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  1. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    YOur Lao Name??

    Yeah you can call me that.LOL. It makes me feel...manome-ish.LOL.
  2. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    Laos people

    I think there are alot of laos people out there that are so damn talented. I mean I've seen some dance and they can pass for a professional dancer, I've heard some sing and for damn sure they can pass for a singer. I just think laos people should put there talents towards something worth there...
  3. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    Laos people in the U.S. looking like Thai Lakorn Stars

    Dude I know exactly what you guys are talking about. Just about half my brothers and sisters can be thai models or actors, and when I mention that to them they would say "no, I would rather become one in laos, represent" LOL. I would be like yeah, that's how you do it. I just think some laos...
  4. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    Laos People in the US

    I am 18 rite now and just graduated from high school. I am currently attending college at Michigan Tech and I am majoring in Movie directing. It's only been the first week of class and already I'm loving it. But I've got bigger news for you guys. I am currently involved in acting as well, I do...
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    wat are u?

    I am the type of person who well only believe the things I can see and praise too. And that of course my friends, is Bhudda. I can see him, take his advices, pray with him and even tell him my As for god...I'm not saying he's not real or anything, but I gave him a shot to prove to...
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    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    My picture is already on here. I have it as my signature and my Check it out.
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    Is Laotian Culture Disapearing?

    I would say yeah, the laos cultures is disappearing. I mean here we have a laos community center and all but not all the laotion adults communicate, they either hate each other or don't talk to each other becuz they are from different levels yah noe. Like I'm rich I'm not talkin to someone as...
  8. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    YOur Lao Name??

    Okay you guys may find this weird but I have two last names.LOL. Buttt...the good part is I have a laos name. My full name is...drum roll....presenting: Manome Johnny Douangmala Sisavath...I know isn't that crazy. My last name is actually Douangmala. And my second last name is actually my god...
  9. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    pee pob in laos

    Yeah they scare me sometimes too. But my grandpa practices white magic so he chases them away and stuff, he would always tell us to chant something if we ever think we ran into one. I was like COOL!
  10. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    do you know how

    Surprisingly I do know how to cook laos food.LOL. I hang out with alot of my white friends, than my asian friends. My parents even think I an white wash, but I showed them when I decided to help my mom cook and she was like completely speechless. I was like in your face mum and dad. I didn't eat...
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    Do you look laos?

    My friends tell me I look hmong then laos. And I'm like what the But I was like oh well as long as I look like one of the asians.
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    Yeah I agree, not all laos guys are jerks. I mean from my experience anyways. I am laos, and yes I am a guy. Before I came here(college) I thought, no offense, that white girls were the only ones I can date as if now. I thought they were the only ones who would treat me good. But I was...
  13. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    where do you guys eat at home

    We would always eat the asian way. You guys know what I'm talkin
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    You guys all have some very interesting ideas on how to rebuild laos and what to add to it to make it a better place, so why don't we all just come together one day, go to laos and start Me, my cousins and a couple of friends are gonna do dat in about 2 more years were gonna...
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    Lao tradition for funerals

    Ok my grandpa just recently died, and we had to do this ceremony for most of the guys from within the family has to be a monk for one day. They have to shave there eyebrow and hair all off and then they go chant with the elder monks, it's like loosing all your bad sins and starting...
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    Sapai Tornado

    That is soo cute...paul and kob fighting together, kicking some bad guys ass!!
  17. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    Heavenly Sword and the Dragon saber

    None of the clips work for any of the episodes...can someone please upload it again!!
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    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    Im laos and that's a good thing!!
  19. Nae_jai_leaw_lur

    Sapai Tornado

    Kob and Paul are both good actors and that's what makes the movie soo good!! But I haven't finished it yet so Imma wait to finish it and find out how the ending is going to be like...seems to me like it's going to be really good!