the same prince
  163. 2

    Anyone in here like to Lum Vong??

    i do it, but there has to be a big crowd and i like to lum vonh in the middle..hehehehe don't know why though
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    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    how do u post up pics here?
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    wishing u all a happy lao, hmong, thai etc new yr may this yr bring with it all that makes u smile and life worth living
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    Miss Lao USA 2006

    HAHAHA, aww thats kind of u to say so xxoxoxox it does sound tempting :) hehehehe but if u enter lek, the other girls got no chance! :)
  167. 2

    TIK or NUM

    tik all da way
  168. 2

    If you could marry anyone...who would it be???

    1- Wang leehom 2- tik J 3 Andrew gregson that is all :)
  169. 2

    great news andrew gregsons fan!

    after seeing ann and andrew's photo shoot, i am really hoping its Ann
  170. 2

    great news andrew gregsons fan!

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait, i love Andrew's work
  171. 2

    Lee Wang Hom

    leehom naa ruk tee soot, glad he is getting more fans everyday because he deserves it
  172. 2

    Bow Chayada News

    i think they are spearated but not divorce just yet, but i have noticed something, when ever bow talks about fluke she always regards him highly, she must still love him still, sad
  173. 2

    Aff and her Bf

    there hasn't been any full on proof, but it does seem like a popular theory. aff and her bf have been together for a very long time so he probably treats her great hence the 10 yrs he isn't handsome but he could be sweet
  174. 2

    Bow Chayada News
  175. 2

    Aff and her Bf

    aum and aff look good together yes.... but didn't he cheat on kat english when they were dating? i don't want aff to date a cheater no matter how nice they look together
  176. 2

    Sudsapda : AFF

    LOVE THE HAIR!!!! omg, love it
  177. 2

    Tee Tra Gul Soon : Magazine

    she looks different here
  178. 2

    Natural Beauty

    i voted for Ann t, but i think Mam Kathaleeya is also a natural super beauty, i always wanted to look just like her
  179. 2


    yep i am going to watch the lust caution just for my leehom,..hehehehe
  180. 2

    Miss Laos

    i never thought about how much i spend on make up, i think more about how much or how little i should apply it, plus make up is best when its use to enhance ur features, don't u think, anyways back to the topic, miss lao would be kool, i hope someday it could be, representing!
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    Leehom Wang was in Laos! links to leehom eating in lao, awww my baby is trying sticky rice, too cute
  182. 2

    Leehom Wang was in Laos! here's the link he also ate insect while he was there too, hehehe, he was talking about it at on of his have to check it out on utube
  183. 2

    Is it true Jessica Alba is pregnant?

    is it just a rumour or a fact
  184. 2

    Good Movie

    om shanti om great movie
  185. 2

    Introducing Deepika Padukone

    this girl is seriously pretty, check her out
  186. 2

    OM Shanti OM & Saawariya

    i love love love om shanti on its was/is sooooooooooooooooo good, one of the best indian movies i have seen in a while
  187. 2

    Leehom Wang was in Laos!

    u can see his trip on utube
  188. 2


    hahaha can't help it, kon aray ga mai roo, nar ruk tee soot..hehehehehe
  189. 2


    this guy is seriously the closet thing to being perfect..hehehehhehehe smart, hard working and nar ruk, could u ask for more
  190. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    lol, u do have nice hair lek, so i can't disagree
  191. 2

    Sood Dan Huajai

    omg!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha thats so cute
  192. 2

    Ann,Tik,Ken,Aom,Ploy & Sunny:29th Birthday

    P' Tik's grin on the cover makes him look so naughty/cheeky, just love it wink wink :)
  193. 2

    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    Your Gentleman will be Sexy ... A Family Man ... Has a Villa in Tuscany Have A Nice Ass Annual Salary $377,553.64
  194. 2


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEK JA, wishing you all the best on this very special day
  195. 2

    Where were u born?

    i was born in thailand, but i came to Australia about 4 months after, so still a wee baby
  196. 2

    Where does everyone reside in?

    i'm from Australia g'day mate Aussie Aussie oi oi oi
  197. 2

    tom rainbow

    i second that, i want tot see who he married, my older sisters use to have the biggest crush on
  198. 2

    Do you look laos?

