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    Display pic? Haven't been on much to notice it was missing LoL

    Display pic? Haven't been on much to notice it was missing LoL
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    Thanks! Happy New Year to you too.

    Thanks! Happy New Year to you too.
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    can i stream and watch dootv/obizgo on my tv using WDTV Live box or Roku box?

    If the two box support whatever file dootv or obizgo have than it should work. Dootv have .flv files now and obizgo, I think they still have .wmv. Dootv have the better quality than obizgo. From what I gather here...
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    Hi Loser 2 ... oh Happy X-Mas n New Year...

    Hi Loser 2 ... oh Happy X-Mas n New Year...
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    Heard this story from a co-worker. Thought he was lying. Stupidness. Those two should be feature on 'World Dumbest/Stupidest Criminal'. Oh, its not over a 'dumb car'. It's over a Turbo-Charger inside the car.
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    Film Rattapoom fathered Annie Brook's son

    Maury's said "Film, you ARE the father".............. :D :D
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    I wouldn't blame her. Lao Dialect and Esan Dialect are actually different. Some words and phrases mean the same. Others have two different meaning. Lao words have a more deep meaning to it than Esan words. Esan people have to actually interact with khon Lao or live in Meuang Lao to...
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    Playing .FLV in WMP

    If you have problems playing .FLV files with Window Media Player, than do the following. 1. Download .FLV player 2. Download FFDSHOW if you want to play the .flv file in Window Media Player...
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    SHORT ANSWER......On her part, she was stupid to go back. He aint gonna change his abusive attitude toward her. Your parents should tell her straight up. Once you walk out that door, don't ever turn back if you ain't gonna listen. Believe me, most of the times the older head know what they...
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    Sorri for the late reply. Will get it uploaded soon.

    Sorri for the late reply. Will get it uploaded soon.
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    Nope, I have youtube account but never upload any Chinese dubbed Thai series/movies on there.

    Nope, I have youtube account but never upload any Chinese dubbed Thai series/movies on there.
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    Travel Agencies

    Don't know if this will help you anyway but; If you have a bank account, you can take out a loan and pay it monthly.
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    I think it's 2553 on the Lao calendar.
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    VISA Help!

    Every countries you go to, you need a Visa to get into that country. It's different from passport and travel document. Since you already have a US Passport, you can get your Visa upon arriving at your destination airport. But, I would call that embassy in advance if you need to do the Visa...
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    My People-Cambodian Spots

    Did a google search and found some. You can try it yourself and search within your area.
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    Virus : Help Please

    There's a lot of stuff that you can delete from the hijackthis scan. Esp. the re-direct links. The R0 - R1 and the R3 -R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - *{CFBFAE00-17A6-11D0-99CB-00C04FD64497} - (no file) O4 - S-1-5-20 Startup: Adobe Gamma.lnk (User 'NETWORK SERVICE') O4 - S-1-5-20 Startup...
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    'CAN'T FOWARD' fixed!

    I notice a lot of file that are share here, some of them we can't fast-forward when we want to. It's not the uploader false or broken file or link. It's how the file was indexed. Anyways, here's a fix for it. 1. Download and install Window Media Encoder 9 Series...
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    I know 2 people with the same birthday as me. And the two are twins. Wondering if they the...

    I know 2 people with the same birthday as me. And the two are twins. Wondering if they the same people Lol
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    Sorry for the late reply but its middle quality. A HQ quality is about 700kbps or higher. The...

    Sorry for the late reply but its middle quality. A HQ quality is about 700kbps or higher. The kbps for Liam Ruk is about 446kbps. Which is good compare to other site. Most sites kbps are about 280-320kbps.
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    Witch-craft/voodoo/black-magic have their limitation. If that person over do-it, than he/she will become processed themselves. To answer your question 'why you thought Hmong people were targeted'. I ask a friend from Laos and she said they caught the person or people in Thailand already...
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    You got the wrong idea there. IT'S NOT only Hmong. I heard this rumor way before I heard it from a hmong person and the victim where either Thai or Lao. And what point you're trying to make by saying 'why hmong people are targeted and their motive and who's behind it? The latest news I...
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    Internet in Laos

    I ask a friend once and she say it varies by cities. Installation can be anywhere from $100-$500. Monthly bill for high speed (DSL) would be around $50+. Slow Speed would be under $30 or so per month. As for the country-side, she said she don't know but if you got the $$$$$ just go ask the...
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    Keuy Ban Nok (TV Thunder)

    Yup, its a remake from back in the late 90s or early 2000. Good romantic comedy. This lakorn is similar to Tui's other lakorn 'Look Sao Gum Nan'.
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    Heard about it from my parents who heard about it from my Aunt in Laos. Turn out to be a rumor which I don't know if its true or not. The numbers are something like this (If I heard it right)... xxx4444 xxx5555 xxx6666
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    Which thai tv websites have the best quality videos?

    When you're streaming a video in Window Media Player, look at where the title is. The kbps will show up when you first stream the video. I attached a picture and also circle where to look at if you don't know.
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    Which thai tv websites have the best quality videos?

    Thaitv seem to offer the best HQ option with about 720kbps. But the sad thing is, its base in Thailand (I'm thinking) and they don't offer ch7 or any Asian Series (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Japanese dramas). Dootv seem to be second in quality ... 440kbps. Dootv offers a lot of shows, lakorns...
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    I need help!! My PC is infected with a virus!

    To be on the safe side, update the anti-malwarebytes every other day and do a full system scan each time.
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    I need help!! My PC is infected with a virus!

    Opps! double post but yea, let me know if that helps.
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    General Vang Pao plans to go to THAILAND this JANUARY 2010!!!!

    What's the use of bodyguards. He's stepping into the tiger den. If his intention on going there is peaceful. Then nothing will happen to him. If him going there to stir up some troubles, than yea he might want to stay in the US and don't even think about it.
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    General Vang Pao plans to go to THAILAND this JANUARY 2010!!!!

    Good or Bad, its his choice.
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    Theptida Pla Rah (Step Onward) ... IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD IT. I check Youtube but seem like no one upload it yet.
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    Lakorn DVDs

    Anybody interested in downloading thai lakorns full-set dvd for free? I'm not sure how good the quality is, I'm guessing its DVD quality. It's from a torrent site and most files are 10gb plus. Free to register. Just shoot me a message and I'll invite. But you must have a fast connection...
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    Hot Hit Tv3 2010

    Chakrit lakorn with Cherry look DOPE! Hopefully it come out soon.
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    Theptida Pla Rah (Step Onward)

    Oh another comedy to kill my boredom. Good choice of couple.
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    1st guy :lol: :lol:
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    Just wait until this Monday/Tuesday to see if you have money in your paypal account.
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Anyone want a 440kbps Quality of this lakorn. It's about 290-300mb per episode. Close to High Quality like what they have on Thaitv.
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    What payment option you choose? I think paypal is the fastest way. They pay out every Monday or Tuesday and you must have a minimum of $15.
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    Ninja Assassin Trailer

    Saw the trailer over the weekend. Look like a good movie to go watch.
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    new lao singer

    I'm not sure but I could of sworn it was a Lao girl name May. But u could be rite. Might be Cream.
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    new lao singer

    I think she was the one that went to AT Ten (AT10 thai tv show). I remember seeing her on there singing. Yea, she have a nice voice n yep she is purrrrrrrrty.
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    Is what I'm doing wrong?

    I 2nd that. Ur bf suppose to come see you ... not you go see him. It's not just a disgrace to your family but also people will look down on you. They will say all kind of things ... even ur so call friends will gossip about it.
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    [Mainland] Heaven Sword Dragon Saber (Huayi Brothers Media Corporation)

    Gigi and Lawrence version was the 2000 I believe. The 2003 was Alec Su and Alyssa Chia. Both are good but 2003 was better becus they got better cast lol. The prettiest Zhao Min is probably Gigi Lai tho.
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    itz Sunday

    itz Sunday
  46. KEdoubleNY

    itz Sunday

    itz Sunday
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    Yea, you get a certain amount of cent for every download. The more people download, the more money you'll make. Files size is a factor also. 100mb will gain more then a 50mb file. The more files you upload a day + the download will equal more money. More downloads will mean more $$$ esp...
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    I been using this uploading site hotfile for awhile now and it seem pretty good. No pop-ups. Your files don't get deleted unless its a copyright issue. Upload speed is about the same as megaupload if not faster. A bit slower that mediafire but mediafire starting to have pop-ups now. The only...
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    Any Computer Person in Here?

    Since you bought it at best buy ... you can go ask them. They have geeksquad at bestbuy. Hopefully they still have your computer in stock. If not just write the computer name (HP Pavillion s70gxxx) and ask them if it support the hard drive.
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    Any Computer Person in Here?

    Yea, you can buy the SATA hard drive and install it in. SATA mean Serial ATA. There are two types of ATA; SATA & PATA. PATA meaning Parallel ATA. The different between ATA, IDE, and SCSI are the back of the hard drive where you plug the wire in. IDE uses the big 40/80 pin ribbons. SATA uses...
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    Any Computer Person in Here?

    There's a lot of things you need to install to make your computer faster. One being lots of hard drive space and RAM memory. And No you don't need to install a new motherboard to install a hard drive. As long as your motherboard support the hard drive. Also you would need some wires to...
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    the spirit of the sword

    I believe also have it.
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    Angkor Wat for A Day

    Yup, I saw that when I was searching Bing yesterday. Beautiful indeed. Hope to visit Angkor Wat when I visit Laos.
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    At Ten/ตีสิบ

    Yup, entertaining show. They interviewed stars (actors, actresses, and singers) and common people with interesting stories to tell. They use to bring in those comedian groups but now they don't know that no more. Good family show. Funny and yet serious at times.
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    Dok Champa or Plumeria Flower

    Dok Champa is Lao National flower (... from what I heard) But yea, very beautiful flower. Here's a song about Dok Champa ... she's not the Original singer tho....
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    Nuk Soo Nork Sung Wien (Kantana)

    Episode 38-41 uploaded...sorry for the long wait .... :lol: :D
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    The Person Below You....

    Can't help it ... its gooooood for the mind :D :D :lol: The person below love to leech in the Buddie Media p.s. I figure no girl would answer to the person above .... lol
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    the movie is ... Fireball ... starring ... Bank from the group ... Clash
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    Where to Download thai lakorn

    Thai Lakorn & Music ----> (Just click where you want to go) For Thai Lakorns -------> Buddie Media (main section) ------->
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    daym gurl ... U movin' a lot ... so wat ... u runnin' away frm ur creditors lol j/k .... mmmm...

    daym gurl ... U movin' a lot ... so wat ... u runnin' away frm ur creditors lol j/k .... mmmm hopefully u wont move near me :p ... well take care ... buh baiii
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    BF HELP.

    Any outcome to this yet? Or you still lost-n-confused :P .... Don't worry about it ... its all puppy love .... u still young ... got a long way to go ... like u said ... u can't force someone to love U or be with U if he/she don't want to ... all U can do is hope the best for him ... and if...
  62. KEdoubleNY

    BF HELP.

