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  1. sreyya

    Yaya Urassaya & Barry Nadech:Duang Jai Akanee Premium

    gosh they are so hot together!! i can not wait to see this lakorn...........hmmmmmm hope there is a kissing scene :slapandkissse3: ok i rather have a slap and kiss :kiss3:
  2. sreyya

    thank you for the bday wish:)

    thank you for the bday wish:)
  3. sreyya

    Anne Thongprasom & Her Knights :Praew's 31st Anniversay

    What happen to Will and Ken???? would be even more awesome with them all there.
  4. sreyya

    Pimmada Boriruksuppakorn

    OMG who's Wan? do you have a pic of him??
  5. sreyya

    Aff tasakorn

    Very sexy cover of Aff and i am loving it!!!
  6. sreyya

    Aff tasakorn

    Very sexy cover of Aff and i am loving it!!!
  7. sreyya

    Yui Jiranan

    Love YUI JIRANAN :blush: she is one of my favorite under rated actor. want to see her in more lakorn and with better male lead!!! like this kind of wild side to her shoot, beautiful and she need to do more of this shoot.
  8. sreyya

    Barry Nadech & Janie Thienphosuwan

    OMG!!!!! LOVE the freakin hot!!! wow nice to see Barry and Janie reunited in a second photo shoot. first time i was Barry was in a shoot with Jaine. i know Barry is to young for Janie but i smell a lakorn together.....or is it just me <_< :lol:
  9. sreyya

    Rome, Ja Jittapa, Yardthip, Louis, Pat, Taew, Great, Boy Pakorn

    I am so with you on that!!! I am so in love with Taew :wub: After seeing her lakorn with Aum i love her even more and him too!! like that pose where Taew is standing next to Louis, hwt!!
  10. sreyya

    Pim Pimmada

    wow Pim is so freakin hot!!!!! omg i love her HOT :wub:
  11. sreyya

    7 Prachan Barn

    Yay....Art and Namfon. wait they had another lakorn together??? could someone please tell me about the other one??? i had no idea they had one before this.
  12. sreyya

    [Ch3] Plerng Torranong (Makers Group)

    this is such an exciting news!!! i hope it is confirm, they make such a hot couple
  13. sreyya

    Khun Chai Thid Roo Khun Noo Thid Din [Sook Sun Hunsa2]

    :D OMG!!!!!! :wub: i so love them two together beside Noon and Aon!! i am so excited!! do anyone have any more info about this lakorn?? :wub:
  14. sreyya

    Sririta Jensen: Summer Breeze

    love this photo shoot of her and i sooo love her wardrop!! shes so sexy
  15. sreyya

    Soccer Match celebrating Ch3 40th Anni.

    thanks for the update. darn that sucks that match didn't take place, was looking forward to seeing pics from this big event.
  16. sreyya

    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    Surprisingly the teaser was actually good for a cast of newbies. the only cast i know in this alkorn is Barry cuz he did a photo shoot with Janie. i might watch but the main girl is not that pretty.
  17. sreyya

    Ken & Ann : 365 Wan Hang Rak(365 Days Of Love)

    I love how cute they are!! Thanks for posting the pics:)
  18. sreyya

    Khun Nai Sam Salueng

    :D :D thank you so much for posting the pics :D is there more pic of Namfon and Tye??? could you please tell me if they have lots of sweet scenes together?? thank you again.
  19. sreyya

    Ruen Hor Ror Hien (Broadcast Thai)

    YES Louis finally get the leading role for once. i think he's an amazing actor and i can't wait to see his skill as leading man. so excited for this lakorn.
  20. sreyya

    Khun Nai Sam Salueng

    OMG i am dying for to see this lakorn. what an awesome pair, love the both of them and yes finally more lakorn from Namfon adn my baby Tye :blush:
  21. sreyya

    Bie Sukrit, Vill Best, Fang | Pancake

    YES Bie and Fang together again in another photo shoot!! i love them and they look so hot together :wub: wonder if they would reunite for another lakorn. i do however love the fact that Bie never star with the same actress twice.
  22. sreyya

    Ken, Rome, Cherry, Nok Jariya, Ah'Niroot:Ch3 40th Anni

    OMG!!! the last 2 pics of Lome is so freakin sexy :blush: but were are KEN's PICS??? :(
  23. sreyya

    Tik Jessadaporn: The Great Escape

    :wub: wow....forgot how handsome Tik is!! haven't seen him for so long!! i am looking forward to see his lakorn with Aff :wub:
  24. sreyya

    Chompoo Araya

    gosh she's so beautiful!! she looks great in all of the pics.
  25. sreyya

    Soccer Match celebrating Ch3 40th Anni.

    soccer match sounds like so much fun!! wish i was there to see it in person. is there any pictures from this event???
  26. sreyya

    Pim Pimmada

    so disappointed that its just the cover. i wanted to see the inside. i love Pim, she so pretty.
  27. sreyya

    Om Akapan [LOSE YOUR GUT!]

    OMG!!! Om is so frakin hot and sexy :wub: gosh they need to give him the leading role.
  28. sreyya

    Bie Sukrit, Vill Best, Fang | Pancake

    i must be late cuz i had no idea that Fang is a nabg'rai in a lakorn. when is it coming out please?? she's been in lots of lakorn but only in small part and i hate it!!! i soooooo love Fang and it's nice to see her and Bie in a lakorn together.
  29. sreyya

    Aff Taksaorn & Aum Atichart: The Perfect Match

    what a HOT couple!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: i love them together and i wish they would just get together. love the photo shoot
  30. sreyya

    Bie, Ruj, and Singto the star

    awwww.....Bie is so cute. they all look great. i do love the cover.
  31. sreyya

    Punch Worakarn: Good Girl Idol

    she has amazing eyes and lash!! wish my lash was that long. Punch is so pretty and i love the dresses
  32. sreyya

    Andrew, Chakrit, Ken, Tik J, Aum A, and Pong N.

    i refuse to vote in this poll!!! :ph34r: :o they are all to hot ans sexy and i can not choose!! Andrew - prince charming on a white horse!! need i say more Chakrit - every time i see his lakorn he makes me drool Ken - i have a hard time breathing just watching his lakorn, not to mention...
  33. sreyya

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    WOW!!! i had no idea that Kelly speck English so well and is it me or did that made him hot!!! Utt gosh i soooooooo love him :wub: i would so love to hear Ken and Mart speck English. thank you to everyone for taking you time to up loading all of those video :D and i watched them all
  34. sreyya

    Golf, Mike, Peck, Chin, & Dan dancing to Billie Jean

    OMG!!! they were all so cute and hot. thanks for sharing ^_^
  35. sreyya

    Hua Jai Ploy Jone (Exact)

    YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Mos and Pim again. i so love them and they r su cute together. can't wait to see it!! i love Pim she's so pretty. i would love to see her and Pong in a another lakorn again!!!!
  36. sreyya

    Lui [DIDA]

    Why do Yui always get all of the action lakorns??? she never get any romantic, slap and kiss, or R Scene. lately she also been getting the second lead. arrrrrggggggg......she such a good actor!! they need to give her better part and scripts
  37. sreyya

    Seu Ruk Chuck Yai Olaworn (Broadcast)

    :yahoo: i so love the lakorn and i cant even understand thai!!! goodness Aon is so frakin sexy :drool: :wub: the chemistry between Aon and Noon is incredible :wub: i sooooooo love the two of them together. Monkey is so freakin funny!!
  38. sreyya

    Pete Thongjeur, Pip Rawit, & Job Niti: Father's Heart

    OMG!!! the kids are super cute :spin: i had no idea that pete, pip, and job were even fathers!!!! they look so good to be their age and their kids are soooo lovable
  39. sreyya

    Chompoo Araya: Naughty & Nice

    Whoa!!! those are some very hot and sexy pics of Araya!!! i love the last pic with her boobs showing.....very nice hehehehe :blush:
  40. sreyya

