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    [Ch7] Tawee Pope (Polyplus)

    i seriously wish the nang'ek was somebody else besides pancake. she is really too much. she acts like that in other lakorns too which i find annoying. i think the lady in this version doesn't fit either because she looks more on the mean side. however, i find om so cute when he secretly...
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    to end or not to end?

    thanks guys. so 7270 think i shouldn't end due to safety reasons which is understandable. and cecilia why so? it's hard for me because i'm a very grateful person like even if it's the smallest thing they did for me, i probably won't leum their boon koon leuy lol but the weirdness is getting...
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    to end or not to end?

    i have a former professor who's been extremely nice to me. in the past he has helped me with recommendations to grad school and such and anything else i really need. a few years have passed and he still writes to me, less than before because i don't reply much anymore. reason being is i'm not...
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    help with twitter plssss

    ok i sound like a dumbie but i can't figure this out and it's pissing me off. i'm trying to msg a thai celebrity on twitter but don't know how. so on their comments, i click reply at the bottom and then it says msg being sent or something but i never get anything back. like i do see them...
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    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    the last ep was sad i cried when rerng got down on his knees and accepted his dad. but then she didn't have to take all the bullying from tome she could've just simply throw him in jail i mean he's only a driver. i didn't understand why aun, rita, and jaja forgave noon and the driver easily...
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    Hong Fah (Kantana)

    i think this is another one of those typical princess lakorns and it is boring lol. i'm only watching for tle and kwan since i like them both. like someone said earlier, it's stupid how the n'rai is still chasing after the guy 20 years later lol and who the h*** is she that everyone is afraid...
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    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    it's funny how some people claimed that they knew the person all along or guessed right when i don't even see anybody mentioning the suspect's name. like guys come on! for ME, it's a surprise too but like everyone else i would like to know the reason too. let's just hope everything falls...
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    give it a rest people. gosh i came in here to read about the progress of the lakorn and all i see are arguments about ann being old or not. ok she is older but if you watch the lakorn they don't look that bad together. and people should be able to say what they think. it's not like people...
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    i don't know how i started liking this lakorn and end up disliking it. oh yeah because they freakin dragged it to 20 epis! i can't believe chane died so easily and everyone felt sorry for him? pancake's stupid. heck everyone is. it's like they can't do anything to him. i thought the mom...
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    it's just stupid i'd say haha talk about a good quality lakorn? nope! i do think tae is kinda cute though and is that rotmay playing thoeuy? are they even in the opening credits?
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    man i'm really pissed off. this lakorn is so upsetting now. everything is like so stupid like nita ran off by herself when tle said he was gonna help her. the freakin bad guy acting innocent storyline is way too long and boring. he's always there and the dad can't do anything even though he...
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    LOL the horizontal mambo? haha yeah i'm not too excited about this week's episodeand hope they'll find out the truth soon cuz if not it's gonna drag!
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    the uninvited

    ooh i like this movie. i thought everything was done well. haven't seen the korean version prob never lol. i was pretty surprised with the ending.
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    thanks for the pics jakjann. wow this is the only lakorn rite now that got me hooked. i like both their first lakorn and this.
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    i love pan and tle as a couple ever since sst. i guess it's time for pan's payback time to tle cuz he was so mean to her in sst. if anyone, i think she has chemistry with tle the most. but i don't really follow all her other work closely so i don't know. she does need a different role...
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    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    ahahaaa..thanks for the surprise jubjib! that is so cute of the nang'ek haha.. man she sure cause a lot of trouble for mek and son! all those running around lol maya fantasy you are very observant girl cuz i missed all those. no wonder i was thinking the reason for kidnap was lame like why...
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    Jai Rao

    i like the cast but i didn't watch the whole thing cuz it's annoying..even the song that they kept on playing was annoying.
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    chompoo is the next ann tongprasom

    yeah i don't think so either. she's alrite. there hasn't been a lakorn of her where i really like so i can't say.
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    Fai Chon Saeng (Feeling Good)

    so is wantakarn going to die? i don't know but i see more love from khem than great. khem was there when she was sick and he's better looking too lol. he should have been p'ek. well even if he doesn't end up with her i hope he won't get with great's sister cause she is so annoying. she's...
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    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

    i think pinky is pretty good in WWHJ but can still improve. she lacks emotion, her face is always the same or maybe that's the way she is i don't know. poo-do we need to say the details? kob-i think she was way better when she first started than now. she does well in those stuck up roles...
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    What type of role do you perfer to see Ploy cherman in?

    any role is fine with me. she's good at all the roles.
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    Disrespectful SPICY FORUM

    wow if you think what mook said was rude, then what the spicy admin said to kashie was worse or ahmm "harsh" lol honestly, i couldn't read what tina wrote either cuz it was a freakin essay lol all she kept on saying was i'm not taking sides blah, blah, blah when clearly how many times have...
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    Disrespectful SPICY FORUM

    if she brought it up there they're gonna jump on her even more. spicy don't solve problems they start em LOL and u're kidding rite respect them when they've insulted her like that ? :unsure: as if they deserve to be respected. what's good about spicy anyway? all they do is talk shit about...
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    what's the beef between kwan and Poo..

    hmm i wonder if they did this in purpose to boost the ratings too. anyway, i think that poo is childish and unprofessional. everyone knows not to talk about your ex-boss in a bad way during an interview with your new employer. those details about kwan coming late and everything should be...
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    Silamanee (Compordee)

    uuuugh...sorry but kob don't match the character! they need someone who is as equally beautiful as ann s and kob is not that. what a disappointment finally a remake of this lakorn but actors! i was thinking of someone more like noon. can't think of actors from the top of my head yet since i...
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    Dao Puen Din (PolyPlus)

    lmao no one still feels sorry for vee even though he has cancer haha that's funny..he doesn't even look sick too. i don't feel sorry for him either. i mean he didn't tell noon he was sick how is she suppose to know? and what's up with his dad getting mad at noon geez. i like how noon tells...
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    Dao Puen Din (PolyPlus)

    I think this lakorn has no plot at all. I don't get why Araya can just go around and do whatever she wants (hurting others). She has access in and out the house so easy! Vee's gotta be the stupidest guy ever.
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    yardtip-can't act, not pretty enough, n'rai suits her more like in leh kularb pat-how bout n'rai too voice suits it? more annoyed at her offscreen cuz she talks too much always cutting people off rita-can't act and annoying voice! win cee pancake vee kob stefan-can't act annoying! more...
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    Who is more evil?

    i voted for sunsanee! i actually think leela is pretty pitiful. she kinda got pressured into marrying ken's dad and ken was actually really mean to her. she was sad when ann moved out but didn't show it.
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    Are Thai stars approachable?

    um how does lydia look stuck up? did she say or do something cuz it's kinda hard to judge by appearance if they're stuck up or not. tata young said there are times when she doesn't feel like taking pics and stuff so i dun know if that's considered not approachable. off topic but i met a...
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    Which Thai dara do you want to see in the U.S?

    kat rattikarn- she has such a beautiful voice! parn punch hyper JNE ann thitima joy s. lydia ice aof p. bie not as good as professionals but these actresses can sing i think: noon w. ann t. janie benz pinky can u bring other stars cuz some people been here already like pepper, num, kat...
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    Experiences with White Guys

    white guys? no thanks i'll pass. first of all the majority of them only date their own race then there's the cultural differences just like darvil said. it might be ok in the beginning but it ain't gonna last. soon enough you'll get tired of it. just hope they don't leave you for a white...
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    spicy forum

    if y'all don't want people to steal then don't put it online. it's as simple as that. geez act like y'all or your members never steal from others. credit or no credit it's all the same. peeps take stuff from sw i don't see them complaining god so childish. sounds like spicy want to bring sw...
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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    amy k.
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    Request : Khmer Song/Karaoke/Movies

    hey guys does chorn sovanreach has his own album or anything? i'm looking for his songs "awng vor preah" and "tee krong kmien mek." if it is already uploaded can u tell me which one cuz some of it don't have the title and singers so i can't tell which one.
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    are most thai celebs mixed?? SO PALE!

    yeah maybe that's what make thai stars unique. but then again it just depend on how you see it like japan/korea//china you will rarely see one mixed with white (maybe mixed japanese/korean which hard to tell). maybe they're just proud that way unlike thai kinda white-washed. for me i don't...
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    Bpee Kaew Nang Hong (Red Drama)

    it's interesting the way things turn out in the present. i know ae is suppose to be the victim but she is getting annoying cuz she's so dumb. her mother even said he never did love you and he never will. i guess that's what she deserve for being so stupid. it's possible for dan and ploy to...
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    how do we get songs from one itune library without erasing what we already have from another computer?
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    Thep Tida Kon Nok(TV Scene)

    lol i think both girls are nang'ek. janie is not that bad; she's just spoiled and weak in a sense cuz you can see how easily benz can tick her off. i guess there's not much sympathy for benz even tho her parents died but the lakorn doesn't show how bad her life is and plus she is stronger...
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    that's what i'm saying. there's always an exception. besides, it wasn't like there's a bunch of crowd just you rite?
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    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    Krit stutter even when he speaks Thai.
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    Aump Patcharapa

    yeah fanaticgrl, the conclusion came from herself after reading this thread. even though she didn't directly point to a specific person in here beside natty, her intentions are the same anyways ^_^ natty, it does sound like you're trying to change people's mind even though you say you're only...
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    janie doesn't look that different from before and that picture she was way younger so it's hard to compare. people can change when they grow older and plus janie has gained more weight too. back then she was skinny so it's normal for her not to have anything. she probably did her eyes but i...
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    From GossipStar:

    Yeah I disagree about what she said too. She's probably used to being invited for thai lakorns/movies (no auditions for the best people-that's why thai entertainment got some actors with no skills at all!)
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    Natural vs. Artificial

    can't they list the not so obvious ones on the natural side..all of them are lookreung except kob and you know the majority of lookreungs are natural beauties. the artificial ones, what does it say that they did?
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    Namfon Patcharin...isn't she the chick in "Rak dai mai....

    I don't remember her in kade and cheer lakorn, but she looks fine being n'ek to me. She's pretty, prettier than Cheer. Ch. 7 lost another actress with potential. Too bad they didn't give her a chance.
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    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    I don't know but the preview shows that both of them are p'ek and n'ek. This lakorn is so funny! The reason why the parents are in a feud is because Aon's dad raped the girl that Noon's dad like. Then Noon's dad took revenge by raping the girl Aon's dad like (after his wife died). It's not...
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    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    I don't get how she didn't know anything when she just got knock down by the bad guy. Then the doctor said won't know anything cause of the medication and if he didn't take her to the hospital she could get a coma? LOL, what kind of condition is that. I just thought that was strange.
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    i don't think there's a english site but there's a thai one but sorry i don't know the link. he's a dutchie boy and is having a lakorn out soon called narak. and another lakorn with por, pat, meji, etc..called tay jai rak nak wang paen. This is his thread at Ch. 3's board. Mann's thread
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    The Official 채연 (Chae Yeon) Thread

    thanks for the pictures, she's cute. she doesn't look her age at all! I would love to see her in a drama. yeah i heard about her anti-fans but I don't understand why they hate her so much and write bad things about her in her own site. she looks like a sweet down to earth person from seeing...
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    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    They shouldn't have switched the time slot because there are older actors in here compared to jao sao ban rai where there are all new or fairly new actors. I don't think there's a lot of requests for por and numfon either mainly due to them being fairly new actors. However, I heard that they...
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    news on angie, yard and some guy

    what's all this hype about yardtip lately? I never thought she was n'ek material to begin with plus her acting is not that great either. if that's really true than those people in that dating circle are pathetic. oak and his friend really fit together alrite, both big time players.
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    Pic Willy & Yelly"s wedding

    I don't think that's his father, I heard that he died already. Yeah I think Mam dress like an old lady and why would James wear the head beanie thing to a wedding? :blink: but thanks sophie for the pictures!
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    Do thai actresses make plastic surgery?

    ann sirium did her nose too. i know this is for actresses but au panu did his nose as well. i'm ok if they did 1 or 2 thing but not go overboard on surgery like do their whole face or body. wouldn't it feel weird when you touch your face like it's all fake..yeah I can't understand how they...
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    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    ahaha you guys are funny. I'm not a fan of film's either and I hope he doesn't have more scenes than num. it seems the story is revolving around film more or he has more scenes. first epi was ok, kinda wierd to hear background music from green rose and they copied some stuff from k drama LOL
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    yep she's a new actress! why does numfon have to be evil?! she's getting more and more evil and don't care about anyone.
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    summer in thailand

    I saw in the movie Puen Sanit, I think they call it cloud mountain but it's really cloudy over there and it should be around Chiang Mai since they filmed the movie there, but anyway, do you know where that is? I kinda wanna go there that's why lolz.
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    Tawan Ching Plob

    I'm really annoyed at the episodes-why can't they stick all of them in one epi. It seem longer because of that. I wonder how long is it if it was a normal 1 1/2 hour episode. Anyway, I still like Kade and Kwan think they're cute together and I like her hair even thought it's a wig.
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    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    They didn't want it to be unappropriate or too revealing. I think that's what they said in the article. But they already filmed it so why not just show it. This lakorn is too fake LOL. Like why would his wife hang out with her dad's mistress when her mom don't even like her. Then why would...
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    [SBS] What happen in Bali

    that's because maybe you haven't seen a lot or just watching the death ending ones. there are a lot of others that are happy too esp the comedies.
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    I didn't have any probs so it's not as bad as it seems. The best way is to be asleep. When you wake up all the cutting and stitching already done. And the cotton stops the bleeding, just bite on it for awhile if you have too. But the bad thing is you can't eat anything good until it heals.
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    Save The Last Dance For Me

    omg their english was horrible! even the main girl's dad spoke better english.
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    Tawan Ching Plob

    thanks for the summary..hmm doesn't sound logical how all of the sudden the sister change into a different person and like you said, both kade and her aren't poor either. anyone know what episode kade and kwan meets again? i'm too lazy to watch the beginning.
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    Full House Or My Girl?

    my girl! I don't like full house.
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    dang, film is ew..I don't think he's gay. he could be bisexual or even a regular man but just doing whatever to get money. that sia guy isn't all great either. like someone said earlier that no one forced film to take the sia's offer, same goes for sia. no one forced him to give all his...
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    Really Really Like You

    I like Eugene but not the main guy-looks gay.
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    Kaen Lum Kong

    This lakorn drags and storyline not that good and not logical either. So what ever happened to her father after he got saved? Never saw him again. I liked Oil and Noon's love in the beginning but then it's like they never care about anything else except their "love" especially Noon's...
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    help with korean?

    anyone know how to say these? thanks in advance. dad mom grandma grandpa uncle aunt sister brother uh..basically the whole family!
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    Top Awards is so generic compared to US award shows

    why do you guys always like to compare to american stuff? how can tv pool be like the oscars? for me anything is boring if you're not interested in what they're presenting or people at the awards. the sapannahong award was movie cause I don't watch a lot of thai movies and didn't know the...
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    describe these actress looks :

    Aum Patcharapa-cute and pretty Joy Rinlanee-not my type Ann Thongprasom-naturally beautiful and gorgeous Kob Suvanant-look young and cute Benz Pornchita-look mean but not Janie Tienphosuwan-cute and pretty Numfon Kullanant-too skinny Yui Jiranan-cute Ning Kullasatree-pretty but a lot of surgery...
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    Kwan Ausamanee smoking

    why do you have to tell others or show pictures of you doing good stuff anyway the person who tried to fix this problem by saying it's a fake cigarette thinks that they're telling this to a 5 year old or what
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    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    your welcome guys. I like the good Aum.
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    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    I'm not good with summaries but here go: It's starts off with bad Aum who's a famous actress named Duen. She lost her baby with a bad rock singer so her manager took her to hospital and Duen asked her to help cover up what happened but her twin sister (good Aum) Pi, found out and came to see...
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    Hua Jai Chocolate

    the beginning was so good but the later half their love story just keep on dragging and dragging! spoils below for epi 21 i feel sorry for mos aom is hurting him over and over again first she tells him that she loves nop then the next day she tells him that the baby is nop's. and nop...
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    Pin Din Hua Jai

    I really like this lakorn. At first I didn't think I'd like the N'ek that much but she's cute. Her character is sweet! I heard that she's a Dutchie; so what company does she belong to or can play in different channels? I hope it's Ch. 3. The part where he got shot Noon was just crying and...
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    Chakrit and Aom Screencaps MV

    Oh they did a lakorn together before it was a long time ago.
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    Pin Din Hua Jai

    this lakorn is good so far but noon calls tang uncle lol. it was cute, she also thought he was a ghost at first.
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    noon -kade

    haha so true! i'm always saying to myself dang, kade is so lucky to have noon as a gf!
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    Hua Jai Chocolate

    yeah I hate those obstacles, like can't they have a different kind of obstacle than jealous gfs? anway, at least in song rao aom asked ken if he loves may and he said no, so she accepted it. it's so weird when I wanted aom to forgive mos she didn't but when I wanted her to be mad at ken (cause...
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    Aum Patcharapa: Irresistable Venus

    that's true, for real fans they wouldn't complain about seeing them too much in mags or lakorns. the more the better. people complain about a certain star having too many lakorns a year but there are other stars who have the same amount but no complaint cause they like that person. hey, can't...
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    Hua Jai Chocolate

    i don't get why she refuses him when we all know she loves him. like what the reason for all these when they could be together. hope this doesn't drag on until the end they need to get back together soon! the other annoying thing is why she have to listen to the n'rai for, aom is getting weak...
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    Barbie PREGNANT!!!

    I didn't even know they were a couple. I thought she was in love with her ex-bf what happened to them?
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    [CH7] Angkor 2

    pinky's a tough chick in here she looks cool! hey they use the same song too.
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    Song Rao Nirandon

    why does may have to come in when everything is going really good for aom and ken?! her character is really annoying needs to get a life! i really hate ohbo
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    women pilots

    Thanks for your guys opinion! Oh really Juicee, how many hours do you have?
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    women pilots

    Would you ride an airplane that has only women pilots? Why or why not? And are you scared to ride in small airplanes or it doesn't matter as long as you get to where you want to be?
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    Ruk LoK LoK

    he's cute in here but he runs weird lol
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    Roung Keing Dao

    Dao is psycho right now lol..I think she's gonna kill Konkao off maybe.
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    Roung Keing Dao

    He loves Roong. Well the whole concept/storyline is stupid but what is kinda interesting to me is that this lakorn keeps you hook a little. make you wanna see what will happen next. even though u can predict ending but in the middle you wanna know what and how things will happen. but i'm not...
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    Kulurb See Dum

    the guy with the dimples should be p'ek now he's cute! chakrit got fatter and don't look his best in here.
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    Roung Keing Dao

    I don't like dao anymore she's getting annoying, unreasonable and gullible! Hope kade get with roong now.
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    tv pool and showing tacky midriff

    yes i think like every single cover the come out have the same style.
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    Roung Keing Dao

    yes like can't they all be good twins instead and the bad girl be someone else. anyway, dao is the good twin right? and roong is bad? someone clarify please because kade only likes roong because he thought she is dao.
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    [CH3] Ruk Lamoon Loon Lamai

    does anyone know the girl singer who sang one of the soundtrack? the songs are all good. did u guys see the scene in the preview or ending credit where mussy saw kong and ann hug? I'm wondering why I didn't get to see that part. what epi was it in?
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    Pleung Payu

    wow you actually went deep and analyzed the characters, but I still think it should be a sad ending.
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    Pleung Payu

    I still think they shouldn't have gotten together at the end. I would've made a run too if I was her. Abuse is still abuse. It doesn't matter if he did it out of "love." So what if she was sleeping with other men..he still didn't have a right to rape her. I think it's his problem that he...
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    n'ek or p'ek

    guy that became p'ek in cyber lakorn the other kob joy r. pang from leh pumared cee the guy from oh petlada's lakorn kong johnny
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    [Ancient Series] Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passions

    sounds good I wanna see! the latest series I saw in thai was strike at heart so I think it's gonna be a long time! it wasn't all that great either agree with jeanie ancient series these days not very good. sonjia plays evil sis again? i would like it if everybody got a long cause I like...
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    Boringest Thai Lakorns

    fah mai poo/tle/bee bee/nam-both of their lakorns pepper/fang pee nong song leud dan/sara oun ai rak fah grajang dao ban saitong noon/tle lady yaowarat neng tawan pan dao cee/amy kade/cheer cheer/cee poo/vee kade/yui kade/bua maung dala kob/oil kompayabat .....most of ch. 7 boring
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    Cee and Amy

    wow this couple is everywhere too!
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    Torranee Nee Nee Kai Krong

    this is one of my faves! love pok back then.
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    Song Rao Nirandon

    yeah I think so too he said on dao krajai that he could cook if he wanted to. the title doesn't really sound like it's a comedy but I think it's a little romantic comedy? and hua jai chocolate sounds kinda weird but it's a drama? opposite lol..anyway it doesn't matter because aom is cute.
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    Song Rao Nirandon

    does that mean ann lakorn is going to end soon?
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    how big of a fan are you?

    oh really no pics for your guys? maybe I really like them since I put pictures up on my wall. I used to put a star pic on my folder to school back in the days too.
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    Gnuern Rissaya (PauJinJong/HM)

    i think they look better as bro and sis, but anywayz...i hope she improves in her acting.
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    how big of a fan are you?

    like do you post their pictures on your wall, buy all their mags, or do whatever else?
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    Do you have andrew and pok?
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    How many times have u rewatched a lakorn

    I cannot rewatch..only fave scenes..but now there's always new lakorns to watch so I never get to watch old. It takes a lot of time where do you guys put in the time to watch lol
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    Au Thanamas

    she's pretty. should play in modern lakorns.
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    Thai Stars - That you dislike

    I don't like yui-too stubborn donut-too stubborn yardtip-not pretty cheer-boring lakorns bee matika-boring lakorns joy r.-i just don't like her numfon-too skinny and sometimes stubborn too kob-i just can't watch her lakorns but i think her and brook are cute kong-why is he still acting...
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    Your Fav Thai Stars

    I like Ann T. Ann A. Noon Aum Janie Aom P. Vicky Pim Zaza Num Pepper Captain Ken Au Panu Por Pip Puri Nam Andrew
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    Gas Pricing Issues!!!

    i drive about an hr to school and yep it's getting to me!
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    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    I don't like Vee much his acting is so-so.