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  1. lady_sati

    Are Hmong star[s] approachable?

    MYOB, im still :o about your story. i thought you were gonna end up a girlfriend of a band mate, but insteand that jerk said that out loud. dang. it's okay, then you dont need him too :) he's so eeeek. i havent met any hmong-american stars, but meeting the ones from thailand during the new...
  2. lady_sati

    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    ^ I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT!!!! go sarnies!!!!!!
  3. lady_sati

    Should we change the requirements for the Hmong beauty pageant?

    i think the old folks need to realize that not all hmong girls are fake like that. some legit hmong girls like to hip hop, like to learn different languages, like to do some things that are 'out' of the hmong box. but the judges only want to see the same robot hmong girl win year after year...
  4. lady_sati

    What do you think about the Hmong Chicken Post-Partum Diet?

    agree agree :) it's a diet to replenish the body. cause it's fresh and it doesnt have all these crazy oils, etc. i honestly think it works. and to tie the tummy after birth too. it helps so the tummy wont sag. i've seen it work too. but my relatives say that a month of chicken, it's a...
  5. lady_sati

    is it possible???

    ^ im with you girl. i think it's possible. as long as you speak the language, it's a good start. dream big!!!!!
  6. lady_sati

    Who is going to sing at New Year this year in 2009?

    who's ever singing in fresno, can i go back stage with you? :) for reals. i wanna see back stage, i never had that chance. i'll hold your jacket for you if you need. lol. maybe i can cover your story for my blog? yes? :) but whoever is singing, CHEERS!!! do your bestestestest like it's all or...
  7. lady_sati


    i was thinking, 'I KNEW IT!' lol. for reals. but since you said it's a joke, okay. on that note, does anyone know the real her? like, is she nice in real life??? not just a front when on camera and all. i never heard of her until sarnworld, yah, im late, okay :P a lot of hmong people made it...
  8. lady_sati

    hmong beauty Pageant

    im watching the question rounds on youtube and all. one of the question was 'what you would change about the new years?' my answer would be, 'oh, i think we should have better restrooms.' lol. but im sure the judges will be like WTF!? but shoot, that's a real answer from a real new year goer...
  9. lady_sati

    Meeting Guys At The Bars/Parties

    i agree with the others too. if he was serious about you, he woulda called. i think he's just looking for fun booty. you know, some guys call girls here and there like it's nothing. you're not a bad person, and you were at the bar, right? not every guy at the bar is bad, but then again we...
  10. lady_sati

    Who is going to sing at New Year this year in 2009?

    ^ how cute. you two can do a duet. cute! there are lotts of good duet songs out there. GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. lady_sati

    hmong beauty Pageant

    ^ although she wasnt the skinniest, i didnt think she was fat ugly. i hope it's not base on size only. cause im sure there's tons of bigger girls that are more real and legit. ^ i totally agree with the No Faking too. that's one reason i wanna do the pageant. i want to show the elders and...
  12. lady_sati

    Who is going to sing at New Year this year in 2009?

    YM_gurl, that thai song is nice. it so feels like a lakorn song. lol. would you sing a Hmong song? a thai song? well, it is the hmong new years, but sometimes finding a nice hmong song is hard. if i sung at that NYears, i would NOT sing an english song. i just feel like i shouldnt? i unno why...
  13. lady_sati

    Who is going to sing at New Year this year in 2009?

    im going back and forth from the pageant thread. lol. if i enter im not gonna use my hmong name cause it's tooooo common. i'll use the thai name my uncle gave me. as for singing, if there are serious people who wanna do something, im up for it. i like all kinda of music so im not 100% picky on...
  14. lady_sati

    Who is going to sing at New Year this year in 2009?

    haha. im from fresno. where are you from? i wanna do the pageant and sing too. but if i dont do the pageant, then i want to sing. but since no one that i know even cares, im feel a little bit grey. i like all kinds of music. i can do a hmong song, i dont mind at all. i like the regular pop...
  15. lady_sati

    should parents ask for dowry prices over 6000.00

    oh... i like reading sarnies' opinions on this topic. this is a hot topic in the hmong community, i think it should be discussed. so that we can just let our opinions and ideas out. and yah, i was talking about the bride price back then, but for the dowry money, the one that the wife gets from...
  16. lady_sati

    hmong beauty Pageant

    ^ Thank you :) i know that Hmong people want to see only Hmong things. so close minded sometimes. yah, i know there will be bad talk, good talk. i need to toughen up too, this will be a good challenge. but bigbirdnme, im sure you have some talent. singing is always a great thing to do. do you...
  17. lady_sati

    hmong beauty Pageant

    omg! im practicing now, thinking about it. i wanna do it. will you guys laugh at me? lol. fresno pageant. but i heard lotts of bad smack about hmong pageants in general. i want the experience and the fun. im a happy person, i dont want to be negative when and IF i do it :) what 'talents' i...
  18. lady_sati

    Can someone teach me how to become a better Nyab Hmong?

    being a good nyab, you have to live the way they live. if they like to eat chicken a lot but you cook beef, of course they gonna say something. but dont worry. through my brilliant observation, no new nyab is free of gossip when they enter a family. people will find something bad to say even...
  19. lady_sati

    Who is going to sing at New Year this year in 2009?

    anyone want to do a group!?! come on.... dont be shy. lol. i would want to sing but i have no friends with that kinda courage. and taste in the kinda music that i like. oh well, i'll go and cheer on the ones that make it this year. come on you all! go and try out, i'll def. cheer for you all!
  20. lady_sati

    Feds drop charges against Hmong leader Vang Pao

    that's right, that's right. they best drop the charges. after all us hmong people and hmong blood flowed for the usa, they best respect us as much as we've sacraficed for them. all VP wanted to do his whole life was save his hmong people, the usa better remember the way they used us and left...
  21. lady_sati


    i just wanna know what are the requirements. age? reading, writing hmong? ETC? im just curious about what is required to enter the competition. like, money wise and stuff. i know you gotta look good, but i wanna know how it all goes. they should follow a hmong pageant competitor's days to see...
  22. lady_sati

    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    it's good that he's not replacing Ananda's character :) im not a Pae fan, and when i heard what he said, that just added to my non-fan points. i mean, really, he does need to work on his public speaking. im still not a fan. um.
  23. lady_sati

    Who is your favorite actor/actress in the Hmong community?

    darn, this is what i get for not knowing how to write in hmoob. Xab Thoj, cause he's freaken funny. i never thought there was a hmoob guy as funny as him. and i think his sense of humor makes him really handsome looking sometimes. that one cute guy... TXA Thoj. (sound it out) but i heard he...
  24. lady_sati

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    to throw in my thoughts, i dont think speaking a few sentences mean they can speak it fluently. right? yah, they can throw a few english sentences out there, but they are not FLUENT if they can't carry on a conversation with you. right? cause isn't that the definition of fluent? cause fluent...
  25. lady_sati

    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    ^^^ OH EM GEE!!! WAY!?!?!??!?! *dies* Way Thaitanium??? *dies* that would be sooo awesome. pWay is dead gorgeous, isn't he? i know!!!!!! lucky you guys!!! have fun at the LA one!!! woooooo!!!!
  26. lady_sati

    Sister is b****

    oh Tswv ntuj!!!! she's bad. i think any child who disrespect their parents are just straight up funkers. and to steal from them too, i think she's soooo bad. karma will come here way. you know what, let her do what she does. like hmong people say, when she realizes things, it'll be too late...
  27. lady_sati

    Any Hmong volunteers please? :D

    me? sounds interesting. hit me up. :)
  28. lady_sati

    Payu's new MV One Kiss

    i think Payu is one of the strongest voice out of the whole Kamikaze crew. besides Poppy, Payu has a decent voice. good to see him with a new hair. good look. thanks.
  29. lady_sati

    Singharat Chanpakdee [Singtoh]

    he's handsome. he's handsome. he's handsome.
  30. lady_sati

    Microsoft Office

    ^^ helpful as usual!!! THANKS!!!!!
  31. lady_sati

    Paula Taylor, Ruj, Nat Tephassadinc & Others

    Ruj looks so pretty on that cover. they blushed his face up. pretty! THANKS.
  32. lady_sati

    May 11th 2009 - 8 am - Last Peace Rally for GVP

    true, GVP cant be compared to MLK JR, but it's gotta start somewhere. we live in a world now where people can afford to not care about hmong people. in a sense, they're both trying to find a way for basic civil liberties, GVP especially for those still in southeast asia. it's harder for hmong...
  33. lady_sati

    May 11th 2009 - 8 am - Last Peace Rally for GVP

    i love politics :D but i feel that it's much more than what the reporters say. dont always follow with what the reporters say, they have to report their views, you should look at every view too. imagine, what if you're a girl in the jungle, know nothing about the outside world, eat roots...
  34. lady_sati

    My own review to Nang Aek

    omg. you write so to the point :o i love it. i like the style you used. short sentences, to the point. im amazed by that by itself. aahaha. it's good to read other opinions. wow. THANKS.
  35. lady_sati


    oh yo sizzle!!! for rizzle!!! word. i live too far to go. but HAVE FUN y'all!!!! i personally dont listen to hmong music much, but i will still rooooot for it!! woop! woop!!!!
  36. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    R- Ruj the Star :)
  37. lady_sati

    Personality or Looks?

    i use to think looks looks looks looks when i was less younger in the head. but trust me, if you're a person who likes to talk, likes to do wonder things, etc., and the hottest looking bf you have has no brains to talk about it with you.... that's not fulfilling. but for me, i know that i cant...
  38. lady_sati

    should parents ask for dowry prices over 6000.00

    i think the dowry should be up to both sides. a girl can have a degree but be a total biotch, right? i think it should be left to the elders. cause the elders have to take into account past clan relationships, etc. i know that past relationships are taken into account, and family sometimes...
  39. lady_sati

    SHAPE vol. 3 no. 38 May 2009

    her nose turned out okay :)
  40. lady_sati

    I KISSED MOS!!!!!

    HAHA!! CONGRATS!!! he's rather handsome huh. he looks more handsome in person. im glad you had fun. i wish i coulda gone too. take care.
  41. lady_sati

    SEED Awards #4 Nominees

    THANKS for sharing the results with us!!!! i can say that the decisions must be soooo hard and easy at the same time. all the bands and artists have done sooo strong this year. like, i LOVE No More Tear and i thought they really deserved it. but it's okay because each band and artist works...
  42. lady_sati

    Cheer and Mike

    OH MY CRACKERS AND CHEESE!!!! i LOVE Mike's voice!!! i HAVE to see him!!! and get an album signed!!!!!!! *dies* which hotel you at?? LOL!!!! WOW!!
  43. lady_sati

    BodySlam Concert USA

    OH MY EM GEE!!!! I NEED TO GET MY ALBUMS SIGNED!!!! OH EM GEE! OH EM GEE!!!! THANKS!!!!!! OH EM GEE!!!! IM SOOOO STOKED OUT!!!! WOOOOOO!!! saw them live once, they were great!!! THANKS!!!!
  44. lady_sati

    Old Movies

    i remember the indian movie! the one with the ghost mother! that is the one with Rishi Kapoor, right? AND DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER THE ONE WHERE RISHI KAPOOR WAS IN, AND I THINK IT WAS THE FIRST MOVIE THAT I SAW SHAH RUK KHAN. remember!??? where Rishi Kapoor was beat up by bad guys and he...
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  46. lady_sati

    Sacramento police unravel alleged murder plot

    i agree. i think that hmongs killing each other is not a big thing in hmong culture, so to see it happen is shocking, you know? i have no pity for those guys. how much pain the mothers of all these boys must be going through. all their family and mothers hurt more. crime is every where...
  47. lady_sati

    Old Movies

    3 year bump. :) i LOVE LOVE the Sarinsin Bridge one! OMG! i found out the title!!!!! THANKS!!!!! and P'Lee was always the best pick!!
  48. lady_sati

    Sacramento police unravel alleged murder plot

    omg. that's such a scary story. those guys deserves to be jailed and more. no pity for them. wow.
  49. lady_sati

    Miao (Hmong) Movies from China I want to watch

    THANK YOU! they all seem soooo good to watch. wow. i never knew there were Miao focused films out there. THANKS!!!!!
  50. lady_sati

    thai stand-up comedy

    i like him. he's in a movie with Cris Horwang. i love it. aaahhh! he reminds me of jackey chan :) THANKS!!
  51. lady_sati

    Aof Pongsak

    i agree. Diamend is the Aof pro. :D um, i can say that he's sexy in person. does that help?? ahahahaha. i honestly didn't think he was a funny guy until i saw him perform. he talks more than Peck. does that help? :P he's a funny guy. that just makes him extra special. :)
  52. lady_sati

    KajSiab Txhua Hnub

    me like! me like! me like!!! keep it up. impressive on the first hearing. *thumbs up* take care.
  53. lady_sati

    MTV Exit

    THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! i LOVE all these bands! great issue to discuss and spread. THANKS. thanks. thanks. thanks!
  54. lady_sati


    that baby looks sooo adorable. i pray with all my heart and soul that he receives an operation. what a beautiful angel baby. im sad to hear and see this. but i do hope everything works out great.
  55. lady_sati

    Menfinity - Grammy's big project for 09

    *dies* NO Bank Clash. but there is Pup!! and NO M??? :( sounds interesting. THANKS. THANKS!!!
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  57. lady_sati

    ::Brenda Song::

    ^^^^ agree. i have nothing against her but i feel like she should show her face more. even a hi would be okay. she is a hmong actress who actually made it somewhere, she should come and show the younger ones that they can dream, etc too. not hide with her fame and money with the name of being...
  58. lady_sati

    Praew - Musical Gangsters: Ice, Mos, Bie, Mike & Golf

    and i like all these men. grammy read my mind. so nice of you to show us. THANKS!!! *hugs* THANKS.
  59. lady_sati

    Dome vs. Golf

    Dome. well, he can sing really well. and i agree with Tahmnong that Nologo's album is pretty impressive. check out the music section for proof. ahahhaa. to me, Dome is handsome while Golf is cute. im more of a handsome liker. but cute is still okay. i have nothing against the two. Dome has...
  60. lady_sati

    Aff Taksaorn: Before Sunset

    i think she's perfect. i like her whole face. thanks.
  61. lady_sati


    WOW! sounds cocky and uncool to me. i never heard of him, but it definitely seems like he's a baby. i'll step up at his booth and see what baby boy is made of. then i can attest to his attitude and such. wow. so not impressive to read this about him. thanks. take care ya'll.
  62. lady_sati

    Kwan Usamanee, Puri Hiranyapreuk

    PUUUURRRIIIIIII!!! he's handsome!!! ooooaaaawwww! and Kwan matches those kind of photoshoot. looks nice.
  63. lady_sati

    Ch3 new actresses and actors

    their actors are sooooo handsome!!!!! i like!!! :P
  64. lady_sati

    chin chinawut

    i think as an artist, he tries his best to improve. as for his personality, i can only atest to what i've seen in the news, etc. i like him so far. he impressed me a lot. :) it's not easy being an artist, but i think he still does his best.
  65. lady_sati

    Buachompoo Ford: Feeling Pretty

    thanks. i never thought she was this pretty. i heard of her singing but never paid too much attention. she's pretty! thanks.
  66. lady_sati

    What do you think of your husband or wife now?

    ^^^ LOL! i know how you feel. but in the hmong culture, isnt that called like... 'old single girl' the hmong term... slipped my mind. :P i think in marriage, i will love my husband more than he loves me. that's what i think and that's how i feel. and that kinda scares me when it comes to...
  67. lady_sati

    Fireball staring bank clash

    :) wow. i want to see this in the theatres. :]
  68. lady_sati


    cause your name is Ying, huh? :P im exactly that way too. i see it as being nice too. and i think it's more of a self control thing too. we give cause we can live without it. *rants in her head* just know your limits and when to say No. if it's something you feel like you can do, then do it...
  69. lady_sati

    Ramblings from a healing heart

    ^^^ THAT. IS. WHAT. I. GO. BY. TOOO!!!!! WOW!!!!! GREAT MINDS THINK A LIKE!!!! :P yes, you are a good writer. that was deep indeed. wow. i felt sadness and pain reading that. im sorry to hear that. "I lived before you, I can live after you." "if he breaks your heart, break his legs." :P...
  70. lady_sati

    truths about me!!!

    im scrolling down, reading... true, true, true, true.... :P about me too. + i say that people are pretty because i really mean it. but when it comes to me, i cant see anything pretty about my face :( + i stay positive because i don't want to think of the bad things, but at the same time i...
  71. lady_sati

    SEG looking for girl singers

    bump, bump, bump. no updates??? awwww, share! share!!!! shaaaarreeee!!! :D
  72. lady_sati


    oh, this topic was made to bug someone. *erase all she wrote* but really?? really?? really?? all im saying is that you didnt have blast it out all hur. you coulda emailed her right back. but since it's already out in da air.... carry on.
  73. lady_sati

    bao xiong miss hmong cali 07/08

    i agree with Magic up thur ^ at least she's doing something. for reals. better than her not. people still have stuff to say either way. that's on the real. i think people do what they can. she did what she can. she has a life too besides being miss california im sure. yap. take care ya'll.
  74. lady_sati

    Gran Torino Trailer

    i dont know why im angry. :mellow: the drive by is right. check. but, for reals dough? hmong people really give food on the lawn and all??? i guess im very protective of us hmong people, and if one thing is off, i get really defensive. this is a movie for the world, i dont want people to...
  75. lady_sati

    anyone know who coming to usa (fresno new year) this year...?

    ^^^ thailand has a king, and the king only has one son. that's the prince. i doubt that he'll come. but yah. i hope they bring good music artists. :)
  76. lady_sati

    anyone know who coming to usa (fresno new year) this year...?

    ^ where you hear that? there's only one thai prince, i wonder if he'll really come. but that would be something if he did. :)
  77. lady_sati

    He stole my heart...

    im sooooo sad. tears are in my eyes :( 'does he know you exist?' that question made me sad :( but i do agree, we have to move on. clingy on to what can be, when we see it before our eyes, it's not healthy for us to linger. it's a lesson to make us stronger. good luck! you can do it!!!
  78. lady_sati

    Ciaj Sia

    is he secretly roaming the site and looking at the replies? :P i respect him. i like him. he has more talent than me. i cant sing or play any kind of instrument, much love to hem about that. i guess his personality and his talent are different, regardless, he's still only human. he can only...
  79. lady_sati

    Derelict Hearts

    i want a shirt. i never heard of anything, but the Key Club. but sure, i would LOVE to buy a shirt in support. holla back. well, i guess i should holla. but, i want to know what the other designs may be. that one looks good. i want one!!! *raises hand* THANKS! :D
  80. lady_sati

    B.O.Y. : Kissing You Ju...Jubb

    they are cuties. that Mouse can sing too. 'it's because of you... it's because of love...' THANKS. :D
  81. lady_sati

    Lao Moua

    he has a lot of energy. power to him. :D
  82. lady_sati

    bus crashes on its way to colusa casino

    my relative passed away in this :(
  83. lady_sati

    Who would you choose?

    IF, i would say #1. i like a funny man. but then, in reality, i would wear the pants in the relationship :)
  84. lady_sati

    SEG looking for girl singers

    *sniff sniff* THANKS SEG. you bolded my name, i was put on the spot *blushes* thanks :P you can just use Sati, it's fine too :D like i said, my cousins from my mom and dad sides are singers in the hmong community. i wont say who, but i see them working hard. i know how it is. true, music is...
  85. lady_sati

    SEG looking for girl singers

    bump bump bump. so, how are things going SEG??? any girls casted yet???? i just like music in general, and i just want to know how this goes. you cant find the group that will propel straight to awesomeness, but you can find a group that knows how to grow. i mean, just take what you got and...
  86. lady_sati

    who had the best concert???

  87. lady_sati

    R.I.P Scrappy

    wow. extremely sorry for you. so sorry. and the puppies too. rest in peace. hope you feel better. as long as you have memories and love, take care.
  88. lady_sati

    Prince: Prince Is Just Not The Prince

    ^^^^ HAHAHAHAHHAA!! i know, not a lot of people know who Prince is. THEY ARE A BOY GROUP RELEASED BY GRAMMY. THEY CAME OUT... 2007ISH I THINK. THEY HAVE ONE ALBUM AND ONE VCD ALBUM. THERE ARE FOUR OF THEM. WAVE--- TOP LEFT (from Malaysia and can speak Chinese too) TAN--- BOTTOM LEFT (korean)...
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    Cast: Nuj Toog & Paj Ntawg Maum Nkauj See

    ^ i dont know where. but here's the youtube link for a song in the mv. it was good. i like this movie. it's a good own i think.
  91. lady_sati

    Cast: Nuj Toog & Paj Ntawg Maum Nkauj See

    this is a very good movie. we own it at home. the clothes are good. i like it very much. it impressed me because i wasnt expecting it to be as good as it was. yap :)
  92. lady_sati

    If Singers Were Auctioned Off...

    that would be fun!! that is definitely something different from the older things. hopefully something fun like that can happen. :) wooooo!
  93. lady_sati

    SEG looking for girl singers

    ^^ i know where you are coming from. but sometimes criticism and opinions are more mature than someone saying 'they suck!' i've seen it before. i've done it myself before when i was younger. dissing and hating is not even giving the artist a chance, and not even seeing all the hard work that...
  94. lady_sati

    Waruth Woratum

    ^^^^ i agree. he's the hottest Koburi EVER. i drool over him everytime i see him as Koburi. MAN! I WISH THERE WAS A TIME MACHINE. no one has made me say that. :P super sexy!!!! Chinawut reminds me of him, and vice versa.
  95. lady_sati

    SEG looking for girl singers

    THANKS SEG. i do know the hard work it takes. i've never done anything myself, but i can tell it takes hard work just to get people and production to have some faith in you to take you on. i havent been in hmong habited areas for a looong time, so im sooo lost on what's new now and days for...
  96. lady_sati

    i need some ADVICE SW girls

    heck naaaah! im a feminist, and when i hear stories like this, i get alll anti-men!!!! if my bf did that to me, that sucka woulda been out loong time ago. no 2nd time for me. naaah. you deserve better. a girl who was drunk, come on, he gots to be better man than that. *drop kicks* i hope...
  97. lady_sati


    sh*t. my love life sucks. but im soooooo happy for you na. i bet you had butterflies fluttering all in your tummy!! narak for reals!!!! be happy as much as you can. it's a beautiful thing to be happy!! good luck! take care.
  98. lady_sati

    girls are so uptight!!!

    ^^^^ agree. but why you gotta diss her like dat!??! 'i dont like scheduling' psk. :P teasing. i think she did feel a little dissed. maybe she took it that you didnt want to hang out, come on, maybe she did really want to hang out and nothing more. life is a resume, you have one more...
  99. lady_sati

    Thanks sarnworld

    thank you sarnworld. got me back with my thai interest of music. i havent met anyone yet. although krystar was my friend outside and before. awesome. uh.... cheese!!!! :D
  100. lady_sati

    hahhaa. omg. i took me forever to see that comment. literally forever! ahahha. how are you na...

    hahhaa. omg. i took me forever to see that comment. literally forever! ahahha. how are you na? take care.
  101. lady_sati

    SEG looking for girl singers

    but i guess there's always room for improvement. and about heads being cut off in the filming, that was funny!! LOL! but, there's always room for improvement even if it's down right perfect already. i know that promoting singers is hard because of the public, and because ya know it's true, us...
  102. lady_sati

    RIP to my favorite Golden Girl

    heck motha naaaah!! YOU LIKE GOLDEN GIRLS TOOOO!??!?!!?!! daaaang!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE that show. got 3 seasons on dvd. rest in peace sophia. much love.
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  105. lady_sati


    I STUDIED AT MUANG RANGSIT, RANGSIT UNIVERSITY. IT'S AN ALL RIGHT PLACE. I LIKE IT SO FAR. i'll definitely load some PAI when i have time. wooooo!!!
  106. lady_sati


    CONTINUED...... TOR+. (who can forget this talented man) TATTOO COLOUR. SUPERSUB. (i really LOVE this group, so fun to see perform.) PRINCE. (P'Wave is soo nice.) BUTTERFLY EFFECT. (they are fun tooo!!!) ICE SARANYU. DON'T FORGET HIM!!!! SWEET HEART OF ALL SWEET HEARTS...
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    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

  109. lady_sati

    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

    i wish that P'Ice would go to Fresno like P'Num Sornram did. i would love Fresno to see how sweet P'Ice is. he left already for the States. TAKE CARE OF OUR BABY!!!!!! im sure he'll have a good time. P'Ice is always the sweetest and the best. i wonder if he'll be back before we leave BKK...
  110. lady_sati

    Thai star is also very popular in the mainland of China

    im so happy to hear you say that. THANK YOU for sharing that with us. wow. that's great. i LOVE how the world comes together with entertainment. im sooo happy to hear you say that. THANKS! take care! and keep enjoying the lakorns!!!
  111. lady_sati

    Ken & Noi's New Commercial

    the whispering to the baby one..... it's too cute. they are soo perfect together. good luck you two!!
  112. lady_sati

    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

    P'Ice is worth it!!!! i personally feel like $30 is too low, but i wouldn't mind that price too. :P PLEASE TAKE CARE OF OUR ICE SARANYU!!!! i'm in Thailand now, so i hope that the friends in the States will show our boy lotts of LOVE!!!! P'ICE IS PERFECT IN HIS OWN WAY, IN EVERY WAY. give him...
  113. lady_sati

    Peck, Aof, Ice= We R One Concert

    i went today. it was fun. they sang "Kae khon tho pid" as the opening, of course!! then "Rueng mai dee mai jum" Peck went solo first. he was great. his guest star.... CHIN CHINAWUT!!!!!!!!!! i was screaming my butt off!!! Peck sang Chin's 'Park mai trong gub jai' then Chin came in the 2nd...
  114. lady_sati


    ^^ ahahhahaha. am i the friend???? :P im not saying anything. we'll just have to wait and see. right? hopefully i can meet pBank soon. i need to interview him for my friend's blog. GO CLASH!!!!!
  115. lady_sati

    i love you man! you're awesome!! love the music you share!!! aahh! :P take care.

    i love you man! you're awesome!! love the music you share!!! aahh! :P take care.
  116. lady_sati


    it's your sister-in-law, huh? brother in law????? sister's kid??? brother's kid? i babysit all the time. i really like it. i know that you get tired, but i think the love matters to me the most. i know it sounds cheesy. trust me, i think ive been through the biggest sh*t a babysitter can go...
  117. lady_sati

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    i heard that P'Gaotong from Buddha Bless speaks good english, but he's shy to talk in english. cute, huh? :P P'Wave from Prince. he talks to us when we see him. really nice. he talked to me in english. perfect. yap.
  118. lady_sati

    17 year old Hmong girl killed by her step-father in Merced

    that's so sad. im crying. oh my god. how can this happen? soo sad. rest in peace.
  119. lady_sati

    How come alot of you guys hate Pancake?

    im watching that Alice one on tv these days!!!! before, i use to think she was bleh, but watching it, i really grew to like her. she's pretty and she's a good actress. she's okay with me.
  120. lady_sati

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    P'Bank Clash. Ice Saranyu. he's such a sweetie!!!! Peck from Peck, Ice, Aof.
  121. lady_sati

    The on-going issues in Thailand/Laos

    WOW. im in thailand right now, and i didnt even hear this on the news. see? how much the government cares. i try to get into this, but it's not really popular to discuss. heartbreaks.
  122. lady_sati


    eek! i was like... 'no he's not dead!! he just won an award the other day.' :P but i havent heard of that lakorn. poor ken, using him like that. :P
  123. lady_sati

    do you YAHOO ANSWERS?

    i do! i won many top answers before. it's fun. it's a place to give your opinion to people's question. really good to release stress and tension in the mind. :) try it ya'll.
  124. lady_sati

    Looking for Guitar tabs for Thai Songs

    if..... C#m, f#m, A, D, E mean anything, then.. i guess this book would be helpful. I GOT IT AT B2S STORE IN BANGKOK, THAILAND. i'll try to scan it or something. or i'll try to find another book and ship it out. it's not too expensive right? potato songs are always good to play na. :P take...
  125. lady_sati

    Darv's GONE!

    im in thailand too. :( meet up?!?!?!?! :P tahmnong and i are here together. which is funny because i found her here without knowing it. :P awwww. have fun na Darv!
  126. lady_sati

    "Sabaidee Luang Prabang" Premier

    i saw the preview yesterday. it looks good. Ananda looks good everywhere. :P thanks.
  127. lady_sati

    Looking for Guitar tabs for Thai Songs

    i bought a book the other day. ta. da!!! ON GUITAR TABS. THAI MUSIC. i only really bought it because Potato's Refresh album guitar chords were in it. :P the book is called 'the guitar express'. i got it at... b2s. i think. it was the only one on the stand. i was so close to not buying it...
  128. lady_sati

    On The Set of "Nat Gub Nat"

  129. lady_sati

    silly hmong radio question:

    i love hmong people. mee moua??? i think she loves hmong people. um. yah.
  130. lady_sati

    Rome in BangkokPost Magazine

    aljflkajflkjsadkflj! is that even legal!?!?! he's tooooo freaken hot in these pictures!!!! aaaaahhh! #2 got me hecka droooooling!!!!!! aaaaaahhhhh!
  131. lady_sati

    how old is num sornram?

    i thought he was saying 25 because he was telling us that he was 25 years old when he was filming one lakorn. that's what i thought because he mentioned the word 'lakorn' and something like... 'when i was 25.' i unno. i could be totally wrong. but that's what i thought.
  132. lady_sati

    Are Thai stars approachable?

    tell us what happened with CHINAWUT. cause i really want to know. i like him a lot, as an artist who tries his all on stage. but i wanna hear about him behind the cameras too. thanks! aaaahhh!!! still, no one beat P'Num. :P
  133. lady_sati

    almost got hit by a car at work

    i hope you're okay. it was good that no one got hurt. i think everyone driver goes through something like that. you have to experience bad things in life too. im sure you're a good driver. it's okay. this happened. it's an experience to remember. take care.
  134. lady_sati

    Are Thai stars approachable?

    ^ does that imply that you've met him??? aaaaaaahhhh!!!!! i'll be sooo jealous! true, P'Num was so down to earth. i keep telling people that, cause it's true. he wasn't grossed out, horrified or anything. he shook hands, gave hugs and kisses. not to mention all those smiles!! :P i heard that...
  135. lady_sati

    My Husband So Fat.

    aaaahhhh!!!! that's funny. but, it's okay. it happens. take care.
  136. lady_sati

    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    ^^^ you're such a sweetheart!!!!! at least you wai and just said hi. i couldnt even look him in the eye!!! i wai and just took the picture and walked away. i agree, i had all these 'imma do this and do that', BUT WHEN I MET HIM, I FROZE AND FORGOT EVERYTHING. by the time i was away, i snapped...
  137. lady_sati

    Woranuch Wongsawan [Noon]

    i love her face. her beauty is so great. thanks.
  138. lady_sati

    FHM: Thailand 2008 Sexy 100

    IS SIRITA JENSEN ON HERE? i cant read thai. but Tata. Pinky. very pretty these girls are.
  139. lady_sati

    please read n give ur opinion

    it's always sad to see such things. i know it exist. i know it takes time to solve. that's why im getting my degree and busting my ass there when i do. ;) watch out thai embassy, here i come! right? support. support. not just because they are hmong, but because they are human beings...
  140. lady_sati

    Which Thai singers do you want to see perform in the U.S?