    i was recently shopping at this new asian grocery store, and the shop keeper kept speaking vietnamese to me, i finally told her i wasn't viet and then she started speaking chinese too me, i stopped her again and said i wasn't chinese, and turns to me and replys "are you sure?" the...
  199. 2

    diet pills

    lol, but i have a agree that the best way to lose weight is to watch your fat intake and exercise, its the hard way but the safest i think anyways. btw i heard some diet pill makes ur heart race faster so people with high blood presure cant take them, is that true? i should ask my doctor next time
  200. 2

    YOur Lao Name??

    my laotian name is Somkid but my friends and family call my Kit (as in think) i think my name is commonly a boy's name though..but i'm a girl just ask LEK :)
  201. 2

    Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman

    Popular actor Sornram Theppitak allegedly slammed his BMW car into a woman who was collecting recyclable garbage on a Bangkok street late Wednesday night. The accident happened on Soi Senanikhom in Lat Prao district shortly after 11 pm. Police quoted Adirek Phochai, a security officer of a...
  202. 2


    HAPPY LAO NEW YR ALL may this be the best yr yet!!!!
  203. 2

    Lao Superstition

    yeah no worries, i will make sure you will be there...:P
  204. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    i know, its been so long since i wow even one of our nang rai has forgotten the story..i better post some more quick smart :P
  205. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    yes i do mean to add to the story, but hadn't thought how just yet.... but i am super happy to that people are still reading it..will post the continuing story soon new characters will be added also
  206. 2

    Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan are engaged

    :yahoo: congrats to them, i hope they have a wonderful life together
  207. 2

    Laos urges suspension of a Thai soap opera

    more info Lao govt knocks Thai soap off the air Channel 7 television and Workpoint Entertainment yesterday gave in under pressure from the Lao government and suspended indefinitely the airing of a controversial soap opera that was scheduled to make its debut last night. Channel 7 executive...
  208. 2

    Laos urges suspension of a Thai soap opera

    Some Info Laos urges suspension of a Thai soap opera Laos has urged Thai television channel 7 to suspend airing a soap opera, the first episode of which will on air tonight, because the Vientiane government deemed the love story a threat to Lao culture. Vientiane has conveyed their...
  209. 2

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    73- mobile phones are useless, either no reception, low batteria or left it in the car when someone is trying to call with important infomation 74- main girl is scared of the sound of thunder 75- when suck out in no where it rains so main girl and guy have to go look for cover -normally there...
  210. 2

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when� 1. Its okay for the guy to rape the a girl because rape = love 2. Both the girl and the guy fall asleep after the rape 3. The girl waits around after the rape until the next morning to then get away 4. No legal charges are ever pressed against...
  211. 2

    Andrews filming a new lakorn

    i can't wait to see more of p andrew's work, both on screen and behind the scene
  212. 2

    who's ann thongprasom's boyfriend?

    Ann's bf may not be the best looking guy but from the interviews i have seen of them together he is very sue parp (gentlemanly like ) i like him ...go p'ann
  213. 2

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    Lucky you i love the part where you mention about not wearing you can't wait to see the pic
  214. 2

    Life Lessons...

    never argue with an idiot because they only drag you down -then beat you with experince birthdays, valentines, christmas events are never like the movie... reality suck people are not who they are when you last speak to them, they are who they all the entire time of the relationship you can...
  215. 2

    Sao Lao Bao Thai

    its a lakorn and i think it comes out next year
  216. 2

    temple parties

    yeah in South Australia we have temple parties (to help raise funding for the temple etc) i go when i have too when my dad makes me. i personally hate going, always old guys trying to crack on to ya, grosses me out. but yeah we do the same have one for new years then for lao new years.
  217. 2

    Teh Uten's Wedding

    probably because the people who were buying his albums were laotian so when he dissed them they quit buying..krama baby
  218. 2

    Lao-US citizens slain in execution-style killing

    Just thought i would share this news, i am sure many have already heard of this already but for those who haven't here it is Lao-US citizens slain in execution-style killing NILA SINGKHIRI & THAWEESAK BUTCHAN Ubon Ratchathani _ Two Lao-born American men were shot dead in Ubon Ratchathani on...
  219. 2

    Song Hye Kyo

    ^^^, they have the similar nose shape but thats about it, i think anyway
  220. 2

    Teh Uten's Wedding

    yeah he said that lao girls are dirty and that he would never get with one, i heard that after he made his comments people in lao at the market area burnt his
  221. 2

