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    Hmong version of KASANAKA SONG

    do you know what movie it is that trailer is about? and have you found the title for that song? I would like to know too. thanks.
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    hmong scamming hmong

    SHAME shame SHAME shame SHAME....
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    Need advice/Opinion

    Well, you are 24.. I'm 24 too lol. I think that you need to mature. (I'm telling you in a nice friendly way, not scolding hehe) His family would probably enjoy meeting you. Before one of my brother in laws got married he brought his gf (now his wife) to our home during a big hu plig for my...
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    Well, if a coupon is a pdf coupon from a manufacturer, then you can print it out and use it many times... But I don't really think that a manufacturer intended to have it used 45 times in one transaction.... And then yes it is actually fraud to photocopy and use coupons. Coupons that you print...
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    hmong girls/ guys over sea stories

    well.. these "marriages" are just a different name for an expensive Laos call-girl. those dudes watch too much hmong music videos.
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    who did Xa Thoj married?????

    that is depressing.
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    issues before marriages...

    She has to know her brother is not perfect, and it's ok for you to be mad at him. Even the perfect couple has their own ups and downs. It only seems that your comment was a bit inappropriate, telling someone to "die in a hole" ---- that's a bit extreme just because you are upset about it.
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    what are your thoughts of arlington refusing to bury gvp

    Well, if VP had the option of shipping his body to bury at his homeland in Laos, I believe that he would prefer to do that. He wouldn't care to be buried at Arlington. If you look at the bright side, all the other Hmong veterans would probably be honored to bury their bodies next to VP's body...
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    yes speechless. but she's got a lot of courage. congrats.
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    Miss Hmong California 2011 Contestants!

    Their walks make them look so frail... Chrissy is beautiful though :)
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    Will you ever girls?

    It is disrespectful to talk against your parents' wishes. It is going to be one of the last things your parents can expect from you, your dowry. If a man really wants to marry the woman, he is the one who can speak up and not disrespect anybody. If his parents will only pay up the 5K, then I'm...
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    dreaming every night

    maybe ever since you got married you've been doing a lot of work? marriage has given you more responsibilities I bet.
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    Creepy or wierd?

    I think you were just frightened... What you need most now is to tell your family and get a chicken to hu plig. Maybe you weren't afraid first because everyone was there with you at the funeral, but when you're alone you got paranoid and probably feared that moment again.. Hu plig first, and...
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    I am upset

    Don't be sad, like Kyocera09 said, maybe you were better as friends. The new year is coming up so get a new and fresh start. Don't overwhelm yourself with sad lonely songs, it'll only keep you sad and alone. It's a good thing he knows that you have changed, because it is for the better. He has...
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    What does this dream means?

    Have u guys thought about the story of nkauj Hnub & nraug hli??? They didn't end up being together and are separated.. So maybe u should avoid that stranger if u meet him or her or else you'll have to face unbearable separation. Just a thought hehe
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    I am upset

    Well, if a 28 year old man can't speak for himself then he's not mature and definitely not ready for marriage. Sometimes in issues like this you have to be selfish and think for yourself. If he did as his father wanted and left, and after he comes back, would you still want him as your BF or...
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    Make the decision that will not have you asking yourself "What If" 4 months down the road of life. Just because you get married, it doesn't mean that you can't go to college. In fact, the place your BF lives might even have a top notch college you can attend. You should do the research. Not...
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    they're just doing what they love.
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    maybe your hubby is just afraid of having a kid.. do you guys have kids yet?
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    How do you feel if your nyab start talking s***t about you and your family to everybody?

    Well I'm sure everyone pays attention to their surroundings, but not all nyab's do that. I'm a nyab but my family do not gossip about each other to make each other feel better. It's not fair for you to to bash the "nyab's" for one or two persons' immatureness. Just saying.
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    MN July 4th tournament

    i bet the papaya was good :D
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    How do you feel if your nyab start talking s***t about you and your family to everybody?

    are you a nyab yourself to know so much?
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    Married Hmong Girl's needs to shut up

    Umm.. she wasn't complaining about her married life. all she said was that "can't believe we almost lost each other for good cuz of my parents--damn--but alteast i came to listen to my heart in the end" .. she said nothing about suffering her married life.
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    Miss Hmong International - Mee Her

    .. once you reach my age, these pageant gossip stuff is so childish.
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    How do you feel if your nyab start talking s***t about you and your family to everybody?

    well maybe she doesn't know how she's de-faming herself by trying to tell everyone how bad the family she married into is... it's her own fault for putting herself in her situation. She's not mature enough yet.
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    Immigration to the US

    Well, as I heard my father in law talk .... you should only do it if you feel that the person you are "marrying" has a chance to really become your husband/wife... as in any real marriage, a fake marriage is still going to be considered a "marriage" so you should really consider it as something...
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    Shamanism & Christianism

    So.. does that mean all you Christians give in your consistent 10% tithing to God?
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    I need your advices because I want to kick my sister-in-law out of the house

    Well, hopefully she doesn't move back in and cause more problems... aren't you afraid if she brings home a baby next year? You guys should really work out a plan so that maybe she doesn't just live with this boyfriend but makes him her husband, then she will have to mature up.
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    Dream Meanings

    You know, maybe it's just one of your passed relatives who is watching over you. Don't worry about it too much. I think that everyone who is going to travel far will always have those "what ifs" and "buts". Just don't doubt yourself and don't do stupid things. Your trip will be fine, and you...
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    Dream Meanings

    recall the elders saying that a tiger is a dead ancestor... it's not a good thing.. recall watching the first Maiv Puv character from Khib Ciaj Khib Tuag ( I think that's the first movie with "maiv puv" character in it) where nom phaj doesn't love her and she keeps talking about 'koj txiv' who...
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    ciaj sia and tht one girl

    we're all happy for her :) that's all
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    Mab Sua Lis (Divorce)

    maybe it's a rumor since people have nothing better to talk about these days.
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    Yog Sij Hawm Tig Tau Rov qab!

    I didn't like this movie.. It portrayed the guy as really weak and vulnerable and that he never really loved the main actress anyway. he don't deserve her.
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    Metero Garden-hmong dubbed

    yeah the full taiwanese version is even better! But then.. nowadays if you rewatch it - some lines are VERY corny khekhekhe... but that's what makes the movie awesome!
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    this could've been from Laos/Thailand because of the Hmong OGs here in US or other resettlement countries who keep going back to steal them young girls... It is a really scary thing.. maybe caused by voodoo or tso dab stuff... not something to fool around with..
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    i wnna go to the grand canyon one day :D
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    General Vang Pao plans to go to THAILAND this JANUARY 2010!!!!

    well.. in a way he is like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino where he was old and dying so he decides to end his life with a purpose by letting those gangsters shoot him and save Thao and Sue... similarly... Vang Paois old now, and who knows how much life he has in him. So, even if he is risking...
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    K&S Project: Sounders Concert in Fresno + Fresno Hmong New Year

    ugh why does it all have to be in CA. Come to WI.
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    rakcharm, good answer
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    Need Some Opinion

    It really depends on what you are asking for... You should really ask an elder who knows more about the topic..
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    What do you think of Taboo people?

    well that theory has a point too... but ultimately it all comes down to the family structure in birth rites and death rites.
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    Need Some Opinion

    well you can't only pray... during new year time you need to feed them and send them money too. it's a give and get policy too.. hehehe... as long as you take care of your ancestral spirits with respect, I am sure they will help you in return.. that's what I think I believe..
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    Oh, are you saying she is the other nyab in your family?? I thought you meant she is your husband's sister... If that is the case, it does make life harder for you. Just ignore her. When she complains, just respond as if there's nothing wrong so you get things your way since you're the one...
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    Just do your part. If she makes a big scene people will see the truth out anyways. besides, she is married what right does she have to take anything from you. you are the nyab in your home and she is a nyab to someone else so it's not your problem that she has a problem.
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    What do you think of Taboo people?

    If you look at Hmong history, marrying someone of the same last name has always been taboo and prohibited. Even before we came to the US to know of science and biology, Hmong knew that if we were to marry someone of our own clan last name the future will not be good. Why not? Hmong saw that...
  46. D website

    the site is back up to normal and is running.
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    Controlling boyfriend

    this is called mental abuse. so why is that girl still in the relationship. walk away
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    E.T. Yang Got Married...?

    my goodness... ET's good at keeping his marriage a secret.. cuz if you all knew it was true, he won't be able to sell his dvds and cds at the new years!! just wait until afterwards sheesh.
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    Need Help

    You know, I'm sorry but the chances of a Hmong person in this forum picking up your camera is very very very small.... But good luck finding your camera!
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    What do you think about strict parents?

    don't complain . it's only for your own good. If you had younger siblings your age in 5 years you would understand why. Sometimes only you can be the only person to answer your own question.
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    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    she's just having as much fun as she can before she gets married.
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    I need your advices because I want to kick my sister-in-law out of the house

    that's a really tough one. you don't want to kick her out because she has an innocent child... You don't want to hurt him. Secondly, it's probably ok to tell her she's fat if she thinks that it's ok for her to tell you that you're fat. don't you have a father in law?
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    MN St.Paul rivercenter New year, Cheated or not????

    Like I said in the past... any pageant girl who has ties big or small to any of the judges or committees of the new year probably cheated. That's why girls of any connection to the new year committees and judges should be eliminated.
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    lol.. I know right?! the outfits are cute but .. whatever
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    aww just beautiful.
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    awwwww sounds like it was a good concert --- at least they got the memo to not talk so damn much about sponsors and dedications!!!! It was well worth your money. Maybe if they ever go to MN my hubby would take us.
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    so is this messed up or wht?

    Well your story has missing info so we can't really blame anyone in particular.. But on the one side.. It is really mean of her to just leave him because of infertility. I am sure in the states here there are other options for them besides just splitting up. Who knows, he is still young- only 23...
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    Hnub Lis

    if she's married then how come the new movie "Ntsuag" has her in it?
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    The Sounders

    Hmmm.. .i wonder if they paid the people to get into a fight so that they could end the concert early.. lol.. Just Kidding.. I bet that really ruined a lot of people's Thanksgiving weekend.
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    The Sounders

    WOW they should've at least refunded 50%
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    um, pictures anyone? I'd love to see :D
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    maiv xyoo's new album

    wow lub cev yiag txias zoo nkauj kawg. tiam sis tu siab tsis zoo li ib tug hluas nkauj hmoob lawm... zoo li hluas nkauj suav los yog mab daum lawm xwb. can't wait to get a copy of it
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    Mrs. Hmong California

    umm.. don't u think looking at a married woman perform "talents" is kinda xu xu siab???
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    Is what I'm doing wrong?

    umm.. i dont even think u should go. ur mom was doing the right thing. the BF should be visiting you.
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    Seven charged with murder in St. Paul bar

    man... no wonder these kinds of things become a "Hmong Thing"
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    E.T. Yang Got Married...?

    oh someone in sarnworld here told us the weekend of his wedding already lol... i too, am curious what she looks like. why is he so secretive about it? i would expect that he'd post them on myspace or something.... maybe he needs to save his "single" status until after the new year celebrations...
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    Subbing Fai Ruk Arsoon?

    yes yes yes please!! i just looove watching Vicky's lakorns!
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    Well Lady Gaga has been the icon for a while on the news so I guess maybe that's why she was the "topic".. but anyways ETS gotten married! no more phaj ej movies for him. too bad for girls who like him.
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    What do you think about the Hmong Chicken Post-Partum Diet?

    First of all the diet is to help your body's strength. Right after birth a woman is really weak and eating all that meat (protein!!!) really helps your body rebuild it back to normal. Childbirth is not easy. 2- It helps you to control what you eat AND therefore helps your weight too. 3- The...
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    Dawb Thoj

    i heard she got pregO before she got married. is that true?
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    Problems W/ sister-in-law

    Well, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW ... So eventually in her old age she will get a daughter-in-law who not only doesn't love her but will also torture her good.
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    Feds drop charges against Hmong leader Vang Pao

    This article is very shallow.. they don't give us any detail at all.
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    Actor from movie "KEV HLUB TSIS RAWS SIAB XAV," passed away.

    What caused him to die? That is so sad he is so young and handsome. Rest in peace.
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    Lee Kong Xiong

    haha I know! I freaked out for a bit too... thought it was the guy who went to school with me :P haha.. great singer :)
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    Should we change the requirements for the Hmong beauty pageant?

    the FIRST rule that hmong pageants should have is that daughters/sons/very close relatives of ANY affilliated groups to the sponsoring event shoudl not be allowed to participate.. and yes, have more educated judges
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    CIAJ SIA married hmong-thai star Ntxhi Xyooj?

    um.. really? good for them. hopefully she'll still do some movies. i love watching her movies whether she's the good or bad person
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    Short Boyfriend....

    It's not weird, I see it all the time! In fact, my husband is a few inches shorter than me! But you just never know, sometimes their heart can be bigger than what you see :)
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    [New] With Regis & Kelly Brenda Song Claims she is Hmong!!!!

    well "Kuv hlub koj" is so easy to say in hmong but whatever. She is still cute :)
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    ugh this stuff is getting old
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    Paj Suab Yang vol.2 (NEW)

    well her mom complained that she did her own eye makeup so maybe that's what she likes. seen her around without makeup and she really does have natural beauty but then.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. BUT like the hubby says.. American's have way better English music, why do Hmong even...
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    thanks for sharing the pictures. If it were only closer I would have gone too.
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    Tsawb Yaj???

    well I don't care if he used other artists music for his own. people do that all the time. anyways, he has a great voice for a Hmong singer ;D
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    i wonder if she made the hmong dress

    umm.. first of all, I don't like it. I think it's a cheap design. You can do so much more fashionable things with "Hmong/Miao" style clothings. and most importantly, I do not think that she made that skirt. It's got the batik-style on the pleats and colorful images that I do not think fashion...
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    Cover up Shooting in Fong Lee Case

    anyone seen the popular movie "CRASH" ?? this reminds me of the police who was making the murder of the little brother a crime scene when he was the one who killed the poor boy...
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    kace vang

    lol.. maybe kace wanted to show off his wifey by letting her flaunt some stuff. ;p j/k but if she is the girl from the mv, I think she is pretty :D
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    Hmong pen pals...

    whoa kuv laj laj nyeem ntaws hmoob li os.. because kuv nyeem ntawv hmoob qeeb heev...
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    kace vang

    i thought they just got married last year? huh weird.
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    Personality or Looks?

    I think it works both ways.. Sometimes the most good looking person may have a crappy personality and it can make you not want to be with them, even near them.. and then, sometimes when you're with a not-so-good looking person long enough, you can fall in love with their personalities.. maybe...
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    I KISSED MOS!!!!!

    sorry to burst your bubble but from watching youtube videos lots of ladies got to kiss MOS that night.. eew germs..... eeew... but anyways.. yes these stars definitely need BETTER stages.. cha mee xiong's concert in madison had an even better stage than Mos! it's embarassing to invite these...
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    too far from here hehe.. have a good time though :)
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    my dad's favorite phrase "I'm sick and tire of all this bullshit."

    Well, first of all you guys must understand that our parents are not meeka parents. They have different values and they were brought up very differently. so they don't know how to raise us new generations the way that is fit for this new country. They are trying to raise us the way they were...
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    I KISSED MOS!!!!!

    ahahaha.. Is he really that small? skinny kaj duj?! hehehe.... well from the looks of your picture I think he is rather tiny... that must be the thai actresses are extra tiny!! oh gosh...
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    I KISSED MOS!!!!!

    oh my word@@@@ zoo nraug ua luaj li os! you two even look like a couple!!!! ;P
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    Where to find information on Hmong Divorce?

    oh yes definitely. I dont' know why people muab nyiaj saib muaj nqis tshaj... and remain 'unmarried but living together'...
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    Where to find information on Hmong Divorce?

    lol.. I know right? and also with all the extra tax credits they get these days.. they woudl rather remain 'unmarried' or 'divorced' so that means any statistics you get aren't even accurate..
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    anyways... Does she have a new album or music video out yet? It's been the talk of the ladies gossip circle these few days. Just wondering if anybody knows.
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    Steam Rolls Recipe

    you forgot the directions for the filling! lol...
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    anyone know the dude that sell maiv xyooj music?

    a new album of hers?
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    I totally agree that there's nothing wrong with continuing your career even though you get married.. But dancing and singing with the type of clothes she had been using in her previous music videos is a bit inappropriate for a nyab... as a nyab you want to cherish your husband and your in-law's...
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    what should u do if u feel like ur parents are way too strict and traditional?

