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    [Ch7] Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah (Kantana - Moom Mai)

    Can someone please post a picture of weir / kamin in the scene when he was swimming in the swimming pool and was standing in the pool on the edge. OMG he was so hot I that scene!!! TIA.
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    [Ch7] Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah (Kantana - Moom Mai)

    Finally we all agree and understand mintra. However i wonder how bad of a rai she will become then.... Still waiting for Sunday evening.
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    Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns

    Weir in pin anong. Although there were bits of misunderstanding I still love how he's always protecting her. Num- the one where he plays with donut and steals her away from his brother lol totally dislike na ek but love mum's character. Hmm mom can't think of anymore atm lol
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    What's your top 5 thai actress???

    Vill Mint c Mai davika Min p. --------
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    [Ch7] Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah (Kantana - Moom Mai)

    I don't know about you guys but I've been waiting for this lakorn for a whole year and finally I get to tune in. Love every episodes so far. Only able to watch kimberly ' s uploads. Can't wait for next episodes eng sub. I hope makhee falls in love with haruthai. They look good together...
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    There are stupid scenes but all n all cubic was very entertaining to watch love all the cute moments mint and bomb shared especially the hospital bed scene and the part lls went on his knees lol cute n sweet. I hope to see them pair up again love this couple.
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    Mint Chalida (IN vol.9 no 217 March 2014)

    Love her shoot here she's hot
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    Mint Chalida (Sudsapda vol. 32 no. 748 April 2014)

    Mint looks beautiful
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    [Ch3] Suey Rai Sai Lub (UMA99)

    I watched cubic for bomb and mint then the story. I think his acting was watchable but his features and heights was a good fit as LLS,yet like you guys I hope he improves in this lakorn. Maybe other audiences watching Bomb's lakorn in thailand gives him positive feedback. and I would love to...
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    Lol that's probably what jongsing was thinking he should've done but sadly the best thing he did was hugged her and carried out her corpse T _ T I wished she didn't die too....seems all innocent people die in dramas
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    I don't know but I'm really liking bomb in Here as well as mint. All their cute scenes had me squealing lol I don't want this lakorn to end. By the way I'm really happy bomb is having new lakorn awaiting but I'm hopping mint does too cause I love her acting in cubic.
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    I know right .... I somewhat don't mind his robotic acting lol their cute scenes over powered that ahahaha I wouldn't ask for another LLS bomb is great for this role.
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    Ok so I watched episode 12 without English sub and was surprised at how much I can actually understand lol. Love the pranang cute scene. Love today's scene.
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    I've been bored all week because I watched all the episodes over the weekend and now I'm stuck waiting for the next episode.... went to re watch some cute scenes n mv but I'm going crazy...luckily it's Friday! !!!!
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    Can't wait for the next episode. Love bomb n mint in here ......I'm not asking much but wish they have a kiss scene.....
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    So I have been reading some comments in here and I do agree that bomb needs to show more facial expression but he's so handsome i just ignore it. He will improve ... Love mint's character and their love story. LOL Also I laugh everytime I see pueng-im. He acts all tough but he's sooo rookie...
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    [Ch3] Kuan Kaan Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (MasterOne)

    it's kinda weird cause Vicky wasn't na'ek for a while and then suddenly she starts getting na'ek role again lol I'm so happy for her.  I hope these comeback lakorns makes her rise high.  Besides all that I think she's very gorgeous and have a beautiful smile.  
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    Today's episode!!!   OMG when I saw the photos posted up I thought I was going to see the real Gan and Thit!!!  but ended up it was Nee only!!!  Although I know it's Vill, I'm drawn into the lakorn so much that there really is two Vill lol. I would say her acting in here is superb!!!  I could...
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    I love today's episode, so super glad they caught the culprit !!!!  I knew the grandma won't be harmed but didn't expect thit to be in grandma's place.  Love the scene he caught her.   I can't wait for tomorrow's episode!    Finally this drama is coming to an end and i'll be getting to see gaan...
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    OMG today episode I got so mad at gaan!!!  I was like why would you just stand there and let her frame you!!! ok u deserve to go to jail!!!   LOL ok truth is I was so made at Nee!  she is capable of anything...if I were her friend I would've turned her in, she even threatens her own friend who...
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    [Ch5] Pik Marn (Exact & Scenerio)

    This is a remake of that lakorn which I don't know the name, but damn I hate the pra ek!!!  he's such a sissy... I'm glad Num gets to play pra ek, but seems like his role isn't that much, the screen time is mostly pang and tono... :thumbdown:  I will be skipping this drama no matter how much I...
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    today episode is so freaking scary!  Nee is so wicked to the point of no return.  I was hoping Wasan comes back to life and tells the whole story!    Poor Gan, she has to be framed by her own sister!!!    I could only understand part of the conversation, but I was able to get by.  Tithi seems...
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    Thit love Gan more because she's a sweet person and through torturing her passionately he probably got close to her emotionally. And like many of u mentioned they spent more times together than with nee. Besides all that they are married (ok were married)so in the name of marriage they have...
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    [Ch3] Game Ruk Kol Sanaeha (?)