    [Pics] TATA Young Temperature Rising Live in Bangkok

    Looks like someone has been going through beyonce ‘s Wardrobe
  222. 2

    do you know how

    the perfect answer LOL :yahoo:
  223. 2

    Aom Won Asian TV Award

    Go P' Aom
  224. 2

    Pinned: Krit's Profile

    So when is his birthday exactly? june, march? 1978 or 1975? 25th or 27th please clarify
  225. 2

    When you went back to visit lao...

    i know what you mean about the feeling like a princess. family back in lao always treated me really delicate because they knew that i had no idea what the hell is going on.
  226. 2

    Parties n celebration

    LoL, yeah its all about the evelope- especially at weddings, they don't want no gifts they want da
  227. 2

    I-Mobile Concert in Vientiane

    Has anyone else noticed that Dan's last name almost sounds like a lao surname danuwong..proabably because of "wong" part or is it just me who thinks so...hehehe
  228. 2

    How long till your skin got lighter from laos

    as long as its healthy the colour doesn't really matter
  229. 2

    Miss Lao USA 2006

    i wish..heheh
  230. 2

    Five things about yourself

    1 confident 2 hard working 3 hopeless romantic 4 optimistic 5 cheerful
  231. 2

    What does LOG stand for

    wow, if that is what LOG might stand for- thats pretty creative :D
  232. 2

    Lao Superstition

    last night i dreamt about snakes, (one even bit me on the hand) but there was lots of them green ones, black ones brown ones, some where like all over my leg...freaky!! oh no does that mean i will have lots of (hope not)
  233. 2

    What does LOG stand for

    i really like their songs, but i was just wondering what does their name LOG stand for
  234. 2


    there were signs that this relationship was not going to last and it comes as no surprise but its still alittle sad
  235. 2

    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    just finished watching this lakorn and i really like the ending, just perfect bua and andrew are soooooo cute, their chemistry and love is magical in the last part
  236. 2

    anything new about Laos?

    LOL, enough said :lol:
  237. 2

    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    wow just stunning, andrew is hot!!! but he needs a hair cut
  238. 2

    Alexandra with ????

    i just realised she has a nose ring, did anyone else noticed that too or was it just me
  239. 2

    Alexandra with ????

    wow, i can't wait, a lao nang ek hip hip o ray!!!
  240. 2

    Miss Lao Telecom 2006

    lol, thanks for ur kind words Lek and i think its a good ideal - ask sarn about it first too
  241. 2

    Isn't true?

    i think jakkajun looks like chakrit ex fiancée the one he was almost about to marry, they had a condo together and everything they slipt after he starred with Marsha
  242. 2

    [Quiz]What is Your Love Element?

    Your Love Element Is Metal In love, you inspire and respect your partner. For you, love is all about fusing together for one incredible life experience. You attract others with wit and a bit of flash. Your flirting style is defined by making others want and value you. Greatness and optimism...
  243. 2

    interview of Andrew

    please please someone translate this, its not often we get news about andrew
  244. 2

    Lao Superstition

    another to add don;t say anything bad about other people's children when you are pregnant because it will go into your child
  245. 2

    wat are u?

    Buddhist too and i totally respect other beliefs too
  246. 2

    Miss Lao Telecom 2006

    yes the girls are very pretty but i must add that the girls in sarnworld here are just as pretty maybe we should do a
  247. 2

    Baby Names

    girls name: buavanh or tidarvanh guys name: chanh just some suggestions
  248. 2


    i agree, i have become so acustomed to Western life that i think it would be so hard to go back but going back and help assist rebuild lao without having to live there would be cool
  249. 2

    Lao Superstition

    you can't be a bridemaid too many times because then u will not get marry ur self when you sneeze someone is talking about u dont try on weding clothes for fun because then u will not get marry for real
  250. 2

    Miss Lao USA 2006

    so who was the winner this yr? any pics
  251. 2

    Question about Nui

    i was just wondering what yr was Nui crowned Miss thailand and how old is she
  252. 2

    Lao Ghost Stories

    ewwwww :shocked: i don't think i want to see that
  253. 2

    The Person Below You....

    Alittle the person below me would rather date a celebrity rather than be a celebrity
  254. 2

    This or That

    Both letters or emails
  255. 2

    The Person Below You....

    nope been already the person below me prefers coke not diet coke
  256. 2

    Lao Superstition

    another 2 i wanted to add if you don't was the dishes properly you children will turn out ugly and when you cut your hair burn it in case someone takes it and use it to put a spell on you
  257. 2

    Laos Weddings

    gotta love lao weddings, but in south Aust, there seems to be less because many of the lao couples, just move in together with no wedding ceremony...pity
  258. 2

    When you went back to visit lao...

