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    [KBS2] Healer 힐러

    i miss this drama.. one of my favorite
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    Club Friday The Series 5

    i want so watch rotmay and tor
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    [Ch8] Waen Tong Leung

    hopefully someone sub this... glad pinky back on screen
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    [Ch3] Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised, Kimmy Kimberley/James Ma, Pop Thagoon/Eye Kamolned

    i cant wait for the fitting im getting to excited
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    [Ch7] Lilawaadee Plerng ( Prakotdarkradee)

    i really like tubtim and thanwa they are cute together. glad they get to be leading actor and actress
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    [Ch7] Jao Nang (Kantana)

    im glad tubtim getting more leading role
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    [OneHD] Ngao Jai (Exact - Scenario)

    i cant wait to watch this lakorn, love toomtam he soo hot!!! i like everything about him. his smile his anger, his jealousy on screen, make me squeal. toomtam and vill are cute together. couldnt get enough of them together in their last drama
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    Liu Shi Shi

    yea i love her too, after watching bu bu jing xin i became her fan.   waiting on her new drama.... imperial doctress with wallace new movie... brotherhood of blades   and still waiting on da mo yao, that drama taking forever to air... they keep changing the date and it making me impatient, i...
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    Liu Shi Shi

    she one of my favorite actress. love liu shi shi
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    [Mainland] Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (Shenzhen TV)

    i like this drama but i just wish wallace and liu shi shi has more love scene but it has more of wallace and his wife even when she already dead
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    Best/Most Favorite Chinese Series

    all the 80's and the 90's ancient series are the best.... for the 2000... i love... bu bu jing xin   i like... Strange Hero of Yi Zhi Me   lan ling wang qing shi huang fei butterfly lovers 2007 (peter ho)     im waiting on da mo yao to air.... my fave actress liu shi shi and my two hottie eddie...
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert   credit to uploader: xSimonSteelex
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    Is anyone still want to watch "Tard Ruk Torranong"

    i want to watch this drama but cant find it in full drama with english subbing
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert

    when is this going to air? been waiting for this to release
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    [Mainland] Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 (HunanTV)

    after watching bbjx i became a fan of liu shi shi. this drama is good and sad toward the end.  even though i like 4th prince, i was hoping 14th prince would end up with liu shi shi (forgot how to spell her character named). and has romantic scene together but no it didnt happen. i would love to...
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert

    saw the trailer but cant find this drama no where... is this air yet? hopefully someone will upload this drama
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    waiting on kim and ananda lakorn. so ecited... they looking cute and hot together

    waiting on kim and ananda lakorn. so ecited... they looking cute and hot together
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    Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberly (WE vol. 9 no. 115 November 2013)

    they are so cute together
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    i heard he seeing mo
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    Mark Prin & Kim Kimberly (WE Magazine)

    love mk they are so cute
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    i want more mk

    i want more mk
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    [Ch3] Ruang Ruk Chabub (Waan) Khom (Lakorn Thai)

    yay new leading man for kim, james ma and kimmy that gonna be cute pair. loving the story already
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    James Jirayu -&- Janie Thienphosuvan (OOPS! Magazine June 2013)

    janie look good for her age, well she still young and pretty to me. those two are cute together
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    James Jiray & Bella Ranee Campen (IMAGE Magazine 2013)

    love this couple, so cute
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    [Ch3] Dao Kaew Duen (Broadcast Thai)

    they both look good together. i love the behind the scene clip
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    mark and bella look goo together i would like them to pair up someday. they need to hurry up and give us some updated on this lakorn. im missing markim
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    im in love with james jirayu & bella. i still have markim fever

    im in love with james jirayu & bella. i still have markim fever
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    im in love with james jirayu and bella. i still have markim fever

    im in love with james jirayu and bella. i still have markim fever
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    [Ch3] Ruk Sutrit (Wave Media)

    omg james j are so cute. making me giggly. cant wait to see him in more lakorn. so far im in love with him and bella now im started to like him and punch. i think he suite with any actress. he sooo damn cute
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    [Ch3] Look Tard (Tv Scene)

    yay more lakorn for bella and new pair. num still look good eventhough he getting old
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    [Ch3] Suparburoot Jutathep Series

    oh how much i love this pair. they are so cute and best match. make me giggle. james j and bella forever
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    [Ch3] Suparburoot Jutathep Series

    james j and bella are soo cute together cant wait for more eps
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    [Ch3] Suparburoot Jutathep Series

    all the guys are so cute specially james jirayu :).... i need to catch up on this lakorn. cant wait for my james j with bella part
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    [Movie] Ruk Sood Tai Pai Nah

    i love this movie. they both are cute together
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    me too.... miss kim and nadech
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    Mark Prin&Kim Kimberley(HAMBURGER Vol.11 no.177 March 2013)

    eww i dont like kim makeup. they make my kim looks like a boy and old. they ruin kim looks. she look way better wittout those makeup. ugh i dont like it at all. hopefully they have another magazine shoot with better theme and makeup. i still support my mark and kim even though hamburger ruin it...
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    oh yay more of toomtam lakorn. he so cute. happy it new pair
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    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    yay new pair. cant wait to see vill and new
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    [Ch5] Marn Gammathep (Exact & Jan25)

    i cant wait to see this, look good from the teaser. pong and mo are cute together. glad to see nat again. she look good for her age. mo look so young and short when next to pong lol. i like mo with long hair, she so pretty
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    i notice they changed some scene and people from the old version (jieb and chai lakorn)
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    [Ch3] Saban Nai Mek (Lakorn Thai)

    i want them to reunite in a kiss/slap drama but this well do since i miss them on screne
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    i love this couple. i want to see more sweet scene
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)  i found it on pinky facebook. she put up the link to the site. when it got to ep 8 there are less advertising
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    cant wait for your mv huajaikaungtur and i also cant wait for more of this lakorn, specially my toomtam and charebelle scene
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    i finally could watch this. but i hated the website to much advertising. it okay thought at least i get to watch the lakorn. i feel bad for beam he always get hurt whenever he sees pinky. they are cute
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    [Ch3] Kularb Fai (D One TV)

    dorky but handsome lol. love this pairing sara and art they so cute together
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    [Ch7] Look Mai Lak See (Poordeecam)

    i seen a little bit of this. i like the cast they are new and fresh. boss kinda cute. boss and baifern make a cute couple. damn the bad guyz have hormone problem or something  always trying to rap fern and the other girl. beside the raping i like it so far
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    i saw the old version on youtube a couple days ago. but i forgot the link. i tried to watch the old version but i cant get into it cuz i dont like jieb. well she okay i dont hate her or anything. it just im not into her. her short hair bugs me to much. i like my n'ek with long hair from the...
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    [Ch3] Saban Nai Mek (Lakorn Thai)

    oh wow i cant wait for the conform miss nadech and kimmy
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    yea their so many switching baby but this one is not about switching baby though and it a remake. i loving the cast and i really enjoying it so far.  i also like pinky and beam lakorn too. they both have different story line
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    [Ch7] Jao Sao Salatan (Kantana)

    om and kwan cool new pair
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    im so excited to watch this lakorn specially for toomtam he so cute and also i like the pairing. they make a cute couple. i like your mv huajaikaungtur
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    yay i finally found someone that up load this lakorn. now i can catch up on this and spam more
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    "crazy little thing called love" i love that movie

    "crazy little thing called love" i love that movie
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    First Love (Official Thai Trailer)

    i only watch thai drama and thai horror movie. when i heard good feedback on this movie i give it a try. omg im so in love with this movie. the movie was good i really enjoyed alot. mario and fern are so cute together.
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    *update   nadech and kim mike and charebelle
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    *updated   mike and charebelle to reunited in their own lakorn and as a leading couple
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    Most Anticipated 2013 Lakorn

    ch5. pan ruk pan rai - toomtam and charebelle (currently watching and waiting for more to air) ch7. roy lae sanae luang - weir and mai (waiting for it come on dvd) ch8. ga gub hong - beam and pinky (also waiting for it come on dvd or whenever someone upload it) ch3. buang barp - por, yard, ploy...
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    yea he also melt my heart. i cant stop smiling whenever i see him lol specially when toomtam and charabelle are together
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    i cant wait for more loving the pair toomtam-charabelle. mo is doing well being rai
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    do u know if someone uploading this lakorn i really want to watch it but somehow i cant watch on ch8 plus i cant read thai so im so lost
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    loving all the scene of toomtam and charabelle. they are sooo cute together
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    [Ch3] Kularb Fai (D One TV)

    aww no one on here... i would love to see more pic
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    thankz for the video. weir and mai are so cute
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    [Ch3] Kaen Sanaeha (Who & Who)

    i love pat dimples!!!.... but damn she too young to be n'ek, that mean no kiss or love scene. i feel bad for margie but im glad she out, i dont want her to be 2nd to the newbie
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    thankz jjinxx this gonna be on my list. i just wish ch7 would let youtube upload it, it would be nice so i dont have to wait
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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    im glad matt have another lakorn yay for matt. she so pretty and sexy. flim and matt are cute together. i cant wait for this lakorn
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    loving all the picture they are just soooo cute
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    is it good so far? i cant even watch it on youtube. i cant go to thai channel cuz i cant read thai. gotta wait for this to come out on dvd. i bet weir and mai make a hot couple
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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    kim and son would make a nice pair. i wouldnt mine if they pair up it nice to see new couple
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    aww they r soo cute. i like it when he go in for the kiss
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    Recommended K-Drama's

    city hunter
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    [KBS2] Sungkyunkwan Scandal

    i love this drama all the four main character are cute
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    my # 1 pick nadech and kim.... there wasnt any kiss scene between them in rp. need them to reunited in kisss/slap to make up rp   guy and vill ken and ann
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    Sara Legge(KWANRUEN Vol.44 no.988 January 2013)

    sara is very pretty. hope to see her more in n'ek role
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    mo is very pretty with long hair. yay charabelle is lead. the 2nd teaser looks good. cant wait for more update
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    i dont like weak n'ek. so glad they make pinky character strong and fight back
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    so sad rp ending already. im happy that rp has good rating. congrats to rp and the crew they did good.  everyone did a great job on their acting. specially kim and alex. i would love to see kim and alex pair up someday.i will miss kimbarrry, hope nadech and kim reunited soon in kiss/slap lakorn...
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    ooo tah is in here too, he a cutie. mark look good in suit but i like this style too.... aww man rp ending soon, i need trrr to air so i can have somthing to drool over lol love markim :)
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    i wish someone upload this on youtube.. i cant go to thai page cuz i cant read thai
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    omg kim a great crier. when tae cried i cry too
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    thanks bieluvr, your comic are cute and funny. it made my day... miss markim
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    glad rp song are on top. it soo good. kim looking beautiful in the event. pit and thae are cute in the ending picture, they look so happy
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    is this a remake? about switching baby at birth
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    aww kimmy so cute and funny at the end of the video. so happy rp are number 2 but they are my number one. great job nadech, kim and rp crew.  hurry up friday, i want to watch rp i have nadech and kim fever
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    [Ch5] Koom Nang Kruan (Exact)

    oh yea i totally for got she did already work for exact. thanks for refreshing my memory lol... they look kinda cute together
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    [Ch5] Koom Nang Kruan (Exact)

    oh wow i didnt expect them to pair up. that nice exact except her,  i thought they dont like scandal, oh well more work for pinky
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    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    on never mind about my question earlier. i figure it out after i saw the picture. it krit and por. damn chompoo hella sexy in the picture. she smokin hot. i believe in chompoo she can do this role very well. new pair for chompoo, im excited lol
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    they so cute. thankz for the picture
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

      thanks you
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    i like his hair. he look good any style. mark so cute lol
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    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    i saw the old version, it one of mew best lakorn. she did a good job with her role. so sad none of the lead get each other, they all decided to be friend so is it rome or chakrit, being cast?
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    has this lakorn air yet?
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    yes they are a new hot couples woohoo... i cant wait for this weekend for rp. im kinda sad it almost over. hope to see them reunited soon with kiss/slap lakorn
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    they need to hurry up and kiss already. im dying here so annoyed of pit. he so slow
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    i want toomtam and charebelle to be lead. any updated yet?
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    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    all the song goes so well with this lakorn. specially tono song it match mark roles lol.... still missing mk and waiting for their new lakorn
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i saw the preview for ep 11.... mint kissing nadech, im gonna be so mad at that part grrr....
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    [Ch3] Sao Bai Mai Tao (Maker Group)

    i know i say this already but i still dont want kim and boy in here. i want them in there own lakorn, not shared. i like rome and chompoo they cute together and rome alwayz happy with her. rome and great matches mint. either one is cute with mint. i wonder who teaw pair up with?
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    after rp this be me next lakorn, i cant wait
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    aww i love that scene it so cute
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    i like the second teaser it look interesting
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    loving everybody friendship and pictures. they so close and cute
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    oh love the interview on oops those to are cute
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    aww i so in love with ep 7. lots of sweet scene between kim and nadech
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    Kim Kimberley (CANDY vol. 1 no. 96 January 2013)

    kim is very pretty love her eyes and body
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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    oh okay thanks alice...  rome and chompoo make a good pair too i dont mind either one but i just want my kimmy to have more lakorn lol
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    aum and kim guy and vill
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    oh that nice, glad the soundtrack is number one. i love rp song it just fit kim and nadech role very well
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    [Ch3] Kularb Fai (D One TV)

    wow sara are pretty and sexy. i like her other lakorn with art they are just adorable together. hope this one will have alot of sweet scene. im not into action but i give it a try cuz of sara. like her to have more leading role. any updated yet?
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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    just wanna know if this is conform yet? it be nice if they do really pair up they will look good together. cheering for my kim for another lakorn. and kim/ken together
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    im liking the picture. they so cute miss my mk
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i wanna hear kim version. i think she cant sing live but she do sound good recorded. like she sing in pckk she sound really nice. just glad they had good rating. alex kisses kim so many time already. i want some kiss scene between nadech and kim. so cant wait for more esp. loving rp. it not...
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    [Ch8] Ga Gub Hong (RS - Infinity)

    yay pinky new lakorn. i dont like her first lakorn comeback. she has too many men/husband. her other lakorn with navin tar and bee was okay. hope this one will be good
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i love all the scene of nadech and kim. they r so sweet and cute.i cant wait for more
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    [Ch7] Ching Nang (Polyplus)

    me too i like the opening song and the ending song it soo good
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    [Ch5] Buang Ruk (Exact)

    i just finished this lakorn. the leading couple did a good job for their first lakorn. hope to see more of them on screen 
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    so far so good, loving this lakorn. nadech and kim are well match together, they are just one hot couple lol
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    [Ch3] Sao Bai Mai Tao (Maker Group)

    i want kim and boy have there own lakorn. not shared like snnt. not another remake for kim. she already did pckk that a remake. not confirm yet so hopefully kim and boy back out
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    looking good.. kim and nadech r so cute
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    yay they filming already cool. i cant wait for some behind the scene video and this lakorn air
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i rewatch the teaser and the new one. i just cant wait to watch rp
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    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    i had mk fever, i rewatch pckk and im still loving the lakorn. mk r just too cute
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    im glade she didnt cut too much hair off. both yaya and kim looks cute in the pic. since boy pisanu are a fan of kim, i want them to be a lakorn together. not as main lead but her body guard or something lol. i cant wait to see kim and nadech in rp
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    [Ch3] Sao Bai Mai Tao (Maker Group)