    I didn't even watch their other lakorn cause it wasn't to my taste!   I just hope that this time they make it big like when they first debut together in 4HJ.  love mteam!
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    [Ch7] Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah (Kantana - Moom Mai)

    yahhh anyone have the storyline?
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    maiko   thanks for the warm welcome lol   yes I am sharing everyone's frustration here about thit's stupidity or shall I say blinding jealousy!  I wish thit's grandma could've passed down some of her smartness to him lol.  it's like the old little lady can see through anyone except thit!!!   but...
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    Hi all   I forgot my password so couldn't even reply until I recovered it but I so enjoyed reading all of the comments in here and the spoiler !!! lol love that.   and the Lakorn!   OMG I haven't been so in love with a drama ever since Pin Anong.  I totally love vill and toongtam!  cutest thai...
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    I think they look so good together. Mai is cute n girlie in this lakorn so yes she may appear young while weir is a supposed to be macho n more mature.
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    Love weir n Mai. Also like p on. She's pretty too.
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    Vill Wannarot (LIPS vol. 13 no. 19 April 2012)

    I love her in here its different from her other shoots
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    Yadech or MTeam?

    Annoyed with yadech.... maybe one lakorn a year is OK. But too many gets boring I would love to see mteam pair up for romance lakorn ...not action but pair together. Is better than not lol
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    A new lakorn??? OMG my prayer has been answered
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    A new lakorn??? OMG my prayer has been answered
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    Mario Maurer Naked Pic?

    It looks Photoshop first sight LOL. His head was too small for the body.
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    I voted for baifern just because I like to c them pair up but LOL Mai d. is ok too
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    The vote ppage is in Thai only... :(
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    [Ch3] Neua Mek 2 (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

    Who cares about rumor was made for this role that's y she got it lmao
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    I'm watching pin among right now lol
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

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    [Ch3] Raak Boon (Tv Scene)

    When is this airing? I like Mike LOL he's. Cute n evil looking.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    I will rent aafter it ccomes out or end
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    [Ch5] Marnya Rissaya (Exact & Scenerio)

    I used to like change 5 lakor n. But I stopped BC they never pair the right pranang and I also c that a lot of their lakorn have no good storyline. They don't give their newbies main role.... I don't know maybe they should hire me to write a script for them...lmao
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    I like Margie n boy But this year my favorite is min and weir in pin anong.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Damn will have to go rent it this week... :( can't even share my thoughts of weir min anymore cause I'm behind so much ....
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Love both tees OMG I want one too
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    Min Peechaya (TVPOOL vol. 22 no. 1136 March 2012)

    Can't c the photos
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Thanks for posting LOL this wull b gone soon rright?
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    Bangkok Broadcasting Copyright

    Sigh It all comes down to money They r probably losing a lot of money.... but still I hate them for doing that while i'm getting the pin anong fever
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    I've misses so much episodes of PA since they deleted the one in YouTube . But so glad i have all of u to tell me what is going on I am partially satisfied just watching the preview weird huh LOL
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    Khun Yai Vs. Tos Kanaphan

    I liked wwhj but didn't fall in love with weir like PA. Also I like sweet n'ek ...I guess that's one reason y pin anong is so good with lots of cute scene BC pra'ek gets to tease her sweetly LOL
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    Dome Pakorn and Mai Davika

    More pic more pic they r hot
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    Vill Wannarot

    She is pretty but I like her face with a bit more meat like when she first debuted
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    which thai actor would you marry?????

    I've always liked Num Sornram, but never thought of wanting to marry him until he came to US...after seeing him at concerts, OMG i wouldn't mind being married to him. He's really nice and had such a nice humor...not to mention how cute he actually looks in real life LOL But honestly i think i...
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    [Ch7] Nak Soo Maha Gaan (Moom Mai)

    wow weir look so cool in the shoots... all three girls are so pretty...but none of them looks familiar.... i thought the girl (the n'ek i think) looks like Pan least to me she does. lol hope this is another great lakorn like Pin Anong...omg weir is winning his way into my heart lmao
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    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    where's Num???
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    People who look like asian idols..

    you guys don't have that much pictures to compare.... but i once went to school with a Lao girl who looks so much like Kob S. she was so pretty that me and some other friends (who were obsessed with Kob and Num at the time) kept staring at her and whispering bout her looking like KOb... that...
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    Which Couple

    I'm obessed with PIn Anong so i gotta say Weir and MIn are my new fav couple on and off screen!!!! It's their first lakorn together but i love their chemistry on cute and sweet yet so fiesty I love their off screen caps as well, they look so happy and sweet.
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    weir sukollawat

    i never thought of weir as hot before...i just like watching his lakorn...but dang...those pictures of him are hottt...esp his topless shirt...sooo freaken hot!
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Can't even watch this drama Even on veoh Where can I watch the new episodes without dl.?
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

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    [Ch3] Neua Mek 2 (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

    Thank you for The trailer Mint looks so pretty and mark so handsome. OMG can't wait for the drama to come. I don't really c mteam together awwww... hopefully they will.have lots of romantic scene ...
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    I can't wait for the next episode today ....n she will confess to him finally.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Totally hate pin mom. She is so bias toward Yai. I'm so mad when they got married and ppin keeps thinking bout na. Ugh But im loving min n weir.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Thanks for the photos. I love thus couple so meuch. I see the chemistry flying all over the place LOL.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Can't wait for the nxt episode. The part where Yai pays for the dinner was so hilarious and also the part Yai thought pin had killed herself LOL
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    After weir cuts his hair he looks so handsome . I like them together too hopefully they get to play more lakorn together n the future. This is mom's first drama that I watch.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    I dunno wat to say .... I love this drama solo muc minus yai's hair. But anyways cannot wait for next episode.
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    [Ch3] Waew Mayura (Wave Media)

    marie is pretty LOL but the short scene they post makes her look kinda weird. I don't really like the way she talks, looks like she's full of attitude...hmmm...but yeah she looks taller than boy with those heels...yikes...all the pr'ek should've drank more
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    [Ch3] Tawan Chai Nai Marn Mek (Maker Group)