    It always amazes me how when you go back to laos , the people there, especially in the market area know straight away that you are a tourist and the prices all suddenly shoot up…lol that for me took a little to get use too..because they just stare
  259. 2

    Lao Ghost Stories

    what was it about? i like watching scary movies even though the totally freak me out
  260. 2

    Do you look laos?

    I just laugh at the ocean part and explain where laos was, I didn' t take it to offence because he really had never heard of the term Laotain before, but he did shake my hand and say that i was the first laotian person he has ever
  261. 2

    Do you look laos?

    I recently got asked “what’s your cultural background?” and I was like “ I’m Laotian” and the Aussie guy was like “what ocean?”….lol to say the least, it took awhile to explain where Laos was
  262. 2


    cool, i'll check them out too GO LAO MUSIC
  263. 2

    star couples

    Just wanted to add P' Noo Mam and Bobby= married but no kids unfortunately
  264. 2


    Happy Birthday lala lek wishing u all the best the world has to offer, all yr round
  265. 2

    Quiz-What Kind of Flirt Are You?

    hahaha i got :You Are a Coy Flirt You may not seem like you're flirting, but you know exactly what you're doing. You draw people in, very calculatingly, without them even knowing. Subtle and understated, you know how to best leverage your sex appeal. A sexy enigma, you easily become an object...
  266. 2

    typical asian height

    hahaha, thats what i was i'm 5ft2 and HALF...small yes but i'm cuter this way :P
  267. 2

    What are you thinking right now?

    lek is so fun to chat too
  268. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    Power: so where to now? Noi: it’s so hot, lets get something to cold to eat then maybe we could visit Pratu Xay Power: dai (ok) The local market was close by so I’Power and I decided to have a look around. There was so much to see, eat and buy- much more compare to the morning market back home...
  269. 2

    IBU (Inspired By You)

    i haven't heard of them before, but wow cool, i really what IBU stands for ..thats super cute
  270. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    Aunty: bungh nong hai dee der Power (look after younger sister Power) Power: Doi (yes) Mair: ya pa gai I’ der, dewl me kon luk our pai (don’t go far from I’Power, or peole might kidnap you) <Noi stares at mother> Noi: doi, doi, doi (yes, yes, yes) Mair: yim nair (smile) <Noi fake smiles> <mair...
  271. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    awwww look who has chubby checks :P
  272. 2

    Couples who used to be an item...

    joni and michelle joni and three num and joy (gik gun) num.gunchai and pok.p
  273. 2

    Is Laotian Culture Disapearing?

    i saw this topic in another forum and thought it was very interesting and I'm just curious to know how many here feel that Laotian culture is disapearing How do you think is teh best way to preserve Lao culture?
  274. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    the story continues...... Noi: Why was I going through all this, why did I let other people make me feel bad? when I usually don’t care for them at all, Power: Noi Noi: go away, if you are just here to make fun of me and make me feel worst then I already do, don’t Power: you really think that...
  275. 2

    Lao Ghost Stories

    my mum used to tell me and my friends not to play hide and seek because the ghost would hide us from each other in other pee bung da (ghost covers you eyes) freaky if you think about it
  276. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    :loool: you wish reagan, i don't go for little
  277. 2

    Couples who used to be an item...

    Tata and James Taya and Louis Buachompoo and Dan (not dan d2b another fella) patson and janie (i think) charkrit and Joy R Joy R and Oil
  278. 2

    Lao Ghost Stories

    the only one I know of is Pee Kong Goey, the ape like monster who calls out to children to take them away ...... does anyone else of any other ghosts or have any freaky ghost stories to share?
  279. 2

    Another Gangsta Lao rapper
  280. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    hey i have seen that pic before - baby
  281. 2

    What song are you listening to right now?

    bao thai and sao lao by alexlander and some thai guy
  282. 2

    What are you thinking right now?

    i know how you feel, i went through that too, its sucks but like they say you have to go through the pain- to be able to get over it
  283. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    Hello my Pra Eg :wub: no we haven't given up on our lakorn its just that both lalalek and i have been busy, i have exams right now but i have written some more, but i should be posting it up soon. i hope u are still reading it (thats goes for everyone too) :D before i 4get, thanks...
  284. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    Oh Pond you are so pretty, now i feel bad because in the story (that lalalek and i are writing) i made you as a nang rai when you actually look more like a nang ek :)
  285. 2

    help support BeerLao!!

