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  1. destiny411

    my covers :)

    aww thank you. i havent had time to update. been working and school and other things just made it really difficult. ill post up something real soon :]
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    Asian Fuse Idol

    dam it...i jsut heard about it today =[
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    [Ch3] Saab Pra Peng (Pau Jing Jong)

    ahh <3 lakorn sounds interesting! i don't know....barry and anne is definitely not a couple i would like to see together. Age difference does not really matter, but the fact that nadech looks too young to look good with anne is really obvious to me. if they are paired up together, i hope that...
  4. destiny411

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    I definitely agree! I honestly believe that Yaya is more suited and definitely has a better chance at getting the role. Matt is very pretty and highly capable, but I just cannot see her acting as Prissana. However, if she is chosen, I am sure that she can deliver a good performance. But thinking...
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    Barry Nadech & Janie Thienphosuwan

    oemgeee. so hot..janie is lucky! lol
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    SW switch? Poll Question

    wow, i feel so late. sorry I have not been active recently. i believe that as long as the content does not change then everything should be fine. i do have a long history with "Sarnworld" but if the name is going to change to make it more neutral since we all contribute then it is fine by me.
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    Mafia, My Love 2

    Asia International, Inc.
  8. destiny411

    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    omg~ i am so in love with how sweet this lakorn is. I feel the old thai lakorn vibe from it and i am loving it. as much as i love it, i just want it to end already though. pissamai needs to get a good hobby to stop herself from being so desperate. side note: does anyone notice it, or is it just...
  9. destiny411

    Mafia, My Love 2

    The Next Morning Jian Hao was loading his suitcase into the trunk of the car while everyone was standing by to send him off. "I will be off now," said Jian Hao, bowing. "Please take care of yourselves." "Stay safe," said Min. Jian Hao opened the passenger door. "Wait!" Mee said suddenly...
  10. destiny411

    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

    no no no! don't be sorry. I'm sorry that I was not specific enough. I really do like it though. gives me an idea for my next fanfic :) it's just that cee looks like the bad guy/bodyguard when kibum is suppose to be the bodyguard. and it looks like tah is going to be paired with pei. but here is...
  11. destiny411

    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

    thank you!!! the artwork is so good! but sorry to be a pooper...but i dont think it follows the story line....SORRY....but i will still use it...can i get the posters without the title on it? i have an idea for another fanfic :)
  12. destiny411

    FF Wallpapers/Poster Requests

    haha. the quotes are just to give you an idea but it would be nice. These are the best pictures that I could find >.<;;; Tah Warit: Ice Apisada: Lee Min Ki:
  13. destiny411

    FF Wallpapers/Poster Requests

    Title: Mafia, My Love 2 Cast: Main Protagonist: Kim Kibum, Cee Siwat, Ahyoomee Lee, Pei Parnward. Main Antagonist: Tah Warit, Ice Apisada, Lee Min Ki. Genre: Romance, Comedy, and a bit of drama. It will have the same air as Mafia, Tee Ruk but some times it will be lighter, and sometimes it will...
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    Author READ !!!!!!!! Ready to update!!!!

    Hi :). Can you please move "Mafia, My Love 2" for me? I just updated. Thank you. :)
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    Mafia, My Love 2

    Hong Kong International Airport "Khun Mae ka~ I do not understand why P' Pei and I have to go all the way to Thailand for," whined Ahyoomee, clinging to her mother's arm. "Are you really going to send me off to the world all alone and unprotected?" "Stop it sweetie, you are so grown and capable...
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    Four Sisters: Love Only Once

    my my my i am so addicted now. lol! waiting patiently, but i find myself checking back every hour or so! lol <3
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    [Ch7] Tawee Pope (Polyplus)

    Dao Gra Jai show on August 20th Om has confirm that he will be playing the main role with Pancake in this lakorn!! Im so excited to see Om play the main role again. Love him and Jui in SCHT <3
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    What's on your mind?

    What's on your mind?
  19. destiny411

    What's on your mind?

    What's on your mind?
  20. destiny411

    my covers :)

    thanks! i hope so :) lol
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    Aff Taksaorn & Aum Atichart: The Perfect Match

    definately agree with everyone. hot and pretty! A&A are perfect co-stars together. :)
  22. destiny411

    Punch Worakarn: Good Girl Idol

    aww...shes all pretty-up! :D
  23. destiny411

    my covers :)

    yes! haha. i am. :) Thank you. i had many takes for that video. lol
  24. destiny411

    my covers :)

    heeellooo sarnies <3<3, please check out my video and comment/rate it. :) Mai Gee khon (cover) Sakod Jai (COVER) if there are any requests, feel free to put them here. ill try my best. :D
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    Teya Rogers

    oh wow. i love her! but then why wasn't her name included in "guest starring" in the beginning?.... :(
  26. destiny411

    Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tue [Exact]

    ahh...episode 10 :rolleyes: ! he was so jealous of her at the end of the episode. i held my breath watching that scene. ;) he's such a great actorrr <3 fits this role cant wait for tommorows episode. i think theres suppose to be a R-SCENE.
  27. destiny411

    thnku thnku :) im late myself. i havent been on sw for awhile.

    thnku thnku :) im late myself. i havent been on sw for awhile.
  28. destiny411

    Great Warinthorn

    his smilee makes me so happpy.*sigh* :rolleyes:
  29. destiny411

    Tarn & Grace

    awww. they're so pretty.really like the cover page. :D
  30. destiny411

    Various Actors [Transition]

    woah :rolleyes: ...never notice a few of them had that attractive body lol
  31. destiny411