    I dunno about u gals, but I'm excited even when Roy marn is not even aired yet lOL.... Me, i think it's true that when they get paired too soon together is not that excited, but i don't think this will come out until nxt year so don't worry.... The couple that i got so sick n tired of was ken n...
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    [Ch3] Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode (Act Art)

    I hope not with Margie, although i like both of them i wish not because i perfer Mario with Baifern only, n i know a lot of u have the Mario and taew fever LOL, but i've always wanted to see Mario and Baifern reunite for a lakorn...a good one, but if this is not so good of a storylibe then it's...
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    When's the air date? OMG i love the picture that they hug....i c so much emotions in just one picture....HOw long Do I haVe to wAiT?????!?!?!?!?! this thing feels like it's dragging soooo long.
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    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    sorry queen bee i think i'm the one being missed here more lol anyways, yeah i liked the drama more than heartstrings because i had more laughs watching it and like the speed of the story. the news, really? she did that?! i don't think she's selfish, unless we know she really is at fault...
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    [Ch3] Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode (Act Art)

    OOMG y is my heart aching now...I would love to see Mario with BaiFern...when are they going to get a chance to play a lakorn together???? They both have the baby face look...i thought mario was good with taew too, but taer has a more mature features... whereas Fern still has that cute girly...
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    [Ch5] Likit Fah Cha Ta Din (Exact & Scenerio)

    OMG All the new n'ek are so pretty...story-line plssssss anyways, who are they? I think the girl who took pictures with son, the short hair in pink blouse is so cute. The girl with the flower in her hair is so beautiful. Makes me miss Peung always LOL
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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    OMG Best is so beautiful!!! Love her and vill. Gosh...i wish Peung was still here too....T_T miss her...whatever happens to her???
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    Hmmmm y am i feeling like this drama is a little weird now....i feel like Shin's feeling changed from the teacher to PSH is a little too fast and not real. Anyways i feel like all the intense is loosen in the drama...Oh well still have to finish it :(
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    OMG love their funny faces pictures LMAO they are so cute together. Margie's dress in the concert is so pretty too. cannot wait for this drama to air.
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    Has anyone here met their favorite thai celeb?

    The only thai celebrity that i met was Num. I love watching his dramas ever since i was in grade school. So i got the chance to meet him, twice LOL when he came to the US. He was so nice and love his sense of humor. To me he looks a lot better in person or about the same as in movies n...
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    What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate

    Hmmmm....i'll have to say most of everyone listed above is what i'll agree on too lol, but here's my list. Ann T- number one irritation...seems like all good roles n dramas are given to her like she's the only one who can act to it (NOT)...seems like all her pr'ek are her sons LMAO...
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    [Ch3] Buang (Broadcast Thai)

    damn I love Rteam, they suit eachother so well. Glad they are having a new lakorn together. I dunno the storyline, but seems like there isn't much romance in this drama. Man i wish they get to play a romantic drama together :( i hope this drama has high ratings
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    Is Mark Prin Dating Mint Natwara?

    I think they're too young n just bc they starred in one drama together they might've confused their feelings toward each other only. to me it's kinda like you're first love applies to your first partner in ur first drama lol if you know what i mean LMAO i like Mint C n Mark together
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    Ch7 rising newbie Actress & Actors for 2010

    the new guys all look young and cute, the girls newbie are pretty too love baifern... i would love to see her play a drama with OM... weird huh lol. yes i don't really watch ch7 bc they have old casting always n they barely promotes their newbie nonlike ch 3.
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    Mario with Baifern or Taew?

    Baifern for me. Love Mario and fern in their movie "a crazy little thing called love" they should definetly play a drama together, I also thought taew looks older for mario too though she's pretty still Baifern all the wayyyyy
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    [SBS] Scent of a Woman

    I was crying in episode 1 bc of the way people treated her around her job and besides all that she is sick and dying or whatsoever (there was no sub when i watched it so couldn't understand everything only the concepts) but i thought KSA was pretty good. Her character in here is different from...
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    Episode 8 & 9 are good, finally you get to see some falling hard people LOL I think this drama is getting hot now can't wait for next week.
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    when's this drama releasing again???
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    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    LOL I know huh the part where she was practicing OPPA was hecka funny. I like this drama a lot bc it's so funny and cute. Myug wol is kinda slow at understanding love and emotions and feelings but that's what makes the drama funny and cute at the same time hehehehehe. I think the preview at...
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    LOL i can't wait for tmmrw!!!! anyways, i went to check on line for PSH's accident and it looks real bad, how can they say it's minor injuries ????? anyways, i hope she gets enough rest for recovery instead of getting heavy makeup to cover bruises and scars or watsoever sigh.....i can wait...
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    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    thank god someone is smart enough to watch this drama LMAO J/k anyways, just finished eps 5 and 6 n OMG I am so into it. I laughed so hard and loud in my room that my family thought i was crazy from the livingroom. Love the innocent first time feeling from Han Myul gol. she's so cute, though...
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    Mae Nak [TV3]