    Cee Siwat & Amy Klinpratoom on I DO Magazine

    they both look so cute and lovely together!! i love the photos of them.
  41. sreyya

    the new andrew gregson

    uhhhhh is so hot :drool: nope he's prefect to me, dont like too skinny guy. so excited that he's returing to the spotlight
  42. sreyya

    Benz Pornchita

    Benz is so sexy! look at those killer legs :blink:
  43. sreyya

    Seu Ruk Chuck Yai Olaworn (Broadcast)

    hey did someone say they were tired of seeing Aon and Noon together cuz they already have so many lakorns??? really??? did i miss it??? i thought the only lakorn they were in was khuey yai saphai lek?? unless is in stock than that dont count. and in khuey yai saphai lek they werent the leading...
  44. sreyya

    Noon Sirapun: Turn To Comedy

    NOON IS SO SEXY!!!! i love her and thanks for sharing. YEAH she and Aon reunited finally :wub: :yahoo:
  45. sreyya

    Dome Pakorn Lum: Konnichi wa Kobe

    WOW!!! :o Really Moonstar??? did Ploy wanted him to disapper for a while and they end up breaking up?? gosh :blush: i am so behind on the news since i havent been on here for a while. i didnt even know they broke up and she was going out someone else. YES my baby Dome is so freakin hot and sexy...
  46. sreyya

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    OMG!!! i cant wait to watch this lakron. i love oil and bua....and to see them together finally. oh and you said a slap and kissing scene :yahoo: :slapandkissse3:
  47. sreyya

    Dome saying Happy New Year to all fans :)

    thanks!!! Dome is so hot.....but is it me or.....did Dome get skinner than before??? i love him when he was younger with RS he had an amazing body. i love his new music though :lol: sorry if i affend anyone.
  48. sreyya

    Ken suits...?

    Janie all the way for me cuz the first time i fell in love with Ken was the first lakorn they had together!!! :wub: so i am stick on Janie and Ken :yahoo:
  49. sreyya

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Roly-Poly

    OMG!! Janie is so freakin pretty. i love her and she look like one of those aberombie & fitch modles in all those poses!!!
  50. sreyya

    Peter Corp Dyrendal

    :wub: Peter is still so hot and sexy!! i miss his sexy voice and smile.....and that killer body hehehe.....
  51. sreyya

    Andrew Gregsons next co-star

    i want to see andrew with janie again!! they havent made a second lakorn yet and i love them in the first one. guess i would also like to see him with Yui (dearming) or fang
  52. sreyya

    Who is your favorite actor?

    KEN!!!!!!! :yahoo: KEN and KEN ALWAYS!!!
  53. sreyya

    P'Yui on a Charity show w/Kob and CEEEEEE

    i totally agree!!! Yui and Cee look soooooo good together. i wish they would do a lakorn together!!!!!!
  54. sreyya

    Yui Jiranan: Sexy Goddess

    the first lakorn i remember of Yui is the one she's in with Vee and than the next one wit Mos i think.
  55. sreyya

    cutie jaja

    i love JaJa she's so freakin pretty. i wish she have a leading role sometime soon and with Andrew C. i will forever wait for that day :spin:
  56. sreyya

    Oil & Fang

    :yahoo: oMG!!!! Fang and Oil are back together again.....ok dating for now but i am still so happy for them. they are so hot together and it would be so nice to see them in a lakorn. hoping that since they are...they'll make one :yahoo: :dude:
  57. sreyya

    Pinky's Indian Movie

    oh i wonder who they are going to pair her up with???? i would like to hear Pinky speak Hindi and since she's new to Bollywood maybe...John Abraham, Shahruk Khan, Arjun Rampal, Saif Ali Khan, Tushar Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, the hot Hrithik Roshan, Zayed khan.....guess i have to wait to find out...
  58. sreyya

    James Ruangsak

    James is so hot.....check out that body!!!! goodness i dont mind hairy body cuz its James hehehe :P
  59. sreyya

    9 Entertainment Awards 2008

    OMG!!!! My Peter, Ken, Bie, and JaJa is so hot!!!
  60. sreyya

    Jaja & Andrew C.

    i love JaJa and Andrew C. together and i also fell in love with them watching Sao Pern. i am dying waiting for the day they will pair up together and become lead.
  61. sreyya

    Chompoo Araya & Tangmoe Pataratida

    hey the guy look familiar...he look like John who's in the lakorn with Noon S. and Rome than Tye and Noon S. again????
  62. sreyya

    Itriya Saisanan (Ae)

    AE is so hot!!! i love this photo shot of her and i think she looks way pretty than Aff.
  63. sreyya

    Pah Loke Bunterng

    i love Yui and Arnus but i have to agree that their pass lakorns was not that good. it didnt have any romantic scenes and the both of them are amazing actors. hope the script is awesome in this one...hope for lots of romance.
  64. sreyya

    Janie Tienphosuwan

    as always Janie is just freakin gorgeous. i love her and i do like the color cuz it suit her perfectly.
  65. sreyya

    Mam Kathaleya and son

    her son is so cute and i am happy for her and her family. they always look so happy in the pictures.
  66. sreyya

    willy on praew

    goodness... willy is still hot and sexy!!! and i still dream of marrying him one day hehehehe :lol: i miss seeing him in lakorns and i cant wait when it come out
  67. sreyya

    jaja lookin' cute with her new hairdo

    OMG!!!! i love JaJa she's so freakin pretty. i love that new short hair makes me want to go out and get the same hair cut hehehehe....i want to see her and andrew corine again.
  68. sreyya

    Anne Thongprasom

    OMG!!! i just love her...she's freakin hot and i am loving that red dress. love that she look good in everything she wears.
  69. sreyya

    Amp Suthikarn and Aum Patcharapa

    Aum is hot as always but who's the other chick??? is amp a dara??
  70. sreyya

    Joy Rinlanee Siripen

    joy is cute but i really dont like the bang, its way to short for her. however i do like the dress.
  71. sreyya

    Yok Lai Mek(Broadcast Thai)

    its great that Rome and Janie have another lakorn together again. i hope this time it will take place in the present and more love scene!!! i am still waiting for Janie to reunite with Andrew and Charkit. wonder how long i have to wait for that to happen.
  72. sreyya

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    YEAHHHHHHHHHH....finally my girl FANG get to be n'ek. so glad that the change the n'ek cuz i wasnt going to watch if Fang was not the n'ek :yahoo:
  73. sreyya

    Bie is HOT!!!

    BIE cute and hot like always. i miss seeing him in a lakorn, wonder when his next one will be out.
  74. sreyya

    Hot picture!

    :drool: can stop the drooling....goodness hes so sexy.
  75. sreyya

    Parnwad Hemmanee (Per-i)

    she pretty and the guy is freakin hot. at first i thought he was some unkown new pa'k
  76. sreyya

    Pra'ek With the Best Bottom

    LOL :loool: ur so funny ohitsnoyyy!!!! i agree that Ken and Willy have a nice ass cuz i do check them out in lakorns. i know Dome is not pra'ek but if u watch his music video u'll see how great of an butt he have ;)
  77. sreyya

    Star Entertainment Award 07'

    wow, look at the little bump on Noi's belly...hehehe proud mommy and daddy Ken :D
  78. sreyya

    NOON Sirapan and Tangmo

    Noon look so beautiful in all of the pictures. love how she can make everything looked good on her. i love her.
  79. sreyya

    Pra'ek With Hot Bod

    OMG!! :drool: i cant decide which one has the hotties body!!!! KEN, ROME, MART, TIK, MART, AUM......i am goind to pick all hehehe
  80. sreyya

    Guy in Likit Kammatep?

    he doesnt not look 28 but finally someone old enough for me to like hehehehe
  81. sreyya

    BOY MEETS GIRL Vol.9 No.143

    uhhhhh...i miss oliver...havent seen him in a very long time. wonder how old he was when he took this pics with Rita???
  82. sreyya

    Nat Morris vs Hayden Christiansen

    i agree that they both kind of look alkije...i think its the chin and jawline that make them look alike but hmmmmm....i'll have to go with Hayden since he's older than Nat and i dont want to be a child molester hehehehehe cuz i am older than both of them :blush:
  83. sreyya

    TV POOL Noon Sirapun

    thank you for sharing. Noon is so gorgeous in these pics and i love those sexy dresses on her.
  84. sreyya

    Tye + Noon Pics

    they are so freakin cute together and they look like they are having so much fun. but i would really like to see them in a sexier and hottier shoot. thank you for the pics.
  85. sreyya

    Woman's Story Noon Sirapun

    OMG!!! i lam so loving her and cant get enough of her. she's so hot and i am starting to like the short hair but i love her even better with long hair hehehehe......she have very long legs. i would so love to see her and Aon Sarawut in another lakorn together this time as lead couple.
  86. sreyya

    Thongchai Mcintyre [Bird]

    WOW :o he look amazing foor his age. i would like to look like that at 50!!!
  87. sreyya

    ann, janie, and ken seem to be the only "kissing" actors

    Dont forget Namfon K. and Bee S, i think they kissed in 2 of their lakorns. Chakrit in so many of his lakorns, Tik when he kissed Janie hehehe....hmmmm so many to name i'll get back to it :D
  88. sreyya

    sirita in 1998!!

    i cant believe thats Rita!!! OMG she's so young.
  89. sreyya

    guy in Jumloey Ruk

    OMG!!!! thank you so much Patty :D yeah Ryan is a total hottie.
  90. sreyya

    Metinee Kingpayome and husband

    i like her with long hair. sorry but the short hair makes her look old and wow she's so different. it look like she doesnt have make up on???
  91. sreyya

    Aum P and May

    uuhhhhh...i they are such good friends. i like that Aum always have May's back to matter what.
  92. sreyya

    Mario Maurer and Apinya Sakuljareonsuk

    agreed that the he is cute but who's the chick. i cant really see her face.
  93. sreyya

    Pong and Bee Namthip

    i like the photos of them. they both look so hot. still hoping that Pong and Pim will get another lakorn together ( sorry out of topic ) :blush:
  94. sreyya


    i like her hair....if only my hair would stay like that. it never stay when i curl it. i love scraves but not the one she's wearing.
  95. sreyya

    Rita Jansen

    OMG!!!! she's so freakin matter what she wear. love that Rita can wear anything even rage and still look beautiful.
  96. sreyya

    Star Entertainment Award 07'

    so hard to decide between Ken and Chakrit.....i'll just wait for the results hehehehe.
  97. sreyya

    Num Sornram Theppitak

    :o wow i totally love those pics of Num and Benz!!!! they are so freakin hot and so sexy together :drool: :wub: goodness they make me hot and bother hehehehehe..... :blush: the black and white photos of Num is uhhhh so steamy, make me want to throw myself at him!!!
  98. sreyya

    which guys is hotter?

    KEN KEN KEN KEN KENNNNNNN.....all the way for me and than Rome is next!!! 1. KEN :drool: :wub: 2. ROME :drool: 3. AUM :blush:
  99. sreyya

    guy in Jumloey Ruk

    could some please please please please please post Ryan Jett pic???? i want to see how looks like and how old is he?? i had no idea that Vicky had a brother or that he's even acting!!!!
  100. sreyya

    Ananda Everingham and GF Jit Santhong

    i love him with short hair!!! yes i agreed she do have very nice boobs hehehe....wish my boobs look like this.
  101. sreyya

    Andrew Gregson question

    i miss Andrew too. havent seen him in a lakorn since his last one with Bua. i hope his n'ek will be Jaine also. they were so good in their first lakorn together.
  102. sreyya

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    any more update on when this lakorn will air??? i cant seem to wait after watching the screen caps hehehe...i really want to see the chemistry between Janie and Mart. really have Janie paired with all the hot guys???
  103. sreyya

    nangsao paa kie riew

    i love your banner of Noon mintwink ;) i feel in love with Noon sice that lakorn she had with Aon S. i would like to see them in a leading role hehehe
  104. sreyya

    Pat Napapa: Sport Chick

    thank you for sharing and goodness Pat is freakin hot!!!!! i love every single shot of those eyes, lips and everything about her.
  105. sreyya

    Rome Patchata:A Man At Best

    :o wait Rome and Benz P. singing together???? wow, are they in a lakorn together????
  106. sreyya

    Who wanna see matthew deanes butt!!!??

    yeah what happen to Matthew??? he was so cute back than and i like him better with short hair. so whats the deal with him and Lydia??? is he dating her or did they break up cuz of the whole sugar daddy thing??
  107. sreyya

    Namfon, Stefan, Pinky, Lydia, Tah, etc.

    i love Namfon the best in all of the shoots. hehehehe...wont it be nice to see Namfon and Stefan in a lakorn after seeing this hehehehe....
  108. sreyya

    Rome Patchata:A Man At Best

    :drool: i love the last pic of Rome, he's to die for. goodness the man just ozzzzzzzzz sex appeal.
  109. sreyya

    Dome, Peter Corp and Mos Commerical

    OMG!!!!! :o thanks for sharing kate666!!!!! :yahoo: so many hot guys and i love all 3. PETER DOME MOS :drool: :spin: THANK YOU111
  110. sreyya

    Dome, Peter Corp and Mos Commerical

    hahaha....i totally agreed with you. i will buy all 3 cars if i have the money just cuz they are in the commerical!!!!
  111. sreyya

    Aum,Beam,Rome,Mario,Mart,Film,Por T

    totally true they are all so freakin hot!!!! gosh so overwhelm ^_^
  112. sreyya

    Namfon's New Look

    love her no matter what. same hair just different color thats all.
  113. sreyya


    i love the 1st pic, he so freakin hot even with the glasses!!! he could be my hot dorky nerd hehehee..
  114. sreyya

    Willy Mcintosh is back!

    :yahoo: :clap: I MISS WILLY!!!! so happy that he's back cuz we all miss him. still remember how much i wanted to married him...still do hehehehe..... :lol:
  115. sreyya

    Jannie Tienposuwan

    OMG!!!! i love Janie....she's so freakin hot. i love the 1st pic.
  116. sreyya

    Dome, Peter Corp and Mos Commerical

    i just found this car commerical that is so awesome cuz Dome, Peter and Mos are in the commerical. thought i share cuz 3 of the most sexy guys are in it. i was also hope if someone could tell me when this commerical was shot???? was it recent or old since i havet seen them in a commerical...
  117. sreyya

    great news andrew gregsons fan!

    oh i cant wait to see Andrew again. i miss him so much since his last lakorn with Bua. i hope he is reunited with Janie since it has been a very long time since there first lakorn togather.
  118. sreyya

    Joy Rinalee

    i dont know what Aom is doing but its true that she gets prettier every year. but i love her fawless skin!!!
  119. sreyya

    Aum, Vee, Weir, and Nam?

    i like Nam but i prefer him with short hair not that he's not hot, Nam just look better with short hair for me. but all the guys are hot and Weir is growing on me hehehe...
  120. sreyya

    Sirita Jenson

    I LOVER HER!!! couldnt she get any hottier???? love all of the photos of her.
  121. sreyya


    :o gosh, thanks for the news but i hope Mos feel better soon. that is so true the press need to leave him alone so he can recover, happy and glad that he is doing better.
  122. sreyya

    rome & aff presenter of a drink

    they do look good together. any chance that they might have a lakorn together??? Rome is so freakin hot!!!! is it me or is his hair shorter???
  123. sreyya

    Link to OHO Magazine Grand Opening

    thank you for sharing!!! my baby Willy still look hot ans sexy. everyone looked great and Aom is so pretty.
  124. sreyya

    Bee Siwak

    i do love Bee and Namfon together!!! to be honest all the lakorns i have seen of Bee are when he's pair up with Namfon. beside that i hate to see him with another actress cuz him and namfon are great together. but i totally agree with u all that they need another lakron together. goodness this...
  125. sreyya

    Por Thrisadee & Pat Napapa

    i love them and Por is hot!!!! love Pat to but the color on her lips are too dark and i dont like her hair pull back, still love her since she is my fav
  126. sreyya

    Anne Thongprasom

    i love her!!! she is so freakin hot.
  127. sreyya

    Steamy Shahkrit

    i think all the girls were to busy checking out Chakrit but i wanted to check out how the chick was responding to him and goodness.....i if i was her i'll be doing all the leading know since i am a very passionate person myself ;)
  128. sreyya

    rita and hugo's movie

    the movie was not scary at all. but they look great together and darn that kissing scene was hot!!! i dont like the ending cuz after all of that Hugo died!!!
  129. sreyya

    actors with style

    i think my hottie Ken have style. Ken looks hot and amazing in anything he wear :wub: :drool: hmmmmm....both him and Chakrit have killer style!!!
  130. sreyya

    Paula Taylor and Marc Nelson

    hehehehe....damn i want to join the amazing race too if i'll end up with a guy like him. as long as paula is happy...i mean who wont be right ;)
  131. sreyya

    Lydia clarifies her relationship with the former prime minister

    hmmmm....i would really like to know what its like behide close door with it true that he is just "dad" figure and nothing more???? but wait i thought she was dating Mattew Deane????? why would you go from Matthew Dean to the PM???
  132. sreyya

    Ch3 Upcomings of 08

    OMG!!!! 2008 lakorns sounds like it will be awesome and i can not wait for it. Oil and Janie :o :yahoo: i never thought that this pair will ever happen and i am dying to see it!!!!!! what is this about by baby Aon S. filming an upcoming lakor???? please tell me that it is true.
  133. sreyya


    i totally agree wtih you but i am wondering who it will be with cuz it would be awesome. just think about it...Rome kiss and getting slap at hehehehehe...
  134. sreyya

    Steamy Shahkrit

    Lord oh Lord.........damn i wish that was me!!!!! :o that was not PG but RRRRRRRRR and thank you for sharing that hehehehehe....i always knew Chakrit was very passionate man. i'll be dreaming that that is me tonight :drool:
  135. sreyya

    Pat Napapa & Por Thrisadee: Blanc-Esque

    OMG!!! i love them :wub: they are one of my favortie couple ever. yes the pic could be better but they are so cute together.
  136. sreyya

    Who do you want to see Rome play next with?

    i want to see Rome with Pat next and i would like to see him with Fang even though she's not on the list. i thought since Fang was amazing in Hua Jai Sila with all that crying scenes and Rome looked so manly crying...why not put these two together???? i would like to see Rita with Chakrit...
  137. sreyya


    ROME is hot and sexy :wub: i just love him and he's improving with every lakorn. goodness the man look hot in anything. i really want to see him in a slap and kiss lakorn. can i even hope to see him in a slap and kiss lakorn with Fang or Pat????
  138. sreyya

    ken & ananda starring in off pongpat's movie?

    :yahoo: Ken and Ananda in the same movie, i cant wait. i am loving Ananda with short hair...he's so cute and my baby Ken is just sexy.
  139. sreyya

    yard & aff on volume

    uhhhhh....they both look so pretty. thanks for sharing.
  140. sreyya

    What happened to Sornram ? Why he is in hospital again?

    oh poor num...i hope he feels better soon and that his luck would turn.
  141. sreyya

    Rome : GLITZ&GLAM

    thanks for sharing :D goodness Rome is just so freakin hot!!!!
  142. sreyya

    tye and yard @ Valentine Lovely Bear

    thanks for sharing :lol: they do look so cute together Yard big eyes and they match with the pink.
  143. sreyya

    Best Lakorn Exact - Scenario 2007

  144. sreyya

    Ken and Noi @ an event

    hehehehe...girl me and you both :D i think we look better in Ken's arms.....dont u think??? ^_^ :yahoo:
  145. sreyya

    TV Inside : Vol. 239 - Vee+Nok Sweet Valentine

    WOW Vee's girlfriend is actually hot. they look so cute together.
  146. sreyya

    Dome and Ploy

    yes they are one hot couple. i love the pics cuz they look so down to earth and very natural.
  147. sreyya

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    yep i know natty but darn if they never dated they would have been prefect in lakron together. you know why they broke up??? i never knew the reason why they broke up. yep mainhiathao Oil and Fang use to date. guess i am just dreaming hoping they will.
  148. sreyya

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    i totally agreed with both SunRise and mainhiathao. i do want to see Oil with Yui again, it has been so long since there last lakorn together and they had perfect chemistry. it would also like to see Oil with Fang, now they looked so good together.
  149. sreyya

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    OMG :yahoo: Janie and Mart :yahoo: i am looking forward to watching this lakorn and like everyone said from the title of the lakorn it is already interesting. cant wait for some more update on this.
  150. sreyya

    Dao Ja Rat Fah(Who & Who)

    wow, its so nice to see Benz out with another lakorn and she gets to play the n'ek!!!!! so happy i cant wait to see this and yeah two of my favorite guy Por and Rome.
  151. sreyya

    rome @ the "sexiest lips contest"

    :drool: goodness look at those nice red juicy lips Rome have. what i wont give to kiss those lips :wub: :wub: thank you for sharing.
  152. sreyya

    Top 4 Actors

    KEN all the way for me. he will always have my heart. he just SIMPLY AMAZING AND PERFECT :wub: Ken will always be number ONE. than Rome, Mart and Aum.
  153. sreyya

    Valentine's Blind Date

    I'll take Mart!!! :wub: goodness a date with him :yahoo:
  154. sreyya

    Aff Taksaorn:Face To Fate

    wow Aff look so mature and serouis in these pics. but she still pretty and hot.
  155. sreyya

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    REALLY :o wow, thanks Phew for the info. Janie or Benz or both with Oil!!! goodness i cant wait to see this lakorn. Never really pic Janie or Benz pairing up with Oil but i cant wait . if not both either one will do since Oil never paired up with them before so this is going to be interesting...
  156. sreyya

    rome's chemistry

    YES!!!!! i totally agreed that they should do another lakorn together as p'ek and n'ek. i wasnt so sure of them at first when i heard they were going to pair up but after watching the lakorn damn they do have great chemistry. i love them more than i like Mart and Rita!!!
  157. sreyya

    Lon Roy Tee Leh Jai(Lakorn Thai)

    totally agree that it is an odd pairing but i'll still watch it cuz i love Janie. for sure she's going to overshadow his acting. maybe they hope in pairing him with Jaine who's an amazing actor will help improve his acting skills ???
  158. sreyya

    Ken and Noi @ an event

    they are such a happy and gorgeous couple. can i say how jealous i am of Noi.....gosh she's so freakin lucky. damn Ken is so HOT :drool:
  159. sreyya

    Mos:Daokrajai Handsome Guys Doing Good

    thanks for sharing rocky:) :spin: so many hot guys!!! goodness i cant even choose.
  160. sreyya

    [Pics]Ken & Noi's Wedding!

  161. sreyya

    Guess This Star??

    yep thats Jaine. i still remember the first lakorn i seen of her was with Andrew and she look just the same in this photo. she gets pettier and pettier!!!
  162. sreyya

    fav. on screen couple

    After watchin Chakrit and Pat i am so in love with this couple. so i voted for them but i dont see Bie and Fang or Ken and Janie.
  163. sreyya

    Ken Theeradeth---I have a big crush on him!

