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    [Ch3] Wimarn Mekkala (D One TV)

    NNNNOOO!! I really loved this lakorn with Johnny and Katreeya and they did such an awesome job.  The roles of n'ek and p'ek require strong actors and I don't know if these two can portray them properly... sigh... this is going to be another "Samee" situation again...    From what I remember...
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    [Ch3] Dao Kiang Deun (Broadcast Thai)

    This lakorn is really annoying me with this back and forth misunderstandings and noble acts!! Seriously, one minute Darika is stading up to Chan's mom, the next she's a weakling and does what she says.  This should have ended this week
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    [Ch3] Fai Nai Wayu (Tv Scene)

    I don't know how I feel about this lakorn.. I was really excited for it, but I find that it's been a really slow start and the scenes between the pranangs are rare and not satisfying. Kwan and Kraigoon are getting more screen time together than Yai and Wah.    And I agree with all of you, I...
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    Congrats Tik and Peach on your newborn son

    Omy goodness!!! He's way too cute! Adorable little face.. precious.
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    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 3: Fah Krajang Dao (TV Scene)

       I was waiting for that too!! Im so mad they cut it out. argh!  Im really upset they cut this part short.. I really wanted to see more scenes between the Boy and Matt.. They totally rushed the ending and they shouldn't have.. 
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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    Totally agree with you... Pol was perfect for this role, and I really don't want a newbie playing it, especially Ken because i think his acting still needs improving. Rome wouldn't be bad... Chakrit would probably be best.. hehe! If it's Rome, I would love to see him paired with Matt Peeranee...
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    [Ch7] Ubathteehet (DaraVdo)

    OMG! i couldn't agree with you more! There weren't this evil in the previous versions.. I liked how those versions focused more on visanee and aroom near the end. These bad guys need to just hurry up and get caught already... ugh! its made watching this lakorn a drag with all the scenes with...
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    Marie Broenner "Scandalous" Pics

    I don't know.. I'm not really shocked nor bothered by it. I realize that you should keep a good image of yourself, but if that means that you lie to everyone and act all innocent in front of cameras to keep this "good image", it just pisses me off. I'd rather they are more upfront about it...
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    Thai Tattoo

    try using the thai2english website.. it can help you translate some stuff. as far as I know, "follow your dreams" should be "taam kwarm fun", but then again, im not thai, so check out the site :)
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    Behind The Scenes of Ch3 2012 Calender

    I can't wait to see the final product!!! Everyone looks soooo good, and yes, by everyone, I mean everyone :) All the girls have their different beauty appeal, and makeup does enhance it, but that doesnt mean that they dont look good naturally. And I think looking average shows that you can pull...
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    Aum's Best Character so Far

    Nakak Dok Sorn Klin - his character was hilarious! with the wig and the rapping... I always saw him with a serious role, so seeing him in a funny role was refreshing and he definitely pulled it off Piang Jai Tee Pook Pun & Borisut Bumbut Kaen - such a sweet and caring character!!! i loved how...
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    [Ch3] Mam Gaem Daeng (Guts Entertainment)

    WTH!!!! this is so wrong! why is woosen on the cover, i really don't understand... i will admit that im still excited to see another matt lakorn cuz i absolutely adore her, but this had definitely diminished some of my enthusiam..gosh! why did they have to do this... and krit has definitely...
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    Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasee

    OMG! i love this shoot!!! its so friggin adorable and sweet but yet sophistocated. amazingly done and theres so much chemistry between them - ive loved this pairing since wayupak montra! margie looks really good with this hairstyle; it suits her perfectly! thanks for sharing!
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    Tik, Aff, Yaya, Chom, Ploy

    OMG!!! TIK IS TOO DAMN HOOOOTTT!!! damn he's looking good! loved his hair, his clothes... everything!! im so proud of yaya... she's so young and so new in this industry, but yet she's holding her own and definitely working her butt off to prove that she belongs... round of applause for her...
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    this lakorn is definitely getting better! at first, bee really annoyed me with her selfish and childish attitude, but the ext episode seems really funny and i love the bickering between the two of them.. its too cute! im looking forward to seeing more scenes between bee and mark, for sure and...
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    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Lol! thanks :) yea, Ive always liked channel 3 lakorns better because they were short and straight to the point (and better actors/actresses) and this one is really starting to feel like channel 7. I wish they would have had Ran discover her real identity when Phet first gets there, and then...
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    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Thank you!!! OMG, this lakorn is super cute (in terms of chemistry between the pairings) but I must say, the plotline is shit.. pardon my french... but it really is. theres no character development whatsover.. everything just happens at once and falls into place.. and I dont know why n'ake...
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    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    The love scene in episode 5 is definitely one of the best I've seen in thai lakorns... very well done and very sweet... loved it!!
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    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    I really wanted to see a remake of this lakorn, but Im not happy about the nang ake pick... not to offend the chompoo fans, but I dont think she fits the role of a demure, innocent nang ake... i was hoping for one of the newbies or matt peeranee because they have they fresh innocent look... I...
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    Mint Chalida Witjiwongtong

    she's the one who plays 3rd nang ake in Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying right? If so, shes adorable and I like her! lol
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    Min Pechaya & Kao Jirayu

    love kao!!! min, pretty as always. thanks for sharing!
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    Hey Bunnii, Just noticed that you're back from your little hiatus (which brought us to a panic...

    Hey Bunnii, Just noticed that you're back from your little hiatus (which brought us to a panic frenzy, might I add) and caught up on some of your uploads. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your time and effort; I very much appreciate all of your contributions. You are the...
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    [Ch3] Mam Gaem Daeng (Guts Entertainment)

    OMG!!!! If this were to happen, I would be in heaven!! I've been waiting for this since I've started watching lakorns (and that was many, many years ago... started really young cuz of my family) and this is the most anticipated pranangs i think. there is a lot of fear with anne and her p'akes...
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    Rita Jensen

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! i love the silver and red dress shoot the best... love it when her hair is down, she's got nice hair too!
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!! HYPER-VENTI-LATING!!!! Jan.19th is gonna seem like ages away now! its looks sooooooo good!
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    Noi 2 months pregnant!

    aaaww!!! congrats to her! i really wish all the best for them and for her and the baby to be healthy
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    Ch 3 New On Screen Pairing for 2010

    Rome and Anne... two of the hottest and talented on my list pairing up is a dream come true!!
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    Theptida Pla Rah (Step Onward)

    HAHA!!! that one was also a great comedic performance by Pat! i think she just makes the best comedic facial expressions and thats why she excels in comedies.. and in dramas.. it seems like shes holding herself back.
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    [info] Concerts in FRESNO [NUM, MOS, ZAZA]

    i wish they would come to canada... but i guess there are less fans here... damn!
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    Plerng See Roong (Broadcast Thai Televison)

    i really like this lakorn and its moving at a good pace... but i still find myself fast forwarding cuz i haapte it when characters in lakorns let ppl keep misunderstanding them or making lil secrets into a HUGE issue!!! argh!!! i guess thats what makes the storyline... but at the same time, it...
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    Theptida Pla Rah (Step Onward)

    OMG!!! he does have a cute kissy face!! lol! i thought i was the only one who fell for it! hehe.. this lakorn was a surprise hit for me... didnt really hear about it at all til it started airing and now im loving it!!! pat should stick with comedies... im not a big fan of her dramatic acting...
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    Kuan Kammatep

    aaahh!!! the laying in bed scene was great!!! its just too bad it wasnt the aftermath of a willing scene...... i was really hoping for one.. *sigh* but i guess it makes sense.. they've only gotten to know each other and fall in love.. a willing scene would have made it seem rushed at this...
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    Amy Klinpratoom [Mirror Mirror]

    gorgeous!!! and her mole... its probably photoshop.. cuz in wung nam kang... its still there
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    Donating Blood

    hey hey!!! im happy that ur thinking of donating blood, good for u!!! well first off, yea, u might not have the same blood type as ur sis, as as for the fainting and feeling weak, i really depends on the person.... they usually recommend that u drink lots of water the night before and eat a...
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    Rome's n'ek

    i think the older n'akes work for him cuz he does look older than his age, so it all works out i think... he wouldnt look bad with the younger ones like pat n namfon tho.... id like to see that, but either way, i think he always suits his n'akes
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    Best Criers

    omg!!!! Anne for sure!!! all the way, she makes it soooo believable and she doesnt jsut sniffles, but she makes these sounds of agony like shes really in pain.... BEST CRIER HANDS DOWN! lol!! as for guys... hhhmmm... i havent seen many who cried in theirs... so out of the ones ive seen, yes...
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    Lakorn Name

    u are rite!!! its one of my fave from pol.... he was soooooo handsome in that lakorn :rolleyes:
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    Bird,Anne & Aom in Kyushu

    awww, ill be in kyushu in 5 days too.... too bad they wont be there still.... or will they?
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    Who out of these Actresses, do u like their shape of face, eyes, nose & smile

