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  1. MaNang

    WM recorder questions

    Just a tip for people who have problems with it being a demo version. I installed the program from the file I got here but when it comes to the last page in the installation where it says it will install winpcap and reboot, click cancel instead of finish. Then copy wmr, wmvcr, rmr and wmr90 like...
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    my old computer broke down and so I reinstalled wm recorder on my new one except it doesn't work anymore. I have the keygen, but when i try to register a number, it just takes me to the wm recorder website. I can only record for two minutes, in demo version, not the full version. Can anybody...
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    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    actually, I think Num hair looks good and overall he looks better than in his other lakorns that aired recently. I've felt like he's lost his edge lately but he looks like he's lost weight, looks better, and his role is "tae" or cool in this lakorn from what I've seen. Liking it, even though I...
  6. MaNang

    Anyone knows name of the fashion mag that Aom Piyada posted with this white dude?

    eh, he's a little like Kevin Federline, so I'm kind of put off by that.
  7. MaNang

    The best Lakorn Ending

    I liked: Prissana Tham Huajai Bai Sood Lah Prasad Muehd Sapai Jao Torranee Tee Nee Krai Krong Rak Sood Huajai [Pol (from Samee) and Janie] Tepsin Intorachak Gomin (old version) Silamanee Mee Piang Ruk (Kong and Pok) Rak Diew Kong Jenjira Yiew Sao Mueh Mai (Brook and Pok) Kanungha (? and Ning)...
  8. MaNang

    Best Period Dramas

    In no particular order: Sailohid (Num and Kob) Prissana (Tik and Teya) Tawee Pop (Saranyu? and Ann Siriam) Koo Gum (Bird and Kwang) Puntai Norasingh (Thui and Aom) Luad Kattiya (Tik and Aom) Norah (Kade and Noon) Buang Benjatorn (Chakrit and Marsha) Sapai Jao (Kong and Vicky) Rak Nakara (Brook...
  9. MaNang

    Pratin Nawong

    They made Tinawong so mean in this version! I'd rather see her get with the younger prince, he's so sweet. It's like a Korean love triangle, lol. Also, I kind like the girl who play the n'ek disguised as a boy better than Cartoon, she seems cute.
  10. MaNang

    Pratin Nawong

    their costumes/clothes aren't all that bad this time around. I like it but the guys' hair, not so much.
  11. MaNang

    Manee Din

    I like her character and her acting in this lakorn, she's both sweet and strong. She doesn't let people step on her, i.e., if they slap her she'll slap them back. Love it!
  12. MaNang

    Sanonoi Ruengham starring Brinya and Pongnapa

    Does anybody remember years ago, about 2 I think, when I was uploading this series back when Sarnworld had torrents? When we moved and changed stuff around a bit, I let the project go and never finished. Well, I don't really like to give up on things so I'm planning on uploading the whole...
  13. MaNang

    Pratin Nawong

    I'm watching the new version right now and they've changed and added so many things! There's two more main guys and it looks like in they've added some pre-story too, about the main girl used to be a angel in heaven and was once the wife of the head of the gods up there! Just watching the...
  14. MaNang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Jom Jai(Who & Who) </b></span>

    I like the acting and the storyline, but I'm having a really hard time believing Benz as a young girl, she looks like a woman however she dresses! Also, those moments that she first meets Koun Yai and Koun Klang, where they're supposed to "bing!" each other, it wasn't that convincing. But...
  15. MaNang