    ^ ahahhhaaa. :lol: even if it's not in fresno, but pretty close, i think we should car pool!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: but i hope it's in fresno. that's were asians are at!!!! :P if P' Num came to fresno, and other stars don't, dang! they cant beat P' Num!!!!! definitely POTATO, CLASH...
  141. lady_sati

    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    MON !!!!! that's such a cute picture of him!!!! you're good!!!! P' Num was sooooo TIRED. he was like, sweating, and girls were grabbing him. i felt sorta bad. he walked right in front of me and i just patted his shoulders. i didnt want to grab him, that's rude. he walked in front of me again...
  142. lady_sati

    Nang Sao Puck Kee Lew(Duang Malee)

    ah! i clipped on episode 8 9/9. and it's goooood!!!! it's not subbed! but it's definitely a great lakorn!!! the characters are sooo funny. especially tye, he's a tall hotty! aaaaahhhh!
  143. lady_sati

    Araya A Haget [Chompoo]

    she's pretty. looks very cute young. thanks.
  144. lady_sati

    Which Thai singers do you want to see perform in the U.S?

    kry*star, girl! you listed a good list!!!!! :P i would really love to see POTATO, CLASH, CHINAWUT, AOF!!! im sure they would tear down the house! i know P' Num made the night sooo perfect. he was sweet and sooo entertaining. he engaged the audience too! i honestly dont mind who comes...
  145. lady_sati

    Itriya Saisanan (Ae)

    APO!!!! heehhee. she's pretty. her acting is good. thanks.
  146. lady_sati

    Which Thai singers do you want to see perform in the U.S?

    i KNOW that there are soooo many CLASH and POTATO fans here in the states!!!!! POTATO!! AOF PONGSAK. MOS. KATREEYA ENGLISH. CHINAWUT!!!!!!!!! TATA YOUNG. K- OTIC.
  147. lady_sati

    Passion Gurls

    nkaujhmoob08. im not saying they suck. im just saying that their level is not as high. i mean, singers have different levels of course, they can practice a little more. i just thought that they sounded a little too immature for the public. like, you cant go around telling people that have...
  148. lady_sati

    Sornram Teppitak in fresno tour

    ^^^^ GOO!!!! i hope you do get to see him. he's really sweet. so worth it. his personality and engery level is sooo awesome. have fun!! share your experience with us na?
  149. lady_sati

    Bleh. Angry Argument over Fruits and Veggies

    i thought they were veggies too. just cause it sounds simple like that. but girl, you're in the botany class. i guess whatever you say is right. im not a veggie expert so.. you have more expertise than me. :) good luck. dont let this topic make you angry. :P
  150. lady_sati

    p'NUM in Fresno

    MOONSTAR, No. i didnt kiss him. he didnt kiss me. :( i dont know. i thought i would, but when i saw him, i just love that guy too much. i felt if i kissed him like a crazy fan, it was a little tooooo crazy and a little disrespectful. im not saying those girls who kissed him was disrespectful...
  151. lady_sati

    Someone dissing BIG D2B

    to be honest.... HUH!? i dont see anything toooo big to kill over. the person who was quoted first, i think that person was not degrading D2B, but was trying to say that D2B is another group, and that in the future there will be more teen groups that fans will like. like Backstreet Boys, they...
  152. lady_sati

    Passion Gurls

    they dont really have unique strong voices, so... they shouldnt say that people are jealous, cause, that makes them look even more ghetto. ghetto girls, that's kinda like... a 10-14 year old group name. matches their age and their maturity, i guess. but, positive thinking, hopefully they'll...
  153. lady_sati

    Pra'ek With Hot Bod

    ALL OF THEM. hehehehee. all of them. it's hard to pick just one. this poll is crazy! ehehe. :P teasing. thanks.
  154. lady_sati

    p'NUM in Fresno

    ^^ you mean Christina??? or the guy? they were both good. and nice. and P'Num was nice too. total sweetheart. i keep saying that, but it's so true. he even asked his assistant to take a picture of him with a boy. with his own camera. really sweet of him. he's a perfect star. all around and...
  155. lady_sati

    Sornram Teppitak in fresno tour

    i was there. but honestly, shiot. that camera all up in the faces of screaming girls. but i guess. whatever. but p'num is really sweet. he's perfect all around. it was a great night. worth it. yap.
  156. lady_sati

    p'NUM in Fresno

    ^ i was really glad to see you and your sister. it gave me some sense of relief. like... it wasnt all strangers there, you know? it was fun. i went straight to sleep when i got home. :P he's such a sweet heart. i think when i say that, people are like.. 'ohhhhh.' but he really is. his actions...
  157. lady_sati

    Star Entertainment Award 07'

    congrats. ken is so handsome. and ann is so pretty as usual. congrats.
  158. lady_sati

    SAWADEE KHAA from thailanddd

    LUCKY!!!! i'll be there in about 3 weeks!!!!!! ahahaha. how long are you there!!! dont worry, i'll be stalking as well. im looking for that Chinawut and those Potatoes! have fun girl! keep us updated! it'll be soooo fun!! GOOD LUCK. take care. any tips for me? what i shouldnt pack? bring...
  159. lady_sati

    p'NUM in Fresno

    krystar!!!!! i saw you there too! im your sister's friend! remember? yaaah! it was fun. but shoot, i was so tired afterwards. it was worth it. aaaah! im still screaming about it.
  160. lady_sati

    Passion Gurls

    post pictures please. i guess visuals always help. but i havent heard of them. i would like to support them. go girls! take care.
  161. lady_sati


    perfect. she's so beautiful and gorgeous. right on. thanks.
  162. lady_sati

    Do we have any Num Sonram fans in the SF bayarea?

    are you kidding me!!! i go to school in san rafael!!! shiot!!!!!!!!! i wasnt able to go to Fresno cause im at school here, but if he's coming and i can see him... ahhhhhh!!!! san rafael as in marin county????? *faints* more info!!!! please!!!!! - yaya.
  163. lady_sati

    Hmong Games

    ting ting gud thhhai. you know what i mean? the one where you put the index fingers in the palm of someone's hand, and then you go... ting ting gud thhai close eyes and hide. (in hmong of course) and right after you say that, the person must close their palm, and whose ever he closes the palm...
  164. lady_sati

    Is Sarn Hmong..?

    ^ hehehee. me too. we should ask the source. hehehehee im not sure myself, but dang, Sarn is awesome. :)
  165. lady_sati

    guy in Jumloey Ruk

    he was my interest in JLR. even though Aum was hot, Nukul was such a cutie!! he's such a cutie. and i think his lazy eyes just makes him cuter. awwww. :) thanks.
  166. lady_sati

    WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak

    do you guys know who's hosting it? cause i saw the poster at golden bowl. yes, i live in fresno. i almost screamed my ass off. and i almost hijacked the poster. door is like... $30. and v.i.p is like... $50. i think. if i remember well. i forgot to get the #. APRIL 18th FRESNO. i think, if i...
  167. lady_sati

    Ananda Everingham and GF Jit Santhong

    *breathe* i LOVE Ananda. he's goshness perfect. she's pretty too. so, i guess they match. gooo Ananda hotness!!
  168. lady_sati


    awww, i understand your greng jai. im like that too i think. i dont touch people's thing. or i dont eat it too. i understand your situation. i dont mind my roomys eating my things, but if they dont buy anything and just wait for me, it's hard for me to feed everyone. and we're all grown up...
  169. lady_sati

    FINALLY going to thailand...

    im happy for you!!! im going this summer too. so... i borrow some of the tips. AzNpAnDa486, you know yaya ying? cause my name is ying, and my cousin calls me yaya. and our names are like the same, so i was like... she's cool too! :P MsPiggleWiggle, have a blast!!! when i go, i'll need your...
  170. lady_sati


    motha freaken frogs and curry rice!!!!! that's freaky. hmong people, huh? i hate them gangstas. i outta drop kick them. that's scary. i hope it's not true. take care.
  171. lady_sati

    OMG! OMG!

    that site is in thai, huh?? i remember something like... all in thai. :( but that is sooo nice of him. he's such a sweety. thanks.
  172. lady_sati

    T-intermedia not working?

    ^^^ THANKS!!!!! the link works fine!!! the forum is fine, like you said. i dont know what happened. that hacker arse. THANKS.
  173. lady_sati

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    ^ i know that their are a lot of sources. but as everyone agree, the usa with the super power is looking the other way. if we, as the power leaders look the other way, everyone is gonna look the other way too. i dont hate you or anything. :P i really respect you for stating your opinion. i...
  174. lady_sati

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    i started watching this one today..... ROME'S ACTING REALLY IMPRESSED ME. he does good crying scenes. emotional scenes. really good. and that Rita, sooooo freaken pretty. im behind on this lakorn, but i'll catch up soon. all nighter! heehehhee. joking. thanks.
  175. lady_sati

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    ^ hi. thanks for sharing your opinion. i really respect that. thanks. im not saying that it was easy. but it was easier than most countries, right? and heck no, im not belittling our fight for freedom. but heck yah we fought and we got it. some people and country are still fighting for theirs...
  176. lady_sati

    who is that actor guy in the

    THAT GUY. i wanted to ask since forever, but just finally decided to do it today? or should i ask Thai people??? um... THANKS!
  177. lady_sati

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    ^ agree. and, NOT all hmong people are anti- communists, as NOT all laos are anti- hmong, right? communist is different today than many years ago. but the truth is that the government CAN NOT let go of the past, and realistically, that's what we're dealing with today. the problem is real...
  178. lady_sati

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    there's nothing wrong with sporting a communist laos flag. i think that the government isnt all that straight though. all govt arent straight. i say it too. im american, and sometimes what america does isnt right. but im not supporting that. me being american is me supporting the right thing...
  179. lady_sati

    Joy Rinalee

    she is pretty. i think her age is so beautiful. you can see her maturity in her face. pretty. thanks.
  180. lady_sati

    thai singer Lydia- "bleeding love" by Leona Lewis

    i thought you were posting lydia singing it too. :P but after reading your post, i dlded LL's. it's sooooo good. im hooked. sometimes i can hear the lydia comparison, but i think LL is waaaay more better. thanks.
  181. lady_sati

    Lydia clarifies her relationship with the former prime minister

    first, she shouldnt make her family look so cold blooded. and she should not blame her family her the lack of love too. it's almost like she's favoring him over her own family, why cant she respect them both the same. i dont hate her, but she isnt my favorite singer too. now, seeing her blast...
  182. lady_sati

    Hmong Girl Band...Anyone???

    진짜로!!! i wanna see that movie. 4 rich guys, and 1 chicka, um.... i wanna see who she picks!!! thanks.
  183. lady_sati

    family size

    hmong people gotta represent their family size! :P mines--> 9 kids total. i LOVE big family. so many different personalities, you'll be ready for the outside world. :P take care ya'll.
  184. lady_sati

    Dawb Thoj

    which song is the one with her and that NUj Toog guy? the one in the movie where they're in the jungle. and she goes... 'nhia yaiiiiii'?? i like that song. THANKS. i really appreciate you uploading all those one by one. that must have took you some time. i really appreciate you doing that...
  185. lady_sati

    Rita @ Scotch Collagen E event

    i think she's the prettiest thai star that ive seen so far. she is sooo pretty. im sure every girl is jealous of her. i am! ehehhee. thanks.
  186. lady_sati

    Aum's english is superb

    ^ SO TRUE. it doesnt matter if his english is pronounced all correct. my korean sucks, and my thai is horrible, but i still act like i know it. :P yap.
  187. lady_sati

    OMG! i'm crazy for this instruments!!!

    i have Jackie Chan and Kim Sun Hee's 'The Myth' instrument. but it's not particularly that same instrument. but close enough. i'll post it anyways. hope it's something. good luck. take care.
  188. lady_sati

    Do you mind?

    you're so naughty!!! dressing him up as a girl. well, i did put hair clips in my nephew's hair. i agree, they look sooo cute. but... ehhehehehee. i guess my brother would hate that his son is gay, and my sister in law, i'll ask her when i see her. eehhehee. awwwww, but they're so cute when...
  189. lady_sati

    ken & ananda starring in off pongpat's movie?

    *faints* anything ananda is great. he's soooo darn sexy. ahhh! thanks.
  190. lady_sati

    Aff : Stefan on Oops !

    she's so pretty as usual. her smile is sooo nice. thanks.
  191. lady_sati

    brother-guess what?

    hahhahhaa!! i forgot that i was on an asian site. being here at school were it's majority non- asian, i was kinda like... 'hey! asian situation.' :P i think that's really respectful of your brother to call and ask mama. cause you know, some people just bring the girl home, and everyone's...
  192. lady_sati

    Sia Ode?