    Noey Chotika

    she was pretty in the lakorn Plerng Ply...but in these photoshoots...her eyebrows are bothering me very much...couldnt the makeup artist have fixed that... :mellow:
  32. destiny411

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    yea...sadly yui is the nang rai in this lakorn. i wish she was the nag ek tho :( they showed the previous lakorn jus to make a point that in that lakorn which was called "Kom Paya Bhat" Aum was the nang rai and Yui was nang 'ek...and now in this lakorn, its an exchanging of roles. it s like...
  33. destiny411

    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    yesss... i agreee. today's episode was so cute. as soon as that part came, i jump rite up from bed.. it was too cute :rolleyes:
  34. destiny411

    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    wow...i cant waittttt. i miss seeing vier on air :rolleyes: esp. wen vier's role in this lakorn is very attracting. :D thnx for the summary
  35. destiny411

    Joy R.

    stunning!!! :D i havent seen her in many magazines lately.
  36. destiny411

    Kwan Usamanee

    i think thats a wig..cause i remember daograjai interviewing her about the short hair..and she said she will never cut it that short..she loves her long hair. But either way. it looks nice on her. flawless skin, beautiful eyes. :rolleyes:
  37. destiny411

    Dok Bua Kao (Kantana)

    OOHH herrrr.. i think they're aournf the same age. she seems pretty young too...shes currently starred in the lakorn "THE GANG" พลพรรครักแผ่นดิน from CH5 as one of the main characters. shes very pretty to me :) but too bad i dont noe her name,, =/
  38. destiny411

    SLIM UP vol. 1 no. 17 April 2009

    so eye catching. shes so pretty . :) :D
  39. destiny411

    K-OTIC, Nice 2 Meet U, and C-QUINT

    liking the photoshoots. :D
  40. destiny411


    the photos look very nice. thanx for sharing.. :] i worked on new years too..and it was barely busy.
  41. destiny411


    i remember that accident...she was arrested for an amount of time..and had to pay the family a certain amount of money. i think she was in jail..idk..but im pretty she was on like probation after the courts ruling...she prob feels so bad and dosent noe wat to do anymore.
  42. destiny411

    Amy Klinpratoom

    wow...she looks good...but im suprise Cee let her take this photoshoot. its revealing.
  43. destiny411


    wat about the east coast.... :mellow: :spin:
  44. destiny411

    Sai Seub Delivery (Good Feeling)

    great looks so kute in this lakorn.. :lol: i can see a new rising star :DD
  45. destiny411

    Lao Music Award 2008

    lol..yay!!..thats good to see..i never knew they had one :D
  46. destiny411

    Yok Lai Mek(Broadcast Thai)

    im confused...if the pra'ek is lom...then wat's rome doin at the opening ceremony??
  47. destiny411

    Noon Woranuch: Rumor Has It

    i agree..pretty, healthy...everything most females would wish for...sigh .. ^_^
  48. destiny411

    Jooy Warattaya

    hot never seen her photoshoots like this..she's so prettty :D
  49. destiny411

    Aff Taksaorn

    o of her best photoshoots ^_^ lucky :rolleyes:
  50. destiny411

    Porp Pee Fah (Kantana)

    credits Mai @ spicy i think noon use to starred in the old version..i rmember..she was so was a ghost kinda freak me out..i was young then...but it was interesting...wonder wat they gonna change about this version with...
  51. destiny411

    Tata Young and Her Fiance', Prem

    there has been rumors goin around about these couples and it turns out that these couples were like other couples that denied that they were slowly losing feelings for each other... i understand its their personal thing but why cant the celebs. jus tell the truth..instead of keeping it from...
  52. destiny411

    Khun Noo Tevada

    omg..did anyone saw that...wier and pancake KISS on at the end of episode im still shock now..i didnt think that was coming..thought they were goin to fake it... :o..and they say ther're not goin out...jus bro and sister..i dont believe that..T.T
  53. destiny411

    7th HEAVEN U.S. TOUR

    omg..why are they always in the west coast...wat happened to the east coast..there are so many fans of thai singers always missing out...=[
  54. destiny411

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Yes I must agree with Chai. Chai has perfect English with an English accent. <3..Pitta has an American accent if I'm correct?
  55. destiny411

    Paula Taylor & Stefan Sunthi: Where the Love Is

    this is kute..looks like a fairytale to me..sigh :D
  56. destiny411

    Wat Lao Buddhavong Annual Festival 2008 for July 4th

    more info...Click here
  57. destiny411

    Mafia, My Love 2

    watch the opening/closing theme: Ahyoomee is the daughter of the head of a mafia in Hong Kong. Her father is Chinese and her mother (Pakboong) is Thai. Her father (Chen) owns casinos and he also owns a 5 star hotel that should be 6. Although her father...
  58. destiny411


    looks romantic ^_^ so wen is it suppose to come out?
  59. destiny411

    Rotmay vs. Som

    Evidently, rotmey has alreadie been more promoted than som. Rotmey had stared in so many lakorns than som. Rotmey: Som: hard time finding her pic...but still looking..wenever i find it..i'll post it...but she was in the lakorn Tur Kue Chewit. She starred as Ka kai.
  60. destiny411

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    ken is so handsome...they shouldve extended those :lol:
  61. destiny411

