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    got scammed from the internet charge me $180

    best thing you can learn from this is always research something first, and if thers nothing on it. wait till someone takes it and reports it as a scam. i researched this one clothing site, and i realized that the employee of that site or admin kept going around and praising her own website =/...
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    Book recommendations?

    i don't know any vampireish rmance book! but you must readd kite runner & a thousand splendid suns! i LOVE those too books. a thousand splendid suns is so tragic but trust me you shld read it anyway ! : D right now im reading a bookk called a "the spirit catches you and fall down" at the...
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    Any Hmong volunteers please? :D

    Hi everyone, I'm doing an ethnography on the Hmong culture here in U.S . muddie said its the most active forum in SW : D so i think heres a good place to get a lot of perspectives and information in my survey, i will be asking questions about the values of the Hmong culture mostly for nowbecause...
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    Faes and such

    i wish there were mermaids o_o i wish i was a mermaid sometimes
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    Ughh So Freaking Pissed

    118$ IS SO MUCH! you better try to get your money back T_T THOSE A HOLES!
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    Aom Piyada's new boyfriend

    PURI IS SO SEXY but yeah her new bf seems scared in the vid lol but he look goooooood
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    Upcoming Hollywood Flops or Hits;

    The Tomb Dragon Emperor: The Mummy (Mummy 3) -I CANT WAIT FOR THIS! it looks great...well i loved both movies. and jet li is a great actor, i hope it won't be cheesy though. Transformers 2: - uh not so excited. The Fast and The Furious 4 - yes they should stop it already -_- Dragonball -...
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    [Movie] Twilight

    hm, hows jacob look? i know the book described edward as with that type of colored hair but i always imagined him black and pale and way hotter . likeeee what's his name, i forgot lol. i think the girl lead fits perfectly
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    That 70's Show...or... Friends

    friends cus as much as i love that 70s show, the messed up brutal characters (well its good they're messed up but..) turns me off
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    The Forbidden Kingdom

    this movie sucks. they put a amateur white boy -_- with a bunch of great great super actors there were some good parts, like jackie chan and jet li together lol. but...i think.. it was lame. and cheesy -_- i love crystal ...but sometimes her lines were so . like bad acting? but yeah good...
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    the movie sucks the only great thing bout it is EYE CANDY hayden is damn sexy with his shirt off and in suits and alll and the other jumper guy don't look too bad. plus rachel is cute. lol
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    Farmer Wants a Wife

    oh did the show end already? he CHOOSE BROOKE? o-o hm it seems like it just started i only watched one episode, and i think it was like the second but i think this farmer is actually better than all the other bachelors too. he don't seem bad he actually seems honest lol the girls....are a dif...
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    Family Imprisons Woman For 18 Years;

    wonders how many other women out there are being imprisoned by their own family . i'm sure there's A LOT.
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    dating younger guys???

    its fine if he's over 18 and you're over 18 and if he's ACTUALLY heading somewhere in life. he should at least be an adult because age difference really does matter ! experience wise. and its even better if you happen to be in ur late 20s and 30 lol.
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    what is this a sign of??

    i think you should break up with him -_- ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! he should pick a better day to be an ass. he's being a selfish brat. is he really worth it? you can find a guy who will find you exciting and cool!? well i dunnoo maybe you can ask him for suggestions, on what isn't boring? what's not...
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    Saying "I Love You"

    ^HAHA that reminds me of mine. AHhah -_- but yeah i thnk that , its obvious that he loves you and it's actually really hard to say i love you to people you really love i notice that once i start loving my guy , i kind of have a harder time saying it but yeah, i'm sure he loves you , being with...
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    Where's everyone hiding?!

    i thnk because there's not much topics or new topics -_-
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    stupid ass cousin

    what an asshole! gosh and you're practically force to babysit his ass -_- sheesh .
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    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    lazy and fat !
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    Would you ever... do this...

    hm i don't think i'd need to but there's nothing wrong with anybody doing that O_O as long as it doesn't get out to others haha=/
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    HI! thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you tooo whats ur name. sorry i accidentally clckeed on...

    HI! thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you tooo whats ur name. sorry i accidentally clckeed on ur profile didnt mean to stalk you LOL
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    racism or satire?

    its straight up racism. whether people want to admit it or not =/
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    Donkey jailed in Mexico

    wth. -_- they jail donkies. when mexico is full of fleeing criminals and more LMAO -_-
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    Cyclone hits Myanmar

    i read a comment someone that was involved with the disaster said something like "now i really think the world is ending" or whatever, but yeah this breaks my heart T_T
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    Homeless Women Lived in Man's Closet for a Year!

    obviously she has had an unstable life and an unstable mind : ( thats really sad and scary though. it scares me, even though my closet is too small for a person to fit in ....
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    Man marries a snake

    gosh, like he could tell the difference between that snake if it was in with 1000 other snakes if he could, then it is true love. lol jk. but yeah . and gay marriage is a problem -_-
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    The Blah Thread

    uhm, just cus you got 2,000 something think you're like so popular or something but i can say whatever i want cus it don't say nothing in the rules bout anything so yeah i can talk and say anything i want and yeah i hope you change the way you live and think and make the world become a...
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    2012...If the world ended...

    i don't think so. humans are the most powerful people, we can be superheros if we wanted to
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    i hate it when

    yellow and orange people do that too -_- its so very rude and close minded of them .
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    The Blah Thread

    ^ no offense, but with that attitude no wonder your best friend ditched you for her new boyfriend but i'm glad you guys got to talk
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    Better in time....[i hope]

    you just have to be patient with yourself, it can take very long to get over someone as long as you know deep down you can do it, you will get over him.
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    How can you tell if the guy you like is teasing with you as a bro/sis or as if he likes you?

    i didn't read the whole thing cus i was lazy but if theres an intuition that he likes you, then there is a big chance that he DOES like you you just have to learn to trust yourself or if not, just ask him. its better than regretting it. its not like it won't be awkward whether you ask him or not.
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    if u have like $100,000 what would u do

    i'm talking about flying as in flying like an angel with wings you idiotic fool LOL jkk i love you . now go away =/ and look at my signature.
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    The Blah Thread

    hello. i'm not spamming am i? o_o anyways today i drank a glass of water AND I got hiccups, which was weird O_o
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    if u have like $100,000 what would u do

    i'm not talking bout that kinda FLY <_< sheesh go to school and get an education !
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    The Cutest Thing LOL

    gosh you should make a blog talking bout all the cutest things your husband does. hahhaha : ) i'm glad you are still being loving towards your husband because marriage is .. *runs away the cutest thing today = muddie when she stopped slutting around
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    if u have like $100,000 what would u do

    i would find a way to learn how to fly
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    HI KEVIN! *touched* i didn't know MY missing presence is very noticable! where are you?! im...

    HI KEVIN! *touched* i didn't know MY missing presence is very noticable! where are you?! im stalking you and ur last post was in nov 2007. =O
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    The Cutest Thing Part 2

    id be horrified if someone did that to "YOU CHEATING ON ME HUHH!?" jk lol. but yeah that cake looks so yummyyyyyyy
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    Darv's GONE!

    well this darv guy always sending me messages in my inbox -_- i don't read them, i have a bunch left unread in my inbox (hope i don't get in trouble T_T) for example "attention, important message about num sornram" like i care ... seriously =/ =/ LOL jk! yeah.
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    Is it cheating when....

    i would say DUH cus you're suppose to be working things out with someone else O_o
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    The Eye

    jessica alba is hot..T_T too bad her acting is... sucking badly -_- even in a REVLON commercial. i didn't bother to see this... cus it looks like it sucks and yeah i heard its yet ANOTHER flop by jessica alba
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    American Idol

    I LOVE THE NEW SEASON! all the contestants are great i think my favorite singer is david john? Or something the guy that sang that song that goes "MOOOOOOOOOOMAAA OHHH " LOL but the contestants are really interesting o_o T_T ITS GONNA BE HARD.
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    the book is also called GOSSIP Girl ..theres a whole book series on it but yeah, from what i've heard...the book is nothing like the series because dan is supposedly gay in the book and so is CHUCK O_O and i know the ending ot gossip girl .. and blair and serena never really make up as...
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    Edison Chen Scandal w/ various actresses...

    ugh. did anyone see these pix? CUS I GOT curious..*slaps self and they are soooo disgusting. disgusting -_- i have NOTHING but yeah they deserved it i don't care..yeah THEY DO have personal lives. but if they should've thought, because HELLO you're a celebrity. you gotta think how it's gonna...
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    Gillian And Edison

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    to sarn ~~

    hm shouldn't this be private message? : D
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    Recession Era

    yeah i'm a little worried bout it too. because we cause everyone to fall down with us...and i still want us to be the most powerful country economically BUT we're falling and falling more each year..which sucks...cus truth is...everyone hates us deep down-_- but then o_o i think we can get out...
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    Pho or Papaya?

