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    Four Sakolrat: Resonant Blue

    four is pretty and the dogs are cute. espicially the furry white ones
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    Kwan Usamanee

    soooooo pretty!! thnx for sharing
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    [MBC] East of Eden

    orangespider, when you point the arrow of your mouse to the screen, there'll be these three words: discussion, caption, and subtitle. just click on subtitle. that's how i got the sub to work for me.
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    [MBC] East of Eden

    this drama is really good!! you could watch this drama at
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    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed (Dida Vdo)

    OMG thank you... i love this song
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    the lakorn is getting so good, n ken is so sweet, how he'll cook for her everyday
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    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    haha i should post up mines too...but i haven't upload them yet. oh yeah n i was suppose to show it to tubbythinker first SOWIE!!!
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    thanks for sharing ken and ann look so cute can't wait for epis. 10
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    yep...both of them are currently my favorite on screene couple haha it use to be vier and kwan but now ann and ken
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    OMG...why is it so short,but this lakorn is moving at such a fast paste i don't want it to end yet
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i know huh thats what i thought too haha
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i know can't believe she said that...
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    thanks for the translation and update of the lakorn, now i have an idea of how the lakorn is going to be, can't wait to see it when ken start going aafter ann haha finally he gets a taste of his own medicine.
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    aww p'ken is totally so sweet, wish i have a hubby like him so jealous of noi, i bet ken take super good care of his wife can't wait to see their baby
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    isn't he the guy that play fated to love you. haha the pic is hot but funny at the same time, can't believe he wear thoes short shorts
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    Oon Ai Rak

    i actually like that lakorn, i thought it was good and worth watching oh yeah n the song for the lakorn was very nice i like cheer more when she portray this kind of role better her other one where she's all tough and mean like a tomboy.
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    TIK or NUM

    p'num because he's what got me interested in lakorn and his acting always touches my heart!! he's so gooood! he's great!!
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    thanks for the song...
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    wow!! sawan bieng sound so intense by reeading ur guys reply
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    the teaser was good, now i can't wait
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    gosh 27 more days?... so long
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    Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)

    OMG ann look so cute with that hair style...i'm starting to like aum with that hairy face now haha he look extremely sexy with it
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    gosh its looking good can't wait...
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    ^yeah me too but too bad ken's off limit
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    haha thats wat i was saying
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    Kwan and Pancake

    pancake n weir kwan n oil
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    Kwan Usamanee

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    Aff and her Bf

    EWWW!!! her bf is so fugly...she can do way better
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    Wow!! ken and ann look good together on the cover, can't wait till it air
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    Secretly in Love with You

    he's in a couple of chinesse drama...if I remember right he also had one with Jimmy Lin he's really hot though
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    haha tubbythinker you're so funny... yeah me too we still up inside our mom tubby
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    chemistry with kob

    P'num...P'num!! all the way i don't care if kob and brook are getting married p'num and kob look better together
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    ken so cutie...wish him luck
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    Sood Dan Huajai

    thanks for the news and p'num do need to get a new hair style
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    Aff Taksaorn:Spiritual faith

    yeah she is beautiful love her flawless skin
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    pinky savika

    thanks for sharing...pinky so pretty.
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    Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)

    WOW lots of drama going on here
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    wow this lakorn must be popular have so many remake
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    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    ^thanks for sharing the teaser...yeah it look like those chronic type of drama
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    Vicky Sunisa

    vicky look really pretty in these shoot...she have flawless skin
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    Do you think they look a like?

    iono maybe a little
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    ^ haha yeah thats what i was saying too **fishy** haha anyways ann and ken so cute together i can't wait till it airs haha thanks tinah for sharing
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    haha yeah Miss japan won and i heard she and Miss USA were really close and good friends but i'm not sure though correct me if i'm worng
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    Tur Kue Cheevit (Dida) kwan's going to star in here...thanks tubbythinker for the news
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    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    ^yeah both of them do have some chemistry together
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    Romantic Princess

    this drama so cute i love wu zun he so hot it making me crazy
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    It Started With A Kiss 2

    yeah i know they alway be changing the dates its making me piss now
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    Wu Zun!!!

    thats sad i love jiro he is so funny and adorable i love those funny faces he always make anyways yeah i saw wu zun new drama romantic princess he is so hot in there hahaha i can't wait tell the whole series'll fall in love with him again after seeing that drama he dresses in suit and...
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    Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So (TV Thunder)

    OMG this lakorn is going to be funny i can't wait ann look so funny the part when she was sing haha and pepper look so funny/adorable the part where he painted himself brown
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    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    rita look pretty on the pic (even though it don't really look like her haha) anyways her earing are so cute
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    Khun Mae Jum Laeng(Cholumpi)

    ok this is a odd couple paring together oh well...i'll give it a try
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    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    thanks tubbythinker for sharing the pix...pancake look gorgeous
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    Num Sornram Theppitak

    yeah he is hot...i still remember them good old days of him haha
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    ^haha oh yeah huh...he was wearing that outfit ken is super hot though
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    Sirita Jenson:Smart Women Succeed

    thanks for sharing...sirita look beautiful
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    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    thanks for lots of thai celeberity attended the weeding its pretty weird how these day most of these thai lady are getting married to them british/white guys
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    Ann and Pang

    thanks you guys for sharing
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    Fly to the Sky

    ^yeah fanny got like those killers smile. you know like everytime when he smile it takes away your breath haha
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    thanks for sharing that clip...yep hero and yunho just did this photo shoot together and they are so cute. hero have like the most dorkest smile and i love yunho smile its so beautiful and it makes yunho so handsome and cute
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    ***Super Junior***

    heck yeah they are so hot. each and everyone of them change themself so drastically... i love enhyuk so damn hot...and kang In kind of remind me of T.O.P a little, but just that T.O.P has a skinner and sunker face...
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    Wu Zun & Hebe

    yeah...i think they have lots of chemistry together
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    Tokyo Juliet

    yep...ariel's cute with all her co jealous but i still love her with joe more haha
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    Ying Ye San Jia Yi (YY3+1)

    thanks for sharing these two make a cute couple i like them together
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    Bull Fighting

    thanks for sharing
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    It Started With A Kiss 2

    thanks for sharing the clip...can't wait
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    Tub Yaj really is 6'2"

    he's pretty tall for a hmong boi...i heard he was tall but didn't know he was that tall
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    Kwm Lis new movie out

    haven't hear about him for a long time
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    Hmong New Years is coming!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!

    dang time is flying by hecka fast and its almost new year can't believe it
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    Ann and Pang

    thanks for sharing...ann so pretty can't wait to see the rest
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    thanks for sharing the news haha i bet mart wanted to do that to ann LOL probably inside his heart he was all happy because of all those mean and harsh thing ann did to him he was probably like "pay back time" j/k
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    Aom Phiyada:Limited

    aom's hot...and these pic are so cute haha the pic look like its telling a story or something haha
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    Noon Woranuch is now dating...

    he's ok...not butt ugly like some other thai actress hiso man... but i think noon could of done better you know i mean like if all those p'ek out there were that rich too then i bet all the n'ek wouldn't mind dating them...of course people go for the look all the time but you know i guess money...
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    Saeng Dao Hang Hua Jai

    OMG...Mos is so hot...he never know how to age him and araya is going to make a hot couple haha
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    Harb Kong Mae(Master One)

    yeah he's his dimple, i can't believe namfon is playing as a mother in here
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    Tahley Sarb Nok Kawao

    oh she is not that older from arnus...
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    `~`~x [ Hyori Lee Thread ] x~`~`

    OMG hyori and daniel will make a hot*ss couple... i never thought about paring those two up before
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    Fly to the Sky