    Ken is an amazing, talented, and an incredible actor whos' able to protray any roles thats given to him. He's sexy, cute, sweet, funny, kind, hot, and everything a girl could ever want or dream of ***sigh*** to me Ken is just prefect. if i only could find a guy half as good as him. first time i...
  164. sreyya

    Ken & Noi: Sweet Double Lives

    :drool: goodness Ken is so freakin HOT!!!! the guy look hot in anything he wear, he make something as simple as jeans and tshirt look sexy.
  165. sreyya

    Din Nam Lom Fai(Metha Mahaniyom)

    uhhhhhh...that suck!!! i thought it was JaJa too but i guess not. i was like wow she with Chakrit goodness i cant wait to see this pair. u think thay could replace this Ja chick with Fang??? i really want to see Fang as the lead with Chakrit.
  166. sreyya

    Parppayon Bunterng : Aff & Umm : Peak & Charm

    totally agreed that Aff looked hot in this shot. Aum is cute but darn he have better lips than i do!!! my lips arent even that red. oh how i wish my lips were like Aum.
  167. sreyya

    Ruk Nee Kiang Tawan(Media of Medias)

    YEAH!!!! wow, OIL and JOY i have been waiting for so long. ok, i am crying and dancing at the same time. goodness i cant wait for this lakron to come out!!!!!
  168. sreyya

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    OMG!!!! i can't wait to see this. still not use to the idea of Mart and Rita with Rome and Noon. they should switch it around since i love Noon and Mart late lakorn together. but from the summery i am reading from u guys it sound awesome!!! now i cant wait :lol:
  169. sreyya

    Ken & Janie Vs. Andrew & Janie

    OMG!!!! this is so hard to decide....i choice not to vote. i love all 3 lakorns and they both are touching and funny in there own way. plus it is note fare cuz Janie and Andrew have only 1 lakorn together while she and Ken has 3 lakorns. so to even this up she and Andrew need 2 more lakorns than...
  170. sreyya


    gosh so hard to decide cuz i love them all. they have amazing voice and are very talented actors. goodness can i just pick all three hehehehehe.
  171. sreyya

    Dome Lam and Kwan Usamanee on Oops!

    uhhhhhh...they look so cute together. damn Dome is so sexy!!!! was it me or was Dome a lot bigger and built during his early 20th. now he's so skinny.
  172. sreyya

    do you consider any nang ek chubby or fat?

    :o they are not chubby or fat. 112 and 114 is actually consider to be normal weights. if 112-114 is consider chubby lordy lordy i dont want to know what fat is. guess most asian have different view of what is consider to be fat cuz my non asian friends would laugh their butt of if they read this.
  173. sreyya

    Next n'ke for Por T.

    i would like to see Por with Janie. they are about the same age and i want to see the chemistry between them two.
  174. sreyya

    Sood Dan Huajai

    i toally agree with Heang!!! why do Fang keep getting supporting role??? she's so talented and awesome!!! Fang is going to end up with Job for sure. i am watching this just for Fang and Num even though they are not pair up together.
  175. sreyya

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    so happy that she's safe and sound. but thats just crazy and scary to get mug like that. cant believe the dude would mug her, do u think he even know who she is????
  176. sreyya

    Ken will be a Daddy - Noi B Pregnant

    WOW!!!! CONGRATS to them and yeah Ken is going to be a father. they both will be amazing parents. cant blam Noi she's at an age were she wants to start a family and its about time hehehehe.... :D
  177. sreyya

    Pat with who?

    POR and PAT for me!!!! love them since their first lakorn together.
  178. sreyya

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    uhh...DAN and BEAM for sure! they are the best hands down.
  179. sreyya

    Top 5 Sweetest Couple in the biz

    i agree with most of the list like : 1. ken and noi 2. mew and kong 3. dome and ploy not sure about tata and prem
  180. sreyya

    do you think Pat and Aff Tusakorn look alike?

    they do somewhat look alike from different angle but i can spot who's who.
  181. sreyya

    Kwan Usamanee

    Kwan is so pretty. OMG!! i love her eyes, wish i had eyes like that.
  182. sreyya

    Channel 3 2008 Calendar

    HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! wow :o i want this calendar. were can i get one???? everyone look so pretty and hot. :wub:
  183. sreyya

    Num Sornram and....who?

    i would like to see Num with Yui since he was never paried up with her and its someone different. i would also like to see him reuntied with Benz.
  184. sreyya

    janie tienphosuwan

    not sure but i wont be surprise if the guy Janie is dating is high-so. it seems like everyone in the business is dating high-so guys. dang i am sure the guy Janie is dating is not even cute but hey beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. i would all so like to see a pic of this guy for snag one...
  185. sreyya

    Ken & Noi

    KEN is so freakin hot in everyone of the pictures :wub: goodness i am so jealous of Noi to have such a hot man like Ken****sigh**** KEN is just so dreamy :drool: :drool:
  186. sreyya

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    OMG i am still in shock hearing this new!!!! rest in peace Big you will never be forgotten and no matter how short of a time thank you for gracing us with ur beautiful voice and being an amazing person.
  187. sreyya


    OMG!!! :o Ann is just so freakin sexy!!!!!!! i love every one of the pictures :wub: :wub: how is it that she manage to look so sexy and not even try. she looks prefect everytime!!!!
  188. sreyya


    not sure but i think its the guy in the very last photo; the one with the hat and white tie. please correct if i am wrong :blush:
  189. sreyya

    Chompoo Araya

    Araya looked very pretty in these photos!!!! cant wait to see her and Mos :lol:
  190. sreyya


    HUA JAI SILA :wub: :wub: :wub: i love that lakorn cuz it has my girl FANG :wub: :wub: :wub: for some reason the lakorn stayed and stood out more with me than roy adeed hand ruk, whick is a good lakorn but Fang make Hua jai sila awesome!!!
  191. sreyya

    Best Teen Actress 2007

    i love Pat :wub: not only is she a good actress but i love how sweet and charming she is. pat is funny and sexy with out trying. she improve with each lakorn and she's amazing and stunning.
  192. sreyya

    Rome Patchata & Dad:Love Dad

    uhhhhhhh so sweet!! i can see were Rome gets his looked from hehehehe...father and son get along so well. thank you for posting :lol:
  193. sreyya

    Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)

    i am hope its also with Rome, Aon S. or maybe Chakrit hehehehe that would be awesome. she seems to be getting a lot of the n'rang roles and supporting role.
  194. sreyya

    Lakorn Trends/Storylines

    the storylines and trends are mostly the same for all lakorns but i love it!!!!!! thats what makes it a thai lakorn. you have to have that; ne'k and p'ek hating each other in the beginning, the misunderstanding, the n'rai breaking them up and etc. even though i know what will happen hehehehe...
  195. sreyya

    Old Pictures of Num & Benz

    ur welcome :lol: justed wanted to share cuz Benz is an awesome actor and for some reason people dont like her that much. she's so freakin talented with the daring roles that she's been able to do :wub:plus Num and Benz need another lakorn together.
  196. sreyya

    Priew: Pat, Yard, Anita, Sara

    wow, i love Pat!!! they all look pretty but i just love Pat more hehehehe...Sara is pretty too, love her eyes.
  197. sreyya

    noon siraphun before and after

    i have to vote for long hair. i love her for making such a bold statement but i prefer her with long hair. she's so beautiful in those photos!!!!
  198. sreyya

    who do u want oil to play with?

    i totally agree with you SunRise!!! i would really like to see Oil and Fang pair up, would be better if it was a slap and kiss lakorn hehehe. correct me if i am wrong but didn't the two break up???? if they did break up i wonder if doing a lakorn together would respark flames ;)
  199. sreyya

    Nang Sao Puck Kee Lew(Duang Malee)

    i like noon and tye but why do they have to make noon wear a wig. she looks so much better with long hair. i hope so too that by the middle of the lakorn her hair will be longer. dang tye hair even look better than her wig!!! but i still watch it either way hehehe...
  200. sreyya

    Hair Trend: Bangs

    i love bangs but i have such a small face that it don't look right on me. however i do have them even though it makes my face smaller and dont know what else to do with my hair. i think all the stars look good with bangs, i dont know why but it brings out there face and jazz up their style.
  201. sreyya


    i'll have to go with Kat!!! she's the best and i love all of her songs.
  202. sreyya

    Pah Loke Bunterng

  203. sreyya

    Caps of Bie when he a kid and in school

    uhhhhhh...he is so cute :wub:
  204. sreyya

    Ch7 Meet and Greet in August 2007

    ohhhhhh...i spotted my baby Arnus and Yui. hmmmm i would have been all over Arnus.look there's Kwan and Note. thanks for sharing kalek :D
  205. sreyya