    PeeMai Fanclub

    i think she's sooo kute ever since the mv and lakorns! thank you so much..^.^
  62. destiny411


    omg..wat about new york or virginia??...those are realli well known places also...wat about the ppl who live in the far eastern of the US???
  63. destiny411

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    yea...i jus saw the first episode awhile ago..the lakorn itself is pretty interesting, im pretty sure its gonna be a good lakorn....prob gonna be one of the addicting ones to watch for me..xD
  64. destiny411

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    Nope..Pat told the press that she called the police and thought that they got it down..but her brother told her to go to the police station in person and report it so they will actually do something about it...the man who tried to rob her actually tried to rob others in that
  65. destiny411

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    :o P' Pat Naprapa..the nang'ek from Mafia Tee Ruk..had almost been robbed on friday nite on her way to her boyfren's house. A man approached her with a gun pointed towards her stomach and threaten to shoot her.Some one happened to past by so the robber ran away. After that she yelled out...
  66. destiny411


    omg...wat about the east coast>? york..??...very popular city also..i realli want to go..but they're all so far =[
  67. destiny411

    Ting Phailavanh

    looks different..but its her
  68. destiny411

    wasssuup...havent talk 2 u in a long time...wonder if u still memebr

    wasssuup...havent talk 2 u in a long time...wonder if u still memebr
  69. destiny411

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    reallie? which part of the world r u livin ^_^
  70. destiny411

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    More random pics of me... : Me and my lil' sis..:: ---------------
  71. destiny411

    Hana-Kimi like so hook to this taiwanese serie..Hana romantic and funnie at same time...anyone would enjoy this...Wuzhun os so hawt in the vdo..he tries to protect her and evrything...thats the cute part....I can't wait to watch episode 11...and i heard there's gonna be...
  72. destiny411

    stars - funny candid photo

    thats funnie and cute..i like p' namfone pics the most..thats cute
  73. destiny411

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    OMG...u're so0o0o lucky..i wish i lived at san seeing lots of stars there...hehe...mayb one day ill run into som1...ill do prob do the same thing..start speakin gibberish and shaking..thats very understandable..hope to see the pics good u have a camera with if i got...
  74. destiny411


    yes...most definately..agreee...X)...all are very pretty
  75. destiny411

    HappIe BirThDay BiG D2B

    awww...happy b-day..p' big...wishing u the best of luck...X)
  76. destiny411

    thai town in LA

    kwel..i never knew there was tahi town in LA...mann..i wanna go..X)
  77. destiny411


    wow..still young...happy late of luck in ur career and love life..X)
  78. destiny411


    For more info...][ Click H3r3 ][
  79. destiny411


    For more info...][ Click H3r3 ][
  80. destiny411

    Ch3 Male Star Challenge 2007

    omg...why dot they have one for atresses..that'll be kwel..but too bad im not livin in thailand..i wouldve tried out..omg...missin the vareties of opportunites that are available to step into the entertainment biz there...this su*kz... :unsure: :unsure:
  81. destiny411


    yes...once again yui and
  82. destiny411

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    aww....glad u're okay...thankyou so much for being so helpful to us in providing these lakorns.... :D
  83. destiny411

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    this lakorn is so good :D hook...who else ish w/ me :wub: ...anywayz...can't wait for the next really like the storyline and how Aum has to be two person...kind and sensitve and the other...tough and generous...this is wat i was waiting for...all this time...finally...
  84. destiny411

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    Check out below...X)
  85. destiny411

    HELP BBtv Streaming Lakorns,Varietys..ect

    that dosen't make since..u tried clicking on it and it won't work? ---
  86. destiny411

    HELP BBtv Streaming Lakorns,Varietys..ect

    welll...wat browser do u use?...meaning...Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSn, Mozilla Firefox and etc....
  87. destiny411

    BBTHAI TV streaming video problem me it seems to work fine...did u try to check your volume control...does it only happens w/ Bbthaitv...did u try listening to other audios ? ---
  88. destiny411

    Bua Kaew Jukgrote

    irght...wat tina still pist about Yam gonna die...i hope it dont trun out like that to one of the main characters in this boran... ---
  89. destiny411

    Kror Guy Yasit

    :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: wat she's gonna die.....nononono...why why.... :( ...these script writers... :angry:
  90. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    thankz for uploading dis but do u also have the slow song for Nang Pra Ya Prai?
  91. destiny411

    Kathreeya English [ SINGING CONTEST ]

  92. destiny411

    Happy birthday P'Tye

    :wub: :wub: Happy Birthday P' Tye. :wub: :wub: his B-Day ish today?... ^_^
  93. destiny411


    yea i noe that...but im just glad that someone liked it..
  94. destiny411


    yea that's true..everyone sounded great.. ^_^
  95. destiny411


    awww..u lost ur voice...I really wanted to hear how u sound...thankx for putting me on ur least i noe now that at least 3 sarnies thought it was oaky..X)
  96. destiny411


    aww...thankz kind of u to say that ...glad u liked it.. it try checking out.. ][][...they're not the very best but just something fun...X)...X)
  97. destiny411


    Awww.thankz Linn :D ...I vioce was kinda shaky in the beginning [my mommy was in the room....and my sis.. :P (that's for u sissy)] ...but i finally got ..I think...if u like it try checking out.. ][][...they're not the very best but just something fun...X)
  98. destiny411

    Benja Keeta Kwarm Ruk

    IT's posted..Finally after all these months of requesting...this is like my top 3 lakorn...i'm watching again it right now...I willnever get tired of watching dis..ish sooo cute... :wub: :wub: :wub: :rolleyes: :D
  99. destiny411

    Power 3 Club At Ten? was funny...crack my up.. :wub: :wub:
  100. destiny411

    Pood Ruk Nah Moh

    Well dan and beam are having a new lakorn out called Poot Ruk Na Mo Ghost The Nang Eak For Dan Is Bell (From Shiny Girlz) And Beams Nang Eak is Benz Poonyaporn (nang Eak For Channel 7) and beam is the ghost in this lakorn not dan I'm soo happy to see both of them in a lakorn together...
  101. destiny411

    Can't EIDT SIGNATURE ....

    thankz it workz.... --
  102. destiny411

    Yuer Marn

    ahhh can't wait...Por again..yes...can't wait to see hm act...i wonder how'shis role in this lakorn...will it be the same as in his other 3 lakorns? ---
  103. destiny411

    Can't EIDT SIGNATURE ....

    I can't update my signature...can some help me please...i really don't noe wat's the can't be b/c of the pic size... This is wat it says: Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the...
  104. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    R3-UPLOAD GOH GAYASITH SONGS Theme Song Guy Song Girl Song Credits 2 orignal uploader
  105. destiny411

    Puk Boong Gup Ngoong Nang [CH7]

    I'm not so good at making summaries but for this lakorn i'll try :.. ...Puk Boong [ Older daughter] and Ngoong Nang [ Younger daughter ]...are twins that are both seperated when they were a baby...their father was very wealthy while their mother was poor...the Grandmother did not accept them...
  106. destiny411

    Na Rak [CH3]

    It's okay...kind of a teen mivie...from wat i watched..takes place at a skwel and of course there are enemies.
  107. destiny411

    Na Rak [CH3]

    This lakorn aired for a long time already...came up to 15 prob..i happen to have it so i wanted to put it up and share it w/ ya...
  108. destiny411


    *SW Name: destiny411 NickName: destiny or ba3 *Song: Ga Roo Nah Pood Dung Dung by Zita Zalai Email: IM: ---
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    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Ruk Sa la Win (Dida)</b></span>

    Behind the Scene August 2, 2006 ][Click h3r3][ Credits 2 Ch7
  110. destiny411

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Ruk Sa la Win (Dida)</b></span>

    i just saw the teaser and it looks goos...X) :D
  111. destiny411


    it's my b-day today....X)
  112. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    I can't belive it...he so sneeky...he fell off the bed on purpose...that was a funny asss scene :loool: :loool: :loool: :rolleyes: :wub: :wub: ...but cute.. --
  113. destiny411

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Sai Lom Gub Sam Rouw</b></span>

    Behind the Scene Clip July 28, '06 ][Click H3r3][ Credits 2 Ch7
  114. destiny411

    TV Inside No. 158 [Magazine]

  115. destiny411

    TV Inside No. 158 [Magazine]

  116. destiny411

    TV Inside No. 158 [Magazine]

  117. destiny411

    TV Inside No. 158 [Magazine]

    Picture Credit due to Cookkai* from Pancake Webboard ---
  118. destiny411

    At 10 with Anne and Ken!

    It was sooo was funny...they were all busting on Ann... :loool: :loool:
  119. destiny411

    At 10 with Anne and Ken!

    POSTED IN BM !!! :w000t: :w000t: ---
  120. destiny411

    Wo Ai Ni(Ch3:?)

    It's so funny...this lakorn is very good...well i'm not all good at making summaries but here's sumthing i can talk about... 5 grandparents that promise to be brothers and sisters walked all the way from China to Thailand...they dream of having their grandchildren marry each other so they can...
  121. destiny411

    Pancake and Via

    Aww...they ook hot togther...cute.. :wub: :wub: :lol:
  122. destiny411

    Lydia 19

    It's out already?.... :w000t: :w000t: ][Click h3r3][....CD ][Click h3r3][...Karaoke VCD \ --
  123. destiny411

    Na Rak [CH3]

    didn't u see the video on the pge...the two main characters was telling a brief summary of what's goin on
  124. destiny411

    Lydia 19

    for real can't wait...i'll suring ask someone to get it for my B-day present...i noe he is was cute... :lol:
  125. destiny411

    22nd july 2003

    Get well soon P'big... :( .....hoping to hear u sing again soon :)
  126. destiny411

    Lydia 19

    This mv is so0o cute...does anyone noe when this album is gonna come out?...i'm waiting for it.. :rolleyes: .....Mv...recommended..... Preview it good quality>>> ][Right h3r3] ][Click h3r3 to Download MV][...Not very good quality
  127. destiny411

    Na Rak [CH3]

    Check out here for little summary.....and vdo... ][Click H3r3][ Narak Ch: 3 Time: ออกอากาศทุกวันจันทร์-ศุกร์ 18.30 น. [Aring on Monday - Firday] Credit 2 ---
  128. destiny411

    Jui and Captain ....Seeing each other !!!!