    FACE SHAPE: Ann T and Amy K EYES: Ja jittapa and namfon p. all around pretty: ALL!!!!
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    Oops! Magazine Poll

    tru say!!!! im surprised too that gae roy ruk and even badarn jai wasnt on there! a whole lot of ch.7 lakorns.... like kom faek was good, but it got boring and i havent finished it... didnt watch the one with kwan n win.... and suparb burut satan is okay....
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    rome,por and pat + their mom

    I WAS TOTALLY THINKING THE SAME THING!!!! i think they look adorable together and i would love to see them star in a lakorn.... a romantic comedy type.... would be sooo damn cute!
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    Gae Roy Ruk or Supapburut Satan?

    yea, i agree... shes gorgeous and I like her, but her acting is not the greatest... i have to admit too that i dont really finish her lakorns..... the only one i did was nong miew, but that took me three rounds of trying the lakorn out before i finished it... and suparb burut satan seems to be...
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    Young Man Stabbed and Decapitated on Greyhound Bus

    apparently some guys went back into the bus to try and help, but by then it was too late cuz it all happenend so quick i kno!!!! it's disgusting that something like this would happen
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    Young Man Stabbed and Decapitated on Greyhound Bus

    A 22 year-old man was randomly stabbed to death then decapitated in Manitoba, Canada on a Greyhound bus last Wednesday night... it seemed to be a random act that no one would ever expect, but nevertheless, sad and tragic.... My heart goes out to his family and friends...
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    MtvAsiaAwards 2008

    the jabbawockeez performance was wicked!!!! too bad they didnt do a longer dance :-( does anyone know why Japan is not part of this?
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    cream thidasavahn

    is she the one who sings the theme song for tard rak torranong??? or is that a different cream??
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    Margie Rasee:Colorful Girl

    she is gorgeous!!!!! what is she mized of? italian??? whatever it is.... its hot!
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    Where is Pok?

    I LOVE HER!!!!! especially in her lakorn with pip rawich and the one with johnny! shes soooo cute!
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    Pat Napapar

    she is really skinny!!! her legs are so small i wonder how she holds herself up sometimes!!!! lol! but she eats tho and shes pretty nevertheless... but a lil more meat and she would be STUNNING!
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    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    so tru!!!! cherry's makeup was just over the top and it made her look whorish.... :huh: thats what i meant, with the whole fake death and her coming back as a 'new person', etc, is like rai rissaya... i dont mean the whole lakorn What??? only 4 more?????? booooooooooooooooooooo....... that sux :-(
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    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    this is starting to look a lot like rai rissaya with the fake death and all..... thanks for the clip.... margie is sooo cute! gorgeous too!
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    Sapai Glai Peun Tiang(Polyplus)

    we need a clip with chakrit in it!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! but im thinking, since anne is a cop in this movie... maybe it'll be something like she has to marry or pretend to marry chakrit for some undercover op..... possibility u think? and of course, chakrit agrees cuz its an important case so...
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    resemblence of anne and nat myria

    i never saw it before, cuz didnt really look for it.... but now i say yup, they can definitely pass as sisters for sure
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    ya, its a really good show... check them out on youtube... also kaba modern, they were really good too! I AGREE!!!! omg, i watch it and i always compare the crews to jabbawockeez (they are the champs after all) and i just dont get as awed because, like you said, they dont come close to being as...
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    For those who don't know, Jabbawockeez is a group of dancers (hip hop) who won Season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew and they are UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!!!!!!! well, in my opinion at least! :P and they're pretty fyne too :lol: so yea, i just wanted to start a thread for all the jabbawockeez...
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    A song you can't stop listening to...