    ^^ haha yeah that was so cute. anyways yeah there were a article came out that there were something going on with brian voice so he had to stop live singing for a while, but i guess he's ok now him a fanny came out with there new album haha i only heard one of the song but it good...their song...
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    Hyun Bin

    yeah hyun bin is always him ever since he first debuted haha. and his dimples makes him even more attract haha. he match with all his girl but right now i am currently obsess with him and sung yuri. both of them did a really good job in snow queen.
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    'Soh Nyeo Shi Dae' 소녀시대

    they're all ok...hopefully they'll stay in the music industry for longer unlike some other group SM had like M.I.L.K wish them good luck
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    Kim Ah Joong

    yeah shes a great actress...i like her in 200 pound beauty also
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    Set: Ken & Noi Wedding

    great news i'm happy for both of them
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    Ann,Tik,Ken,Aom,Ploy & Sunny:29th Birthday

    thanks for sharing the rest...everyone look of the hottest shoot i've ever seen
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    Pat Napapar: Art Student

    pat is so pretty thanks for sharing
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    Tahley Sarb Nok Kawao

    yeah same here i hate p'ek that are manwhore...
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    Dung Duang Haruethai

    thanks for sharing the clip vanida
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    Ann,Tik,Ken,Aom,Ploy & Sunny:29th Birthday

    everyone look hot...i love this shoot. tik look like he just came out of that movie priates of carribien hahaha can't wait to see the inside shoot
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    Nuay Puern...Gern Pikud (Kantana)

    ^^ yeah so far from what i know they had two together already... i actually thought both of them were ok...but i prefer nam with jieb haha
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    Fah Mee Tawan Hua Jai Chun Mee Ter

    don't know about you guys but to me num matches with all his n'ek... there isn't really a girl that play with num that didn't have chemistry with him haha maybe i was just too much of his fan that why in my eye it look like he have chemistry with all his n'ek
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    [Film] Windstruck

    yep this drama is perfect... i love it it also made me cry alot too
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    Satree Tee Loke Luem

    haha yeah thats what i was saying too...i don't like lakorn that the p'ek or n;ek die at the end
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    Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So (TV Thunder)

    OMG i've been waiting for them to pair this two couple up again haha they have so much chemistry together, i'm glad its arring so soon haha
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    haha yeah thats what i was saying too... ann style is more of a elegant and beautiful while nampeung is more hot.. but ann can carry out both role hot or elegant
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    oh yeah i read about the knife part and that was sad... ann was a little too harsh haha
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    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    aww thats sad...patson playing as the bad guy... they should let him be the p'ek or something, you know like patson comeback lakorn together or somthing haha
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    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    No!! i don't thik he look that old...there is something on him that you can tell that he is still young
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    Who is the meanest N'rai?

    haha this topic is kind of funny... cracks me up a little oh well mine is kik can carry out any n'rai role funny, bitch, ugly, etc.
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    Satree Tee Loke Luem

    hahah yeah thats what i was saying too, because i don't really like oil playing thoes role who hit their wife or the girl, like the one aum and him, i didn't really like it because he hit and be pushing aum around too much
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    Busaba Rae Ruk

    thanks for sharing the pixes...kob style really change in this lakorn, but it matches her though and she can really carry out the look, i like her in the short wig and the color contact
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    yeah nampeung is younger than ann but ann is more beautiful
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    Sieng Luang Sieng Ruk

    ^^^ yep...she always look pretty
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    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    thanks for sharing the pixes of them...both of them look really cute together, nat look so handsome in the pix up there his smile is really cute and charming
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    Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)

    ahhahah that was so funny...janie is too cute trying to get a ride
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    Sieng Luang Sieng Ruk

    yeah thanks for sharing...i don't really like stefan but i'll give it a try because kwan's in there
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    Fah Mee Tawan Hua Jai Chun Mee Ter

    thanks for sharing the caps....num do need to rest because he's looking a little tired but still handsome though haha him and jui actually look ok together
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    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    haha yeah nat do look like sam c only a little though
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    old photoshoot of Tik&Vicky

    they both look really good...i wish they pair both of them up one of these day and tik need to come back already, he been gone for too long
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    hottest actors

    ken is the hottest actor for me right now haha he is my new obsession...
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    Satree Tee Loke Luem

    thanks for sharing the clip...noon and oil look cute together
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    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    yeah how does nat find out...i want to know and the old version have a r scene i didn't remember
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    Lued Nai Din

    YaY!! finally it ended... its okay even though its that great of an ending as long as kwan and arnus get to be together then i'm happy i hope both of them get to be in a lakorn again soon
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    Fah Mee Tawan Hua Jai Chun Mee Ter

    thanks for sharing the clip...dang that mom girl in there seem mean. its like she hecka torturing jui
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    Saeng Dao Hang Hua Jai

    thanks for sharing kate666 love mos, i can't to see him again
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    Yeeuy Fah Taa Din

    haha yeah thats what i was saying too
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    Tur Kue Cheevit (Dida)

    OMG...thanks for the sumarry, i love this type of lakorn it gives me the chill but yet at the same time this sad feelings also
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    thanks for sharing the caps tinah...look really intresting i wonder wat role is louis will be playing hopefully not the p'rai
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    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    SHK of course.... both of them are so cute when there together
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    Big Bang Official Thread was a great album even though it wasn't much songs but the song was written and compose by G-dragon i swear BIG BANG are really talented...they mostly come up with their own song and dance
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    ahahah yeah they look so adorable... i think they were parody of one of SES song i think
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    Devil (Mawang)

    yep joo ji hoon is so hwat in this drama... this drama is really good. it was intresting through out the whole drama love him in this drama, and the script writer i have to give him props because this is one of the best drama for 2007 i wish joo ji hoon and eun hye could star in another drama again
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    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    omg both of them are so cute together. cee is so sweet, how he was hugging pinky from behind and both of them singing together haha
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    Guess who this is?

    ??????????? no idea but i was pretty shock when i saw the pic of grace
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    Actress A+ Acting Skills

    Ann T is currently on top of my list right now Aom P is so cute and pretty, i love this girl she can carry out any role that is given to her Benz love her in koo krum with num, the ending when she was crying was so sad, i started to cry
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    Jaja Primrada:Brighten your day with Jaja

    she really cute and have a really fresh look
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    Sirita Jenson

    she is so pretty and look really nice and beautiful in those thai clothes
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    Sirita Jenson:Winter Seduction

    she so hot...i love her eye, its so beautiful and catchy
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    Your favor young p'ke for ch3, ch7, ch 5?

    this poll was pretty hard to choose but here is my choice cee- it was really hard i wanted to pick win but i choose cee instead because when cee cry it get me sad haha dan-love his dimple and he is so adorable bie-he a rising star, and he so hot in his lakorn with fang
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    Ann T. next co-star

    tik foe sure, and chakrit
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    Vicky Sunia Jett

    pretty like always
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    Krueng Tep Ratree(Who & Who)

    yeah janie don't look that bad she is actually kind of pretty. and rome is actually coming out with lots of lakorn this year
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    Dung Duang Tawan(Broadcast Thai)

    yep vicky is gorgeous her and rome will make a hot couple...i can't wait
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    Satree Tee Loke Luem

    OMG...oil and noon in a new lakorn (sorry i'm kind of slow). look pretty intresting from the teaser
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    Maya Pissawas (Exact)

    haha yeah i agree with you, pang should just stick with the n'rai role it suits her more
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    Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)

    haha yeah i've watch the first 2 epis on youtube and its hecka funny... both ken and janie are so cute i can't wait till both of them fall in love too
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    Lued Nai Din

    yeah kwan and arnus acting is really good but its the storyline that is borring...i've been watching this lakorn on youtube and its really **BLAH**iono can't really stand it
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    Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)