    25 to 26! O_O PHO IS BETTER you can eat it anytime with any moood .. papaya is don't always feel too good after eating it lol well at least for me.
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    no offense...but i think your mom is VERY IGNORANT AND UNFAIR, ETC ! you already Know. my gosh <_< shes so sexist ! i don't know what to say ..because it seems to be a cultural thing.. and obviously she's been thinking this way for SO LONG and its hard to change someone and frustrating at the...
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    :o :o :o :o :o :o can't believe there's no thread bout this show! its one of the best ! but anyone watching it ? :mellow:
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    Baby Vox come to Phnom Penh

    just wondering why they were there o_o
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    Saleisha America's Next Top Model

    but i thought that if you had experience, you couldn't try out? i thot the girls this season really sucked saleisha is a sweet girl...she did deserve to win but jennah really stood out most out of all them this season sucked. some people think that jus cus chantal tripped that guy she failed...
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    B2K Rape Allegations

    ii think it's TRUE and i kinda think bow wow may have been involved -_- innocent bow wow
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    hm never but i think glitter is the worst movie ever t_t
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    i dnt noe wat u wanna call this but it a game

    to find out that there is already another game like this on the forum (lol)
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    wat r ur dreams?

    wow how cool everyone's writing long ass paragraphs bout their dreams t_t which is goodddddd ?! : D but yeah for me, i just want to be a foreign service officer i want to get my masters in international relations and so like maybe a b.a in sociology or something. .. if i dont make it, realize...
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    How to tell you're not Mama's Favorite

    LOL THATS THE CUTEST THING ! the bird actually looks grumpy lmao
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    Man Kills and Eats Girlfriend

    wow T_T thats horrible imagine, your bf who you trust sand loved...killed you and ATE YOU = / r.i.p to the girl o__o
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    Anyone here paying attention to the Iowa caucuses?

    i don't think he ever said that because i remember him speaking about it in a debate but why not ban Chinese toys if it was dangerous? cus i don't think we did anything about it which was stupid ! but i honestly don't know much about it ... WE NEED TO STOP TAKING FROM CHINA anyways! i know that...
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    asian breast

    LOL HAHAH heated discussion O_O well i think its true general ...well from what i've seen ? and i'm a female but yeah, its stupid how your friend said ALL cus even if i think in general asians have pettie breasts....i wouldn't believe all do
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    Vote for Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!

    we can do this? LOL VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA! i don't think hilary's plan is much of a difference from her other candidates and who cares if she has experience? america is so bad now that we have to gamble. look at george bush...he was a president son and the world hates him. i don't think we...
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    American Remake of Asian Horror Movie

    ugh ALL AMERICAN REMAKES OF ASIAN HORROR movies ...really just make me laugh . i don't think it really works. its much scarier to know of horror stories of like...i think it would depend on cultural stuff and understanding. well i don't even know how to explain or get what i'm really saying but...
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    Suggestions about Singers

    i would recommend all BIG BANG songs!
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    What are you thinking right now?

    i'm actually blank. i'm thinking what am i thinking O_O cus you know your mind never stops moving but yeah i'm blank and thinking nothing. but now im starting to think about you nameless. lmao
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    YES OF COURSE WHYY NOTT ITS SO HOT ! : D as long as the earrings aren't ugly. imagine big hoops ugh.
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    A song you can't stop listening to...

    jady - feel your love & jack sometin - bruised! *dies but i overplay songs in like 1-2 days and hate them. cept JADY - FEEL YOUR LOVE . i haven't gotten sick of it yet
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    Breasts, boobs, jugs, tits...

    i'm not a guy of course D but honestly if i was a guy, it wouldn't even matter to me it'd be no difference whether her boobs were fake or not. i'd like them if they were nice. and NOT all guys like big boobs. some guys like small boobs ! cus i know some guys that really love small boobed...
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    Yay or Nay to Violet

    what ..color for what? i pick yellow. *blinds everyone
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    STOP HOLLARIN MY GIRL!! can't do anything but send him things back. or do you know anyone in her town? get them to beat him up O_O might be hard but don't let it bother you! cus you should have confidence in your girl..
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    3 word game

    me very sad
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    Are you a spender or a saver?

    spender. no need to elaborate. i work but i'm always broke.
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    looking for love spells? have any problem with a relationship I can help

    wow LOL has anyone got any experience from this? any side affects =/
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    Hot Or Not

    HOT. always. crying at your graduation
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    Muddie is the best thing in dis world! love her a lot okay?

    Muddie is the best thing in dis world! love her a lot okay?
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    Have you ever...

    YES! *slaps computer have you ever skipped a friend's birthday party with an unreasonable excuse?
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    Sw Cartoon

    LOL sarNs drawing of TIMELESS LOL. the numbers SOF UNNY LOL. ugh mud just looks creepy.*steps on her. see the way shes starring at you! LOL DARVIL GSTRING LOL. CUTE DRAWINGS : D
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    why huh? NICEY old mud! who would've thought you didn't like something. AND NO I WILL NOT TAKE...

    why huh? NICEY old mud! who would've thought you didn't like something. AND NO I WILL NOT TAKE IT OFF. REBEL POWER!
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    The iphone

    ugh. so not buying it.
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    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    what time is it....i'll just sleep some more..ugh my eyelids are so ugly still.
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    i know what you did last spring.

    i know what you did last spring.
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    Loll aww thanks. you better not be leaving any nice comments for mud or else. OR ELSE.

    Loll aww thanks. you better not be leaving any nice comments for mud or else. OR ELSE.
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    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    I LOVE YOU~~ sorry i'm PMSing.
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    LOL thats kinda funny but yeah o_o eggs. if i was scared of eggs i'd probably die lol nothing else to eat.
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    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    you're being stupid right now. don't even bother to tell where you're at and just drop by without a botherrrr like nothings wrong ugh i don't even wanna start but i think you're being an ass <_< its like you're trying to hide something and you should know better that its not kewl to do that...
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    3 word game

    tell my mother (JOHN STARTED IT <_<)
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    This or That

    college psychopath friend or psychopath coworker?
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    Hot Or Not

    surely NOT HOT. drinking a bottle at 3 years old
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    Word Association Game

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    Have you ever...

    noo. LOL but my dad did, thought the guy was french but he was russian lOL SO FUNNY. afterwards "uh...i'm russian." have you ever rode or drove in the wrong lane where cars were going towards you?
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    Voicemail/Answering Machine Messages

    loL THOSE ARE SO FUNNy too bad im too poor to want a voicemail
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    !!japan...runner-up for Miss Universe!!

    yeah i really liked her from last year too. ALMOST everyone thought she deserved to win.
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    3 word game

    better be sorry (LOL jk, what kind of story is this o_o)
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    Aom Phiyada

    woww she looks so gorgeous and down to earth and natural looken n yeah <3 <3 <3 love her
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    3 word game

    i said no
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    At The Moment I want To........

    ^its okay john LOL. you will get better : D right now. i want to cry because i am so damn boreeeeeeeeeeeed.
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    What are you thinking right now?

    i'm thinking of how i'll die. having the same lunch everyday. cus i must pick gas over food. *cries stupid boiled eggs !!!!!
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    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

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    3 word game

    maybe it is
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    Western Entertainment Association Game

    Knocked up, which is about a girl who gets pregnant from a one night stand
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    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "I guess I'll try to set a record for being the oldest Olympic winner." o_o Michelle Wie
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    Marduk Madness

    sorry but that's an insult. T_T how do i not be like mud?~!! DAMN IT!!
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    Marduk Madness

    wow... you went to YALE!? o_o and you were a football player? id uno if you went there ubt yeah all your friends seem to be wearing yale shirts. kewl pix : D oh yeah i jst notice you wearing a yale headband so kewl! what did you study over there? *BEFRIENDS YOU LOLjk
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    car photos

    OMG! kevin your car so COOOOOOL! its like youngwoong's car LOL. so clean too T_T DAMN U! do you feel proud driving that around? LOL klarissa're really getting that car?! damnn u! i want a lexus lol. i dun have any pix of my car so yeah o-o its pretty old but i still love it <3 but yeah...
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    Nai_1_1's Pics

    the last monkey is SO ADORABLE! and the pix seriously made my mouth water. lol T_T damn me! always getting hungry! AND THOSE PIX ARE JUST NORMAL food. not much either. lol jk the rice krispy .. nice pix!
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    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    YOU BETTER NOT HAVE TAKEN MY YG SHIRT! not every super large t-shirt is yours! <_< if you did take it. it better not come back dirty or else.
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    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "I'm in love with your mom." O_o lol. Clay Aiken
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    What are you thinking right now?

    i'm so bored there's no one to talk to . i wana go somewhere but my gas is low t_t
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    PLEASE DO. LOL ANYWAYS COME ON MORE OFTEN <_< STOP DITCHING US FOR that brook wanna be lol jk...

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    Hot Or Not

    HOT! sells it for money* LOL. maroon 5 - makes me wonder
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    Sports & dream jobs

    DAMN YOU! so jealous how you seem so athletic! i'm interested in sports but i can't play for shit t_t LOL. well i'm ok in badminton. that asian sport. thats kewl ! i never knew anyone that wanted to be a sports seems nice to be in a sports team thoughh..the competition and team...
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    My kind of blockbuster!!

    omg thanks so much! a troy movie that actualy works now : D
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    3 word game

    it is not
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    royal court of d&moo

    LOL OMG SO FUNNY the cappy knight one *DROOLS JK LOL darvil...servant LOOOOL. what a coincidence the pix are so funny ! GOOD JOB ugh . but i just hate the big bang one!! DAMN HER. SHE BETTER NOT HAVE RAPED THEM LOL. my seungris underaged lol. <3
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    michael wong - fairytale *gets bloody nose T_T
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    This or That

    i don't know cheer but i think tangmoe is hot bloody nose or a bruise over your eye
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    Hot Or Not

    HOT MAKES ME HUNGRY T_T a buffet.
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    What if the person you hated the most, died?

    around other people. i won't smile of course <_< i'll just ..frown i guess? i'll feel bad that we had to hate each other . and i'll feel bad that they had to be such a hateful person but i don't have a reason to hate them anymore cus they're dead anyways.. move on with my even better life now ...
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    hmmmm .. i really hate spiders HATE THEM VERY BAD !! UGH! the thought <_< but i don't have a phobia against them because i regularly kill one if i see one >:] damn let me think. i should have a phobia but i can't really think of any. i guess i'm really scared of ghosts o-o
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    3 word game

    Sequel is about
  123. S

    thats what i was doing. *slaps you

    thats what i was doing. *slaps you
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    LOL NO I DONT ITS ON ESNIPS OKAY!! and what are you talkin about! whats the dedication about...