    FUNK!!! so this is the story!!! i also see it around, but have no clue who that guy is. and when you said, re-phrased, 'brought Film down,' that made me sad. :( i know Film is a celebrity, but dang. that is some shiot therrr! no wonder i havent seen him around. i cant read thai, but i was...
  193. lady_sati

    hmong girl in laos speaking english

    you title should say something like... 'laos hmong girl speaks english' ... cause i was thinking that you just meant a english speaker in america. but. yah. im impressed. no i cant talk shiot when im there! :P JOKING. im impressed definitely. wow. she does command it really well, and she's so...
  194. lady_sati

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    TRUE, that the Laos government just want to protect their land and people, but that doesnt mean that what they are doing is the right thing. just like in Darfur, the government say that these rebels are attacking, but these rebels attack because their religion and culture life is being threaten...
  195. lady_sati

    Need Help if anybody had experience

    ^ true. my auntie and her husband.... about a 2-3 year span until she got to come here. they had to do marragie paper. then she had a daughter and those paper... but eventually she got to come. marraige is faster too i think. GOOD LUCK.
  196. lady_sati

    Chai Vang

    i want to know more. let me go google that up. wow. thanks for the news.
  197. lady_sati

    If you got to go to Thailand....

    im going this summer. but i dont think my luck is that big. :P 1. POTATO. 4. CLASH. 9. Chinawut Indracusin. 8. BLACK VANILLA. 12. Ananda Everingham. 13. Katheeya English. 14. K-OTIC. 18. Punch. 19. Da Endorphine. 20. Sek Loso. damn!!!! i thought i wouldn't reach 20, now i want to go over...
  198. lady_sati

    How to install/display thai fonts using WINAMP TUTORIAL

    THANK YOU XCappy !!!! i think IT IS a skin problem. because when i changed back to the classic skin, the writings show. my laptop has korean, chinese, and thai language font. i just dont know what's wrong with winamp. ah ya. i guess i'll just leave things the way it is. i dont want to end up...
  199. lady_sati

    Rak Prakasit

    this is one of the first lakorn that i've seen!!!! and i love love love love sornram!!! ning is soooo pretty. now that i found it!! great!!!! thanks!!!!
  200. lady_sati

    How to install/display thai fonts using WINAMP TUTORIAL

    dedeman, come to my rescue!!! i need help. the asian fonts are show well on the scrolling title bar, thingy. but not on the player. see it??? any ideas???? if not, thanks anyways. it's okay. THANKS!
  201. lady_sati

    which side would you choose?

    *high five* im a big sister too, and heck yah!! i would yell at them. that IS disrespectful. if you dont cook at home, dont cook anywhere!!! :) if you dont even respect your family first, dont go out trying to look all holy. that's what i think. im on your side. yah, you can just let her mess...
  202. lady_sati

    Microsoft Office

    ^^^^ THANKS for the DLDS. YOU'RE GREAT. i thought about replying cause i'll be added on the list for 'not' purchasing the microsoft, but DARVIL, you're too awesome. it's worth it!!!!! thanks!!!
  203. lady_sati

    [Download]Softwares By Tina

    THANKS!! i really appreciate it soo much!! thanks!!! i took the animation shop!! thanks!!!!!!
  204. lady_sati

    Recession Era

    first of all, wow. you're smart. are you a college student? :) im scared too because the dollar's value is falling, but... hopefully the smart people will find a way. and them interest rates.... um um...
  205. lady_sati

    Subway Hmong Shaman

    woop! woop! im sure the shaman did well. asian ghosts need to be dealt with by asian negotiators. i think so. thanks for sharing.
  206. lady_sati

    Suggestions about Singers

    ^ yap. yap. HoHo- Love's Way Nicky Lee- Think Too Much here are a few songs first. if you want, i can just email you a few here and there. let me know what you think. take care.
  207. lady_sati

    who's tht one girl???

    ^^ ME TOOO!!!! if she's the bad guy in the lakorn, i'll watch it!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her! ^ yap! i agree. but the more you hate her, that shows how good her acting is, right? :P i LOVE that evil girl! so pretty too!!! :)
  208. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ^ i agree. he should check out this forum. 200+ pages in a short time = true fans!! ehehhehee. i personally like the mean harit. the sweet one is nice too, but the mean one was mega sexy! *growls* :P LOVE this lakorn!! i agree with prisna!!!! THANKS FOR THE LINK RAIYA!!! fever on!!!! DONT...
  209. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ^^ that IS cute. so nice to hear him say/type that. thanks for sharing that! retarded question but, why cant he type thai????? or... am i... retardededededed? thanks. i love when he feels so guilty. his voice and vibe changed so fast. ahhhh! so excited to see more!
  210. lady_sati

    Hmong Girl Band...Anyone???

    this made me smile. sounds really good. so positive. well, how would a person know if they can sing? everyone thinks that they can sing, you know what i mean? then im out. cant sing for anything. :P i really would love to support morally though. i think this is really a good idea. and i...
  211. lady_sati

    I read that Aum Atichart is gay or bi, I want the 411 people!

    he's with pinky. isnt he? boy, it's heartbreaking to those who do like men. aum is off the single market cause he's with pinky. :) he's tooo hot!
  212. lady_sati

    WE : Prisoner of Love : Aff & Umm

    i got that fever too! ehhehee. love them both!!! thanks!
  213. lady_sati

    just a thought

    ^ OMG!!! are you serious!!! it's not even scary!!! i mean the english one! 'the eye' jessica alba version. psk. i saw the previews... not scary at all. i remember i was so scared to watch the real one, i hid my face half the time. NO ONE CAN REPLACE ANANDA'S Shutter in my heart! ehehehe. the...
  214. lady_sati

    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    macli, i hear you girl. im exactly like that. i know that by the time i finish college, the only bachelor i'll get is a piece of paper. :P i mean it too. im picky too. i think, since a young age, i thought i would marry a hmong dude. but the more i meet them, shiot. i just leave with a bad...
  215. lady_sati

    Chin Info

    mook, you know Chin personally? super duper lucky!!!! dont worry, im not a stalker. im just amazed that someone that sarnies know might know Chin in person. either way, it's cool. i cant wait for his new cd. i love his voice! very husky!
  216. lady_sati

    Favorite Hmong Band

    ^ hehehehe. thank you. you didnt have to put illusion up. i was just thinking outloud, i guess. but thanks. illusion and no love are totally different, but... ok. :P that'll do. you're so funny!! thanks.
  217. lady_sati

    Favorite Hmong Band

    you didnt put illusion. for me: paradise. sounders. kls. no love. destiny. new breed. both 'no love' and 'illusion' are my blood cousins, so... i guess i should be bias, right? cause i see and hear all the challenges they go through, so... yah.
  218. lady_sati

    Singing Competition at Fresno

    shiot. i cant read and write hmong for anything. it's a little... bad. cause i dont know hmong, but i can read and write korean, french and little thai. im bad, huh? but anyways, im proud of them. they all sing better than me, so... yah!
  219. lady_sati

    :: sarnies ::

    girl!!!! sek loso is popular!!!! you know that one song in hmong..... hmong people re-sang his song. ahhh!!! (you're like.... what song? ehehehhe. :P) but im glad you had fun. you're pretty too by the way. sek loso! i dont know if that was the real him, but i do know that he often sings...
  220. lady_sati

    Chin Chinawut Album 2

    *FAINTS* chin chin chin say what!??!??!?!! he's sooo hot! i dont think his voice is really dramatically improved, but im proud that he gave it a shot. i know ballad isn't really his thing, but he can do it!!! looking hot in that!!! that's the french in him!!!!! :P
  221. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    harit is hot, but... man.... i feel so bad for bai. he's the tragice love story here! he does everything without opposing, but the one thing he wants, his boss is against it. bai's loyalty is true. i just want to cry when he was crying for boontai, and he went to harit. to me, that part, i...
  222. lady_sati

    just a thought

    isn't the original from THE PANG BROTHERS? a chinese one???? well, that's the first one i saw. and in that one, they go to thailand to find the donor. but i dont know. i havent seen the thai one.
  223. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ^^^^ we can get the fever together. :P ^^ ehhehehee. i guess we all have to have a fever somewhere. :) i should watch that lakorn too, huh? im sure if you like it, it's a good one. ^ i agree. that little monkey! *pinch cheeks* especially when the monkey actor is in clothes, soooo cute...
  224. lady_sati

    Don't think that you're a God or Goddess when you're in Laos

    since im new in this thread, i'll just respond to the topic starter's comments. i have never been to laos, but i have tons of relatives there. and sure i want to visit there someday. and it's true, and i'll be honest, when i think of Laos, i think of poor people and dirty children. and i dont...
  225. lady_sati

    Klin Kaew Klang Jai (completed)

    i LOVE you!!! im starting to watch this one too because you subbed it. i can trust you. gosh, we need to meet in person so i can shake your hands! i appreciate you sooo much!!! THANKS GA-ZILLION TIMES!!!!
  226. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ^^ ehehhehehe. im sure there were many girls out there who fainted too! :P my sister was so into aum that she smiled from ear to ear. :) wow, sajenna must be a pro lakorn watcher for not having the fever. cause this is my little sister's first lakorn, and she think it's the best in the world...
  227. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    sajenna, you're soooo funny!! i was scared i was gonna get caught. but i wasn't up that late. :P but i thought about JLR all morning. i cant wait to see it. i know that this thread gets sooo many visits. im not surprise if i never leave it. :P take care my JLR friends!
  228. lady_sati

    Ken Theeradeth---I have a big crush on him!

    i fell in love with him through is acting. the first time i saw him being silly, we clicked. :P i love him cause he is a hot, funny, nice guy. i honestly think he's perfect. i would want my husband to be like that. thanks.
  229. lady_sati

    Singing Competition in Modesto

    ashley thao and mtv. mtv as in...... mtv/trl? thanks for the info. too few contestants only allowed. :(
  230. lady_sati

    Ananda in Laos-Thai Movie "Sabaidee Luang Prabang"

    she kinda look like Aum P. pretty. mak. and Ananda.... ALWAYS HOT! thanks.
  231. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    OMG!!!!! those caps are sooo nice!!! thanks for showing those. really clear nice!!! thanks. i LOVE LOVE LOVE JLR! i like it when harit turns all mushy. ah!!!
  232. lady_sati

    Daraparpayon : AFF

    she's soooo pretty. love love love love love her!
  233. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ^ i wanna see that part too. i think it's more... sexy, when he's sweet. after he's mean. :P thanks.
  234. lady_sati


    ^ i LOVE LOVE your siggie and your avatar. i know this is gonna be stupid, but i dont even know this guy. anyways, i think that if he personally reply back to you, then i guess he's telling the truth. cause the one on youtube, it cant be confirm, right? yah.
  235. lady_sati

    Queen of Langkasuka

    ANADAAAAAAA!!!! woop! woop!! i love Tik, but i LOVE Ananda. hehehee. two hot guys in one movie, im not complaining. :P cant wait to see it.
  236. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH rugrats81!!!!! i cant wait to see that one!!!!!! sounds soooo good!!!!! i want to see when she jumps into the water. i think that is so daring of her, and i want to see harit develop his feelings for her. cant wait!!!! THANKS!!!!
  237. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    OMG! i havent been online for 2 days and the pages went up 20 pages!!! JLR is definitely the lakorn of the year!!!!! great start of the new year too!!! woop! woop! im loving the episodes. so exciting each one are.
  238. lady_sati