    anyone on sarnworld who knows a site where i can watch this drama or post up any picture of the drama???!??!?! it's so hard to find the picture now, i dunno what happen i used to be able to find it, but seems like i can't find it anywhere! HELP pls
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    LOL that was my fav part too... Thank god they finally decides to put shin n PSH together in this eps hehehehee. It was a good episode, but i didn't even know that PSH got into an accident until a special was posted in dramacrazy n people there starts saying it's cause she got into a car...
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    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    OMG y isn't anyone responding to his's getting really good!!! If you haven't seen it u should really go check it out! share your thoughts please LOL besides that it's kinda funny and exciting to watch.
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    can't wait for this drama any longer....when is it coming out!!!!
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    I dunno, i feel like shin is too weak n too quiet....he has too many things in his head. I am more into main guy who are strong and independent, or tries to solve their problems... someone who can protect the main girl or visversus...but in this one PSH is not doing so good too....i dunno the...
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    okay the story is straying off from what i thought suppose to be traditional vs modern n romance between the two LKW n Shin... it's so repetitive in the last two episode....hmmm i feel like it's going kinda slow like a melodrama now. I hope it gets exciting like in the first two episode...
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    laos girls and ME - bad combo

    wow... i know it's over n all but IMO...they are no different than some of us in america. Some people would send half naked pix to their BF or someone they're talking to...believe it or not not just only Hmong Laos girl but other people, anyone u can think of does it....I know i don't n i...
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    "How Hmong Girl Lies"

    the video is not available or close down already LOL...OMG they are just bored i guess... n like many of u said...they're just looking for attention n they got LMAO n look at me now...i'm here giving my opinion too lol y do i even care to post here LOL hmmm maybe bc i am bored...
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    Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb ghost

    i dunno, but i couldn't see a ghost @ 4.42....all i saw was a little kid sitting in the bushes, thinking it's out of view or something and then a little girl standing next to a tree lol at 6.30...i think it's a little kid...i was all scared for nothing LOL...
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    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    this drama just barely aired. EPS 1 is recently traslated. After watching the first ep i gathered that it's about: a spy-Myung Wol (played by han ye seul) from the north who got kicked out of her secret agent team bc she ruined their secret plan to steal a part of this acient book consist of...
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    LOL I know huh in YB Shinwo was so nice to Gomina....hey but he never told her that he likes her...he was just being nice to her n it was only us that sees him liking her lol.... when i was watching heartstrings i totally forgot that PSH is a great dancer LOL... bc she was dressed in that long...
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    [Mainland] Ancient Terracotta War Situation

    it's not out yet huh?!
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    [Hong Kong] The Holy Pearl

    the ending sucks!!!! i hate it :vomit: y does it have to be like that!!! :worthy: OMG! OMG! I just wanna :numchuck: somone! ESP the scriptwriter then :gungirl: the producer for not doing his/her job.... LMAO :lmao3:
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    @fun4fun LOL I loved YB all til the end. Heartstring i wish Shin would fall for her hard as it progress :dance1: bc i hate watchin PSH suffer from liking Shin T_T *evil :woot2: laughs* Shin's too into the teacher... :scratchchin: about HOLY PEARL...omg i can't believe the...
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    [CH7] Dok Kaew (Compordee)

    wow never saw the old version of this lakorn...might check it out, but i never really like ch7 drama that much because it talks a lot of nonsense.... i like more pranang on screen... anyways...mai reminds me of Yaya in those pix....she's really pretty. lol
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    Really... i thought u're beautiful is a bit up pace than heartstring, bc when i was watching u're beautiful, i was like OMG and LMAO n all that...heartstring is good, but it's a little more steady for me IMO...anyways, can't really compare until the drama is done!!! Dream High, totally skipped...
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    [Hong Kong] The Holy Pearl

    I don't know, but the series was good to me...i totally love Wu Dao, he's hot in here....but i wish they would've made him fall in love with Mu Lian instead of the annoying Princess.... damn it i still can't get over it....I don't like her character at alllll.... from the beginning to the...
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    i dunno if this topic has been posted anywhere, if it has please delete this thread. anyways, it barely aired, so check it out. I'm started to like where this drama is heading. park shin hye is great as always! love both JYH in PSH.
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    LOL boy and margie are super cute!!! the clips where they were filming the wedding scenes, y were they disgusted? ahehehehehehehe... it's so funny to watch them, Margie n boy are so comedic n fun to watch even behind the scenes. It's like watching a drama within a drama lol
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    [Ch3] Plerng Torranong (Makers Group)

    Mario is so handsome when he needs to be and so cute when he is one n seriously i think he is always both...he looks like a cute little boy all the time. are the two main the same age? Mario looks so young...i mean very young. I was reading some comments in the first few pages n some think...
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    [Ch3] Pim Mala (Tv Scene)

    LOL not a Aum fan, but i'm fond of Ploy, she's a great actress LOL and the story line is so interesting, i will stay tuned for this ehhehehehehe
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    Ruen Phaa (Exact & Scenerio)

    i guess i'm just being very negative about this drama, but i don't like the storyline at all, the fact that Son won't get the n'ek!!! that makes him not the pra'ek right? Anyways, seems like TONO is getting all the romance shot with Ake bc she's in love with him.... so i guess he's the main...
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    Vill Wannarot

    she is so beautiful in these shoots.
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    Mark Prin

    I dunno, but every time i see his face i always laugh out loud...he's just too cute
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    Mint Chalida