    Over-rated & Under-rated lakorn

    I think Yai Bai Bah was underated, probably because it wasn't an after-news lakorn. It was sweet, tender and funny with good acting and good story, if not great.
  16. MaNang

    wow more old clips lol from mae nang

    ahhhhh! close call for my lakorn collection. I was storing everything in a shelf when I saw that the back of the shelf and the wall behind it was starting to mold! mold could have rotted all my videos and things. I'm going to start making backup copies and putting them on DVD. To those who...
  17. MaNang

    bua keaw juk grote vs bua keaw bua tong

    oops, thanks for catching that, lol. I was just watching another lakorn with a character named Upsornsawu and it stuck
  18. MaNang

    bua keaw juk grote vs bua keaw bua tong

    i agree with you guys, Buakaew Buatong was better. It's already been said but in the old one, the n'ek was more mature and not so prissy, the acting was better, the clothes looked prettier, the script and dialogue were strong. I will say one thing for the new version, Upsonsawun is pretty and...
  19. MaNang

    wow old verison clip of pra apai manee

    buklaoboi360, are you stalking my uploads? lol I'll be uploading some more today or tomorrow so watch for them.
  20. MaNang

    La-ong Dao(Scenario)

    I love Pol, he's so... I wish he'd been P'ek because I think he would have carried it off better than Kong. Remember his role in Samee? He can totally do the arrogant playboy type! I agree, Kong overacted some scenes, isn't he supposed to be more cool? And in this version, Aom is bit...
  21. MaNang

    La-ong Dao(Scenario)

    waahh, they made it a period lakorn! they old version with Sirium it was just in the present but I'm not complaining, I LOVE period lakorns and Aom looks great in the costumes.
  22. MaNang

    Old version @ Youtube

    I don't have Tep Sam Rudoo the old version, I recorded over it, arghh, a while ago. Anyways, I uploaded a video for Sanonoi Reungham so check it out:
  23. MaNang

    Cherrys new haircut

    I think i like her better with long hair, short hair makes her look kinda boyish; remember her tomboy stage or pre-Dao Long Fah days, like Poodee Esan?
  24. MaNang

    Old version @ Youtube

    Sorry to tell you guys but I once did some trading with somebody in Sarnworld and that person sent me hers really late and not even all of it, saying she would send me the remaining episodes but she never did so I don't want to get screwed over again. To answer some questions, all my boran...
  25. MaNang

    Old version @ Youtube

    Bluemoon you're so fast! I'd been meaning to post the links but you beat me to it. Anyways, glad you liked it and I'll try to get some more up when I get my dvd recorder back. Meanwhile, enjoy everybody! They just don't make boran lakorns like they used to, huh? Here a playlist with all the...
  26. MaNang

    Fav lakorns of this year (2006)

    I loved Ammaruthalai - Paul and Yardtip Kadee Ded Hed Haeng Ruk - Chakrit and Pinky Duay Raeng Haeng Ruk - Mos and Noon Jaosao Ban Rai - Por and Jaosao Kratunhun - Kong and Alicia Khing Koh Rah Kha Koh Raeng - Oil and Kwun Kaen Lum Kong - Oil and Noon Lhong Ngao Jun - Kob and Stefan Oum Ruk -...
  27. MaNang

    Pat's News 9/12/06

    It looks like she is just hosting the event, not doing the voiceover or doing a remake. I'm kind of relieved that Por wouldn't be playing the prince bc he doesn't fit the image well. He's not bishie enough, which is more "beautiful boy" while Por is very "man."
  28. MaNang

    old lakorn

    Yep, it's called Keu Hudsa Krong Pipop, it's a period lakorn with lots of drama and angst.
  29. MaNang


    I know the idea of incest is "ew" to most people but I'm kind of logical about it. Ok, my first thought is ewww! too but then I think about it. The taboo against incest is actually a social thing (other than religiously that is), part of the reason why it's not accepted is because incestual...
  30. MaNang

    anyone know this boran tittle???