    Hottest lakorn on air at the moment?

    im major bias. i havent seen anything else besides JLR!!! WOOP! WOOP!!
  239. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i always fast forward sansanee's part cause harit and soraya's parts are tooo exciting. i dont really think the drama is dragging, but i do hope that things get figured out sooner so like... by episode 6 or 7... she's still not a prisoner and he's still not calling her sansanee. and boontai is...
  240. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i just cant wait until she gets release! and then he gets all sappy! i would LOVE to see that side of him. take that!!! he shoulda been nicer to her. ehhehheee. i guess cause im a girl, and if a guy held me against my will and then realized that i was the wrong girl.... *drop kick* ehheehhee...
  241. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ^ thank you sarn!!!!! :P that just gives it all away!!! ehehehee. i LOVE this lakorn. thye yell so intense!!
  242. lady_sati

    Some picture of Aff

    OMG! i LOVE her beauty!!! flawless beauty for reals!!
  243. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    B for Bom Potato. :)
  244. lady_sati

    Japanese IQ

    어떻게????? I QUIT!!!!!! someone just gives me the answer!! it was fun seeing people drop kicked!!!! let me try it again. *stress* proves how smart i am. ugh. :(
  245. lady_sati

    Man Kills and Eats Girlfriend

    ^^ ahahhaaha! i HATE that movie. but i LOVE it at the same time. scary as heck!!!! freaky!!! ^ i know!!! scary. gives me the chill. i think this is gross. he must have loved her too much to let her go. *shivers* im not hungry anymore.
  246. lady_sati

    Poj Thoj

    ^ i agree. his music are still some of the best ballads ever!! poisoning was one thing many people thought about. but i think that since he passed already, i think we should just try to keep his name in a positive light. heck, who would REALLY know. maybe someone needs to do some shaman get...
  247. lady_sati

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    this IS scary. i hope she's okay now. i hope they catch that bad guy. wow, scary. take care pat!
  248. lady_sati

    How to tell you're not Mama's Favorite

    true. my big brother gets all the candy. and he's 25 years old!!!!!!!!! my mom always consider him first before any of us. oh well. i'll fly on my own. ehhehehee. that picture is sad.
  249. lady_sati


    shouldnt it be free?? i mean, gonna charge people to see hmong people when they already see hmong people. im just saying. nothing bad intended. and because if it's on cable, then we'll have to order it?? like that??? i wouldn't mind seeing the hmong channel, but no bootsy english speaker when...
  250. lady_sati

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i think both their acting are so intense that it makes the lakorn really good. the way he yells at her and she yells back, that's really loud and agressive acting. i love it. this is my kind of lakorn!!! ehehehhe. :) cant wait for the subs, since im pasa thai limited. love love love it! im...
  251. lady_sati

    Best Actor of 2007

    i think this is totally ken's year. he really blew up. and he's handsome. chakrit did well too, but... i dont know. we'll have to wait and see. :)
  252. lady_sati

    Channel 3 2008 Calendar

    DANG! im impress. ken's channel. ann t. napat. sirita!!! this channel has all the good looking actors. :)
  253. lady_sati

    Word of the day.....

    i know! i heard 'hi-so'... and i felt so dumb cause i didnt know what it meant. but after i learned it, i LOVE LoSo an extra thousand more. :P really slick slang. i like.
  254. lady_sati

    Suggestions about Singers

    i love you. :P cause you have the same music taste like me. well... almost. you forgot POTATO. :P and i love S.H.E too. Jay Chou too. Clash is good too. um... if you're not sure of what songs to listen to, just check them out anyways. you'll eventually find something you like. :P take care. im...
  255. lady_sati

    Young Chin

    ^ thanks. i knew his mother was the french side, because i saw a picture of them two. well, it was a picture of chin with a white female, so i figured. really handsome and cute still. go chinawut!
  256. lady_sati

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    i saw this in a salon while i was getting my hair permed. :P and i think that mark isnt all that hot, but he's okay. but ann is always as pretty. the 'r' scene wasnt all that too. :P but ann is still pretty. i wouldnt wake up and cry... i woulda woken up and kicked his as* :P i wanna see more...
  257. lady_sati

    American Remake of Asian Horror Movie

    i agree with darvil. you thought this through babe. :P like.... i guess since im asian, i can understand and believe, relate to the spirits stories, etc. i mean... the american culture is kinda... different. i dont know how to say it, but i mean... all the spirits being hungry wanting food...
  258. lady_sati

    Lost my purse!! :(

    i hope that by now it has been found or something. but if not, you should be a step ahead whoever found it, and call to let the places now that you lost the ss and such. just to be on the safe side. and you're older now, it's okay if you feel like you dont want to tell your mom, but it's always...
  259. lady_sati

    Caps of Bie when he a kid and in school

    he still kinda look like 'Bi/Rain'. love this guy! thanks.
  260. lady_sati

    Celebrity Fund-Raiser

    the first girl... i saw her somewhere in a mv or something... i cant think of it... ahhh!!! it's bugging me.... where is she from??? ahhh!!! but i don think it's any bad intentions. cause if the money goes to charity anyways... it's kinda like the stars are revealing themselves to help others...
  261. lady_sati

    Hmong Graves Desecration Committee

    im from fresno. i want to be able to help. this does matters to me. thanks.
  262. lady_sati


    wow! slick look. i like. very neat. thanks.
  263. lady_sati

    nervous embarassing

    just face it forward. you'll do fine. once you deal with it, a load falls off your shoulder. and you didnt have any periods in your sentence. so... i was kinda.... breathless. :P i hope things work out for you. you can do it. just face it forward. that's part of life. you make little errors...
  264. lady_sati

    Bie profile

    ^^ shirt! off! where?!?!?!?!?!?!! i dont mind drooling too!!!! :P he's 22 years old only. when i first saw him, i honestly thought he was like... 25 or older. shoot. i sure can give him love!! *love, i need somebody, love* hehehee. :P kool kool.
  265. lady_sati

    Does anyone have this movie or remember it?

    FUNK!!! that was the first hmong/scary ass movie i ever seen. since i was a youngin. scarred me for life. *shivers* hella classic. hella for reals.
  266. lady_sati

    Which Thai films would you want to have English Subtitles?

    ^^^ GOOD!!!!! LET ME KNOW!!!!! I LOVE YOU NOW!!! *HUG* and i think anything with ANANDA EVERINGHAM is good. :P
  267. lady_sati

    Lakorn Trends/Storylines

    true like thai-lakorn-fan said. there's only so limited story lines. most of the lakorns are predictable. just like most of the korean drama. well, that's if you've been watching them since forever. ehehehheee. yap.
  268. lady_sati

    Which Thai films would you want to have English Subtitles?

    ^^^ dont worry, i can only think of 2 titles! :P films as in movie? yah!!!! peuan sanit. best friend. w/ Sunny Suwanmethanon & Siraphan Wattanajinda. bedside detective. Sailap jap baan lek. w/ Sunny Suwanmethanon. i just love that sunny!!!! :D
  269. lady_sati

    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008

    fresno new year hasnt come yet, but. dude. i agree with that. miss california should at least reside in california! and be from california! it's not new to me. i think hmong judging and judges are always.... esk! crocked! so.... i guess they are so use to being BIAS. they dont vote to rules...
  270. lady_sati

    noon siraphun before and after

    i think with the short hair, she looks younger. and sometimes like a boy. but i think she looks good in both acutally. but i picked the long hair. :D
  271. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    V for... Vanilla. as in Black Vanilla. :P
  272. lady_sati

    Herr's Video Production Presents: Hmong Celebrities Night Concert

    forget those young people!!! im all about them older folks!! my dream coming true!! mai puv!!! i love that girl!!! and pog nyam!!!! my idols!!!!!!!!! i need to go! fresno!
  273. lady_sati

    New Faces of Hmong celebreties

    sadly i dont know how to read hmong. and i dont know those peeps too well. somchai sounds good. my favorite actress MAI POO! (okay! my hmong sucks). and that evil actress... the one that is as loud and agressive as Poo. singer..... i dont know. does ariya live in the usa already? :unsure:
  274. lady_sati

    Let me here your opinion...

    i think it's because traditionally hmong men use to be in charge of many things. they could have many wives and mistress and get away with it. cause it was culture. now in america, women have more liberty. so now women have become independent of men. and once a women exercise her potential and...
  275. lady_sati

    thai ringtones

    depending on what phone you have, i think you can make your own mp3 ringtones. like, cut the song, and then upload it onto the phone. yah, depending on what phone you have. if your phone takes mp3. but. sorry. i cant help much. i dont know how to read thai, so i'll be lost on the pages.
  276. lady_sati

    CHOOSE UR Favor Hmong Singer

    i havent heard all the singers. so i guess my vote is useless. and bias. Kwm Lis and Der Thao.
  277. lady_sati

    Expressing my frustration!!

    i know that you're angry. but you shouldnt use the word 'die' and 'hell' etc. that doesnt make you look better than them. someone may think that you're as prejudice as them. i understand that racist. ive been through it all the time. and im still going through it. i think it's to your...
  278. lady_sati

    Apartment or House

    then there's things like... garbage. water. electricity. a house would be nice... but a good house doesnt come that cheap. i think, just which ever you like more. and i think you'll figure that out. dont look at the money situation as much. cause as long as you're happy, the place is worth it...
  279. lady_sati

    True singers

    ^^ beautiful!!!! he makes me cry. Bank, agree. Aof, agrees. Panadda, agree. PUP POTATO. and im not being bias. he does!!!!!! listen to potato songs and tell me he doesnt!! huh? huh? huh?? 'pasa kai', that one... well done. and live... psk... he's one of the best!!! woop! woop!
  280. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    ^^ no, he's not! not that i know of. :huh: i was just wondering. that poor lonely chinese man. :D and i hope you dont catch a cold!! im thinking.... 'gosh! im lazy!'.
  281. lady_sati

    My Apologies

    ^ dont day that!!! :o she's a mod!!! she can hurt us!!!! :o teasing you. :lol: ^ yeah. newbies dont know anything. me! but, i'll go with the flow. GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK! now.... start with this... and then that... and then this agai... and that.... teasing you!!! :lol: take care.
  282. lady_sati


    my cousin and i were just talking about this today. i think you are right. girl likes guys with more kindness over guys with looks. while guys are slower at their dog attitude and like girls for their looks. joking!! i wouldnt say dog, but i would say... different. girls are more about the...
  283. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    who is jay chou gonna marry?
  284. lady_sati

    Hot OR Not (2)

    ^ pretty. that D2B picture is soooooo sad. :( jerry yan.
  285. lady_sati

    Laptop radiation

    dang! then im a goner! im around the microwave, the laptop, the tele all day. and if not, then the radio. but i dont think it's that that that bad. hopefully not. :huh:
  286. lady_sati

    what kind of hmong girls is prettier?

    i think hmong americans who put their makeup on well are pretty. and those who try tooooo hard are not as good looking. hmong thais are pretty. my aunt is hella hmong but born in thai, and she just has this beauty to her. and her son and daughter are soooo exotic looking. and they are just...
  287. lady_sati