    OMG look so fuuny....they both have such great chemistry haha love ken
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    Amuro Namie Tour and Pamphlet Pics

    thanks for sharing...she look beautiful and have nice abs
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    It Started With A Kiss 2

    ^^ haha yeah i heard about that and saw some picture of it too
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    Hua Jai Sila

    ^^thanks for the caps... really appreciate it, i haven't got the chance to see it yet
  139. X

    Lued Nai Din

    haha yeah i miss EHS too. anyways did you got the pix i send you, it was kind of blurry, hope you didn't mind. anyways back to topic i felt bad for kwan right now, i hate arnus character in this lakorn... i think kwan shouldn't forgive him in the end. because arnus don't deserve it
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    Lued Nai Din

    OMG...this lakorn is ending already...i need to catch up i'm so behind hopefully its a good ending haha
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    P' Num Sornram

    thanks for sharing...p'num and his mother look like their really close
  142. X

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    thanks for sharing...both of them look great, i'll be waiting for this lakorn
  143. X

    Hua Jai Sila

    OMG....OMG i can't believe this, i don't know if i want to watch this lakorn anymore. i don't want to see someone die
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    Anne Thongprasom

    thanks for sharing...ann look so pretty can't wait to see the rest
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    [req] paradise band

    ^^ thanks alot really appreciate it
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    Top Girl Advertisments & Functions, 2006

    thanks for sharing...ariel look pretty
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    > [2007.05.10] Deep feelings, made a beautiful story.,

    how cute...seems like they really love each other...
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    Upcoming Tawainese Drama!

    huh....OMG really eun hye is starting in a drama with jay this going to be intersting
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    Dao Puen Din (PolyPlus)

    NOOO!!! why does araya have to be the bad girl... she will not match it because she have the cute and innocent look
  150. X


    joe is so funny...him and ariel probably got really close from their drama oh well just wish that in the future him and ariel can really become a couple haha
  151. X

    Joe Cheng talks about Women

    joe so charming...he catches girl attention from every where haha
  152. X

    Ariel & Joe interview in HK

    thanks for sharing they are too cute together...
  153. X

    joe n ariel sweet relationship

    aww they are to cute together...i love them together
  154. X

    Ariel with Mike or Joe?

    JOE!!!! i like him with ariel more
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    Bie Sukrit & Fang Pitchaya

    thanks for sharing they look really cute together
  156. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    haha that sounded so cute...thanks for sharing moilee.
  157. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    thanks for and pancake look so cute haha
  158. X

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    thanks for sharing the pic...pat look so funny, i can't wait to watch it
  159. X

    It Started With A Kiss 2

    thanks for sharing....i can't wait to see this drama finally its arring soon
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    Lued Nai Din

    thanks for sharing Vanida
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    Your favor n'ke for ch 3, ch7, ch5?

    kwan pat fang
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    How about Sornram's case now? has it been sentenced?

    ^^thank you dfemc for the translation...really appreciate it i feel bad for p'num, but at least he know what he did wrong. i just wish p'num the best and hopefully he'll get over every thing soon.
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    Lued Nai Din

    i'm kind of can anyone give me a little summary of what is going on so far
  164. X


    haha thip you are so funny...i know you'll do the same thing for me too. thats wat friends are for haha oh yeah please tell me that i was the first one to tell you happy b-day :P every year i wanted to be the first one to tell someone happy b-day but it never works out haha
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    How about Sornram's case now? has it been sentenced?

    oh yeah i want to know too so can someone please translate
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    Chakrit & Jakkajan

    ^^ yeah thats what i was wondering too haha
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    HAPPY B-DAY TO TUBBYTHINKER fianlly its the big 18 haha anyways i hope you have lots of fun on your birthday best wishes and luck for you in the future with lots of love and kisses
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    Maya Pissawas (Exact)

    thanks for sharing the preview...look pretty intresting/scary
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    Lued Nai Din

    aww thats sad p'ek mom die... anyways i need to catch up on this lakorn i'm so behind
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    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    thanks for the 3rd teaser, the lakorn look really intersting rome a sirita look cute together i hope to see joy play as n'ek again in the future
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    do you think Ploy C and Yard look alike?

    yeah they do look a little alike from some angle
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    > [2007.05.15]JIRO in GUAM, JIRO gets a MODEL for a LOVE INTEREST

    aww how cute....i'm glad that jiro found someone now, IAWAK 1 i did feel bad for him espicially the ending it was really sad when he was hurted my heart
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    [2007.05.15] Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin had a nice time during their honeymoon

    how cute...they'll make the cutiest couple...i miss seeing them on screen
  174. X

    more of ariel's pix

    ariel is stunning gorgeous love her in ISWAK
  175. X

    between ariel lin n rainie yang...

    both of them are cute and adorable...but i'm gonna have to go with ariel
  176. X

    [2007.03.30] Fates of Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin continue in ISWAK 2

    aww how cute...i'm so exicited for ISWAK 2 ariel and joe are so cute together
  177. X

    Hu Ge admits that he has the best chemistry with Ariel Lin Yi Chen

    yeah they have lots of chemistry ge looks hot
  178. X

    Busaba Rae Ruk

    kob look very hot with that wig on...her and vee have some chemistry can't wait till it air
  179. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    yeah he is such a pretty boi...and not just that he's also very cute...
  180. X

    News Num and Kob

    great news i love these two on screen
  181. X

    Couples you want to see again

    hehe i came to add some more tik and aom cee and tangmo num and joy R arnus and araya nam and jieb mos and aom mos and yui
  182. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    AHHH OMG are you serious and i didn't even know...i feel bad now haha anyways HAPPY B-DAY TO THE MOST CUTTEST AND PRETTIEST MAN IN THE WORLD thanks TubbyThinker for the info.
  183. X

    [req] paradise band

    hey do any one have this song...sang by paradise
  184. X

    SE7EN vs RAIN

    se7en i guess cause i like him for longer and he has such a cute baby face i love it when he smile so adorable
  185. X

    `~`~x [ Hyori Lee Thread ] x~`~`

    hyori is hot...she always look pretty in what ever she do and can carry out any look its like god gave her the whole package
  186. X

    Jang WooHyuk

    he's hot and is such a great dancer...i love how he move when he dance its like a unitlmate dancing machine
  187. X

    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    he is hot love this guy...he have a really sexy voice too haha
  188. X


    they are hot and together they stand as a strong group, they each have their own special talents
  189. X

    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    he is hot love this guy but why do his drama have to suck so bad i was really disapointed
  190. X

    ~BabyVOX Re.V~

    they look ok...not all that eye offense i mean they are pretty but i think that Babyvox look better than them though but lots of them do have talents
  191. X

    Fly to the Sky

    they are so hot, brian have such a sexy voice...but i feel bad for him though he can't be singing anymore though or i mean he can't live sing anymore because he having problem with his throte and the DR. said he have to take good care of himself
  192. X

    Wonder Girls

    they alright...most of them are all pretty wish them luck in the future hope they make it far
  193. X

    Big Bang Official Thread

    oh yeah they are hot...all of them have something cute about their self...haha but the one that i like he most is T.O.P he look so damn good with eyeliner on haha
  194. X

    Hello! Miss/Hello! Baby

    yeah this drama started out great but the ending so suck though...its like they just rush everything and some of the problem didn't even solved
  195. X

    about weir it is true that he's????

    ugh thats a lie...he so handsome how can he be gay...not just that he don't even act gay this is so stupid rumor
  196. X