    Why do you let your friends opinion pick the person who you might spend the rest of your life with? They're not the one who will be spending the rest of their life with.. I've been married for a few years now and I can tell you that your friends are not going to be with you for as long as you...
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    Kev hlub tsis raws siab xav

    I think this movie is a great idea.. because I am SO SICK of nom phaj style movies that try so hard to be funny.. they are really funny but I'm getting tired of it.. So I really want to watch this when it comes out :)
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    oh gosh, I feel like she just started her singing career and now she's getting married.. that's too bad.
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    Do couples get jealous???

    LOL..we need an LOL cat in here.. I think girls like that exist everywhere, not only Hmong
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    Kev hlub tsis raws siab xav

    interesting :) I bet it's difficult to find Hmong actors who speak fluent Hmong .. I wish these actors could've spoked more fluent Hmong.
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    exactly... SPAM
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    well you made this thread, do you care too? lol.. just wondering.. But I thought their previous threads have been done and over with already.. it just hadn't disappeared yet.
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    March 8, 2009 Inauspicious Day!

    gosh this thing creeped the hell out of me.. (so now all that's left is heaven in me hehe..) So this morning my dad clarified it to me cuz I was so shaken by it.. hehe... He said that as long as you didn't get hurt you are fine... It's only for people who get hurt such as car accidents or what...
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    Hmong Beauty Pagent Contestant Victim of Cyber Stalking

    well.. when one puts ones self in the public eye, one is also promoting ones' self to stalking or whatever.
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    March 8, 2009 Inauspicious Day!

    does there have to be a reason why? staying home isn't hard to do.. lol.. but if you must insist.. I'm just passing on the word that there's a man who had a dream about spirits 'announcing' that it's the day that they're going to release sickness that day, so stay home and be protected by your...
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    March 8, 2009 Inauspicious Day!

    Try to stay home all day for as much as you can!
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    Pakou Thao

    I'd support her too if she came out with an album :D Great singing :)
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    KajSiab Txhua Hnub

    oh yes beautiful!! now you can anticipate another fan! lol
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    didn't your mamas tell you that? hehehe... but yes that's a good point too
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    [MV] The Hottest TUB YAJ Ever!

    He looks like Ambrose from the Taiwanese drama "Lavender" as the character Leo :D zoo nraug kawg li... How come they don't doll his younger brother up too? He would look just as attractive. The song in the first music video above is also sung in the "Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia" movie when he was...
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    HND anyone?

    and where is this taking place at?
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    lol.. seriously?
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    Mother gossiping

    Maybe your mom is pissed off... or she has some expectations that she hasn't made known yet and just started to blabber.. give her some time maybe she'll start to cool down.
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    My poor computer doesn't want to deal with self-absorbed people. I don't care that she poses on her site. it's her site, it's her crap so she can do whatever the hell she wants to do I could care less. I talk shit when I want I want and I check on people's public stuff whenever I want. If they...
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    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    What a hypocrite.. what happened to being a role model of her own speech on "Hmoob hlub Hmoob" at the Miss International pageant question..
  121. D

    about tub yaj?

    uh.. eeww? that's all I have to say.
  122. D


    These pageants are over-rated. Only one girl can win, this pageant wasn't meant for Mai tzer to win she'll win a better one later. there we go. problem solved.
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    ughhh she is so self-conscious... so obsessed with herself constantly taking pictures and posting them on her website too. I admit that she is very beautiful for a Hmong woman her age and I admire her beauty, but her myspace is flooded with huge oversized pictures that it's impossible to...
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    Ntxub Txoj Hmoo (Movie)

    This movie is always a good one to watch. My mom bought a vhs copy of it when it first came out. I cannot find any DVD version of it though - I might have to ask the lady who produced it for a DVD copy. The story was really sad and good :D It's one of the ones that came out before the stupid...
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    What bothers you the most when u watch a dubb movie or drama?

    the dubbed songs is something that I can stand listening to.. cuz I can actually know what the song is about then.. but what I HATE about dubbed movies is when they make the girls voice too high. Sometimes the girl talks with such a high and soft voice that it's so unbelievable, like, who really...
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    she looks weird here

    I know! I think so too. it makes them look so low. If I was a man and i married PZK later in life and saw that picture I will be so xu xu siab.. same with dao, if I was his wife in the future and saw it I would be xu xu siab too.. thank my luck that my hubby didnt so something xu siab like that :)
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    PZK just needs to get married. I'm so sick of hearing about her - she needs a serious life.
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    she looks weird here

    why complain about posting and tabloiding/exploiting these famous Hmong celebs :D afterall, people do it in the Meekas industry too :)
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    ::Brenda Song::

    I want this top/dress! I love assymetrical clothing items khekhekhe.
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    Yup, I agree that they have some really good songs :) This is one of the few Hmong groups that I can say "Don't judge a 'singer' by it's cover" :) I'm excited to get their new album cuz I bought the first 2 albums that came out previously :D
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    actually PSY and Jia are her names. I don't know why she has 2 names (ET has 2 names too but his other name is too funny I don't want to make him look bad lol)... Even before she became a singer when my mom called her "Paj Suab" she still answered my mom. We all sorta grew up together cuz their...
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    oh yeah. I remember seeing maiv xyooj have one of these on her myspace.. but anyways, whenever I can get a better paying job (hopefully soon) I will definitely support you MYOB! :D
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    I heard that Chue 'nqis tsev hais' Maiv Xyooj... but why after so many years did she decide that she was too good for him anyways? Everybody was right, without Chue she would be nothing. ungrateful people.. sheesh.
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    since those flowers are in thailand.. I am sure they are opium flowers.. not poppies
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    whooo whee.. hert page is way too graphic that it's justtoo crazy.. photos everywhere.. she is so self-obsessed.
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    chinese shaman

    yeah it would be really really cool to record him - especially if it's relevant to your school work :) You lucky person.. BUT if your sister is paying him to do that.. FORGET IT!!!!!! why? b/c this one lady a few years ago said that she was a shaman too who could tell my mom how many more kids...
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    ::Brenda Song::

    come on people. get real. What is there to support in the Hmong community? It's not like she should go to elementary schools and give out autographs and take pictures with little kids and promote education.. it's kinda stupid isn't it? buying a $7 plate of chicken and sticky rice isn't going to...
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    well.. what's with the "i" being inside the "o"??? It's looks more like "ZOINK" to me... Plus the last album cover art was better.. but I hope their new release will be good too :)
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    Free Cosmetics

    OMG are you serious? Who really keeps their receipts from 6 freaking years ago on cosmetics that can be used up in like, 3 months?! They are crazy retards. What a stingy store! I went to my store and got mine for free- even MEN got free cosmetics - and probably gave it away to their wives. My...
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    Sick ass picture....guess who it is....

    I think that if this was an American pageant, she would lose her crown
  141. D

    Miss Hmong California

    man.. why does Cali seem so exciting?
  142. D


    aiya.. girls like this are the reason why I don't support pageants anymore. pageants are boring anyways.
  143. D

    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    what's with these pageant girls taking pictures with Dao? None of them are all that anyways.. all fakes with myspace exposures and crap.. Why do we even waste our time hehehe.. They need to go and get married already. Time for new faces.
  144. D

    Are Hmong star[s] approachable?

    you lucky people.. the only star i've been able to meet so far is maiv neeb thoj. She is the sweetest woman I have ever met from thailand.. So sincere and sweet to her fans.. she is very approachable.
  145. D

    Hnub Lis

    people move on with their lives.. and Hnub Lis decided to move on and get out of the entertainment industry, so why is it a big deal? Of course I think she would've suited Xab Thoj more but maybe they didn't like each other that way and each have their own obligations. anyway, I do want to meet...
  146. D

    Miss Hmong International Pageant

    exactly.. that's what I thought too... maybe if she sung a song by her "auntie" Maiv Xyooj it would've been better... :P
  147. D

    Miss Hmong International Pageant

    pzk's talent hurts my ears! ahh!
  148. D

    Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia (Hmong Movie)

    yeah - crybaby movies are very boring... but i still think this movie was worth it.. hehe :) you should give it a view, you might like it. at first i said to my mom that tub yaj movies were too crybaby boring and refused to watch it, but since I'm in my baby "month" I had nothing else to do so...
  149. D

    Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia (Hmong Movie)

    is that why you give it such a low rating? lol... she's also a good singer - saw her singing in a mv with tsawb yaj or vaj.. w/e his last name is
  150. D

    Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia (Hmong Movie)

    oh yes I agree with all the positive reviews of this movie. The movie is not all about Tub Yaj's character which is a PLUS! I hated the innocent cyclone because everything revolved around him.. I think the storyline is great, very sad and very touching with some good twists in it. His brother...
  151. D

    Noina/Nina..she's living in Wausau, Wi?

    wow is she really? maybe it's about time she got married.. hehe
  152. D

    How would you know

    on another note.. Why don't you spend an hour or so to watch this movie on youtube: Yus Tus Tav Thaij Hlub Yus Tshaj It's a wonderful movie about love from like, 4 different angles I think... It's not really about anything in your situation but after watching it you really think about your...
  153. D


    I know of one in Madison, WI Her name is Mai Zong... you can visit the website of her restaurant: Not only does she own this restaurant with her husband, she is also a very notable woman in Madison... She has been featured as a chef, an active participant of...
  154. D

    hey! wht happened?

    even if they don't see it on youtube they still don't buy it.. like me.. hehehe
  155. D


    lol @ KISSLIVE!!! If he can't take criticism then he shouldn't even be showing his face.. *chicken eye* hehehe.. thanks for the information - I won't go near his booths in the future either.
  156. D

    hey! wht happened?

    "Purple Stars Entertainment" flagged all maiv xyooj videos so youtube took down all those videos uploaded of her.. I know because they sent me an email 'noticing' me about an MV by her and that "Purple Stars" were the ones who flagged the movies. I mean, BLACK EGGED people. It's just a MV. not...
  157. D

    Caub Fab

    my aunt and new sister in law bought a copy of it :) I'll have to watch it sometime after finals are over :D
  158. D

    Gen.Vang.Paos Bday

    what? They charge you to go celebrate his birthday with him? lame? how old is he now anyways? I bet people didn't even get to go shake his hands though... I remember he came to our city this past spring and people hu plig for him - but they wouldn't even allow people to TAKE PICTURES of him...
  159. D

    How would you know

    Well sometimes maybe his secrets are better kept untold to you. We are in the Hmong culture - and sometimes it's easier for the men to get away from their sins. Are you sure you've fallen out of love with your husband? If you're happy and sad at the same time, then I believe that you still love...
  160. D

    Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia

    I saw clips of it at my mom's place.. The storyline seems pretty ok - It seems more interesting than the innocent cyclone.. but I don't know about the songs in it- haven't heard it yet.. because I know I liked one of the songs in the innocent cyclone :) anyways... The video graphics are just...
  161. D

    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    OH GAWD her voice is annoying!!! It doesn't sound natural at all - actually - all pageant girls over exaggerate their speech.. and so did she.. but overall good job I guess..
  162. D

    Hnub Lis

    haven't seen nkauj nyab yet.. but that's ok that she's not doing anymore movies even if I like her acting.. cuz it's time to open up new roles to new actresses.
  163. D

    another maiv xyooj topic :D

    well she probably doesn't have kids cuz her kids are all boys, right? unless she has any girls who I haven't heard of... anyway, in the Hmong culture, usually the sons stay with the dad so maybe she gave them all to their dad- since she wouldn't be a good role model anyways... and even if I were...
  164. D

    i need oipions plz....

    I say move on. Think about it this way - if you got married to this man, would you be happy? When 2 people say that they love each other, then they should consider marriage (even if you don't plan to).. because marriage is when you will be living with each other forever. would you be able to...
  165. D

    Help on Movie?

    yes, definitely Paheli.. I don't know if there's a hmong dubbed version but the Hindi version is longer than most other movies.. but well worth watching :) I love the rose petal and balcony scene somewhere in the middle of the movie when she was falling in love with the spirit :)
  166. D

    Humm Anybody knoe what dis movie call?

    geee.. creepy movie.... didn't know that hnub lis had the ability to do horror movies too
  167. D

    hmong gossip! :D

    aiya.. why are you so hard headed.. no offense - but word spreads really easily - and you as one too, just made the gossip even more widespread than it already is by putting it online....
  168. D

    Lis Ceeb and Mai See Remake

    Did this movie actually come out? I would rather buy the STUniversal version re-done on DVD for $3.00 ..
  169. D

    Sacramento Hmong New Year's Eve Banquet

    When I hear of "Banquet" I would expect some good food... and people all dressed up nicely, with cocktails and wine with NO KIDS.. just like the ones we see on movies.. that would be so nice... is it expensive?
  170. D

    new year getting expensive

    AGREED! it's true that at the New Years, it's one of the only places where you can actually meet friends again because everyone is always so busy during the year. Plus it's the only time of the year that I actually take my Hmong clothes out of the closet.. lol... The only thing I hate about...
  171. D


    whatever. you're the annoying and stupid one. I didn't say anything to offend you or anybody and unlike you, I don't have time to read the fine print/details on strangers myspaces. sheesh- chill - it's gotten pretty chilly outside lately .. hint hint.
  172. D


    oh wow... but how can you tell if she's the niam tias ntsuab?? hehehe... well if she is married, congrats. you would think that with 2 albums and MVs out she'd have the money for a nice american wedding? heehee...
  173. D


    Maybe you got the wrong Amanda Vang.. that guy's wife is not Amanda Vang.. she just looks like Amanda Vang... and that is also a creepy picture of Amanda Vang.. the snake is disgusting. In reality, women should all get rid of snakes... because snakes are the ones in legends/bible/wherever that...
  174. D

    dont u hate it when ppl wears the same outfits as u do?

    well it is a "Hmong" outfit that you're talking about, so of course some else will always one too. It's not like anybody started the trend.
  175. D

    New Album Requested:

    lots of times, the only way to get the albums you really want is to go out and buy them yourself. Sometimes people may have a copy of it and upload but not everyone lives near a flea market or go out to flea markets.. :)
  176. D

    You are my destiny-New drama

    we need a moderator.. <_<
  177. D

    which do you perfer?

    why do you even think about these things? Be logical.. If you pick the one that loves you - you cannot always learn to love that person. It would be equally hurtful for the other party to know that you don't really love him/her. On the other hand, if you love someone who doesn't love you that...
  178. D

    dating someone older than you

    there's nothing wrong with dating someone younger than you.. But.. the thing is (IF you want to get married with this man), I've seen many marriages where the wife is older than the husband.. The in-laws complain about how the nyab is compared to their son... and they often do things that end up...
  179. D


    what? there's gonna be a new MV out by Maiv Xyooj? I wanna see it too. although I don't care, she's actually one singer that I think is worth listening to and watching.. If only she didn't divorce yet, maybe she would've had a new album out this past July 4 or Labor day already... maybe...
  180. D


    actually, after getting married OGs don't pressure you to have a baby.. They will only do that if you've been married for a few years.. which is not unusual.. But the thing that LOTS of people don't know about marriage is that starting the day after you get married (well, maybe after the first...
  181. D

    Marriage in the Hmong community...

    of course.. cov hluas nkauj who has kids before they get married.. Because they don't respect their parents and the things their parents teach them, it is one of the reasons why they get pregnant, bringing a burden upon theirselves and have to get married even if they had goals or dreams...
  182. D

    bao xiong miss hmong cali 07/08

    I could've used a 25 lb. bag of rice and a chicken!! sheesh. complainers. and what did paj zaub give to the Hmong community? tons of pictures and a free calendar?
  183. D

    Get ready for: MISS HMONG MILWAUKEE 08-09

    I like Hmong pageants, but they are such a waste of time.. Some take DAYS and are very unorganized... I would prefer it to be quick and easy like American pageants on TV where everything is organized and practiced and takes only like, 2 hours to finish the pageant... Maybe by this method not...
  184. D

    Marriage in the Hmong community...

    lol.. nobody labeled you (suabcoobthoj) a sexist, you labeled yourself. and I never said that all single people don't respect their parents. I said MANY. of course, some single people do respect their elders/parents. Then your parents raised you well :D anyways, nobody is targeting at...
  185. D

    Marriage in the Hmong community...