    Here's a summary for one of my favorite boran lakorns: The story starts off with Pra Sao, a deity/angel who meets a pretty ginaree (a half angel half bird girl) and asks her to be his wife. She agrees and asks him to give her something that will make her young and pretty forever and three years...
  31. MaNang

    Bua Kaew Jukgrote

    This sounds like a remake of Buakaew Buatong, neh? Ugh, they're probably going to make it drag on like Groh Gaiyasit. Let's see, 67 40 min. parts so far = 44 hours/or 22 2-hour tapes! damn, that's long and nothing's really happened! When the heck is Angkad gonna get romantic with Bua...
  32. MaNang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Sai Lom Gub Sam Rouw</b></span>

    while I admit that Cheer is still a little stiff in her acting but I think this role suits her. She shows some of her trademark cheekiness but her role is also dramatic. I've only watched her in Ruk Dai Mai with Kade and she kind of muddled through her crying scenes but the one in this one was...
  33. MaNang

    Mon Nuk Kah Rart

    omg, this is the lakorn that I once asked about a long time ago but I wasn't sure until now! I love when I rediscover something that I thought I would never get to see again. Now I just have to find it in Thai, ack
  34. MaNang

    ThAi LaKorN sToRe OnLiNe

    the ones with a good selection are: others are: I've ordered from,,
  35. MaNang

    Which Remakes Are You Anticipating?

    I want to see all the great classics remade BUT done well with actors and productions that will do the classic versions justice: Rak Diew Kong Jenjira w/Pinky (maybe) or Pat Silamanee w/ Noon Tawee Pop w/ Chakrit (bc he did so well in Buang Benjatorn but he prob. won't do another time travel...
  36. MaNang

    What's your favorite lakorn theme songs?

    most of the good lakorns have good theme songs too (in fact that's sometimes how I can tell if the lakorn is going to be good or not) so the songs from my favorites but especially Duay Raeng Haeng Ruk by Mos Huajai Chocolate by Mos Cheewid Puer Kah Huajai Pueh Tuh Dung Duang Haruthai by Nat...
  37. MaNang

    4 adjective describe you?

    independent reflective blunt perceptive
  38. MaNang

    Unpredictable Lakorns

    Somebody just uploaded this in the Buddies Media, the lakorn Jao Kum Nai Waen. It was very unpredictable and not typical plus had two great leads, Pip? and Mew.
  39. MaNang

    what age did you....

    for me it was ever since I could remember, like 3 or 4. At first it was only boran lakorns because my father watched them and he would get me to watch with him. Some of the first ones I remember were 4 Yor Kumarn, Keow Nah Mah, Chaoying Khuntong, Tayard Sawun (I think), Nang 12
  40. MaNang


    with all the hype, I thought it would be more interesting but after watching the first episode, I was like "eh..." I'm still gonna watch it for the costumes and the sweet scenes, but Yard's acting still doesn't seem to have improved very much. Compared to the other actresses who came out around...
  41. MaNang


    1. Bla Boo Tong 2. Mithi Mahudsajun 3. Tepsin Interajuk Wow, people actually know about the second one, everytime I mention it in the forum people are like :huh:
  42. MaNang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    hmm, I don't think the relationship is moving too fast but like nancyvang said, he's used to people fawning on him but thualek/moe insults him and gets under his skin. I don't think he likes her yet but is affected by her because she's different from the people around her. Anyways, exactly what...
  43. MaNang

    Do you think the BM thread needs to be organized?

    wow, great job sarn! I have a suggestion that might be useful. the forum has always had problems with people requesting and commenting in the buddie media thread. Would it make the forum load too slow if shout boxes are put into the first page of each thread, you know like the one you have on...
  44. MaNang

    Bla Boo Tong

    this is the only version I've seen and yeah, even though it's long, at least the acting is good, even when she's a kid and the plot makes sense, not unnecessarily long. too bad the director in this generation is not as good as the last
  45. MaNang

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    I like the way that Num's character is so jealous of Film and how he'll just straight up express his anger towards his n'ek and Film, he has no control when it comes to her! Can anybody else see the future paring of Num and Pat in another lakorn? LOL, I can see it from a mile away
  46. MaNang

    <span style="color:#33CCFF"><b>Waew Sieng Seung (Hunk Manogka)</b></span>

    isn't tae the p'ek from "Ai Fuk" with Bongkot? I think he's a good actor but I just can't really get into this lakorn because I feel like there's no sparks or chemistry between him and Yui. But I'm still watching it because I like the whole concept. It's by the same people who did Pleng Pah...
  47. MaNang

    n'ke playing n'rai role....

    Noon Woranuch has played nang rai before in Rak Nakara, and, kind of, in Pread Wat Sutat
  48. MaNang

    Saddest Lakorn Ever!

    Bluemoon, those are the ones that I think are the most sad and long-lasting too, Ayarak, etc. here's some of those and other ones... Koo Gam with Bird one of the ultimate sad lakorns for me, that scene where Gomalee dies in Ungsumarin's arms is a masterpiece Mithi Mahudsajun a boran lakorn that...
  49. MaNang

    "This is my lakorn collect list"

    lol, I acutally do want to open up a lakorn store one day. My life is lakorns and romance novels, it's terrible! All my lakorns are in Thai and I'll upload some soon. A lot I burned on dvds and my disk drive isn't working right now. I just bought a new one so it should be arriving soon and...
  50. MaNang

    "This is my lakorn collect list"

    Here's my list; slee00 you have so many that I want! 2003 Buang Benjatorn Buang Leh Saneha Dancemaiser Luey Juh Ruk Daoprasook Enao Gred Morakod Hak Liem Prakarn Kammatep Thua Noi Kiew Wan 2001 Likay Likay Leurd Kattiya Nang Nok Tor Ploy Lom Phet Pon Prom Ollaweng Preaed Wud Sootud Rak Ham...
  51. MaNang

    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    I just watched episode 7 and they actually do end up showing the aftermath scene in flashback clips, very cute!!!!
  52. MaNang

    >>what is the best lakorn with R-scene<<

    it's actually not an "r" scene but a love scene where they're both willing and one of my all time favorite. In Buang Benjatorn, when Laoperng/Chakrit says to Plaenoun/Marsha in the aftermath "do you know, madam, that you're sweet all over your body?" :w000t: :wub: I almost died!
  53. MaNang

    Manee Yard Fah

    for people who want to see it again, it's being aired on NAT TV! I saw it on at my sister's house on satellite tv at around 6 pm here in California. I think that NAT tv has an online stream, like at siam video or something.
  54. MaNang

    Poo new man is???

    dude, what's up with all guys who are so much older than her? she's only 16 going on 17; what is it with her anyway?
  55. MaNang

    summer in thailand

    you should try Koh Samet, it's beautiful
  56. MaNang

    how to act around girls?

    I like guys who dress well, i.e. their butt isn't hanging out of their pants and aren't forever pulling them up, funny and confident, who can hang out with the guys but don't feel pressured to fit in by acting stupid or smoking weed. A lot of the guys I know are such slackers and act that way...
  57. MaNang

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    finally! this is the lakorn that I've been waiting for ever since I started watching dramas, one where the n'ek is pregnant and they show her during her pregnancy throughout the lakorn, morning sickness to big belly to birth to taking care of the baby and all, I love it!!!! BABY!!!! I've never...
  58. MaNang

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    Spoiler Alert It does drag a bit but I have high tolerance for that kind of thing. The ending was totally worth it, I felt like they didn't rush it too much and they give us a wedding scene and a waking up together scene, although you could call it an aftermath scene, lol, but they had all...
  59. MaNang

    Poo Soam Fao Sub

    ok, now I get the title; it means Grandfather Soam (who) Guards the Treasure, from what somebody said earlier
  60. MaNang

    Lao Superstition

    there's a superstition about soaking sticky rice for more than 2 days or not soaking it one morning to cook the next morning, because it will turn red and that's a sign of bad luck, because the red color makes it look like blood, etc. my family talked about it one day and said that it's because...
  61. MaNang

    Baby Names

    yep, that's what my sister did, she picked out names for each day, like 2 for monday and like 1 for wednesday, etc. you don't have to do this but Lao people believe that if you have a name suitable to your birthday, it will bring good luck to the person. Did you know that last year, the year...
  62. MaNang

    Can you write or read laos?