    LOL She's pretty! I hope to see her in more lakorns as the main girl
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    Baifern Pimchanok

    She's always pretty and cute!!! I like her LOL esp paired up with Mario! I wish they have a new Lakorn together... :(
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    OMG I am soo Margie and Boy Bias too!!! LOL if anyone would've been casted other than them together, i would PASS!!! But, luckily it's them again! I'm anxiously waiting LOL Love them in their story of 4 hua jai!!!! I love their story the most bc it kept me up all night until the morning @...
  117. P

    Mario Mauner & Fern[Inside Pics updated]

    they are my new fav couple lol so young and cute with so much talents!
  118. P

    Mae Nak [TV3]

    Can someone please lead Me to the right Mae nak lakorn played by namfon kullanat n kitsuwon aired by ch 3 sometimes during the 2000 or late 1999... I can't find this lakorn anywhere omg it's the best Mae nak version ever made!!!!! So sweet n saddddd!!!! But I keep running into the one with Pete...
  119. P

    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    So excited for this lakorn I love vill n her drama wish it was son yuk lol but yea the story goes dif! Anyways I love ch 5 drama more than other ch too ch 3 cones n second but I don't or hardly watch ch7 causei don't like watching the servents!!!! Besides ch5 have most of my fav actors n...
  120. P

    No Ti Txha [cold to the bone]

    Soooo true! I was gonna buy that movie paj nyiag txoj hmoo too! But so glad I didn't... Storyline wise it's good n cinematography is great, it's just how the director made the movie! Poor directing skills!!!!!! Is all I can say
  121. P

    No Ti Txha [cold to the bone]

    Yea don't let the preview fool u! The movie is not professionally made!!!! I bought the film n it was a total waste although the quality n how they chose their shots were catchy, but besides all that it was worst for the most part! They dubbed it which I though was the stupidest thing...they...
  122. P

    Mae Sri Prai

    @ babeelailai: you know I was thinking the same too! ESP the girl's skirt that looks similar to Hmong skirt except that it's shorther and more colorful! But it dies resemble Hmong clothes! Mebbe it's an mixture of different culture clothes! Cayse I've never seen any hill tribe dress like...
  123. P

    What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate

    Lol dang some of u guys dislike all the stars actresses I think it's annoying or doesn't mAtch na ek role n I dislike some kwan u she's not pretty n her eyes r to evil looking I prefer her the narai Ann t so old yet star with super young actors ESP annoying when acting with Ken arg to much of...
  124. P

    Best lakon 2010 so far.

    There are so many lakorn this year but I'd have to say dok ruk rim tang bc first off i love the casting and the lakorn is funny yet romatic! I love the chemistry btwn bie n vill along with the storyline!!!!! and Secondly, vill look so cute ad a boy! ( I dunno y so many people said vill looks...
  125. P

    Sawan Saang [Dida]

    Woh someone pls put out the fire! Cee is burning hott lol I can't believe it my two new fav actors co star!!!!!!!
  126. P

    Vill Wonarot [Freshy Girl]

    Vill is so beautiful in those shoot! Love her!!!! She's so cute in pretty
  127. P

    Mae Sri Prai

    wow seems really interesting....i am going to watch it. Yui is so pretty...not familiar with the praek...but hope to find something to like about him. Does anyone know what culture clothes they are wearing?
  128. P

    Son Yuk with Vill Wannarot or Tuey Jarinporn Julkiet

    son and vill are number 1 for me
  129. P

    Saranrat Wisuttithada [Lydia]

    ~ell yea she's freaken hottt n I'm patiently waiting for her drama!!!!
  130. P

    Noon Woranuch

    So beautiful!!!! The dress n herself! All natural beauty!
  131. P

    Ch3 New Actress

    Haven't seen any of them in lakorn cept for Susie, but i think gijee n yaya r very pretty!
  132. P

    [Twdrama] Hi, My Sweetheart (CTS/GTV)

    HMS is the best drama to begin my 2010 year!!! I love this drama... For awhile I stopped watching Taiwanese drama bc i don't really like the casting, but I like rainie so I was watching it for her... But Show was so amazing on this series I was hooked!!!!! Love da Lang so much he was so sweet...
  133. P

    Aum Patchrapa : In the Heart of Milan

    Yeah she's pretty in those pictures... She have nice body structures, very slim n tone. She looks young for her age... It's like she never age lol
  134. P

    Ken, Rome, Cherry, Nok Jariya, Ah'Niroot:Ch3 40th Anni

    Rome is looking so hott!!! I think cherry looks old for him! Rome should stick with younger actress or same age!!!! Sigh
  135. P

    Weir & Pancake [Again & Again]

    They are cute together and the photos are just absolutely beautiful!!!! But yes pancake does look a little more mature for weir... I'd love to see weir n pinky too, but I'd really love to see pim and captain n shoots like this... To name the couples... It'll never end lol
  136. P

    Pim Pimmada

    Awww love pim she's so pretty on the cover. I wonder what insides hold?!
  137. P

    Punch Worakarn: Good Girl Idol

    Wow she's been transformed! She's really pretty n cute in the photos I hope she gets to play n another lakorn with por dressed all girly! Lol I'd love to see a kiss/ slap lakorn with them!!! Now that I've seen punch like this!!! Dunno if she'll get out of her shell n play romance romance...
  138. P

    Who are your favorite couples?