    I read this magazine and the article was about Jui and Captain...she says that they're just seeing each other for now and we'll see...but then they ask her if she would call themselves a couple and she said " I guess so"... :wub: :wub:
  129. destiny411


    it's kina small...but i'll try to mke it bigger ---
  130. destiny411


    he told the press that he wasn't dating anyone but actually i think they went out for a long time gonna scan this article for u which was based on this...i was also pretty shock --
  131. destiny411

    Magazine Picture...X)

    Credits 2
  132. destiny411

    Magazine Picture...X)

    Credits 2
  133. destiny411

    Magazine Picture...X)

    Credits 2
  134. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    Check out this VDO...the beginning is about Dan and Bua's Lakorn and after that it talks about Jao Sao Ban's sososososo funny... :loool: :loool: Namfone and Por Slap Scene ][Gotta Check it Out][ --
  135. destiny411

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Pleowfai Nai Fun(Daravdo)</b></span>

    glad u enjoyed it...i'm enjoying it myself... :D
  136. destiny411

    Sao Noi Loy Larn

  137. destiny411

    Jui Profile

    Borned on June 11, 1983 CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE ][Click H3r3][
  138. destiny411

    Parpapayon Bunterng MAgazine

    check out her forum...
  139. destiny411

    <span style="color:orange"><b>Fon Neua</b></span>

    no not the end of Lek was talking about it...written in thai letters
  140. destiny411

    Papayon Bunterng Magazine

    she's the Main girl that's in the lakorn w/ Por in "jao Sao Ban Rai"
  141. destiny411

    Tey Jai Ruk

    no way. :blink: ..Por and Pat not paired up but they're gonna be in the same lakorn :( ...i'm gonna have a hard time watching this...? -_-
  142. destiny411

    Parpapayon Bunterng MAgazine

    Credits 2 M3...destiny 411
  143. destiny411

    Papayon Bunterng Magazine

    mORe PICTURES ...:wub: :wub: :D :rolleyes: CLICK TO VIEW LARGER... Credits 2 destiny 411 [M3]
  144. destiny411

    Papayon Bunterng Magazine

    Don't they look Hot together :wub: :wub: :wub: ***More PICTURES BELOW !!!*** Credits 2 destiny411 [M3]
  145. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Please does anyone have it...???
  146. destiny411

    Namfon Patcharin...isn't she the chick in "Rak dai mai....

    It kinda looks like her but...I'm not pretty sure about that it is her even though you guys say it is...but imma find out okies..
  147. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    Episode 7 ended on the good part...can't wait until next week :D
  148. destiny411

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Pleowfai Nai Fun(Daravdo)</b></span>

    Episode 4 was good...these old people thought that KAde was trying to get w/ Tangmoe... :lol:
  149. destiny411


    i thought it was airing on the 18th of july... <_<
  150. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    yea...maybe the baby will play a main role...that is when the baby grows up...X)...[sumthing] :)
  151. destiny411

    ch7 site

    View Lakorns...
  152. destiny411

    Other star forum

    wat about...Kwan Usamanee... :D
  153. destiny411

    ~~..::Pat Forum..::~~

    Pat Forum [Click H3r3] :wub: :wub:
  154. destiny411


    วงสังคมไฮโซต้องประหลาดใจ เมื่อ พินทุวดี วงศ์ยโสธร (เฌอมาลย์ บุญยศักดิ์) สาวสวยสง่างามดุจนางพญามาปรากฏตัวขึ้นในงาน โดยไม่มีใครรู้ว่าเธอเป็นใครมาจากไหน มีเพียงข่าวลือว่าเธอเป็นเจ้าหญิงเขมรที่อพยพไปอยู่ฝรั่งเศส และเพิ่งย้ายกลับมาใช้ชีวิตในเมืองไทยได้ไม่กี่เดือน...
  155. destiny411

    Sao Noi Loy Larn

    Thanks for sharing the pics... ------------------------------------------- Behind the Scenes July 14, '06 [Click h3r3] Credits 2 CH7
  156. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    both will happen...Por got him mad so he sat on the coach [pulling her down]and lay her on his thy and smack her butt many times...u now how a grown up would do to a kid..then his aunt came in and was saying stuff...then when they're in thier bedroom, Por tried to hug her so she smack his butt...
  157. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    **wachted episode 6 and it was better than episode 5...the scene that Namfone smaked por's butt was funny...but before that Por smaked her butt...lolx...The bad girl lied to por and his aunt that she tried to push por's duaghter to the horse but actually she was saving her not trying to hurt...
  158. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    yep...every episode was good...but i think the next episode is better.
  159. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    I reuploaded it on SENDSPACE..hope u can download it... [Slap Scene] Credits 2 ROOTS [the original uploader]
  160. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    OMG...the episode that aired today was sooo cute....makes me wanna scream..lolx...I can't wait for tomorrow...
  161. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    Cute Parts: Credits 2 Thaitv3 Webboard
  162. destiny411

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

  163. destiny411

    Na Rak [CH3]

    Groupies: Credits 2 Thaitv3 Webboard
  164. destiny411

    Na Rak [CH3]

    Couples: Credits 2 Thaitv3 Webboard
  165. destiny411

    Na Rak [CH3]

    Main Guy: Main Lady: Others: Credits 2 Thaitv3 Webboard
  166. destiny411

    Poo Praiya Profile

    for real..she was born on 1989?..if she is then..she's like 17 years old..right?
  167. destiny411

    Star Adress !!!

    thankz alot tangmoe..I have more but they're all in thai and i can't really read thai that well...not the hard ones of course...
  168. destiny411

    Star Adress !!!

    Can Someone Plaese Help Translate the adresses and the names below...
  169. destiny411

    is dunk gay?