    I can read Thai but my spelling is awful. The Thai alphabet is similar to Lao so I can make out some words an Lao is much easier to learn because there are less letters so less rules
  63. MaNang

    Baby Names

    hmm, traditionally you would choose it according to day, with my niece (isn't she cute, she's on my avatar!) names starting with an s are good for friday babies so my sister chose Suchada. She had names for girls picked out for each day I know its corny but I love the nickname Baeng (powder or...
  64. MaNang

    Post your school I.D.

    I've been lucky, all my school ids come out nice, I'll post it someday
  65. MaNang

    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    hmm, I wonder how the story will actually turn out if Mo didn't mean to sleep with Vee, I can accept that but if Mo agreed to sleep with Vee and have his child then I find that despicable (they could have just done inserted the wife's fertilized egg into her if she was going to be a surrogate...
  66. MaNang

    America's Next Top Model

    it'll be interesting to see if the girls whine about stuff in Thailand and to see how the Thai people react to the models also, whatever happened to Thailand's Next Top Model? Did they not do another season after the 1st one? Who won, anyway?
  67. MaNang

    <span style="color:red"><b>Raeng Rit Pit Sawad</b></span>

    actually, they don't mention Stefan as the p'ek of Raeng Rit Pitsawad or even at all; the p'ek is Captain Aum is filming Sai Luerd Haeng Ruk and this one and a movie with Oil Thana called Pee Lieng Look Dtom
  68. MaNang

    Thepsin Interajuck

    here you go, but I don't know if it's in vcd or not, you should e-mail and ask
  69. MaNang

    If you could be the n'ake in a lakorn...

    mine would be Huajai Lud Fah, because Film is so romantic Tham Huajai Bai Sood Lah... because of the desert love scene Sapai Jao, because of that kiss with Kong *sigh* Buang Bunjatorn (do I really have to say anything?) even though I'd die Saochai Khon Mai I like the idea of a guy falling in...
  70. MaNang

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    i laughed so hard in episode 2 when the n'ek called him that name (something like flirt but ruder) and then he threw down the flowers and acted like he was gay
  71. MaNang

    Hua Jai Toranong

    whoa, then that mean's it is really old. why did they keep it in stock for so long? probably they were too focused on airing lakorns by the hot stars
  72. MaNang

    Hua Jai Toranong

    yay, the ultimate nang rai, Kik, is back! and Tik looks good, seems she's lost all that weight she gained
  73. MaNang

    Lakorns from the 1990s

    You know most of the lakorns now and then are from novels, like Hemmarad (there's a sequel, by the way) Fah Krajang Dao and they stay surprisinly true to the book. Most of the time the book was written first and the lakorn was based on it, and sometimes the book is written afterward. Another...
  74. MaNang

    Aum Apichart-Benz Pornchita

    Aum has such a hot bod! =P
  75. MaNang

    Tradition of lao

    I say doi when I'm being polite or when I feel like it too. Eating: When I was younger, my family did this but now we're almost never home at the same time so we can't eat this way. Our way of eating is call samakee which translates to harmony or cooperate, something like that. We eat on the...
  76. MaNang

    when is the lao new year in LA?

    actually, I Northern CA does celebrate Lao New Year but it's not as big as LA, of course. They're celebrating it in San Pablo, for one (that's my hometown) at the city hall I think and also there's an annual dance/get together at the Veteran's Hall on 23rd. I haven't gone for 2 or 3 years...
  77. MaNang

    Kade new girl is....