    for me its leona lewis and george nozuka (their whole album is amazing!!!!) and lil wayne's lollipop.... its sucha dirty but it has such a poppin catchy beat.... best when you listen to it loud cuz then you hear more of the beat and less of him lil whiny thing hes got going on oh, and stronger...
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    FHM Sexiest Women Award 2008

    yea, i agree!!! may pichanart is not the prettiest... way better out there! ........ or maybe im hating cuz tik has a lil crush on her......... <_< LOL!
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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    hehe.... my essays are full of big words and they sound very intellectual, but when i speak.... is full of slang and ghettoness! lol! my profs would have a heart attack! SAME HERE!!!! i love debates but i can never express myself properly and i talk with my hands a lot so i always suck at...
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    Slap/Kiss & Revenge Lakorns

    yay!!!! the ones i look forward to most is ken/cherry and ann/aum...... CANT WAIT !!!!!!!
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    FHM Sexiest Women Award 2008

    hhhhmmm i dont know if i agree with the list.... except for megan fox.... she is SMOKIN HOT!!!!! but ya, i definitely wouldnt have picked yard as sexiest.... she is a pretty girl, but not sexiest..... maybe cuz for me sexy is more natural and not someone who tries to hard (i find that yard...
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    Did Vicki and Chai broken up??

    omg!!!! people are commenting about her butt????? in a negavtive way???? wtf??? the girls got nice curves man, she BOOTYLICIOUS.... unlike many scrawny flat daras out there.... STRUT UR STUFF VICKY!!!!!
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    Ch3 new lakorns that will start filimg in June-July

    I TOTALLY AGREE!!! ive been waiting and im still waiting for anne x tik or anne x andrew.... gosh, this would be the hottest pairing since anne x ken !!!! im really excited to see Dan's movie.... gosh i missed my dimpled sexiness.... i hope the n'ke is someone younger... not jakajan.. and she...
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    DAN HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!! gosh, he is just too cute and hot!!!! i love his voice, his dedication to everyhting he does and of course, his darn cute dimples!!! *sigh*
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    Tik J Pholdee

    i loved his hairstyle in royleh and keaw tah pee..... but ive gotten used to his long hair and i say he's sexxy as ever!!! lol!!!! it's tik, he can pull off any look cuz hes just too damn fyne! :D
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    which pra'ek do you miss onscreen?

    i absolutely love that movie! i just went back and watched it again the other week!!! lol! yea, the older p'kes need to come back (willy, pol, johnny and pete t)..... but first and foremost, i want tik back!!!! i watch his sitcom n its good, but its not a lakorn.... i want to see him in a godd...
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    Tik J Pholdee

    i think he wont have another lakorn out for another 2-3 years or so cuz he's busy with his movies (he signed a contract with some comopanies for 3 movies in 2 years), his navigator show and his sitcom, so he wont have time to be in a lakorn..... which really sucks cuz i miss him like hell too!!!!!
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    What is something you hate about lakorns?

    OMG!!! LOL!!! that too!!! it makes me laugh at the stupidity of it sometimes.... like seriously, how can u not know if something went down or not... especially since they're always virginal n all.... they should at least have some soreness... but nooooo, they just look at the state of their...
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    What is something you hate about lakorns?

    OMG!!! you guys have hit it right on the nail!!!! i totally agree with what everyone is saying.... p'ke getting hte short end of the stick... the p'ke that never push away the n'rai (ive only seen krit do it), and yes, the damn misunderstandings piss me off the most! gosh... like talk to each...
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    real couples?

    no, they're not married .... the video clip is of another couple, its like a homevid type thing.... tik is still single ladies!!!! dont u worry.... we still have hope! lol! but i dont know about cherry
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    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    YES!!!! ppl who agree that aff is not that great of an actress!!!! i watched one episode, like in the middle somewhere and i couldnt stand her voice and shrieks! gosh, it was deafening to my ears.... i went back to watch the older version with ning and john nuvo.... but yea, im very picky with...
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    I'm Sad, No More Great Lakorns to Watch

    same here!!! i was looking through the list of new lakorns out and I was really upset that theres nothing good on (im not abig fan of new actors n actresses out nowadays, so im waiting for the ken, aum and krit ones) but i decided to check out awayjee see chompoo and I am hooked! like you said...
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    Ann thongprasom

    isn't he someone in the business industry or something??? i remember seeing a clip where she was at some event with him and they tried to ask him some questions but she kept on butting in and answering them herself so they joked that maybe hes mute or something like that..... or maybe im just...
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    Dao Prasook remake

    it's hard to say.... for praek role, it has to be someone more mature and theres not a lot who can pull off that role.... so for praek, i would say chakrit, thana, aum, tik or ken.... as for the nang akes, there really isnt a problem cuz she needs to be young n innocent and a lot of todays nang...
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    Ruk Rhythm (Sit-com) (Toh Klom/Workpoint)