    i don't drink but members of my family have beerlao t-shirts...that counts as supporting
  286. 2

    Do you look laos?

    yeah you btw ur eye shape is fine it just reminds me of japanese eyes sometimes
  287. 2

    Laos Weddings

    wow i haven't heard about the egg thing before...very interesting how does the egg predict the future, like what does it mean when it cracks i agree weddings are fun, and the food is great! i enjoy getting dress to go and then i am ready to leave about 20 mins but i am a sucker for...
  288. 2

    Do you look laos?

    are you being sarcastic ? because last time you said I looked pale
  289. 2

    Laos Weddings

    all you need to remember is not to out shine the bride and you will be fine :)
  290. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    you think?, i don't see it, to me everyone looks so different Power looks euroasian Reagan looks almost japanese (coz of his eye shape) Lalalek looks Hawaian Thookata looks korean ...hmmm maybe its just me
  291. 2

    What are you thinking right now?

    my hands are cold
  292. 2

    Pictures P'Tik & Team work [2006/06/04]

    she P'Aom was nang ek a while ago now, one that i can remember clearly, she was a 'pretend' servant in a house of single girls- donut was even in that lakorn but she was more the second nang ek (after aom) i think it was called "ban sao sort" house of single women jack penpet was the pra ek
  293. 2

    bollywood at Cannes

    the movie you are talking about is Pride and Prejudice, she gained weight especially for that role (about 20 pounds) because she and the director didn't want her character Lalita to look too much like a model since in the film she had to portray a country girl ash is normally quite thin
  294. 2

    Pictures P'Tik & Team work [2006/06/04]

    ARRRRHHHHHH you are soooooo lucky Kristie, so what did you and p'tik talk about? did he said one of his liners to u (that he is soooo famous arrrrrhhhhh ur so lucky!!!!!
  295. 2

    Lao 2005

    wow the zoo looks really good, now i want to go thanks for sharing your i really want to go to that zoo too :)
  296. 2


    I love Prom or formal (thats what we called ours in Aussie) I think you should meet at the house you are getting ready at coz it would be better to ARRIVE together..its more couple/partner like I remember my formal, it was soooooo much fun, I had choosen my dress 6 months in advance..hahaha...
  297. 2

    Laos Weddings

    1 to announce that their child is getting marry and to show 2 coz if you don't invite one there will be hell to pay 3 yes, because often a wedding is usually about your parents friends as much as your own. 4 you have to give what you hope to get back someday when one of ur relative...
  298. 2

    Do you look laos? try this out guys, and see if we asian really do look alike..hehehehe
  299. 2

    Miss Lao USA 2006

    yeah why isn't there a Mr Lao, i would go see that
  300. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    I could see people starting to arrive at the fair/welcome back party for Buk Mar (Power) from my bedroom window. It was actually really pretty, there was a fairest wheel, people selling dumb mark huin (papaya salad) and sweets and LOG was playing over the stereo system. Power’s parent went all...
  301. 2

    i find it hard to be friends with white people

    wow this is really an interesting topic, i went to a school where there were alittle amount of asians so relating to white/westerners came naturally to me. most of my friends are australians or Europeans i on the other hand have trouble being friends with asians girls, i can't seem to relate...
  302. 2


    so pretty, bet chakrit is kicking i like how she didn't show too much leave things to the imagination..which is always sexier
  303. 2

    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    can't wait for andew to be on screen again and couple with bua...can't wait!!!
  304. 2

    Do you look laos?

    :) hahaha i totally understand what you are saying Pee, i use to have conversation like that too when people first got to know me but now i state clearly that i am laotion and not many of us are around because we are so Unique/rare a oh and on behalf of the lao girls...
  305. 2

    Lao Superstition

    i have another ones to add don't wash the dishes at night because you will wash away luck, money etc in real life don't shower at night when you are pregnant because you will lose the baby cuting hair on a wednesday is bad luck if your right eye twitches its bad luck and when the left eye...
  306. 2

    Quiz time again i got : The Amazing-You are an amazing caring person if you're in a relationship they better hold on tight to you and if you're not what the hell is wrong with the men in this world??? You are one of those apples that are at the top...
  307. 2