    mint c, taew, and kim... cool... cant wait for more news
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    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    i think it smart older brother that kill may lee or i might be wrong. im just guessing
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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    i agree. kim is a talent new actress. she can do many different roles that other cant do and not take on same role over and over again. i like to see her in this lakorn and challenge herself and prove everybody wrong.
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    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    aww pckk only number 4 but it okay they made up top. great job mk and pckk crew. im happy for them
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    please dont shut this thread down. i cant get in spicy forum so this place the only place for me to follow a lakorn of my interest. im here to read all the updated for rp. i cant wait for this to air
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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    i have seen the old version of joy and pol. they did a good job but im excited for this. hope kim will be in it, it will be her new challenge. i know she will do great cuz all her lakorn she nail all her roles. i dont mind kim with any actors as long it different actors. kem p and kim will be a...
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    aww love markim together, they just tooo cute. i love kim thai outfit she look so beautiful in it. i love kiss/slap lakorn, i wish the rumor is true. i want my kim in it. and kim and ken p is not a bad pair, i want them to act together. they will make a cute couple
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    kim look super gorgeous in the pictures.
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    they both look great. any hair style look good on kim but i barley see her in straight hair. she should wear it like that more often
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    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    cant wait for more.. need more sweet scene of smart and ann. i wonder who the killer is.
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    [Ch3] Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series (Act Art)

    hope they make this lakorn the title sound good. please no more newbie newbaby. mix of generation is good but not the brand new newbies... old mid and younger gen in the lakorn
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    [Ch5] Buang Ruk (Exact)

    do anybody know if someone is subbing this lakorn?
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    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    ann so pretty in the photo
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    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    i finally had to guts to watch this lakorn. it pretty good and it not as scary as i thought. ann did really a good job
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    sorry for post again. is that porshe?
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    who that guy next to kim on her left?
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    Kimmy Kimberley Madame Figaro December 2012

    i dont like the cloths but kim is very pretty like always
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    Vill Wannarot (TVPOOL vol. 23 no. 1158 August 2012)

    vill look so beautiful in the pic
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    i like her long hair. hope she dont cut it too short. kim look so beautiful in the event. hair and makeup so perfect
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    love the picture they just so cute. cant wait for their lakorn updated and photo
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    thanks for the picture, video, and translation. love mk.. miss them already. everyone look great
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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    i know, hope excact will promote guy to be pra'ek. i really want to see them together really bad. im so really missing gilly
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    ken and kim do look good together. hope one day they well have a lakorn together. that pic of nadech and kim look so good. i cant wait for nadech and kim scene and lakorn to air.
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    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    glad kim make the list. she so beautiful and so the others ladies too
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    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    lovely picture
  150. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i hope so too. i want to see some kiss kiss lol
  151. M

    Kim Kimberley (KWANRUEN vol. 44 no. 984 November 2012)

    kim are so pretty
  152. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    yea i agree mark kim are cute and nadech kim are hot. i like kim with either one or anybody. i want her to work with all the hot actors from ch3 lol
  153. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    aww kim so sweet... i want mark to stare at me like that hahaha im just dreaming
  154. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    i miss pckk and mark and kim
  155. M

    Benz VS Aum P

    benz she a good actress
  156. M

    Which Couple

    mark and kim because of pckk on and off screen they are just cute and lots of chemstry ken and ann of course but for others i dont know. dont really pay attention to them. and some couple are very cute together but im not gonna list them cuz there too many
  157. M

    Best singer who ISN'T a singer?

    cee s - has the best voice, he sound really good mark p - for youner gen pinky s - even though she not on the list she could sing and has nice voice
  158. M