    LOL NO I DONT ITS ON ESNIPS OKAY!! and what are you talkin about! whats the dedication about?! WHAT WERE YOU DOING LAST NIGHT WITH BROOK AND SOO MAN?! HUH! jk! i already know.ew.
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  126. S

    i mean fair.

    i mean fair.
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    it's okay.. seunghee came to see me last night so. i guess we're far right.

    it's okay.. seunghee came to see me last night so. i guess we're far right.
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    how am i backstabbing you!? I NEVER EVEN THO U ALWAYS TRIED TO MAKE ME BY PUSHING YOUR husbands...

    how am i backstabbing you!? I NEVER EVEN THO U ALWAYS TRIED TO MAKE ME BY PUSHING YOUR husbands on me all the time! i always rejected cus i will NOT and don't want to backstab you ew! *pats
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    mud...i know you're mad just because you invited me to join you them *shivers. sorry. but

    mud...i know you're mad just because you invited me to join you them *shivers. sorry. but know i love you and we're close..but we're not THAT close. i hope you understand and feel better. so please quit makin up stuff JUST CUS I REJECTED YOU&YOUR HUSBANDS~ LOSER!
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    Actors and Actresses Dating Issues

    hmm i think they just date people who are as wealthy as them cus its hard to tell if someone just wants you for your money and whatever..and yehh people got dif tastes.
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    Where are they now...?

    WOW SO WEIRD TO SEE ANAN SO GROWN UP. he was suchhh a child LOL. welll. it just seemed like couple years ago since he was a lil kid. hmm . *visits australia LOL And your FROM so funny. "khmerland" : D
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    Tangmoe pix from accident

    wow looking at the pix is pretty heartbreaking t_t if she gets surgery after people are sure gona hate on her for it. oh wells.....i don't think she would really need drastic ones that would make much difference.
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    all the girls looked almost the same. though few stood out. i felt sorry for honey lee LOL. her joke about money. but still . her answer it seemed like she thought MONEY was POWER . and yeah thats not good even though its pretty true lol. i honestly think miss korea and miss thailand looked...
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    Lydia and her Boyfriend Pics

    woww i had no idea she was dating matthew dean
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    Sarnworld Wikipedia

    wow.. we can add info bout you guys too : D mud needs lots of info ex husband : brook ex wife : kob s. current husband : bi a.k.a rain favorite type of music : "oprah"
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    and where have you been latey?! <_<!

    and where have you been latey?! <_<!
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    hey you better like strawberry cheesecake!! <_<! you pig!

    hey you better like strawberry cheesecake!! <_<! you pig!
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    the ninja likes strawberry cheesecake. stupid mud. her sources *shakes head

    the ninja likes strawberry cheesecake. stupid mud. her sources *shakes head
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    : D * HI FIVES KEVIN! stop showing off your stupid husbands brook, soo man PLUS bi. stupid mud...

    : D * HI FIVES KEVIN! stop showing off your stupid husbands brook, soo man PLUS bi. stupid mud. don't even try to start . LOSER
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    3 word game

    about seven kids
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    royal court of d&moo

    huh. i don't get what's going on but kewl pix : D : D:DD:D:D:D:d
  142. S

    3 word game

    my ex husband
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    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

  144. S

    This or That

    condom ! hot mysterious stranger or hot next door neighbor? (sorta the same but whatever lol)
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    the ninja is a big step O_O i'm thinkin we shld kidnap him? you go first ! i'll be your back up.

    the ninja is a big step O_O i'm thinkin we shld kidnap him? you go first ! i'll be your back up.
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    This or That

  147. S

    Have you ever...

  148. S


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    i'm not sure...but i know its red and like 4 feet tall. o_o you can have it and i'll take the...

    i'm not sure...but i know its red and like 4 feet tall. o_o you can have it and i'll take the shoes .?
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    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    what do you think it is.
  151. S

    Have you ever...

    i'm sure that happeend =X have you ever had a panic attack over something that was just a joke?
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    you take her shoes i'll take her car : D

    you take her shoes i'll take her car : D
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    Boy Piyarat Arthakornsiripho

  154. S


    wow greatt mv! it looks professional made : ) everything flows with the song n stuff.
  155. S

    Someone help me get rid of this DIRT!

    yeah it might be dead skin right? O_o exfiolate.. you should exfiolate once a week
  156. S

    i know. i don't think she learned anything from the flagpole or coat hanger <_<

    i know. i don't think she learned anything from the flagpole or coat hanger <_<
  157. S

    didn't i tell you to quit leaving me messages?! NOW YOU SLEEPING IN THE RABBIT'S HOUSE! but our...

    didn't i tell you to quit leaving me messages?! NOW YOU SLEEPING IN THE RABBIT'S HOUSE! but our rabbit doesn't have a house.
  158. S

    The Blah Thread

    YEAH so mean just like my friend. gosh. so mad. so mad . picking a super sad movie last night. and making everyone cry but didn't even cry. BLACK-HEARTED. that's what you call the friend <_< LOL JK <3 good movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  159. S

    DON'T TALK TO ME. worst insult ever. and you're sleeping in the basement when you visit. but we...

    DON'T TALK TO ME. worst insult ever. and you're sleeping in the basement when you visit. but we don't have one.
  160. S

    Someone help me get rid of this DIRT!

    hmmm i think you should go to a spa and get a body scrub treatment o_o
  161. S


  162. S


  163. S

    Chin Info

    OMG. ALMOST FAINTED at first i was gona come in this thread cus the name ..LOL so funnie goshh HES SO HOT *FAINTS FAINTS *ASTHMA ATTACK LOL jk. ugh i jus read a comment..his style like that i think about is similar. turn off T_T
  164. S

    Vicky Sunisa Jett:Fabulous Magic

    wow she looks gorgeous i love the pix so creative looken
  165. S

    Dong Won's official thread

    there's a bet on this topic? o-o SHAMEFUL im kinda trying to get more post counts : D
  166. S

    well you if you want me to fix it i think you should make more frens to comment on your profile

    well you if you want me to fix it i think you should make more frens to comment on your profile
  167. S

    maybe i'll do it again lol. jk

    maybe i'll do it again lol. jk
  168. S

    oops mud sorry i kinda messed up your profile T_T LOL DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GONA BE LIKE THAT *RUNS

    oops mud sorry i kinda messed up your profile T_T LOL DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GONA BE LIKE THAT *RUNS
  169. S


    OK I WILL KEEP THE CAPS OFF!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  170. S

    Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords

    wow nic looks hot with gillian. his hair looks kinda funky but hes still hot who kares lol the title. is a little weird. rinsing flowers and purifying swords lol.creative
  171. S

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    i better not be late o_o
  172. S

    someone wants me to lower my pants.........

    i just think he got encouragement for everyone so yeah can't blame the guy for being =/ and he was a big flirt to begin with..
  173. S

    look what mud wrote in my profile. <_< i think shes haten cus of your profile pic. that cow&milk...

    look what mud wrote in my profile. <_< i think shes haten cus of your profile pic. that cow&milk LOL.
  174. S

    all the world's a stage

    wow the play looks interestinggg that 47 year old LADY has a nicebody for an old lady T_T i probably break my back if i did that you'reee pretty : D u look a lil mixed and omg i just noticed it says "STOCKTON CIVIC CENTER" whats ur name? i'm from stockton too! lots of sarnies from stockton o_o
  175. S

    Dong Won's official thread

    WOW YOU ARE REALLY KOREAN LOOOL your style is nice : D i like your hair sooo cool! the pix with the guitar are hot!
  176. S

    Aum Patcharapa

    even after so many years she still looks the same
  177. S

    Miss Thailand 2007

    wow i was about to say shes beautiful and then i kinda scrolled downn. i think she needa gain some weight -_- BUT HER NEW PIX ARE GORGEOUS <3 she doesn't have that really superficial look either. though the eyemake up is alot but yeah . you can tell she got the natural beauty
  178. S

    Dome and Ploy

    thai celebs always breaking up! and there's always someone comin inbetween. its like thai lakorn or what lol. they look really cute together in the pictures.
  179. S

    The Vineyard Man [Yoon Eung Hye, Oh Man Seok]

    i hate the beginning of it..its kinda draggy but i LOVE THE MAIN GUY. near the ending was good LOL eunhye looked gorgeous in there all bronzed and golden tanned LOL
  180. S

    Joey's Album

    wow hte pic of the calender is realy nice it actually looks like you took it from the scene : D
  181. S


    i have one there but i think its kinda confusing o_o and i hate how it shows every little thing i did can't really stalk no one lol and i only got like 3 friends.
  182. S

    Person above you...

    name is joey owns a d2b spirit forum or active there loves dan is asian is cute ; ) is lost has an addiction
  183. S

    Todays Pet Peeve

    THESE ASSHOLES NEXT TO MY LANE UGH. *FLIPS THEM OFF they were actin like dumbasses all causing a scene, ugh i wish i would've flipped them off
  184. S

    Some of The Stupidest Song's I've Heard Is..

    uhhh what's that song. MYSPACE FREAK? its so lame "shes a myspace freak a myspace freak" LOL and that one tila song that goes "IF YOU CHEAT ON ME I'LL KILL YOU BITCH!" N STUFF HAHAHAHA it wouldn't be so bad though if someone else sang it cus the song just sucks.
  185. S

    Fansign Game!