    For better or worse ... its FOR YOU ... think about YOURSELF before you think about OTHERS. YOU is YOU and THEY is THEY ... Cus if you keep letting them do what they doing now ... eventually it will lead to something later on and the one that is hurting is .... YOU.
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    Plain stupid and desperate BUT I bet most of the girls will fall for it eventually. Cus maybe the girls are plain stupid and desperate themselve ... to fall for a sweet talker. You and I know most girls want a sweet romantic guy and the guy knows it and he will take advantage of it. B)...
  64. KEdoubleNY


    And what's is wrong with a guy teasing or making fun of a girl? If you ask me ... the guy that joke and tease the girl that he like is usually the one that is true. And the guy that have a sweet mouth will only want one thing and that's between the pant. Not all are like that but most are.
  65. KEdoubleNY

    BF HELP.

    Oh puppy love eh. Like I said....ask her about it ... see if she will open her mouth. Then go ask ur bf and tell him that ... the things he's doing with ur aunt ... u don't like it...
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    Nat will be at the Busavanh Restaurant & Hall in Brooklyn Park. Don't know the exact date. Just saw the poster when I went to the store connected to Busavanh Restaurant.
  67. KEdoubleNY

    BF HELP.

    Something feel a bit fishy there. How old is your aunt compare to him? They about the same age or she is older? Don't know about others but I think he is trying to get to know her ... Maybe they have a thing going on. Could be that they just friends but I doubt it. Maybe they trying to...
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    Need these programs...

    If you have Torrent ... you can try thepiratebay or isohunt. But here's some link off of google search. I haven't download or try these out so I don't know if they work, safe and virus free. So download at your own risk...
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    hi dudette ... nuttin much goin' on ... jux plannin' to retire soon LoL ... how bout U ... any...

    hi dudette ... nuttin much goin' on ... jux plannin' to retire soon LoL ... how bout U ... any new news? Life treatin' ya good ... well great to hear from U ... take care @_@
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    From my understanding...your older sister is going to a post divorced-crisis. I don't know if it happen to most girls/lady/women/ or some....but when they with someone that long (maybe short also) and they love that person dearly ... its devastating to them when that person is not around...
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    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    Like I said. We all the same people. Oh I heard a cereal discussion somewhere .... I think you all a bunch of Cereal Killerz B)
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    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    'Ai Lao' race started Maung Lao then Muang Lao started Lanna/Siam/Thailand. So basically we the same people.....'Ai Lao'. End of story. LoL 'Ai Lao' race was way before the Lan Xang Kingdom. Google it and read about the 'Ai Lao' or 'Lao' race from China. Maybe you will learn more about...
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    Relationship Help

    Dude sound like my older bro. Dude make more then me but can't even afford to help pay the bills around the house. Don't know what he do with all the money he making. You might wanna be careful with guys that can't handle money. He might be a gambler or a druggie. Or he might be a saver...
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    this is scary

    If you don't meditate or believe in Buddha ... its no use to wear the necklace. It's helpful tho if you wear a Buddha necklace that you 'Nop' 'Wai' first ... then go to sleep. Even if you don't have a Buddha necklace ... its good to Nop/Wai. And yea ... try not to sleep on your back with...
  75. KEdoubleNY

    this is scary

    Americans call it ... Sleeping Paralysis (i think). But Lao n Thai folkz call it ... Pee Um. Itz when a ghost sit ontop on you and cross your arms over your chest, cover your mouth and stuff. The best thing to do is call out to buddha if you're a buddhist (visit the temple and ask a high...
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    no problem ... khon barn diow gun LoL

    no problem ... khon barn diow gun LoL
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    Nuk Soo Nork Sung Wien (Kantana)

    Episode 1-20 Uploaded. Let me know if you can't view any file(s) or the link(s) is broken.
  78. KEdoubleNY

    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    I doubt he mean bad intentions toward Lao female when he say that. Maybe he didn't want the reporter to keep asking him so he just cut them off by saying that. I know its bad image but I guess he wasn't thinking when he said that. I wouldn't be surprise if they change pa aek' cus I'm sure the...
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    Nuk Soo Nork Sung Wien (Kantana)

    Uploading Started......... ENJOY!!!!!!!!
  80. KEdoubleNY

    Nuk Soo Nork Sung Wien (Kantana)

    I got a up to 6-8 episodes of this. doesn't have it ... don't know why. Obizgo and I think bbtvthai has it. Good lakorn tho.
  81. KEdoubleNY

    I'm guessing you're burning those HQ on a dvd ... 'cus you would need a lot of space on your hard-drive for all those HQ episodes. HQ Rook Kard is about 400-500mb.
  82. KEdoubleNY have good quality lakorns but not as good as tho. mydootv lakorns run at 445 Kbp/s sometimes. It's better than obizgo and bbtvthai.
  83. KEdoubleNY

    Yup, they having copyright issues ... they might be closing soon. So better e-mail them and ask for a refund. And if you haven't renew your membership yet ... DON'T RENEW.
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    She probably gonna be found not guilty by reason of insanity just like the other sick motherf-erz. Crazy n sick world we live in.
  85. KEdoubleNY

    tv links

    BBTVTHAI is ok because you can multiple stream and the site is easy to navigate. The only suck part to it ... is the QUALITY is LOW. They need to upgrade their video to a 600-700 Kbp/s rather then a 245 Kbp/s. Same with Obizgo ... Low Quality and can't multiple stream.
  86. KEdoubleNY

    tv links

    I think is getting sues or something. They might be closing down. Look like they removing their stuff little by little. Before you know it, everything will be gone. I'm wondering if other sites like obizgo, bbtvthai, mydootv, ethaitv ... will be next.
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    IPTV-Channel 7 Concert

    I email them about the chinese series and anime but never really got a good answer. It's been monthssss now and still haven't see it yet. Now channel 7 is gone. That suck. Have to email them again to see if its remove permanently or not.
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    I'm guessing ... it either got lost on the way to your house or the UPS driver took it back and never wrote it down saying it was not deliever. So its probably sitting in the UPS warehouse somewhere. Keep checking with them. File a complaint and follow up on it. Cause if you won't ... it...
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    Why aren't we as active anymore?!?!

    The chatroom is ... D E A D ...and ... nothing but Zombies hanging around the site.
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    [b]I'm not sure about UPS company policy but a friend of mine (use to work with UPS) say that their driver not suppose to leave any package on the front porch if no one is home. They suppose to make 2 trips to the house and after the second trip ... if no one is still home ... they suppose to...
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    UPS doesn't leave package around if no one is home. Did you check with your family members if any of them sign for the package? When I order from ethaicd (karaoke cd) ... I got it sent it to my brother and when no one was home, they left a note saying I got to go pick it up at their station...
  92. KEdoubleNY

    Mystery Shopper Scam

    If you look at the check, you will see some fraud in it. Also, the envelope itself came from Canada when inside ... it say ... Team National LTD, base in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Good scam tho. The $1,500 check is tempted B) B)
  93. KEdoubleNY

    Mystery Shopper Scam

    Just recently I received this in my p.o. box. It's a new type of scam from Canada. Beware and Be Careful. Tell all your relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. I attached a pictures on what the letter and the FAKE cashier check look like.
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    Cheap Airplane Tickets

    That's close to Ciudad de Mexico and I think that's where one of the cartel is location (maybe The Federation). Anyways stay safe and be alert. Have fun in Mexico.
  95. KEdoubleNY

    Cheap Airplane Tickets btw, may I ask what part of Mexico you're heading to. Reason I ask is because, certain part of Mexico is not safe for American tourists. They having a war down there with the cartels. Kidnapping and Ransom is common. So if you go, hopefully you don't go into the 'HOT...
  96. KEdoubleNY

    Charity Fraud & Sex Scandal - Corrupt Old Lady Pays $10K for Sex 15X in 1 Nite..

    I agree. The bad part of it was her using the charity money. If it was her own money ... people could careless about it. People all over the world 'BUY SEX'.
  97. KEdoubleNY gettin g@y

    Been couple weeks now and haven't put back the Chinese Series, Thai Movies, and a few other thai series and sitcom. I wonder what is wrong. I e-mail them and they say they were having copyright issue or something. Suck when you don't have much to watch ;) ;) Anyone else...
  98. KEdoubleNY

    Sarnworld PMs flooded LOL

    Spam e-mail. Went to check their profile and saw couple guys on there and I know I wasn't the only one receiving the e-mail LoL.
  99. KEdoubleNY

    [Mainland] Heaven Sword Dragon Saber (Huayi Brothers Media Corporation)

    The 2003 version gotta be the best becus of the great casting. Alec Su and Alyssa Chia. Good chemistry between the two. Even the girl that play Zhou Zhi Ruo was good looking. Now for Gigi Lai version ... I like it becus Gigi Lai is soo purrty in that one. But I didn't like the main guy...
  100. KEdoubleNY

    The verity in Fong cast it was…

    Question I'm asking is... WHY DID FONG LEE TOOK OFF RUNNING when he spotted the police car? The story would of been different if he didn't run off. Use of excessive force? Hard to answer. If he did had a gun in his hand and was raising it up to shoot, then the shooting was justify. It...
  101. KEdoubleNY

    Swine Flu - 331 confirmed cases worldwide

    Anyone heard the flu pandemic back in 1918 that killed about 40 millions people worldwide? Well, I'm thinking this flu type might be the same or similar to the one back in 1918. If it is than it's gonna be deadly. Hope they find a vaccine or something to prevent it from happening. Read more...
  102. KEdoubleNY

    LoL NO not searchin' for a wiffy ... i dunt even have money for the dowry LoL ... but yea ... oh...

    LoL NO not searchin' for a wiffy ... i dunt even have money for the dowry LoL ... but yea ... oh U takin a trip ... to where? Dunt worry I wont go n stalk U hehehe ... well have fun n take care if U do take ur trip ... dunt 4get to buy me souvenirs :p
  103. KEdoubleNY

    The Legend of Condor Heros 2008

    Yup they have it on But I think you need a invite if you're not a member there.
  104. KEdoubleNY

    The Legend of Condor Heros 2008

    If I have time .. I will try to convert the dvd to avi format or something but don't know about the quality of the picture. With Eng HardSubbed of course.
  105. KEdoubleNY

    The Legend of Condor Heros 2008

    watch the whole series already ... was OK ... didn't really like the ending
  106. KEdoubleNY

    hahaha yea dorko .... U jux left me hangin ... boohoo ... so how u been ... anything good or...

    hahaha yea dorko .... U jux left me hangin ... boohoo ... so how u been ... anything good or same ol same ol ... for me .. still the same but I will be retirin' to Laos soon ... Hopefully this spring or summer ... HOPEFULLY ok LoL .. well TTYL ... take care
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    You don't need to register at Demonoid to download a torrent. Unless it's a VIP download that I don't know of. Just search for the cartoon and click download. You try also .. btw, what cartoon is it?
  108. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Family slain in NC

    haha ... im still alive n kiccin ... Yea, that affair n opium thingy-ma-jig prolly got his family killed ... but I jux dunt get Y the dude killed that lil boy .. that jux sad .. Too bad the killer committed suicide or else he'll spent the rest of his life behind bar bendin' ova for someone
  109. KEdoubleNY

    when someone says "I am Laos"

    False: Laos, Laotain True: Lao People in Muang Lao don't say .. I'm Laos or I'm Laotian .. they say I'm Lao (Pen Khon Lao) .. Live in Lao (Yuu Muang Lao) Laos <<< French name the country this and the people Laotian....People in Laos in use either terms... LAO PDR aka Pathet Lao .. not...
  110. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Family slain in NC

    omfg .. is MIA Lek ... how U doin? ... but yea ... feel sorry for the dad...
  111. KEdoubleNY

    Does insurance cover eye contacts?