    Lao Superstition

    Some that i have heard don't cut your hair on the day you were born because it was shorten your life span don't sing in the kitchen because you will marry an old man if you peel an apple in front of a mirror with a candle in front of it, your future husband will appear in the mirror thats...
  308. 2


    when i think of exotic looking i think beachy tan, long wavy hair, bright eyes
  309. 2

    Chakrit & Jakajan

    something about their body language isn;t right, its not a couple in love but in performing roles for the media, something is fishy
  310. 2

    constructive/plastic surgery

    when i was younger i use to really want dimples, though i'm not sure if you can have surgery for them coz it may just lead to scaring plus my dad said she if i did have any kind of cosmetic surgery i wouldn't be allow back in the house..hmmm not a bad idea come to think about it..muahahahaha
  311. 2

    Quiz: we are all beautiful but how and why i got : Natural Beauty Your beauty is found on your shell... your outside. This could mean you have an attractive face or a fit body, maybe a pair of beautiful eyes or a nice smile. Whatever it is, it can be seen by everyone and...
  312. 2

    which movies have ya recently watch/saw?

    i just saw she's the man (cute chick flick) and scary movie 4 (kinda of crap)
  313. 2

    How much you spend a week?

    wow after reading everyone's post i am starting to think that i am good with money...i used about $40-50 (petrol, uni food ,parking) a week -shopping clothes, makeup etc not included
  314. 2

    What are you thinking right now?

    wow its stop raining outside
  315. 2

    Do you guys go tanning?

    i think i should go tanning- i am starting to look
  316. 2

    Happy La0 N3w Y3arS!!!!...!^_^

  317. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    Noi: how about this look? Mair: arrrhhh???, no…. Noi: this is so stupid Mair: look, ta how pa ya yarm, how ga het da lair (child, if we try we can achieve) <Noi: smiles at mair> mair: first lets do something with this hair and scrub that skin, I will boil ginger and rub it against your skin-...
  318. 2

    Tradition of lao

    yeah i still say kanoi and doi, and when i speak to my parents i used the word look (child) instead of I or my name.
  319. 2

    aishwarya rai

    i think their eyes are similar but thats about it
  320. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    Lek: HAHAHAHA, SHE is competing…lol <Power’s Mother stares at Lek funny> Lek: oh I mean, she competing - that’s great, good for her..he he he ummm, Power’s mother: well we have 12 contestants that is plenty, this is going to be very exciting competition. Lek: mair Power’s mother: mair? Lek: Oh I...
  321. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    The Story Continues...... Power and his parents (uncle and aunty) were over to discuss with my parents the preparation for Power’s welcome back party. I had faked a sicky so that I wouldn’t have to face Power - but as always curiosity got the better of me and I found myself listening in to...
  322. 2

    Do you look laos?

    B) :D i concur - u took the words right out of my mouth dfemc
  323. 2

    When you went back to visit lao...

    like to the weather, food, people etc anyone wanna share their culture shock
  324. 2

    Laos Weddings

    haha you sound like my sister, her husband isn't a people person either, thats why she doesn't go to lao parties too, and i totally understand what u mean by people asking where's ur husband, my sister and my mum get it sometimes whats weird that the next day there are stupid rumors that they...
  325. 2

    when is the lao new year in LA?

    Wow it is so great that you guys have pageant, and you all look great. We tried having a pageant once in south Australia but a big cat fight start and all hell broke loose – now we will never speak of it again….lol
  326. 2

    Alexandra in Thailand..

    wow alex is really pretty
  327. 2

    the QUOTE game...

    yes u are all right the quotes œIf I loved something I would love it to my fullest capabilities so that when it dies I will not cry - because I loved it as much as I could when it was aliveâ€? is also from autumn of my heart Quote from a Hong Kong movie If I die you have to die with me...
  328. 2

    the QUOTE game...