    THAT SIGN IS SO COOL! you drew her pic too! everywuns is very cool.. but..mud. can you not afford paper?! <_<! LOL JK <3 <3
  186. S

    don't worry i won't beat you after kevin beats you! <_< and don't even try to threaten me if you...

    don't worry i won't beat you after kevin beats you! <_< and don't even try to threaten me if you are cus i have an axe.<_< mad cow
  187. S

    Help with myspace

    LOL YOUR HUSBAND!? *doesn't help uhmm you can try googling it like "how to put music on myspace" there's always alot of pages with guides or tutorials in stuff its simple easy stuff but i'm not so good in explaining so yeh =/
  188. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    (LOL duh!) "I can do anything in 10 minutes." OJ SIMPSON
  189. S

    Hot Or Not

    NOT HOT. LOL shaving your head for a closet full of your favorite brand clothes
  190. S

    Word Association Game

  191. S

    K-Drama Association Game

    (is that kdrama associated? i don't remember lee junki in anything like that) Song Hyekyo
  192. S

    This or That

    UH MUSIC dolphins or whales?
  193. S

    3 word game

    new type of
  194. S

    The Blah Thread

    YES YOU ARE TOO MEAN *SLAPS YOU FOR HIM LOL jk sheesh . :loool: what did he say after o_o
  195. S

    Which Sports Car Are You?

    i got the PORSHE 911. its look too small . . but its okay : D
  196. S

    LOL didn't notice you comment but YOU KNOW YOU'RE SO COOL !! THE FLAG POLE IS THE KEWLEST PLACE...

  197. S

    Muddie's Pics!

    aww those pictures are soo cool! you're camera so cool but it looks like you done alot of editing.. LOL JK <33
  198. S


    wow thats scary but i don't get how he could've killed them all? how did he get their addresses n stuff? O_o IP? .. ? i deleted my myspace ever since myspace finally gave in to the FBI to hand over names of sex offenders <_< LOL jk . but yeah i got nothing to worry about : D watch out people!
  199. S i showing up? and yeah mud is so ugh! stalking me cus i'm stalking you i showing up? and yeah mud is so ugh! stalking me cus i'm stalking you
  200. S

    My new obsession

    shes sooo cooooool <3 LOL i'd have a girl crush on her she should be like a host entertainer type of person :D I LOVE HER ACCENT LOL . so funnie "damn straight i'm not english"
  201. S

    Have you ever...

    Uh.. o_O i think so ..but not really anything a chip bag or something have you ever said i love you to someone you now hate?
  202. S

    someone wants me to lower my pants.........

    ugh....makes me wonder what other pix you take of yourself?! ..wat you do online. AND WHY CAN'T WE SEE A REAL CLEAR FACE OF YOU!? ITS THE FACE THAT MATTERS!
  203. S


    I SAY NO. have you beenw atchin the earlier episodes of jumong? it was so GOOD in the beginning. now its just like.. O_O and i heard about the ending. its just disappointing..seosono or watever hanhyejin and jumong DIDN'T end up together. and yeah...damn then they had to turn it into real...
  204. S

    America Next Top Model Season 8

    renee <_< gosh. renee got so mch anger LOL . it was weird how she hated on natasha, then all of sudden "beat this for the mamas" o_O i was disappointed that jaslene won but ...jaslene..what would she do if she doesn't end up being a model? liek the judges mentioned, shes krazy about...
  205. S

    this was on youtube

    i watchd the clip. i feel bad for the guy o_o he looked really hopeless, and shocked
  206. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "I'm not a porn star! So what if I like it?!" Tom (myspace creator HAHAHAH)
  207. S

    What song are you listening to right now?

  208. S

    Hot Or Not

    HOT breaking your nose and having to get surgery for a new nose which you can pick
  209. S

    3 word game

    from your mom
  210. S

    Something I Read On Interracial Dating

    LOL THE thing just made me laff. its dumb especially the last line in the seocnd paragraph <_<
  211. S

    3 word game

    going to die
  212. S

    3 word game

    fly to heaven (LOL READING THE STORY so confusing)
  213. S

    K-Drama Association Game

  214. S

    Have you ever...

    yess have you ever thought you were in love but it was just a crush and you didn't know much about that person?
  215. S

    Hot Or Not

    HOT having a bestfriend who you known for 5+ years and never seen her with her make up off
  216. S

    This or That

    uh it really depends how much i want hte guy o_o but "to not tel them anything and just get over it" *CRIES you die or have 40 iraqi soliders die? : (
  217. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "I don't find myself famous." o_o i really dun know who the guy is Kevin Federline (britney's ex husband?)
  218. S

    3 word game

    he finds out
  219. S

    Hot Or Not

    NOT LOL. how dare he copy me?! jk. but yeh . he shld make a shrine of me then its ok. not. NEVER OKAY. a boyfriend who wears concealer and foundation
  220. S

    America Next Top Model Season 8

    i hate renee. but shes the most top model potential <_< but shes nothing special because she doesn't stand out if you put her with a bunch of other tall blonde models shes a hyprocrite. like she got gained on earlier in the show & now shes getting everywun to gain up on natasha? i think shes...
  221. S

    What song are you listening to right now?

    FAMILY from dream girls soundtrack,. by keith robinson *DIES he was green ranger from power rangers and he is so hOT IN DREAM GIRLS
  222. S

    Hot Or Not

    OF COURSE. <3 HOT LOL HAVING A HOT BOYFRIEND WHO CAN FIGHT AND ALL THAT LIKE HES OUT OF A MOVIE . but he drives an icecream truck for a job : D
  223. S

    What are you thinking right now?

  224. S

    This or That

    strawberry chocolate fondue <3 A MOVIE MUSICAL OR STAGE MUSICAL
  225. S

    What are you thinking right now?

    what are you talkin bout? ! *gets brain surgery
  226. S

    The Blah Thread

    LOL WOW SO FUNNY LOL. damn she actually is up at 5am T_T LOL. i thought it was gona be all freaky scary . <_< GOOD!
  227. S

    Sarnworld Idols 3

    voted duo T_T too bad, practically losing. lol
  228. S

    Have you ever...

    huh i dun get it. i thought i liked him? o_O yes. have you ever thought you might have a disease like cancer or leukemia?
  229. S

    3 word game

    But he gets
  230. S

    This or That

    melinda doolitte. i have no idea who both of them are but doolittle sounds ..are they authors? O_o seeing a ghost in your bedroom or seeing a ghost in your bathroom? LOL
  231. S

    Hot Or Not

    HOT .. i guess..depends on whos wearing it, kinda too much white Bestfriend going out with your sister/brother
  232. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "..*stares intensely" LOL i don't know what to put for him damn you! Kobe Bryant
  233. S

    K-Drama Association Game

    lee dae hee
  234. S

    one in LODI T_T so shameful!!

    one in LODI T_T so shameful!!
  235. S

    what are you talking about!? SHOUTING WHERE!? *SCREAMS IN YOUR FACE LOL jk

    what are you talking about!? SHOUTING WHERE!? *SCREAMS IN YOUR FACE LOL jk
  236. S

    Sweet Treat

    HOT CHEETOS T_T fried chicken but KFC dun cook with trasn fat no more yay haha
  237. S


    damn not everyone wants to wear a perverted shirt in sarnworld! LOL jk : D obviously the ninja one is winning so far ahead of everyone else all the designs are good !!
  238. S

    Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History

    GOSH I REALLY THINK NBC NEW IS STUPID FOR AIRING THE VIDEOS THAT CHO MADE. it was such a sensitive time & ITS SURELY GONA INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO DO WHAT HE DID. freaken hyprocrites, they were all sayin they weren't going to air the video then THEY DO. ITS OKAY IF THEY AIR A LITTLE, BUT THEY AIRED...
  239. S

    Cheese Murderer

  240. S

    Hot Or Not

  241. S

    K-Drama Association Game

  242. S

    Words or Phrases you Overuse

  243. S

    Salman Khan

    can anywun post pix of him? i never seen him before or i'm not too sure
  244. S

    Abhi & Ash Wedding pics

    YAY FOR THEM ! : D
  245. S

    hey how long did it take u to get ur license agen? so far its been 5x for me.*hopeless

    hey how long did it take u to get ur license agen? so far its been 5x for me.*hopeless
  246. S

    ***Super Junior***

    gosh i almost had a herat attack wen i first read the news I REALLY HOPE THEY RECOVER SOON ! and make it to holywood bowl in time. but i doubt it T_TTT BUT ITD OESNT MATTER AS LONG AS THEY RECOVER. gosh do they need a new driver or wat? it seems like theyre often in car accidents. T_T _TT_T_T_T_T_T
  247. S

    Rakniran pics

    THE PAPAYA LOOKS SO GOOD! makes my mouth water loll is that guy your husband ? : D
  248. S

    Attention: Wanted!

    OMG THAT pic of the money in the grass is so cute : D so who's makin the artwork, someone please top mud. that girl..she has such a high ego.
  249. S

    What are you thinking right now?

    hmm. i'm just so shocked
  250. S

    What song are you listening to right now?

  251. S

    My LEtter Of Sorrow To Annie

    gosh i almost had a heart attack i thought annie chea passed away. is she a member of this forum? o_o wouldn't it be better to PM her..? but yeh sorry if i just sidebusted out of no where.
  252. S

    Ken Theradeth:Ken-Theeradej

  253. S

    Joey's Album

    wow your house looks really nice. you're from NC right (noticed in ur profile) LOOKS SO NICE OUT THERE!! i like the last two pix looks real nice.
  254. S

    minankumo's album

    woww your skinn so delicate looking so jealous !
  255. S

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

  256. S

    Muddie's Pics!