    I liked Kade and Cheer in their lakorn together, there's some good potential chemistry there
  78. MaNang


    you can season with herbs, aromatics and spices, i.e. mushrooms, all kinds of onions, shallots, chili peppers, garlic, tomatoes, lemon, oranges, etc and there are no salt/no sodium seasonings out there I recommend taking some a white meat fish like tilapia or something like salmon and if you...
  79. MaNang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    wait a minute, doesn't she just have an ulcer due to abnormal eating, because the head nurse, Kade, gave her food and told her to eat on time because of her condition. So isn't this iffy, whether she's truly pregnant. Did they ever show the results of her home pregnancy kit?
  80. MaNang

    What's Your Favourite Bubble Tea ?

    I only drink taro flavor, yum
  81. MaNang

    [Serie] Devil Besides Me

    Hey, there's an extended version?!! Is the ending extended too? Can you describe some of the additional scenes and if possible, upload the ending?
  82. MaNang

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    lol, you know I acutally get Lao the least, most people mistake me for Filipino! Does anybody else get that too? I wanna see ning's picture too!
  83. MaNang

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    here's me: it's a little fuzzy. Hey do you guys know what part of Laos you're from or your parents are from?! Mines are both from the south, Savannakhet
  84. MaNang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    who was Bodeesorn in the previous life? because he's having flashbacks from heaven of Intaranee/Anyanee, the wife of the God. It seems like he was one of the maids in heaven, maybe the evil one so if that's true, he can't like Anyanee because he was jealous and hated her in the previous life...
  85. MaNang

    Ma Lai Tong

    hmm, you might wanna try at, but I don't exactly remember if they have it or not.
  86. MaNang

    [Serie] Devil Besides Me

    you can watch it at but only if you have a good connection, because it pauses a lot. what I do is I pause it and wait until that grey line under the video goes to the end, which means the whole video has loaded, and then play and it goes smoothly. How come you can't dl the...
  87. MaNang

    my bratty princess

    I'm dling it from BTChina, it has the torrent for it. Here's the link: just scroll down and pick one of the torrents, like one from the top of the list bc they probably have more seeders
  88. MaNang

    my bratty princess

    I'm still downloading it right now; it's only in Mandarin (I think) and there's no subtitles yet, should I still maybe upload it?
  89. MaNang

    Bla Boo Tong

    About the n'ek, I know she was in some kind of legal dispute, something with her husband? Somebody tell me all the dirty details please!
  90. MaNang

    Lhong Ngao Jun

    hopefully, I'm going to start subbing this lakorn after I finish my finals next week. It doesn't take me long to translate because I understand Thai pretty well but it's the timing that takes up so much time.
  91. MaNang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *screaming my head off and going crazy because it's so cute and can't wait to see* oh the humanity! somebody please upload as soon as possible *begging and crying, lying on the floor*
  92. MaNang

    [Serie] Devil Besides Me

    to play .rm files and .rmvb, I use BS player and also have Matrovska codec pack and I think you need to have Realplayer installed too.
  93. MaNang

    Ti da bah danh

    They do get each other in the end, because even though she can't talk or maybe because she can't talk, the p'ek is very caring and protective when it comes to her and falls in love with her
  94. MaNang


    I think I've seen almost all the versions of ROCH but I keep watching it anyways because I like seeing the different portrayals of the couple, plus this one focuses more on their relationship and I think there's a kiss! (love scene woohoo!!!) the filmography and scenery is a lot different from...
  95. MaNang

    YOur Lao Name??

  96. MaNang

    What are you thinking right now?