    LOL!!!! the fobbish english was the best!!! it cracked me up so bad and i had to go back and listen to it cuz it was just hilarious.... made my stomach hurt! I think he's doing a very good job in acting this role... im used to him being the serious praek character so its a nice change and hes...
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    Tao Somchai and Nat Myria are together again!

    i really hope it was just a rumour.... she deserves sooooo much better than him and she shouldnt even put herself back into a relationship with someone like him.... like ppl said, once a cheater, always a cheater.... ppl may change their ways, but for his type of personality, it'll be hard to do so
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    Which Oldschool Nang Ek Would You Wanna See Again?

    omg!!! i miss ning, tik k and an sirium!!! they were such good actresses!!!! i dont kno about tik and ann, but my mom said that ning has become a flight attendant, married to a pilot and she loves her job and doesnt plan on coming back to act again.... which sucks for us fans :-(
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    Overrated Actress

    If by overrated, you mean they're everywhere, i would say aff and pancake.... sorry and no offense to their fans, but i dont think these two can act if their life depended on it and their acting is horrible.... they fit more the nang rai role than anything.... me n my mom always rant about how...
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    Nat Morris vs Hayden Christiansen

    yea, the jaw area and that look they have on their face.... they're both hot, but i gotta agree with sirena that hayden is a bit hotter...... nat just needs to mature more and he'll be smokin!!! he has definitely improved since mae krua kon mai.......
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    Nat Morris vs Hayden Christiansen

    I just recently watched the Star Wars series with my lil bro and I noticed that Hayden and Nat look extremely alike...... does anyone else think so???
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    Plik Tai Kub Bai Kao(Quiz & Quest)

    maybe he was referring to the fact that he left her cuz his mom tried to commit suicide... if he would have stuck by her side and helped her through it, she might have turned out better.... i still have the feeling that its the brother in law....he just acts so guilty.....and that one part when...
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    What's the first thing you look at...

    i look for talent and acting style... that why ann t is my fave actress and thats why i prefer the older generation of n'eks as to the newer generations because, in my opinion, there's a lack of talent in some of the newer ones.... they're beautiful girls, but i dont really watch their...
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    N'eak Facial Features

    hhhh, thats a hard one.... i think most of them are really pretty....but if we were to judge on the overall package, i would have to say pinky and ann t; for me, those two are the prettiest ones in the whole list.... for the vote, i voted for pinky because, though ann t. if super gorgeous, i...
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    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    hhhhmm, i really stopped obsessing over lakorns this year because i got sick of some of the lack of talent and interesting out the the few that i did watch (5 at the most maybe), the one that i really wasnt satisfied with was mafia tee ruk.... i dont know, the lakorn started...
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    CUTE PIX!!!!!!!! i cant wait for this week's episodes --> will this hospital scene be in it?
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    Surb Lub Rahut Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    i know!!!! they needed more love scenes in there!!! omg, i was waiting and waiting, but they never came and all of a sudden they're in love with each other! im sure these two would have had great chemistry if their relationship was more developed
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    im with you on this one too!!!! my gurl and i always get on this topic when we discuss thai lakorn; why the heck havent these two been paired up yet???? man, they would be hot onscreen together! its definitely one to see..... my second choice would be of course ann&ken again, or ann&krit.... :P
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    Surb Lub Rahut Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    as i watched this week's episodes, i also noticed it after you mentioned it.... the movie does seems like it was made recently.... i dont know why they would wait so long to release it.... i love these two together! yea, the last episode was a lil wierd, i think they just rushed thru everything...
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    k, seriously, look at the pic in the last row on the left side... the way he looks at her! theres so much chemistry between them, its just sizzling! its no wonder noi gets worried sometimes! damn, they are too cute together!
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    One Litre of Tears

    LMAO!!!! same here!!! i wasnt really into NEWS before, and then after watching one litre, i fell in love with ryo, which led me to want to get to know NEWS better (i already knew of them cuz of yamapi, another love of mine) and then i fell in love with news b/c they're all so cute and since then...
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    Surb Lub Rahut Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    same here! i got into it because of the story line... thai lakorns have never touched on the whole cult thing yet, so it was something new and i was glad cuz i was getting really sick of the same old plots and story lines ( the last lakorns i fully wached were oum ruk and khing kor rah kah kor...
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    well, a lot already did happen in this lakorn, so i guess it can be wrapped up pretty quickly... aum a as p'ek huh.... i like him, but i was really hoping for ken... ann and ken have sooooooooooo much chemistry together, its ridiculous!!! i just LOVE them as a couple!
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    the 31st???? wow, thats so fast! well, we are 7 eps in right now... so i guess thats right.... aahh, whos going to be p'ek for jum leuy ruk?
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    Surb Lub Rahut Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    i was thinking that his (sarout) plan is that he would get the bro's share and then marry vicky and take over her shares, then, he'll own half the company.... this series is one of the best ive seen in a couple of years... i like how its not the typical action/gang/gunfight.... i likehow...
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    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    OMG!!!! I saw that too!!! i wasnt sure though because I caught the last part of it!!!! NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! this is too sad! poor dan & beam and his parents! omg, he seemed like he was getting better too!!! damn! BIG, WE'LL MISS YOU AND WE'LL REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS!!!!! BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!
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    Sawajiri Erika

    didnt she go out with ryo-chan and dumped him (why she would want to do that blows my mind because he's HOT!)? and not to hate on her (i think shes a wicked actress), but i heard taht in real life shes a bitch and shes really wild.... who knows really..... shes very pretty tho... didnt know she...
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    A Song for the Sun

    wasnt there a movie for this that premiered at the cannes international film festival? i think it starred teh singer YUI (the girl who sang the bleach openings LIFE and ROLLING STAR).... she had a song on the ost for the movie called GOODByE DAYS..... very good song actually
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    One Litre of Tears

    i cried for every episode of this drama.... loved it!!!! especially ryo *squeals*.... his character is so cute and hes so sexy! lol!
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    Prince of Tennis

    POT is one of the best sports anime out there.............. U MUST WATCH IT !!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! <-- no, im not obssessed! Youtube should have all the episodes if they didnt get deleted yet (theres 175) and the nationals (2nd season) are currently at episode 8, and they only come out like...
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    Converting mp3 on cell to a ringtone

    im probably gonna need the usb cable thing then right, cuz rite now i cant do that with just the mini sd. ebay, here i come!
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    Converting mp3 on cell to a ringtone

    yea! please, if you could do that, that would be great. thx a lot menia!
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    Converting mp3 on cell to a ringtone

    i did and i didnt find much and the manual doesnt tell me anything at all. :angry: did u have to splice your music into a certain amount of seconds or something? cuz i was told that you wouldnt be able to use a whole song as a ringtone and you can only use about 30 secs or so.....
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    Converting mp3 on cell to a ringtone

    i have an mp3 phone and i want to use that music as my ringtone. Is that possible and how would i be able to set that up?
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    i just finished get backers and samurai champloo, those are ver good ones also if u like action
  104. G

    Do thai actresses make plastic surgery?

    to me, it doesnt matter if they have surgery done to look better, the only thing that gets me riled up is if they dont admit to it. i hate it when stars get something done and they're like "oh no! its all natural............ bs bs bs"
  105. G

    Mini sd cards

    ya, im probably gonna do that cuz my friend has the same phone and the four files pop up for her too. man, this really sucks! never mind!!!!!!!!!! i got it to work! yay! like u said, i just had to put it in my phone n try to save something on it n it told me to reset the card n thats wut...
  106. G

    Mini sd cards

    hhhmm, i dont get that four file thing, would it show right when you open it, cuz when i put it in (i dont have the slot, i use a card reader) i open the f drive, cuz thats wut its under, but it doesnt show me the four file folder, its just a blank screen.
  107. G

    Mini sd cards

    ive formatted it on my comp but it still doesnt seem to work. well, i got the right type of card, but i got it off of ebay :s
  108. G


    brasil vs ghana.................. i like rooting for the underdog, but brasil's got my fav players (kaka n ronaldinho) so i cant decide. im also rooting for south korea cuz they're the only azn team left. gotta give it up to them
  109. G

    Mini sd cards

    i just got a new sd card off ebay for my cell and since i dont have an sd slot on my comp, i use the sd card reader, but somehow it wont work n when i put the mini sd into my phone, it says that the content files do not exist, does anyone know why? please help me if your familiar with this. i...
  110. G

    The Anime/Manga Thread

    oh gosh! i just finished that whole anime last month!!!!!!!!!! it is the greatest anime ever! im following the story with the manga rite now, as they compete in the national. i love it! cant get enough! hhhhmmm, i love all the seigaku regulars, especially fuji :wub:
  111. G

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    hey hey! im laos too................... an a bit of french! but hey, proud of who i am!
  112. G


    haha! ya! thats my fav episode! he was so hot when he was younger! i have this pic of when he was an anbu, n hes just gorgeous! lol!
  113. G


    i think naruto is pretty cool and he really has potential to become the best, as sw33txkay said, but personally, my fav is kakashi, he's just so cool!
  114. G


    thank you so much for the advice!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna try them n see which one im able to understand the best......hehe.....(im not that smart when it comes to computers!)
  115. G


    oh really. i didnt know that, i use it cuz it came with the burner. what program would you recommmend i use?
  116. G


    i use nero. how will i know which part to cut out and how long or would i have to guess it myself?
  117. G


    um, the are the movie files i get from here, some of them work and others freezes when i try to burn them. do you know whats wrong with it? i burn it as a dvd, but even when i try to burn it as other things, like vcd or something, it still freezes on me.
  118. G


    i have a question..... sometimes, when iburn dvd's it will freeze on me. now, is there something wrong witht he file or something and how can i fix it? i.e: it'll be burning fine then all of a sudden it freezes at like 6 mins or something n its stuck there forever unless i close the...
  119. G

    Watching Romance Movies

    i dont know really, i like both ways, i like number one because it shows all the tuff times a couple may have to face, but at the end true love prevails................its sooo cute! as for the second one, i like it too because it shows the fine line b/w love and hate and its really...
  120. G

    Where were u born?

    im laos, but i was born in thailaind while coming over to canada. i was there for like 2 years i think, in a refugee camp
  121. G

    favorite laos food?

    poor you man, i dont know what i would do if i cant eat sour mangoes :s dont wanna think about ! lol! crab apples n jao is soooooooooo good, and it even tastes better when u tahm it. ever tried it? its damn mouth drooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  122. G

    Bollywood News

    isnt she the one who usually plays nang rai in movies n i think rite now she plays pa akes's sis in sapai part time. i think its the same girl anyway.......................
  123. G

    who is the best pra ek !!!!!

    i personally really like chakrit............he might not be much to look at, but man, can he ever act. theres all these new actors coming out n i really cant stand some of them cuz i dont think they can act worth anything, but chakrit is very good......... hes got the maad........
  124. G

    favorite laos food?

    omg!!!!!!!! i have so many of them, hhhmmmm lets see now............. here goes: - tam mak houng (or mak tang, mak moung, wuteva u can make into som tum) -- xtra xtra spicy is the way to go! - khao poon - khao piek khao n khao peik sien - laab seen n laan phao - koi pa or koi kai - pho - anykind...
  125. G

    The Anime/Manga Thread

    oh i've seen the anime but i havent read it yet.......... i really like it too, especially the dog cousin, hes sooooooo funny!
  126. G

    Alexandra At Samakomchomdao

    can sumone plz upload this? i really wanna see this too so i can know wut everyone is talking about! lol
  127. G


    i love subs n im not too fond of dub animes. the english voice actors do a really bad job with the dubs and theres not much expression in their voices and i dont like the tone of their voices. like for naruto, if some of u watch it, the eng voices for the characters are horrible compared to...
  128. G

    The Anime/Manga Thread

    wuts this one about? anyway, i recommend saiyuki and one of my all time faves................rurouni kenshin. um, this new bloody one called deathnote is pretty good too if you like the dark and serious stuff as well as berserk. as for like lovey dovey ones, i would say fushigi yuugi and...
  129. G

    Books u'd recommend..or currently reading

    you should definitely read them, they are both very good. i also recommend his other 2 books: deception point and digital fortress, they are both amazing, well i think so anyway....oh and to those who are fans od dan brown, i believe he should be releasin another book called the skeleton key...
  130. G


    omg! you should definitely check it out! its such a good anime with interesting characters and an original plot. theres actiont too if u like that n comedy as well. one of the best!
  131. G

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    yes! i love mos! hes so hot! im not abig fan of aom but ill watch it n e ways cuz ma babi is in it! lol can t wait. wen is it supposed to be out?
  132. G


    sub all the way! i dont know, i dont like hte dub version because the english voice actors arent that good. wen they speak, there jus like blah meanwhile the jap voice actors have more expression n emotion in them. makes it sound better and more enjoyable. especially durin an action scene...
  133. G

    Your First Manga

    my first manga was either ranma or dragon ball . im not sure but either way i thoroly enjoyed it n it got me hooked on mangas n animes. its so funny n interesting. n now im obssessed n i love it! lol