    The prices depend on the type of contacts you gonna get or what contacts the doc give or recommend U ... I have Toric 55 and its pretty expensive ... $54 (each eye) for a 6 months supply ... I wear each pair for 1 month than toss it out .. .. Just ask the Doc to recommend what is best for U ...
  112. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Family slain in NC

    Check on HULU ( ... and search for 'America's Most Wanted' .... I think it aired last weekend but I'm not sure tho ... me gonna go watch it now
  113. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Family slain in NC

    Any one hear about this. It happen in North Carolina. I feel so bad for the family esp. that little boy. Authorities: 100 leads in slain NC family case, gun may have ties to Minnesota CONOVER, N.C. – Brian Tzeo lived in a refugee camp in Laos before emigrating to the U.S. for a better...
  114. KEdoubleNY

    IPTv satellite or Thai tv movie box

    Either UPDATE your WINDOW MEDIA PLAYER .. or UNINSTALL it and DOWNLOAD the latest version and REINSTALL it again. If that doesn't help ... Download the K-Lite Media Codec. Try and see if those HELP. btw, if you're using Firefox to watch the lakorns ... you need to download MEDIAWRAP (i...
  115. KEdoubleNY

    Boran Lakorn

    the best Boran lakorns was in the 90s ... after 2002 or something ... it just started to suck ... storyline suck .. actor suck ... beside the bootiful nang ek LoL .... they need the pa' ek to me more Thai .. and not Korean looking like the one before Sung Tong i think ...
  116. KEdoubleNY

    Does insurance cover eye contacts?

    Most of the major insurance company cover 80%-100% (depending on what plan you choose). I have Spectara and they cover 80% ... just order my contacts recently and only had to pay $24 ... without insurance .. I would have to pay $124 for a 6months supply. Give ur Insurance company a call and...
  117. KEdoubleNY

    thai stand-up comedy

    He did a stand up in Thailand couple months back ... also in Australia and I believe his recent one is ChiangMai ... pretty funny guy btw ... the movie wit Cris Horwang is .. E Tim Tai Nai aka Itimi You can watch the movie here
  118. KEdoubleNY


    Crazy .. gov't is paying for everything .. da lady don't even have to work for the rest of her life .. if she save most of that $32k a month... btw, I wouldnt be surpirse if she go make more babies LoL ... by the time she 40 ... she might have 25+ kids .. daym that's like a football team ... a...
  119. KEdoubleNY

    help! lao store/pho restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul

    There are lots of Asian Stores (Lao, Viet and Chinese) down Nicolette Ave (between E 22nd St. all the way to 26th Ave. S) in South Minneapolis ...
  120. KEdoubleNY

    drivers test

    I don't know about putting his name on the insurance policy but the car that he is taking to the driver exam station .. has to have insurance. You might want to call the Exam station (where he's gonna go take it) and ask them about it ... but I doubt he gotta have his name on the insurance...
  121. KEdoubleNY

    eh Charly .. ur b-day on v-day .. dat kewl .. now better get out there n get urself double buns...

    eh Charly .. ur b-day on v-day .. dat kewl .. now better get out there n get urself double buns .. double huns .. if u know wat I mean lol ... happy b-day n v-day
  122. KEdoubleNY

    Coming Soon (Program Naa Win Yaan Aa Kaat)

    I just got the DVD and was scanning through it .... the movie seem like a good one to watch at night. Some of the scenes seem pretty intense. Gotta love these Asian horror movies ... better than the American ones.
  123. KEdoubleNY

    Norton Antivirus...latest version

    Use a free version of AVG ... it does a pretty good job of detecting viruses/malwares/spywares/adwares/trojans Personally, I don't like Norton becus it slow down your computer and take a lot of RAM memory when doing a scan. Sometimes it don't even pick up viruses that AVG pick up.
  124. KEdoubleNY

    Have you ever slept with anyone for money?

    Genk ... if a old woman offer u that amount you would? LoL For me .. even its for $1milli .. or $1billi ... I wouldn't becus that would just be degrading myself ... no dignity .. how u say it in Lao .. 'sia suk see'.
  125. KEdoubleNY

    weird snake

    I think that snake or his momma been hanging around the lake by the power plant too much.
  126. KEdoubleNY

    WM recorder questions

    WM Recorder 10.2 seem to works for now me .. version 11 or higher doesn't work and version 9, I can't get it to run on Vista.
  127. KEdoubleNY

    WM recorder questions

    Anyone having problems with WM Recorder (the newest one and the oldest one) ... seem like I can't even record anything from now ... even with setting it to PRO MODE. It would just record half of it ... than stop .. or it would just record 2-3mb ... than stop. Sucks if can't record no...
  128. KEdoubleNY

    Gangs in spotlight after Thai beach murders

    Gang-land style killings been going for decades in Thailand ... over turfs and drugs. It happen everywhere. It's not that dangerous if you're a regular tourists minding your own business. Go there with friends and stay away from the go-go bar and you'll be find.
  129. KEdoubleNY

    Poo Praiya's partying photos leaked...

    Party Like A Rock Star :tease: :dude: :yahoo: :yahoo: pretty soon ... there might be a video leak about her ... just my guess <_<
  130. KEdoubleNY

    A 20-year-old Laotian gang member who shot and killed a rival Hmong gang member

    Agree ... but you know what .. when you live in the H00D .. its SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Lots of young teens with guns now-a-days and most of them are trigger-happy .. so if u get caught up .. you either end of dead or in the hospital... BTW .. you don't have to be a gang-member to get caught...
  131. KEdoubleNY

    A 20-year-old Laotian gang member who shot and killed a rival Hmong gang member

    A waste of life and another life wasted. It's not just the kids living with their grandparents or having single parent ... but its also the environment that these teens/young adults live in. Most of them grew up in gang-infested area with little or no support from the community. The schools...
  132. KEdoubleNY

    My HP Paillion dv9000 laptop

    It might be your audio card. Can you hear music? Other things .. it might be your audio programs that connect to the audio card. Some setting might of got change. You might need to UPDATE IT here the sites to help you with it ...
  133. KEdoubleNY

    Thai Buddhist monks have been warned

    It's been going on for ages. Some of the monks in thailand that does this were either criminal before or sexual perpetrator that escape to be a monk for their sins that they commit. It just make Buddhism look bad ... not just the people that follow it truly but the religion itself. People...
  134. KEdoubleNY

    mucho gracias chica

    mucho gracias chica
  135. KEdoubleNY

    sank q bery mush 4 the b-day comment

    sank q bery mush 4 the b-day comment
  136. KEdoubleNY

    My Paypal got hacked!

    Yea, just delete your Bank account information from there .... and if you have a credit card .. than just use that ... it would also be great if ur credit card is with your bank becus they are more helpful than if you get credit card from a credit union or something. as always ... NEVER reply...
  137. KEdoubleNY

    At Least 61 Killed in Nightclub Blaze

    Santika is known for having lots of crowds at that club ... and people go wild. I'm surprise they don't have any EMERGENCY EXITS. Shouldn't all clubs have it.
  138. KEdoubleNY

    My Paypal got hacked!

    One thing you should do is NEVER put your BANK INFORMATION into your PAYPAL account. If you have a credit card ... than you can use just that. You should report it with your bank also. Cus they can trace to where the money was going too. As for Paypal....they should kept the case open until...
  139. KEdoubleNY

    I'm looking for the doco Nerakhoon (the betrayal)

    It's not just about gangs ... its about the stuggle of Lao people during the Vietnam War ... the killings and tortured ... most of the Lao people escape to Thailand and ended up in refugee camp ... eventually some get to come to America experience the life of freedom in the land of...
  140. KEdoubleNY

    KEdoubleNY'z H00D

    Madame White Snake (2006) (Thai dubbed) DOWNLOAD LINKS: 01 Legend of Madame White Snake 02 Legend of Madame White Snake 03 Legend of Madame White Snake 04 Legend of Madame...
  141. KEdoubleNY

    Son Yok Songpaisarn - Interview by Innnews

    Why stressed out out about something that isn't true ... and yea ... thai paparazzi is known for making false rumors/gossips about superstars ....
  142. KEdoubleNY

    Son Yok Songpaisarn - Interview by Innnews

    The one I BOLD say it all ... dude either Gay or BI LoL offense to him or any of his fan .... but you don't second-guess or stressed out about being 'a man' esp. 100% (don't know how they got a percent to it LoL) ... but yea ... I think he's BI
  143. KEdoubleNY

    Tep Sung Warn (Debut Air: January 3, 2009)

    Almost same cast from Sung Tong ... I swear .. they need to have new people ... I wanna see new faces instead of the same old people all the time ...
  144. KEdoubleNY


    Saw the movie last night at .. Not the best of Clint Eastwood movie.
  145. KEdoubleNY

    The New Butterfly Lover 2008 Movie

    I have this DVD somewhere in my computer ... have to find it. Heard it was a good movie.
  146. KEdoubleNY

    remember the house raid?

    Yup it does ... it certainly will put some of the kids in college.
  147. KEdoubleNY

    remember the house raid?

    $800K is pretty a large sum of money. I wouldn't complain.
  148. KEdoubleNY

    The Secret War

    I wouldn't be surprise that the person that wrote the stories got his inputs from a Hmong person. That's why most of the stories you read is one-sided story. Always base on how the Hmong is getting abused and killed in Laos ... To add why they don't mention Lao people ... Cus Hmong is well...
  149. KEdoubleNY

    Ongoing chaos in Thailand

    I wonder who is next in line to be booted out
  150. KEdoubleNY

    Ongoing chaos in Thailand

    Didn't they voted the current Prime Minister in??? ...
  151. KEdoubleNY

    The Legend of Condor Heros 2008

    The first episode is out with English Subtitles at d-addict....if you waiting for the DVD with English Subtitles ... than it'll be around christmas time ... ahhh ... only about 4 weeks left until I get the DVD :lol: B)
  152. KEdoubleNY

    Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

    The movie totally suck ... beside the killing part.
  153. KEdoubleNY


    I also wanna note that ... if your RELIGIOUS ... (i.e a BUDDHIST) ... than you should know that .. aborting a baby is a SIN and you will carry that SIN with you for the rest of your life and into the next....
  154. KEdoubleNY


    ABORTING a baby is like killing a life. The baby is innocent no matter what the situation is.
  155. KEdoubleNY


    Do what 'ladyofdarkness' said. Other things you could do is UPGRADE the RAM memory. If the max RAM on your laptop is 2gb (or 4gb) and you only have 1gb. Than UPGRADE to a 2gb or 4gb. Another thing is ... Delete old files or unwanted files cus too much files and less storage can really show...
  156. KEdoubleNY

    The Legend of Condor Heros 2008

    She's not too young for the series. In the book .. Huang Rong suppose to be young, crafty, witty, and beautiful. Ariel is young and beautiful (but a little thick) but she doesn't have that witty and crafty look. And yup ... can't wait to watch it ... cus the Condor Heroes series always...
  157. KEdoubleNY

    The Legend of Condor Heros 2008

    Yup ... bad people for this series. Hu Ge doesn't have that dumb slow look and Ariel Lin doesn't have that smart and witty look. I like both of them but this series is not for them. The guy that starred in the 2003 was ok .. same as the girl ... but the best have to be Julian Cheung and...
  158. KEdoubleNY

    Rules of men..