    Here's a Pic.... Credits 2 RS-Promotion
  170. destiny411

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    awwww.... :mellow: :o ...why does louis have to die?... Behind the Scences 07.06.06 [Click H3r3] 07.05.06 [Click H3r3] Credits 2 CH7
  171. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Can someone please re-upload this...I missed expired already...
  172. destiny411

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Pleowfai Nai Fun(Daravdo)</b></span>

    Behind the Scence June 30, '06 B) [Click H3r3] Credits 2 CH7
  173. destiny411

    Sao Noi Loy Larn

    Behind the Sence July 03, '06 [Click h3r3] Credits 2 CH7
  174. destiny411

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    Sumthing I design w/ my pic my on3 of my bestfriend pic....i hope she don't mind m3 posting it h3r3....
  175. destiny411


    lights cameras action...i like her makeup...i agree her lashes is so0o0o nice...and the poses :D :D B)
  176. destiny411

    Sudsapda Mag.

    Featuring: Golf - Mike :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: :wub: :wub: :wub: Credits 2
  177. destiny411

    Sudsapda Mag.

    Featuring: Yardthip Credits 2
  178. destiny411

    Tv-Inside 152/3

    My favorite are the first 3 pics...they look so cute w/ each other :wub: :wub:
  179. destiny411

    Random Pics: From Kullastree Magazine

    Featuring: Aum Patcharapha Credits 2
  180. destiny411

    Random Pics: From Kullastree Magazine

    Featuring: Aum Patcharapha More coming... Credits 2
  181. destiny411

    Random Pics: From Kullastree Magazine

    Featuring: Joon and the other two I'm not sure who it is...srry Credits 2
  182. destiny411

    Tv-Inside 152/3

    Thats it... Credits 2 TV-INSIDE
  183. destiny411

    Tv-Inside 152/3

    Featuring: Vee Veeraphat and Tangmo Pattarida [Can someone fix this on the topic footer] More coming... credits to tv-inside
  184. destiny411

    Women Plus Magazine

    Don't you think she's pretty...have she been in and lakorn or u guys recognize her? Credits 2
  185. destiny411

    Women Plus Magazine

    Featuring: มาริสา อานิต้า [Mariza Anita] Credits to
  186. destiny411

    Au Navapol

    I noe...can't wait... :w000t: :w000t: :w000t:
  187. destiny411

    Au Navapol

    This is the lakorn if I'm not mistaken.... ทุกคืนวันศุกร์-เสาร์-อาทิตย์ เวลา20.25น. Can't wait to watch it...Seems interresting...wat do u think? More info...Click H3r3 Pic credits 2 ch7
  188. destiny411


    Me too ...I have no idea what I did wrong... :wavecry: :wavecry: :blink: <_< <_<
  189. destiny411

    Tai Orrathai and Sorn Sinchai

    They're gonna be in Viginia also for July 4 celebration.. :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: Tickets are only 10 dollars
  190. destiny411

    Channel V Awards Winners..

    Yes....P'Dan and P'Beam won along w/ Golf and Mike.... :w000t: :w000t: :wub: :rolleyes: ...thanks for tracking this and sharing it w/ us....
  191. destiny411

    Commercial of Diff. Dara...

    I've posted the one w/ Film and Aum...don't noe if it's the one u want.. Enjoy!!
  192. destiny411

    Commercial of Diff. Dara...

    ha...they be looking all wierd how his butt gonna jump like that..X)
  193. destiny411

    Commercial of Diff. Dara...

    Hey glad u enjoyed it...I probably have aome more but I'll upload it later...X)
  194. destiny411

    Commercial of Diff. Dara...

    M3...I wanted to die when I saw the D2B ponds commercial...and the other two...they were soo0o0o cute.... :w000t: :w000t: :wub: :wub:
  195. destiny411

    Commercial of Diff. Dara...

    Check out...[H3r3] Talk about it... After that post your comments on wat u have seen....I go first.. I'm not sure where to post this topic so if it's the wrong place then u can move it...srry...
  196. destiny411

    <span style="color:#33CCFF"><b>Waew Sieng Seung (Hunk Manogka)</b></span>

    thanks for sharing the pics... I can't wait to watch the premiere...I'm waking up etxra early just to watch it tomorrow....lolX)
  197. destiny411

    IMAGE ch3 daras

    Great pics...thanks for sharing... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol:
  198. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    It is Earn Jirawan who sang Track 20...I have the music video...It's called Ruk Chun Nun Puer Tur...this song was the theme song to the lakorn she was the nang'ek in w/ Patson....I like this lakorn....
  199. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    I second That....please...can someone upload the ending song...
  200. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    R3-Upload Cha Cha Cha Tah Ruk Zip File [Click H3r3]
  201. destiny411

    Choolamoon Woon Ruk

    I wonder when someone is gonna upload it....can't wiat to watch it... :w000t: :w000t: :lol: :loool:
  202. destiny411

    Choolamoon Woon Ruk

    oh my gosh i can't wait...the teaser makes me wanna watch it even more...
  203. destiny411

    Kan Kala Kala Ends TOMORROW :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: ....can't wait...
  204. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Kula San Suay Fark Lom__James, Aom, and Kula [CLick H3r3]
  205. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    R3-Upload Nam Jai Mae Th3m3 Song [Click H3r3] Credits to original uploaders
  206. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    I decided to upload this to Thai(Boran) b/c some of the actress in this lakorn was the main actresses in the Boran Lakorns...such as Yam, nang'ek from Yorpraklin and ect... Cha Cha Chat Tah Ruk Mp3 [Zip File] [Click H3r3]
  207. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Goh Gaiyasith R3-Upload Ending Theme [Click H3r3] Theme Song [Click H3r3]
  208. destiny411

