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    Thai lakorn and Korean lakorns for sell

    Can I get the list of Thai Lakorns??
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    Anyone wants to trade lakorns?

    I would love to buy/trade some old boran. I have some but not many. I will send you my list.
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    Help with old chinese movie

    I was watching that movie a couple of weeks ago on youtube. Let me try to find it again and will get back to you. It might take a while.
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    Hmong Dubbed Help

    The Korean Drama that has Ying Yang's song in it..Are you talking about Sunny and Jeany? Here is the link of the theme song to the movie, but I'm not sure if it's the drama your looking for:
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    Ob Viv Ncaus Txoj Kev Hlub

    Depends what kind of movie it is? Is it Hmong or Thai?? What is it about?
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    A-Z hmong dub thai lakorn

    "Ua Zoo Tau Ntuj Ntoo" starring aum atichart Love him.. Anyway, thanks. This must be so much work. Great JOb.
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    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    I also wonder if any new lakorns came out. Hmong people are fast. They already dubbed the new lakorn that just came out. I wonder if any productions or entertainment is dubbing Namtan Mai yet. Hmong people are so into dubbing thai lakorn, I just wish they would dubb Jan Euy Jan Jao. One of the...
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    Again & Again & Again

    Again & Again & Again
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    Again & Again & Again

    Again & Again & Again
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    Sorry I know it was way back in May but I haven't got the time to check up on things. I haven't...

    Sorry I know it was way back in May but I haven't got the time to check up on things. I haven't got the PM about Jan Euy Jan Jao. Can you please tell me again. Thanks.
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    I totally agree with all the things you had said. I never would have though about this much things in a thai lakorn, but I do want to say some things. I would like to add something to the list: It's always a bad start with the N'ek and P'ek. P'ek is always the first one to fall for N'ek. N'ek...
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    Scary/Horror Lakorns

    do you know where i can buy Jun Euy Jun Jao?? I really want that lakorn. Already saw it but it was way back.
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    Which Thai films would you want to have English Subtitles?

    Hummm...lets see.. Mae Krua kon Mhai (Pat and nat) Jan Euy Jan Jao (rita and ??) Kaew Lom Pet (wiew and son) Still more... But can't think of them right this moment...LOlz.
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    Selling my thai and chinese lakorns....pretty cheap...

    If possible, can you put a cover on all of them please. It would really help.
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    Thai Lakorn with eng sub

    There is also now
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    Help on Movie?

    yea there is a hmong dubbed but not really good. forgot the name of it.
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    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    Wow!! i love weir and kwan together but i would love to see them in a different lakorn instead. I don't like the movie num and joy played itself. it was boring.
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    Hmong version of F4

    Hahah. totally agree with you.
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    Yeah. There's this one that is in thai that xab thoj and Txiab Yaj copied. Thai version: Hmong version: Dont know if you heard it before or not.
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    boys over flower

    Because it is a remake of Meteor Garden in Japanese Version. I really like. I have the regional version of the Meteor Garden and Boys before flowers. Love them both.
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    Dab Laug Thaum Kawg Yog Hluas Nraug

    i agree. i have that movie. I think it's kind of gross.