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    Where can watch or buy it online? Lunar Eclipse chinese horror movie...

    Where can i watch or buy it online? Lunar Eclipse Chinese horror movie..i looked up online but sumhow can't seem to find any thing about it...
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    Hmong pen pals...

    Nyob zoo rau nej sawv daw...kuv los kuj tsis txawj sau ntawv hmoob puas tsawg tiam si lam sau me me no rau nej xwb..ehhe pen pal kuj yog ib lub tsiv yim zoo thiab vim tias feem ntau ntawv peb cov tub ntxhais hluas ziag no tsis paub ntawv hmoob lawm..zoo qhov peb rov los sib pab qhia thiab kawm...
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    Do anyone know if this drama has been hmong dubbed it?

    j/w if this two thai lakorns been hmong dubbed.... Glub Mah Laew Mike and Nam 3 - Luang Kai - Khob Khun Tee Yang Rak Gun (Eng sub) (what is the name of this movie (lakorn) called)
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    Any one in here knows Teem/Yeeb Tsab from Merced,CA...

    yea in his mid 20's ..if u know him can u plz...msg me..thanks
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    Any one in here knows Teem/Yeeb Tsab from Merced,CA...

    if do plz hollar at me.. is really important...Tnx
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    Tub Muaj Koob Lis

    heheh... w/c
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    Tub Muaj Koob Lis

    I only have one song from him... Hlub Tshaj Puas Tsav Yam enjoy!!!!
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    Tub Yaj NeW mOviEs!!!

    is a really good movie...i shed couple tears toward the end of part 1....
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    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    jux wondering if anyone in hea have Parn Thanaporn- Clapping with one hand ( Tope Meu Khang Deaw) and the song: 3 people 2 paths Please upload it...thanks..
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    How old is ET Yang

    in madison, wi.....not sure but should be around 22-23....
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    Watch this documentary

    sad/scary at the same time...
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    hmoob jail bait!

    OFF TOPIC BUT YEA HEHE ahhaha.......anywase i have a so called uncle ..he is in his 60s...married to a 18 years old hmong girl...from laos....dunno how could that girl...sleeps with him..omg..that is gross haha
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    Are these movie good?

    Hlub Tsis Muaj Chaw Xuas? is it... welp...i bought that movie from July was so boring that i didn't bother to finish it...not even half...ehhe so don't waste ur money on it ...
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    Lub Txiv Qaub...

    it is dumb...
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    Short hmong horror movie

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    E.T. New Move

    hahaha agreed with u....
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    New Hmong singer: Lao Moua

    hahah...his songs ....hmm..are okies..i dont really like it that much....
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    Hmong go on strike at City Hall

    so sad...
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    hmmm..i haven't watch that movies for the longest..i can't remeber which song is which..but it.. "Thov Kev Hlub Pov Fwm Koj" by Ntxeev Yees Xyooj the song goes... Zuam no ces tsis tau tiag tiag lawm os mog..mam nyob kab tsab koj kuv mus lawm..yav tav los yog hmoo coj wb thiaj li sib...
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    Tub Yaj Muas Lee...ask him for Tub's #...for what i remeber..i fren called muas lee and asked him for tub's fone # hehe..he gave it to my fren give it a try hehe
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    hahaha...agreed with u...
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    Tub Yaj

    contact the producer..ehhe..
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    ~ alot of hmong people are crazy 4 num ~

    i think he is hot hehe..
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    for what i heard from my fren(Ying Tha is my fren's so called unlce)...he married to Ying Yang.. the hmong female singer in china.. whoever buys his movie will be a waste of money hehe...unless u r a very big fan of it..ehhe
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    Save the Last Dance for Me in HMONG

    lolz..haha though it was the american one...
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    love letter - tsab ntawv hlub

    is he also the main chara. in Lover In Paris...???
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    Tub Yaj CD out

    mind upload one of his song in here... thanks