    YUP .. I'm a guy and I have to agree on most of those if not ALL LoL Men = Simple Women = Complicated B) :lol: :D
  159. KEdoubleNY

    To know misfortune is to be a child born in Laos.

    Yea, I know most of the homeless in America are veterans of War. But drugs and alcohol do play a row on them being homeless ... anyways, here in Minnesota ... I believe Fox 9 news did an investigation on some of these homeless people .. and you wouldn't believe what they found out. Some of the...
  160. KEdoubleNY

    To know misfortune is to be a child born in Laos.

    Article is stupid and doesn't really show facts. The guy that write it must of read books or just talk to people that doesn't know jacksh*t about Laos. Laos might be one of the poorest and least undeveloped nation in the world ... but people do have food to eat and a place to call home ... not...
  161. KEdoubleNY

    Hurricane Gustav reaches Category 3 status, winds up to 115 mph

    It's getting there ... hope its not as bad as Katrina tho .. but who knows .. Mother Nature always surprise us sometimes.
  162. KEdoubleNY

    Traveling to Thailand

    If you have everything you need to work in Thailand (i.e. work visa) than there's nothing wrong with buying a One Way ticket. Beside it's cheaper than 2-way. And if you decide to come back to the US, just buy another One Way ticket back. Just make sure you check with the US Embassy about...
  163. KEdoubleNY

    unlocked iphones

    iphones are expensive .. I got a regular Unlocked TV phone from china ... can watch tv, add video, mp3, picture .. video recorder & sound recorder .. bluetooth capability and touchscreen .. and you can use it as a webcam also. As for the internet .. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it...
  164. KEdoubleNY

    banking issue

    I'm with USBanks and when I use my card. I check it a day or two later and it show up. If it don't show up. I don't worry about it cus eventually it will show up sooner or later. Genks .. before you went to swipe your card the 2nd time .. you should of call and ask the school if they got...
  165. KEdoubleNY

    Young Man Stabbed and Decapitated on Greyhound Bus

    It's not safe anymore .. you can get killed just about any place you go now .. mall, school, church, restaurant, govt center, concert .. etc... I thought the hood was more dangerous but in the hood .... if you aint got beef with no one .. its all gravy ...
  166. KEdoubleNY

    cambodia and thailand are fighting

    yall making it seem funny .. but yea .. I wouldn't be surprise if the two countries go to war .. and Thailand better hope for the best because all the countries around them are Communists
  167. KEdoubleNY

    Char's pics

    Yo Char .. where the girls pics? I wanna see GIRLS GIRLS not turtles n gorillas ... LoL ... I wanna visit Taiwan too .. Taipei to be exact .. heard it had lots of BOOTIFUL scenaries
  168. KEdoubleNY

    Laos is in the Olympics!

    I believe these are the 4 Lao athletes that will compete in the Olympic 2008 Thepphithak Chindavong - Swimming Philaylack Sackpaseuth - Track & Field Souksavanh Tonsacktheva - Track & Field Vilayphone Vongphachanh - Swimming
  169. KEdoubleNY

    Minneapolis police: A mistake, an apology and then medals

    The awards was for bravery or something because they were fired upon first ... 3 of the officers got hit but good thing their protective vest and helmet stop the bullets from injuring them. I guess they was lucky and that hmong man and his family was lucky when they fired back and didn't hit...
  170. KEdoubleNY

    meeh .. im still alive n kickin' .. been workin hard also ... gotta keep up wit the bills ...

    meeh .. im still alive n kickin' .. been workin hard also ... gotta keep up wit the bills ... and the honies LoL j/k anyways, good to know that everything is going well for you ... take care and have a good weekend buh bai
  171. KEdoubleNY

    Lao people I need your help

    I think Lao teens and kids in America tend to speak English to their friends, siblings and now parents ... that some are forgetting their own language ... SAD SAD SAD if you ask me
  172. KEdoubleNY

    Lao/Cambodian Voodoo Love Spells (I need your help),

    My cousin know it but he is in Laos .. don't know anyone that know how to do it in the states tho btw .. there is a saying ... 'If someone is yours ... than he/she will eventually return' .... if its not ... than no matter how hard you try or what you do ... it will never happen or last
  173. KEdoubleNY

    Lao people I need your help

    There is the word 'loaw' in Lao language ... not sure how u spell it but its a 'L' sound 'Loaw' = he/she 'Loaw si pai sai' = where is she going? or where is he going? btw, Phone ... when you said ... Hoaw si pai sai? ... It doesn't mean .. 'Where are we going? It mean ... Where Am I going...
  174. KEdoubleNY

    Lao people I need your help

    Central Thai doesn't say 'Na Sao' or 'Na Bao' .. They just say .. Na (than name of their aunt or uncle) .. Esan part of Thailand and Laos use .... 'Na Sao' and 'Na Bao' when refering to the mom's side As for Koy/Koi .. meaning I ... its not really polite if you use 'koy/koi' when speaking to...
  175. KEdoubleNY

    Question about Thai/Lao royalty

    Here's what wiki have to say about the Lao Royal Family .. not sure if its correct cus I'm not familar with Lao Royal Family and their titles ..
  176. KEdoubleNY

    Lao people I need your help

    the word 'Jao' can also refer to 'You' .. like when you asking someone a question' 'Jao' si pai sai .. meaing .. where are you going? Lao people in America don't usually use 'Jao' ... when saying 'Yes'. They use terms like ... 'Doi' when speaking to elders .. or when speaking to friends ...
  177. KEdoubleNY

    Yo 'iono u no more' .. wat's up wit u. Gone MIA for awhile now and thought I holla at u. No I...

    Yo 'iono u no more' .. wat's up wit u. Gone MIA for awhile now and thought I holla at u. No I don't miss u .. Just wanna know how u doing and checkin if u still ALIVE n ahem ahem SEXC :p .. anyways hope everything is alright with you .. take care Lek ^_^
  178. KEdoubleNY

    Lao people I need your help

    'Jao' .. mostly Northern Laos people speak it .. like Vientiane and Luang Prabang. 'Jao' is a polite way of saying 'Yes'....NO relation to 'Jao Chai' or 'Jao Ying'. And if you notice .. Chiang Mai/Northern Thailand people say the same word ... 'JAO'. As for 'Loaw' .. it mean .. Him/Her or...
  179. KEdoubleNY

    My boyfriends parents

    I don't think you're relationship going to work ... cus he can't escape his parents. I know girls and guys in your position where b their lover's parents don't want them to date or be together .. they can fight for the relationship for a short period of time ... but when it truly come down to...
  180. KEdoubleNY

    Miss Universe Sucked!!

    Nong Nai ... the guys here would of agree with me :P :D :lol: .. but my #1 would be .. Miss Japan ... She's HOTTTTTTTTTTTT :wub: btw, Miss India have some BAD A$$ EYES .... so mesmerizing
  181. KEdoubleNY

    Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    got this on DVD .. haven't got a chance to watch it yet. But I heard that its HELLA funny.
  182. KEdoubleNY

    Miss Universe Sucked!!

    They all WINNERS in my book B) :D :lol:
  183. KEdoubleNY

    did u get a virus coming here?

    there was a exploit going around the internet ... if you went to some websites that didn't have the necessary patch or update .. it would exploit the site and put a malware/virus it in .. so when you go to a websites that are exploited .. it will ask you to download something and that usually is...
  184. KEdoubleNY

    Too early in our relationship...

    From a guy's prospect ... I think its soon. But if you think you ready for the outcome of what 'making love' is .. than go ahead. No one can't really tell u to do it or not ... its all on you and its your decision. No regrets on it. Just REMEMBER .. if you do .. do it the safe way ... cus...
  185. KEdoubleNY

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Gemini - My Shawty
  186. KEdoubleNY

    KEdoubleNY'z H00D

    Chinese Paladin aka Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Starring: # Hu Ge as Li Xiao Yao and Crystal Liu as Zhao Ling Er FULL Synopsis Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3...
  187. KEdoubleNY

    Fortune Tellers/Oracles/Mor Du?

    I think the fortune teller is not telling you (and you husband) about ya future but more about who ya really are (personalities wise). Sometimes there are different meanings to what the fortune teller is telling you. They don't tell you straight up like.. oh .. you going to get hit by a car ...
  188. KEdoubleNY

    the TODAY show went to Laos

    I wish I work with Matt Lauer ... get to travel the world thx for the vidz Champ
  189. KEdoubleNY

    crazy, desperate?

    ahhh this song seem to go with the thread Gemini - Crazy For You
  190. KEdoubleNY

    Share your ghostly experiences here

    When I was in Laos .. I heard of 'pee mae mhai' and 'pee bop' around my mom's village. One of my aunt got scare of the 'pee mae mhai' to the extent that she color (ta lep) her son finger nails red. Why she did it .. I don't know but she said that it will keep the 'pee mae mhai' away from her...
  191. KEdoubleNY

    Dreams and there meaning

    Maybe someone you know from your past live came and visit you. Could be a friend, a lover, brother. sister, etc. Dreaming about a 'snake' doesn't always represent you meeting/seeing your soulmate/lover like in the lakorns. It has a lot of meaning to it. Sometimes it has no meaning to it...
  192. KEdoubleNY

    what is this a sign of??

    lol ... what you know bout giving 'spice' in a relationship xcappy .. been there done that? LoL Like xcappy said ... dude probably need some 'spice' ... he might want some 'sweet' also. And I bet ... Peer Pressure play a role in this 'sweet' n 'spice'.
  193. KEdoubleNY

    Post your pictures of Laos here

    Nice pics....Luang Prabang is a really nice place but you should get some pictures from the South (i.e. Champasak, Pakse). Those places got some nice waterfalls too.
  194. KEdoubleNY

    Something Harsh

    LoL .. good thing he didn't go up to a black guy and said what he said. He (Jehovah guy) would of end up in the hospital or dead on the spot.
  195. KEdoubleNY

    the only lakorn I watch is Tong 9 and Sung Tong but Tong 9 ended already and Sung Tong is...

    the only lakorn I watch is Tong 9 and Sung Tong but Tong 9 ended already and Sung Tong is dragging .. oh yea ... I also watch those SITCOM comedy well nice to hear from you .. take care ... lataz
  196. KEdoubleNY

    Dooms Day : Dec. 21 2012

    Watch those awhile back already ... kind of convincing but I don't think the world will end. Maybe World War III will happen or some major catastrophe around the world than will kill millions of people.
  197. KEdoubleNY

    im doing good...jux busy working ... but yea ... wat lakorns u been watching ... ? well take...

    im doing good...jux busy working ... but yea ... wat lakorns u been watching ... ? well take care .. lataz
  198. KEdoubleNY

    gas prices.....

    $4.09 for 87 Unleaded where I'm at (MN) ... shit jump from $3.80 to $4.09 overnight ... that's a fukkin $0.29 jump ....
  199. KEdoubleNY

    me doin' good .. ain't nuttin happenin much but same ol' same ol' ... oh don't live with ya...

    me doin' good .. ain't nuttin happenin much but same ol' same ol' ... oh don't live with ya parents no more? ran away from home or some lucky guy kidnap you :p anyways take care
  200. KEdoubleNY

    hey Lek .. juz stoppin by to see if u still alive n *ahem* sexy LoL ya been?

    hey Lek .. juz stoppin by to see if u still alive n *ahem* sexy LoL ya been?
  201. KEdoubleNY

    Sung Tong

    The lakorn been dragging for 2-3 months now. Haven't been going anywhere. They should hurry up and conclude it and move on with a new boran series.
  202. KEdoubleNY

    Burning Video_ts files

    Maybe your dvd drive can only read NTSC dvd disc and the dvd disc you put in is PAL
  203. KEdoubleNY

    Burning Video_ts files

    I don't know why your dvd drive doesn't read the dvd without those programs. Usually, if you buy a dvd drive ... it should come with a installation disc...just install that and everything should work. Now, if you want to burn something ... you gotta have Nero or some other dvd burning...
  204. KEdoubleNY

    gas prices.....

    $1.35 a litre ... daym that's expensive $1.35 * 4litre = $5.40 a gallon Where I'm at ... we at $3.45 a gallon and its gonna go up again this week to maybe $3.65+
  205. KEdoubleNY

    Burning Video_ts files

    video_ts is a folder that the dvd files (i.e .vob, .bup) are in. You don't need to convert the dvd files unless you want it as .avi/.mpg/.mp4 etc. Just use Nero or any DVD burning program to burn the files.
  206. KEdoubleNY

    How do we instill IOS files?

    What's the extension of the file? To me, it look like a notepad/wordpad extension (.txt, .rft). try to rename the extension to .iso and unzip it.
  207. KEdoubleNY

    How do we instill IOS files?

    You probably have to open the .iso file and click on the setup.exe file to run the installation.
  208. KEdoubleNY

    An Empress and the Warriors(2008)

    I got the one with subtitles but haven't have time to watch. Heard some good reviews about it.
  209. KEdoubleNY

    Royal Kingdom Capital of Laos, Nakhon Luang Prabang

    Yea, I heard Luang Prabang is one of the most beautiful places in Laos. Not just the place that is beautiful but also the GIRLS lol
  210. KEdoubleNY

    if u have like $100,000 what would u do

    Go back to Laos .. Buy a land ... Build a house ... and ... enjoy the barn-nork life (countryside) with a joint in hand. oh yea, what left of the money goes into my bank account.
  211. KEdoubleNY

    DeRunWu (The Big Shot)

    I thought the series was OK but man. Can't they choose a better female actor. Angelica Lee is not all that good looking. Even Lui Tao .. that girl that play Gong Zi Chu (Chu Chu) look better than her.
  212. KEdoubleNY

    KEdoubleNY'z H00D

    Qin Emperor Lee Shin Min 01 Cin Emperor Lee Shin Min 02 Qin Emperor Lee Shin Min 03 Qin Emperor Lee Shin Min 04 Qin Emperor Lee Shin Min 05...
  213. KEdoubleNY

    Man marries a snake

    The guy with his snake wife is on AT Ten (AT10) talk-show.
  214. KEdoubleNY


    Yo Nong Nai .. are the chinese series 'thai dubbed', cause if it is ... I might get the premium.
  215. KEdoubleNY


    Yea, email them and tell them to reimburse everyone for 3-4 days for them being down. As for obizgo ... I was thinking about getting a premium with obizgo but I wanted to see if I can record (am testing now .... seem to be working but kind of slow lol).
  216. KEdoubleNY

    Man marries a snake

    Any pictures of some sort? Just curious LoL
  217. KEdoubleNY


    damnit bbtvthai not working for 2 days now. Can't watch my series. BTW, is the quality in Obizgo the same or better than bbtvthai?
  218. KEdoubleNY


    Couple days ago it was $3.09 where I live but shiet jump to like $3.28 2 days ago. Good thing I got a Honda ... gas saver.
  219. KEdoubleNY

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    Tai Thanawut - eek suk krang :lol: B) :wub: :P
  220. KEdoubleNY

    Teenager drowns newborn baby by flushing

    Yup, I heard about it at work. Those kids gonna be the future Organized Crime family in America. They plan and organized it well (but still got caught.)
  221. KEdoubleNY

    Teenager drowns newborn baby by flushing

    Stupid kid. I hope they flush her a$$ down the toilet and see how that feel. And yea, how come no one know she is pregnant. Even her parents or siblings. They must of been hella stupid or not around to notice it.
  222. KEdoubleNY

    Lakorn ehh ... Sung Tong of course ... Pim Zaza and Captain lakorn call 'AtitarnRuk .. Weir and...

    Lakorn ehh ... Sung Tong of course ... Pim Zaza and Captain lakorn call 'AtitarnRuk .. Weir and Pinky 'Tur Kue Chevit' ... 'Jor Wela Ha Goh' ... a few more but can't figure the name LoL
  223. KEdoubleNY

    nope .. don't miss ya but since ya ask .... i kinda miss ya now :p newayz doing good but working...

    nope .. don't miss ya but since ya ask .... i kinda miss ya now :p newayz doing good but working over-time. Hate it but love the paycheck LoL How bout u
  224. KEdoubleNY


    I wouldn't want to be in this situation (the witnesses situation) because if you snitch .. The friends of those shooter(s) will come after you and your family. Anyways, gang-life .. you have two-choices ... killed or be-killed. Who-ever make the first action is likely to survive. Outsiders...
  225. KEdoubleNY

    Finally Getting a New Computer

    If you gonna add $30 more ... why not add $50 more and get the expensive one (ntel®Pentium® dual-core processor E2180 (1MB L2 Cache,2.00GHz, 800 FSB). Celeron sucks. It's soo slow so don't get it.
  226. KEdoubleNY

    Trust, Insecurities?

    It's an obstacle that every couple goes through. Should I trust him/her? Should I believe? Should I? ... If you question one another than insecurity will come into play and that's when everything go down-hill. The obstacle in this situation is not about your insecurity or the trust in both...
  227. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    My dad had to escape to Thailand also because of feared that the communists will come after him ... shoot he's even scared of my uncle (from my mom's side) who is with the communists ... But like I said .. Communists of today is way different from Communists 30 some years ago. As to the army...
  228. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    How you know they wouldn't like it? Well, I went to Laos in 2005 and stay there for almost 6 months. Had a good time. Never had problem with the govt or the police. Laos living condition is far more better than it was when the country was still monarchy. If you haven't visit Laos...
  229. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    And what is wrong for sporting a communist flag? Ain't Laos a communist country now? Ain't it the new Laos Flag? Anyways, I'm just representing my country .... no matter who's running Laos, it doesn't really matter to me as long as its run by 'Khon LAO'.
  230. KEdoubleNY

    Spanking Raises Chances of Risky, Deviant Sexual Behavior

    These researchers always find something to blame on **when they know its not even the case**. <_< <_<
  231. KEdoubleNY


    I use to be picky about jobs but that didn't work out so I had to go for whatever is available which was production job. Starting out as a assembler ... assembling school materials (i.e learning charts, stickers, notepads, etc.) Than operated a machine. After that, was a set-up coordinator...
  232. KEdoubleNY

    Sung Tong if you do purchase it .. please rip and share the good qualities :D :P
  233. KEdoubleNY

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    chinese girl + library = freak +++ :P you should go up and talk to her ... maybe she'll make you :wub: :wub:
  234. KEdoubleNY

    The people in laos music video

    people are jumpy in this forum ... i guess <_< :rolleyes:
  235. KEdoubleNY

    The people in laos music video

    And your point is?
  236. KEdoubleNY

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    LoL ... no not the library or the temple and NO its not LOVE :lol: B)
  237. KEdoubleNY

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    'wish those 3 words are easy to say'
  238. KEdoubleNY

    brother-guess what?

    We wasn't talking in the library Nong Nai ... doing something else :lol: :P :P
  239. KEdoubleNY

    I'm a real bitch!

    Wondering where you learn that from Charly ... LoL ... I didn't read the whole thingy but all I gotta say is ... Life Goes On! B) OH .. and to that guy that try to commit suicide ... he need to get smacc upside the head. Ain't worth it to die for a girl that don't love you no more.
  240. KEdoubleNY

    What happened to Sornram ? Why he is in hospital again?

    Might not be a snake that bite him ... if it was a poisonous snake ... he would of die already (not jinxing him). Might be a spider or something of that sort.
  241. KEdoubleNY

    brother-guess what?

    Depending on where you from, a lot of Asian countries 'OK' marrying your first cousin. I know some countries in Central and South America 'OK' with it. Even some royalties family 'OK' it because they want to keep it in the 'family' and also because there's not a lot of 'royal family' around...
  242. KEdoubleNY

    how to win a pageant

    Learn it from those Thai Lakorns ... works most of the time B) B)
  243. KEdoubleNY

    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    I wonder if these OG in Minnesota cus over here .... we have couple clubs where these Hmong OG go to and party... they be getting wild over here. Shaking like Shakira LoL.
  244. KEdoubleNY

    Any Thammavongs/Thammavongsy here?

    There are a few Thammmavongsa in Minnesota. Don't know much about em' tho LoL
  245. KEdoubleNY

    The people in laos music video

    Laos is just opening up in the music industry. Before you hardly hear about Pop, RnB, Rock and Hip Hop in Laos. Just plain morlum and folks music. Now its poppin. Gottta give them some time adjusting cause it won't be long before people start bumping Lao music beside Thai, Korean, Taiwanese...
  246. KEdoubleNY

    how to win a pageant

    If you got a brother or brothers in a gang or relatives or know people in a gang. Have the gang harass the judge and you'll sure get Top #1 in the beauty pageant. Or if you got money to spend. Buy off the judge. Other than have to be the judges' cousin or relative to be in the...
  247. KEdoubleNY

    Sung Tong

    Scenarios are repeating every weeks. Little boy escape...get captured again .. than escape again. Producers need to just let him escape and learn some magical skills so he can go find his mama.
  248. KEdoubleNY

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Krayzie Bone - Time After Time
  249. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    I found that strange cus most of the Lao Soldier and police don't even make more than $30 a month. Even some gov't official don't make that kind of money.
  250. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    Hence, the word 'Hmong Rebels' Rebels - Rebellion is, in the most general sense, a refusal to accept authority. It may therefore be seen as encompassing a range of behaviours from civil disobedience to a violent organized attempt to destroy established authority. It is often used in reference...
  251. KEdoubleNY

    Gunman open fire at Northern Illinois University

    Anyone heard about this. I saw it on the news while having break at work. Full-Story here .. ... you can't be safe anywhere now ... mall, school, church, city hall ... and your own house. Crazy mofo now-a-dayz
  252. KEdoubleNY


    HAPPY B-DAY n V-DAY Charly ... daym you must be lucky ... will have lots of presents from the girls LoL .. if you get a lot ... throw some to me :P
  253. KEdoubleNY


    I don't bother with filefront because they delete your upload without notifying you. Most of the time its in a week. Some couple days after you upload. Ain't no point to waste your time uploading there.
  254. KEdoubleNY

    Where were u born?

    Born in Thailand and came over to the US around 91. Live here ever since. Went to visit Laos in 2005 and hopefully will visit the place I was born soon.
  255. KEdoubleNY

    tax season!

    Guess you was making too much money and didn't pay enough taxes back to the gov't lol How many people you put on your W-2? Cause if up making $30,000 plus and you have 3-5 people claimed on the w-2 form ... than they don't tax that much which mean you be getting big paycheck each week...
  256. KEdoubleNY

    tax season!

    I did my tax and got less than $100 back ... thought I was gonna get a big check but daym ... less than $100 ...
  257. KEdoubleNY

    What's your style?

    no guys reply yet .. well let me be the first ... for me mostly Dickies and Jeans (baggy of course) ... as for shirt ... anything ... buttons or no buttons its all good ... but gotta match with the pants ... and the shoes. Colors are mostly Blue, white, black, grey, yellow-tannish and brown...
  258. KEdoubleNY

    Pat: Embarrassing Moments

    I don't know what is embarrassing .. but hom'gurl need to cover up between the legs ... and what's up with the see through dress ... anyways I don't mind seeing more LoL
  259. KEdoubleNY

    Don't think that you're a God or Goddess when you're in Laos

    ahhh ya crazy ... slow down on this religion shitnitz .. you know .. everyone has his/her own opinion ... so respect that ... no need to get into details about the religion and how it started ... anyways ... people from the US think Lao people are dirt poor but daym ... they be rolling in...
  260. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Textiles in Luang Prabang

    I heard from my dad that Luang Prabang got one of the prettiest girls in Laos .... but also greediest and selfish people there ... If you ya think Luang Prabang is nice ... go down South .. toward Savannkhet, Pakse, Thakek ... Visit the cave and waterfall there. It's very beautiful. When I...
  261. KEdoubleNY

    Don't think that you're a God or Goddess when you're in Laos

    So, what higher being are we talking about here ... ;) ;) ;)
  262. KEdoubleNY

    long awaited jet li and jackie chan movie

    yea .. I have no problem with the 'the white kid' cus its all about making that $$$$. The trailer look promising ... Can't wait for it to come out .. btw, in the end... jackie chan said 'we can kill each other when its over' to jet li .. LoL ...
  263. KEdoubleNY

    pshhhhh neva eva eva eva evaaaaa like u too shewty :p :p .... btw, how was ur day and doing...

    pshhhhh neva eva eva eva evaaaaa like u too shewty :p :p .... btw, how was ur day and doing anything fun this weekend?
  264. KEdoubleNY

    Ever get confused...

    Sometimes I do get the two language mix up but not that often becus I hardly speak it .. mostly be speaking English ebonics/slang. But when it come to speaking Lao or Thai .. I can understand both and speak both very well ... unless you use the big words on me .. than I'll be like WTF LoL
  265. KEdoubleNY

    underage kids

    she doesn't look like a teenager (17) to me ... look more in her 20s... no matter how she dress .. either way ... she's still puurrrrty to me LoL talking about underage kids .. what about underage kids having babies ... ahhh now that more serious than dressing SEXY
  266. KEdoubleNY

    how was your day today?

    woke up to a bad dream today ... dream about a girl leaning on my back ... and when I woke up ... my back ache .. daym I must be getting old or working too hard ... well just today at work left and its the weekend ... hope not too much to do at work
  267. KEdoubleNY

    don't get too eXcited on the shorty thing now :p :p LoL

    don't get too eXcited on the shorty thing now :p :p LoL
  268. KEdoubleNY

    Don't think that you're a God or Goddess when you're in Laos

    'Bor Seua Ya lop Loo' is 'If you don't believe it, don't doubt it.' As for me .. I believe it .. shoo I seen it cus where my parents live .. they have those kind of people that knows it. My uncle (mom younger brother) is a bone healer ... basically if you have broken bone .. he can heal it...
  269. KEdoubleNY

    Shanghai Bund

    I'm pretty sure they ain't gonna have Thai Dubbed for this .. wish they did but I know they into dubbing those 'not so good' series (modern chinese series).
  270. KEdoubleNY

    its ok shorty .... you can be my shorty angel ... cause you know ... never gonna find a nother...

    its ok shorty .... you can be my shorty angel ... cause you know ... never gonna find a nother shorty ... shorty like MAI :p
  271. KEdoubleNY

    KEdoubleNY'z H00D

    SITCOM: Barn Nee Mee Ruk Cast: Captain UHT and some otherz 01 don't have 02 Barn Nee Mee Ruk 03 Barn Nee Mee Ruk 04 Barn Nee Mee Ruk 05 don't have 06 Barn Nee Mee Ruk...
  272. KEdoubleNY

    Shanghai Bund

    Good chinese series tend to go unsubbed... Shanghai Bund haven't had any new English Subbed episode up for a long time ...
  273. KEdoubleNY


    True. A lot of people assume the Lao gov't is bad base on the saying of other people but gotta go and experience it yourself. The country itself its pretty nice. Clean air .. nice people .. and the best of all ... the foods (thought about saying girls LoL). Never listen to listen who holds...
  274. KEdoubleNY

    Don't think that you're a God or Goddess when you're in Laos

    oppz click add reply 2 times ... anyways, just wanna add ... Lao people in Laos will treat Oversea Lao more differently ... I don't know why but they tend to think all Lao oversea (US, Canada, Australia) have money ... but they don't know the struggle that we (oversea Lao) goes through day by...
  275. KEdoubleNY

    Don't think that you're a God or Goddess when you're in Laos

    If you go back to Laos and act like a badass ... They gonna put witchcraft on you ... I wouldn't be surprise if you live no more than a year in the US after returning from Laos ... I heard and seen a lot of Lao OG that die/gonna sick after returning to US from Laos ... and yea, those Lao OG...
  276. KEdoubleNY

    Shanghai Bund

    you can get episode 1-4 at ..
  277. KEdoubleNY

    Sarnie Posts & Project Updates

    not only it was small and purple ... it was hurting my 'virgin eyes' cus I had to squint to see LoL good choice of color would be .. white cus most sub I seen .. the color is white
  278. KEdoubleNY

    Sarnie Posts & Project Updates Not a good choice of color and the sub its too smalll... ... i got glasses on and still couldn't see and read .. I think I need a magnifying glass to read the sub LoL anways, I think you did a good job :P Keep up the GOOD WORK nong Nai
  279. KEdoubleNY

    Rome's next co-star

    Would be cool to see Rome in a mafia-action lakorn .. or a hitman of some sort .. like Tik Jedsadaporn's old lakorn ... Tee Yai ... They should do a remake of that lakorn and have Rome .... star as Tee Yai :D :lol: His character and looks match the action-type lakorn than a romantic lakorn
  280. KEdoubleNY

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    Aff kind of look like that girl that play Janie big sister in Tarng Parn Gumathep .. she use to be nang 'ek but be getting the nang 'rai role now ..
  281. KEdoubleNY

    today is lakorn day so imma sit my lazc self at home n watch lakorns ^_^ ... that's my...

    today is lakorn day so imma sit my lazc self at home n watch lakorns ^_^ ... that's my productivity for the day
  282. KEdoubleNY

    ur username is gayerest LoL ... btw how r u .. well take care .. @_@

    ur username is gayerest LoL ... btw how r u .. well take care .. @_@
  283. KEdoubleNY

    Buy a New Computer?

    Would be a good idea .. also check with your credit card company .. andhave your bank check your credit history every month for at least 6 months because .. if those people use your information to steal your identity than you're be in a hole with all these debts and you'll end up with a bad credit
  284. KEdoubleNY

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    I find this lakorn similar to Andrew Gregson and Janie Tien...lakorn ... mm forgot the title but .. I think its .. Tarng Parn Gumathep
  285. KEdoubleNY

    The power of makeup

    talking about big eyes .. this girl at my workplace color her eyes so that it can appear to be bigger .. without it .. she say .. it look chinky ... to me .. with her color eyes .. she look like 'Mee Panda' .. Panda Bear LoL oh .... small face girls with big eyes is hella freaky/scary ...
  286. KEdoubleNY

    how was your day today?

    Follow the trend charly .. LoL don't wanna be left-out you know oh daym, ya go to school on Saturday? man .. I miss school tho .. wish I can go back to my high school days
  287. KEdoubleNY

    Buy a New Computer?

    I got that email from Ebay .. actually from Paypal that said I had to go and update my information .. I thought about contacting Paypal and telling them about this but didn't ... just read a few lines in the email and it went straight to the recycling/junk bin. If people didn't know ... your...
  288. KEdoubleNY

    how was your day today?

    Dude today is Friday .. how can it be shit day ... oh wait .. you in France LoL ... well, today is payday for me .... so itz time to hit the stores :D :lol: B)
  289. KEdoubleNY

    KEdoubleNY'z H00D

    I won't be posting mp3s, or album .. unless someone request. This h00d will be mostly for Chinese series (thai dubbed) and maybe some Thai series as well. Here the first series I'm working on .. MongKonYok aka Love of the Condor Hero 2006 aka Return of the Condor Hero 2006. Synopsis...
  290. KEdoubleNY

    typical asian height

    im 5'9" - 5'10" .. can't remember but yea .. lots of Asian kids in the US are tall compare to kids back in Asia. All because of that MILK .. MILK does a BODY GOOD .. so drink MILK people
  291. KEdoubleNY

    asian breast

    seem like the talk after New Year is Boobs ... what is next? Hip? Legs? Eyes? Butt?.. mmmm
  292. KEdoubleNY

    Gonna Miss YOU Jensen!!!

    Have fun and good luck in Laos .. the only advice I can give you is .. Lao men are afraid of foreign women (even if you're Lao) .... maybe shy about talking to one ... so if you find someone handsome .. go up and talk to him ... cus he sure ain't gonna come up and talk to you ...
  293. KEdoubleNY

    Ken will be a Daddy - Noi B Pregnant

    The King's sister pass away like couple days ago. So Thailand will be remembering her for a few weeks if not months
  294. KEdoubleNY

    Man Kills and Eats Girlfriend

    some sick mofo ... i figure it be a white man ... but daym .. brothaz getting in the action too
  295. KEdoubleNY

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    I wonder if Pat need a bodyguard now ... if she does ... I'm willing to sacrifice my life and be her bodyguard LoL well, glad she is alright ..
  296. KEdoubleNY

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    Old song but I'm still listening to it because it bring back memories when I was in Laos .. a girl sang it when I was visiting her house .. sound soo sweet. Sek LoSo - Mae Wah
  297. KEdoubleNY

    Strange Tales Of Liaozhai

    Yea its FREE
  298. KEdoubleNY

    Strange Tales Of Liaozhai

    you don't need a program to upload it ... just upload it to uploading sites like (i.e,,,,
  299. KEdoubleNY

    My town was hit pretty hard by the storm

    Seem like the WestCoast got it big this time.,2933,320189,00.html Hope everyone in the area there is safe and sound.
  300. KEdoubleNY

    Captain UHT sitcom lakorn

    Anyone wanna watch this sitcom 'Barn Nee Mee Ruk' It star Captain UHT and some other people (which I don't know their name) It air every Saturday like the other sitcom.
  301. KEdoubleNY

    Buy a New Computer?

    hmmm ... from 1000mb down to 95mb. I think you better do a Virus scan on your computer. Could be a virus/trojan that is eating up your memory. If you don't have any anti-virus program .. than a good place to start is GOOGLE .. search for TREND MICRO FREE VIRUS SCAN
  302. KEdoubleNY

    What is your Pao?

    Full-Blooded Lao here from my understanding. But I do have other mix in me because my grandpa from my dad side is 'khon kha' ....... .
  303. KEdoubleNY

    Buy a New Computer?

    I prefer to built my own computer cause its cheaper and better than what imma get at the store .. same goes to you .. if you know someone that can built a PC .. than have them do it for you .. of course you gotta throw in the labor cost .. depending on how well you know the person .. it might be...
  304. KEdoubleNY

    Strange Tales Of Liaozhai

    Depending on the numbers of people .. I can upload this series ... with Eng Subtitles but gotta rip it from the DVD so gonna take time lol
  305. KEdoubleNY

    DWI OR DUI ????

    Naw .. if you didn't go over the limit .. than you're safe to go .. they might give you a ticket for going the wrong way and tell you to drive carefully. The Blood Alcohol Limit for each States are different (I think) ... in Minnesota .. its .08 ... so if you're over the limit .. you will be...
  306. KEdoubleNY

    Favorite OST of 2007

    Share your Favorite 2007 OST. The ones you think were good. Mines would be .. #1 Tui AF - Fiang Takieng Gub Tawun OST PooGong YodRuk #2 Bee Namthip - Ying Glied Ying Kit Thung (belive that is the song) OST .. forgot the lakorn name LoL #3 Big A$$ - Phom Likid OST (forgot the title of...
  307. KEdoubleNY

    DWI OR DUI ????

    Always be HONEST with the cop. If you're HONEST .. they gonna be NICE to you. I know cus I took Law Enforcement classes. Most of the time you get a warning if you're straight-forward and honest with them. But if you lie and argue with them .. than yea .. if you're lucky .. you get a ticket...
  308. KEdoubleNY

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    "what's there to eat"
  309. KEdoubleNY

    thx dude .. daym I'm getting old LoL

    thx dude .. daym I'm getting old LoL
  310. KEdoubleNY

    Breasts, boobs, jugs, tits...

    TRUE .. I'm a guy but to me it doesn't matter if she has small or big boobs. I love her for who she is not her boobs size or how big her bunz are LoL ... but daym .. the D size does kind of look ugly .. for a asian girl tho LoL
  311. KEdoubleNY

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Syam - Gurn Jai Ja Ot Ton ...
  312. KEdoubleNY

    LoL I was browsing through my profile and came upon ur comment which was like way bacc in the...

    LoL I was browsing through my profile and came upon ur comment which was like way bacc in the old days asking bout Otto LoL ... hope itz not too late to answer ... Otto is a new singer that came out not long ago. Don't know much bout him but he a good singer $_$
  313. KEdoubleNY

    Wisdom tooth

    Best to get it out cus its gonna hurt like a mofo if you don't. I got all mines taken out and feel great now. The bad part is. . the 2 weeks after taking it out ... your mouth gonna be bleeding ... Not a lot but should make your mouth smell funky. Just use mouth wash and you should be OK.
  314. KEdoubleNY

    Sung Tong

    The lakorn is pretty good in the beginning but I bet its gonna drag in the middle....when the pra'ek gets old. But daym, they need to stop having Korean look-a-like actors and stick with the traditional Thai ways where actors and actresses have black hairs and the guy have short hair or if its...
  315. KEdoubleNY

    2007 Bedside detectives

    Movie wasn't all that great but I watch it cus the girl in the movie is HELLA FIONE....
  316. KEdoubleNY

    which remake are you anticipated to see

    why don't they remake some action lakorn like Sornam .. 'Tee Yai' instead of these luvly dubly lakorn ...
  317. KEdoubleNY

    Breasts, boobs, jugs, tits...

    Enough to feed a dozen men :D :D :D
  318. KEdoubleNY

    Breasts, boobs, jugs, tits...

    my 6cent Fake is Fake and Real is Real .. if you CAN'T accept the Real than you a Fake .. no matter how ugly you look .. how small your boob is .. or how chinky your eyes are ... BE HAPPY FOR WHO ARE YOU .. that's all I have to say
  319. KEdoubleNY

    Laos to Host 2009 SEA games

    I will be going to the SEA Games in Laos 2009. Gotta go support my fellow Lao playa. btw, Laos mascot is hella tight. Cute but funny a little LoL
  320. KEdoubleNY


    'sex symbol' sells and girls are a marketing 'sex symbol' for companies to make money. The sexier the better .. the more nude .. the more guys/customers for their products.
  321. KEdoubleNY

    Lost my purse!! :(

    First thing I would do is call the bank and credit card company (if you haven't) and tell them to freeze the account cus you lost your debit card, credit card, etc. Eventho the person that found your purse can't withdraw money but he/she can still purchase stuff with it i.e gas, food, clothing...
  322. KEdoubleNY

    When you went back to visit lao...

    I visited Laos in 2005 and it was hella fun. It was a long vacation for me .. 6 months worth. Adjusting to the environment wasn't hard because I'm use to the hot weather and also the food there. I love eating the fruits the most. The only strange thing is people be staring at you like...
  323. KEdoubleNY

    Whats Currently On Your T.V./Monitor

    Eastern Promises ... pretty good movie
  324. KEdoubleNY

    Laptop Adapter

    check up on ebay .. or do a google search .. cus $90 is hella expensive for those cords
  325. KEdoubleNY

    Secret Santa!

    how would it still be 'secret santa' if you already know the person you sending the presents to ... just curious
  326. KEdoubleNY

    Da Ren Wu ???

    Someone from d-addicts release a batch 1-20 for this series and the eng sub. for episode 1 will be out soon.
  327. KEdoubleNY

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Elias - Day I Die if you have imeem ... you can listen to the song here
  328. KEdoubleNY

    Should I get involved?

    how come no guys gave their advice yet .. lol .. guess i'm the 1st one .. anyways here is my 5cent on it .. depending on the relationship you have with her (i.e. best friends, just friends, or just friend of friends) .. decide on that and give her ADVICES .. people tend to listen to ADVICES...
  329. KEdoubleNY

    Help with playing mkv

    download Window Media Classics.
  330. KEdoubleNY

    Downloading form imeem?

    That Orbit actually work? .. Lemme try and see
  331. KEdoubleNY

    Downloading form imeem?

    That Orbit actually work? .. Lemme try and see
  332. KEdoubleNY

    Downloading form imeem?

    NOPE you can't download from imeem. You gotta pay to download (I think). What you can do is .. use a sound recorder and record it onto your computer. I use Goldwave. If you don't have a mic .. just go to your Sound Setting and under RECORDING .. choose STEREO MIX.
  333. KEdoubleNY

    Marrying Young

    Different people .. different minds .. different situations .. different communities .. different places .. look into all that and you'll understand .. we all have different things that we face and its not the same .. people who live in the suburb might act and do differently than people who...
  334. KEdoubleNY


    The files I uploaded there is still there .. I guess you guys uploaded something that is copyrighted .. maybe some american songs or movies. If you gonna upload some Americans songs or movies .. use RAPIDSHARE .. because its not from the US...
  335. KEdoubleNY

    Can Not Download Files

    You're Xvid video codec is not working. You might wanna reinstall that cus its missing the .dll file. Try what charly gave ya ... Just download the .dll file and copy that into your C:\Windows\System32 .. folder....
  336. KEdoubleNY

    Marrying Young

    5 things you gotta have or consider before getting marry. 1. Maturity 2. Money 3. House 4. Car 5. Good Job Money and Good Job is not the same because you might have MONEY (from inheritance or you won the lottery .. or maybe in least likely cases .. you a dope dealer lol) ... and not...
  337. KEdoubleNY

    Minnesota Bridge Collapse

    Drive over that bridge to work and from work all the time. Couldn't believe it happen. Was fine when I drove over it on 2am Wednesday morning. R.I.P to the decease and may buddha be with the missing people and the injured.
  338. KEdoubleNY

    Sendspace or Megaupload?

    Mediafire should be on there. Easy to upload from with better upload speed than Megaupload and sendspace. You can download as many files at a time also ... speed are faster than sendspace/megaupload .. but sometimes about the same as megaupload. The only downside is that ... the max file size...
  339. KEdoubleNY

    laos holidays

    The Boat Festival (boon Song Huea) is in October ... As for Boon That Luang .. I believe that is in November or December .. There are other festivals in Laos but I don't know the name of the festivals
  340. KEdoubleNY

    erasing a burned CD...

    If the disc is Rewritable than yea .. you can erase it. But if its not rewritable than there is nothing you can do. To check if its Rewritable .. just look on the disc or your case .. if it say .. CD-RW Rewritable .. something like that .. that you can Rewrite or Erase the disc .. can do it...
  341. KEdoubleNY

    diet pills

    The best way to lose weight is .. sexercise ... i mean EXCERCISE SAFE and EASY TESTED and FREE START NOW and LOSE 10 pounds NEXT WEEK B) :lol: :D :P
  342. KEdoubleNY

    Yay or Nay to Violet

    No Blue? I wanna be BLUE 2nd choice would be Gray
  343. KEdoubleNY


    Something does sound fishy ... how did he get ur info newase? I think ur girl is playin u hom'z ... jux ma 2 cent
  344. KEdoubleNY

    Nero 7 Premium Reloaded

    If you use Utorrent or any bittorrent application, than you can search for the torrent files. I found a some but not sure if its the full working version. Give it a try.
  345. KEdoubleNY

    Laos must make peace with Hmong...

    Good article and response by Dr. Yang Dao. This guy make a good leader than that warlord. A CALL FOR CALM FROM DR. YANG DAO Dr. Yang Dao I am a Hmong educator and scholar from Laos. I received my Ph. D. in social science at the Sorbonne, University of Paris, France, in 1972. During the...
  346. KEdoubleNY


    LoL .. would be the same cost that total it too. Like I said .. paypal just act like a middle person that transfer money from one person to the another person. So, whatever price ethaicd give you. It's the price that paypal will take away from your bank account.
  347. KEdoubleNY


    Paypal doesn't ripped you off. It's the place you're buying the stuff from that is ripping you off. Paypal act like a middle person that transfer money from one person to the other person.
  348. KEdoubleNY


    you don't need paypal to order stuff from .. just use your credit card and you're good to go oh, no hidden charges when using paypal. You can check your bank statement every month or week if you have online banking. If you use your bank account with paypal ... you can transfer...
  349. KEdoubleNY


    You don't need to give them your bank account info. Just need to have credit card .. that it. Bank Account is just to verify your identity but not needed. I use paypal to order stuff off of ebay all the time. Order 4 watches already and haven't had any problem. And yes, paypal will refund...
  350. KEdoubleNY

    sexy skin

    Skin is plain LoL how many skins you gonna be havin?
  351. KEdoubleNY

    Is Laotian Culture Disapearing?