    What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate

    famous celeb i dislike; poo - to me she cant act she better off being rai pancake - i like a few, only a few maybe 2 of her lakorn but her acting suck other actress and actors maybe suck but not bad as those two i listed
  159. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    thanks Ninja007 for the translating. nadech and kim are so funny and cute. love the video hehehe
  160. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    all the actress are all pretty at the event. im glad kim get do to event with some of the senior. and of course margie. kim are so beautiful love her eyes. cant wait for update
  161. M

    ❤️[ONE31] Si Nae Ha Saree (The One Enterprise): Sean Jindachot / Baifern Pimchanok

    im hope they pick yard. she been mostly has sucky role. i only like two of her lakorn the one with tui and first
  162. M

    [Ch5] Buang Ruk (Exact)

    Kangsom is so cute...
  163. M

    [Ch3] Ai Khun Pee (Makers K Group)

    can someone tell me the summary. yay pat and nat get to reunite cool
  164. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    kim and mint are both very cute and beautiful
  165. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i so agree with you.... aww man i cant wait
  166. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    thank for the picture they all looks great
  167. M

    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    man im missing out... still havent start watch this lakorn yet. yea it me again spaming this thread about not watching this lakorn because it scary. maybe one day i will have the courage too. im so behind on this. by the way ann and smart so cute together
  168. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    ooo hot scene making me smile lol anyway love kim outfit and she beautiful like alwayz. nadech and alex r funny and cute in the pic
  169. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    omg ann and kim so cute and they get along so well. and of course funny lol
  170. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    aww man i was hoping for picture of nadech and kim together. aww hopefully soon
  171. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    cant wait for more update and more picture
  172. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    i like mint c too but this thread for mark and kim lakorn. so dont bring her named in here and compare to kim. they are two different people. and whatever mark like it up to him and chose. kim already has a boyfriend and whatever she choose to brake up with him or not in the future it her chose...
  173. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    they both are beautiful. i like kim hair it so cute
  174. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    yay january cant wait woohoo
  175. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    man im so jealous... they r soo lucky. i want to kiss mark too and hug kim lol
  176. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    cool cant wait to c the pic for the event
  177. M


    do anyone know when did sung meas change their voice? or what lakorn they started to change it with? i just want to know cuz i dont like their new voice. i want to buy their old movie cuz it original and i like their old voice better. sorry if i dont make any sense
  178. M

    Best Lakorn so far this Year (2012)

    Qi Pao not finish yet so im not gonna pick this one but i know i will like it cuz of ann lol ch3 best lakorn: Punya Chon Kon Krua (even though it a remake i love everything about this lakorn) 2nd best: Manee Daen Suang (art and sara r just too cute together and the story is different) ch7 pin...
  179. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i want to see more picture of nadech and kim. there not that many of them out
  180. M

    [Ch7] Yok Luerd Mungkorn (Pordeecam)

    porshe so hot!! porshe and min dont look bad they look good together
  181. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    thankz everyone again for the updated and picture. i really enjoy coming here. i cant wait for the concert so excited :)
  182. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    i agree :) im having mk fever cant get enough of them lol
  183. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    oh wow i want to see those deleted kiss scene.. hope someone will find those video and upload for us to watch lol
  184. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    ahhh really? i just want to scream lol. aww mark said kim that just too cute. making me smile... mk fever!!
  185. M

    Your Favorite Nadech & Yaya Lakorn?

