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    Colorado Tournment

    this weekend june 27/28 2009 at shaw heights
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    Ur Parent's Favorite Phrases

    my mom's favorite phrase is 'oh, shut up' in english and in hmong it's, 'lwm hnub mas, nej yeej yuav paub xwb' my dad's favorite phrase is 'what time are you working tomorrow' even though he knows i work at 5 every day, but i know it's his way of starting a conversation with me and his hmong...
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    [ATTN: READ! ^_^] Help me!

    well, i know that kitchen productions is with plucky. you can definitely get in contact with him on myspace.
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    KajSiab Txhua Hnub

    this sounds good. keep it up. i be supporting you for your new album. can't wait.
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    someone was kind enough to post it on youtube. actually. it's funny cause my mom already bought this movie. i just never knew about it.
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    [HELP] Toshiba won't turn on

    you either have a motherboard issue or a lcd screen problem or display problem. i'd recommend hooking it up to a desktop monitor. if the desktop monitor doesn't display anything, it's probably the motherboard. but if it does show, it is either a display driver problem or the lcd is gone. try it...
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    Having trouble with my laptop

    is it still within the 1 year? meaning, has it been longer than a year or not yet. if it has, and you don't remember paying extra, yeah you're out of luck, but if you remembered paying extra or it's still within 1 year, get it to best buy if you bought it there. they'll do the diagnostic for...
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    just a little input, how bout stem cell research?
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    Did anyone buy this movie at the Fresno New Year? I want to see it. Can someone upload it if they've got it? If you haven't seen it, here's the link to watch the trailer. The film makes Laos look so beautiful.
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    ok listen to this~!

    you're doing great. your voice is awesome. keep practicing and you're gonna get the drift.
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    Having trouble with my laptop

    by "reboot" do you mean restore windows vista to factory settings? if yes, then you might have a bad, here's the list, motherboard, keyboard, bios system. if it's still under warranty, call gateway and see what they can do, otherwise, it'll be a little difficult to repair. you might need a new...
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    My HP Paillion dv9000 laptop

    hi! if it's still under the 1 year warranty or you bought extended warranty take it to the store you got it from. i work for the geek squad at best buy and repair computers for a living. what i would recommend doing is checking to see if some settings are off. go into control panel and choose...
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    i'm currently a junior in college majoring in film but right now, i'm working at best buy with the geek squad. i fix people's computers, yay!!!
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    Rome & Rita

    their cover photo, if i was the photographer, i would have had him place a few fingers over her pant's button. oooooohhhhh, and some of the pictures aren't that sexy. needs LESS clothes!!! p.s. i'm not perverted. just that these photos are oozing of xxx, but there's only x
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    that's good that you were nice enough not to report her. well, hopefully your brother's family will move out after this incident. good luck.
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    arrange marriage? wow! i've always wondered how it would be like to be arranged for marriage. seeing those movies with arrange marriage makes it seem so romantic, how they will end up falling in love in the end. :rolleyes: TOO BAD, this is real life. if you don't want to do it, fight back...
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    this link is the board and staff of HND. you could probably find some successful woman in here and do some research on them.
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    What do you think of your husband or wife now?

    more like "nkauj laug" hahahah, that's what the OG's call those who aren't married and is over 28
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    Looking for Hmong, Thai or Chinese Outfits

    wait for new year. they should be cheaper
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    Who would you choose?

    i'd prolly pick the one that we disagree on a lot of things. it makes life more interesting and we can learn more from each other that way.
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    Funny picture