    It's disappearing among most of the younger Lao generation in America. And also those Lao old folks (age 25-45) that try to adapt themselves and their kids to the American culture. I hardly hear Lao couple calling each other .. 'ai' 'nong' 'jao' etc. All I hear is .. 'honey' 'baby'. Ashame...
  352. KEdoubleNY

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF PRESS 'Khoun Nou Lek' :tease: :tease: :tease:
  353. KEdoubleNY


    Yup .. there's a bumper sticker that say that during the Chai Vang incident. Personally, I think he was provoke by those white hunters. And they fired first. He had no choice but to fire back and defend himself. Given that he is Asian (hmong) and killing 5-7 people .. they found him guilty.
  354. KEdoubleNY


    A research need sources. Without sources ... its like words floating in the air. You think the things that VP did will save the hmong people in Laos and open up the eyes of the world? .. Yea it will open up the eyes of everybody but not in a good way. Violence don't make you look good. It...
  355. KEdoubleNY


    did you uninstall you ITUNES and REINSTALL it again? btw, download the lastest ITUNES from the APPLE site and see if that help.
  356. KEdoubleNY


    What so 'DEFENSE' about .. killing Lao gov't official, bombing gov't building and killing innocent while doing all that ... I don't call that 'DENFENSE' ... I call that 'TERRORISM' .....
  357. KEdoubleNY

    HuGe Almost Recovered from Accident

    Man hope he recover soon cus I can't wait to see LOCH. HuGe and Ariel was a good match in Fairy From Wonderland and I think LOCH will be as good as that one.
  358. KEdoubleNY


    contradicting your words eh You stated 'why are we even against our own people' But here you are .. replying and arguing with your own .. Everyone has his/her own opinions. Can't force someone to believe in things they don't want to. America is a country with 'Freedom of Speech'. So...
  359. KEdoubleNY

    Lao airline

    I heard Northwest is not good either .. shoot any American's International Airline is not good. I thought EVA Airline was good. Lots of hot looking chicks lol .. Food was ok .. Lots of room in the back so its not all crowded like American's Airline.
  360. KEdoubleNY

    Lao airline

    I'm not sure about your question but in Laos... Lao airline have flights from .. Vientiane (VTE) Laos to Sepon, Laos VTE to Luang Prabang, Laos VTE to Savannakhet, Laos (near future) and I believe there's a few more. But if you from the US and you're wondering if there is a flight from US...
  361. KEdoubleNY

    Planning Trip to Thailand 2 Weeks in December 2007

    If you're Lao .. why you gonna plan a trip to Thailand. Wouldn't you want your husband to see your country of birth. Anyways, places you can go in Thailand ... HuaHin, Pattaya (the beach), one of those islands, or ChiangMai. Bangkok is ok but ... its like every other big city in the US ...
  362. KEdoubleNY

    Lao airline

    Prices are reasonable but I think it went up due to the high gas prices now. Btw, Lao Airline serve some good food. Even a 1 hr 30 mins ride to Bangkok you get some food. But a fuken 6 hrs ride from San Francisco to Mpls, you don't get nothing.
  363. KEdoubleNY

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Sorn - Jai Pla Siew ... funny MV lol
  364. KEdoubleNY

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    Good thing those idiot got caught or else many innocent people would of got killed. The investigation have been going on for many years in Minnesota by the FBI. Propz to the FBI for stopping this.
  365. KEdoubleNY

    Laos People in the US

    oooo lots of success stories. Ain't got one to share with but yea did go to college. Major was Law Enforcement but due to some circumstances .. didn't finish. As of planning to go back .. not in the mind. Mind still hustling in the streets trying to make ends meet *paying the bills*. To the...
  366. KEdoubleNY

    MP4 converter??

    I believe there is a lot of topic on this in the site already. Anyways, one good program is Xilisoft Video Converter. Search for it using GOOGLE.
  367. KEdoubleNY

    Someone help me get rid of this DIRT!

    Nothing serious. Those aren't really all dirt. It's more dust mix with dirt and also are sweat. You know the air is full of dirty thangz flooding around and landing on our skin. When we take a shower at night we scrub our body and we see it. The next morning we go out and get all that on...
  368. KEdoubleNY

    Having problem with my iTunes...

    Never had that message before but I think it mean it can't detect sounds .. can't detect your soundcard. Reinstall itunes again (update to the newest version). Maybe that would help.
  369. KEdoubleNY


    This person posted a program on splitting, joining and converting to different video formats. I haven't try it so I wouldn't be able to help you. But you can try it and see.
  370. KEdoubleNY

    I Can't Burn Files Into Disc to watch as VCD.

    What error it give you? Data size to big or the length of the file exceed 80mins... Anyways, it will be bad quality if you burn it. I suggest you not waste disc and just watch it on your computer
  371. KEdoubleNY


    Use google and search for 'movie splitter' btw, I don't know why you can't type a 'number' in the area. Mind work just find.
  372. KEdoubleNY

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    lets get marry................... :wub: :wub: B) B)
  373. KEdoubleNY

    What are you thinking right now?

    mmmmmmmm some chicken teriyaki sandwich from subway would be good right now
  374. KEdoubleNY

    Baby Names

    Why go through the hassle of naming your kids in Lao when you can name them ... Richard Mark Billy Joe Stephanie Kristy Mary Anny .... you live in America right ... so give them American name B) :lol: :P :D
  375. KEdoubleNY

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    Woke up thinking its Friday. Fox .... Why can't dayz go any faster than this.
  376. KEdoubleNY


    1. Open up WINRAR 2. Click on ADD 3. You will see 'SPLIT TO VOLUMES, BYTES'. Type any NUMBER. If the file size is 300mb, than type 100mb or 50mb in the box. 4. Click OK...
  377. KEdoubleNY

    Video Problem

    You can also try VLC Media player. Play just about any video format.
  378. KEdoubleNY


    You can use WINRAR to split the file into part 1, part 2, part 3 etc.
  379. KEdoubleNY

    ariel lin studio pix

    She is cute. Soo adorable. Can't wait to see her in LOCH 2007 with HuGe.
  380. KEdoubleNY

    car photos

    I take public transportation ... wat ya noe bout dat.
  381. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Entertainment Websites

    CLICK ME Not really a entertainment site but more of a forum for Lao ppl. But they do have a section where you can listen to Lao pop, rock, morlum etc. for free.
  382. KEdoubleNY

    Streaming From Obizgo

    Don't bother to watch any lakorn from obizgo if you don't have a VIP Membership. When they say their free server is full ... I think its all BS. They just want you to donate and become a VIP Member. I could be wrong about that but anyways ... I gave up on obizgo long time ago. :rolleyes...
  383. KEdoubleNY

    Nero burning error

    NO. Disk Clean-Up just clean your hard-drive of junks (i.e. temporary internet files, junks in the recycling bin, etc.). Just click on START. Then ACCESSORIES. Then SYSTEM TOOLS. After that, click DISK CLEAN-UP. Do the same thing with DISK DEFRAGMENTER.
  384. KEdoubleNY

    Nero burning error

    What's your computer specification? Either something in your computer taking all the RAM and CPU usage or you're burner just suck. Btw, Can you burn a complete Audio CD? Tips: Its best to NOT do anything on your computer while burning esp. if you're burning a movie. Scan to see if you...
  385. KEdoubleNY

    Nero burning error

    Try burning it at a slower speed.
  386. KEdoubleNY

    Do you look laos?

    I was mistaken for being: Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Hmong, and Chinese. Why don't they guess LAO for Buddha sake.
  387. KEdoubleNY

    cheap electronic device...ipod and more

    Anything that is posted on a forum like that .. its highly that its a scam. I wouldn't trust ordering from that unless they have their own website and computer name that you can search on the business bureau if its legit.
  388. KEdoubleNY

    Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History

    BANG! BANG! You know how we Asian do it. Wondering what the cause for him to be going on a rampage. Was he bully? People there racist toward him? Gotta be a cause for him to do that. The thing I don't get is. The dude started shooting at around 7:15am in the dorm room. Why didn't they...
  389. KEdoubleNY

    Have you ever notice that...

    I stayed in Laos for 6months and yes I saw some beggars there. Not a whole lot tho and they only beg for food or money when the rice are harvest. Most of these beggars are either lazy to do their rice fields or they don't have any rice fields at all.
  390. KEdoubleNY


    Search in the sub-forum 'Burn, Convert , Rip , Split'. Its under the forum 'Office'. Lots of good posts there.
  391. KEdoubleNY


    A lot of Lao people (well probably all of Lao people in Laos) will understand what Thai people are saying. Thai do understand what Lao people are saying but not a whole lot than Lao people. With e-san speaking actors and actresses in lakorns and movies, I think Thai people will understand more...
  392. KEdoubleNY


    Those girls in those costume look sexy .. ahhhhhhhh I want all of them LoL. To me, its all creativity. Give prop to the person or people who came out with the idea of making those kind of clothing. Every race is doing it now with their cultural clothing. Its FASHION. And Fashion sell, which...
  393. KEdoubleNY

    Why is so hard to download stuff that were upload by Rapidshares?

    Rapidshare don't let you download with a download manager if you using free service. Those download manager won't work with it. I heard with premium account its also hard to download with a download manager. Google around. Maybe you'll find you're answer.
  394. KEdoubleNY

    Changing Windows

    Bugs for Vista I heard ares: some programs and games are not working with Vista. And another thing is .. Comcast internet doesn't seem to be working with it from what I heard. Overall, Vista is good. I think Microsoft will be coming out with something similar to XP service packs for Vista...
  395. KEdoubleNY

    A virus that is locked up

    Part 1 Do a virus scan if she have a anti-virus program. If not go here I would recommend getting a anti-virus scan cus that site sometimes freeze during the scan. Scan all drives for the virus but I think that virus is in the C:\Windows (I know cus I got...
  396. KEdoubleNY

    External Burners

    Happen to me a couple of times. I usually restart the computer and it will work again. If you leave you computer on for a long period of time and suddenly you go to Nero or whatever burning programs you use to burn music/dvd. Sometimes the CD-R drive or DVD-R drive would not be noticeable...
  397. KEdoubleNY

    SUPER program

    a program to convert MP4? or what program you talking about???
  398. KEdoubleNY

    Soo Cruel

    WoW this thread is still going. Thought it was locked LOL. Anyways, didn't have any hard feeling on the pvt msg but I just wanted to mention that not all people like the word BAN, esp. the newbies. Like I said, people make mistakes and not all know how to use the function of the sites (i.e...
  399. KEdoubleNY

    Soo Cruel

    LooL never thought my topic would get soo much replies. :lol: :lol: :lol: Anyways, enuff of the trippin. Let's move on. btw, my back for picking on the mods. Next time I'll pick on the admins LoL j/k
  400. KEdoubleNY

    Soo Cruel

    I know the RULES. All I'm saying is .. Give members a break. Yea people gonna make mistake of double posting etc. CUS who's gonna go to the forum and look for similar posts. I didn't mind the pvt msg becus I know I was gonna get one LoL but what got me was this part.... Thereafter I will...
  401. KEdoubleNY

    Soo Cruel

    I got this in my pvt msg. Anyways I use to moderate a site before and I know about all that rulez ****. I created a new topic asking for a song in Kom Kon *WHICH I KNOW* there's one already somewhere in the site but I was too LAZY to look for it because it was 3am in the morning (yea its my...