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    Aom Phiyada:Limited

    OMFreakenG... she's so Glamorous in this photoshoot.... i totally love the pic's that she was ENVYing the other chick with her man.... so cute..
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    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    no no ur not wrong... Sonja the mtv vj and the person above's the same person... anyways aww she got married already?? man.... she's so pretty....... and wait....what?? Lookade got married? to whom?? any pic's?? gosh thanks for imforming us ChuanpitrK :)
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    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    OooOO thanks KristyS for the clips.. me loves this lakorn mucho... i'm sad it's ending soon too :( anyways i hope in the future pat and nat makes more lakorns as pra'eak's and nang'eaks :) ooohh and also i can't wait for mafia tee ruk too.... man kristys sig always catches my attention :)
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    Do you think they look a like?

    oOOo u are righty nolee, Ton does look like Nat... but i've always thought Louis Scott for some odd reason.... Ton's a cutie :)
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    Pratin Nawong

    wow such negative vibes from this thread.... not every lakorns made to satisfy everyone k.... anyways i believe that if they changed a few character's then this lakorn wouldnt be like this.... overall great theme... just 2 lovers acting selfish with their love... wait i thought this thread...
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    Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)

    anyways i was curious to know how this lakorn went and dl'ed part 11 and omg..... funny funny funny... i just love the chemistry between them 2... so nah ruk.. anyways i wanna continue watching this and was wondering.... what was the whole fiasco about??? sorry i'm too tired to dl the rest of...
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    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    oh man.. i didnt realise that this was a remake until Ceryna2001 mentioned it.... can i ask... who was the pra'eak and nang'eak of the older version of Mae Krua Kon Mai???
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    Tard Ruk Torranong

    i havent seen the lakorn yet but then i'm so loving the ending theme by Nan.... it's so good :)
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    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    well i just got done with part 32 and it's ending soon next week..... lol and gosh...... i sea dai the asawin guy (he's so cute)..... i was wondering what's his purpose in the lakorn if he didnt like her.......LMFAO ......lmfao..... next part's gunna be good :) can't wait to see monday's part......
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    Pratin Nawong

    wait wait, just cause they changed the song alittle and the voice doesnt mean the song sucks.. they just try'n to make the song sound more boran'ish... i can see where their comming at but anyways that's not nice what u 2 above me has said about the new guys voice, it's not bad... but it's not...
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    Lao Superstition

    correction, u are kon Lao not Laos, that's the country dear. ohh and if u never heard of any of this, do u not live with ur parents? i bet u've been living in america or where-ever it is too long to have not know this huh? lol jk jk :yahoo:
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    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    no news, no promotion/advertisement of the lakorn = to good lakorn. i see it as that way. Some of the lakorns that randomly air's with promotions are one of the best compare to the one's they superly advertise, which they expect it to be such a good ass lakorn but then at the end it turns out...
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    Sanonoi Ruengham starring Brinya and Pongnapa

    omg i so remember the song but not the lakorn....... hahaha brings back memory :)
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    Ning Kullasutree Married

    ohh no my favorite nang'eak is married congrats to her, i didnt even hear this i didnt even know she was dating i was still rooting for touch but anyhoot she's smart for choosing him. :wub: thanks for the info ning
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    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    I Didnt expect it to end this way and i felt like they were rushing it........but overall good lakorn....clap clap clap :yahoo: Wan was just too cute and May was a sweetheart!!!! i give this lakorn a 7, yaya!!! :yahoo:
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    For some reason, i can't view this page but anyhoot its okay, i can agree with what u had to say. not saying that the others are wrong but then they models arent what u think they are. they live, breathe, eat, talk, and sleep just like us. we just need to stop over-reacting about it and just...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    ehhh......ummm..........ehhh.......ummmm.......... i'm hungry.............ummmm..........ehhh........ummm..ehhh!!!! Pancakes or Waffles? yummmie i love food and myself...ahahha :yahoo:
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    The Atk Shop Game

    Okay all u guys suck for attacking me...cough cough i dont want to mention any names cough cough!!! spare my life guys............. i come in peace :arrg:
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    The meaning of kiss

    Well at first i wasnt planning to respond cause i'm lazy when it comes to typing but then lili was the person to pursuade me to do this..... anyways to be honest i've never frenched kissed before but then i know it's very romantic once u get into it...haha but anyways i also believe that it's...
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    i'm currently from Viginia Beach VA but i'm now crashing at my family's place with my younger sister LEK!!! :D
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Aline and Bass's - Tummai Tong Tur...... :wub:
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    Question game

    SW When you get up in the morning...what's the first thing you do? have breakfast or brush your teeth and wash your face.....? :lmao: :loool:
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    Worst and Best...

    Favorite one is: Dao Prasook with Num and Kob, Kanueng Hah, and Lhong Ngao Jun. :D :D Least Favorite: Hemrai Jai with num and Aum.....that movie was dookie but yet a guity pleasure!!! :lmao:
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    What is your ethnicity?

    I am what Lek is too!!! :D
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    You might be a FOB...

    You are totally a fob if you had rice for either your Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and then later went out just to hang...but later on found rice on either your shirt/pant! way embarrassing!!! :lmao: