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  1. isavang

    What do these dreams mean?

    I found this website: Try it, I find it to be entertaining and sometimes accurate! lol
  2. isavang

    "Hmong Lao"

    too funny! Glad that you're doing much better now. I'm just hanging in there. Maybe when I find my guy, he will protect me instead! lol (wishful thinking)
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    Soooo that must mean SHE IS MARRIED to Anthony! Otherwise it will be much harder for him to bring her to the United States if they have not register their marriage in Laos. (assumption, lol) But once you think about it, many Hmoob Meska married their wife/husband, have it registered in Laos...
  4. isavang

    Duab ci thoj is married??

    Thanks for the info! Hopes all goes well for her whether in singing/production contract. By the way, is it just me or does Duab Ci seem like she gain a little weight? Or is it just the clothes she's wearing? Overall, she looks more attractive than cute in the new album.
  5. isavang

    "Hmong Lao"

    You too! I have the same thing, but a pair of wooden knife on each side of the ...not only that, I carry those stinky red triangle with me. I'm no longer wearing strings because it seem to attract unwanted attention. Argh! Don't need those attentions! Are you doing much better now? Or...
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    how exciting for you! wishing you both all the best! :clap: ... now you got me even more curious, lol. (is he the one in your avatar???)
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    is he an actor too? just curious...
  8. isavang

    Duab ci thoj is married??

    im not to sure on the contract and for which production. If you check on Hmong Shee Yee Production on youtube channel, they kind of mention something about stopping Duab Ci's activities because of some minor disputes. So thats some additional fact abt her new contract with someone else.
  9. isavang

    Duab ci thoj is married??

    i don't think she's marry yet, i think she's "engaged," because Anthony ask for hand in marriage. duab ci's parents agree to it...BUT because she has a contract with other movie/song productions, they're keeping it low keys as to not ruined her image. also, i recently heard that she signed...
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    "Hmong Lao"

    we tried the name change a few times already, still doesn't work, which is really weird. now i just walk on egg shells and watch what im doing and where im going. sucks! but i hope that it will slowly go away (wishful thinking) or get a better shaman to do the works! lol
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    "Hmong Lao"

    as a matter of fact, this actually happen to me! as a single woman with no scent of a man on me, I was subject to this! (I'm a "old maid" according to the Hmong ogs. When I said "scent of man," supposedly they have a scent of protection) I would have horrible and terrible nightmare! almost...
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    what can you girs/guys tell me about tsom xyooj?

    @ Gloria: Your story seems similar. When did your cousin visit Laos?
  13. isavang

    thai lakorn

    Check the Thai Boran section. BUT I think this might be the title you're looking for. "Deen Narm Lome Fai"
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    'Tub Yang' Recently New Album 2009

    Awww! Why can't I dload the last song! -Yeej Tsis Yuam Kev- Oh well, can someone just re-up it when they get the chance. Thanks so much in advance. Really appreciate it!
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    mab sua lis

    i haven't been to the flea market for the last months or so! but i knew that he came back, his mom close the shop for a few days to prep! you know, the welcoming party and so forth! haven't have the chance to talk to him yet! or his buddies! might stop by this weekend to see him and some other...
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    mab sua lis

    LOL! i guess i wasn't the only one who was in on it! Yep...he left in the middle of March, but would be back in the middle of April! with his new wife! and it's not his parents, its his mom! (i don't think he has a dad, anymore) sad sad but i also heard that she was somewhat related to...
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    Sawan Biang (completed)

    thank you so much for uplaoding Sawan Biang with Eng. Subs! can't wait to download and watch the whole 90 min. of it! YOU are TRULY AMAZING and ONE of KIND! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  18. isavang

    Me & My project

    Wishbone, please upload "Sawan Biang" it to your blogspot so that we can download it with eng subs! thanks you so much for your excellent subs...really appreciate it! i know that it takes alot of times to edit, re-edit, subs, and so forth! so i'll patiently wait for it! once again, THANKS! you...
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i've just finish watching the first 20 min on youtube with english subs! and it was so exciting to understand what they said! not only that, it may the drama so much more intense and exciting...not that it isn't! but for non-speaker and non-Thai person like was so COOL! YAY! i was so...
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    Yeh! i so agree with you guys...just finish watching the first episode! i was like...dang! Ken so mean! arrogant! conceited! and so forth! But, i so love the way Ann put him in his place! you go ANN! can't wait to watch the next episode! it so intense...keeps you wanting to watch more...BUT...
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    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    very excitied, can't wait for the drama to start airing! and the storyline seems so intriguing and interesting! anything with the extreme scene is always a plus! :P
  22. isavang

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    YAY YAY YAY! I'm so excited! been reading all the comments up to this page! can't wait until someone uploads it!
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    Travel Buddy

    I was planning on China this year because of the Olympics, also because Han Geng of Super Junior will be a torch bearer. But I'm so undecided right now, I was debating over South Korea again or Thailand...I want to go and stalk some Thai Celebrities! LOL! but more importantly I really just want...
  24. isavang

    Travel Buddy

    Hi, I'm just curious to know if anyone in here has done some traveling? The reasons that I'm asking, is that I personally would like to travel aound Asia. I've been to South Korea, but I would like to go to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. So I'm just wanting to know, if there are good places...
  25. isavang

    Artitarn Ruk (Exact)

    YAY! the first few episode are pretty interesting...can't wait to watch the next episode! so far, the characters are beginning to develop and things are getting crazy! but funny! Pim's Character: Bratty, Naive...but what can i say...being stuck in a "title" and have so much strictness...i would...
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    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed (Dida Vdo)

    sound interesting! can't wait to watch the first episode when it airs!
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    does anyone know who sang the songs in this drama! curious, cause i thought it was P'Num! and if you have it, please share! thanks!
  28. isavang

    thanks for sharing your albums! really appreciate it!

    thanks for sharing your albums! really appreciate it!
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    Busaba Rae Ruk

    i have just began to watch this drama! i think it seems interesting! many people that have seen it, said that they like it! so i'm giving it a try... and thanks for allowing me to read the feedbacks on this lakorn!
  30. isavang

    Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So (TV Thunder)

    i must be behind in the lakorn that are airing! missing so much of these new great dramas! guess i have to head out to the stores and rent more to watch! totally going to check this drama out! love watching these two characters in "Leh Ratree"!
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    Sao Pern JaoSanae(Broadcast Thai)

    seems like a pretty cute lakorn! does anyone have a pic of the drama, so i can go and rent it to watch! much appreciate it!
  32. isavang

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    Just want to give a Shout Out! "thanks everyone" for their view, reviews, short episode translations, caps, etc... it really brighten up the lakorn for me much more... i truly enjoy watching...even for someone like me who doesn't understand Thai.. just the few basic love, brother...
  33. isavang

    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    speaking from personal experience! i dated someone who wasn't Hmong for about 4 1/2 years. everyone was against the relationship, etc...etc...(you know hmong people) your own kind is the best kind out there! let me tell you my thoughts about it! dating someone outside of your race is different...
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    He's Married!!

    did you guys hear the drama about of their marriage! Kace's mom did not even like maggie! during the pagent, his mom pulled maggie aside and "lecture" her! (yep, i was there) something about she wasn't good enough! as you guys can remember, Kace was dating or like someone who also won a pagent...
  35. isavang

    mab sua lis

    it's partially true that she's "married"! it's just hush hush, but the words got out! we'll just have to wait until APRIL! something about the guy didn't want anyone to know that he had to go to the MOTHERLAND to marry a wife!