    Duang Jai Akkanee
  186. M

    Lakorns that are worth watching over (and over)

    um i dont know there so many too list. just say most of the ch3 lakorn lol
  187. M

    [Ch7] Ching Nang (Polyplus)

    i kinda skip though the whole lakorn. i watch this because of om but i end up liking the other. i forgot his named
  188. M

    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    i only watch part of Sarp Posa, too scared to watch it alone. wow more scary damn, but i guess ill give it a try and watch it day time lol. im ann fan and want to miss her lakorn
  189. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    lol kim she just funny and cute., alex and kim not bad together, i wanted them to be a couple in their own lakorn someday
  190. M

    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    i wanted to watch this lakorn but im kinda scared. is this a scary one?
  191. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    congratulation to kim she do deserve it. im proud of her
  192. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    glad pckk on top of the poll. the cartoon pic r just too cute. love mk
  193. M

    Yadech or MTeam?

    i prefer yaya and nadech over mark and mint c. if they would have a poll of mark and kim i chose them
  194. M

    What actors do you want to see together that haven't acted together yet?

    kimberly with all the actors because she from a younger gen. and i like her lol
  195. M

    Fav kookwan Of all time

    my fave kookwan is mew and willy, ann and ken my fave couple now is mark and kim couple i like on screen: yaya and nadech, rome and chompoo, vill and guy, min and om, pinky and weir, aum and aff, alex and mint c, tik and aom, pong and peung, win and kwan, kane and cheer, num and kob... there...
  196. M

    Who is your favorite actress right now????

    ch3 older gen ann t. younger gen kimberly ch7 min p ch5 vill w
  197. M

    Who would you say is Mark Prin's Koo Kwan?

    mark and kim forever. never watched mark and mint c lakorn. so my vote is markim
  198. M

    Yardthip & Pinky [Two Hot to Handle]

    they both r very sexy here
  199. M

    Anne Thongprasom & Ken Theradeth

    ann so gorgeous like always. ken and ann make one hot ass couple :)
  200. M

    Vill Wonarot & Bie Sukrit [Just the Two of Us]

    they r cute
  201. M

    Aum&Aff in Priew Magazine

    they really make one hot couple hehehe
  202. M

    Kimberly & Boy

    it okay shoot. want to see boy and kim together
  203. M

    Yardthip Rajpal & Pink Sawika

    they r both pretty here
  204. M

    Barry Nadech&Kim Kimberly- (KOO SARNG KOO SORM Vol.33 n o.747 June 2012)

    they r so cute and make a good looking couple. cant wait for this lakorn
  205. M

    Mark Prin&Kim Kimberly - (KOOSANGKOOSOM Vol.33 no. 758 August 2012)

    this is not good photo but they look good together. aww my mk
  206. M

    Art Pasut and Sara Legge (PAPPAYORNBANTERNG vol. 38 no. 1834 August 2012)

    sara so beautiful. art and sara r hot in the shoot. i like them together
  207. M

    Son Yuk & Vill Wannarot (PAPPAYORNBANTERNG vol. 38 no. 1835 August 2012)

    vill pretty like always. cute pair
  208. M

    Kim Kimberley & Boy Pakorn: Field of Dream, Lips: Volume 12 Issue 14 | January 2011

    kim hot boy hot. they make a cute couple. hope they do a lakorn together
  209. M

    Pong & Vill in Traveler's Companion Magazine

    vill so pretty. pong and vill look good together
  210. M

    Min P. & Om Akapan

    they both look good and cute together. this lakorn is good too
  211. M

    Guy & Vill

    they r just so sexy. i want more gilly. man i really want then to reunite soon. miss them
  212. M

    Woody and Pinky Sawika

    yea it be nice he do lakorn. he cute and pinky is pretty
  213. M

    Barry Nadech & Kim Kimberly

    nadech and kim looks hot together :)
  214. M

    Vill Wannarot and Guy Ratchanon (Bangkok Post: Issue 199 November 2011)

    love this couple hope they reunited soon. miss them on screne
  215. M

    Son Yuk and Vill Wannarot (KULLASATREE vol. 42 no. 996 July 2012)

    they look good together. vill is pretty
  216. M

    Kimberly Ann & Mark Prin (CHEEWITRAK vol. 31 no. 1568 October 2012)

    they look cute together but this pic is not her best but still cute
  217. M

    Mark Prin & Kimberly Ann (SARANAEDARA vol. 2 no. 38 October 2012)

    mark and kim looks good together. hopefully they will do more magazine photo
  218. M