    Marriage doesn't cut off your chances of getting an education and having opportunities. I know lots of young women who are married and go to college, some even have 3 children yet they still graduate within 4 years after highschool from college. Don't stereotype that married women are at lost...
  186. D

    Marriage in the Hmong community...

    Who says that after you get education and a college degree, you can already support yourself? Even lots of educated Americans depend on their parents until they are in their 30s or 40s. Like my parents say, no matter how old you are- you will always end up depending on your parents one day for...
  187. D

    Marriage in the Hmong community...

    in my opinion - it's ok to get married young. (unless a girl is younger than 14) I see a lot of corrupted teenaged girls who are not married - and I truly feel sorry for them. If marriage keeps them focused in life then let it be. Just because someone has children at the age of 16 doesn't...
  188. D

    Video Site Banner Poll

    I like all the banners, but I chose the simple one, banner 2 just because I don't like it when only certain stars are on the banner ... it doesn't represent the whole theme of a 'video site'.. but that's just my 2 cents.. :)
  189. D

    The REAL MabSua Lis:

    I wonder how old she really is.. my cousins who came from Laos about 2.5 years ago have made-up birthdays because they dont' know the real birth day... One of them is only 18, when he's actually much older than me, and I'm already 21... they get so many benefits with these 'guessed' birthdays...
  190. D

    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    wow - i haven't heard of this movie before.. I wanna see it too
  191. D

    worst best man ever!

    I'm at school so I can't view youtube right now, but this reminds me of a clip I saw on AFV where this bride and groom were having a typical white Church wedding.. and when the bride was supposed to say her part, "I take this man, <NAME> as my lawful wedded husband" and she said some other guy's...
  192. D

    Tsawb Yaj???

    well, remember that some Hmong's are mixed Hmong-Laotion, and some Hmong's are adopted Laotion children... and some few are just very dark.. so he could be one of these... lol
  193. D

    Eewww... my new mother in Law is younger than me!!!

    Oh that is just creepy... If I were you, I would just hope that the visa fails... not that I want to be mean but it's so unethical and out of place.. But honestly, I don't care that those girls are young. It's their life and they want to end up with a man older than her father as her husband...
  194. D

    Melodies of LIfe

    haha.. impressive!
  195. D

    i'm losing my appetite!!

    I think it's just the change in season and amount of light we've been receiving that everyone's appetite has been changing :)
  196. D

    ST Universal Production - Title Plz

    then would you guys (EQ entertainment) resell it out as dvds?? isn't that a ripoff for only $20 from whoever you get the copy from... lol..
  197. D

    The Bad Campus Belle

    yeah I wish the main actress was someone else too.. and the poofy hair needs to go... I'm actually not looking forward to this :(
  198. D

    Badarn Jai

    Well different people have different perspectives on what they feel is important. If you want it done your way then you should get your own copy out too.. hehe.. just kidding, but you're right- they will start losing consumers... like me - I used to support the hmong-dubbed movies a lot but I've...
  199. D

    Badarn Jai

    I don't really agree with you... because like my mom said... Sometimes they cut out lots of parts just to get to the main point of the movie, even though sometimes it may be badly done... Also they do need to rush and get the movie out before a different production gets their dubbed version out...
  200. D

    New Singer

    I think she's actually pretty good... hopefully better than Amanda Vang :)
  201. D


    she just needs a life. sheesh.
  202. D

    is it just me?

    don't think this was taken in oshkosh cuz I was there and didn't see her... but who knows.. it does look like a hickey but hickey's do tend to look more bruised than that... or it could be the result of a photoshop too.. who knows.
  203. D

    Tsov txaij tawv neeg txaij plawv

    you've been thinking alot to yourself haven't you? It's just the cruel reality of the world... oh well...
  204. D

    ST Universal Production - Title Plz

    yeah that movie!! damn ST Universal.. they didn't keep a good copy of part 2 (out of 4) so they cannot reproduce all 4 parts to resell!!
  205. D

    Badarn Jai

    ok... I found it at the tourny but there are too many parts for me... 8!!`
  206. D

    Badarn Jai

    i actually like this movie.. but it's a bit predictable... I only watched 3 of the 10 minutes on youtube, one from the first, one in the mid 7s and one of the current 11 being subbed and I already have the main idea to tell my mom what' going on. hehehe... oh well :) I still love aum :D
  207. D

    Ntseeg's new album release

    Their lead singer is pretty good but I guess it's the music style that gets to some people... Maybe if I go I'll check them out since one of their singers brother is a college classmate :) Those of you who like music should support them too :)
  208. D

    Badarn Jai

    are you sure?? b/c if it is out then I will go look for it so my mom can watch it! :D
  209. D


    Angelxmdawb Sarnie Adult Member No. 199
  210. D


    from a married lady's point of view - pab tsis tau haha... just kidding.. good luck getting some advice :)
  211. D

    Tub Yaj & Ntxhw Yaj Concert in France

    really? it doesn't matter anyway - even if they came to my town I probably wouldn't go anyways unless lots of people I knew were going too.
  212. D


    I dont' see anything wrong with having the name "mai" though :)
  213. D

    100% Fun (Fast-N-Easy)

    yeah has been up for a long time now..... thing is you can't burn them onto dvd/cd unless you convert them to mpeg,avi, or whatever which is a drag.
  214. D

    Basket Lady

    aahh.. kinda creepy - it's like the oijia board or whatever it is...
  215. D

    im just saying

    That's what Miley Cirus turns them into... sheesh.
  216. D

    100% Fun (Fast-N-Easy)

    why don't you just put it up here for all of us users to see?
  217. D

    Shaman lady

    yeah that's true... Lots of women are becoming Shaman these days.. even younger teen-aged girls.. there were 2 girls who went to school with me and got really sick from being 'chosen' so they had to have their own 'thaj neeb' set up... though I don't think people ask them to perform for them...
  218. D

    Is She Getting Marry????

    how sad.. it seems like she just got divorced yesterday.. Sometimes I think if she didn't get a divorce she would've had a new album and MV out by july 4 already..
  219. D

    mab sua lis and her husband

    yeah she's from Laos and she got to wear a white wedding gown for her wedding.. I've lived here in the states all my life and didn't even get to wear a wedding gown for my wedding... lol.
  220. D

    Minneapolis police: A mistake, an apology and then medals

    undeserved glory won't last long - and undeserved glory doesn't feel glorious either...
  221. D

    unique Hmong baby girl names

    You don't have to have an English name either when you name your kid... Didn't the most of us grow up with a Hmong name anyway? The only problem I had with a Hmong name is that sometimes teachers in school couldn't pronounce my name correctly... but we can always correct them too khekhekhe...
  222. D

    unique Hmong baby girl names

    My cousin's name is Bai.. I think it is supposed to be related to the butterfly in some way :) and Butterflies are sexy :D
  223. D

    Lis Ceeb and Mai See Remake

    I wouldn't watch it... couldn't even finish watching the preview because 'soo siab' ...... lol...
  224. D

    hmong dubb - fairy from wonderland

    I have this dvd :) In my opinion I think that they did a good job dubbing the drama. Of course, dubbing is A LOT of work and if they dubbed the whole series nobodoy could afford it so the only way to get around that is to cut out scenes... so stop complaining to those of you who are...
  225. D

    old mv of maiv xyooj

    why do you guys even care? geeze.
  226. D

    KOS LIS MV#2

    I think that is suab nag.... because she's the lady who sang that song with him... although I haven't watched the movie yet... hmong stores in my town sucks.
  227. D

    tou yang two new release album...

    no offense but whoever created these album covers did a horribile job.... If I always judged by the cover of stuff, I would NEVER buy it... I bet some Sarnies could've created a better one.
  228. D

    Muaj Txij Nkawm Neej Thiaj Paub Xuas

    I wanna hear too :)
  229. D

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    oh oh oh.. I just cannot wait for the subs for 18 to be out.. :D I've been like, checking YT and mysoju every hour hehehehe.. it's crazy but I cannot wait to see CX's face when he finds out what anna has done to his Ji Nian Pin...
  230. D

    How old is ET Yang

    well for you girls who met him, and for the ones who were wondering how old he was, why didn't you ask him for his age?
  231. D

    why can hmong (USA) come up with their own songs/music...?

    Hmong aren't the only ones who copy others... Thai and Chinese copy from each other too, so to me, it matters no more. as long as I like the version that it is being sung in.
  232. D


    WOAH... all you single girls need to THINK before you actually complain about babysitting... I know how it is to always babysit and not get anytime for yourself, but how do you feel when you tell other people that you are an auntie or uncle to some cute kids? I am sure there are times you were...
  233. D

    I hEARD tHAT hNUB lIs iS mARRied..?

    it's about time she got married..
  234. D

    Ib Leeg Tub

    The girl who sang that song Just For Love is Amanda Vang Here's the link I uploaded: LINK Anyway, I watched a few parts of it at my auntie's place and yes there is some small *cheating* in there, and I am so sick of Xab's cheating movies... and it's what made his wife run away too... this time...
  235. D

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    omigawd.. no thanks. I could use my money for something else
  236. D

    It Started With A Kiss

    they kiss again is too long.. I'll watch it someday after I'm done waiting for "Fated to love you" hhehehe
  237. D

    Smile Pasta

    but don't you think the guy was so lame in this drama? He was like, afraid of his own love for her that she had to confess in front of the whole school just to see what he would respond to her... and he didn't even give her the response that he OWED to her.. my goodness..
  238. D

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    I wanna see episode 16 too! It's on youtube but there are not subs so I have no clue what it's about :( cannot wait until the last episode and how they get back together again! :D
  239. D

    Fortune teller ???

    Honestly, I believe life is just the choices that you make out of it.... such as the future of getting an A or B on an exam, whether you choose to study the night before, or go out and watch a movie the night before... skip a class or go to a class to learn a certain concept on that exam... Life...
  240. D

    Soccor Tourament @ St Paul Minnesota

    at night? Go to your relatives home and watch those new movies you bought together at the market hahaha... because you don't get to hang out with them everyday :) That's what I would do if I went, but this year I'm carrying a little load in my tummy so I don't want to go.. I'll wait until next...
  241. D

    Is E.T Yang married to Ma Sua Lis?

    i heard that et's mama really liked mabsua though... if they did get married, it would be all the rage here in Madison already.. lol.
  242. D

    Fortune teller ???

    yeah, It'll be nice to know stuff about the future, but if you are unlucky and meet some bad fortune tellers and they see that you have a good fortune in the future, they can take that away from you. So be careful what you wish for and be careful who you ask for.
  243. D


    Yeah, it gets even worse after you get married
  244. D

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    I thought this movie came out last summer? The title of it sounds familiar. It is the first movie that I've seen Ntxawm Yaj in...
  245. D

    tub yaj and chen vaj's has a new movie

    I think they tried too hard to make it look like those Epic Chinese covers... lol...
  246. D

    The on-going issues in Thailand/Laos

    we really cannot do anything.. ONLY MONEY CAN SHOW THE WAY.
  247. D

    Dooms Day : Dec. 21 2012

    Dooms Day is freaky when you think about it... Remember when Y2K was a scare? Hopefully it'll only be another version of that...?
  248. D

    KOS LIS MV#2

    aww - i wanna see it now.
  249. D

    Wish To See You Again (2008)

    where do you find this subbed?
  250. D

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    I hate how they are dragging the whole thing.... I think they could've made it only 18 episodes... It's not interesting anymore.
  251. D

    tub yaj and chen vaj's has a new movie

    I could care less... Because that means more slots for new actors to make money and new movies for us to watch.
  252. D

    voos yaj two new movie

    ugh when youw atch these movies by Voos... don't you see the way he acts toward his parents? It's so freaking fake.. Who really talks to their parents slowly and softly like that... "niam ah... *shakes head*" ... seems like they just met each other for the 2nd or 3rd time... It annoys the heck...
  253. D

    Ib Leeg Tub

    Based on your review I guess it's another xab movie that I will have to add to my collection.. lol.. Since the Blaum collection I've been watching his movies except for that soccer one because my mom told me the plot and I didn't like it.. khekhekhe... thanks :)
  254. D

    Ib Leeg Tub

    nevertheless.. there's SOME cheating in there. Doesn't xab have any new ideas? come on- when you watch the movie credits, he's also one of the directors or writers or whatevers too...
  255. D

    tub yaj and chen vaj's has a new movie

    seems like Tub Yaj puv puv tuaj lawm.... and I am so sick of Chen's black leather-lookin' jackets.
  256. D

    Living in hell

    sadly... I guess your only solution is to marry a boy w/o a mommy... just kidding. Mother in laws can be a pain but they have their positives too... My mother in law passed away 5 months after I married my husband, and the family life was really difficult without her in the family after she...
  257. D

    The PCD Presents Girlicious

    no offense, but these girls are so fake.
  258. D

    Go Lakers!!!

    Good luck lakers ;)
  259. D


    If I could get a sponser form WI to Cali I'd give it a shot :D hehehe... have fun and good luck to competitors :)
  260. D

    A true miss hmong california?

    ugh.. I'm so sick of her already, actually, since I first heard of her.. anyway, we need new people to gossip about.
  261. D

    do you YAHOO ANSWERS?

    not really.. I usually only google my own questions and those yahoo answers come up for me.. khekhekhe...
  262. D

    New Hmong Dubb. Thai lakorn?

    what? There's a GB tourny this weekend???
  263. D

    Living in hell

    I think it's time that you start doing things for yourself and your baby. From what I've learned from 5 years of marriage is that once people start pushing you around and saying crap like that, you have to start doing things your way, NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY... and you can always answer...
  264. D

    Hello Kitty Obsession?

    Recently I stumbled upon this on youtube.. HK Hotel It's a bit obsessed, but it's so cute :)
  265. D

    July 4th

    I think for anybody, single or married- that it's only fun for the FIRST time.. otherwise it's just like any other flea market or new year or soccer tournament... and that you have to park really far away and walk really far away or pay lots of money for parking.
  266. D


    I was just gonna suggest ramthai too.. but they are VERY expensive.. I am sure if you look hard enough you can find a cheaper one in the US at flea markets or even thai stores somewhere.. lol..
  267. D

    Liu Yi Fei Signs Hollywood Contract

    I don't think she would get into the sex image as ziyi... Michelle Yeoh didn't use the sex image to become popular, so either way.. I think her beauty is already enough :D
  268. D

    Crystal Liu Yi Fei

    I hope she can develop more acting skills.. so far I feel she's only mastered the "innocent" actress look.. I'd love to see her act as a villian or something more fierce. Otherwise she is beautiful :D
  269. D

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    So far I've seen about halfway on youtube with subtitles... It's so sad.. especially before entering the ER where Junxi said "I want Xinyi, not the child" .. finally he said something about HER instead of anybody else...
  270. D


    yes, their movies are based on true stories/accounts of other people who requested that they make a movie out of it... That's what my mom told me, cuz their mom told my mom.
  271. D


    I'd like a summary too... cuz I've been watching random clips with my mom, but not following too closely with her until the part where they found a fake 'wife and son' to hurt the princess... I don't even know her name.. :( It's very interesting though. I'd appreciate it if someone could...
  272. D

    silly hmong radio question:

    lol.. i think someone was mocking pzk
  273. D

    Mab Sua Lis - New album release

    she doesn't look really happy in these pictures... more like a fake smile... did any1 go and see her?
  274. D

    Star Apple Garden

    the drama starts out really slow.. until the middle of it everything gets great :D
  275. D

    Smile Pasta

    yup yup, almost as good as frog prince :)
  276. D

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    no, anna and dylan shouldn't hook up. She doesn't deserve either guys. she is so careless starting from the beginning already... I love this drama :D
  277. D

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    Love Love Love :baby-scene-pop-corn:
  278. D

    Hmong Actor in the U.S

    MYGAWD.. I am so friggin sick of Tou Yaj's movies with 2nd wives.. He needs a real life.
  279. D


    if that's how the government in China treats their people, don't ever live there then.. that is so corrupt..
  280. D


    i love his songs!
  281. D


    yeah heard about this.. It's especially sad for families who follow China's "one child" rule and lose their children inside collapsed schools and stuff...
  282. D

    mercedes ly

    well at least she has calendars to fundraise.. what are you expecting? a candy bar fundraiser? at least she's not sitting pretty at a tournament looking pretty and hoping to get free money donations. I'd rather pay money for a calendar than give away a couple of dollars. Hopefully she won't be...
  283. D

    Hmong Actor in the U.S

    Is he a new actor? I've never heard of him before. Thanks for sharing your photos though.
  284. D

    1st International Hmong Music Awards Show

    in my opinion, myspace and surveymonkey isn't really that official.. thier myspace has no info whatsoever..
  285. D

    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    To answer your question: all the good hmong guys are married :D lol... only a few good ones are left.. That's why I got married young (16)... My hubby was 21... If you are in college, look at how the guys and girls interact with each other and how they hang around each other... I wouldn't want...
  286. D

    Tub Yaj Latest Upcoming album:

    oh it's ok. I wish he made his own music though. cuz the Thai version is already the best anyway.
  287. D

    A National Hmong Event (BIG BANG)

    That's true, the Hmong these days lack a support system.... Maybe our generation would become the new generation with the support and care of each other and build our way up to the top? :)
  288. D

    what is she doing?

    what is she trying to do with her image???!!!
  289. D

    A National Hmong Event (BIG BANG)

    also, you could write on the back "Happy 21st Bday Angelxmdawb!" haha... ;P just kidding. I was so sick this week that I couldn't even participate :( oh well.. next year then.
  290. D

    Hmong Female Singer claims Sornram kissed her

    OMG why is this kiss such a big deal? SINCE they are GREAT actors, it could be that they were acting the whole concert out just for the MONEY.. their whole life could be an act, but whatever i'm not a fan so it's not a big deal :)
  291. D

    To maiv xyooj fans

    wait.. she goes to church?? what a hypocrite if she does go to church.
  292. D

    what is she doing?

  293. D

    To maiv xyooj fans

    she has issues. why does she make her page public and private on and off? geeze.
  294. D

    what is she doing?

    yeah I agree- they make a good couple too... I also agree that the photographer is not talented either. Did she gain a little bit of weight? I remember her being a little bit smaller than that
  295. D

    what is she doing?

    my hubby says "She's trying to be hot and sexy and telling him 'Give it to me, and give it to me again'" hahaha she is still beautiful, but these pictures just get weirder and weirder..
  296. D


    might as well use Brenda Song if they don't want to find any REAL Hmong people.. although she's not 100% Hmong it's better than some cheap actors who aren't Hmong at all.
  297. D

    China is not sending anymore rice to the U.S?

    This is just lame. They are making it up JUST LIKE Y2K! damn economics.
  298. D

    Hmong YEC Present: 2nd Annual Cultural Show!!!

    darn I live too far.. way too far -it would take me about 4 days to drive there.. maybe in the future lol
  299. D

    You're invited to UW-Madison's Hmong Cultural Night

    yeah that's true. The partying is all crap from UW-Madison being one of the top party schools. The students actually work hard to promote the things that Hmong people back in Laos have to go through, and things like that.. that's why this year's show was called "Tuav Plig Raws".. but anyway...
  300. D

    Sawan Bieng

    Do you really believe that the movie store orders it to rent out? Here where I live, I've been hearing rumors that the Thai/Cambodian/Laos store that's been renting out all sorts of series from like, China or Japan and Korea dubbed into Thai, and Thai lakorns, etc.. they have been downloading...
  301. D

    You're invited to UW-Madison's Hmong Cultural Night

    oh well that's sad that you guys hear that. I'm not on the board or anything. Just spreading the news for my friends who will be in it. :) It's tomorrow, so whoever's not doing anything, come support the community and meet new friends :)
  302. D

    yeah - seriously- a 2nd grader was at my mom's house and she was talking about how she doesn't visit her website anymore. I was like, WHOA get a life... Myspace should really limit the age they allow for accounts.. although I know people may fake their ages... sheesh.. the internet is so...
  303. D

    Sawan Bieng

    lol.. sometimes I just wonder where they get their copies of the dramas to sub... cuz I'd be pissed off if they just steal the ones uploaded online and dubb it out for money. It's not fair to some poor Hmong people who work hard for the money they use to buy those lakorns. When I was younger I'd...
  304. D

    added Thai Lakorn (HMONG LANGUAGE ONLY)

    "Buddie Media" section
  305. D

    You're invited to UW-Madison's Hmong Cultural Night

    Sorry you'll be missing out this year. But there's always a new Hmong Cultural Night show every year! So hope to see you there next spring! :D
  306. D

    You're invited to UW-Madison's Hmong Cultural Night

    Click on the following link.. Please come if you are in town :) Hmong Cultural Night
  307. D

    added Thai Lakorn (HMONG LANGUAGE ONLY)

    oh thanks for making that buddy media section again! now we can make sure that only sarnworld members have access to hmong media that members post. before that, the hmong forum was accessible to anybody.. thanks again :D
  308. D

    China is not sending anymore rice to the U.S?

    yeah it's easier to cook - but if you don't finish eating it, it will have a stinky poo stench coming out of the rice. and the texture isn't as good. also, when you mix it with liquid from sauces or kuas taub and stuff like that- it just doesn't taste right. white rice is still the best. too bad...
  309. D


    where'd you get the info from? It has to be reasonable
  310. D

    Siab quaj dhi rau kev hlub

    well, the story is rather simple. but I agree it is a waste of money because there is not point to watching the whole movie except for the last like, 30 minutes of it and you should already know what the whole thing is about.
  311. D

    mercedes ly

    the pictures are ok. the beach is beautiful.. but horrible photographer who doesn't know how to take nice pictures by the sunset..
  312. D

    added Thai Lakorn (HMONG LANGUAGE ONLY)

    Thanks Sarn! We appreciate it :D
  313. D

    China is not sending anymore rice to the U.S?

    uh.. that's why I eat the ones with the cute picture of the rice character.. Botan rice - you can also find it at Walmart... I don't know where it's from, but it's affordable.. and who cares if China doesn't send rice anymore. It's not like they don't have Chinese citizens in the US anyway. so...
  314. D

    starryXing*'s JLR artwork

    Wow you're good! My favorite is post #12 - and it has become my new desktop wallpaper!! :D Thanks !
  315. D

    annoying college students

    No way.. you guys are complaining about nothing.. lol.. The worse complaint I have about college GIRLS (mainly white girls) is when they are in class with 100+ other students and they're praising themselves about how hot/sexy they are just because some guy called out to them that they were a hot...
  316. D

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    aww.. I dont' understand Thai so I don't even know what's going on when I watch it.. *tear* Just waiting for subs to show up in youtube :D But I am so thankful for wishboniko too! :P I cannot believe that there's another R scene though. they are depressing... but it brings the plot to the...
  317. D

    Jam Leuy Rak--dubbed and OUt at the market

    haha.. I think that if my mom saw the one dubbed in Hmong, she will love it too.. BUT she already watched it online with me :D hahahah
  318. D

    Jam Leuy Rak--dubbed and OUt at the market

    well.. I think I'd rather just watch it on youtube because everything is there. :)
  319. D

    Siab quaj dhi rau kev hlub

    Ughhh.. This movie has HORRIBLE audio quality... anyway, the dude 'from america' in this movie is from my hubby's hometown (1 hr away) and he has a twin brother too... but that twin brother is married except him.. This past weekend my sisinlaw had a hu plig at her house and one of the dudes...
  320. D

    Get Unlimited Movie, music, and PSP game downloads!!!

    it ain't free :( I got no $ :( oh well
  321. D

    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    i wanna see the one with nkauj ntsum :D
  322. D

    Paj Ntshua Nplaim Music Video

    oh it's such a sad movie.. although I wish at the end, the girl would just elope with the guy (then the parents cannot do anything about it) ... but she didn't, that means she didn't love him enough :(
  323. D

    Which car should I buy?

    it doesn't matter which car you get. Both are very nice and unique.. The only thing that you should be concerned about is the GAS GOBBLING INFO and INSURANCE.. you should call your agency and ask them for a price quote on both cars and think about what you want to do :)
  324. D

    why R u so big!

    omg! are you serious? I'm 5'7" too.. and now I'm 135-140 pounds... are you telling me that if my hubby and I decide to have kids I will gain that much weight??? ARGHHhh.... we should colaborate so we can share post-pregnancy information.. although I don't have kids yet.. khekhekhe.. men...
  325. D


    i have it, and I loved it :D
  326. D

    WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak

    uh.. didn't he come to july 4 like, 3 years ago or so? well I'm not a fan of his so it's ok that I'm not going.. But... if it was Tik, I'd do whatever it takes to go.. lol
  327. D

    Mr Hmong California???

    nah, no thanks. because of all the controversies going about the girl pageants already, why trouble with the boy pageants too? It's a waste of time and money. we already know that judges cheat (or if not judges, the people who analyze the judge results) to pick their winner. I'd rather see the...
  328. D

    relatives liking each other

    If you've been in school (even highschool biology) you should know about genetics already.. SO. if I were you, I'd stay away from close relatives. :)
  329. D

    To maiv xyooj fans

    what's her myspace? I wanna see it too
  330. D

    Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)

    OOOoooh! What a surprise to me! I recently just finished JLR and now I'm gonna see Ann with Aum... AAahah.. I'm not even over JLR yet.. Thanks for the Info
  331. D


    you must be some kind of spoiled daughter to be getting reserved VIP seats at all those concerts, nkaujhmooblauj! So lucky :P Wish I had that kind of luxery.
  332. D

    Hmong in Clint Eastwood New Movie

    I agree with nkaujhmooblauj.. that they will probably have some other chink playing the role as Hmong and will have their stereotypes portrayed through that character instead... UNLESS I hear about a casting role for the Hmongs.. ha!
  333. D

    To All SarnMembers:

    ahahaha.. I agree too.. I actually froze and watched it for a few minutes there.. lol.. great eye candy :D of course meeting the real man would be a threat for death.. ;D
  334. D

    Tsis yog Laib

    darn it.. mixed reviews.. still dont' knwo if I should still go to buy it.
  335. D

    Jam Leuy Ruk : Making of Arisoya :: Aum/Aff

    haah this is great.. i can like, watchthe rama in my head with this story.. lol! great job
  336. D

    does anyone know this movie or know who translate it!!

    too long.. if it was less than 16 i'd watch it.
  337. D

    2 step process to unlimited song DLing

    is the quality the same as it is in the video then?
  338. D

    Jam Loey Rak (completed)

    thanks so much :D :D :D :D I am in love with this lakorn..
  339. D

    Xab Thoj new movie w/ Hnub Lis & Txiab Yaj

    yup yup I agree.. but I think xab was scary in his angery reactions.. my husband actually does not react like he does in that movie. maybe that's why I am scared of Xab's character now.. hehehe.. and that new actress who took hnub's exboyfriend in the beginning is actually really cute and...
  340. D

    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    well.. from snow's comment, I wasn't complaining about them being old- it's not like I don't know my own growth pattern for the future.. but, I agree with nkaujhmooblauj that I feel sorry for their children and would agree to be embarassed too, if my parents did that.
  341. D

    Xab Thoj new movie w/ Hnub Lis & Txiab Yaj

    found this on youtube: I also watched it today :D It's a pretty good movie.. but like I said, after watching this, makes me hate Xab a bit more because he's so cruel to his wife everytime when he wants a new woman.. phem tshaj. But...
  342. D

    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    OMG look at the cake? It's 40??!! txaj qov muag qaib... eeek
  343. D

    Xab Thoj or Tub Yaj

    actually, after watching his new movie.. I have concluded that I wouldn't want to choose xab because he's so damn violent when he's pissed.
  344. D

    Wild Goose on the Wing

    well maybe after listening to the songs I will be able to tell :) Thanks
  345. D

    Kiana Lauj

    she is really young. and she has a myspace.. I don't know what it is though- although you can find her through links of other Hmong artists myspaces too.
  346. D

    Wild Goose on the Wing

    is there a hmong title to it?
  347. D

    Xab Thoj or Tub Yaj

    yea, I vote for xab thoj too.. He seems like such a more romantic guy than tub yaj..
  348. D

    hnub qub

    ugh. I'm so sick of paj zaub and her sister and her mom and maiv xyooj and chue vang now.. and beauty pageants.. cute baby picture though :)
  349. D

    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    well your friend went to the new years celebration, why wouldn't hmong girls put on a lot of makeup? I usually don't use a lot of makeup either, but for my own new year celebration I put on more distinct colors making it stand out more.. maybe your friend can hang out with sarnies :D hehehe
  350. D

    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    from seeing all the korean/chinese girls on campus... the ones that don't use make up DON'T USE ANY. but the ones that do use make up.. they use HELLA-EXPENSIVE makeup and carry it around everywhere in their little LV totes and would be splashing it on during class... so freaking annoying...
  351. D


    yes I agree.. she looks very mature in her professional pictures but in the everyday pictures.. she looks like a little teenager.. but she is beautiful :)
  352. D

    Mai xyooj & Tswb vaj

    LoL @ nkaujhmooblauj
  353. D

    Nkauj Laus/Nraug Laus

    get over it. everyone will get complaints. as long as you know that you're a good girl and you are still satisfying yourself, who cares about those OGs.
  354. D

    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    thank god it's not my mama
  355. D

    hnub qub

    don't know, don't care. get over it.
  356. D

    why go to college?

    who says that marriage is about kids and depending on the husband? I've been married for 4 years now, but I am very independent and have no kids, and I don't go to a community college. It's all up to what an individual wants to do with their life. If they want to have kids, that's their desire...
  357. D


    oh gawd. please... isn't she stupid tiag tiag? Tub's movies are all about him cheating . I bet he's like that in real life too. why would anyone want to marry tub?
  358. D

    valentine's day

    It's always nice to spend time with your family, when they live in a different town.. lol. My parents live right next door. like they say, if your family lives further away you tend to miss them more. We went to the theatres but didn't go to the IMAX since it would've taken us 30 mins to get...
  359. D

    valentine's day

    aww, nkaujhmooblauj probably had a romantic night : ) I got 3 dozens of roses from my hunnie, and we went out for a long romantic dinner.. and then went to see JUMPER :D I wish the movie was a bit more romantic, but it was good enough :) *smiles
  360. D


    I feel bad for him. Tou yang has become a commodity.
  361. D


    OMG.. gay lawg... lol.. She needs a real boyfriend. that's all.
  362. D

    ntxawm lis or mab sua lis?

    I think Ntxawm Lis looks much more mature than Mab Sua.. and her music sounds much more mature also, her sad music feels much sadder than mab sua's sad music.. But I like Mab Sua's new songs better than Ntxawm's music.
  363. D

    Ua Phem Vim Kev Hlub

    Oyy... I hate movies where the guy needs to pick between 2 sisters. So su-siab .. lol.. like.. think about it- I would NEVER fall in love with the same guy as my sister.
  364. D


    Then what do you guys have to say about this?? Clickie here
  365. D

    valentine's day

    Vday doesn't have to be all about your hubby and your son.. you have to include yourself too cuz what if the hubby forgets about you? khekhekhekhe.. just kidding. well have fun at red lobsters ;) I went there once with my hubby and we didn't like the food there at all.. Somehow I'm just not...
  366. D

    He's Married!!

    say what? He's GETTING married? I thought he was already married. well it's about time he got married... khekhekhe
  367. D

    she was born in thailand..?

    well in the next 5 years if the new HTT's don't step up for the pageant, I bet all of the contestants will be Hmong-American girls.
  368. D

    Hmong Girl Band...Anyone???

    see, SEG, a lot of girls in here are interested, but we have other priorities, and Cali is too far from where most of us live too... It's not because we laughed at you. Good luck :)
  369. D

    [DL] 3 Tiam Hlub Tsis Tsim Nyog [2007] - Part 1 & 2

    Here's a storyline for those who haven't seen it: The two love each other a lot, but then their parents won't let them be together. So they both died, but in the 2nd life, they were siblings. and the 3rd life, the guy was old and married already, so how can they be together, and how can they...
  370. D

    [DL] 3 Tiam Hlub Tsis Tsim Nyog [2007] - Part 1 & 2

    You can watch this movie, but the ending makes you HATE men.. and that girl too. It's a sad movie.. the guy is so ntxim ntxub.
  371. D

    [DL] Kev Hlub Muaj Nqis [2007]

    OMG, your picture with ET :) You are way too pretty for him. .
  372. D

    Favorite Hmong Band

    when I think about it.. I know that I've always been a big whyteshadows fan since I got all their CDs hahaha.. :P although Destiny and Paradise were great too, Whyteshadows has been my all time favorite.
  373. D

    underage kids

    It doesn't matter. She's still pretty. she can do whatever she wants.
  374. D

    how tall are you?

    geeze all you guys must be like, 70 pounds only.. khekhekhe.. I'm 5'7" but I weigh a lot more hahaha.. :P I guess you can't have both luxeries
  375. D

    Tshua Ib Yam

    FINALLY! Some new actors !! Yes, the actresses are really pretty.. though the guy could improve.. I actually liked the storyline it was really sad but very luvable at the same time.
  376. D

    maiv xyooj's rumor

    do you know the reason REASON why they separated? it's so sad.. I guess he just "stayed" with her to promote her last album and then they separated...
  377. D


    I used to but I can't find the time to do it anymore.. khekhekhe.. just comment on forums takes up enough time already :0
  378. D

    My Music Collections..

    thank you kazeko - but maiv pu's link isn't working.
  379. D

    Singing Competition in Modesto

    deb ua luaj li es... kav liam os.
  380. D

    Paj Zaub Khab - A True Miss Hmong

    lol.. it's so funny how this topic changed... the first page is all cheers.. and the last page is all complaints.. hmoob es hmoob es..
  381. D

    Paj Zaub Khab - A True Miss Hmong

    haha.. coming from a guy, that's funny. good one
  382. D

    Chen Vang

    I don't like his actual smile in the pictures .. it's so fake and his lips look so dry, he looks too tan to be Hmong. kinda like a nplog guy.. no offense..
  383. D


    well, whatever happened in their life, I just hope that Tswb can find a better singer and make that person even more popular than Maiv Xyooj if she really did leave him for another man or whatever. Otherwise it doesn't matter..
  384. D

    Tshua Ib Yam

    i'm thinking if I should watch this.. eheheh.. there's a copy at my mom's house but 3 parts is way too long... The longest Hmong movie I am willing to watch is if it's 2 parts only... or like th blaum series where 2 more parts come out later in the year :)
  385. D

    maiv xyooj's rumor

    I know.. I read it on it's so sad...
  386. D

    Paj Zaub Khab - A True Miss Hmong

    come on, Paj Zaub is only ONE person and your church is a WHOLE GROUP of people.. be logical.. but at the same time, if she's only there to take some pictures back and not make any difference, why even make a scene out of it..
  387. D

    maiv xyooj's rumor

    who knows maybe he does want to tell the truth too because he feels guilty khekhekhe
  388. D

    tub neeg ntxim hlub part 1 & 2

    i don't like that actor/singer who is always with nkauj cuab tsheej or whatever... he just gets on my nerves.. can't she play roles with better guys..?
  389. D

    Chen Vang

    yesterday, I heard from some hmong movie creator that chen has been divorced once before he became a "star"...
  390. D

    underage kids

    that's true, she's growing up, and people want to show off their pictures online, criticism is just one thing that you risk.
  391. D

    Tus Neeg Zoo

    lol! it was a STORY that someone here on sarnworld made, and they made those pictures to go along with their novel... that's cute that you guys wanted to see it too.. of course that cast would be the perfect cast to play in a movie.. someone should really request it to some movie maker.. :)
  392. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

    "Mab Sua Lis Kaorokee Lov3" 01 - hle tsom iav *added 01/20/2008 02 - sib ncaim *added 01/21/2008 03 - txhob nkim lub sib hawm * added 01/21/2008 04 - nkauj hmoob looj ceeb * added 01/21/2008 05 - niam txiv txiav kev hlub * added 01/21/2008 06 - xav kom txawj txia * added 01/21/2008 *working...
  393. D

    Miss Hmong International 2007-08

    here's Mercedes's talent: click here I think that to be a 'winner' the talent should've been more unique.. comparing her to paj zaub, I prefer paj zuab.. but whatever.
  394. D

    hmong movie

    My favorite is the "NBLAUM" series :) 1-4
  395. D

    here are some pictures i found

    hmm.. beatiful ladies :) but personally I'd never enter a pageant or recommend anybody to enter just because of cheating judges and the experience is worthless- wasting money and the pictures you take from it aren't even quality- look at how crappy those pictures are. being in the so-called...
  396. D

    Guess What?????

    my goodness.. I wonder what's true.. I wanna ask my sister in law to ask her sister b/c she's BFF with maiv xyooj and always sells MX's stuff for her... Maybe both of them cheated on each other..
  397. D

    Miss Hmong International 2007-08

    exactly, because it's so much work and hard work, it should be fair and not pre-chosen.. such as "I figure...this year miss hmong was not going to go to anyone out of state...since the last 2 years the crown was given to girls out of state and country" .. goodness... judges these days are so...
  398. D

    Miss Hmong International 2007-08

    GOTCHA - I totally agree
  399. D

    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    they couldn't be together b/c the girls' family is VANG and the guy is LEE.. the VANGs will not allow the marriage to the LEEs.. probably people with grudges.. geesh... well, I think the father is one dumb man- I've a cousin who wasn't supposed to marry his wife b/c of last names too.. BUT her...
  400. D

    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    very tus siab heev.. but I've encountered one couple in love whose love was even more forbidden than this one... kev hlub tsis yooj yim kiag lis os...
  401. D

    Klin Kaew Klang Jai (dubbed in Hmong)

    ah since my mom likes thai dramas I may just get this one because of her... I watched 1 episode with my sis in law and thought it was pretty good.. :)
  402. D

    Kwm Lis new movie out

    Just watched this movie tonight.. and gosh those people in the movie look filthy rich...are they? it's actually one of those movies I might watch again in a few years.. compared to most hmong movies where I wont' even finish watching.. I think the main actress is really pretty although she...
  403. D

    Your Opinion on Destiny Music Video

    well, I actually like this MV even though some song choices weren't that good. The only one that I cannot stand watching is "Khoo tsis tau" or whatever. but no wonder they put that type in there- b/c lawm khoo tsis tau cov sexy ladies khekhekhe...
  404. D

    Av luaj luas tsis tau wb tiam 2

    people these days trying to make so many movies with "tiam"sss..... it's getting boring
  405. D

    Puas Tseem Muaj Dua(movie)

    omg- I really want to see this too :) Since she's one of my favorite singers! ahhh!!!
  406. D

    Miss Hmong International 2007-08

    khekhekhe.. at least I'm one inch taller than her ;P also- I don't really care who wins these pageants anymore anyways- because everyone knows that somewhere in the pageant there will be someone cheating.
  407. D

    A true miss hmong california?

    oh well.. like the OGs say, "Ua tshuaj khob lawv lub siab xwb"
  408. D

    Miss Hmong International 2007-08

    how tall is Mercedes?
  409. D

    New Hmong Movie: 5 Lab Dollars

    this movie has its good and boring parts- if you don't watch it all you'll miss the good parts, but at the same time have to deal with the boring parts.. khekhekhe
  410. D


    exactly... anyway, they're all very gorgeous ladies :) They're just comfortable with what they're modeling for so it's ok
  411. D

    Spare Change

    lol.. I know, don't you think sometimes those people who ask for money are scary though? There was one time I was walking to the bus stop from school, I walked past some dudes asking for money - fortunately not from me.. there was another lady there and she seemed to be "like" them too.. she put...
  412. D

    A true miss hmong california?

    omg - are you serious? Paj zaub is only 17?? be prepared to see what she has in store for 21... khekhekhe.. but yes, kuv xus xus siab rau maiv xyooj's pictures.. on her myspace background, she shows a very sexy one too.. but in my opinion, those photos should be kept personal?? I mean, what does...
  413. D

    Spare Change

    So.. Do you pick up pennies, coins, dollar bills, any form of change/cash when you see them around? where do you think the best places to find them are?
  414. D

    Tooj Vaj

    oooh.. that's him who came to Milwaukee/??? I had no clue khekehkeh.. just thought he was some other guy who came to perform.. anyways I didnt go. Thanks for sharing that clip- his life voice is actually pretty good :)
  415. D

    A true miss hmong california?

    anyway- how'd these pictures leak out?
  416. D


    hot pictures.. :) but seriously- why model like that if it's not for advertising lingerie?
  417. D

    A true miss hmong california?

    isn't maiv xyooj wearing lingerie?? hmm.. all I have to say is "no comment" ...
  418. D

    Mab Sua Lis Music Vdeo #3 @2008

    hmm... based on your review- maybe I will when I have the money next year. I'm sure people will still be selling it next year
  419. D

    how do u like ur PHO....?

    my favorite!!! I shall have some tomorrow khekhekhe.. 1. lots of noodles 2. 3 beef meatballs (only 3) 3. slices of meat, beef or pork is ok 4. beef tendon, flank, and stomach 5. 1/2 of a slice of squeezed lime just for the sour taste 6. cilantro and green onions 7. a few onion rings 8. 2-3...
  420. D

    Mab Sua Lis Music Vdeo #3 @2008

    yeah it's been out since nov 1st or whatever.. I was gonna get it at the new year but had no $$.. perhaphs some other time- maybe next year or something since I already spent all my $$ on christmas
  421. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    Her mvs are uploaded in the archive: here Hope you guys will like it :) My favorites are 1, 2, 3 and 9...
  422. D

    Miss Hmong Milwaukee 2008!

    hmm.. I was there on Sunday from noon to about 4.. didn't watch the pageant or anything though. was it good?
  423. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

    Maiv Xyooj Music Video 4 (Updated 12/17/2007) 01 - Tseg Lub Siab Rau Koj 02 - Qaug Hlub Rau Koj 03 - Ntiaj Teb Hauv Tshuaj Iab 04 - Zoo Nraug Tob Tob 05 - Valentine Mob Siab 06 - Npoj Xev Npoj Plau 07 - Hlub Tus Zoo Phooj Ywg 8 - Hlub Tsis Tau 09 - Ntsis Tau Lig
  424. D

    1st Miss Hmong Milwaukee Pageant...Come Watch

    Here's a flyer I found from
  425. D

    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008

    stop supporting the pageants then.. don't go and ditch it.. when they have 0 people watching it, they will start being more fair... STRIKE :)
  426. D

    1st Miss Hmong Milwaukee Pageant...Come Watch

    HEY! Please post the flyer up asap so that I can print it out and share it with my family so we can come ok? :) It'll be fun. thanks for the info.
  427. D

    maiv xyooj's rumor

    I don't care what her personal life is.. none of my business.. just wanted to see her new release whether she had anything good out or not..
  428. D

    Singers from Thailand are coming to Milwaukee!

    maybe because the facility is much better than in milwaukee.. it's actually at the waukesha county expo (about 10-15 mins away I think) and that place is kinda crappy (no offense to anybody).. so maybe that's why it's cheaper than cali? :)
  429. D

    Singers from Thailand are coming to Milwaukee!

    it's $15 dollars either advanced or at the door... so if I were going, I'd only pay at the door in case at the last minute I don't go
  430. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    I agree.. maybe because her style doesn't change at all and the music is still the same instrumentals as like, her first album.. lol.. but I think the lyrics are still very good.. I think the worst song I've heard form her is that one "Sexy" song.. it's so dull and the music doesn't even match...
  431. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    khekhekhe.. I'm not a true fan of maiv x. but I just like her music because most of her lyrics are wonderful and I really appreciate that..
  432. D

    How do you translate this in HMONG?

    I think you're supposed to say "Thaj maum yuav cev tes mus ntsuas koj qhov chaws mos sev nws qhiv puas tau tsaus rau tus me nyuam" I don't know how to explain 'dilation' in hmong.. lol
  433. D

    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008

    that's why you don't go, don't support, and don't care about it ok? :)
  434. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    I'll upload it in a few weeks after she's had time to sell her new releases- since everyone should support her right? lol..
  435. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

  436. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    Here's one of her new MVs... I think it's one of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever listened too.. and since I'm not feeling too happy today, it's in my mood so I decided to upload it and let you guys feel the gloominess too.. khekhekhe.. enjoy :) Ntsib tau lig
  437. D

    New Faces of Hmong celebreties

    ahahaha.. funny- your choices and order is exactly my idea too :D great minds think alike.. but I've also like to add a #5 too.. Caslubni Thoj
  438. D

    new year photos

    ohhh so Vong was there for that new year too?? honestly.. I don't like him at all.. out of all the hmong actors and actresses, he is the one that I like the least.. I don't know why, but gosh I cannot stand looking at him.. maybe my opinion will change if I meet him in person.. khekhekhe...
  439. D

    new year photos

    :lol: yeah- I'm pretty tall I guess.. I'm 5 feet 7, which is way taller than those singers and my cousin.. ;) but gosh- I should go to MN next year so I can meet all the stars :D
  440. D

    Tonight November 22nd AVP concert

    OMG.. $20??!! that is way too expensive for me.. I almost didn't even want to attend an $8 party.. but gosh Paj Muas is beautiful :)
  441. D

    E.T Yang

    lol.. it would be interesting to see him as the bad guy in a movie for once.. anyways.. I like it how Chen Vang was the bad guy in nplooj siab khaub lig cua :D actors don't always have to be the hero/heroin to be good.
  442. D

    new year photos

    aww.. wish I was there for the sac new year.. which new year is it during christmas anyway?? well.. since I didn't go to CA.. I went to Madison, Milwaukee(last week) and Sheboygan.. khekhekhe.. well that's because I have family in mil & sheboygan so I went to see them too- since it's also...
  443. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

    Caslubni Thoj MV 2 Thov Txhob Yog Kuv Xeem (added 11/20/2007) Sawm Ntawv Ntua Los Ua Neej (added 11/20/2007) kev hlub yog ntuj muab (added 11/20/2007) neej lwj siab (added 11/20/2007) txij nkawm kev hlub (added 11/20/2007) tshuav dab tsi (added 11/20/2007) Txiv Quav Cawv (added...
  444. D

    CHOOSE UR Favor Hmong Singer

    yeah I think my vote is biased too.. but I looove Somchai Yaj :D and Mabsua b/c she's cute and I remember some of her lyrics.. I like Ntxam Ntxuaj Ntxawm Ntxuag Pag Lauj but I cannot memorize her musics... lol
  445. D


    ahaha.. maybe he is trying to attract BOTH the elderly and the young ones these days.. It's pretty hard to go both ways .. is paj zaub really that young though? she seems so mature, around her 20s to me.. but she is really pretty..
  446. D

    Is this a Hmong Tradition Skirt? kOREAN?

    I agree - Thailand is Super Fashionable!
  447. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    She'll be in Milwaukee/Waukesha for the Lao Family Community Milwaukee New Year tomorrow night (11/17) :D I'm going!! hope to see you people who are around the Milwaukee area there too :)
  448. D

    " How does one translate this into English?"

    "I'm driving and minding my own damn business and that deer just jumped onto the freeway. That damn deer wouldn't yield to me at all"
  449. D

    Is this a Hmong Tradition Skirt? kOREAN?

    oOOOoooh.. time to take out my Hmong dress and start taking pictures :D
  450. D

    Did Mabsua Lis really get married?

    aww man that sucks.. she was just starting to get sexy lol... I was hoping it wasn't going to be confirmed lol.. that's ok- people have their reasons to get married :) Her songs aren't bad.. the only album of hers I don't like is the one where she copied mee hang's music.. that album was not...
  451. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    let's see if her new album will be more original :)
  452. D

    Did Mabsua Lis really get married?