    Hmong leader commits suicide???

    this crap is a lie...who the heck will come up with such stupid rumors have a little respect gosh
  197. X

    paj zaub vwj new movie 2007

    well wat type of movie is it thai, chines, korean or wat
  198. X

    [Synopsis Up] TUS NEEG ZOO : A GOOD PERSON

    thank you for sharing seem good so far haha first hmong fanfiction i ever know pretty kool just keep up the good work
  199. X

    Pls Help....Looking for a Thai Old Lakorn

    yeah same here i've been looking for this lakorn also i saw it once when i was little but i saw the hmong version thought...the p'ek is so hot in here and their child was so cute and adorable also...i'm not sure but is the n'ek pinky when she was still a little girl correct me if i'm wrong
  200. X

    vang pao release on bail 1.5 million

    YAHH...heck yeah everyone will live happily ever after and i think that all the hmong people should go and celebrate like do this big ass party for all the hmong people haha=)
  201. X

    Lued Nai Din

    gosh arnus is such a man whore getting everyone pregnant lol anyways thanks for the epi 2 summary really appreciate it
  202. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    thanks thip...i really appreciate it
  203. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    hahah thip...your so funny :tease:
  204. X

    Lued Nai Din

    thanks to bunniii who post the lakorn in BM the lakorn is good and kwan is really pretty
  205. X

    Who do you like Fang with?

    pepper... i don't know why but i just think the both of them look better together
  206. X

    Thailand most popular actress????

    probably aump...because she the one who people gosip most about
  207. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    hahah thip i want it... thanks alot
  208. X

    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    paul and noon look really cute...paul is so adorable when he took picture of noon while she was sleeping
  209. X

    who's the most beautiful actress

    they are all pretty and good looking but my vote goes to Ann T. i couldn't choose between kob and Ann but i think Ann have a more elegant and beautiful look than kob...kob is more on the cute side
  210. X

    Lued Nai Din

  211. X

    Ken & NOi vdo clip

  212. X

    Pat & Taew-Anniversary

    thanks for sharing pat look really pretty
  213. X

    How much older is Noi compared to ken?

    age is just a number...number doesn't really matter as long as the people love each other ken and noi make a really loving couple
  214. X

    Benz & Tik

    thanks for sharing
  215. X

    Janie/Benz guess appearance on SeSan

    they look cute jannie so funny shooting someone with the water gun
  216. X

    Dome and Ploy

    yeah they got back together again
  217. X

    Krueng Tep Ratree(Who & Who)

    Rome look hot in the pic thanks for sharing
  218. X

    Dung Duang Haruethai

    the old version was kind of borring but i'll give this one a try since kwan is in it
  219. X

    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    look good rita is so pretty i can't wait to see it...but do joy have to be the bad girl, why do she like playing the n'rai role now?
  220. X

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    look like a intersting lakorn...
  221. X

    Sieng Luang Sieng Ruk

    now that something new i didn't know that kwan was a couple month older than pancake
  222. X

    Lued Nai Din

    thanks for sharing the third teaser and super thanks to aiyaja who took her time to sub the teaser. this lakorn seem like its going to be really complicated and chronic
  223. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    thanks for sharing the and pancake look cute together i can't wait for this lakorn
  224. X

    Kangta Official Thread

    kangta is one kute korean boy....he was the one who got me into liking korean i still remember those old H.O.T days
  225. X

    Wu Zun!!!

  226. X

    Lued Nai Din

    yay its arring soon...and thanks for sharing the picture
  227. X

    Pieng Peun Fah [Daravdo]

    YAY!! get to see them on screen again i'm so happy
  228. X

    Yardthip & Tangmo

    thanks for sharing the girls are beautiful espicially mo
  229. X

    Lued Nai Din

    OOO do some one want to sub this lakorn when it come out also???
  230. X

    Lued Nai Din

    this lakorn is going to be intersting i can't wait to watch it
  231. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    aww heck yeah win and pancake...i can't wait to see win's face again he so cute
  232. X


    they should because these two make a really hot/cute couple
  233. X

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    love this lakorn...they make such a cute couple i wish they date in real life
  234. X

    Mae Khoon Tua Ha

    very cute lakorn...cee and kwan so cute
  235. X

    Koo Kam

    i love this was so good p'num carry out the role really well he was so hot too, i love the ending benz made me cry watching this lakorn...the ending was sad, benz can really cry i just love this lakorn hope to see this couple star in a new lakorn soon
  236. X

    Manee Yard Fah

    this was such a great lakorn...i love willy and ann in here
  237. X

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    this was a great lakorn...namfon was so cute in here they made a cute couple they should have more lakorn together
  238. X

    Barb Ruk Talay Fun(Quiz&Quest)

    please...please summarize this lakorn i want to know about it too...i haven't watch it yet
  239. X

    Kaeng Kradon(Dida)

    can anyone give me a brief summary about this lakorn
  240. X

    Anne Thongprasom:Global Life

    ann so pretty...did she lost some weight...cause i think her arm got a little smaller
  241. X

    Happy 18th B-day to TV Pool Party

    thanks for sharing...ann t look so her
  242. X

    Lydia and her Boyfriend Pics

    they look cute together...make such a cute couple i guess love dosen't matter when your in love
  243. X

    Pat Napapa & Mafia Tee Ruk Cast

    they all look great...pat look so hot on the cover
  244. X

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    dan & beam i like golf and mike too, but i love dan and beam
  245. X

    Ken & Noi

    they look good one hot couple
  246. X

    Best Actors for 2006

    of course these are all great actor but my votes goes to ken, but i really like p'num too
  247. X

    Best Actors for 2006

    YES!!! thanks thip....more votes for win hehehe
  248. X

    TV inside : V ol. 206 - Chompoo Araya

    she look really plain here but still beautiful
  249. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat

    right TubbyThinker you now me so well <_< of course win is short not muscular and is really feminine because he is a prettyboy and he match that image too so i like him and don't care about your guys opinoin and i would definitely disagree with you guys about win playing supporting role only, he...
  250. X

    Lued Nai Din

    DARN!! i had a feeling this movie is going to be really disturbing...i hope that in the end arnus and kwan acutally end up together
  251. X

    Best Period Dramas

    heck yeah i've watch a lot of those lakorn but the only one that i remember and like the most is Ban Sai Thong i love that movie its really good and you can learn lots of thing by just watching this lakorn. p'num role in this lakorn is really cute...i like how he is such a understanding and...
  252. X

    Lued Nai Din

    finally this lakorn is arring i've been waiting for so long now
  253. X

    Lued Nai Din

    is this lakorn arring soon
  254. X

    Vee and MO OST -- Muen rao ja ruk gun mai dai

    thanks for the lyric translation i really appreciate it
  255. X

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    i think you're right. i'm very disappointed at the hmong people that turns against him. i think this is the time that we should all come together and support our kind. Gen. Vang Pao did this for a reason, and it was to protect the rights of his people. many of the younger hmong generation make...
  256. X

    Lydia and her Boyfriend Pics

    do anyone have lydia song "with you"...can you guys put it up for download for me thanks in advance
  257. X


    who care if Miss USA fell on her ass. in my opinion she was one of the prettiest. and she did a great job the mexican people were just hating because of the issue that United States send the illegal mexican back to their own country. and in a beauty pagent compettion like this they shouldn't...
  258. X

    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    aww that sad... i wanted araya to take the lead role, she so hot and beautiful, she have the euro look without changing her hair color or wearing contact, but i'm ok with aum hopefully she could carry out the roll, but i doubt it
  259. X