    Lakorns that are Similar to each other?

    for me it would have to be Tik, Tang and Pim over captain, pang and Fang cuz it was the first and the best. Bie and Fang over Than and Pinky for me. how can u not after watching Hui Ja Sila????? :o goodness the chemstry between Bie and Fand are to die for and they make me bluch none stop...
  206. sreyya

    Thai 2007 Super Model

    i dont think she looks like a model. she's pretty but nothing stands out and make people go wow. and at 16 she looks old for her age. but what do i know since i am not a judge.
  207. sreyya

    Pat Napapa

    i love her!!! she's so breath takingly gergous :wub: :wub: i love how sexy she is with out even trying.
  208. sreyya

    Tata young & Prem's Engagement

    wow!!! congrats to Tata on her engagement. didnt even know she was dating anyone. thank you for the info :D
  209. sreyya


    thanks for sharing. i love Benz and she hasn't been in a lot of lakorns. most of the lakorn she is in she plays the ne'rang.
  210. sreyya

    Thana co-star

    i want to see Oil again with Yui cuz i love them in their last lakorn. i want to see a slap and kiss lakorn cuz i have never seen Yui in one before and Oil is good in that kind of lakorn. if not i'll take anything as long as they pair the two up again hehehehe...for some reason if possible i...
  211. sreyya

    who do you think will look odd by pairing up in lakorns?

    oh i love Dan and Kwan, i think thay might look right together....i need to see a pic of them side by side to see if they match. i love that Dan is dark. the other pair i am not so sure of is the new lakorn coming out with Ken and Pang!!!! they define dont match. chai and namfon p. dont match...
  212. sreyya

    Thai celebrities on Myspace?

    they are all fake except for Louis, Joni, Anan, Tya and Ae they are real. the rest are just made by fans.
  213. sreyya


    thank you :lol: not sure, i like both version of the songs but since i love Dan i'll have to go with Dan.
  214. sreyya


    i am so sorry but can someone post a pic of se7en and the link to the song??? :blush: i really want to hear Dan speak English, never heard him speak english before.
  215. sreyya

    How come Ann never mentions anything about her family, except for her Grandmother?

    :o wow, i didnt know Ann have a brother. her childhood sounds so sad thank god she had her grandmom. it shows how stronger of a person she is.
  216. sreyya

    Janie Tienpusavan

    Goodness can this chick get any hottier!!!!! i just love her and can't get enough of her lakorns.
  217. sreyya

    Noon Sirapun

    i like Noon S. and she's so cute and pretty in this photo shoot. love her since that lakorn with her Ae, Tao S. and my baby Aon S. and other with her and Mart.
  218. sreyya

    Bie with who?

    :wub: FANG...for me it would have to be Fang Fang Fang all the way no doubt !!!!! i just love her and Bie together and i agree that Fang looked hot with Charkit, maybe they should do another lakorn together were Fang is the n'ek hehehehe.....but there's something about Fang that i just LOVE...
  219. sreyya

    benz and Chakrit lakorn

    i love both of the lakorn :wub: i want to see them again since it has been a while. gosh i have seen both lakorn so many times that i forgotten how many time i saw it.
  220. sreyya

    Tong Neur Tae(Planet 6)

    finally a lakorn with Benz as the n'ek and they pair her up with kong :huh: this really suck i wanted to see her again with Num or Chakrit.
  221. sreyya

    Thai Womans Trying to Look Like Western (White) Womans

    u a blond sarN :huh: yeah i dont think that's ur color.
  222. sreyya

    Sufun Nirondon(Who & Who)

    OMG!!! i cant wait to see this. after all of these years Willy and Mew reunited together at last :yahoo: :clap: i remember they were the first couple i truly fallin in love with and god Willy is so freakin HOT. they bring back some good memorys :wub:
  223. sreyya

    Lay Reetai (ch3) [Unconfirm]

    Ken and Pang?????????? not so sure about this. i would rather see him again with Janie, Ann or Aom but Pang :o sorry i love Ken but there's just no way i can picture him with Pang. sorry to say but i might skip this one as much as i love Ken i am not a fan of Pang. fingers cross by an chance is...
  224. sreyya

    Sadtroo Koo Kwan (Kantana)

    wait so Note is not the p'ek anymore :o gosh, could they please give Yui a break. she is one of the most talented actress and they keep giving her sucky role and no hot p'ek!!!! on top of that they keep pushing new young actress when they already have one of the best. i am getting really...
  225. sreyya

    Baan Rao...Jong Jarern (Exact)

    yeah another lakorn with Fang. but darn it she's not even the n'ek that sucks!!!!!!! dang why do Fang keep getting the supporting role when she's a way better actress than Pang!!!! :angry: make me want to scream and pull my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  226. sreyya

    Pat Napapa: Modern Volume

    i love her eyes...they are so big and expressional!!!! so grows more and more beautiful every time i see her. Pat looks amazing in everyone of her pictures.
  227. sreyya

    behind Scenes of Ch3 08' calendar

    thanks for sharing!!!! OMG i cant wait for it!!!! :yahoo:
  228. sreyya

    Pat Napapa: Beautiful Girl

    i love the dresses she has on. they really look nice esp. the blue one. as always she gergeous as ever.
  229. sreyya

    Pra'ek Ma Raeng 2007

    my vote is ROME. this was his year with so many lakorns that he has coming and yet to come, there's no way of stoping him. since this year belong to Roma and Pat ( my opinion :lol: ) i would like to see them in a lakorn together hehehehehe... :slapandkissse3: :yahoo:
  230. sreyya

    N'ek Ma Raeng for the year 2007

    I have to say PAT NAPAPA. the girl is gorgeous and funny!!!!! she gets better and better wit each lakorn and i love her.
  231. sreyya

    Glitz&Glam : Luxury Janie

    Janie is so hot!!! she's gorgeous in here!!! she really can pull off those blue color contacts and hair color. I Love Her.
  232. sreyya

    Chakrit's Tatoo

    i found the picture on Chakrit myspace. i dont know if thats really him or a fan made him a myspace but there is some really hot pics of him. i know dont Chakrit make u drool...he was being bad so i had to tie him up hehehehe....
  233. sreyya

    Behind the Painting

    the song and the movie look so sad. it makes me want to cry :lmao: :spin: this movie made when Ken was younger???? the song is sad but beautiful.
  234. sreyya

    Old Pictures of Num & Benz

    don't know if anyone posted these old pictures of Num and Benz but i thought i would like to share, since i am so obsess with the idea of them doing another lakorn together. *** thanks to and lips(that were i got the pics from)***
  235. sreyya

    Chakrit's Tatoo

    i wish this photo was in color and large so i can see Chakrit tatoo better. is it just me or his hands tied???
  236. sreyya

    ban lung mek the musical remake

    i hope they will have it out on dvd too!!! i really want to see this. Bie look so cute and i cant believe that Jason Young is in this stage musical :yahoo: haven seen or heard of him in a very long time but he still look the same B) wonder what jason is up to after this musical???
  237. sreyya

    TiK vs Oil

    since i cant decide on who to pick cuz they both are so gorgeous, sexy, hot, and cute.....i'll pick both. i only i am suppose to only pick one but it is just so i'll take both Tik and Oil hehehehe. Cuzzzz if ur reading this which one huh???? will it be Tik by any chance khammie???
  238. sreyya

    Favorite Supporing Actors/Actresses

    Jaja Pimrade is my fave supporting actress!!! i would like to see her in a leading role. she's gorgrous and have that n'ek quality. i only have seen Adrew Coronin in one lakorn but so far he's my fave supporting actor...there's something about him that might make him a good p'ek. i want to see...
  239. sreyya

    Sad ending Lakorns

    for me it would have to be Pat and Film even though they weren the p'ek or n'ek, it was so sad when Film died. Leh Pummerate was also sad cuz Pong end up dying at the end and Pim was the only one alive!!!!! such a sad ending.
  240. sreyya

    Priksa Sawad(Step Onward)

    had my hopes all up when i heard that Namfon and Aon has lakorn together and they arent even going to end up together :lmao: :spin: why cant they just give Aon chai role and let him play as an older guy??? how old is Aon adn Namfon K. in real life?????
  241. sreyya

    Pr'ek with the most attractive eyes

    so true they should have Bee Bandith on here!!!!! i can melt in those eyes of his...leave me breathless :spin:
  242. sreyya

    May F., Num Gunchai, and Khem (Thee sip)

    do anyone have a pic of Khem???
  243. sreyya

    Favorite Young Actress?