    Hot OR Not (2)

    ^^ YOU DIDNT POST UP YOUR TURN OF PIC. it's okay. my turn. Selina of S.H.E.
  288. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    i should go to sleep. zombie. TAKE CARE EVERYONE! BE HAPPY. SMILE. TAKE CARE.
  289. lady_sati

    This or That

    ^ as in alcohol?? im clueless. i like... green. so... green cordial??? dirty toilet seat with mud? or dirty toilet seat with pee, dried and wet!??? NO STANDING! NO SQUATTING! NO USING ANOTHER TOILET! WHICH ONE!!??!?!??!!!
  290. lady_sati

    Nero 8 Ultra Edition

    .iso file. what program do i use to mount it???? i have never deal with an .iso file before. *stress* im clueless on file names and whatever. THANKS!!!!! you're full of awesomeness!!
  291. lady_sati

    what's better or what do u like RS or Grammy

    i personally like grammy. cause the first singers and group that i heard of was from grammy. clash. potato. endorphine. punch. so... i guess im bias. but rs do have really good artists too. d2b. k-otic. but impress me. but im a grammy bias. :D
  292. lady_sati

    Help with gift idea for cambodia friend

    are you cambodian as well??? sorry. im just curious. ^_^ when i visited france, i bought my french family something that was usa related. im sure they probably already have american lotion/perfume there. that's what i think. well, at least in france. i bought my family a little hmong doll...
  293. lady_sati

    thai transexual

    ^^^^ :lol: i guess they're saying that thai boys who become girls look better than real girls. yah? i think that's what this topic is about. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  294. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    punch- ying kwa sei jai. fun to sing along.
  295. lady_sati

    thai transexual

    ^ yah, surgery is a way too. and i think... TIME is another essential. time for hair. time for makeup. time for clothes. and time to flaunt it. i get jealous too. but hey, someone gots to be the prettier one.
  296. lady_sati


    ^^ DUH!!! THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME NOW!! i spent an hour on this!! AND I GOT IT!! ANYONE NEEDS HELP, I CAN HELP TOO. IT TAKES TIME, BUT I THINK IT'S POSSIBLE. but, i am not a photoshop person at all. just dlded it for the fun of dlding and to see if i can do all the steps. i did!! fun!! THANKS...
  297. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    SNSD- Tinkerbell. love their new album.
  298. lady_sati

    Momo is a little bored.

    i love this song. i think you have a good vibe to your voice. i think you should work more on the breathing. it almost sounds like you're almost talking it out. but all in all, a very good effort. practice. you can do it. keep it up!!
  299. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    T for... Tomorrow. hopefully everyone has a happy tomorrow!
  300. lady_sati

    Guess who is our HMONG Britney Spears & our HMONG Justin Timberland

    ^^ FUNNY!!! i agree with babe_girl. i dont know. there arent that many singers. and even if there are... some are known here and there only. i dont even know all those names. i know proto_j. that guy can sing. but dang! im lost on all those hmong names. *runs*
  301. lady_sati

    New RnB/Pop Singer - Jade Lee

    i think she's good. i think for a hmong person, she's good. she can sing AND move her body. i think she's got some talent there. i like her voice too. not too soft but not too manly. thanks.
  302. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    dang! gotta get rid of this wisdom tooth!! killing me softly!
  303. lady_sati


    i think it's hot. on some men. not everyone. but i dont think it's too bad. LOL! dont know why, just funny.
  304. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    Q for Quarter system. thank gosh im on the semester one.
  305. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    il mare ost- we must say goodbye. so sad.
  306. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    dang! that midterm is gonna kill me!
  307. lady_sati

    show hmong pride here

    i'm already proud about being hmong. i think one thing positive about being hmong... uh.... the ghost stories and the shaman rituals. i think shaman rituals are more traditional, which my family is still really traditional. so i like that a lot about being hmong. next.
  308. lady_sati


    wow. she is pretty. people there are so lucky!!!
  309. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    O for... October!!! yah!
  310. lady_sati

    Hot Or Not

    ^ i thought you meant you like new york. NOT HOT! um... donald trump. i ran out of thoughts.
  311. lady_sati

    mcdonald's-monopoly who want to win cash

  312. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    M for Months. those long days months...
  313. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    ^^ true. many things happen, it sways you to one answer. it's up to you on how you interpret it. happy thoughts! im thinking... dang! 3 months is long, but not long enough.
  314. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    K for.... killer!!!! :o since it's Halloween month.
  315. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    k-otic. Ruk mai dai rue mai dai ruk : รั�ไม่ได้หรือไม่ได้รั� . sounds good. im impressed.
  316. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    dang! this kotic song does sound good. even though they are all different asians. love it.
  317. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    ^ yah. they are actually good. and yes, that singer is hot!!!! check them out. i love track 2 of their first ep. yap. OH! off topic. E for... Elephant.
  318. lady_sati

    Hot OR Not (2)

    true, chin will get handsome when he grows upper... i literally went like... :o i didnt know thaitanium had a member like that. um.... im interested now. :yahoo: yes, hot. mister potato lead singer.
  319. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    B for.... Black Vanilla. da da da da, da da da da...... love love that song.
  320. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    potato. Tum norng tee hai pai. have no clue. but still sooo good.
  321. lady_sati

    Hot OR Not (2)

    ^^ dont know her... cant tell who... but doesnt look bad. good. hot. CHINAWUT! WUT!
  322. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    potato- หวังดีเสมอ wang dee samer.
  323. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    ^^ ALL OF THEM!! *DROOLS* chakrit is tooo handsome. almost got off topic. Z- Zoolander. :huh:
  324. lady_sati

    This or That

    ^^ that's cruel!! but good one. i rather stay with the..... poop. dont kill me! i love old folks too. my turn. peeing over mud... or... peeing over... wet concrete?
  325. lady_sati

    Hot OR Not (2)

    ^^ so cute and pretty. yes. hot. PRESENTING.....MISTER ANANDA EVERINGHAM.
  326. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    ^ LOVE YOUR SIGGIE TO DEATH!!! LOVE IT!! U... then V. V for Vanilla as in Black Vanilla.
  327. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    SNSD- Perfect For You. honey.....
  328. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    N for.... Nemo. the fish.
  329. lady_sati

    Miss Teen Thailand 2007 - Ying Ploy

    she's cute. looks like vicki zhao wei. 15 years old... can she fulfill her duty?... hum.... we'll have to wait and see. so young. but, congrats to her. im sure the other girls did their best too. thanks.
  330. lady_sati

    Dishonest people

    DANG! you guys are good in writing hmong. i just read all those post admiring. kebdub. i understand that. dude, this person knocked on our door. younger sister opened, and then asked me for a $1. for what? that man wants it. :blink: are you freaken kidding me!??!!??!?!!! he wasn't even...
  331. lady_sati

    Would you ever work under a Hmong woman leaderhsip in a company?

    sorry that you have to see that. but.... i mean, not all hmong women are like that. i understand that the more older generation dont know much about TEAM WORK, and WORK ETHICS versus personal feelings, etc. but... i was thinking about senator mee moua, she's a hmong women and i think that if...
  332. lady_sati

    Anyone listens to Hmong kwv txhiaj?

    ^ oh! you're hmong. i LOVE your siggie to death!!! *drools* i dont like listening to them all the time. BUT I WOULD RATHER WATCH THE MOVIES THOUGH. the ones where they just stand and sings. i cried and cried and CRIED on this one kwv txhiaj video. man... that was hella sad and dramatic. i...
  333. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    J for.... Jolly Rancher.
  334. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    ^ hope you feel better. im thinking... dang! these thai alphabets are difficult to remember. chicken, eggs....
  335. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    backstreet boys- inconsolable. woop! woop!
  336. lady_sati

    This or That

    Comcast. tap water (sink water) OR toilet water. ;)
  337. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    H as in Homework that i have to do..... -_-
  338. lady_sati


    sorry, was it me? :huh: teasing. like the hmong quote goes : HMONG TONGUES ARE FASTER AND LOUDER THAN LIGHTENING & THUNDER. yes or no? but yah, people say this and that. rumors are different from gossip. gossip = true things, people just pass it along. rumors = dont know if it's true, but...
  339. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    ^ hope your back gets better. im thinking.... dang! when am i ever gonna met that pup.
  340. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    E. i was thinking Endorphine... but.. hum... okay. ENDORPHINE.
  341. lady_sati

    brenda song speaking hmong

    hey... give her some credit.... some people cant even say that whole line without messing up. that's on the for reals. im actually kool with whatever. at least she's thankful. right? go girl. thanks for the link.
  342. lady_sati

    Pho or Papaya?

    THIS IS HARD!!!! I FIND THAT QUESTION ABSURD!!! joking. :D for me... papaya. i can have papaya everday and not get too bored. but i think pho is more like... it taste good once in a loooong time. but above those two... it's all about them kao pon. (spell check) curry noodle. B)
  343. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    C- Chinawut. what. what.
  344. lady_sati

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    dang! i slept half the day away. oh well, it's only saturday. :unsure:
  345. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    chinawut! Park mai trong gub jai. oh, oh, oh... da da da da da da da da duuummm.
  346. lady_sati

    Hot Or Not

    ^ NOT. 1st, i cant swim. 2nd, im a girl. eatting a hot dog with beans???
  347. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    D- Da Endorphine.
  348. lady_sati

    Do you like sitting?

    ^ exactly. i like sitting in the car when we're on a long drive. i dont mind. i get time to think. sitting is okay. i daydream really fast and good too... so im fine. ;)
  349. lady_sati

    Pancake Khemanit

    i love the braces. i think that's very strong for a person. pretty.
  350. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    A- Alabama
  351. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    ^ um. i am thinking that dang! im hungry.
  352. lady_sati

    3 word game

    then it was....
  353. lady_sati

    Young Chin

    he was darker!! and a little chunkier than he is now. but always have been a cutie!!! *growls* handsome hot indeed!!
  354. lady_sati


    1. Opening Credits: Pannada- Kon leaw tee ruk te 2. Waking Up: Wang Lee Hom- Our Song 3. First Day At School: Sonyeo Shidae- Into the New World 4. Falling In Love: Backstreet Boys- Siberia 5. Fight Song: Jay Chou- Black Sweater 6. Breaking Up: S.H.E- Zen Ma Ben (funny!!! that means 'what to...
  355. lady_sati

    Subject: Psychopath Test

    she killed her sister because her sister hired that guy to kill her mom. right?? um.... or maybe because her sister was seeing that guy. what IS the right answer? um....
  356. lady_sati

    What are you thinking right now?