  257. S

    Klarissa's Pictures

    whoa...$900 T_T *keeps dreaming LOL AND NICE HANDWRITING
  258. S

    What song are you listening to right now?

    STONYSKUNK - no woman no cry T_T
  259. S


    hmm you guys probably lost some members. :(
  260. S

    Titanic two the surface

    HUH@? i was bout to complain why theyre gona make a titantic 2 LOL but yeh i can't wait for the new movie of them to come out : D
  261. S

    Klarissa's Pictures

    heyy you know your yorkie..did you buy it ? if u did how mch did it cost? i heard they were expensive I WANT ONE T_T i always wanted one! lol
  262. S

    Lee Jun Ki

    I LOVE JUNKI! hes the HOTTEST GUY ALIVE! have you guys seen holy daddy? i'm so sad he wasnt in there as mch T_T LOL gosh hes so hot in everything he does. hope he's gona come out wid a new movie. i know hes gona be in a drama wid namsangmi but i prefer him in movies...sorta..well its ok more...
  263. S

    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    have you guys heard se7en's american song wid fabolous? i really think it sucks T_T se7en sounds like he has no energy in it! so disappointed T_T
  264. S


    pix like these are simply jst degrading for some women o_o i'm sure its not only hmong that does it and it doesnt even matter that theyre hmong cus thats not the main idea of the pix ...
  265. S

    Celebrity Fund-Raiser

    hm i dun think theres anything wrong wid posiing nude as long as it doesnt look all sexual and isnt meant for it u noe =/ but now a days..things are so corrupted. i had to close up on that guy in the corner. looks hot : D
  266. S


    wow i didn't notice the message AT ALL hahahhaha stupid mud you ruined the joke for me <_< stupid mud you're so guillible. lOL jk
  267. S

    Curse of the Golden Flower

    ^hmm now i wanna see it! i saaw one part uploaded at crunchyroll but yeh i dun like chow yun fat so that's good hes evil : D LOL
  268. S

    [Film] Windstruck

    ^ its basically about a girl getting over and coping with the loss of a loved one? o-o i really like the wind theme in this drama. T_T made me want to buy those wind millerthings LOL its a beautiful movie! its similar to my sassy girl ..well about the plot but it's more serious
  269. S

    200 Pounds Beauty

    this movie was soooo good ! i love it! kim ah joong so perfect ..she can sing really good & act. that's really her singing right? and joojiinmoo is REALLY hot. SO SO HOT when he slammed his glass..well i hope this isn't a spoiler o_o lol tho hes not so photogenic tho =/ LOL it has a good msg...
  270. S

    Girls, could you live without a guy?

    shouldn't this be in general discussion forum? o_o but yeah like what anti-hmong said, we ALL can live without guys but do we want to.
  271. S

    A Question

    if you KNOW you can't get it...then give up. you need confidence & u needa believe in yourself to get it
  272. S

    ooh shit there's a scary black cat in my backyard again

    why must we have the same birthday. :yahoo:
  273. S

    Your favorite childhood tv show

    FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR SISTER SISTER boy meets world rugrats in the house wayne bros looney tunes tom and jerry family matters sailormoon all that amanda show almost everything but i hated cat & dog and ed'ed n eddy?
  274. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "Hm..the guy i'm seeing now is also black but this time he's actually taller than me." (i saw it in a mag the guy was taller than her o_o _lame.) FERGIE
  275. S

    le adventures of d

    yeh i get u! : D its good to contribute while you're a guest at the country . still cool lol
  276. S

    ooh shit there's a scary black cat in my backyard again

    i herad sometn ilke that wid black crows too. T_T MAN GET RID OF THAT CAT & i'm sorry about ur mom pond.
  277. S

    sarn's ticket story on the radio lol

    damn you are obsessed wid sarn arent u LOL jk but yeh sarn you're so KEWL!*_* LOL
  278. S

    but your not wat? o-o hey can i just send you the money thru paypal? Do u have it? x-x but yeh i...

    but your not wat? o-o hey can i just send you the money thru paypal? Do u have it? x-x but yeh i needa go buy stamps first since they change the price agen <_< i dun go out alott. only once in a while. now i'm 18 : D but its so mch mre stressful. i still can't pass my drivers test & ITS DRIVIN...
  279. S

    Klarissa's Pictures

    WOW chicago seems os kewl. and your doggggggggggg SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE : D is she a yorkshire terrier? o-o you are so cute too : D i like ur heart necklace
  280. S

    Fujin's Pics

    OMG you got like all hte s-w girls on your topic..*GETS POSESSIVE lol AHHA my opportunity for total fulfillment .............*faints thinking about it LOL jk ^ LOL CARRET SO TRUEEEE LOL about the flirt song thing too bad your all the way in amsterdam.
  281. S

    ooh shit there's a scary black cat in my backyard again

    LOL uhh cats always come to peoples house like that. o-o it probaly wuns u guys to feed it CRAZY STRAY CATS <_< they always breaking into peoples houses..pooping in their flower pots n stuff <_<
  282. S

    Lip GLOSS - what kind do you use?

    lipgloss i use victoria secret's lushh and lancome juicy tubes but i dun really like lip gloss cus its too sticky for me mostly i use vaseline or burt bees =)
  283. S

    HEY CARRET! how have u been =) i know...wat ever happen to the cellfone thing. oh wells. i keep...

    HEY CARRET! how have u been =) i know...wat ever happen to the cellfone thing. oh wells. i keep forgetting <3 <3 LOL R U EVER VISITNG STOCKTON!? so not the same takin studio pix w/o u. navy is practically a loner!!&yeh im tryin to hook her up LOL jk but yeh ur dad was tellin my mom da whole...
  284. S

    Fujin's Pics

    soo lame tryin to bust a pick up line LOL JK <3 <3 FUJIN .... so mysterious you ARE *_* first the girlly house (its not bad ! ) and then the manly ride haha <3
  285. S

    hmm...nameless...i think we have met from another lifetime. <3 haha

    hmm...nameless...i think we have met from another lifetime. <3 haha
  286. S

    America Next Top Model Season 8

    this season sucks. its so not diverse. *waits on next season
  287. S

    Prison Break

  288. S

    The Pussycat Dolls show

    hmm the show is okay but i really dun know whos in pussy cats doll in the first place o_O its like...the other memebrs are so unknown and makin this show it seems lke the whole group is so important or whatever when its basically jst nicole lol. but yeh i tink theres good singers on there =)
  289. S

    Western Entertainment Association Game

    General Hospital which is full of hospital drama.
  290. S

    Fujin's Pics

    AMSTERDAM is like the best place to live. are you a native there or sometin? ur house does look girlly but its good since you are such a flirt. and.. we'll lke you better if you show your face :D :D :D :D :D :D
  291. S

    le adventures of d

    awwwww mud told me about u. she said u go arond travelling and helpin kids or sometin? SO KEWL UR LIFE!! have you ever heard of AFESIP in cambodia? i realyyyyy wanna volunteer there cus i was plannin to go this summer but yeh . my cousin was like nooo i dun wanna get killed <_< & moms not paying...
  292. S

    Hot Or Not

    HECNK NOOO Red contact lenses
  293. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    ITS ALL ABOUT GOLF. Donald Trump (UGH MISS USA SUCKS, I HATE IT <_< superficial girls. mr. world is ok tho ^_^ jk)
  294. S

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

  295. S

    you mean like og to KOREA AND SEE THEM!? theyre comin to holywood bowl UGHK! im still unsure of...

    you mean like og to KOREA AND SEE THEM!? theyre comin to holywood bowl UGHK! im still unsure of whether to go or not! if u go tell me! lol but yeh im still into them . my fren just got me their dvd concert for my bday *LOVES HER LOL and yeh whos ur fav? I LOVE SENGRI! AND OMG OMG! GD SMILED AT...
  296. S


    18 IS SO SPECIAL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME TOO! i just turned 18 too T_T no more visits to the doctor, detnist or eyedoctor wenever i want *cries
  297. S


  298. S

    Fujin's Pics

    OMG UR HOUSE IS SO COOL! soo kewl. where are you form? wat do you do as a living ? T_T LOL gosh ur house looks like a house out of mtv cribs or sometin LOL *breaks in i thot u were a girl at first . o-o but yeh so jealous, thats like my dream house wen im older lol
  299. S

    Muddie's Pics!

  300. S

    T.v advertisement issues

    ^thats so true. i always felt angry at those kids WHEN I WAS A KID! FOR REAL O_O most advertisements always aim for gullible people like kids! the stuff they advertise its like real bad for kids too, all faattening...getting them obsese n stuff
  301. S

    HEY HOW HAEV YO BEEN? :D you like big bang too?! I LOVE BIG BANG! i went ot the yg 10th anni...