  244. sreyya

    check this out

    :drool: :drool: :drool: so many hottie!!!!!! hmmm...i am in heaven...can i have all of them??? if not i'll just take Ken, Tik, Chakrit, Por and Mos. they should have add Rome and Bie.
  245. sreyya

    VoTe NoW fOr tHe RiTe gUy fOr PaT nArApA!!!

    i vote for POR!!!! but if u add Chakrit in this list hmmmmm... ^_^ who will come out the top?????? with Mafia Tee Ruk all the rage maybe Chakrit..... :unsure:
  246. sreyya

    Pu Praiya & Dome Pakorn Lum

    DOME PAKORN LUM :drool: Dome is just so hot and sexy. wow that is one hell of a photo shoot with Poo. he should start acting in lakorn, i want to see him since he has been away from the music scene.
  247. sreyya

    Tueng Rai Kor Rak(Polyplus)

    so from the storyline Paul had a misunderstanding about Namfon and he kidnap her to an isloated island ^_^ already it sounds so good. oh i cant wait for this hehehehe...its my kind of lakorn :yahoo:
  248. sreyya

    Priksa Sawad(Step Onward)

    oh this really sucks!!! in the second teaser it looks like namfon p. changed her mind about chai when she was talking to aon!!!! do it mean that she has fallen for chai and is no longer waiting for aon????? so sad if they dont get each other they need another lakorn together. they look so good...
  249. sreyya

    Tueng Rai Kor Rak(Polyplus)

    i can't wait to see this!!! Namfon is so beautiful in the photos. wow, paul get to pair up with the hottest n'ek. he is one lucky dude ;)
  250. sreyya

    Which of your FAV. HOTT COUPLES would you like to date in real life

    Just 2, well mine would have to be : Ken and Janie Bie and Fang Yui and Oil Yui and Arnus Bandit and Pok Chakrit and Pat Por and Pat Rome and Rita
  251. sreyya

    Ning K is now married!

  252. sreyya

    Sadtroo Koo Kwan (Kantana)

    YUI finally get a :slapandkissse3: lakorn but the p'ek is note!!!!!! why, why, why, why, why...cant it be with Oil. he's so good with the slap and kiss lakorn. if not Oil how about Arnus or Vee better yet hot p'ek that she havent been pair up with!!!! :angry: :arrg:
  253. sreyya

    Your favourite n’ek out of these…

    i would have to pick Ann. shes timeless and i watch her since i was a kid.
  254. sreyya

    Priksa Sawad(Step Onward)

    thank you Jieb_Lover!!!! oh nooooooooo....sorry but when i see Chai hugging Namfon it was creepy!!!! i really want her and Aon to get each other in this lakorn. Aon is so hot!!!
  255. sreyya

    Most underrated P'ek/N'ek?

    OMG!!!!!! i am so with BabyT on this!!! i love Yui but she's so underrated!!!!! why cant they pair her up with hot p'ek????? she such a awesome actress but the role they give to her sucks and so does most of her p'ek. beside Oil, Arnus, and Mos i cant think of any other p'ek they pair her off...
  256. sreyya

    Most underrated P'ek/N'ek?

    i totally agree 100% that Puri is so under rated!!! he got to be p'ek only once with Pim and he always end up with the supporting role!!!! i want to see him with more role as p'ek.
  257. sreyya

    the next mafia..

    YES i want to see Ken, Aon S., Tik, Rome and i have to add Bie playing as Mafia!!! i really could pic them being a Mafia.
  258. sreyya

    favorite on screen couple

    so hard to decide on who's my favorite couple right now. there's to many but i am loving Ken/Janie, Bie/Fang,Chakrit/Pat and Rome/Rita. my list is going to gon on forever so i am going to stop here heheeh.
  259. sreyya

    Bie & Fang Exclusive Meeting @ Call Center, AIS

    OMG...i love ur banner Grudgeprincess!!!! Bie and Fang do heat things up hehehehe. they make me blush in every slap and kiss scene and that "R" scene WOW :blush: :wub:
  260. sreyya

    Lakorn Magazines

    OMG :drool: :o ROME is just so freakin hot!!! he's hot in every photo and Rita is just breath taking. thank you so much for sharing Youa :lol:
  261. sreyya

    Baby Chakrit

    uhhhhhhhh....Chakrit is such a cute baby. thank you guys for sharing.
  262. sreyya

    Supporting actress you think out shine the n'ke?

    i will have to go with Fang on this. that girl is really starting to grow on me and i am loving her. she should have really been the n'ke. the only thing i hate was that hair on Fang!!!! why did they give her that hair!!!! <_<
  263. sreyya

    Aff Taksaorn:Spiritual faith

    Aff is so beautiful in these photos, she should get to play the lead role.
  264. sreyya

    Vicky Sunisa

    i love how natural she looks and she's hot in every pose!!!! :o she's dating chai???? i thought she has a boyfriend in the state???
  265. sreyya

    Bie & Fang Exclusive Meeting @ Call Center, AIS

    Yep, the last time i check Oil and Fang did break up. I love Oil but after seeing Fang with Bie i think they sould really date hehehehehe...she the prefect age for him.
  266. sreyya

    Bie & Fang Exclusive Meeting @ Call Center, AIS

    Yep, the last time i check Oil and Fang did break up. I love Oil but after seeing Fang with Bie i think they sould really date hehehehehe...she the prefect age for him.
  267. sreyya

    RS Artist for Grammy - vice versa?

    WOW, really!!! i didnt know James and Dome move to Grammy. i thought they were both still with RS, guess i am really late on the news. tthank you guys so much for sharing. well i hope they both will come out with an album soon ( Dome and James).
  268. sreyya

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    Hi Chuanpitrk, i am so sorry to hear that Goong Kittikhun passed away in a car accident. i have heard some of his music and and do enjoy listening to it. even if i didnt understand it was very soothing and beautiful. such a shame that he was robbed from us when he is an amazing artist. thank you...
  269. sreyya

    Pix of Rome,Janie,Ken and Boom on At 10

    love how hot Rome and Ken look. and gosh Janie is so beautiful sitting between Rome and Ken. damn she's lucky, wish that was me hehehehe.
  270. sreyya

    Rome's next co-star

    like Prisna i want to see Romw with Pat and Ja since u mention it hehehehe...i would also like to add Fang since she starting to grow on me. hmmmmm....wonder if our hope will ever come true Prisna????
  271. sreyya

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    YOUR VERY WELCOME CHUANPITRK :D just happy that i can answers ur question. i love ur country too since i love thai stars and lakorn. want to go visit thailand cuz i was born there and left to the state while i was 2 yrs old. so i really dont remember much of thailand. Wow, louis scott was...
  272. sreyya

    rome @ Estee Lauder event

    Rome can be my Prince Charning anytime he want (sigh ) oh i would love to dance with him.
  273. sreyya

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    no i have been to a lot of Americans weddings and it is appropriate to wear any color dresses that u want. i have been to wedding were the brides maid dress was BLACK !!!! Americans arent superstitious on what color dress u wear. i am cambodian and i wear black dress to a weddings too...i dont...
  274. sreyya

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    Thank you!!! and again ur just awesome Chuanpitrk!!! wow, Peter girlfriend is so freakin hot. Hot sexy guy and hot chick it doesnt get better than that. uhhhh....he's half Danish and she's half Swedish...dude their kids will be so cute.
  275. sreyya