    OMG!!! if i was someone that knows them, i'd be laughing my ass off. of course i wouldn't be on the pic but i'd make fun of them for the rest of their life.
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    so i finally have the better version of it up. It took me a while. sorry. hope you guys enjoy it. any questions, just message me. thanks.
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    Vim Tsis Zoo Li Kuv Yeej tsis chim thiab tu siab Tias koj tau xaiv nws lawm Vim nws yeej zoo ntxim nyiam Vim nws zoo heev thiaj piv tsis tau kuv rau nws Ntshe nws ua koj sov siab Vim nws tsis zoo li kuv Kuv thiaj tau ncaim koj mus Hnub no paub tias koj mus Nrhiav tau...
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    i'm sorry. i thought i converted the better quality of this song, but i guess i got the other one. well, listen to this one first and i'll have the other one posted up soon. sorry for the delay.
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    Hi! Girls! So, I finally got it converted to mp3 format, but haven't had the time to upload it. Will have that done hopefully tomorrow or by the end of this week. Hope you girls will like it.
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    Hey! Sorry I haven't posted up the song yet. Still working on getting it in mp3 format. Will have it done soon.
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    so...guess wat!!! I'm done with composing the song written by miss mai. I'll be posting it up soon. Hope u guys are excited!!! I had to cut out some lyrics and reword them so that it'll make more sense. Just a heads up before u actually hear it. Wait for the upload. It might be around tomorrow...
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    so, I'm composing music for the lyrics you have up. my name is penny moua from colorado. let me know if you have anything in particular to this song before i start finishing it up.
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    i'll compose for you. let me work on this song for now and see what i can get. i'll post it up as soon as i get it done....wait for it...
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    Where Do You Live..?

    beautiful colorado! gotta love the rocky mountains
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    I just met MAIM TSHEEJ TSHEEJ!!!!!!!!

    i met him at our new years too. eww, he's not even good looking. my aunt who's like only 26 likes taking pictures of all the celebrities from thailand and laos was so funny when she met him. she was gonna go take of pic of him with her to put into her photo album of stars, but when she saw him...
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    how do u like ur PHO....?

    i like mine PHO DUI style, sorry i don't go nowhere else.... 2 slices of lime, a handful beansprouts, a couple of basil leaves, 4 shakes of fish sauce, 3 seconds of hoison sauce squeeze, 2 shakes of black pepper, 3 seconds of sriracha sauce squeeze BEEF FLAVOR!!!
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    POJ RUAM a MOUA LEE film

    i read the synopsis on the website and i think that the title is great...if you know what the story is going to be about, you'd understand that it represents cov poj ruam.....i think it'd be great..i'm looking forward to it...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    here's one that i've noticed, there are always kissing scenes with couples that have done more than 1 lakorn together
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    POJ RUAM a MOUA LEE film

    that's not what they call divorced women, they are called poj nrauj poj ruam means mentally disabled women or handicap
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    POJ RUAM a MOUA LEE film

    i like the trailer? it's just that it doesn't really explain what the movie's going to be about. all the viewers get is a handheld shot of some guy getting shot and his wife getting kidnapped. not much information to sell off to the audience. unless this is not the trailer, but it's kind of...
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    What kind of movie do you think Tub yaj should do next?

    comedy romance would be perfect...he can be a bad guy but still be the hero'll be interesting...let's see what his next film will be...maybe after new productions will be ready...let's hope it'll be better than his last ones...i didn't really like that more dramas...
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    What kind of movie do you think Tub yaj should do next?

    how arrange marraige story??? i hardly ever see any hmong movies with arrange'll be a new twist to the industry....something like he has his girlfriend and she doesn't like him....but they get married anyways....then they start falling for each other.... or... how...
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    Noob Niam Yau

    i got kinda sucked...only get part 2 if you want to see the kung boring in the first part...nothing but fighting and yelling...
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    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    know where i can download this? or is it in buddymedia? if it is..let me know...give me a link..thanks guys...
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    yeah! i don't know what's happening...on my iptv dish..i can't see none of the thai channels...i get all the other asian channels, but not the thai's...don't know what's happening..anyone know??
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    maybe this one will have Rome in it??? who knows...
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    can someone post pics up of mark?
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    Anne T in 3 new lakorn!

    will there be any in any of these lakorns?? it'll be fun to watch
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    Anne T in 3 new lakorn!

    i'm looking forward to all of her lakorns...can't wait
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    Manee Yard Fah

    hey guys!! someone uploaded this lakorn on youtube recently...but it's too bad. it's dubbed in khmer. don't understand what they are saying...and the dubbing voices are horrible...eek...oh well....i'm just watching the action going on in the lakorn...better than nothing..
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    Winners of Top Award 06

    is the color gold fashionable this year? almost all the girls were wearing gold colored dresses or accessories on their dresses that are gold color...weird....hmmmm.....well...congrats to all the winners... they all did great...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    i forgot some more.... -usually pra'ek or nang'ek's father is nice -nang'ek changes the way pra'ek acts after they fall in love -pra'ek is usually a business tycoon that runs his family business -the family company is usually one of the top businesses -nang'ek and pra'ek meets in bad situations...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    this list is so funny....i have some to share too.... -nang'ek always walks in on the pra'ek and the nang'rai at the wrong timings -pra'ek always uses the nang'rai to make the nang'ek jealous, even though he doesn't like the nang'rai -nang'ek always withstand nang'rai's bad actions against her...
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    Oobatthihed Hang Ruk