    Back n the mid 90s - millinium/ older dramas to date num s and kob s ( I used to love all of their lakorns together) joy s and willy nook s and Tao s Janie and Andrew pepper and Ann a pepper and fang bie and mew namfon k and patson ( I'm not sure if that's his name...) Now!!!! Captain and...
  139. P

    7 Prachan Barn

    I like namfon k more although she's older ... I love her n mae nak!!! Such a sad drama!!!  but these days she is always rai or supporters!!! When will she ever get naek roles again? Mebbe never... Anyways I'd like to know the storyline if anyone knows.
  140. P

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    I can c y everyone's complaining bout weir being too young, but it shouldn't matter that much bc nowadays so many older actresses r playing lakorns with like younger actors ei (Ann T n Rome omg Ann looks old for him srry no offense just my opinion) viseversa, and n those lakorns they portray...
  141. P

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    Fun4fun I c wat u r saying! Lol it's kinda gross!!!! But I guess he really like her..... I prefer punch over pat!!! I haven't finish watching the drama but since it's done I'll watch it.... I'm currently watching leh rathree with pepper, Ann a, pong n mod!!!! It's an older lakorn but I've never...
  142. P

    Leh Ratree

    I like this drama, although I'm not a big fan of Ann I got through it with pepper! Also love the songs in here!!! Anyone know if there's a remake of this lakorn in cause it's been awhile n I'll totally watch it!!!
  143. P

    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    I can't believe it!!! It's so cool!!! Boy having 2 new lakorns coming up!! Whoohoh 1 with Margie n 1 with pat?! I'm glad they changed araya... But y pat??!!! Don't really like her no offense though.... But I won't pass this lakorn cause boy's the praek. But yeah 3 brothers over 1 girl...
  144. P

    Huajai Rak Kaam Pop [ TV3 Cholumpi ]

    Anyone know when this drama is gonna air?!??? I hope the cast us really tye n donut how do u pronounce tye name?! Is it tae? Tee or tie-e?
  145. P

    Hua Jai Ploy Jone (Exact)

    I'm sooooo lookie 4 ward 2 this!!!!!!! I like both mos n pim!!!!! Never thought they'll pair up but it's all good!!!!!
  146. P

    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    The n'k seems good... She's not super weak!!! She stands up for herself so that's not weak....I like n'k who's weak as n smart but not smart n always fighting with p'k cause these n'k always seems to make stupid decision or runs to the bad guy!!! That pisses me off.... I like n'k who are...
  147. P

    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    I don't know about the IT!!! But she just need better nangrk storyline to work with!!! It's like they try so hard to make Vicky prove her talent or whatsoever, but never really gave her a lakorn where they actually show her playing romance that really touched the heart.... All the ones I've...
  148. P


    Can someone link the teaser??? I can't find it
  149. P

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Omg I love boy!!!! ESP in FRA!!!!! He's trashy hot in there!!! Lol Margie is ok for me cause I like badarn jai.... Anyways, so glad boy is getting to praek role again!!! Love his acting n his voice.... He was crazy sweet in FRA n I guess that's y I liked him so much though I would hate it if...
  150. P

    Huajai Rak Kaam Pop [ TV3 Cholumpi ]

    I love to see this drama ESP with dounut in it!!! Mebbe she's from the past n he's from the present or something!!! Excited 
  151. P

    Kularb Rai Glay Ruk (Duang Malee Manee Jun)

    The title seems interesting!!!! N I love new pairing ESP if the pranangs are pretty new!!! Can someone post a picture of pranang pls I don't know who they are...N a storyline too if u all know
  152. P

    Ruk Nai Marn Mek (Dida)

    Wow 4 guys!!! I just hope it diesnt turn out to be a story where naek gets confused with her heart n cannot pick!!! That'll b annoying n if the guys starts fighting for one girl that'll b even worse stupid to b fighting for 1 girl.... I need a storyline cause I think min is adorabeau... N she...
  153. P

    Reun Sawn Ruk [ DaraVdo ]

    I don't really like the storyline but I'll check it out cause I like min the girl from bla boo tong!!! Shed pretty.... Not interested in the praek at all!
  154. P

    Khun Kanin, Bua Sarocha, Pop Supasit, Jam Siska

    They look cute but who is who???? Is it a new movie?
  155. P

    Peerot Yaapin Mueangngaam (Mew)

    That's wat I heard too, but she never appear in the star world again... Except for in one of the musical with bie... But is she coming back?? To sing or act
  156. P


    Tell me moreeee... I'm so excited that it's a new story never been made!!! Hope it's good n hope to see new faces that suits the role!!! But yeah!!! U got to talk to mild!!!!!!!!
  157. P

    Peerot Yaapin Mueangngaam (Mew)

    I'm sorry but I was just wondering... Does anyone know what happens to her? She was the na'ek in Roy adee hang rak with bie the star I love that lakorn one of my favorite of all time, but where'd she go?! I heard her sang with bie n a song n she was good, n her acting wasn't bad either, but...
  158. P

    N'ke dress up as boy?