    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    OMG...i getting excited now, i can't wait
  260. X

    Cherrys opening a Nail Salon

    wow her hair grow fast its as long as like when she hasn't cut it, anyways wish her the best luck and hopefully its a success
  261. X

    Vee Jui Som Poh Pok Kade & Tangmoe New Drama

    thats freat news... thanks for sharing but i'm not really digging vee's hair
  262. X

    Aff Tusakorn:Get the Summer Look

    she's really pretty thanks for sharing
  263. X

    Suparp Burud Chao Din

    can anyone give me a little summary of the lakorn, so how it is so far
  264. X

    Rome Patta(M-Thailand)

    wow he's so handsome...^_^ and i think he has a little look like pol on the last 2 pic
  265. X

    zaza - new 'sexy' look

    they all so pretty thanks for sharing
  266. X

    8 top actresses

    OMG they all so pretty espicially kwan and poo
  267. X

    Joy Rinalee & Benz Pornchira:Brilliant Attraction

    can someone upload it in a new link, i really want to see the picture too
  268. X

    Joy Rinalee & Benz Pornchira:Brilliant Attraction

    i don't know why but i can't see the pic
  269. X

    Anne Thongprasom:Glittering Star

    wow~~ anne's so pretty!! luv her eyes!!^^
  270. X

    Noon Sirapun

    she's really pretty thanks for sharing
  271. X

    Taya Rogers

    hey she change i last saw her in the lakorn with tik, she was young cute and innocent, but now...
  272. X

    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    OMG this lakorn is ending soon, i don't want it to end yet...i can't till the next epi. air i wonder what is going to happen to ciwa father in the end
  273. X

    [Pix]Ch3 Fancy Night

    everyone look so cute, weird and pretty...thanks for sharing. i wish i could dress up like that once
  274. X

    Ch3 Fancy Night Party

    OMG...looks really intresting i can't wait to see it thanks for sharing
  275. X

    TV Pool Tonight Top 10 Thai Stars Best Friend Alike

    thanks for sharing
  276. X

    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    ahaha i know huh
  277. X

    Senior Artist Fantasia

    everyone so cute and pretty. i love benz eye its so pretty anyways thanks for sharing
  278. X

    Poo Praiya Suandokmai

    she so gorgeous in these pix. she got a lot older and prettier
  279. X

    Donut,Janie,Cherrys performance

    haha this song is so cute and pretty...i love all those girls and the theme for the concert is so cute haha
  280. X

    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    yeah i know same here...she was just starting to understand noon and now she have to die thats sad
  281. X

    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    dang next comming up epis seems really chronic...i think i'm kind of scare to watch it.
  282. X

    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    aww this lakorn is ending fast...i don't want it to end yet
  283. X


    hey thats good then i want to see them pair up again i think both of them have some chemistry
  284. X

    Pat Napapar: Oriental Chic

    she's pretty in these picture, but i think that she look too skinny though, but its still cute
  285. X

    Lhiem Petch Karat in a new larkon i'm so exicted, can't wait
  286. X

    Sieng Luang Sieng Ruk

    hummm....i curious about the lakorn but i think both of them will make a good couple
  287. X

    Vee & Jui

    wow vee is one hot man...and jui i think she don't really match that image
  288. X

    Nadia & Minnie Mouse

    she gotten alot prettier then when i last saw her...
  289. X

    Loke 2 Bai Khong Nai Diew

    like on epis. 10, i stop watching already beacuse my cousin got burn so i get the rest from her...and DANG how dare you expose my real name TUBBYTHINKER....
  290. X


    too much of the skin showing but she still pretty though
  291. X

    death of a baby

    omg thats really sad...i hope willy and his wife is ok...wish them luck in the future
  292. X

    Cherry Khemupsorn:Be Classy

    omg she so pretty, she have a really mature and elegant look, i like her alot
  293. X

    (HQ) MV Download - All MU Links

    thanks for sharing...hehe i know this is kind of rude but you have any hmong songs too, i mean like but mv but just regular song
  294. X

    choose your company

    same here, i choose ch.7
  295. X

    Thangmoe Patarida & win tawin

    both of them look good in this magazine, is it just me or does win look extremely feminine in these picture, but he still cute anyways
  296. X

    Jui and Cherry

    wow both of them look really hot and elegant...yeah they do look alike too haha.
  297. X

    Vee & Nok

    they look really cute together...vee is getting hotter and hotter each time i see him and it did look like he lost weight.
  298. X

    [KBS2] Snow Queen

    hahaha....good thinking but no, i don't think their brother
  299. X

    [KBS2] Snow Queen

    omg ....omg...omg....this movie is so sad i want to cry....espicially the part when she was telling the doc. that she don't want to die, because if she die the her oppa won't know how to live... i really like this movie sung yuri and hyun bin make such a cute couple
  300. X

    Suparp Burud Chao Din

    i know so anyone have the whole summary, because i want to know more about this lakorn
  301. X

    Lued Nai Din

    have anyone know the storyline for this lakron yet...or the aring date i really can't wait to see this lakorn, i think kwan so pretty and arnus is really cute too
  302. X

    Loke 2 Bai Khong Nai Diew

    this lakorn is so cute...watching the begining i thought it was going to be comedy lakron but i think there is more to it, because it probally going to be chronic in the middle and toward ending
  303. X

    Teaser Ch7 Upcoming New Lakorn Year 2007

    so many good lakron coming out this computer is going to be pack with download... can't wait for kwan and arnas lakorn
  304. X

    Ta Warit & Namfon Patcharin

    wow she look really pretty in these picture, i think her and ta make a really cute couple
  305. X

    Araya Chompoo Hargett

    she's really pretty...can't wait for her new lakorn with tle
  306. X

    Should I share? For my archive...

    hey i want to see what you got, maybe there might be something that i like hehe...
  307. X

    Jakjun Akumsiri

    she's pretty
  308. X

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    OMG that so cool, i wanna see mos one day
  309. X

    Cherry Khemupsorn & Pong:In Vogue In Dubai

    wow they both look great...and have a lot of chemistry together too...
  310. X


    wow she's really pretty. thank you for sharing
  311. X

    Nook and her baby!

    omg its been so long i haven't seen her anywhere, her and her baby so wish to her and her family
  312. X

    Is this really poo praiya ?

    looks intersting...
  313. X

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    mee.too i don't want it to end.......... :lmao:
  314. X

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    yeah thats true this lakorn is getting no where, and the next epi. look pretty crazy so i think that i'm not going to watch it, i'll just read your guy review so i know whats up haha
  315. X

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus) was really cute when galan sing to bua, he has a nice voice too. hehe yeah next epi look intresting can't wait.
  316. X

    Cherrys new haircut

    yaeh the hair do make her look a little older but she look good in it, but i do prefer her with long hair though
  317. X

    Ning Kullasatree Engage???

    wow congrat to her, do anyone have pic of them that can share with us i want to see how her bf look like (^_^)
  318. X

    Aom Won Asian TV Award

    wow thats cool, congrat to her keep up the good work and i love that movie hu jai chocolate
  319. X

    Ann T old mag

  320. X

    GOONG season 2!!

    OMG!!! i can't not wait for this drama love se7en, but i have a feeling that this movie is not going to be as good as the first one though anyways but i'm still going to watch it because se7en is in there
  321. X

    [KBS2] Snow Queen

    haha i love this movie, i think that its going to be a sad movie though cause i started out with flash back and i think that the guy that die, hyun bin's firend (the smart one) he's probally sung yuri dead brother oh well i'm just guessing don't know for sure yet
  322. X

    Kwan Usamanee In Kwan Ruen 2006

    i'm really found of her beauty, its like a light shines from her or something.
  323. X

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    this lakorn is getting good, but i wonder what is goingt to happen on the next episode, i think i saw the p'ek friends proposing to bua and p'ek got into a car accident
  324. X

    Aump Patcharapa Chaichuer:

    she look pretty and yet very talented, love the move she play with cee
  325. X

    Sirita Jensen

    she really pretty...and she have beautiful skin too
  326. X

    Tee Jai Rak cast in a new mag!

