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    Anne T,Aum P, Pei Arak,Om Akrapan,Aof Chanapol:5th Anni

    Aum P ooo Im in LOVE!:wub:
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    My pictures :))

    U looks like, hmm what her name. Vanessa Hudgens cute ! thank for sharing
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    I heard that she is getting married with her girlfriend, she is only 25 too young lol. but i am so happy for her good luck peemai Source :
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    What are you thinking right now?

    Its almost 4 in the morning here why i am still awake!! Probably because someone sleeping in my bed?? :ph34r:
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    VJ Jah Nataweeranuch: Sexiest VJ Forever

    beside her beauty.She is a clever girl as well. I met here during the weekend in the university as she study Ph.D ... I happend to say hello to her and she was so friendly. The real Ja was small and pretty^_^
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    Noi's big tummy!

    Ken and Noi are so cute!!! :wub: I was envy when i see ken looking at Noi with love and caring hehe. Ken is so very gentlemen. :D
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    Have you Googled yourself lately?

    Hmm, I did once in awhile lol. :lol: I am actually googled people who i have an eyes on, Some are very public :blush: So i get an ideal how this person will be like. Anyway, I did googled someone who i had a crush on and somehow found out the person is a i used to talked to the...