    mos and pim looks really cute together. :rolleyes: ...they match so well together...both look very young...
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    Manee Yard Fah

    everyone seems to praise this lakorn very much, yet no one's uploaded it so others can download it....i really want to watch this and it's all because of you guys....please....upload this lakorn...thanks..
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    Pinky and Benz: Tack Team Boom

    benz is so cute in the pictures....pinky is good too....
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    Winners of Komchadluek Award 06

    congrats to all the winners....esp. anne and ken..they deserved it....tik and kob too....they all did great this past year...can't wait for this year's'll be even better....many lakorns to look forward to
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    Ning Kullasutree Married

    congrats to her...she's been gone for a while from the screen...can't believe she's finally getting married....hope a good life to her....and maybe a baby soon???
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    Cherrys recent pix

    she looks better with that hair cut needs to be sticking out...not looks kinda old school....
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    kaew tah pee (english subs)

    hey guy! how would u guys like to download Kaew Tah Pee with english subtitles??? well....i have contacted wishboniko at YOUTUBE and she's willing to share her subbed lakorn with us at SARNWORLD....except.................... she doesn't know how...if u guys have time...go and show her some...
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    Cherrys recent pix

    i like her better with long hair...she looks kinda older with this hair cut...but watever..she's still beautiful....although....hope she doesn't chop off her hair again....maybe it'd be better if it was shorter...wat do u guys think?....with a hair cut like lisa rinna...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    hey guys! i've been adding everyone's little quotes together and guess wat???? we've got over 100....yay!!! :yahoo: :huh: we sure do know how we like our's so cute...keep adding up....
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    Daughter of Ch3 Big Boss got married

    i saw a clip of the wedding...there are more actors and actresses who seemed like a nice wedding...and for all those celebrities to show up and support the big's cool....
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    who's ann thongprasom's boyfriend?

    i'm sorry if i offended some people...cause i've been getting attacked left and's just that you know....we just want what's best for those we love...right??? what they always never goes as plan....if she's happy with him...what can we do....just...
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    Exact Upcoming Lakorns of "07"

    who's going to be starring with tik in his new lakorn?? i'd like to see a newbie act with'll be good to see some change once in a while...i hope....
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    Ch3 upcoming/new lakorn of "07"

    thanks for sharing...can't wait for ann's new lakorn and the one with ken too....wonder who's gonna be the p'ek still???? need some updates.....can't wait's been too long...
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    it'd be nice to see ken and anne in another lakorn together...they're so cute...thanks for the update....
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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    it would be good to see ann with a fresh face....but not for this lakorn....this lakorn needs someone with experience so that it'll give viewers a chance to be like....WOW....THAT LAKORN WAS GOOD...REALLY doesn't matter to me who the p'ek is as long as he can make his character stick...
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    tata young

    too bad wang lee hom is going out with shu qi.... :( you can so tell that tata really likes him.... :drool: even at the mtv asia awards when she went to say her thanks...she mentioned about someone special??? :wub: we all know who that person is already..... she deserves someone better that...
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    who's ann thongprasom's boyfriend?

    :angry: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...this is her boyfriend???? :( wat is she thinking??? hope she's not gonna marry's her choice...but...i think she can do better than him....OMG...he's like not the last guy on earth here..... :wacko: is she going crazy??? ugh....i hope she changes...
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    who's ann thongprasom's boyfriend?

    does anyone know or have a picture of ann's boyfriend? i heard that he doesn't look all that...just wondering cause it's hard trying to find his picture....just wanna know cause if ann's planning on not getting married for another 6 years???!!!!....maybe she's having doubts...hmmm....well...hope...
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    Best Actress For The Older Generation Of 2006

    i voted for ann...she's the best...i've seen her lakorns and she's really good....ann all the way...yaaaaaaaaaaay....
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    Kaew Tah Pee

    i really enjoyed the drama with tik and cherry...i personally think that they look better together than tik and aom....they look funny.....tik and cherry together...makes them look sophisticated...but with aom....she doesn't have that look so she looks funny with him....i agree that she has a...