    [Ch3] Sao Bai Mai Tao (Maker Group)

    yay more lakorn for kim. but i just want boy and kim have their own lakorn not share like 3 golden man
  219. M

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    pong and peung r cute. they should make peung character more strong. she soo weak and nice. cant stand it
  220. M

    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    for son and vill first lakorn they did a good job but they need to improve there acting. the lakorn actually pretty good. love those two together. the mv and song are good too
  221. M

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    loving this lakorn and aum and aff r just cute together
  222. M

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    omg this is the best lakorn of ken and ann. they r just so hot. loving this lakorn
  223. M

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    they make a cute couple in here. the lakorn was good. i want more sweet and kiss scene lol
  224. M

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    win and pinky need more sweet scene. kelly and amy r cute together
  225. M

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    this is a good lakorn. chatrik and pat r cute
  226. M

    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    this is one of pinky best lakorn. love this lakorn. weir and pinky make one hot couple
  227. M

    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    this the first lakorn that draw me to mark. he so cute and young. love the mv and the song
  228. M

    Sao Chai Hi-Tech (DaraVDO)

    i actually like this lakorn. om and jui r not bad. they actually make a cute couple
  229. M

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    i only watched aum-kim and nadech-yaya series. the other two i didnt get the chance to watch. i know it been out for a long time but it just doesnt draw me to the other series. love aum and kim they just hot lol. nadech and yaya just adorable and cute together
  230. M

    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    this is a good lakorn. weir and min so cute
  231. M

    [Ch5] Talad Arom (Xact)

    glad to see joy again. havent seen her forever. it would be better if they put more sweet scenes of chakrit and vill
  232. M

    Chuen Cheewaa Navy (Quiz & Quest)

    tui and yard r cute but i also like the 2nd couple more. they just funny
  233. M

    [Ch3] Duang Taa Nai Duang Jai (Quiz & Quest)

    loving this lakorn. first and yard make a cute couple in here. first just make me blush everytime he with yard. boy cute too, to bad he didnt get no one at the end. and the grandfather he just funny
  234. M

    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    i like all 3 couple.i like mark and kim more and they are cute couple but i enjoying watching toey and ken. they just funny together
  235. M

    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    loving guy and vill. they make a cute couple. love the lakorn. wish they can reunite soon. cant wait.... more gilly please!
  236. M

    [Ch3] Ruk Pathiharn (Maker Group)

    im trying to watch this lakorn but cant find the one with eng sub. do anybody know where can i watch this in english?
  237. M

    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    om and min make a cute couple but i like om and sammie role in the lakorn. finished it n i like it lol
  238. M

    [Ch5] Nam Kuen Hai Reab Ruk (Exact)

    pong and vill actually look good togethe
  239. M

    [Ch3] Manee Dan Suaang (Broadcast Thai)

    they r so cute starting to liking them cuz of this lakorn
  240. M

    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    aww it would be better if charebelle pick the young guy. it kinda gross that pong used to dated her mom
  241. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    cant wait for more update and picture on this lakorn... kim so pretty
  242. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    kim so pretty in the magazine
  243. M

    thankz u

    thankz u
  244. M

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    wow another mk lakorn. i didnt finish watching pckk yet. still on eps 3 lol... it cool more mk for me :) cant wait yay
  245. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    aww that cute... so sweet of mark to come visit
  246. M

    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    i love those 3 together. they r just too cute. mark-kim nadech-kim :) love mk in pckk, they have so much chemistry, funny, n cute. i cant wait to wactch this lakorn. nadech and kim will make one hot couple hehehe
  247. M

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    i been follow this thread but couldnt comment because i coundnt get into my old account. now i got a new account, thankz everyone for the update and picture. love mark and kim together. they r so cute on screne and off screne. markim forever!!