    HEY HOW HAEV YO BEEN? :D you like big bang too?! I LOVE BIG BANG! i went ot the yg 10th anni concert & i am MORE IN LOVE. lol bt right now im sorta like off them haha !
  302. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    all the good seats seem to be sold out T_T and its gonnnna be SO PACKEDD plus the transpation plus hotel and ticket n stuff is gona be alot of money T_T and frens are havin exam week so yeh. i can't go. big bang, super junior, eru, tablo, fly to the sky *Cries
  303. S

    The Anime/Manga Thread

    I LOVE saiunkoku monogatari & BLEACH. those are the only two i'm really following now :D
  304. S

    Utt Utsada

    SOOO SEXYYYYY *saving
  305. S

    Jail possible for Thai king insult

    so jealous of the thai peoples king T_T gosh, they shld understand that hes a dumb American and not make his sentence that bad. maybe ...20 years instead? o-o
  306. S

    Saifah's Photo Collections!!!

    its STINA! ....i duno if you remember me. but you gave me a studio pic of you before and i still have it :D LOL i use to hang out with KATHY, SARAH AND VAHNA :D
  307. S

    Muddie's Pics!

    man. that pathway looks nothing like a pathway... reminds me of a foil wrap.
  308. S

    4 adjective describe you?

    careless smart spontaneous impatient
  309. S

    Question game

    i'll yell if anywun got any toilet paper. o_o did you ever get into a fight over something stupid?
  310. S

    At The Moment I want To........

    i want to runnnnnnnnnn for miles and get sweaty and hot :D
  311. S

    Hot Or Not

    HOT strawberry cheesecake
  312. S

    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    Your Gentleman will be Sweet ... A Great Dancer ... Has a Villa in Tuscany Have Gorgeous Blue Eyes Annual Salary $477,336.95 =O ANNUAL SALARY <3
  313. S

    Word Association Game

  314. S

    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

  315. S

    This or That

    the person who i like. the person you hate thats goodlooking or an ugly boring person?
  316. S

    Have you ever...

    HMM YEH. but only for the first moments.................... have you ever got hives?
  317. S

    What are you thinking right now?

    i'm thinking..ITS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY, HOW CAN YOU BE SO GREEDY!? and...i needa exercise. and i needa stop eating hot cheetos and i love you nameless <3 <3
  318. S

    Daily Addiction

    -chapstick -clothes -water -food -face wash
  319. S

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    why do you eat so much. you needa stop eating T_T i'ma slap you if you eat again and your stomach is getting bigger than your boobs =(
  320. S


    FORGET LOVE. i will be sexy, succesful, smart and SINGLE woooowoooo LOL but yeh i think love is like a more obsessed version of caring you know o-o also its part of life to love unless like you have a psychological problem or something. and thats basically it o-o its too much to explain.
  321. S


    i dun have such overrated things such as ipods. just a normal mp3 player. it plays wma and radio too . :D :D :D :D :D not sayin it cus i can't afford an ipod t_t APPLE SUX ANYWAY!
  322. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "I don't do such things as jumping." Ne-yo
  323. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    I plan to create a country of my own with my kids. Hillary Duff ...and i posted to martha steward o_o LOL
  324. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    I baked cakes for my fellow jail mates. (DOESNT MATTER IT ADDS TO MY POST COUNT) Paris Hilton
  325. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    you guys just ruined the cycle. more posts for me :D
  326. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    Who am I. Lance Bass (from nsync :D)
  327. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    No I'm not related to Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson. Nick Lachey
  328. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    I paid George Bush. (0_o) Mike Tyson
  329. S

    Things you would say if you were this famous person

    "I will go fight in Iraq." -_- i KNOW SO LAME. YOU FORCED ME <_< LOL jk what would you say if you were : Janet Jackson
  330. S

    Muddie's Hut!

  331. S

    A chain letter

    ughk i just scannedto the bottom and read THE USUAL "if u don't send this to..." it doesn't work and its not true. i know cus ive tried back then lol *suicides
  332. S

    Your 411

    i know.. girls can easilly gain up on the guys.
  333. S

    Maddox and Jolie

    hes da cutestttttttt EVER! makes me tear up LOL JK! but really hessss so adorable ! and i love angelina jolie!
  334. S

    Saifah's Photo Collections!!!

    i swear i KNOW YOU. is that a pic with abby you took with the heart? is her name abby? o__o do you recognize me? lol OMG YOU ARE SANDY.
  335. S


  336. S

    Pinky's Memory Box

    so adorable :D your smile SO CUTE
  337. S

    Don't Look!

    woww your soo oso so adorable i love your LIPS & eyes :D so cute
  338. S

    Muddie's Pics!

    wow your camera really is good..or your photoshopping skills. lol I LOVE YOU :D
  339. S

    Your 411

    *stares at results 7 guys. 29 girls.
  340. S

    Life Lessons...

    -you can't keep all you good friends -having a large group of friends isn't good. -never go to parties PMSing. -its good to be cheap. -hateful people are sad =(
  341. S

    Relationship Counseling 101

    i don't get your question..o_O HM......oh k i think i get it. since either way is gona hurt them .. i think do whatever you feel like doing. if its worth it, say something ..if its not ..i wouldnt even waste my time
  342. S

    <span style="color:red"><b>How Do Men See You</b></span>

    Men See You As Desirable Men often find you immediately attractive and sensual You're honesty is refreshingly beautiful ... it draws guys in You are also able to be open with your feelings with no emotional baggage Packing light means you enjoy new relationships easily How Do Men See You...
  343. S

    Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

    OOH SO FUN T_T i had to do mines all over. Name: SEUNGRI, YOUNGWOONG OR NATHAN. Sex: hm....*THINKS HARD. MALE. Age: 1 year younger or 3 years older Nationality: KOREAN. only korean. Birth Place: PREFER KOREA or somewhere else in ASIA. Current Place: where they were born. in a different country...
  344. S

    Have you ever...

    ALWAYS have you ever been two faced?
  345. S

    This or That

    lOVE & LOST FOR SURE :D icecream or boba drinks
  346. S

    The meaning of kiss

    so we're supposed to tell the meaning of a kiss? i think its just flirting now a days. theres different kinds of kisses thats why o_o
  347. S

    Why is it so hard to let go?

    hmm i dun think you should try to change anyone especially if you're already someone thats not BIG to them...get wat i mean x_X? LOL i wouldnt change for a friend but i probably would change for a reall reall good friend. but yeah it takes time & TRUE willingness to go..especially TIME. alot of...
  348. S


    i think its cus you need more potassium? GO eat a banana or something o_o
  349. S

    this makes me angry!

    hm you can't really do nuttin cus shes gona have to realize it herself. the more you try to do something shes just gona keep going back. most u can do is be there for him when he hurts her again <_<
  350. S

    South East Asians Obsessed With Chinks...

    no offense. i know you probably didnt mean racist but cus this is a pretty negative topic..u shouldnt have put CHINKS cus it sounds offensive. and yeh im one of those people!! *GOES KRAZY but even thoo im obsessed over KOREAN ENT doesnt mean im gona neglect my backround..i would neverrrr ever...
  351. S

    I Need to Quit My Job..........

    GOOOD LUCK! :D i wanna quit my job too T_T i need a better job with more hours = more pay.
  352. S

    The Blah Thread

  353. S

    thai town in LA

    wowww theres a thai town in LA? i never knew.
  354. S

    Americans Clueless About Canadians?

    I KNOW ALOT ABOUT CANADIANS. EVERYONES NICE IN CANADA. WEED IS LEGAL THERE. AND THE SOLIDERS WEAR RED :D LOL jk! but yeahh i noe like a few geographical things about canada but i duno mch about canada...but =/ I DUN think mch people think canadians live in igloos..i tink people think canadians...
  355. S

    Tuk Bongkot

    i like tuk but i think her eyes are too ..well she should soften them a little or something and she'll be a great model o_o
  356. S


    i don't like her poses. its like trying to be sexy but jst there.
  357. S


    hmm i guess i'll have to be the one that'll have to hold him down. *PUTS ON SHADES & TAKES OUT ROPES JK O_OOO wow chakrit. such a playboy...i would be happy that hes not with her but i thought they made such a cute couple & i was so jealous of them...but now...chakrit just lost some points =(
  358. S

    My Sassy Girl (2008)

    they should just let it remain a movie. guess people running out of ideas lol
  359. S

    What is wrong wid hmong people these dayz!!!!!!

    what's wrong with PEOPLE these days?! x_x
  360. S

    Bua Chompoo "Bright Side"

    she's so GORGEOUS I LOVE HER. and i love that gif of Tik you have in your signature. HOT DUGUHH
  361. S

    Only smart people can read this

    i read it so fluently..didn't even pause. so smart i am. lol
  362. S

    driving tests

    as long as you know how to drive you'll do good. lol so don't worry about anything AND TRY your best not to be nervous x_x it's actually really easy IF you know how to drive. ME..i failed 2 times T_T my next test is november 3rd. I LEARN NEW THINGS EVERYTIME I PASS LOL. well first time, i...
  363. S

    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    how come this thread so disorganized? no offense. but i can't find anything..i dun like how u listed his mvs first than his albums. you should change it. and there should be more pix of se7en. just a suggestion. LOL JK! GOOOD JOBB SO ORGANIZED :D
  364. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    is anyone going? i'm going :D :D :D i got the tickets already... BUT I am so brrrrrrrrroooooooooke after this
  365. S

    Man shoots wife after seeing "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna"

    damn that MAN im glad the wife survived.. <_< lol dats sad about that guy who imitated a stunt move :(
  366. S

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    oohh i really wanna see this i heard its good from alot of people and i hvent watched thai lakorn in years O_O does anywun noe if its out my MAYURA online though? LOL *SO POOR TO GO TO KHMER VID STORE*
  367. S


    UPDATED :) not much though
  368. S

    Your 411

    Name: MISSY OR STINA whichever o_o birthday: MARCH 24 birthplace: CALI current location: 209 age: T_TT eye color: Brown hair color: Brown height: SO SHORT UGH weight: 200 T_T right handed or left handed: RIGHT favorite colors: white, red, blue, green, every color favorite foods: changes too...
  369. S

    Five things about yourself

    1. I love soccer boys & i'm only interested in the world cup because of that :) 2. I practically IDOLIZE TYRA BANKS HAHA lol 3. I have a bad habit of skipping school T__T 4. Taco Bell is my favorite restauraunt 5. MY horoscope sign is an ARIES :lmao:
  370. S

    What are you thinking right now?

    life is so unfair.............. *stares at reputation points T_T someone care to give me a + point :D?
  371. S

    Question game

    UHH not far from you... *GOES knock on your bedroom window HI CARRET :lmao: :lmao: What's was your FIRST favorite song?
  372. S

    What song are you listening to right now?