    I was just talking to my parents about Mabsua lis about a poster from a previous hmong new year advertising her new album.. but my mom and dad said she is now married to a guy in Milwaukee- is that true? does anyone know?
  453. D

    Amanda Vang

    thank you so much for uploading :) She is a really good singer too :D well I like it :D
  454. D

    This Weekend's Milwaukee New Year

    OK - a good friend of mine sent me this and just thought I'd share it with you all :) Note that the group "NTSEEG" is actually from Milwaukee, not Oshkosh-- a Fantastic Band :)
  455. D

    This Weekend's Milwaukee New Year

    Does anyone have any info on this coming weekend's Milwaukee New Year celebration? I heard that Maiv Xyooj is coming as a guest singer :D So I'm looking forward to it... please provide any info if you have it :)b
  456. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    OMG! I am sooo gonna get this album :D I love her singing.. because the lyrics are so wonderful. BUT.. I hate the instrumental music because it's always the same style... GRRrrr.. but she is BEAUTIFUL. . .
  457. D

    hmong hater right here

    ntuj awssss... she thinks she's all that? what a shame to herself. xav tias thaij duab liaj qab es makes her proud? lol.
  458. D

    New RnB/Pop Singer - Jade Lee

    I think she should stick with English language songs.. because after watching 'Tou and Mai' I think her accent will ruin the music.. no offense.. a person who sings a song should be fluent in whatever language they they are singing in.. for example, when a Hmong Thailand person sings in English...
  459. D

    POJ RUAM a MOUA LEE film

    Have you ever considered adding English Subtitles and Hmong Subtitles to your movies? I think that would be very good for your videos.. Such as Nraug Laus.. It was very very moving, I would've loved to show it in class if it had subtitles..
  460. D

    Dishonest people

    omg.. nej ruam ua luaj li osssss... you should have never trusted them in the first place... kuv yeej never ntseeg ib tug khedub at all..
  461. D

    brenda song speaking hmong

    I was expecting a little more from a "STAR" but whatever..
  462. D


    aww.. you had to cool the steam somewhere eh? I know what you mean... I guess your inlaws are still pretty young.. girl, I know that it's hard.. but when you don't have a mother in law anymore, don't you think life would be even more difficult? my mother in law passed away a few months after I...
  463. D

    A halloween custom help!!!

    why not try being a SEXY Spiderpig? wear something sexy but looks like a spider, make it pink.. and wear pig ears... lol.. I'm assuming it's like spiderman right? I haven't seen the simpsons spiderpig yet.. khekhekhe
  464. D

    Mai xyooj & Tswb vaj

    well.. part of the package of being a celebrity is that your private life may leak out.. people will criticize... so they have to deal with it... :P
  465. D

    E.T. Yang & Pashoua Yang are coming to Fresno year!!

    I heard they were supposed to have a new movie by labor day, but it didn't come out at that time.. so I think they will have one that comes out at the new year either in STP or in Cali.. He was working on a project this summer, so I think he should have a new movie out by then.. :)b
  466. D

    Mai xyooj & Tswb vaj

    woah. is that really him? I feel so sad for maiv xyooj.. well, another opportunity to be single.. lol.. He's dumb
  467. D

    Av Luaj Quav Tsis Tau Wb

    AGREED... anyway, he's too pretty, I HATE pretty boys.. they seem too fake.. I love buff guys :D haha
  468. D

    E.T. Yang & Pashoua Yang are coming to Fresno year!!

    ah, I can see him anytime, go to his house and have a meal with the family.. chit chat.. hehe.. j/k anyway.. I'm glad you guys like his music :) Wish I could go to Cali and watch him perform :) is he performing?
  469. D

    I would like girls opinion

    That's an easy question: If you have doubts, then don't marry him.
  470. D

    I would like girls opinion

    It depends on what the girl is asking from the guy... a guy will stick with his family forever, a girl is going to be a part of his family... Remember, when a Hmong girl gets married, she is NOT marrying only him.. she is marrying the FAMILY... (trust me, I know, I'm married) My suggestion...
  471. D

    is it possible for a hmong person to...

    Of course it's possible.. Hmong/Miao even break it into the Chinese industrie (i.e. Ayoudou) so why can't the Thai industry? ;P
  472. D

    New Hmong Movie: Goodbye Tus Kuv Hlub

    personally, I think that Chen is attractive for a Hmong actor.. it's just his acting that doesn't quite strike me.. I think he also has crappy roles.. maybe he doesn't have any chemistry with the actresses... for some acting to be a success, there needs to be good chemistry.. in all of his...
  473. D

    New Hmong Movie: Goodbye Tus Kuv Hlub

    what a sad clip... and I was even more saddened when nom phaj admitted that he didn't want to kick chen out too.. I wanna see it :D BUT if it's just lame like "Ib zaug hauv lub neej" then forget it..
  474. D

    Sua lauj new album 11

    seems like everyone's turning to "suab hmoob" productions or something? anyways, not bad... I noticed that Suab Hmoob has improved with some pretty good graphic designers.. but I'm sure some of our Sarnie members can do better :) I've seen wonderful works you guys put up in a section here.. :)
  475. D

    Tub Yaj really is 6'2"

    the best actors and actresses don't always have to be tall... I don't believe that Tub Yaj is taller than 5 feet 7, at most..
  476. D

    Ntxawm Lis

    I know, seriously.. what's wrong with being older than 18? I'm already 20 and I still feel young hahaa :D I think she's very photogenic though.. I haven't seen a Hmong girl from Laos or Thailand as photogenic as her (or Mabsua lis)
  477. D

    paj huab ham

    she has a beautiful voice... I should have bought her MV, but didn't have the $$ lol... too bad for those who don't like her..
  478. D

    Tsawb Yaj - Thov Xaus Li No

    I actually really like this guy.. hrmm.. I was at the Fondy new year today and almost bought the CD but thought I'd buy it later.. since if I do decide to go to some other Hmong new year and buy more than one CD, I'd try to get a discount.. khekhekhe.. His voice is really good... I think I...
  479. D

    Ntxawm Lis

    is her name "Ntxawm Lis" or "Dej Ntxhee Yees Lis?" but she doesn't look 18 to me.. nor does mab sua lis look 17 to me.. whatever.. lol
  480. D

    Pa Kou Thao (COG LUS CIA)

    aww, I thought this was a beautiful song.. not oversung at all.. but.. so far out of all the Hmong artists, I still like Jessica Vang the most :) Hopefully one day she'll have an album out..
  481. D

    Destiny's new album

    no, no new album yet.. I couldn't go to the labor day thing, so I asked my sister to check them out to see if they got their new album..and she ended up buying me the "xav ya nrog koj" album instead.. I was like, OMG, I already have this. oh least I got their sigs on it..and another...
  482. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

  483. D

    lao moua music video #2

    in the 2nd one, the dancing of those backup dancers get intense.. well I think so, for Thailand girls...
  484. D

    i saw dawb thoj at new year

    my sister went to the oshkosh tourney and saw here there.. how I wish I saw her too.. they say she is beautiful in real life? :)
  485. D


    she is looking better and better in each new album... buttah, I thought she was a divorcee from somewhere in WI? is it true? I don't like her music anyway
  486. D

    Check Out the picture"Lam Hnub Txhob Txawj Poob" Movie?

    hmm.. I've never seen this movie... how old is it?
  487. D

    Yuam Kev Taus Hlub

    I'm so freaked out.. I was gonna go to the oskosh, wi or GB tourny for labor day.. BUUTTTT... we gotta tso plig for my grandmother.. :( So I can't go.. oh well.. New year, here I come.. lol.. Thanks to all of you for your recommendations :) I am excited about it now.. khekhekhe.. ;P
  488. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

  489. D

    Blaum Lwm Blaum Liam Part 3 & 4

    the producers live in Madison, WI.. so, if you're around Madison, they should be out for sale already :)
  490. D

    "Kev Hlub Muaj Nqi Tshaj Txhua Yam"

    ugh, I hate this dude... the only movie I liked him in was "Hwj Chim Txiav Kev Hlub" hrm..
  491. D


    is it the one from 'nplooj siab khaub lig cua?'
  492. D


    do you have the track listings? is it the album with the song where they copied it from Kaub Ham? (neej khuam siab)
  493. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

  494. D

    My kind of blockbuster!!

    if you go to VEOH.COM you can dl the movies you watch there.. but you need their dl client and become a member.. it's really easy :)
  495. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

  496. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

  497. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

  498. D

    Angelxmdawb's spot :)

    ^_^ I'll try to keep my spot as updated as I can :) ... Until then...
  499. D

    how to become a SINGER?????

    true... some singers, not specifically who, from thailand are HORRIBLE... but people buy their cds just b/c they are very photogenic haha...
  500. D

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    well, some great movies have dumb endings anyway.. lol.. that's what ruins it..
  501. D

    Does anyone know who sings this song?

    oh wow.. this is actually a beautiful song.. :) Thank you for it..
  502. D

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    Tou Yang always does crying movies... grrr.. I hate it.. I know they are sad but still... the best cry scene I have seen him in (my opinion) was in part 6A of npooj siab caub lig cua in the beginning right before his song comes on and chen comes to get the girl.. that part felt so real...
  503. D

    Tsis Muaj Leej Twg

    It's called "Kuv Nplooj Siab" .. I think it also says so on the MV on youtube too.. here's the link to the song. :) Your welcome :P I really like this lady's voice, although I think she should improve on her Hmong speaking skills if she wants to be a Hmong singer.. :) (well, not to say that I...
  504. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    I know, isn't this MV great? ;P It makes xab thoj a little bit more attractive too.. khekhekhe
  505. D

    2 concerts/party in sacramento!!!!!!

    well that sucks b/c I'm 3 days of a drive away from CA.. GRrrr
  506. D

    Song from Lis Ceeb & Maiv Xis

    Vamkim, you're the best. Thanks so much :) For everyone else who doesn't have the maiv muas song, here's the link to DL the song from the movie.. :) Puas Nco Kev Hlub - Maiv Muas Xyooj
  507. D

    toog vaj

    I don't like this guy's music anyway... :blink:
  508. D

    Song from Lis Ceeb & Maiv Xis

    oh that one?? I'm looking for the one at the end... "Ntuj no tuaj lawm, koj nyob qhov twg??"" anyone have it? Please please please upload that one.... then I'll upload the Maiv muas one for you :) Thanks.
  509. D

    Mab Sua Lis Music Video Karaoke # 2

    Here you guys go.. a preview of her new MV :) Enjoy Previews from Mabsua Lis MV2 1 - Kev Hlub Ib Vuag Dua 2 - Lub Siab Tseem 000
  510. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    I'm glad you all liked the MVs :) :baby-scene-pop-corn:
  511. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    10 - Tseem Xav Tia Koj Yog Kuv Tus 11 - Kawg Tuag 12 - Kuv Yuav Hlub Koj 2 13 - Xaiv Xai Tau Paiv 14 Bonus - Thaum Nyob Qhov Tsua :yahoo: Finally done!! :arrg: Please don't share my links to other websites without my permission first.. Thank you.
  512. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    there are 14 MVs to it :)
  513. D

    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    yeah, where'd she go??
  514. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    5 - Kuv Yuav Hlub Koj 6 - Tos Txug Hnub Twg 7 - Ib Taag Hmo 8 - Hmoov Phem 9 - Tso Tseg Txij No
  515. D

    Mab Sua Lis Music Video Karaoke # 2

    lol.. hehe.. yeah I meant MV... I only like her 1st and 3rd tracks from the album anyway... I think she really improved from the first 2 cds of hers though :) I'm hoping if she gets a new album out it'll be much better...
  516. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    3 - Yuav Ncu Tas Koj Yog Thawj Tug
  517. D

    Who among the Hmong stars (singers, actors, etc..) would you like to marry?

    sorry.. I got dibs on Somchai already ;) *wink *wink
  518. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    I don't think "Yug Los Hmoov Phem" is in the MV.. I checked the cover and that title isn't listed... sorry. But here is 2 more... 1- Nws Tseem Me Me 2 - Tseem Hlub
  519. D

    Xab Thoj's MV

    I uploaded Video number 4 here.. 4 - Kab Nyuam Dev I will try to upload the rest of the MV as time goes by... since I'm really busy this summer.. but this is the best one so I uploaded it first. :) Enjoy...
  520. D

    Mab Sua Lis Music Video Karaoke # 2

    also, doesn't she have on like, a WIG in the movie???
  521. D

    Mab Sua Lis Music Video Karaoke # 2

    I think they claim that because they don't know their real ages... darned HTTs... like my cousin, I'm 20 and he's actually older than me but when they moved here to USA he said they changed his age to 17... GRRRrrrr..
  522. D


    It was confusing.. I didn't enjoy it.. :(
  523. D


    300 was ok... If you're a LOTR fan, you'll like it too.. I feel sad for the queen... but I'm glad she killed that guy.. and I wouldn't watch this movie again if I didn't have to...
  524. D


    this was a terrific movie.. at first I was all pissed at my hubby because I wanted to go watch "License to wed" but goodness... it was probably 1000000x's better than license 2 wed.... lol.... I am definitely getting a copy of it when it comes out on DVD... I could watch it over and over again...
  525. D

    Mab Sua Lis Music Video Karaoke # 2

    aghh.. I feel scared for those girls anyway...
  526. D

    What albums/vids did you get?

    Was Nkauj Hnub thiab KabYeeb worth it? I was not sure whether I wanted it or not because it's got 3 parts... is it good?
  527. D

    Laos must make peace with Hmong

    i agree, lte the past go.. but older people and their generation are like that... think about it, even in marriages, the elder will still say things such as "in the past their family was like this and like that" to their kids and interfere with their kids relationships too, right? I think it's...
  528. D

    Karaoke Night

    darn it I missed it this week. I'll do my best to participate next tuesday :D :baby-scene-pop-corn:
  529. D

    ET Yang New Album Vol. 4

    thx for the upload, :) also, paj suab is his sister. (they're my cousins, so believe me)
  530. D

    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    :baby-scene-pop-corn: OMG! This is so awesome!! I haven't seen this movie in like, ages! I would definitely love to get a copy of the set too. :) I was too young back then to even own movies... lol.. Please do let us know if you are able to distribute copies.. A 4th part would be so...
  531. D


    oh nooooo. why does it have to be Somchai VS Tub??? these are like, my two luvssss.... awww.. now I definitely have to read it when it comes out :D
  532. D


    wow ya'll.. I only get 64 bucks.. darn it
  533. D

    Share your Hmong posters

    Oh! I just love these artworks.. Please keep making some more :) thanks to all your artists here ;D
  534. D

    Petition to free the hmong people

    count me in :D
  535. D

    Niam Txiv Hlub Tsis Cuag

    well.. in my opinion, this movie was soooo boring.. there was no chemistry in the movie, and I thought that the brother looked better than Cai, or whatever his name was.. I feel bad for the younger sister.. lol... it's funny how she is so lazy in the movie, which depicts some truth in reality of...
  536. D


    Great movie :D Loved it, but wish it was a little bit more romantic ;) hotness to the bodies.. :baby-scene-pop-corn: the IMAX was awesome.. but the awesome effects also made it seem unrealistic too.. *eeeeeewwww* to heads falling off bodies
  537. D

    Hmoob Movie Trivia

    Movie Tub Yaj Starred in: Nplooj Siab Khaub Lig Cua Another actor in movie: Chen Vang next person list a movie he starred in:
  538. D

    Your Last Thought of The Day

    Der.. go to sleep already.. - that's what I keep telling myself.. arghhh
  539. D

    What are you thinking right now?

    Uggghh.. I agree, I know that feeling.
  540. D

    Your favorite childhood tv show

    The Magic School Bus
  541. D

    What are you thinking right now?

    I only have about 6 weeks of school left this semester... It's kinda depressing
  542. D

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Ib Sim Neej - Hmong song by Voltage
  543. D

    Your 411

    Name: DeR birthday: April 30th birthplace: WI current location: desktop age: 19-->20 eye color: Brown hair color: black height: 5'7 weight: ok right handed or left handed: right handed favorite colors: white, purple favorite foods: Nam's Fried Rice (Exclusively from Nam's Noodles Madison, WI)...
  544. D

    Hmoob Movie Trivia

    1. Hnub Lis 2. Hwj Chim Txiav Kev Hlub 1. Nxtawm Yaj 2. Txij Nkawm Teev Kua Muag Hlub
  545. D


    Well.. I think that the other guy seemed to always want to touch the girls because that was his role.. you know? well, that was the sense that I got from watching nothing but the first 45 minutes of part 6A.. lol.. These 45 minutes really touched my heart.. well, I guess.. I think this movie is...
  546. D

    Girls, could you live without a guy?

    it depends on each individual.. I know I cannot live without my guy... because he's nothing without me.. :) enough said.. :D
  547. D


    How sad.. They're all so gorgeous, but then if they want to do this kind of modeling, why not use a different style... how sad.
  548. D

    anybody have cua yaj old songs?

    Has anyone seen the movie "Ntxais Toj Siab"... at the end, there is a song by Cua Yaj and I have been trying to look for it and cannot find it anywhere> I have no idea what it's called or what album it is from. I hope someone can let me know if they know what song I'm talking about and give me...
  549. D

    Blaum Lwj Blaum Liam part 3

    I know.. seriously :D I agree with you- he is a wonder. :D
  550. D

    Flipper- Vim Kuv Los Qheeb

    posted in the 'hmong music uploads' or whatever section :)
  551. D

    Smile Pasta

    Cindi was really cute in this series :D
  552. D

    Paradise music video

    omg.. why come back after making such a huge announcement that they broke up.. sheesh.. but yeah, I do hope they produce more good songs :) I still love paradise, destiny, and of course, my all time favorite whyteshadows :D **my opinions**
  553. D

    Help One Last Time to Cast Leading Role In Film

    Good luck you guys :)
  554. D

    Anyone know the chinese title of this movie

    I would upload it if I knew how to hehehe.. sorry that I don't know how. but the last part is sad.. I love sad movies hehehe.. I also like good movies too, but sad movies are really touching and you learn from them sometimes... so yup.. well, I can say that the xabthoy and ahshi had to go back...
  555. D

    Your Last Thought of The Day

    aww, cute avatar ijohn
  556. D

    Anyone know the chinese title of this movie

    lol.. I asked the same question a while ago... It is called "Wo De Wu Lin Nan You" ---the legend of love.. I think.. :) I totally love this movie, and got myself a copy of the hmong dubbed version.. although it is really sad... I wish I could get the original version too...
  557. D

    somchay yaj

    ah.. somchai ntxis hlub tshaj tou yaj.. :D that's my opinion
  558. D

    Yuam Kev Taus Hlub

    Anyone know if this movie is good? I really wanna see it.. but want some recommendations first... Thanks to those who contribute.. I appreciate it :)
  559. D

    Av Luaj Quav Tsis Tau Wb

    I wanna see this movie HMM
  560. D

    Pick one...

    :loool: Until I get to meet each of them.. I think they are both conceited... though Tub Yaj has my attention
  561. D

    Nkauj Hnub & Kab Yeeb

    I wanna see it! I saw the preview in "Hwjchim txiav kev hlub" and really liked it.. ;) too bad no stores where I live sells it.. grr!
  562. D


    :) It's easier said than done... ;P Over at UW-mad where I go, a chinese/mandarin class for beginners is already 6 credits!! and that's like, ah overwhelming because if you plan to take other courses and is not majoring in that language, you better prepare to work hard and take summer school...
  563. D

    New movie out: Blaum Lwj Blaum Liam

    WOW.. another wonderful hit by Link productions... :) I just finished watching it with my mom.. this was not bad.. I really liked it.. I like most of Link productions.. I won't say anything to ruin it.. but this movie has love, jealousy, greediness, comedy.. a little bit of everything in it...
  564. D

    nplooj siab khaub lig cua

    I really really want to watch this movie just because tub yaj is in it.. I mean he's attractive, but I wouldn't be one of those crazy people for him.. I saw a copy of it at my cousin's house and the person she borrowed it from was crazy about tub yaj had his picture all over the cover.. lol...
  565. D

    Mab Sua Lis New Album

    same here.. I was expecting a lot more from such a beautiful cover.. I was expecting some original composed music, with some new things in it.. but it seems like her styles are still the same, which I don't really like.. Though this is not a dvd which I would watch again for the next few...
  566. D

    anybody here have this album

    oh these two.. I saw their MV preview somewhere.. I didn't really like it though.. They seemed too young to me.. I feel bad for those kids who try so hard...
  567. D

    destiny mv preview

    ok whatever... I forgot about the MV from destiny since they delayed it many times... it would be 'bull' if they only had like 3 mv's like whyteshadows.. that would be a waste
  568. D

    Sac State Winter formal After results

    ah, that sucks if u were one of the rejects.. too bad i'm in WI, i'll prolly never get a chance to see.. :(
  569. D

    See lor on myspace

    yeah.. prolly fan page.. see, they even have tub yaj, maiv ntxawm.. etc.. u know lol..
  570. D

    tub yaj's movie

    I have not seen it yet.. But I want to know if anyone know's whether it is good or not.. Because I am thinking about getting it for christmas for an 'elder' person.. you know how they all like to watch these kinds of movies :) Please do share if you can thanks.
  571. D


    OMG, that song is SO BEATIFUL I think that they both looked really 'loving' as a couple in that video too.. I really liked this edition of Suab Nag and Kos Lis... If you have the song "60 lub xyoo" Please do upload it, because I really want a copy of it.. and Madison sucks, there is no Hmong...
  572. D


    :lol: Wow, ntxawm ntxuag pag lauj has really improved/changed ever since her fisrt MV.. her 3rd one "ua hauv tshuaj khos koj lub siab" or whatever was pretty good too.. and now this one with the exotic clothes? hehehe... I wanna see it too...
  573. D

    New release- hmong CDS

    True true true.. this is a beautiful song and album.. very unique because I haven't heard any other Hmong singers sing the type of music that Pagnia has.. But, Pagnia is a fellow Sarnie :lol: we should all support her, for being a fantastic singer, sharing her talent and being the first...
  574. D

    Hwj Chim Txiav Kev Hlus

    Hey Nancyvang, could you please reupload it? Same with Babe_girl's request, when I click on the link to download, it won't give me a "open, save, cancel" window but brings me to an unexisting website.. Thanks so much for uploading these songs though. :) I really hope you can upload the song in...
  575. D

    Share your Hmong posters

    Whoa, you guys are so talented!
  576. D

    Hwj Chim Txiav Kev Hlus

    aww really? I liked the storyline, it was pretty sad.. maybe I'm a really emotional person sometimes? hehe.e.. there are some areas that they could have improved on, such as the fighting scenes, they could do more things and create a more complex story. I thought that the actresses did a good...
  577. D

    Hwj Chim Txiav Kev Hlus

    OMG, I totally love the theme and the opening song.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload whenever you are able to.. I have the DVD that I bought at the new year, but I really want to get the theme w/o the movie and that song ... thanks so much in advance! :)
  578. D

    Lub Zog Ntawm Txoj Kev Hlub!

    well, even so that the hero of the movie doesn't match the heroine, I think they are a good match to fit the storyline. :) he is poor, and alone while she is rich and has everything a girl would possible want (in that world lol) and she falls in love with someone who is not too attractive or...
  579. D

    Teev Kua Muag Hlub original title?

    :yahoo: Thank you starryXing! :) I knew someone would be able to help me out. Thanks so much again. :D I hope that it is available on eBay or whatever because I want a copy of it lol... Thanks starryXing.. :) Fearless- I am not sure what the main story line is, because I only saw part 4 out...
  580. D

    Teev Kua Muag Hlub original title?

    Does anybody know the original Chinese title of this drama? My mom and I just saw it and I thought it was pretty interesting... Please let me know if any of you know . :) Thanks a lot..
  581. D

    Maiv Xyooj New Album

    ooh.. very attractive pink color... I just noticed that her hair is HIGHTLIGHTED too.. hm.. I think she is a litltle old for that.. but... I guess it's her new thing... honestly, I think it will be a bit "xus siab" or whatever if she sang in English.... no offense... but I'm looking forward to...
  582. D

    E.T. Yang

    ahaha penny... you live in the same town as him don't you? lol.. I understand...
  583. D

    Sacramento Hmong New Year looking for girls to be in their pageant

    ah, too bad, if they came 2 years ago I would've gave it a though. :P
  584. D

    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    Frustrated. 3 exams this week... aghhhh that's 11 credits of exams! agh!!!
  585. D

    EBAY! gotta love that site.. Except for one, I have had all positive experiences with the things I bought so far. Once I wanted to buy KKHH, and the sellers account just got 'non membered' or whatever you call it.. so I never received it- guess his name got kicked out or something- selling...
  586. D

    2 old Chinese movie

    *sigh* I love these movies.. actually got myself copies.. But in "Taohwa", they subbed the songs.. hehehe. it's really funny, cute, and a good movie too... wouldn't trade it for anything. they're just the original dubbed ones on DVD.. no changes.
  587. D

    Xab Thoj new movie coming out

    wow.. sounds good. :) I think he looks attractive enough to be a Hmong actor. :) thanks for sharing!
  588. D

    disgusting hmong people

    hmm.. who knows, maybe because her husband or his wife didn't love them enough so it happened. like they say, yog yus txawj coj yus tus pom niam/ txiv, tej nos yeem tsis muaj...
  589. D

    brenda song

    well... if she won't admit she is Hmong, shame on her. doesn't deserve to be a star.. but why did she need to change her last name anyway. Song sounds more like Chinese or something else. to me, it's a bit sad.. hmm
  590. D

    A Xiong Man & A Lee Woman

    what's stock..??
  591. D

    Somchai Yang

    Hmm.. Somchai Yang.. I watched him in the first part of 80 Xyoo Tseem Hlub, and he looks pretty attractive for a Hmong actor (besides Tub Yaj) I really dont like that tub toog guy though... shouldn't have been the star of that movie.. but I do want to watch 3 tiam hlub sometime. :) true, the...
  592. D

    New Skin.. !!!

    I love the new layout! and I especially love the Radio section.. :P thanks for all your hard work... ps.. blue is great, please don't do orange or red.. too bright blue fits sarnworld perfectly.. calm, yet exciting, friendly.. :D
  593. D

    What are you thinking right now?

    I'm thinking of how to solve (2x - y) - 16 = 10 + 4i khekhekhe..
  594. D

    Hmong: "Hmong Tua Hmong" in Wisconsin...

    sad... either way, they should have worked it out instead of killing each other..
  595. D


    aww- that makes me want to go watch it now.. My mom borrowed some parts from my aunt's home... if you all say it's good, I might go watch it then.. hehehe...
  596. D

    Your Hmong Last names

    xyooj... but nyab hmoob vaj.. i voted for xyooj though :D
  597. D

    destiny mv preview

    I know.. seriously.. do they even have a MV anymore? this making me a sad Destiny fan.. :(
  598. D

    What do you think of this?

    wow.. Even my hubby doesn't do that.. I wouldn't be able to stand ANY guy like that... ryuuseius is right, it is best to walk out before it's too late. You may still love that person but you won't be hurt in the long run... Wising you good luck. :)
  599. D

    Pictures of latest thing you bought,

    This was one of my latest purchases from VS.. :D I got the blue one. B)
  600. D

    what type of phone u got?

    I'm pretty happy with my sony ericsson w600i.. :D
  601. D

    Hmong people exist in Australia!

    one of my cousins from there visited us in WI a few years back.. :D
  602. D

    New Hmong singer: Lao Moua

    I just LOVE his singing voice.. that's all.. :D he can improve on the dancing and stuff, but the voice is SO PERFECT... well that's my opinion... :D
  603. D


    Well my name is easy. :) Der ... which is spelt Dawb in Hmong. :) It means "white" and all the good stuff the color represents.. I think.. hehe.. :D
  604. D

    how tall are you?

    I'm about 5 feet 7 inches tall.. :D tho I'm not 5'10"; for a HMONG girl, 5'7" is pretty darn good. :D
  605. D


    what a WASTE of sofa time... I mean, the girl is impressive compared to what I've seen in the past.. but the story just DRAGS..... all of part 1 is them hugging at the lake.. I think something could have been done to make it better.. they spent more time on the dvd cover than the dvd itself...
  606. D

    Hmong Music Videos

    eclipse was OK - though I think some coulda been better
  607. D

    A Fairy from wonderland

    this is also at d-addicts.. but I think the pace for this series is really slow... it came out in like.. February? and they only have a few episodes subbed...
  608. D


    you can find the english subbed episodes at search: return of the condor heroes.. :)
  609. D


    w really???? there are so many Hmong girls out there who want to be stars.. why not find someone with some Hmong fluency?? my god...
  610. D

    Kev Hlub 120

    :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: are you serious?? Then why would Tria star in that movie anyways??? maybe they coulda used a different girl... I still wanna see it.... :sweat:
  611. D

    Are these movie good?

    aw shucks--- my mom borrowed 2 of those movies and I never watched them... though I watched the first one with Hnub Lis... it's pretty interesting- BUT the dude that she first "dates" in the movie is like a player and gets like 5 women pregnant at the same time... ladda ladda.. i don't know...
  612. D

    new movie coming out kevhlub120

    really? I was hoping it would be good since I know the dude who is in it.. lol
  613. D


    really?? I wanna see "tso tsis tau koj tseg".. I didn't know there was such a movie out! lol..
  614. D


    really?? !! darn it.. I wanted to see it.... well if I see it and the cover looks attractive- maybe I'll give up a few dollars to support the Hmong work.. :)
  615. D


    they used this picture in a different movie cover .. and the girl was in it.. I didn't think that she looked like the girl in the picture at all... is it just all computer-fixed?? :unsure:
  616. D

    Kev Hlub 120

    thanks to kev_hlub's Hmongblog link.. I found this.. picture credits from hmongblog.. ahem- the guy Tria Thao.. goes to school with me.. hahaha.. - and I just found that out when I was reading the synopsis.. :shocked: I am shocked.. lolz.. I gotta see it... since I didn't make it to July...
  617. D

    -Hmong Dubbing Tearm-

    haha I agreee... my favorite was when she said eating noodles will make "you lus ntsis muaj os os" .. haha.. however it is spelt in Hmong.. heehee... :lmao:
  618. D

    How old are you?

    really?? I want to grow taller.. I'm 5'7" and I want to add a few more inches to my height.. lol
  619. D

    preity zinta

    I agree.. she is cute... I really hate it when she does movies with rani though.. because they are both so loving.. and it just makes me jealous of both of them.. instead of one.. lol...
  620. D

    New Movie Release!!!!!

    yeah he is hot... to me- he is the first hot hmong actor.. lol.... but I dont like his music..... do they still make her look chinese in parts 3 & 4? did you cry ?? ehe.. I cried watching parts 1 & 2... although it was a bit slooow at times.. lol
  621. D

    Maiv Xyooj

    Maiv Xyooj is okay.... I like a few, hate a few... But I can only listen to her music from time to time....
  622. D

    -Hmong Dubbing Tearm-

    awww-- if my hubby would be interested then I would ask him and myself to help with the dubbings too.... but I don't think he will chip in - since he is NOT a drama person... lolz... that's why I'm counting on all you girls and guys to make another cool project! Thanks so much!!
  623. D

    -Hmong Dubbing Tearm-

    Thank you all for working so hard on this dubbing project. I hope that you will be able to post some download links for us too, I would love to show your work to my family... Thanks a million!!
  624. D

    [DRAMA 2006] SWEET GUY

    yay! another movie with Lee da hae!!! I haven't seen any movies with this Eric yet... but I'm hoping to see it soon!
  625. D

    It Started With A Kiss

    ah- i agree with you.. but the end when he finally realizes that he "loves" her.. it gets all better.. I really really like their "movie" together where they were taping themselves before their wedding.. it's so "cuh-ai" hahaa.. CUTE!
  626. D

    Flower's Taste

    I think that this was a total waste of money... grrrr.... I didn't like it at all
  627. D

    A Fairy from wonderland

    do u know that "MA" means HORSE in chinese.. lol... anyways... I can upload the 3 episodes that I got from d-addicts... where should I do that?
  628. D

    have any1 seen delightful girl chun yun choon

    tell me about it.. some Hmong translations get on my nerves.. that's why I don't buy them anymore - unless I am really really really obsessed.. lol.... (Like I did for the Chinese Paladin) hrmm... I would rather order an original online anyway- if you pay 20 bucks for 2 parts translated into...
  629. D

    A Fairy from wonderland

    I can only find episodes 1-3 on d-addicts.. that's it.. anyone know where else to find them??? I really want to see it... *sigh.. the OST is so good!!!
  630. D


    omg- u got a HOT signature picture.. lol- he is so cute :sweat: I think he should play as an evil guy more often.. i just watched "the promise" .. :ph34r:
  631. D

    Hmong July 4

    lol- I know it went by fast.. yesterday was just new year's day.. lolz.. .j/k.. I decided not to go- since I'm BROKE... :sweat: maybe I'll go back next year where some things might be more original.. lolz
  632. D

    Hmong July 4

    Oh PLEASE tell me how it was- before I make my lastminute decision to drive 6 hours from Madison to stp... grrhhh..
  633. D

    Return of the Condor Heroes 2005/6

    Sorry.. I am not sure if there is already a topic on this, since I didn't find one.. But I want to know who has seen it and what you all think about it? I've seen bits and pieces of it.. and I am addicted to it.. lol :sweat:
  634. D

    Cawm siav tua kev hlub

    OMG are you serious that JOY sang the theme songs.. hahaha.. Makes me love this lakorn MORE AND MORE... lol.. If only the thai version from ethaicd had subtitles.. *tear
  635. D


    hey- who's Mina?
  636. D

    E.T. New Move

    yeah I think it is kinda weird.. but they are stories from family members I think... His brother always tells me that they're stories of what his uncles or relatives go through- so I guess it's almost true.. hehehe... but who knows :sweat:
  637. D

    E.T. New Move

    hmm.. the girl in the pix with ET looks like the same one from one of his previous movies.... anyway- I think his older brother is HOTter
  638. D

    eightti vang

    gosshhhhhh- he has this one song that is just SO TOUCHY FEELY... "Kuv Ua Npau Suav" or something like that.. I love it so much...
  639. D

    Maiv Xyooj

    Her music style has been the same eversince she started. If you pay attention to the music instrumentals and stuff, they are all the same type.. which gets really really boring because her music seems to be never changing and she always has new albums out.... sorry fans :wacko:
  640. D

    How old are you?