    Priksa Sawad(Step Onward)

    so i am guessing that Namfon is going to end up with Chatchais and not my baby Aon????? i really wanted to see Namfon and Aon together. i mean come on he'll end up sharing a lakorn with a hot chick like Namfon and they dont end up together??? i'll still watch it for them 2 anyway.
  276. sreyya

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    OMG!!!!!!! thank you so much, ur awesome Chunanpitrk :dude: :clap: can't believe my baby Peter Corp Dyrendal was there, oh i am so in love with him :spin: :wub: haven heard of him in so long he need a new album out beside the one with 4gotten!!!! hmmmm....u could please tell me who the chick...
  277. sreyya

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    congrats to them both. i didn know that Lookkade was married. would like to see who was at there wedding. hopefully Bie and Fang was there hehehe...
  278. sreyya

    Bie & Fang Exclusive Meeting @ Call Center, AIS

    :wub: i love them together. they are so cute and make such a good couple. Fang is so pretty and Bie is hot. Fang really grew on me...they need another lakorn together.
  279. sreyya

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    :yahoo: did i read in here somewhere that Pat is having Chakrit's baby!!!!! i hope there's a :r-scene-pop-corn: ok fine i'll even take a :w-scene-pop-corn: too :clap: darn were's sarN when i need this confirm???
  280. sreyya

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    OMG!!! i love ur banner and pic KristyS!!! all those romantic pics of Chakrit and Pat, the make such a nice perfect together.
  281. sreyya

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    thanks tinah!!! gosh, u'll guys will have me expire with all of these news and pics!!!! LOL!!! i cant wait any longer fort his lakorn. Pat and Chakrit look so incredibly good together.
  282. sreyya

    Poo Pituk 4 Yaek (Dida)

    yeah another Yui lakorn. but i am still upset that they wont partner her up with cute p'ek!!!!! no offense to Woot fans out there but i was hoping she'll reuite with arnus, vee, mos or oil again or any other hot pe'k out there!!!
  283. sreyya

    which pra'ek cry the best

    Andrew, Andrew, Andrew and Andrew all the way for me. boy can this dude cry!!!!! he such a great a great actor. it will have to be Andrew for me than Ken and Chakrit!!!!
  284. sreyya

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    OMG!!! thanks KristyS for the picutres. i love Pat and she's paring up with Charkit yeah. they have some really nice and funny pic together. love the one with her and Por holding a gun and shes in the wedding gown.
  285. sreyya

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    OMG!!! thanks KristyS for the picutres. i love Pat and she's paring up with Charkit yeah. they have some really nice and funny pic together. love the one with her and Por holding a gun and shes in the wedding gown.
  286. sreyya

    Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So (TV Thunder)

    i cant wait for this one to come out cuz the lakorn they are airing right now doesnt really invole Pepper and Anna which sucks cuz i was dying from waiting for it. turn out is not even about them and they have so little scenes together. i really have never seen Pepper in a comedy, always seen...
  287. sreyya

    Hub Kao Kin Kon(Cholumpi)

    this is a remake of Andrew lakorn??? we are talking about Andrew Gregson right???? wow, if it is i must have miss it :o
  288. sreyya

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    do anyone know who will play the ne'k role???? oh well as long as i get to see Rome hehehe....have my fingers cross that Rome will be the p'k.
  289. sreyya

    Harb Kong Mae(Master One)

    wow!!! namfon is playing the mom role!!!!! i think she's still young looking to play the mom???? it so hard to pic it but i cant wait for this to come out. Joon is pretty cute and i do like Donut.
  290. sreyya

    Hott Rome!!!

    thankyou 4 sharing those hot pics of Rome!!!! gosh he's so sexy.
  291. sreyya

    Benz & Tik

    Tik and Benz look so good together. gosh, they were so young looking in the video ( of course this video was back in 1998). Tik seems very tall standing next to Benz or is it just me???? i wish they have a lakorn together. thank you.
  292. sreyya

    Set: Ken & Noi Wedding

    Congrats to them both. wish them a long and hapyy life and it is about time. but i feel sad that Ken is getting married but at the same time i am hapy for them both. doh, Ken is getting married.
  293. sreyya

    Kens new mag

    even in t-shirt and jean Ken still managed to look so sexy. mmmmmm...i would love to get my hands on him :drool:
  294. sreyya

    Ken & Janie:When Ken Met Janie

    hehehe dont worry iamnowhere i am in the same boat as u i just fingure it out cuz of YOU :yahoo: :blush: if u didnt mention it i would have never got it LOL!!!
  295. sreyya

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    NOOOOOOOO...Patson can't be the bad guy...tell me it aint so! after all this years he's back and he get the bad guy role. but gosh he havent change but still as hot.
  296. sreyya

    Sadtroo Koo Kwan (Kantana)

    I totally agree with Lakorn watcher!!!! Yui is one of my favorite actress and they keep pairing her up with not so hot guys!!!! pissies me off that she get crappy role!!!!! :arrg: :angry:
  297. sreyya

    Por Thrisadee-Sirita Jensen:Something still remain

    gosh, its getting hot in here!!! they look so good together, now i want to see them in a lakorn together. wont that be awesome. however i would like to see him and Pat reunite again.
  298. sreyya

    Rome's next co-star

    same here i would really like to see Rome with Pat!!!!! i am not sure what kind of lakorn it will be but can it be a slap and kiss lakorn or a revenge lakorn.
  299. sreyya

    hottest actors

    :wacko: my senses is on over drive. Ken, Tik, Chakrit, or Rome......can't decide!!!! they are all hot and sexy. :spin: i am going to have to refuse to answer this hard question!!!
  300. sreyya

    Ann,Tik,Ken,Aom,Ploy & Sunny:29th Birthday

    i don't know for some reason Sunny looks like Dome Pakorn Lum on the cover??? :unsure: oh well i think its just me.
  301. sreyya

    Ann,Tik,Ken,Aom,Ploy & Sunny:29th Birthday

    i don't know for some reason Sunny looks like Dome Pakorn Lum on the cover??? :unsure: oh well i think its just me.
  302. sreyya

    chackrit's new lakorn

    oh i cant wait to find out what kinda of lakorn it will be. huh i would like to see him with Benz again!!! so far she doesnt have a lot of lakorn out. guess we will have to wait and find out. please update us soon when u do find out. thank you!
  303. sreyya

    Bie Sukrit & Fang Pitchaya

    Fang look so hot!!!!! so does BIE. they look even better together!!!!! Bie and Fang should do another lakorn together again soon. i can see why Oil is dating Fang. Bie and Fang forever!!
  304. sreyya

    Bie profile

    wow!!! i cant believe how young he is or maybe i am just old but he do not look 5'7. Bie is till a great singer and actor either way. cant get enough of him and Fang!!!!
  305. sreyya

    Bie profile

    wow!!! i cant believe how young he is or maybe i am just old but he do not look 5'7. Bie is till a great singer and actor either way. cant get enough of him and Fang!!!!
  306. sreyya


    they are all pretty but the most beautiful is Pat. i love how natural looking she is and so cute.
  307. sreyya

    IMAGE: Mafia Tee Ruk

    i know i am kinda of late on this put who are they pairing Pat with since Chakrit and Por are both in this lakorn?????? seen her with Por already so i would to see her with Chakrit.
  308. sreyya

    Rome with Ae @ her opening

    Ae is so pretty and Rome is hot like always. do i see a ring on Rome's left hand, tell me it aint so!!!!!! its also nice to see Bee Sawich, havent seen him in a long time. wish he would do another lakorn with Namfon Kullanat.
  309. sreyya

    Another hot pics of Rome

    OMG!!!! i think i die and went to heaven!!!!! cant look away or stop the drooling!!!
  310. sreyya

    Rome with spikes, slick or long hair?

    i dont think it matter what kind of hair he has, he'll still be sexy!!!! uhmmmmm....he look sexy in anything.