    I'm your friend I'm FUN & I'm fine I ain't lying Look at me SHITT YOU AINT BLIND!! JK LOL I'm listening to LEE SEUNGKI - CRAZY FOR YOU
  373. S


    Japanese Songs -added 7/19- Suite Chic (also known as Namie Amuro) ft. First Klas - Good Life Suite Chic - Uh uh (ft. Ai) .mp3 Suite Chic - Whats on your mind (ft. XBS [produced by DJ Wat] Ai - Dreaming of you -added 7/24- Angela Aki - Home The Trax - Blaze away UVERWORLD - Chance UVERWORLD -...
  374. S


    HEYLO!!!! i haven't uploaded any songs yet but i'm in the process.. :lmao: i'm going to sort them out based on the language of the song and uhmm i think i might upload other stuff too :unsure: -------------------------------------- ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 8 CS (FREE VERSION, well it doesn't...
  375. S

    Oh.. my

    maybe you should close some programs that are all opened at the same time o__o mines does that too sometimes when i have alot of programs on my task bar or windows n stuff
  376. S

    Mad Libs Story

    this helps cuz i'm studying for the SAT right now. but i'm lazy to use those words they're hard T_T Theres this girl she is fat(adj).She likes to eat (verb).One day she was on her way home from school and she ran into a big truck.(noun)The young girl cried (adj) and laughed(adj) she ran away as...
  377. S

    If you could meet anyone on sarnworld it would be..

    i'm MEETING MUDDIE next summer <333 ill probably meet Nameless and redromeo someday too :D
  378. S

    How do you express your feelings

    wow so talented i'm horrible at poems i got a C- on my poem portfolio T_T but i just cry or justtt say it out thats how i express my feelings o_o since i hve no other skilled way
  379. S


    wat kind of things has been upsetting you lately?? did you stop doing anything that you normally do? i think you need to figure out wats wrong wid urself..o_o cuz its not normal for u be depressed? i think some peoplee like in the older ages just go into depression about their lifee...
  380. S

    Ever had thoughts about commiting suicide?

    hm i think everyone is going to think about attempting suicide once in their life.. cuz you get down to that point where everything sucks and blah blah whatever. o_o now a days people suicide for all kinds of reasons.. boredom, they want a new life o_O, depressionn, prove something..etc. not goood.
  381. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    I LOVE THS GROUP! :D i don't think they're going to cut 2 members they better not or i'maaaaaaaa KILLL
  382. S

    Your lastest obession

    *SIGHSSSSSSSs just thinking about themm sooo crazy LOL every hot korean guy is my latest obesssion <3333 <33 and POTATOOO'S PUK! LOL
  383. S

    The Blah Thread

    BLAH BLAH WATEVER!!! i'm almost to 1000 :D someday..:(
  384. S

    When You are Depressed You...

    HMM...... i read a fashion magazine.. watch hot boys and laff at them :wub: sing out loud to a rock happy song bitch at people Hm.. sometimes i eat alot but ii'm trying not too... read.... thats it..i dont really stay depress for so long
  385. S


  386. S

    If you could be the n'ake in a lakorn...

    TOO HARD..hmmmmmm any ne'k that is rich, smart, strong and doesn't end up wid her guy..:D
  387. S

    What does this mean?

    wow the guy is pretty hot? who is he and where is he from ? *STALKS he looks really familiar HMM.. but maybe he give a victory sign just cuz hes dorky and wanna show his happiness? HAHA
  388. S

    What song are you listening to right now?

  389. S

    hot guys are JERKS!

    OH WELLL.. least they're hot.. *SHALLOW *KILLS AFTER RAPE
  390. S

    What are you thinking right now?

  391. S

    What are you thinking right now?

    IM THINKIN OF FOOD........ my mom just made that beansprout soup thing. i think thats wat its called its red :D
  392. S


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! O_____O OMG UR SO LUCKY DAMN IT!!! DAMN YOU!! JK LOL so why don't you donate to charity?! :D :D jkk but wow so luckkkkkky.. i think the most i ever won was 2$ <_< OR MAYBE DATS HOW MUCH MY MOM GAVE ME!!!! i probably won more :lol: CONGRATS@!!
  393. S

    Britney Spears [New pictures]

    wow the new glamour mag is out already? is that a special mag?? cuz i just got mines wid uma thurman..BUT yeah she looks nice i guess. im not a fan of hers lol BUT DID SHE KICK HER HUSBAND OUT OF THE HOUSE?? *GOSSIP* :shock: edit* wat this is JUNE 06? I NEVER GOT THIS ISSUE? WTHH I MISSED...
  394. S


    MINES IS 5 DAYS YAYY LOL usually i can like stop my period if i dont want it to a change in routine & EXCERISE...and eating healthy kinda like stops it from coming but it does come eventually.. oh yea u can take birth control pills if u dont want it for a time..i saw read it in a mag...
  395. S

    how to act around girls?

    JUST ACT LIKE YOURSELF! cuz even though you're making lame jokes and no one is laffing..the girl probably thinks its cutee cuz alot of girls ilke dorky guys =D but dont go overboard ..use your brain :lol:
  396. S

    Your lastest obession

    LEE JUNKI AND KIM YOUNGWOONG and Lee Jung Jae..i dunoo they're just too hot *DIES AND FLIES TO HEAVEN
  397. S

    You might be a FOB...

    youu might be a fob if your parents really LOVE fish. i realy dont know lol....o_oo this is more you might be ghetto asian LOL. im thinkin fobs in san francisco, hte ones from hong kong lol
  398. S

    Shadowless Sword

    OMG I L OVE HTIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just dled Arahan...... but this has becomee one of my favs..well for ancient movies..cuz usually they suckk and they didnt use too much computer effects for the fighting scenes like THE PROMISE & HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS...they shldve...
  399. S

    Emperor Of The Sea?

    wow everyone dies? THATS hella gayy good thing i didnt watch it...but song ill kook (i tink?) IS REALLY HOT!!!!!!!! especially in ART OF SEDUCTION..u guys shld see that *drools
  400. S

    The Blah Thread

    ughh just ate beef jerky..soo hott lol
  401. S

    the QUOTE game...

    i barely wach anyy of these taiwanese dramaas..*LOST* welll heres an easy quote............. "Wanna die?" KOREAN MOVIE lol
  402. S

    This or That

    im not really a basketball this basketball right?? SPURS uhh......... STARS OR HEARTS?
  403. S

    yo' momma

    is this show on disney channel? THE kids at my workplace was talking about it..and i was like o_oo wat a bad influencee LOLL...i always thot disney channel was an educational thing..o_OO at my workplace the liil kids were makin up some funnyyyy lame JOKES LIKE..."ur momma is so fat she made...
  404. S

    BoYfRiEnD ProBlEmS....

    HMM i wouldnt really tell her.......but i would hella bad mouth him until she dont like him anymore but if that doesnt work then ill tell HER..but i duno. ..even if she does get mad AND SHE WILL Cuz i think thats just how girls are'll only be a lil whilee & she'll realizeeee it and...
  405. S

    Thai Singing Collab

    I LOVE THE COLLAB! sounds soo good, im even tryin to dl the song now ;P muddie you got the best voice lol ubt you didnt seem to sing as much as EVERYONEE! sweet voice <33 sing to me jkk lol hiatus I really like ur voice, it sounds good like professional materiall singer but i guess at that one...
  406. S

    Husband Store

    i would've just stayed at floor 5 LOL but heyy we're uhh ambitious people? try to aim higherr if we can!! thats a good thing too :loool:
  407. S

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    omgg cant wait for this! I wanna watchh =)) SEEMS like its gonna be soo cute lol
  408. S

    Song Rao Nirandon

    omg thats just so cute and funny though!! BUTTT AWW T_T i arlady know the ending..and i NEVERR EVER watch sad dramas but il watch this one cuz i herd its soo goodd and at least they die together..imma just pretend theres a part where they have a new life or something :lmao: :lmao: :sweat...
  409. S

    best website to shop?

    hmm kinda depends wat kind of clothes u wear?,,,,, i dunno if you know these websites already but i usually go there.
  410. S

    You might be a FOB...

    You might be a FOB if you carry a big/heavy backpack to school everyday. hm i dont know if im saying it right..the first line i put..its morelikely YOU MIGHT BE i duno t_t
  411. S

    Frustrated grandma tries to give daughter-in-law the chop

    thats just sad t__tt but a tiny bit funny BUT STILL SAD! i can imagine myself like that wen im old too jkk
  412. S

    Which beautiful woman are you?

    hm why is it M for mature? LOL lol i got mystery woman o___o so funnie
  413. S

    Looking for member of Kob Fanfiction

    omg so funnie ! REMEMBRE THEM all...i talked to lazzy beforee yrs ago but i duno. she IS WEIRD & always misspelled..ITS so funnie but shes kewl and her stories arent bad....hmm i remember MIN..i think this girl got alot of idenitities o__o LOL & Noy too..i talked to her before..recently, she...
  414. S

    Who are our Male members?