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    Ahhh...this lakorn getting good.....^_^
  209. destiny411

    Duj Fah Rai Dao this's cute....^_^
  210. destiny411

    Kror Guy Yasit

    well....lets see....Monday was going to take a swim w/ Yam so she told Yam she was gonna change her clothes or something...then suddenly change into Boy.....he saw her swimming...she was like come in the water princess....she turned around and saw Boy, first she didn't recognize who he...
  211. destiny411

    Kror Guy Yasit

    I'm watching the episode aring right now.....boy and yam was cute......... :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: :w000t:
  212. destiny411

    Puk Boong Gup Ngoong Nang [CH7]

    Yui's Picture in Lakorn: Credit to YuiClub
  213. destiny411

    Puk Boong Gup Ngoong Nang [CH7]

    Couple Pictures: Credit to Yuiclub
  214. destiny411

    Puk Boong Gup Ngoong Nang [CH7]

    Ahhh. :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: of my favorite lakorns of all time.....Yui was o pretty int his lakorn....and note....first time I saw him in a lakorn...vee....srry but not that cute at all in this lakorn....loll... :lol: Lakorn Magazines: Credit to Yuiclub
  215. destiny411

    Kror Guy Yasit

    Trying to remember and....srry guys I might confuse you..lool Lets see......Anyani and Yam are good friends....Anyani scene when she grows up was when she was looking outside a window...then she grew up wearing the princess clothes....ran bak and wore boy clothes then jump out the window then...
  216. destiny411

    Kror Guy Yasit

    Ahhhh :w000t: :w000t: ....I saw just ended like 20 minutes ago.......THEY GREW UP.....YES....THEY GREW UP :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: .....finally......pra'ek and nan'ek so cute when they first m3t when they grow up.....telll you the truth....Yam dosen't look like wat I...
  217. destiny411

    Wai Rai Freshy

    More link..... Wai Rai Highschool and Wai Rai Freshy Forum [Click H3r3] Another Wai Rai Freshy Page [Click H3r3]
  218. destiny411

    Wai Rai Freshy

    Just browsing around and guess wat I found? :D
  219. destiny411

    Benja Keeta Kwarm Ruk

  220. destiny411

    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    this lakorn sounds it airing soon or in the making?
  221. destiny411

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    thats wat I thought....check post #5
  222. destiny411

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    But how come I saw it on Channel 7 ?..... Vanida They aired preview....and Check H3r3
  223. destiny411

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    I can't wait to watch saw the preview and it sounds good....Nam and Kwan is going to be living in the same house when they don't want to.
  224. destiny411

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    .....I don't noe if someone had already posted on this lakorn....I'd already looked and i didn't see it. Maybe i missed it....If I did i'm srry....u can just delete this one. Nang 'ek: Kwan Usamanee Pra'ek: Nam Reepephat Genre- Comedy Time Slot after: " Jai Diew "
  225. destiny411

    Jai Diew

    yep, the ending was kinda stupid..^_^.....i guess I expected more than just that....gosh how I hate endings like predictions was right too....i'm sooo good w/ predicting these lakorns... :lol:
  226. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Second that....the theme song and especially,the Ending song to Nang Pra Ya Prai
  227. destiny411

    Noon Woranuch

    awwww.....nooon is sooo pretty....(jealous)^_^
  228. destiny411

    Happy La0 N3w Y3arS!!!!...!^_^

    LAST DAY to celebrate....I missed it........ :unsure: :( ....the clebration,....the food.....Last time.....Happy New Years!!!
  229. destiny411

    Happy La0 N3w Y3arS!!!!...!^_^

    I just want to say .....Happy Laos New Years to Every one in this forum I was just wondering wat do u guys do on Laos New Years?.....Over h3r3....there's an annual block party...there's forn, lum, lots of food and people....... and there's another party at the park and another one at the...
  230. destiny411

    <span style="color:red"><b>Jun Euy Jun Jao(จันทร์เอ๋ยจันทร์เจ้า)</b></span>

    kwel....can't wait to watch that episode...only if someone puts it up...^_^....I only got a chance to see this episode yesterday where they was going to do a play or something at the long lakorn...scary parts.... :D
  231. destiny411

    Janie T.

    She looks so pretty....the makeup and the hair looks so togther... :lol: :D :)
  232. destiny411

    Poo Praiya

    it's cute .. srry, but it looks like she's having a hard time holding it up.... :lmao:
  233. destiny411

    <span style="color:orange"><b>Fon Neua</b></span>

    ...yeah..I wanna see her w/ poh, cee or someone else...but I guess he would b3 okay.....can't wait to watch it.... ^_^
  234. destiny411

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Sai Lom Gub Sam Rouw</b></span>

    i wanna watch this lakorn...seems good :D
  235. destiny411

    Kan Kala

    This lakorn is like sooo good..I can't wait to see the next episode.... :lol: :)
  236. destiny411

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Ruk Sa la Win (Dida)</b></span>

    I can't wait to see it....especially her other lakorn Waew Sieng Sung [I Think] :D :D
  237. destiny411

    <span style="color:red"><b>DL link of Laotian Song</b></span>

    Apacts : Huang Click H3r3
  238. destiny411

    Kade new girl is....

    Jieb and Kade or May and Kade would be good to see.... :rolleyes: :D
  239. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Well...I heard that Aom was the one who was singing it.
  240. destiny411

    pics:Mae Pra Torranee/Kob, Vee, and Yui

    This was a short lakorn to teach to they should respect their mothers.....It was sad :( :mellow: ...but good :)
  241. destiny411

    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    Can't wait.... :D
  242. destiny411

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Ruk Sa la Win (Dida)</b></span>

    Ahhh....i can't wait ....I hope too watch yui in a lakorn soon
  243. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Here's Fark Lom MP3 [Aom, James, and srry 4got her name (Kula)] Fark Lom [Click H3r3] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  244. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Here's Sano Noi MP3 [Aom] Sano Noi Mp3 [click h3r3] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  245. destiny411

    Tey Jai Ruk

    AHHHHH...for real?....Pat & Por 4 eva....they so cute together... :wub: :wub: But w/ tye? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  246. destiny411

    Ch3 36th Anniversary pics (RS vs Ch3 soccer)

    Thankz for sharing the pics... :D ...some pics they were dressing so wierd ....all those the way who won? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  247. destiny411

    Stephen Salomonay ~almost famous~

    I never knew p' Stepehen goes out w/ p' Namfone....either way...they look like an odd couple..but who ever he likes is up to him... :)
  248. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Either way...for those who haven't got it :D
  249. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Here's the theme song to KULA SAN SUAY...... Click H3r3 :D
  250. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    i do....i'll try to upload it :)
  251. destiny411


    yeah that's wat i had....i'll try it again.....thanks
  252. destiny411


    I have a flv player and I still can't play it.... :o :wacko: what am i doing wrong now? :wavecry:
  253. destiny411

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    Pics of m3 and my friends [We're all pure lao] :D Click H3r3 B) Yeah....I'm pretty surprise there's alot of guys in this
  254. destiny411

    Dan D2B New Pocketbook

    Gosh ....i can't wait.
  255. destiny411

    Ton Rak

    To download theme Song....Click H3r3
  256. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    I think it's this one...It's the only site I noe with the title"Fantasy Town" Click Here
  257. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    I think it's this's the only one I noe...That's tiltle "Fantasy Town" Click Here
  258. destiny411

    Ton Rak

    Thats another lakorn...before Ton Ruk...In this one Kade is a police but noon's name is boo.... Can someone upload this lakorn? [SIZE=7][COLOR=red]
  259. destiny411

    Kror Guy Yasit

    I agree.... I don't like the father's attitude in the movie.....he was mean to his son and now he's good to him.....just judging by his sons looks and how powerful he is...thats all he does....oh wellz....thats wat movies are lyke...making u think in ur mind and cursing out the dumb way the...
  260. destiny411

    Perng Mang

    Oh my gosh :w000t: :lol: ....for real...I can't wait to see them acting w/ each other again....I'm waiting to see their work. :rolleyes:
  261. destiny411

    © Fetish Obsession

    nice work...its cute :lol:
  262. destiny411

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    sry.... but can somebody please please please reupload all of the episodes of goong for me????? if you can get me the one with subtitles then thankx!!!!!
  263. destiny411

    Kaew Tah Pee

    Oh no... :unsure: ..I wanna see Tik in a lakorn...r u sure????
  264. destiny411

    Miss Lux 2006

    Finals held in Laos!!!! More info...Link : Miss Lux 2006
  265. destiny411


    A’Pact, the latest hot band from Valentine Music, will release a special album and a VCD next year as a thank you to their fans. This is sensational group consists of three boys and two girls , whose names are Tavixay Xaythilath (Tar), Soulasith Pysanon (Sam), Athsaliyaphong Bouppha (Bee)...
  266. destiny411

    Indee Records

    This is a cool site :) ...I thought It would b3 good to share it wit yall.. You can browse Artists and listen to music. Such as... ALUNA and KIMMY Link : Indee Records
  267. destiny411

    Alexandra Bounxouei

    The popular singer Ms Thidavanh Bounxouei better known as Alexandra will assume the role of Cinderella in a musical early next year. The pop singer and her friends at Lao-American College have created a musical drama titled Cinderella to be performed on January 7,2006 at National Culture Hall...
  268. destiny411

    Yo Star Contest 2005

    I saw some photos .... does anyone noe wat this contest is about?
  269. destiny411

    Alexandra Bounxouei

    I've been browsing around and found these photos: Alexandra with other Lao artists performed to thousand of people in World expo 2005, Aichi prefecture, Japan. Here are some photos linked from lao student association website : :blink: :shocked: (Wat???) (Another Guy?) To...
  270. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    I just tried it awhile ago and it works...Finally :w000t:
  271. destiny411

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    The ending was cute....Mos Finally realize that he had a son.... :rolleyes: was sad but the boy said "Pauw" (Daddy) turned out good though. :loool:
  272. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    For those of u wit trouble wit megaupload.... here's another link....srry couldn't get won't upload properly.....hope this is faster. ( TurBo Upload Link )
  273. destiny411

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Hey.... for all of u that have been wondering wats Kula San Suay about, try watching this video and maybe you'll understand.....i just uploaded da theme song Kula San Suay....its not mp3 but its kinda like da opening theme music video of da lakorn. ENJOY DA VIDEO !!!! Kula San Suay (theme...