    I haven't seen much of wat all of u are talkin bout but look wise I think vill n punch looks like boys very much.... Cute I go with vill.... I'm watching tatdao butsaya with punch in there rite now n she's funny... But I don't think she's as cute as vill.... But yeah she look like a boy for sure...
  159. P

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    I'm kinda behind bc I keep waiting for sub updates... But taddao's mother n noi's father are so funny they got married instead!!!! I was laughing n laughing!!! I want to see sweet scenes of the pranang!!!! So far it's more funny scenes only....sigh....
  160. P

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    I was watching it with subtitles but I can't even watch the whole eps 2 cause it wouldn't allow me to watch it.... It's so much better in sub where u can understand it.... I'm all into it now... I'm at the part where noi went to say good bye to his gf... N taddao got chased by that rai guy...
  161. P

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    I just remember is punch the girl that played in that movie where the ghost is hanging from the theater or something like that? The one where this crazy lady kidnaps kids n pluck their eyes out n the villagers killed her n hung her.... Something like that....I thought they look similiar... I...
  162. P

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    Omg !!!! I totally hate dramas where sisters fight over a dumb man! It's not like weir's god or something!!!! They're both stupid! Aum can't be sweet n innocent if she date with her own sister's crush!!!!! What a ugh... I think I'll pass n watch if I'm bored to death!!!
  163. P

    Pinky Savika: Denim Goddess

    Wow I wish I was her size those jeans will never be mine i don't like the picture with her legs open as well... It looks weird! But pinky's pretty
  164. P

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    Love Yui!!! Y she the nangrai!!! She have a kind n innocent face!!!! I thin aom should play rai!!!! She looks like would be much better as a rai in action though I like her but I like when she's Rai!!! But I think Om is cute!!!! Sexy too.... I'm not familiar with him but still think he's hot...
  165. P

    Sira Patchara Duang Jai Nak Rope(Quiz & Quest)

    Finally num in a lakorn with RITA!!!!!! The pairing is cute! Can't wait to see pix n know the storyline!!!!!
  166. P

    Peesard Sean Gol(Chulumpi)

    Koy looks okay in the one she was wearing the hat on page one, but she looks old in the photos above.... I don't think she's that pretty or cute, but let's just hope that she looks good on camera instaed of picturehmmm whats the story about anyways? Anyone know??? Did I miss it!
  167. P

    Num's upcoming drama

    I'm sorry if this have been posted anywhere or whatsoever, but I heard that sornram's new drama is Silapat Duang Jai Nak Rob. N that Rita's the nanek Is this true n what's the story about in the translation of the title please
  168. P

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    Okay just finished eps 1 so far it's okay tat Dao n por doesn't have much scene yet but puch's acting is really good n it looks real non like acting... I like it very much... Her look, I still think she's just alright she looks pretty short anyone know how tall she is? Mebbe it's just me
  169. P

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    Por n punch ( new lakorn actress?) kool I think she's alright very natural por he looks younger n cuter i think they r cute together n love their style it's good for a change! Getting kinda bored watching pranang in decent clothes it's good to see them n something the younger generation...
  170. P

    Exact - Scenario TOGETHER 2010

    Exact have most of my favorite Thai celebs!!! I love peung, she's so cute n pretty!!!! Does anyone knows the song that grand sang @ the show?
  171. P

    Peung Kanya, Alice, Wiew Wonarot [Exact Actresses]

    I don't really like the fashion n hair style here.... It makes them look egh! But I think both wiew n peung are pretty, it's just that the shoot don't go well with either of them. Lol
  172. P

    Top Awards 2009

    Not a surprise at all is it realky for best acting or most popular?! I seriously think it's most pop!!! IMO bc Ken n Ann had a few popular dramas together no offense pls, but I think there are other as talented
  173. P

    Pueng Kunya

    I love her she's really cute n pretty!!! I like all the pose xxept the second one... But yeh she's cute!!! Hope to see her in new lakorn ESP with son yuk!!!!!
  174. P

    Vicky Sunisa

    Me too I hope they give her good n'ek roles!!!! Instead of dumb storyline!!!! But yeah she's really purdy!!!
  175. P

    Ch 3 New On Screen Pairing for 2010

    I have none fir now... Mebbe later on in the year I hope there's couples I like.... But for now I can't choose....
  176. P


    Dang! They look so taiwanese n korean-ish.... I think Kenta is so cute. 
  177. P

    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    Yes true or not usually starts out as rumors, so just don't doubt anything. I have a close friend in Laos and he told me that the phone company sends customer warning letters to watch out for certain call.... Also I believe that dab can call human through phones cause there are several stories...
  178. P

    What bothers you the most when u watch a dubb movie or drama?

    Hmong dubbs are sometimes okay n sometimes bad bad bad to the extent!!! I bought a drama that pae n noon played together n the nanek was translated by an old lady n she translated for almost every female characters in the drama!!!! A waste of $$$$ n a waste of a good drama! I can't stand it at...
  179. P

    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    My gosh!!!! The worst boran ever I can't believe they're making it this long?!?!?! I just wanna know if the new one is gonna be good or not?! Y can't they write new story n just keep remaking old ones! I love boran but not watch the same one over n over again!!!!
  180. P

    Sudsapda January 2010

    Tar is from Mae ying?! NW I was like I've seen him b4 lol silly me I like win he's so cute!
  181. P

    SudSapda l October 2009 Matt Peranee

    I don't think I know her but she's so beautiful! Love her in all the picture
  182. P

    Bie, Ruj, and Singto the star

    I love bie always the best never really fond of the other two but they're cute
  183. P

    Ja Jittapa & Boy Pakorn

    Nice photos! Love boy but don't know the girl.
  184. P

    Luk Maai Blien See (TV Scene)