    LOL so funniee.. but what is their to be ashamed of?! girls should be ashamed that they like R scenes.!! LOL but they're not.......and our parents don't know o_o
  415. S

    Lee Jun Ki

    yess i like his hairstyle in MY GIRL better...but hes still hot! and he DOES look feminine but i dont think hes femininee HE DOESNT look tHAT GIRLLY theres more people that look girllier than him! HES HOTT LOL hm i should post up some pics of himm later cuz i gotta go to work now...
  416. S

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    hm i quit this drama..i think that everyone was too excited & it was everywhere even before it came out..and now it just sucks. but i still like the eye candy in there..LOL.
  417. S

    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    aww TOP SElling!? proud of him lol but yeah i dont really want him to go into acting either..THAST wayy too fast..and he did disappear for a long time welll he went to JAPAN but stilll. acting is pretty fastt..i never really seen anyone from YG act before either o_o
  418. S

    What are you thinking right now?

    about the smell of my lotion LOL and i dont wanna go to to work ughhhhhhhhh *suicide
  419. S

    Do you eat as a family?

    HM never..... someitmes once a year..or not evenn. depends if we visit someone and they eat then we eat but We barely do things together. o__o
  420. S

    Teya Rogers

    wow she is still hot! nicee body too lol she looks more tanned than before now
  421. S

    Lee Jun Ki

    LOVE HIMMMM T_T he looks soo hot in that picture too! his stylle is soo hottttt LOL. he is one of my newest guy on my TOP 5 LIST...i liked him from MY GIRL too and beforee that his ullzzang pics looked cutee =)
  422. S

    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    WOW this is big news..hes gonna be filming a drama? O_o I never even seen him act before..I HOPE ITS GOODDDDD..hes greatt.........if it don't turn out so good then his hotness makes up for it! =D CANT wait to see whats it about.
  423. S

    SE7EN vs RAIN

    Se7en ALL THE WAY..i just saw the I KNOW mv.......sorry but Bi could never be as hot as that hahaha T__T LOL Dont kill me Bi fans.. But BI's acting and songs are actually goood but still Se7en is better! =D
  424. S

    should school be a longer year???

    NO. 100% SURE.... school is too stressful FOR A year..people might go too krazyy cuz vacation isnt even near a year...we should have longer vacations!! BUT THEN imma get lazy t_t
  425. S

    I need a Valentine!

    aww i would never choose a guy over you! *HUGSSS* well if it was LEEJUNKI HES SOO FINE! keep nameless LOL
  426. S

    I need a Valentine!

    hand over the hot guy if you love me then. I LOVE YOU TOO !! <33
  427. S

    Valentines Day!!!

    WATs thai style though? HMM THAT gift is CUTE. but sort of plain to be honestt. is that all you giving herr.? but yeah ITS ACTUALLY a good time to be single, i LOVE valentines day cuz doesnt it make you happy your single?!!!! <33 run around the streets ..couples everywheree but your alone and...
  428. S


    barely watched this but i went to a barbequee for it and TOM BRADY WAS hot as the MVP <3
  429. S

    I need a Valentine!

    *jump kick* :shocked: UGH YOU WHOREE !! HOW DARE U! try to ask me and then i accept you (cuz i feel sorry for you) and thenn you accept someone else and say you GOT SOMEONE ELSEE TOO!?!? Why dont u give me Nameless and i won't be mad at you anymore<3 I LOVE YOU! :wub:
  430. S


    wow no interesting teams seem to be playing..imma just look at it a bit on sunday ...see if theres any cute guys on the team and then root for that team LOL..last year TOM BRADY was hot =D
  431. S

    Love at Sarnworld

    HM. a jokee?? sure. i really didnt understand anything you guys said to each other o_o and i dont got no translator GOSH DARNITT!
  432. S

    CA residents...I need help.

    i would BOARD you. i need a fren cuz im so lonelyy...but i know ill just scare you away jk..cant board you cuz im living off of parents x__xx paycheck to little to afford anything LOL good luck finding some place to stay !
  433. S

    This or That

    long finger least i can scratch people from a distance wid it LOL..long nose hair UGH just disgusting uhhhh A FANCY CONDO OR A NICE HOUSE? haha =/
  434. S

    Valentines Day!!!

    i dunno..probably just go stalk my crush. O_O jk i dont have a crush...and i just plan to eat a bunch of chocolate candies...and wear pink and be alone *tearss
  435. S

    HOw to lose the weight under ur chin

    I GOT THE SAME problem...welll mines like go away then come back and UGH stupid CRAP! jkk drink lots of water, dont eat SALTY Foods or food with too much sodium cuz it gets you bloateed. and sugar too..just eat healthy, i donk think u gotta do too much exercise if ur already slim but at least...
  436. S

    ***Super Junior***

    I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR!! they're my new Neung <--I LOVE THE SUNGMIN GIF in ur sig..hella hot *diess its gonna be sad when they rotate though t___t i wonder how long they're gonna be together!! DAMN SM~!!!
  437. S

    My Girl (KDrama)

    im DLING episode 1 & 2 right now =D heard it was i like LEE DAhee..even though she was the bitch in SWEET 18, she was a funny one o__o LOL and the gifs look good too lol
  438. S

    Naohito Fuijiki

    DO YOU THINK IM DUMB?? <_< Jk lol thanks forexplaining it was weird how he saw the video and closed it and smile and said game over..OMG SUPER HOT!!
  439. S

    Naohito Fuijiki

    the first time i seen him was in Antique!! he looked old in there..cuz he is now..but yeah he was still cute.. in g@me he was SOO CUTE =DDD BUT I DONT GET THE ENDING OF THE MOVIE..wat does he mean by "game over" ? but yeah that is a strange is worth getting for him cuz hes cute but i...
  440. S

    how big of a fan are you? a big of a fan..then i would have to have like every single thing they release or every single thing of them or i will be like VERY FRUSTRATED..and if one thing is missing from the collection i will like be very stressed LOL.....i not really a big fan of anyone anymore....well...
  441. S

    Ghost story

    well...i have some .. me n my coworker were talkin about ghost stories today but yeah i dnt got time to write it all down..but just wanna say that...........MY WORK PLACE RESTROOM IS HAUNTED!! LOL..its the ladies bathroom and no one ever goes in there by themselves..its always two people at a...
  442. S

    Bollywood News

    even when she was in the movie...pride and prejudice..she still looked didnt even look like she had extra weight on guess getting skinny is trimming down? O_o
  443. S


    how embarassing for nameless to make a fool of 'the ninja' self LOL Jp lol. but yeah......hmm now i know cuz i also overlooked it in buddy medias..=)
  444. S


    YES! SHES WAY OVER RATED..thers so many female singers that have a better voice than vocals and etc..everything. i also don't think she has the best dancing but i guess shes the TEEN POP STAR image and thats why? no offense but i always thot she was a teenybopper lol i know weird...
  445. S

    Bollywood News

    wow thats crazy.....he stopped the whole thing just cuz she gained some weigiht???? woww....and she looks fine to me in that picture.
  446. S

    Sarnies Idols

    Name: Missy Age: 11 Location: CA Song will be sing: Barney's I love you, you love me..jk lol undecided for now!! Language of the song: English Email:
  447. S


    we're not talking about that. GO AWAY YOU WANNA BE ANIME FAN! jp lol. but yeah dragon ball z voices were not that bad....
  448. S

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    im too lazy to read anything..and uhmm. i never watched or played final fantasy so yeah but this movie seem kewl..o__o
  449. S

    FULL HOUSE !!!

    wow im surprised!! O__O LOL but thats kewl cuz Full House is really good and I'm pretty sure my mom will like it but i it for RENT? lol
  450. S

    Aom...In Magazine

    aww she looks so gorgeous and cute with that kid..and the pic with her and tang and the kid is soo a real family..i think her and tang make such an adorable couple!! Lol
  451. S

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    OMG THEY LOOK SOOOO CUTE TOGETHER..their pics are so how they look at each other lol. aom plays with her costar alot more than once but they always got good chemistry with each other so gonna watch this one for sure..=))
  452. S


    Lucifer? MAKOTO is in it right? lol well i like one of their songs..i think its called regret or something..but makoto died in the MV..its good!! =D makoto is hottttttttttttttttttttttttt duguh!
  453. S


    I HATE DUB!! the voices are really bad......ruins the whole anime o_o
  454. S

    New Drama: Subway Guy 電車男

    yeah it does lloook so funnie and cute! i wanna watch it but i dont have much space on my!
  455. S

    Emi Suzuki

    ugh. you think shes hot? hella ugly JP lol yeah shes HOT!! =D i love her hair in the Fred Bare one.
  456. S

    Beautiful Life

    i have the drama but i never watched it..... cuz it was sad T__T but i heard it was hella good n stuff so its worth watching but i just HATE SAD ENDINGS x__X
  457. S

    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    Your Gentleman will be Romantic ... A Great Dancer ... Has a Villa in Tuscany Have Gorgeous Blue Eyes Annual Salary $392,947.17 Will Spend the Rest of Your Lives Together (8) - Without a doubt. - (8) hmm annual salary..a month, week or year?? Cuz thats not enough..JP lol..wat does...
  458. S

    Countries you'd like to visit

    i wanna visit like almost every country..but mostly KOREA!! O__O and then Japan..and then every country in Europe.....and then some countries in Asia..
  459. S

    The Blah Thread a newbie.. AND YOU RUIN THE FORUM!! GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BETRAYER!! JP LOL...too lazy to catch what were you guys talking about?
  460. S

    Mika Nakashima

    yeah!! mika is soo HOT!! and she can sing too..i think her body is perfect the way it is...