  327. X

    Saeng Dao Nai Hua Jai

    yeah this is great news cee and araya together but is this even recent, because i thought araya have short hair right now oh well anyways yeah i'm totally going to watch it
  328. X

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    can someone please upload epis. 19 thanks alot in advance we will really appreciate it
  329. X

    Parakit-Pichitrak (Daravdo)

    hey it seems pretty good, can't wait till it comes out, so anyone know when this lakorn is going to air
  330. X

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    sorry but can someone give me a little brief summary of what had happen so far...plz thank you
  331. X

    Cheer: SHADE of CHEER

    she look very pretty and grown up now
  332. X

    Benz Pornchita: Listen Silent

    yeah she so hot, haven't seen her for a while now, she gotten alot pretty it do look like had lost a little weight
  333. X

    Jakjan/chakrit's news

    can someone please translate, i really want to know wat they saying thanks alot
  334. X

    Marsha Wattanapanich pregnant?

    yeah she does look pregnant on the picture
  335. X


    haha yeah thats true, i really like that lakorn he had with ning too. they were really cute in that lakorn
  336. X

    Ann Thoprasom: Mother of Nature

    she very gorgeous and pretty, i love her eye lash there so long
  337. X

    Magazine Picture...X)

    four's cute, louis and the other guy is hot, i can't believe that louis grew up
  338. X

    Namfon Patcharin

    she really pretty and cute
  339. X

    Anne Thongprasom

    she is sososo talented and pretty
  340. X

    Film and Pat "Love At First Sight"

    they're cute
  341. X


    WOW!!! there beautiful i like them
  342. X

    Nat's Creation

    its nice thanks for sharing
  343. X

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    your good keep up the good work
  344. X

    yajvaj's work

    there not bad, but dao vue is hot though
  345. X

    Mann's Work

    it's not bad, keep up the good work
  346. X

    Tangmoe's Graphixz 2004-2011

    its really pretty, your good at making them
  347. X

    Namfon Patcharin

    yeah she very pretty and cute love her in the movie with por
  348. X

    TV Pool: Por and Pat

    they're cute thanks for sharing
  349. X

    Papayon Bunterng Magazine

    they're hot together, love them in their lakorn
  350. X

    Namfon Patcharin

    she really cute, i like her in the movie w/ por
  351. X

    TV Inside-Kob Suvanant?

    she look really elegant and pretty
  352. X

    Namfon(stephen gf) new photoshoot

    wow...can someone translate plzzz
  353. X

    ken and noi

    they look ok together
  354. X

    ken and anne on Opps

    they is very cute together
  355. X

    Kob Suwanan (The Actress)

    she is very pretty thanks for sharing
  356. X

    News on Joy S. and her BF

    can anyone translate plz
  357. X

    puri graduated

    congrat. to him wish him the best
  358. X

    Joon and His Special Someone

    yeah i think they look really good together
  359. X

    Aom In Different Role - Petition to Exact

    good luck with the petition
  360. X

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ahh how cute can't wait
  361. X

    "Aum Stabbed In The Back By Stephan" so juicy!!!

    wow thats some serious crap, i feel bad for aum
  362. X

    Darapappayon vol: 1473

    she really pretty
  363. X

    Jariya Enfone's News and Pictures

    thanks for sharing
  364. X

    Tack & Pitta

    wow...he's hot,and they look cute together
  365. X

    is dunk gay?

    hahah that'll be funny if he is bi
  366. X

    A Touch of Friendship Foundation

    he's a real gentlement, its nice to know that they care for other
  367. X

    who's kissing?

    haha cute not much thai lakorn that they'll kiss for reall
  368. X

    Levis Engineered Jeans "Free to Move"

    thank for sharing
  369. X

    May Fuengarhom

    wow she look hot, and very sexy
  370. X

    Jariya Enfone's News and Pictures

    thank you for sharing
  371. X

    Pepper korrasud!!!

    he play in a couple but the only i like out of all them is la ratree (the one with ann A.) the rest it was kind of boring to me
  372. X

    First Thai drama with eng-soft-sub at D-addicts.

    yes i'm so happy, hopefully they'll start subbing more movie, i love to watch thai lakon so much, and now that there sub i'll love it even more cause i can understand.
  373. X

    Tv Poll Party

    congrat to all of them....aum did look different, i almost didn't recongnize her
  374. X

    Parppayon Bunterng: Vol.1537

    they look cute
  375. X

    news on yard with some guy

    can some one translate i can't read thai
  376. X

    news on janie

    yeah wat are they saying can someone please translate
  377. X

    Joy Sirilak and Mac

    wow suprise, thanks for sharing
  378. X

    Stars at the Bangkok Film Festival

    they all look beautiful and cute, its been a while i haven't ning, she looking kind of weird now but i still like her
  379. X

    news on angie, yard and some guy

    aww how like one of those lakorn too, i feel bad for angie
  380. X

    Chakrit's girl

    thank you for sharing she really pretty
  381. X

    Pic Willy & Yelly"s wedding

    wow congrat to them wish them the best...
  382. X

    Women Plus Magazine

    she look weird in these picture, but have a hot look at the same time
  383. X

    Random Pics: From Kullastree Magazine

    nice picture, aum is really pretty
  384. X

    Tv-Inside 152/3

    hot picture hot couple
  385. X

    Sudsapda Mag.

    golf and mike look really hot, i like them alot
  386. X

    Girl kiss Jui

    eww how sad i feel bad for jui, that girl molesting her
  387. X

    Dan Beam MV with Amy.K

    thank you for sharing
  388. X

    Yard and Ploy

    not really i can tell them apart
  389. X

    Aump Patcharapa

    she look really hot
  390. X

    Channel 3 Stars Reaching Out...

    that was very nice of them, everyone looks pretty and cute
  391. X

    Yardtip and Sam

    she pretty and so was sam he's really hot in the foto
  392. X

    Ann Thongprasom

    she so pretty she's my #1 actress
  393. X

    News on Mam's wedding

    that was really cute, i hope there wont be any bad news about them
  394. X

    Joy in Hong Kong

    she look pretty, and a little chunky
  395. X

    B Namthip

  396. X

    Noon & Kratai

  397. X

    Marsha Wattanapanich

  398. X

    Aump Patcharapa

  399. X

    Ploy Cherman

  400. X

    Yard and Ploy

    yeah they kind of look alike but not really though
  401. X

    Note & Jui

    yeah they look very hot together
  402. X

    Lisa:Floral Fancy

    she so pretty and have that elegant look
  403. X

    Aump Patcharape in Darapappoyon

    she look alrite i don't really like the make up
  404. X

    B Namthip

    she look gorgeous, love her
  405. X

    Anne on Lisa Mag!