    ^^ I FREAKEN LOOOOOOVE YOUR SIGGIE!!! DANG!!!! i look out for it all the time!! i wanna see that lakorn now too. im thinking about that right now. ahhh!!! ^^ i hope you feel better. happy thoughts.
  357. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    X... um... Xanga! dang. that was hard.
  358. lady_sati

    What would be the first thing...

    the bad thing for me is that i dont speak thai. but i think 'picture' and 'sign'/'autograph' is universal, right??? n'ek... i dont know.. aum phiyada. picture. please. thank you. i would ask... that evil girl, lizzy, from 'kaew tah pee'. i think she's a good actress. if you can act that evil...
  359. lady_sati

    Is it true that Goong, the loogthoong singer is dead?

    this is really sad. omg. wow. another star in macedonia passed away too. dang. this is a bummer. rest in peace.
  360. lady_sati

    Photos of Shahkrit Yamnarm

    i agree. chakrit is way handsome. i saw his lakorn... about the cloth and laces, and i fell in love with him. i think that he is such a good actor. makes me proud. thanks for showing us those thumbnails. he is really mature handsome. thanks.
  361. lady_sati

    hmong hater right here

    oh my freaken gosh. she's funny. apparently, she's closed minded. but yet her friend is hmong. first, what hmong girl can be her friend when she hella degrades the people like that!!! she's fucked up. that's true. whatever. she aint going to heaven. she aint even gonna go to hell. she'll...
  362. lady_sati

    Your favourite n’ek out of these…

    i would have to say... aom phiyada. i think she acts sooooo good. she cries so sad and touching. real acting. and she's the one i watch more too. im not too familiar with the others. so. yah. but im sure the others are good too.
  363. lady_sati

    how dumb are you

    i think im dumb!!!!!!! is the last page a trick!??!!??!! i cant get my score. im dumbfounded. telllll meeeeee whhyyyyyy!!??!!?!??!!?!! does it mean im getting there cause it says im 'loading' and there's 4 question marks. uh... confused.
  364. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    N.... NICKHUN!!!!! woop!! woop!!!
  365. lady_sati


    ^^ wow.... you're an angel. you're going to heaven for reals! that's really nice of you. im touched. i am. thanks. really nice offer. you're awesomeness. :P ^ true too. but then there's the hassle, bleh bleh... but yah. I HOPE YOU GET TO WATCH IT NO MATTER WHAT! dld if you want, it's not...
  366. lady_sati

    E.T. Yang & Pashoua Yang are coming to Fresno year!!

    ^ full of confidence! then we need to see you!! kool. fresno. hot. but this is kool.
  367. lady_sati

    there's at least one gay character in most thai lakon

    true. they do make the lakorn more interesting. and gay guys do make better friends than most girls. true. they are just more cool that way. yap. yap.
  368. lady_sati

    num needs to stop being p'ek

    he IS a good actor. but i do see why you would say that he looks 'drugged out'. which is funny!! made me laugh. but. yah. that's kool too. he is getting older, but i think many fans out there still wants to see him. he's okay. i guess.
  369. lady_sati

    Enemy book

    ^^ same here. i was thinking of people to name.... ;) but. wow. interestingly evil. i dont think i have an enemy. i dont need one. B)
  370. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    L- Lydia.
  371. lady_sati

    This or That

    f*ck!!! dang! that sucks! tsk. i would have to say.. maggots. forget them roaches as*. that was a good one though. dang! DRINKING SEWER WATER, OR DRINKNG WATER IN A PUDDLE OF MUD? think wisely.
  372. lady_sati

    What song are you listening to right now?

    nicky lee- think too much. velly good. B)
  373. lady_sati

    My Music Collections..

    thank you! i need more hmong songs. i need it! thanks!!
  374. lady_sati

    is it possible for a hmong person to...

    ^ i agree. cause when you're really good... people dont really want to pass that up right? thanks you guys, for your answers.
  375. lady_sati

    Hmong Dubbed: Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jung

    i just watched half of episode one on youtube. in english subs. i dont know about cha'll, but it's hard for me to watch the dubb ones. i use to be fine, but then their mouths not matching the words started to annoy me. im very picky too, that's why. but this is a good lakorn. anything that...
  376. lady_sati

    check the page!

    thanks!! i bookmarked it for later. looks cool. thanks.
  377. lady_sati

    I would like girls opinion

    i was gonna say... 'are you a nyab?' i think it's a guy's job to respect his family, but then he has to know when to stop and start, because he will eventually have his own family, you know? but if the dude is constantly on the mom's side, and not even listening to her, that's whack! he aint...
  378. lady_sati

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    ^ thank you. :P ^ um hum. :P im glad that there's some sense of humor in here. i would be so scared of boredom if i travel abroad. but i know thailand is full of fun, right? besides the 'willling' and the 'rich'. :D i keep daydreaming about ice tea....
  379. lady_sati

    here are some of hmong that i download from othere site

    THANK YOU SO MUCH STACIE VANG! the first two hmong songs were sooo good. because i havent listened to hmong songs for a long time, so when i heard it... oh gosh! i was so happy. THANKS!!! you're awesome!
  380. lady_sati

    Miss Hmong International 2007 - Maiv Tswb "Ann" Vaj

    ^ yah, i agree third. i think hmong judges need to step out of the 'oh, she's pretty, vote.' they need to focus more on self esteem and such, because dont we need a good role model for the hmong community? and not just a pretty face? but. ok.
  381. lady_sati

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    ^ is that suppose to be something... good?? ;) im okay. i can survive. i dont think im that in need. but that was sure funny. phew. oh the support we have, huh??? :P
  382. lady_sati

    is it possible for a hmong person to...

    i was just wondering, since there are hmong people living in thailand, will it be possible to join like grammy or rs. and that's if you have talent of course. any thoughts and comments please. nice ones too. be back to edit after a few comments.
  383. lady_sati

    here are some of hmong that i download from othere site

    thank you! i havent really listen to hmong songs for a while, so i want to listen to yours. :D thanks!
  384. lady_sati

    Pa Thao, ShoeBox Confessions, Monk...

    honestly, i never ever heard of them. maybe the girl, but. nope. im not ignorant, i just go to school far away, so im unable to keep an update. i havent even seen a noh-pah film forever! :( but, i do hope there's a big turnout and a big support group there for them. let me know how it goes...
  385. lady_sati

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    ^ it depends on the program/the hosting school/meals/excursions, etc... im talking it over with advisor now!! im going, hopefully to BKK. i want to go to chiang mai because my uncle lives there, and maybe i wont be scared. my friend is in bkk now and she says i shoudl try it out there first...
  386. lady_sati

    Hmong Dubbed: Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jung

    i gotta see this. because doesnt pup (potato) sing the theme song. which is sooo good. makes me think of pup and then ken. wow. i want to see it. but im not really into the dub. dubs are only my last resort :o
  387. lady_sati

    RS Artist for Grammy - vice versa?

    ^ i think that too. and im not even thai. im so into all those record labels, and i think IF i had a chance, i would totally work with GMM Grammy. *moves to thailand, takes thai classes* :P ^ sounds good. GMM Grammy artists are very talented. so is RS. but i feel like GMM will work more...
  388. lady_sati

    Actor Kwm Lis Father was shot!!!!!!

    ^^ TOTALLY OFF TOPIC. <_< but. i hope his father is okay. it was a business partner!!!! over money!!! some people are ghetto like that though. i hope his dad recovers. and i hope that punk who did gets arrested.
  389. lady_sati

    How to install/display thai fonts using WINAMP TUTORIAL

    thank you! that was fun. yah, just like [[LiDooL_aNjOoL]], the main title aint showing the title. that bugs me a lot. i guess it's just me. but.. thank you! that was fun! and i can practice using those thai text! thanks!
  390. lady_sati

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    her husband looks like that korean actor... shin hyun jung? is it... anyways. she's pretty. congrats to them all!!!
  391. lady_sati

    Which Hmong movies would you like to be a part of?

    that guy!!! SHIOT! this is what i get for not knowing how to write hmong! dont hate me. im just.. bleh. that short cute one!! that guy!!! he's a Thao. he's in that... '3 people, 2 roads' say that in Hmong, and hopefully you'll get it. i would love to act with him. when he came to the fresno...
  392. lady_sati

    New Hmong Movie: Goodbye Tus Kuv Hlub

    looks... hmong. hope it's good. and not like them typical ones. but even still, hmong folks still like them.
  393. lady_sati

    WHO CAN SING????

    woop! woop! all my yellow fellow!! i think i can sing. not the best, but not the worst too. im a soprano. im shy. i doubt it that i'll do public contests. :huh: but... this idea sounds like fun.
  394. lady_sati

    Aom Phiyada:Limited

    ^ agree. she is so youthful still. beautiful.
  395. lady_sati

    Pix of Rome,Janie,Ken and Boom on At 10

    i know nothing about thai, but someone here uploaded, and i watched it. all i can understand was the laughter. ken is so adorable. he's like... a big giggly teddy bear. thanks.
  396. lady_sati

    just wanna thank you for 'alone'. thanks!

    just wanna thank you for 'alone'. thanks!
  397. lady_sati

    Tub Yaj really is 6'2"

    thank you. i didnt watch the whole thing, too long to load. but i do like that villian lady. dude, if there was a hmong award, she would win best evil villian every year. she's my best hmong actress. 6'2. i havent seen a hmong that tall. but... okay. thanks.
  398. lady_sati

    Hmong New Years is coming!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!

    i miss the food. but then... i dont like seeing bad people there though. like in fresno, people killing people. dang, punks! cant we get along for a few days. shiot. but. yah. i cant wait. i like it. hmong fun.
  399. lady_sati

    peter thor of advent vibe

    dang! he gots dimples! he does have a good voice. i hope to see him get far. no need to hate talent. go boy. gots to support them talent.
  400. lady_sati

    thank you for the james album. you're the best. you're on my 'awesome' list!! thanks!! take care.

    thank you for the james album. you're the best. you're on my 'awesome' list!! thanks!! take care.
  401. lady_sati

    Tsawb Yaj - Thov Xaus Li No

    i dont know why i laughed. but, i think he did an okay job. i havent heard the original, so... i cant really compare. but if it was by Big, then, okay. thanks. i like his hair. it could be better but...
  402. lady_sati

    Set: Ken & Noi Wedding

    im actually REALLY happy for Ken. i think that he has tremendous abilities as an actor, and i want him to have a great wedding. he deserves that much. and he deserves to have all the support too. im smiling so big because it's funny too. many girls are sad that handsome ken is getting married...
  403. lady_sati

    S.H.E. Forever official thread

    CONGRATS girls!!!! it is 6 years! wow. they've done soooo much in 6 years. they are on top! go girls!!
  404. lady_sati

    Paj Zaub Khab - A True Miss Hmong

    she's my idol now. she even went to see them poor hmong people. across the fence. but. at least she used her status well. go girl.
  405. lady_sati

    Tub Yaj and Xab Thoj

    im not good at reading hmong, but i know that the actress in that 80 years movie was pretty. i forgot the song.... ^_^
  406. lady_sati

    Favorite from S.H.E

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE S.H.E !!!! i LOVE selina because: pretty, sweet and soft voice. i LOVE hebe because : beautiful voice, pretty, and silly. i LOVE ella because : down to earth, best personality, and unique voice.
  407. lady_sati

    Alphabet Game'07

    C !!!! C is for Clash.
  408. lady_sati


    i want to know where tik is too. :huh: i think... when nickhun gets older... nickhun might look like him. dont you guys think that? i see it a little. go tik!!!
  409. lady_sati

    Ann,Tik,Ken,Aom,Ploy & Sunny:29th Birthday

    29 is not bady. i think it's fine. they all look so good. wow. thanks.