    I'm gonna be 19 in 6 days from today (april 24)!!! it's exciting, but then next year I'll be 20... eeee....
  641. D


    hmm.. I'm staying in WI... I love it here.. wouldn't miss it for anybody
  642. D

    [Serie] Devil Besides Me

    I agree.. he is HOT.. the other guy is HOT too..... but then I forgot his name... lol... I really didn't like the ending because he ditched rainy... but that's ok.. ehhe.. he came back
  643. D

    Full House Or My Girl?

    what a hard decision.. but I finally voted for My girl because it really is addicting... She's got that charm that Full House didn't.... and teach me how to lie.. hahaha.. Just Kidding. I love the ending though.. incorporating choon hyang in there too... love it!
  644. D

    My Girl (KDrama)

    ahahaha... :lmao: I totally LOVE the last few minutes of this drama!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I never watched it until this week... ahahaha.. Thanks so much for sharing and all the reviews! I feel so slow.. haha. ;)
  645. D

    My Girl (KDrama)

    haha... this is SO GOOD.. I watched the first 12 episodes in one day....... !!! :sweat:
  646. D

    Marry a Millionaire

    I agree it's sorta slow, but I like it.. I think it is pretty good... I'm still stuck at the episode where she threw his ring at him... *so sad.... but I think he is SOOOOO DARN HOT when he wears jeans with those hooded sweaters... damn- kills me
  647. D

    E.T yang

    yeah I know.. his dad.... It was really :shocked: because I welcomed him into our home, but then i totally called him the WRONG name!!! AAaaah... I called him a different uncle's name.. :sweat:
  648. D

    fly me to polaris

    yes.. that's the one.. Thanks so much JenJen! actually I had the song before.. then I lost it.. and then someone bought the DVD for me as an early b-day present... I watched it, and fell in love with the movie again... hehe.. so sad.. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy now! thank you thank...
  649. D

    preity zinta

    I thought she looked so gorgeous in Salaam Namaste.. loved that one
  650. D

    Bollywood News

    Oooh! EXCITING!! JUHI CHAWLA back on the media!!!!
  651. D

    do you know who did a breast sugery?

    haha- are you sure? I disagree with "all" hmong girls having large boobs... lol.. But I'm pretty happy- don't know why she would want bigger ones
  652. D

    E.T yang

    really? he has a mv out?? I saw his dad yesterday but didn't bother to ask... lol ..
  653. D

    fly me to polaris

    aha! funny... if I don't sign in, then I don't see the Chinese forum.. how strange. lol.. Do any of you think if I requested for the song in the Chinese forum, would anyone upload the song for me?
  654. D

    fly me to polaris

    Does anybody have the song for this Chinese movie? also, what happened to the Chinese forum ?
  655. D

    Marry a Millionaire

    oh thank goodness you all say it's good.. because I just ordered it online.. hehehe.. thanks!
  656. D

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    wait- isn't it already out though? Because I thought I saw it for sale somewhere for all 24 episodes?
  657. D

    It Started With A Kiss

    I'm waiting for my copy to get in the mail.. hehehe.. :P
  658. D

    [Taiwan] The Prince Turn Into Frog

    I just bought it on eBay... SO EXCITED to receive it sometime this week!!!! hahaha
  659. D

    University of Wisconsin - Madison

    I feel bad - I didn't go... but then I had other priorities that had to be taken care of first... how was it?
  660. D

    Do you speak white or green?

    ok- she's a liar.. my little sister.. omg we speak white.. haha.. u are obsessed with PINK missy...grrrrr
  661. D

    Eclipse music video

    I think some of the IIU songs were good, but I cant' find one of the songs in any of their albums..... the music videos were alright, i guess.... and why would a hot girl do a movie with the blong guy anyway?? no offense ok?
  662. D

    what do you guys think about tsab mim xyooj?

    she's my distant uncle's brother-cousin's daughter..... and they told us that her husband abused her, so she divorced him to get out of an abused marriage.. I think it was a good idea.
  663. D

    share true real life love story

    I guess everyone has a story of their own.. :) In my life, I will only have one story that has its twists to and from where I am at now... During the eighth grade, I met a wonderful man, named *Guy1. He and I talked to each other for a summer until I went to highschool for my freshman year...
  664. D

    Hmongs New law

    I agree- To me, It's like a source of security- to make sure the husband doesn't go off cheating or the wife doesn't go off cheating b/c when u go complain to the OGs, they'll be like, "oh money this money that so do this and that... " u know what I mean?? But I think this price set law is...
  665. D

    A Very Promsing Hmong Movie!

    above all that- I just don't support yeng tha's productions at all. I only borrow from other people and watch - because he seems too conceited- I don't support conceited people... I mean- look at it, he write the stories, he makes himself the star of the story, and then he's the producer AND...
  666. D

    destiny mv preview

    well- I guess that's what happens when Hmong people VOLUNTEER for something that will be sold for a bunch of money... What a waste of time and money
  667. D

    Hmong Actor & Actress

    ahaha- how cute you are.. .I just think she's pretty lucky- that's all
  668. D

    hlub nrog nkau zaj (chinese movie translate into hmong)

    Yeap- that's the one I got.. I still need to get the last two parts- got no idea where to buy it since I don't live in a city with Hmong stores... aka Madison.. lol- But I was SO FREAKIN MAD when I found out that my cousins who borrowed it messed up my video quality for it! I was so angry...
  669. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    hmm- are you the one on the left side of the top left picture? either way- your pictures are wonderful. Wish my friends didn't run with their guys and take pictures with me instead.. geeze.. lol
  670. D

    Txij Nkawm Teev Kua Muag

    for picture- go to "tub yaj" new movie thread.. someone posted the picture there. :)
  671. D

    Pagnia Xiong: Singer

    Do you and your sister both go to UW-Madison? B/c I noticed on your first link it was a webspace from :)
  672. D

    Whose better looking, acting, and singing???

    what other movies have he done besides that sady crybaby one? It was my first time to see him in a movie
  673. D

    Txij Nkawm Teev Kua Muag

    Great movie- couldn't have been better..... the "white" makeup look wasn't the best, but that's ok too. So many painful emotions in that movie... I really think the ending could have been done better though. But- I still like it. I could watch it over once in a while- not all the time... b/c...
  674. D

    Whose better looking, acting, and singing???

    not voting because I already know ET, so that would be biased.... lol
  675. D


    All models are gorgeous in their own ways. :) To me, it's just sorta disturbing to see a Hmong girl wearing a Thong and bra in a picture posted publically... hehe.. other than that, it's great to see Hmong models evolving in many different directions. :)
  676. D

    Hmong Idol

    Visit: Congratulations Pagnia!!!!! I knew you could do it! :) All of us here in sarnworld are honored to have you as a member too! :) Looking forward to your album!
  677. D

    Most common last name in China, Xiong

    ***Sigh... if that were true- then maybe I would be part of the noble family too... but thanks for the information. :)
  678. D

    What do you want for Christmas!

    Maiv- Hope all goes well for you though. :) Mistakes are made for you to become a better person emotionally or physically. Remember that one quote, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." ... On the Christmas thought.... I've got 1/2 of what I want for christmas now.. :) I wanted some...
  679. D

    which drama/lakorn was NOT a waste of $$ for you?

    When you bought Ciscasla, did you have some parts in hard cover and some with paper covers? I dont' know why the stupid hmong store that I bought from sold the first 2 parts were hard cover and the last two were like, papers.. Grrr
  680. D

    a romantic love comedy

    Her smile is so cute.. :)
  681. D

    MN pageant

    OMG!! She is waaay desperate huh? Miss Hmong 2004 is already done with her turn. Damn, Nalee does not deserve any of this stuff. Well.. that just gives me more reasons to "look down on miss hmong 2004" .. why didn't miss 2004 say anything? :shocked:
  682. D

    A Love To Kill

    I didni't vote.. b/c the couple from sweet 18 wasn't in it.. hehehe.. I haven't seen "Love to Kill" yet so I don't know if I want to vote for them. hehe but what happened to the files at filefront? Please tell me. thanks
  683. D

    hlub nrog nkau zaj (chinese movie translate into hmong)

    I'm so mad that there are 2 companies that dubbed for chinese paladin.. and the fact that the company in loojceebentertainment called it nkauj zaj. because she is DEFINTELY not a dragon. I'm still looking for the one dubbed by the other company with 4 parts. anyone know where I can get it?
  684. D

    MN pageant

    What really happened? Did anyone go? :mellow: If u're not sure of what I'm talking about, go to It's the headlines this week
  685. D

    Radio Station

    I like the christmas one... 94.9 fm
  686. D

    Want to Download Hmong Songs?

    girl- if only you requested them a few weeks ago- Iwould'a uploaded them for you. But after I rebooted my system they all disspeared. :(
  687. D


    hey where in sarnworld do I dl this? let me know.thx
  688. D

    tsis muaj chaws cog siav

    I guess it depends on what you like to watch.. For me, I can watch it if I just sit in front of the sofa all day.. but, there's no point to those movies except watching the actor and actress go on dates together? Is life really that easy? :huh: But when I watch ETs movies, I usually do...
  689. D

    What do you want for Christmas!

    Hmmm.. I've got almost everything I need... cell phone, laptop, desktop, digital camera, mp3 player... uh.. what else would I want.. lots more.. heeheehee.. Yes, I can agree that everyone says that they want their familes to be happy and healthy- but you gotta be kidding me.. there's gotta be...
  690. D

    Want to Download Hmong Songs?

    Here's the link I uploaded for you: Destiny-from aegen sea
  691. D

    hlub nrog nkau zaj (chinese movie translate into hmong)

    Yes, this movie was called "Dragon Love" because I have the Hmong Version too. Back then when I watched it... it was so sad... I seriously cried because they couldn' t be together... But I haven't watched it for the longest time... Maybe I should do that sometime. :) I think her mother is too...
  692. D

    which drama/lakorn was NOT a waste of $$ for you?

    omg! are you serious?!! No wonder I'm so drawn to it and it's so similar too.. Thanks for pointing that out!
  693. D

    tsis muaj chaws cog siav

    lol- of course he LIVES in Madison. I think his mom told me he goes to MATC, and their only sister who's the child after him is going to UW-Madison next fall. They didin't recruit him for the movie.. lol- HIS PARENTS are the directors and writers for all of his movies.. lol.. haha... I can't...
  694. D

    A Love To Kill

    Thank you so much for doing direct downloads. Somehow I just can't do clubbox so I'm so thankful you guys are doing this. Thank you so much!!!
  695. D

    tsis muaj chaws cog siav

    She's also starred in other movies too I think. I think the story was pretty good, but the ending was really really corny... anyway, this winter ET is going back to Thailand to do a movie... that's what my mom said. ETs mom and my mom are friends so she told that to my mom.
  696. D

    sheboygan or madison new year

    lol.. sorry- he told me that the panhia he knew was a thao... sorry. But yes, I do hope you win the competition in the twin cities. I still have that one song that someone posted of you sining ying yang's song and it's really beautiful. Whenever you do have more media or an album of your own...
  697. D

    sheboygan or madison new year

    Good Luck Paj Nyiag!!! You'll do great. You have a strong and beautiful singing voice I am confident you will be one of the best performers up there! Even though I won't be there, I'm sending you some cheers and luck! **woot woot! ps- do u know anyone named paoge xiong?
  698. D

    sheboygan or madison new year

    Madison New Year- because I live in Madison. Don't know nobody from sheboygan except for my mom's sisters' family
  699. D

    Why do men have the right?

    Personally- I think it's just Hmong nature.. For me, it's hard to see Hmong men in our generation equal to us women now. Because now we don't depend on them as much. We can go out and have our own jobs and our parents always tell us "go to school..." you know?? lol...
  700. D

    BoA Official Thread

    I think that it's okay they voted her out of that role, because the girl in harry potter is pretty enough... And Boa's got other stuff to do. still I think that if they were only taking a cast to compare their hermoine then they shouldn't even be making their goblet of fire movie.
  701. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    Thanks you all... But we don't have enough people who has posted their pictures. Please share your pictures too. :)
  702. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    Thanks you all! :) It's an old picture though. It was taken back in 2003. Hopefully we can get some more recent ones after the new year. (Next weekend!!! yay!)
  703. D

    Song Hye Kyo

    Now I need some Litmus wear.. lol- where can I get it?? hehehehe.. j/k
  704. D

    Hmong Icon(HMONG IDOLS) in FRESNO on November

    good luck to all the contestants... I would enter if I had the $$ to get a ride down wherever it took place.. lol .. and if I had the vocal.. which I don't..
  705. D

    Hmong Girls Soccer

    Hey- have fun with your soccor team. I wasn't gifted with soccor, Stand up for us Hmong Ladies.. :)
  706. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    Ook- as I promised- here's my picture.. :) With my special person.. :wub:
  707. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    lol- I don't know. It only fulfills me 50% of it.. hehe
  708. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    lol- I haven't been here for a while.. lol.. but seems like Pepper-UHT beat me to it.. I'l post one up asap.. :) After that- all you post too!
  709. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    that was probably only a class presentation.. they're not wearing the whole and correct attire...
  710. D

    [SBS] Green Rose

    Oh- there's this person on ebay that sells some good korean dramas. They're like, 8.99 each with like, 16-18 dollars shipping. If you buy 8, you get one free... But you don't get shipping discount.. so it's actually like, 20-some dollars per episode? I guess it's cheaper than buying from online...
  711. D

    Hmoob TV Show

    well, some hmong communities are stingy- I don't think that they would ever air Hmong videos on tv... But then who knows if there will every be a Hmoob TV show because Hmong people always criticize each others' work...
  712. D

    [SBS] Green Rose

    omg! she's the evil girl from Sweet 18.. lol.. I really want to see it now. She reminds me of the cute Jang Nara. Can someone please upload this series??? I would just rent it from the store, but they only have it in a different region... PLEASE... :P
  713. D

    Shopping for *Gold*

    I dunno- I guess it's their generation... Gold isn't worth all that much to me.. I just like a small chain to wear- just because I'm hmong.. heeehee...
  714. D

    which drama/lakorn was NOT a waste of $$ for you?

    well- if you're talking about the hmong version that was dubbed from "Laos"... it has 4 parts- that's what I was told. At the greenbay new year in WI here, they only had parts 1 and 2 out. I bought those two and i'm hoping that I can find the last 2 parts somewhere... The translators chose...
  715. D

    are you male or female?

    so who's a guy in here? I'd like to know. :) **I'm a female
  716. D

    Shopping for *Gold*

    No- actually when you go to those asian markets.. 1 "ba" stands for like, I'm guessing, a size of the chain that you want? And then they take that size and multiply it by how much it actually weighs, so if you're like, buying a 12 inch 1 ba necklace, it's like, 300 some dollars.. My mom bought a...
  717. D

    Post your picture in Hmong Clothes

    Since the new years are coming up real soon or has already passed- could all of you share your pictures in Hmong clothes with us? I really want to meet everyone and see you all in Hmong clothes.
  718. D

    Shopping for *Gold*

    Some of my family including myself drove all the way from Madison to Chicago to buy "gold" jewelry... now 1 'ba' costs $260... is it reasonable?? also- we parked in that asianvillage parking lot- and we were only supposed to pay 4 bucks for 3 hours of parking and that gay asian guy charged us 6...
  719. D

    A Love To Kill

    **sIGH- How I wish I was her... :sweat:
  720. D

    Lub Caij Nplooj Zeeg (Autumn Love Story/Endless Love, etc

    I agree with Mae... it's always better to have the same covers.... a few years ago I bought a thai lakorn translated into hmong called "Ciscasla" with joy and willy... The first two parts were hardcover and then the cheap @** hmong company switched to the cheap paper covers that only cost them...
  721. D

    which drama/lakorn was NOT a waste of $$ for you?

    Ooh- is that the one with Kim hee sun and the shoe fashion thing? If it is- I absolutely