    Omg I thought namfon was the nanek!!!! Y she keep getting rai role??!!!! She's so pretty n great in acting!!!! Stupid producer! I was all into it when I saw namfon's picture with Rome I was like yah!!! Finally nam as nanek, but then she turns out tobe the evil girl again!!! She's way younger...
  185. P

    Rabum Duang Dao (Polyplus-CH3)

    Omg I am totally going to watch this lakorn, not a real big fan of oil or ploy but I'd love to c lydia's work as an actress!!! Love her songs n beauty!!! I personally think oil looks better with Lydia as far as height !!!! Ploy's about his height huh!!? Anyways I'm glad for the cast!
  186. P

    Ch 2010 Caldendar:Love Ch3

    Omg!!! I love the calander actually everyone looks so handsome n beautiful!!!
  187. P

    Mr. Hmong - Nraug Hmoob

    wow!!! Cool... I wish I was there... Does anyone have pictures of all the contestant??? J/W was the Mr Hmong zoo nraug event similar to pageant event?
  188. P

    Malai Sarm Chai (Exact)

    Weird... Aom ? 3 hubbies!!! *faint* +_+ Can't seem to like the storyline at all... This is a remake?! Y can't producer write new stories?! I love to see son in another drama though....
  189. P

    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    I love boy in fai ruk asoon..... He's not that good looking at first when I saw him, but then as u watch him act n talk omg I like him!!! He's hot! But if boy's the praek then I'll watch it!
  190. P

    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    omg I thought I was the only one that watched from part 9!!!! LOL I already understand the whole drama without watching the beginning haha!!! Actually I watched from the middle of part 8 right when keu kidnap vicky!!!! I think they should've showed more of them instead of his wife n his life...
  191. P

    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    I thought vicky was the nanek in this new drama!!! I wish vicky gets to play nanek more!!!! I love her acting in Fai ruk arsoon!!! She's do funnie in there esp when she plays the character wan!!! But still i'll watch it just for vicky!!! If she's playing nanrai again!!! I'll quit it b4 I become...
  192. P

    (CH.7) Waan Jai Yai Thaang Dao [Exact]

    pang and por looks cute together i'm not familiar with these actors and acrtesses, but the main cast looks good. Pang is pretty and cute, i don't know about the storyline...the teaser doesn't seem that good....but i really want to see if it's interesting...
  193. P

    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    is there like any trailer of the drama? i really want to see what it's gonna be about! i don't mind vill as the na'ek because i like her. i'll check out the drama whenever it comes out.
  194. P

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    grand is going to be the na'ek? never heard of her til now.....T_T i'm so sad that peung's not playing with son!!!!!
  195. P

    [SBS] You're Beautiful

    I love this drama!!!! One of the best for this year as far as kdrama!!!! I dunno y some peeps dislike PSH she's such a great actress.... Mebbe bc she was the mean girl in goong s?! But I still love this drama n her! Will continue reply later!
  196. P

    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    Haven't watched the drama yet, but saw the beginning of the first episode and totally can't stand the main girl...But gotta admit that the guys are cute....i like the lead guy at first glance. So dissapointing to me cause I was looking forward to this drama but when i saw who the lead girl...
  197. P

    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    OMFG...i just can't believe it..... I agree with you Mongstaness...they hella kill this boran!!! i didn't like it, but i thought the casting was alright, but all in all i didn't want to watch it cause i didn't like how they changed the storyline to like what they heck?! the princess...where'd...
  198. P

    married women at the clubs

    I don't see anything wrong with a married woman going to the club, if she have good intention and just tagging along with friends to have fun, it's all depends what that person have in mind, if they want to cheat, then they will, but if they don't then they won't, but on the other...
  199. P

    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    whoever it is i really hope it's a good drama....i visualize Best as a dirty boy look alike....but i hope she'll surprised me! LOL. I think she's cute!
  200. P

    Pancake Khemanit

    Not a fan of her, but i think she's pretty. She's changed...gosh, people really do change when they're in the spotlight...though the older pictures doesn't seem like she's that pretty, i think she does have a natural beauty too. thank you for sharing.
  201. P

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I still can't get over why they canceled the upcoming drama BNF....when i first saw the trailer, i was so excited cause i liked pueng and then i saw son and i was like jumping for joy, but then it never aired....although i still have hope...but then it never did.... i hope son and pueng gets to...
  202. P

    [Mainland] Let's Watch the Meteor Shower

    of all the version I have to say this version is the best!!! I love how yunhai (main guy) didn't torture her like the other version...instead he teases her and just make fun of her most times... The other students does the torturing... At first I thought yunhai was just alright, but then...
  203. P

    Num Sornram & Jakjan Akumsiri

    gosh he's so gorGy!!! He's still my favorite star!!!! I wish he'd come out with new lakorn... Good ones too! Would love to see him play lakorn with Pueng kanya.... She's so cute n he's so hott!!! LOL thanks for sharing
  204. P

    Tangmo [Bodilicious]

    what exactly is she advertising?! She looks damn horny n like making out with fruits n food n drinks!!! The color is very bright n pretty, n mo is pretty, but what was this all about eh?!
  205. P

    Rongram Pee (Exact)

    didn't join the conversation from the star but I was following the trailer n updates for awhile n the confimation was really dissapointing to me... I was hopping for Pueng as well... Her lakorn with Son Yuk got canceled n I was so upset cause the teaser was so good (2me) though she needs to...
  206. P

    Poppy & Tomo K-OTIC (2High) - Halloween

    Tomo n Poppy r so cute!!!