    Quote from a very popular Taiwanese series “If apologies worked why would we have police?� Quote from a very popular Korean series “If I could be reborn again I would come back as a tree because once its planted it doesn’t have to be move around�. “You don’t have to love me...
  329. 2

    Which beautiful woman are you?

    i got : You are a goddess! cool :D
  330. 2


    yeah , i think it her cuz her eye ! :shock: the girl at the back 3rd girl looks familiar , where have i seen her from
  331. 2


    yes Noi and Ken are really a couple
  332. 2

    Something Awesome about a Lao Friend

    wow so proud go steve go steve
  333. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    the story continues.... Lek: and who is this Power? Power: this is Noi, she is an old friend Noi (2cute2care): you mean an old enemy don’t you Buk…I mean Power Lek: hang on, isn’t this the same girl from the market? What are you doing here? Noi: I am also the next-door neighbour...
  334. 2

    Lao Lakorn

    i hope so too, hopefully we can have some more laotian people who can represent us and throw away the old sterotypes away
  335. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    lol very cute I' Power. i will add my bit I pretended to be tired and stayed at home while mair and poh went over to power’s house for dinner. I guess as the night went on curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t help wondering what buck mar would looked like now. So when it was late...
  336. 2

    If there was a lao lakorn.....

    dfemc, come join in our lakorn, add in your choice of character
  337. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    wow that would be cool to have a poster of our story, but i am sooo kee i
  338. 2

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    there you are our P'ek...hehehehe, you finally have a face :)
  339. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    we can have more then one nang ek and more than one pra'ek and nang rai so onlyu, jentha, arissa, dfemc, narmfon feel free to add in your characters :) and lek super job so far with the story here is my bit, continuing from urs Lek I lived in the village Pakxeng. It was about 4 hours drive...
  340. 2

    Lets write our Laotian lakorn story togther ;)

    Starring so far..... power = as Pra'ek power has just come back to lao from studying in America. he is here to help his father business 2cute2care = Nang'ek 2cute2care is a lao girl from the country (will add more later) Lek = Nang Rai Lek is lao girl from America who follows power...
  341. 2

    If there was a lao lakorn.....

    same here! NO SUPPORTING ROLES :D then I will be the nang' ek if you guys are the pra'ek and nang, and reagan u can be ................................................................................ ...
  342. 2

    Do you look laos?

    i can totally relate to what you wrote...hmmm maybe great minds think
  343. 2

    Where were u born?

    lol, opps i forgot SAIBADEE mate too Reagan, wanna throw barla on the (get it) :P
  344. 2

    Do you look laos?

    maybe becoz there is so few of us around compare to other nationalities. many white pple have never even heard of laos - its seems we are the minorities of minorities of asia btw reagan- there are nice looking laotian girls in adelaide too :P and i am sure everywhere else..hehehe
  345. 2

    Do you look laos?

    oh yeah i really i have met plenty of lao with flat noses...maybe its and south Aust thing...heheheh
  346. 2

    Where were u born?

    wow another fellow Aussie lao :) sabaidee mate :P
  347. 2

    Laos Weddings

    lol, thank god i am not the only one who does and when i go i also think about my own wedding (in the future) so sad so sad i also just laugh when ever laotian go to dance they dance in a circle lum wong i think its
  348. 2

    Do you look laos?

    oh i understand now, i thought u were dissing
  349. 2

    Do you look laos?

    Reagan what do u mean by "one of those lao girls"?
  350. 2

    Where were u born?

    i was born in thailand but came to Aust almost straight away
  351. 2

    Laos Weddings

    well since all my brother and sisters are married i have been to many weddings and been apart of them also. its fun ya get to get all pretty and EAT YUMMY food (ya can't beat that) when the chanting was going on..i think i went and did my ( so vain, so vain) but gee it went on...
  352. 2

    Lao Alphabet

    i used to go to lao school, every sunday morning but quit becoz my teacher was a total ___________(fill in blank yourself) so i am only write my name, worlds like eyes, fish, cat dog..etc, kiddie its actually quite interesting the shape of the letters, i like it :D
  353. 2

    If there was a lao lakorn.....

    hahah thanks reagan, let me think about
  354. 2

    How long till your skin got lighter from laos

    remember reagan that getting darker is ALOT quicker then getting lighter
  355. 2

    Lao Lakorn

    lol, yeah me too, how cool how it be to see your face on a billboard..choice! :D
  356. 2

    Lao Lakorn

    really cool, was the cast cute?
  357. 2

    How long till your skin got lighter from laos

    i'm in Australia too :) and i have that problem sumtimes too, my arms are alittle darker than my legs (thats bcoz my arms more expose to the sunlight then my
  358. 2

    If there was a lao lakorn.....

    opps i forgot to add my own well if there was a laotian lakorn and i could be the nang'ek i would like to play the funny, clumsy type like nat myria in the khun nai sai lap. why you ask? because i am similar to her character in real life ( i can't seem to get anything done...
  359. 2