    she so pretty i love her
  406. X

    IMAGE ch3 daras

    looking good...
  407. X

    Janie Thienphosuwan

    she's really cute
  408. X

    Poo Praiya

    pretty as usuall
  409. X

    Note & Jui

    they look hot together
  410. X

    Kat English

    nothing can describe beside beautiful
  411. X

    Benz Punyaporn

    she really pretty and cute
  412. X

    Aump Patcharape in Darapappoyon

    she look really pretty but, i don't like the color of her lips stik it just not her
  413. X


    she's really beautiful, love her
  414. X

    Nam & Cheer

    they both look cute, nam look kind of weird
  415. X

    Benz Pornchita

    she's really pretty i like the tanish pretty skinn it just glow
  416. X

    Pinky Savika

    she look hot and pretty
  417. X


    she look sexy thats all but the aump thing i don't know, i don't think its an coppy, because you never know maybe the photographer pose her like that
  418. X

    Araya Chompoo

    love her she so cute and beautiful
  419. X

    Janie-Shes down to Earth

    cute she look like a little girl in these picture
  420. X

    Aum Patchrapa and Paul

    haha thats true the guy don't really match be there with aum, but there still cute though
  421. X

    Num S. and Tong

    p num look youger in the picture, he look super hot, they look very cute together
  422. X

    Pepper write about pets on Pet Mania

    he's might kute love him lots
  423. X

    May Pichanart

    she hot, and have a sexy look in her eye
  424. X

    YArdthip Rachapol

    she look kind of weird
  425. X

    Chakrit & Jakajan

    oh well, they make a cute couple...good luck to the girl, i heard chakrit is a player
  426. X

    Nat Myria

    she really pretty
  427. X

    Sunisa "Vicky" Jett

    she's really pretty
  428. X

    Couples you want to see again

    num and donut film and donut willy and ann T. num and kob pepper and ann alicia chakrit and marsha cee and tangmo
  429. X

    Couples you want to see again toi want to see willy and ann T. pair up again...they are one hot and cute couple
  430. X

    Paula Taylor

    she pretty
  431. X

    Anne Thongprasome

    she so pretty, i like her alot she is one of my favorite actress
  432. X

    YArdthip Rachapol

    she pretty
  433. X

    Aum Patcharapa

    she pretty but i think she look too much like tangmo
  434. X

    Paula Taylor

    she look pretty wierd on those picture
  435. X

    Hmong models

    gosh...dang you see how it is by what she mean "hater"... people like you.. DUH!!!!...and you know what, you are HMONG yourself, at least give a little support to your hmong fellow over here! what?! you think ur too good for hmong people, then take your picture out of your avatar so people wont...
  436. X

    May Feungarom

    yeah she pretty
  437. X

    Nangfah Satan (Ch.3 1994)

    anyone happen to have a picture of this lakorn
  438. X

    Jai Diew

    naw i don't think so i vee and the other chick there a little be too borring, i think they needed the extra couple (note and kwan) because note and kwan are so cute in this lakorn i'm watching it becasue of them two only
  439. X

    Khib Ciaj Khib Tuag

    hahhahha...this movie is hecka funny. totally worth watching.
  440. X

    Nampeung (Nattarika)

    thanks for sharing
  441. X

    Stephen Salomonay ~almost famous~

    i think they make a cute couple...numfon is really pretty and hot at the same time
  442. X

    Shining Star Paula Taylor

    she's really pretty
  443. X

    Pinky on Proud

    she's really pretty
  444. X

    Perng Mang

    yeah i know espicially the bunny tooth sorry you guys to the people who like him
  445. X


    how cool is it going to be film anytime soon
  446. X

    Shining Star Paula Taylor

    thanks for sharing she look cute
  447. X

    Pinky on Proud

    thanks for sharing she look beautiful
  448. X

    benz on Lisa Weekly

    OMG benz so hot love her alot
  449. X

    Cee Siwat and Mo

    thankd for sharing they look cute together
  450. X

    Aom Phiyada "Sentimental Beauty"

    i like her she so cute and pretty
  451. X

    Ann Tongprasom

    i like her she always so elegant and pretty
  452. X

    Dan and Sara

    they look super hot thanks for sharing
  453. X

    Note -Jui

    thanks for sharing they look super hot together
  454. X

    TangMo Pataratida

    yeah i agree i am a really big fan of mo...i thik she's really pretty and hot but these pic don't look very nice i don't know why
  455. X

    ArNAs-Pinky Sawika

    thanks for sharing they look cute togethe
  456. X

    Jun Pun Dao (Kob & Por talkshow)

    aww they so cute together...i just love them
  457. X

    Nat Myria

    she still as hot as ever
  458. X

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Jom Jai(Who & Who) </b></span>

    who is paul can anyone post a pic of him....i want to see the dude thats going to play the lakorn with benz
  459. X

    Lhong Ngao Jun

    thanx for trying...i really appreciate it. i been waiting for someone to sub this movie n i'm glad that you're putting effort into it.
  460. X

    Yai Bai Bah

    OMG...can't wait love mo, do anyone know any more info about this lakorn
  461. X

    Noon Woranuch

    thanks for sharing she's very beautiful
  462. X

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    how cool i'll be waiting for that lakorn...i love both kob and P'num alot
  463. X


    thanks for sharing she lok really pretty
  464. X


    thanks for sharing
  465. X


    thnaks for sharing she really pretty
  466. X

    Kwan Usamanee on Image!

    thanks for sharing she' really pretty
  467. X

    Ann Thongprasom

    thanks for sharing she really pretty espicially the firs pix
  468. X

    TangMo Pataratida

    thanks for sharing...she really pretty
  469. X

    Mos-Aom on Preaw Magazine

    thanks for sharing they look really cute
  470. X

    TangMo Pataratida

    thanks for sharing
  471. X

    Kwan Usamanee

    thanks for sharing she look really hot
  472. X

    ArNAs-Pinky Sawika

    thanks for sharing they look cute together
  473. X

    Poo in Lisa Magazine

    thanks for sharing she look really cute
  474. X


    OMG how cool....way to go
  475. X

    Note -Jui

    thanks for sharing
  476. X

    Dan and Sara

    thanks for sharing dan is really cute
  477. X

    Aum Patcharapa: Irresistable Venus

    thanks for sharing she look weird but...still pretty
  478. X

    Jui and Cherry

    thanks for sharing....she look really pretty
  479. X

    Ann Tongprasom

    thanks for sharing...she look really pretty
  480. X


    thanks for sharing..she look really pretty
  481. X

    Cee & Amy

    thanks for sharing....they look really cute
  482. X

    Bee Matika

    thanks for sharing she look really cute
  483. X

    Aom Phiyada "Sentimental Beauty"

    she so cute...
  484. X

    "Benz" - Beautiful Dreamer

    she pretty thanksfor sharing
  485. X

    Num Sornram

    AHhhh....he looks pretty funny but its ok i still like him
  486. X

    Num & Aum

    they look hot...
  487. X

    true beauty

    i think ann is the true beauty, she look so pretty, cute elegant...just hot
  488. X

    Araya on Sudsapda

    she so pretty i like her alot
  489. X

    Cee Siwat and Mo

    OMG they look so cute together,
  490. X

    lookade on woman plus weekly

    shes pretty thanks for shairng...
  491. X

    areeya on tv-inside

    araya so cute and pretty...i like her alot
  492. X

    Dan, Beam, and Tong

    how cute...thanks for sharing
  493. X

    Mew Lalita & Her 2 Sons

    OMG!! her son's are so cute and adorable...thanks for sharing the pix
  494. X

    Nat and Anne

    thanks for shairng they are so pretty...
  495. X

    tv inside cee and amy

    aw their so cute together i like them
  496. X

    Kwan @ LISA Magazine

    ugh...i didn't get to see the picture...
  497. X

    Noon vs. Benz

    i like benz so i choose her, shes good
  498. X

    Chompoo Araya : THE SCREEN GEM

    thanks for sharing she so pretty and cute
  499. X

    Chompoo Araya

    thanks for sharing i like araya she so pretty and cute
  500. X

    Aff, Dan, Boogie, and Nat

    aww their all so cute thanks for sharing
  501. X

    Paula Taylor

    shes really pretty thanks for sharing
  502. X

    Lhong Ngao Jun

    that was so good, can you please............please purdy please sub some more or like the whole movie. i really like this movie but i can't understand anything at please do it. :D
  503. X