    I'm thinking about Mike He from Devil Beside You, so obsessed right now, makes me want to have a bf, and also LNJ bc I want to see the love scene too. Sarn, have you already seen Devil Beside You? I highly recommend, so many <3 scenes makes me shriek and smile like a brainless girl every 10...
  97. MaNang

    Ma Lai Tong

    the lakorn opens with a baby girl is born under an unlucky star that determines that she will bring trouble and destruction to everyone around her and when she grows up, she becomes the concubine to a king and soon after the queen becomes pregnant but is accused of adultery but it is actually a...
  98. MaNang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    wow, this lakorn is so popular that even people who don't understand thai at all watch it! I wish we had a good fansubbing team like at d-addicts so we can spread the addiction of lakorns because people don't know what they're missing, if I had time, i would love to sub this lakorn but i'm...
  99. MaNang

    Ti da bah danh

    this lakorn is ok, doesn't really drag, fun to watch now and then and I've yet to see a remake. I would upload but my cd drive is out of whack and doesn't really work right, plus I still have to convert it to vcd.
  100. MaNang

    Thammasat University

    I just came back from Thammasat in December from the UC EAP program; I go to Davis. Thammasat's Thai Studies program professors speak pretty good English and you'll definitely get a chance to have Thai students there who speak English help you practice your Thai. In my opinion it was a great...
  101. MaNang

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    naughty belle20! well, there probably won't be a r-scene but there might be a willing scene, lets hope! =D
  102. MaNang

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    I don't think that Nawee/Chakrit is going to die because I read the summary on the website and it says that now that Sunisa/Pinky is his, he's determined to take care of her and never let her go, so happy ending! I love this lakorn already, so many sweet scenes to look forward to from the...
  103. MaNang

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    Check out the official info here: Looks like a police/action/romantic lakorn with Chakrit and Pinky. She's very pretty and grown-up look in this one so check it out. Nangek: Pinky/Sawika - Sunisa, a famous lakorn actress P'ek...
  104. MaNang

    Narng Barp

    I read a little of the summary from ch 3; Yod/Benz and Yahd/Ae are sisters and were both slaves and were concubines to the master of the house. Yod wanted to become the head wife so she poisoned the wife and her kids but when she was found out, she was hung. Both her and her sister's spirits...
  105. MaNang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    oh those clothes! While they're not that bad, I miss the original styles, with the crowns and the nice traditional styled thai clothes. The last time they did that was like in the remake of thep sam rudoo a few years back
  106. MaNang

    Books u'd recommend..or currently reading

    OMG natty you read Sherrilyn Kenyon too??? that's so cool! I totally recommend Sherrilyn Kenyon also, she has a great sense of humor and has really good plots and I'd also recommend Cherry Adair for people who like intrigue, action and a little romance and Lori Foster for sweet and sexy...
  107. MaNang

    How did you find sarNworld?

    I found used to go to stars2dramas for a long time then decided to check out the forum a month before it closed and was just starting to explore it when it shut down but I think I got the link to sarn's website in the Leh Ratee thread. Hehe, once I saw that sarn was uploading Leh Ratee, I was...
  108. MaNang

    What are you wearing right now?

    I'm wearing my Thammasat uniform right now (I'm in the school library checking Sarnworld until I have to go to class, =P )
  109. MaNang

    Christmas ***** Exchange Gift

    Me too, I'm in! =) since I'm in Thailand, I can get something here that's really nice and for a good price! Sarn, what a sweet idea!
  110. MaNang has a lot of good stuff but before I buy anything I wanted to get some feedback. Can people who have bought from this site please describe your experience? How did you pay, credit or check; was the quality ok or as described on the site; the delivery time? Thanks!
  111. MaNang


    yep, I'm an exchange student from UC Davis at Thammasat (the Tha Prachan campus) right now
  112. MaNang

    Anyone Currently living in Thailand?

    I'm living in Bangkok right now studying abroad until this December! So nobody in here lives in Thailand? Darn, I wanted to find somebody to go lakorn hunting with or get recommendations on where to buy them, because they're pretty hard to find
  113. MaNang


    I'm from San Pablo, near Richmond, Pinole, Concord and Berkeley, but I go to school in Davis (Go Aggies!) Right now I'm in Bangkok studying abroad at Thammasat University. I had no idea there were so many California girls in here!