    Lao Traditional Dress

    wow nice dresses, hey lek anymore pics of your pagent it looks so good, did you win?
  360. 2

    King of the Hill

    i watch that show and had no idea that they were laotian at, they don't even speak lao properly- all they do is just make typical asian sounding noises...even though it is not politically correct- it is still a funny show
  361. 2

    Lao Lakorn

    i totally agree with you dfemc
  362. 2

    If there was a lao lakorn.....

    girls sweet, innocent, shy funny, clumsy, tough, sexy guys strong slient type player type funny type or any other type you can think of
  363. 2

    Miss Semen Lao 2006

    i concur
  364. 2

    How long till your skin got lighter from laos

    lol, funny question..hehehe - well i am fair skin and when i went to lao and thailand i came back the same colour( i am very sun sensitive so i made sure when i went there that i covered up as much as possbile) but my mum did get darker and it only took her about a month or so to get back to...
  365. 2

    Where are all the lao peeps?

    yeah i am still well reagan, this is the main lao forum i go to- but i sometimes go to asian finest (lao section) which is also an interesting place to read about laotain stuff, why? do you have any recommendations for any other forums?
  366. 2

    Did you guys hear?

    whether they were royal lao or not they were killed going good charity, which is disheartening no wonder no royal lao descentdants come out and announce who they are becoz of such incidents, like that monk who was a once a hig commander of lao military – he was a MONK for goodness sakes and...
  367. 2

    Where are all the lao peeps?

    i would love it if there was a lao lakorn, and i would love to be apart of it too..hehhe (nang ek all the way yeah i'm laotions (i prefer to say laotian coz too me it sounds more haven't been in this forum for a while so there is lot i have to go back and read..hehehe...
  368. 2

    Do you look laos?

    I am also Laotian but often get mistaken for a vietnamese person, don't know why? maybe becoz i have light skin and my nose is not so flat
  369. 2

    This or That

    fall boobs or butt
  370. 2

    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    i got Your Gentleman will be sexy ... smart as hell ... Owns a House in Tahiti Gorgeous blue eyes Annual Salary $441,874.45 will spend the rest of our lives together without a doubt cool!!!!
  371. 2

    Beautiful girls are amazing

    i guess a girls mind is different from a guy - coz a guy may forgive a hot girl but if a good physically good looking guy did something wrong hit her, etc is automatically turns ugly looking
  372. 2

    This or That

    books, i love to read seaside or mountain
  373. 2

    Song Hye Kyo

    wow the girls aren't as light skin as they are in the series especially HEJ she looked really white in full house
  374. 2

    For Fun

    larb blood
  375. 2

    Nai Gra Jork

    hehehe, i like that about his lakorn, hate it when pre ek rapes the nang ek i like it better this way
  376. 2

    For Fun

    gang nor mei / bamboo soup
  377. 2

    For Fun

    larb bet
  378. 2

    Song Hye Kyo

    she is sooooo beautiful, i really like her nose ..if u were to have a nose job i would get hers...hehehe
  379. 2

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    THATS IT CASPER!!!!! you want to bring it ON! pple don't listen to casper's crappy on- it just that he has no life and is trying to stuff up mine oh and btw cyberlove is soooo 1999 darhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  380. 2

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    i was thinking the same thing....hehehehe and to REAGAN i MIGHT post my picture up later, thats only if you
  381. 2

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    haha very funny Casper... i'm not full of myself just CONFIDENT...LOL and i am laotian.. sticky rice girl all da way!
  382. 2

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    2cute2care is just my screen name, no real meaning behind it (except for the fact that i'm cute...hahaha lol jk, narr its just a nick name i thought of when registering, why do u ask?
  383. 2

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    why am i proud to be Laotian? simply because i have never wanted to be anyone but myself -a laos girl and all
  384. 2

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    Sabidee hi all i'm laotian too and proud of it :) peace out
  385. 2

    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    oh was it..hehehhe, oh well, i just read it and thought it was cute :) and thought to share it with u all
  386. 2

    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    Rain - "I like women who have chubby tummies..., and make calamari well" At Bi's 24th birthday in korea, Bi talked about the type of girl he likes w/ his fans from various countries Korea, Phillipines, Japan, Taiwan, and China. By the Kwang Eun University, where Bi's birthday party-fan meeting...
  387. 2

    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    i got Your Gentleman will be Romantic ... An Amazing Kisser ... Owns a House in Tahiti Have Beautiful Smile Annual Salary $329,407.64