    Namwan Zaza

    she look cute and beautiful thanks for sharing
  504. X

    it's all my creation

    uh... it's alrite...
  505. X

    mskinyi's projects

    thanks for sharing...
  506. X

    Okay It's my turn....

    it really it
  507. X

    Kayla's Creative Thread

    purdy....really purdy
  508. X

    Sev Creations

    very nice thanks for sharing
  509. X

    Lido's artworKs

    ...purdy...really purdy...
  510. X

    Gallery of Mud

    wow 0_0 purdy
  511. X

    ~~Tiffany's Posters~~

    it really pretty
  512. X

    Nameless Graphics

    it really pretty you should teach me some of your skills because i learn how to make those in my foto class and i can't even do it that good
  513. X

    Leila's Artwork

    their really nice
  514. X

    my first impression...

    its really pretty thanks for sharing
  515. X


    very nice thanks for sharing
  516. X

    hamerica's works

    wow your good at making these poster...i like them alot
  517. X

    my artworks

    their very pretty thanks for shairng
  518. X

    Sally's Artwork

    their all really nice thanks for sharing
  519. X


    wow their so nice i like them alot
  520. X


    this is very nice thanks for sharing
  521. X

    Yunho + Me

    heheh that very nice thanks for sharing =)
  522. X

    Mann's Work

    nice work...they look very nice
  523. X

    karenyang's artwork & fan MV's

    these are really nice and pretty keep up the good work and make more soon
  524. X

    TeRrI's CrEaTi0n

    wow these are really nice thanks for making them and sharing them
  525. X

    Nat Myria

    thanks for sharing she look really pretty
  526. X

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    can anyone tell me the story line...i want to know before i start downloading the lakorn
  527. X

    Cee & Amy

    aww they look so cute together
  528. X

    Chollada " KAE" Maketree

    thanks for sharng she look pretty
  529. X

    Araya "Chompoo" Hargate

    thanks for shairng the picture...i love araya she just so beautiful, pretty, cute and elegant, i mean she just have the whole file, i like he alot
  530. X

    Mew Lalita

    thanks for sahring the picture she looks ok
  531. X

    Paula Taylor

    thanks for sharing she's really pretty =)
  532. X

    Au & Prae

    thanks for is super cute but the girl...??? i don't know
  533. X

    Lhong Ngao Jun

    can any1 plz sub this lakorn for me?? I really wanna knoe wat they're saying!! THNX!!
  534. X

    <span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>

    do anyone of you know when this movie will be air...
  535. X

    Cee & Amy - In IN LOVE PARTY!

    thanks for sharing they both look cute
  536. X

    Aum and Vee: Sweet Love…Save Sex

    thanks for sharing
  537. X

    Bee Matika N Rain

    aww how cute they look so adorable
  538. X

    Song Rao Nirandon

    can i have the storyline for this lakorn please...i heard this lakorn is really good and sad but the ending was really dissapointing
  539. X

    Likasit Hua Jai

    please post the summary and also the character because i have no idea who's playing
  540. X

    Kaen Lum Kong

    well maybe because he have been gone for too long, so now that he's back he's going to have to start all over again, thats probally why
  541. X

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    hey have this lakorn come out guys been talking about it since october...
  542. X

    Cee & Cheer" New Lakorn Pic"

    yeah huh i know i like cee and mo together, i think their really cute together
  543. X

    Nat Myria

    thanks for the pic she look lovely
  544. X

    Nat and Anne

    thanks for the pic the both of them look super hot
  545. X


    thanks she really pretty
  546. X

    Four and Mod

    thanks for sharing they look cute
  547. X

    Aum Patcharapa

    thanks for sharing
  548. X

    B Namthip

    thank for the pic she's really pretty
  549. X

    cee and amy

    both of them look really cute together
  550. X

    Tle & Cheer in TV Inside*~*

    thank for sharing the pic
  551. X

    Poo Priya

    thanks for the pic she look really pretty
  552. X

    numfon kullanat and stephen

    thanks for the news
  553. X

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    their so hot i like them
  554. X

    Kwan Ausamanee smoking

    dang that some serious problem she got there
  555. X

    Kwan Ausamanee & Aum PAtcharapa

    she's really cute and innoncent i don't think she'll smoke for real
  556. X

    Cee & Cheer @ A Platinum Event!

    thanks for sharing their cute
  557. X

    TiK vs Oil

    oils cute but i preffer tik
  558. X

    Aum Patcharapa

    thanks for shairng she look beautiful
  559. X

    aum patcharapa on tv-inside

    thanks for sharing the pic...but i rather see aump in beautiful cute cover up clothes...she don't have to wear revealing clothes to make her look hot...she is hot so why can't she just stop wearing revealing clothes
  560. X

    Bee Namtip

    thanks for sharing they look very cute
  561. X

    AMmie and Cee

    thanks for sharing they look very cute
  562. X

    Amy & C

    thanks for shairng the pic...they look very cute together
  563. X

    Benz & Ae

    thanks for sharing the pic they both lok very hot
  564. X

    Aom and ken on OOPS Magazine!

    they look very cute togethere and did aom change her hairstyle, because i think she look prettier like that
  565. X

    Cee & Amy - Lux Event!

    they look very cute together
  566. X

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    this movie seem to be good can't wait to see
  567. X

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    this movie looks really good can't wait to see it
  568. X

    Tangmo Pattaratida

    thanks for sharing she really hot, i like her alot
  569. X

    Vicki And Natharika

    thanks for the picture they both look very pretty
  570. X

    Marsha & Krit

    thanks for sharing they both look very hot
  571. X

    Jang WooHyuk

    Gosh he change now but he's lookin hotter then eva...Droolin
  572. X

    FinKL Official Thread

    they all seem to be getting prettier
  573. X

    Fly to the Sky

    i love ftts espicially Brian Joo...he soo hot i wish to meet them one day...that'll be a dream come ture
  574. X

    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    yes i recommended this drama here, its a really good and touching drama, its so sad how the girl will do anything for him to just be safe...
  575. X

    My Girl (KDrama)

    yes i love this movie, its so good i wonder whats going to happen next are they going to find out that she the fake one
  576. X

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    this is a really good drama...prt 1-3 was quite disapointing and dragging but the rest on was really good, i wonder whats going to happen next
  577. X

    Benz & Ae

    benz is really hot but i never thought she'll show so much skin
  578. X

    Aom and ken on OOPS Magazine!

    their so adorable and them both mucho
  579. X

    Vicki And Natharika

    thanks for the pix their so pretty and cute
  580. X

    Cee & Amy - Lux Event!

    thanks for the pix they look cute together
  581. X

    Poo Praiya

    she look so hot i like her alot...she can change herself to cute, pretty and hot
  582. X

    Amy & C

    thanx for the pic they look cute together...
  583. X

    Tangmo Pattaratida

    thanks for the pic she look so pretty
  584. X

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    i can feel it, this movie going to be good
  585. X

    Namfon Kullanat

    i like her she's always so pretty in what ever she do to her self....
  586. X

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    aww i think this movie is going to be so good i can feel it
  587. X

    AMmie and Cee

    aww how cute, they look cute together
  588. X

    Ja Ae Baby

    hey can anyone please reupload eps 12-17 thank you