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    Nakee with English subtitles

    Hi! Where can I watch "Nakee" with English subtitles? I got to episode 3 on dramanice then after that there's no subtitles :( Thanks!
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    It's been years since I'ved logged in! Hello!

    It's been years since I'ved logged in! Hello!
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    Pee Mak Phra Khanong

    does any one know where i can watch this with eng sub???
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    LeeKong's new album 2012

    his music in this album sounds all like his other songs... its boring. lol
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    Lis koob xyooj's new album

    I would love to hear it! Any one please upload his new album! Thanks in advance!!!
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    Toog Vaj & Paj Suab Yaj

    Awww congrats to them
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    1975 Hmoob Poob Teb Chaws

    omg! i cant wait to get my hands on the soundtrack! do anyone happens to have it????
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    Hmong Music Festival in May

    Sweet! I hardly know any of them. Lol
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    Ideas on how to mix a Hmong wedding and an American wedding

    My brother in law had a mix wedding. They wore Hmong clothes and had the American wedding. I too had a mix wedding, but mine was a bit more traditional. We had the Hmong ceremony then the American wedding the next day (bad idea unless it's planned in advance) lol
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    maiv xyooj does perform here, but it's all her old songs. it's not as interesting anymore >.<
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    Nplooj Xyooj Vol. 1-4

    can someone plz reupload his albums
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    i agree with bakaPX! do u even have permission from artists to rent out their music? sooner or later you'll have yourself a lawsuit.
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    Testimony of General Vang Pao in Hell

    im christian and im totally thing "wtf???" lmao
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    Neng Yang, a Fresno Teacher

    he's gonna get fck in the a$$! deserves him right dirty bastard!
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    Tshwj Xeeb Vwj new album

    u guys are over priced!!! just wait a few weeks n it'll probably end up here or on youtube
  16. S - Now offering Korean Dramas for rent

    dam!!! tsk tsk tsk hmongflix should be ashamed!
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    Moles on your body

    my great gpa use to rubbed ppls stomach to make them feel better, have kids, ect... any ways, he said tht if u have a mole by ur stomach ur gonna be good with money or be rich. something good. lol.
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    Palm reading

    oOo! my pink is tiny! i hope thts not true! lol
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    calla... would u mind telling ur fellow sarnies who's ur b/f? hehehe. it's ok if not.
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    dam! tht is expensive!!!
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    is duab ci n tsw qab sisters? and i found xis yaj on fb! i think shes sooooo pretty!
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    Swordsman II

    o! i love tht movie! never get tire if it!
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    paj muas website idk if it's legit or not but wht ever, i just wanna kno if the albums listed on the site are current or not.
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    do u "know" a hmong celebrity????

    o dam! thts quite a few. lol
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    Es Lauj's new album

    es lauj is so much more handsome!
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    hmong girls/ guys over sea stories

    i wanna go to thailand one day... one day... how much was ur trip? from tickets to hotel to sight seeeing ect...
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    Huab Ci Yaj Vol.2

    ooo plz upload
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    Tsw Qab Thoj's new album

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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    tsk tsk tsk... perverts... she could of done someone better, like tub es lauj ^^
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    Brenda Song is pregnant

    i just read about tht!!!
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    Hnub Lis

    dang it! i found her fb but her pics are blocked and she already have too many friend request
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    o bummer! thts who she's talking about in her "nraug hmoob meka" song
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    Couple who suicided together

    that is soooo sad!!! *sniff sniff* i married my dad's cousin's brother in law, which would be consider my "uncle" in our hmong tradition. but in american tradition, he's not related to me ^^ omg! i cant get over how sad tht is...
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    Is there any way to reverse a black magic love spell???

    o man! thts crazy!!! one of my great aunts used black magic in her ex... but then idk if it really worked or not. i just heard my parents talkin bout it.
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    [Ch7] Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon (Compordee)

    so, whts the lakorn about???
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    meena thao

    here's a link of video of one of her songs. i thinks she's pretty good.
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    i was reading on youtube and someone said tht she rejected the guy... either way, she's gorgeous!!!!
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    Too Sexy of Dances @ SEA games

    omg! so inappropriate for the sea games! lmao
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    Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb ghost

    lol... i dont have time to watch movies. hehe...
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    Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb ghost

    i dont see anything!!! and i've rewind it about 5x's!!! any way, the film looks intresting. wht is it about?
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    hmong lady in sac microwaves her baby!!! she's for sure mentally ill!!!
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    eek! im sunburned!!!

    eek! im sunburned!!!
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    Who's prettier? Ntxhi Xyooj or Hnub Lis?

    lol.... hnub lis!!!
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    oOo! x-men was AWEsome!!! ^^

    oOo! x-men was AWEsome!!! ^^
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    oOo! x-men was AWEsome!!! ^^

    oOo! x-men was AWEsome!!! ^^
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    do u "know" a hmong celebrity????

    just wondering if any of you "know" any hmong celebrity.... something to gossip about ^^
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    blong xiong the singer

    oOo!!! how was meeting him??? i LOVE his music! ^^
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    blong xiong the singer

    wOwzeRs! sucks to be him, thts what he gets for being a "greecard" digger haha... but man! i hella like his music, hopfully he will still sing ^^
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    blong xiong the singer

    she's saying tht he knocked up a girl and now he's in deep sh!t. lol
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    i notice tht ppl dont sponser much singer over seas to come have concert. i mean, dont u think the sponser would make some extra cash by having concerts and stuff. who would u like to see here? i would love to see nplooj xyooj! especially during the new years! hehe... and luj yaj (he came a...
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    Summer Plans?

    spending a week in california and my wedding!!! hehe!
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    yang gerli

    i heard he's ayouduo's teacher. i love his accent!!!
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    Who's Cuter - Xais Vaj or Tub Ntxawg Xyooj

    xais vaj, he seems nice ^^
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    "How Hmong Girl Lies"

    this response is so funny!
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    "How Hmong Girl Lies"

    lmao! i like how you said "haha dumb funny Hmong girls, why are they talking about themselves? " it totally made my night. they just want attention.. tsk tsk
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    hmong scamming hmong

    personally, its not a surprise, dissapointment, but not surprising. hmong ppl over seas does it all the time.
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    Nkauj Hli Vwj Vol.2 [2011]

    cant wait!
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    hmong girls/ guys over sea stories

    omg! so i just found out my uncle sent $2000 to the "orphan" girl he was talking to and she was married with kids and she used the money to buy a tractor or wht ever! lmao.
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    Miss Int'l Runner Up Paj Ntsa Vwj visits Hmong Orphans

    dont get me wrong, but i think she;s doing it for publicity... just saying
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    hmong girls/ guys over sea stories

    lmao. as long as there are men, they are all gonna want more than wht u want. it's a men thing. just like how women like to gossip ^^ any way, @ mmm0403, just be careful of men over there also. they may seem really nice but once u get them a visa, they'll take off.
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    What bothers you the most when u watch a dubb movie or drama?

    i dont watch the dubbs cause i cant stand some of the voices! at least hire more ppl to do the voices!
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    hmong girls/ guys over sea stories

    i think this post is suppose to be in gossip but idk, who cares, right? something to talk about ^^ so theres this girl who lives over there who wants to marry my uncle, and he's almost 50 or so. any way, she's supposely an orphan and live @ the orphanage and stuff (i think it's a lie. i mean...
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    papaya salad

    with mango? hmmm... ima have to try tht! i also like the ones with cucumbers ^^
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    work @ 5... yay!!!!

    work @ 5... yay!!!!
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    UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace

    he's cute. hehehe.
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    how do heal a cut in your mouth faster? it friggin hurts! lol

    how do heal a cut in your mouth faster? it friggin hurts! lol
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    papaya salad

    just a random thought. What's ur favorite type of papaya salad? I like the ones mixed in with kaboon! and do u know how to make papaya salad??? Hehehe cause I don't. Lol.
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    issues before marriages...

    it is inappropriate but then again, it ask whts on your mind. I simply said wht was on my mind. and like what nancy wrote, i was just mad and said it. The thing tht gets to me most, is why did she lashed out after 3 years. I mean, I don't talk to her much, she's a person with little to say so...
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    issues before marriages...

    thanks for your advice. I just hope he will be able to find a place soon. There's gonna be that uncomfortable feeling with her now. Lol
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    he is so very handsome!
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    my cousin is heartbroken that Wu Chun left Fahrenheit. lol.

    my cousin is heartbroken that Wu Chun left Fahrenheit. lol.
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    issues before marriages...

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    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    does the hmong dubb series cut off a lot of parts from the original??? i dont watch much hmong dubb... cant stand the voices sometimes... lol
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    Hmong Variety เทป in Thailand

    thats so cool!!!
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    they sell hmoob suab's clothing but idk if they are real or not... any ways, are there other sites to check out hmong clothing?
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    Suab Nag Yaj's New Album

    i love her music! thanks!
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    what are your thoughts of arlington refusing to bury gvp

    @ ddwabb true true... any ways, just be careful of what u say about the american government ect, you too are an american citizen...
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    it's sunny but soooo cold!

    it's sunny but soooo cold!
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    what are your thoughts of arlington refusing to bury gvp

    A lot of hmong people are angry about Arlington burial refusing to burry gvp there. What are your thoughts about this? Personally, i think that it was better that he was burried in California due to the fact that his family would be able to visit him.
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    Big Surprise: Ling Lee says she's not married

    did she say salt lake city???? jw... haha....
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    Maiv See Yaj is actually 27?!

    she's so pretty!!!!
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    Who hates reuploads of your video?

    i couldnt agree more!!! even if you did make the MV you are still taking copyright pictures and clips... unless you took them yourself.
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    maiv xyooj at hiny

    i'm a HUGE fan, but she can not morlum! i'm just sayin'
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    Will you ever girls?

    yes! it depends on the individual also, i'm very blunt so i'll say whatever that is on my mind. haha.... or in another case wont the groom family just leave if the brides side wont lower it? and isnt 5 grand a little low? i mean, like if the bride to be was a lazy girl, it's understandable and...
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    CHAT’s Fresh Traditions IV Fashion Show

    loved it!!!! they should do a traditional one too!
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    Tanya's phone conversation with Peck

    so idk on wht excactly is going on, but frm reading all the comments it sounds like pinky is so shameful!!!! haha!
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    Hmong New Year 2010-2011

    so which of the fresno new year do u guys think is gonna be more popular????
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    Miss Hmong California 2011 Contestants!

    good luck to all of them!
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    Hmoob Looj Ceeb Conference Call

    isnt tht the hmong phone radio thing???? omg! i heard they talk so much sh*t on there!!! haha!
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    Hmong's Tales and Stories

    ahhh! thts scary! my gpa was a commander during the war and there this one time he walked through a cemetery and a hand popped up and try to grab his boots... ahhh! scary! but, i also think that the stories people tell is based on their religion... aka... my gpa frm my mom side is a shaman...
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    she did mention that she's gonna do lots of traveling... idk, maybe a new MV... any one know who her boyfriend is??? ^^
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    what to do in Utah???

    oOo! i live in utah! :) there's lots to do! if you're an outdoor person, you'll love it! the temples arent that bad, it's kinda lame. you should diff. go to antelope island and float on the salt lake!!!
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    maybe she's more comfortable speaking thai now. i mean, if you dont speak your original language for a whie you sometimes forget how to put the sentence structure together...
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    i second tht motion ym_gurl!!!
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    Is cosmetic surgery a good thing?

    haha. i did a six page report on this topic for one of my college classes. i say, if it makes a person feel better about them self then go for it.
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    The first Miss Hmong Water Festival

    i agree with YM_gurl, most hmong pagents do sucks. and they cheat! hopefully the water festival pagent didnt cheat like many before.
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    Miss Hmong International - Mee Her

    ha! she does gives out a bitchy vibe... but idk...
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    is there any other survey/ games??? my computer wont allow me to play or do the survey. also, would it dwnload a virus onto my computer?
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    but they were dating, right? haha.
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    single hmong stars

    so i was wondering if some hmong stars are single or taken: kwm lis nplooj xyooj maiv xis muas xab thoj maiv xyooj (i think she has a b/f now, but i'm not sure) ect... list some if u know any...
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    Been mistaken for another race

    some ppl thinks tht all asian look alike. lol... like, you cant tell a british person from an french person, i think it just depends...
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    i dont, i hear my uncles call each other tht all the time. but i guess it depends where you live too. where i live there's not alot of black or mexican.
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    paul and weir's lakorns

    would someone mind listing paul and weir's lakorn??? thanks!!! im totally crushing on them :D
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    hi! do you guys know if the dubbed version have all the parts as the thai one? i want to buy the hmong version but if it has parts cut off i dont really want to. thanks! also, do you guys know where i would be able to purchase it.
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    hmong wedding songs

    thanks!!! got any more?
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    hmong wedding songs

    my sister is getting married in july and my parents would like some hmong songs there. any suggestions? also does any one have the song "Hnub Koj Noj Tshoob" by luj yaj. thanks in advance :D
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    Any Hmong Girls who are still single?

    lmao... when did sarnworld became a dating site? lol
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    baby hmong boy name

    this is off topic but why is it tht hmong boys names are harder than girls? lol
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    wht ever happen to these former hmong actors? i use to hella watch them... haha... anyway, i miss watching their films..
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    hmong black magic?!.

    she had him take off the ring... my mom use to joke with me to ask my great aunt to teach me black magic so i could make this one boy i had a crush on like me (when i was younger ofcourse)... haha... i use to think it would of been so cool... and now i just find tht creepy... lol
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    Hmong Reality?

    my grandpa has hazel grren eyes! they're sooooo pretty! some ppl eye colors changes during the season... my eye color has a hint of green when its summer and it goes back to brown when its winter...
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    Okay..what do you guys think?! really need help

    wow.... tht sucks! they should elope! haha... i mean look at hmong couples these days... they move in with each other already... who cares about dissapointing the elders, they'll eventually get it through their thick skulls that hmong ppl are becoming more amercanized...
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    Hmong Reality?

    blue eyes??? i dont think so.. hazel? yes... blonde hair? yes... i had blonde hair when i was younger.... my aunt and 2 of my uncles have a auburn hair color...
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    hmong black magic?!.

    before my grandpa and his family became christian my great grandpa use to know how to do black magic voo doo stuff... he taught his youngest daughter (my great aunt) how to do it before they were christianized... and so (two years ago) she did some black magic on her old boyfriend with a ring so...
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    pinky's lakorn...

    idk whts it called but she plays a princess who loses her memories...
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    hmong black magic?!.

    theres a few sites where your dreams can be explain... its pretty cool... like if u dream of zombies then tht means u have a grudge... why? because the zombies are undead and u are not willing to let tht grudge go...
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    ciaj sia and tht one girl

    @ vamkim true tht true tht! haha...
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    ooo! so the other day i was just talking to my boyfriend about this whole dead ppl calling and a number, 0000000000, called me! i was a little freaked out but i didnt pick it up. so i went and looked up the number. then they called me last night,again, i picked it up. it was telemarketers, i...
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    aha. i'm sure it's all bull shit... i got a text saying if this number calls dont pick it up, its dead ppl in laos/thailand calling. well, i looked up the number and it was a telemarketing number. so technically, ppl are just over reacting... first it was hmong vampires and now "deadly phone...
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    do they get to keep the crown???
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    aha... when i was in cali, my aunt got a text about it... but c'mon, logicallay... it could be anyone, but the dead, maybe it's telemarketers.
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    ciaj sia and tht one girl

    yes... the ntxee chick or however u spell it... cuz at the new year he was pov pov-ing with his ex girlfriend and i asked my aunt if thts his gf and she said its his ex but he is dating tht one girl from thailand.
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    ciaj sia and tht one girl

    so he's dating tht girl from thailand... yup... aha... his sister is friends with my aunt, so at FHNY i was pov pov-ing next to him and after we left the pov pov place she told me.
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    she's pretty. but way too much make up. omg!
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    come to utah! aha! especially if u love the outdoors! lol... omg! if any one plans on coming to utah, you guys should totally hike "angel's landing" it's hella steep but so fun!
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    "Nuj Nplhaib thiab Ntxawm"

    aha... yeah. i saw it on youtube but maybe i'll watch it after work. lol...
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    What do you think of Taboo people?

    aha! i;m dating my second cousin's brother in law.. even if her wasnt my 2nd cousin brother in law, his unlce is related to my grandma... lol... there's not much variety in our hmong community... i mean c'mon theres only like 20 something hmong last names right?
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    "Nuj Nplhaib thiab Ntxawm"

    aha... i see... lol... thanks ymgurl!
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    "Nuj Nplhaib thiab Ntxawm"

    whts the story about??? i'm always hearing about it, but i've never seen the movie. would someone summarize it for me? aha!
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    maiv xyoo's new album

    aha!!!i think maiv xyooj was famous before mab vaj was. lol... mab vaj has a more umm.... annoying voice, like it crackles...
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    i second tht motion! ugh.. pzk is getting OLD. we need someone new to gossip about. but i dont think she has talent... looks? yes of course! she's goregous! talents? hell no! haha! well good luck to who ever is participating this year :D
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    What do you guys think about this case?

    wow... thts a messed up revenge! 110 yrs is soooo ridculous!!! seriously! i mean maybe like 30-40 but 110? wtf? but i think its also the girls fault... i mean most girls over there will do about anything to come to the US... like, my uncle is 45(?) and he goes looking for a wife over there. it...
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    maiv xyoo's new album

    she's going to fresno also. here's a clip to her interview...
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    maiv xyoo's new album

    yeah! new mv and cd!!! i cant wait to get mine! haha
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    miss hmong california contestants

    who won????
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    maiv xyoo's new album

    o pictures would be nice. any one got her album yet????
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    aha... thts interesting. lmao...
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    miss hmong california contestants they're all pretty cute... some of their hmong is really fake though. haha
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    does any one know if they have any gals from over seas???
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    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    lmao, i remember tht one, funny. she has HELLLA pictures of her on her space. lol... i mean i have a lot of pic of me on mine but not as many as she does. haha.
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    maiv xyoo's new album

    it's already out. i'm so excited to get it :D
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    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    omg! so i was on youtube and like hella hmong ppl act like she was the first hmong chick to meet ayouduo! haha... i was like "i'm sure she's not the first" lol... but yea... pzk seems really stuck-up!!!!!
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    Victoria Her

    haha true true! i know one! well... knew??? haha. she was married to my cousin, but they divorce. it's kalia moua.
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    2009 Miss. Teen Thailand Winner

    which ones are the mutts? beside the one on the left...
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    Victoria Her

    there are a lot of hmong ppl who models for different companies. its just not tht single hmong girl that has a profile... other hmong girls models for runways also... just do research and i'm sure you'll find some.
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    thanks for the birthday wish!!!!

    thanks for the birthday wish!!!!
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    WHO is the MOST beautiful "MISS HMONG" winner in Hmong history?

    how tall is she? like 5'7??? arent most hmong girls between 4'10-5'5?
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    is it possible???

    of course it is... as long as u speak the language fluently and have talents :D
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    hmong beauty Pageant

    well... if u got talent use it! haha! play an instrument... it always amuses people...if you can't handle a tone don't sing, you'll make the audience go deaf (like pzk)... but best of luck! oOo... practice ur hmong, and don't sound too fake... it annoys ppl.
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    me too! i am soooo excited!!! haha! i gotta start saving my money! lol
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    isnt shamanism more culture-traditional like than a religion???
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    so is this messed up or wht?

    he's been in the US for like 3 years... so i guess they went to the doctors??? idk. he's 23 so i think the lady was around the same age. but ya, my parents said tht he told my great aunt and uncle tht back in laos he got scared by some laotion(?) ladies... wtf?
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    so is this messed up or wht?

    so there was this guy who lived in laos and a girl from Oregon went over there and met him so she later brought him to the states and married him. and so it turn out that he's like infertile (or something like that) and so she totally just left him! after bringing him to the states and all, with...
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    Who is considered to have the best singing vocal in Thailand?

    got jakrapun!!! haha! i would recognize his voice any where! lol
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    Winner goes to the East

    haha! u sound like tht one dude on youtube that was making a remark on britney spears. lmao "leave britney alone." instead it's like "leave paj zaub alone!" lmao. anyways, i highly doubt those ppl in china even know who she is.
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    CIAJ SIA married hmong-thai star Ntxhi Xyooj?

    they are VERY pretty!!! any ways, here's wht ciaj sia gotta say: Hello Friends, Wow, I have been getting hundreds of messages these days about me getting marry or already am married to a Thailand chick, and that I was sue again by some unknown person. First of all, No, I'm not tieing the knott...
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    CIAJ SIA married hmong-thai star Ntxhi Xyooj?

    his sister said he's not marrying anyone she knows of. RUMORS.
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    tua Sarunyu

    awww i had a little crush on him. haha. he is very handsome
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    CIAJ SIA married hmong-thai star Ntxhi Xyooj?

    really? wow. i'll ask my uncle, he's dating ciaj sia's sister.
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    tik got married!

    awww cute cute couple! i love weddings. but he does look a lot older haha.
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    Sister is b****

    girl! i know where u are coming from! my sister fool around with her boyfriend 24/7! she also called the cops on my mom cuz my mom hit her for staying out so late! she also yelled at my uncles and aunts caise they tell her to behave a little (PDA!). i tell her "u best be watching wht u doin...
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    Short Boyfriend....

    agree! dont break up with him cuz of his height. my bf is 5'9 and i'm 4'10. haha...
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    cua yaj and mai yeng lee(my cousin) they are married

    aww! they are sooo cute! how long have they been married? did she married him or he married her? lol
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    ::Brenda Song::

    for some reason i just want to sock her in the face. haha!
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    cua yaj and mai yeng lee(my cousin) they are married

    aww! super dooper cute :D they hella got air brush though! so freakin flawless... i'm so jealous.
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    is this nkauj cua's real voice?

    ooo! tht is soooo awesome! so is her and ywg pheej a real couple or just partners?
  168. S

    is this nkauj cua's real voice?

    ohhh... her singing is horrible but she does have a nice natural voice. i wonder if she helps them ppl dubb the movies...
  169. S

    is this nkauj cua's real voice?
  170. S

    Personality or Looks?

    i use to go for looks. haha! but i guess it depends how well you and the other person connects... even if they are not good looking. my b/f is ugly! i tell him that all the time, but he makes me happy, so i eventually got use to his ugliness :D
  171. S

    Paj Huam Haam

    wardrobe malfunction! haha! i like her though! reminds me of mee hang!
  172. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    not yet. it's coming out this year i believe. ooo! did u guys know she moved to st. paul???
  173. S

    Hmong Girls on Tyra Banks Show

    i like being different. tht's how i was notice in HS :D and ppl liked me for who i was.
  174. S

    slumdog millionairs

    omg! i freakin love the main song!!! it's awesome!
  175. S

    ntxawm lis

    ew! for reals? wow... haha
  176. S

    new release "2009-2010"

    hey! aint she tht one chick tht sounds like maiv xyooj but worst? dude! she sounds like she has a frog in her throat. but i give her kudos for trying :D
  177. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    whoa! calm down. lol
  178. S

    let's gossip :D

    wow... haha! interesting.
  179. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

  180. S

    let's gossip :D

    so i notice we havent had a big thing to talk about in a while. haha. anyways, i was just wondering if maiv xyooj pays child support since she does a concert like every other weekend... mmm... so yea.
  181. S

    hEllO! thX fOR thE fLicKS

    hEllO! thX fOR thE fLicKS
  182. S

    WHO is the MOST beautiful "MISS HMONG" winner in Hmong history?

    none. they all are stuck up b*tches. they think that they are better than everyone else. they wont admit it but it shows.
  183. S

    anyone know the dude that sell maiv xyooj music?

    comment chue on his myspace, i'm sure he knows :D
  184. S

    Mother gossiping

    omg! i tolly agree! my mom hella exaggerates! ugh! it's like "wtf? tht was SO not what happened!"
  185. S


    i second tht motion!
  186. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    wow! if ya ppl are hatin' so much why bother takin' ur sweet time to go on her page and look at it?
  187. S

    hey help!

    ugh... idk... on yountube it said tht it's old
  188. S

    hey help!

    "kho leo khae ni" by parn thanporn, it has tik and pepper in it.
  189. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    hell, i would! haha!
  190. S

    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    we'll totally support any of our sarnies if they participate :D well... atleast i will :D
  191. S


    ew! he can't even act whatsoever! and i'm sure lots if ppl are tired of them two.
  192. S


    ugh... idk... i think the pagents are over rated. i just hops the winner isnt a stuck up... i hate stuck ups. atleast say hi to fans tht say hi to u. gosh! haha
  193. S

    i'm great! how r u? havent talked to u in a while! haha

    i'm great! how r u? havent talked to u in a while! haha
  194. S

    random thoughts

    my whole church is all relatives, all thaos. the other hmong ppl have their own church. he's a little over dramatic about his prayers. lol... even our pastor said so.... haha... but about confronting him? shoot, he'll hella deny it. according to him he'll say "the evil spirit told me you did...
  195. S

    random thoughts

    another thought... so how many are u guys religious? anyways, i go to a church where every one knows every thing about you and all. it's really irratating. anyways, this guy the was preaching to my youth group was using my personal experience along with his neices personal experiance as...
  196. S

    random thoughts

    so i was at my aunt's house gettin ready for her wedding, and it was just us girls tht was doing the cooking and all. whts with with the guys these days? all they do is sit back and watch us cook. urgh! makes me irratated. and making egg rolls for 600 guest is also irratated. haha
  197. S

    hiii tina!

    hiii tina!
  198. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    wasn't she like 16 when she married him? or younger???
  199. S

    thanks for all the lovely music u have posted up!

    thanks for all the lovely music u have posted up!
  200. S

    chinese shaman

    my great grandfather use to do something to ur stomache to make u have a boy or girl, i cant spell it in hmong though, something like when they massage your stomache. the position of sex also contributes. i think if it was doggie there's a higher chance of a boy...idk, read it in cosmo. gotta...
  201. S


    gay marriages. i wrote one about it before. oh! and immagration is a good one too.
  202. S

    TABBOO?? yang+yang. etc...

    isnt there like 20 hmong last name? someone gotta end up with another one with the same last name. haha. kiddin. but i heard tht thao's cant marry hang... (or something with a "h," i'm not quite sure) cuz they use to be thao's toom correct?
  203. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    haha. true true. i meant tht since after her divorce it seems like there's more ppl liking her and disliking her.
  204. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    i think those r poppies. whts the difference between opium and poppies???
  205. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    back frm laos and thailand. she's a singer, after her divorce she became a bigger hit. haha
  206. S

    ::Brenda Song::

    so have ANYONE seen her at ANY hmong new years? have she EVEN been to one? have she EVEN took picturesin hmong clothes?
  207. S

    gran torino

    omg! it's still in my work place biggest theater! ahhh!
  208. S

    ::Brenda Song::

    showing her face to the hmong community would be nice
  209. S

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    go check out her myspace! beautiful pictures :D i'm so happy she's back haha!
  210. S

    hmong gossip! :D

    haha! i think i should keep tht confidential. lol
  211. S

    ::Brenda Song::

    not a big fan, i think she thinks tht she's too good to show her face to the hmong community.
  212. S

    [pic]Ch3 dara attended a wedding

    aw! how lovely! weddings r so awesome!
  213. S

    Learning Thai

    omg! i have a litltle thai-english dictionary tht i use whenever i'm watching a MV haha
  214. S

    innocent miss hmong

    i think outta all the pagents, mercedes is probably my favorite. she's not stuck up and actually commetn ppl back when they comment her.
  215. S

    innocent miss hmong

    she's mormon... mormon has a tendency to be very good girls! they marry young tho. the majority of my friends are mormon also.
  216. S

    thai fabric...

    does any one know where i would be able to purchase it online???
  217. S

    hMONg tABLoiDs...

    oOo! i like photo shops :D they're so awesome! haha! confusing to use tho
  218. S

    saving yourself until marriage

    yes... dont let them pressure u!!! and dont regret it. and dont sleep with around!
  219. S

    gran torino

    so i went to see it in theater today, and omg! it was hella packed! all older american ppl... me n my sis were the only hmong ppl in ther. haha!
  220. S

    hMONg tABLoiDs...

    so i notice we gossip a lot in here! let's all start a "hmong tabloid" haha! anything to share??? let's see... have u guys been on u tube lately? PZK made a few remarks about her winning the miss. hmong int. pagent... and mmm... heard tht maiv xyooj was in thailand filming a music video... and...
  221. S

    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    i personally think tht cristine and dao makes a cuter couple... they are both very hmoob meka.
  222. S

    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

    does this topic refers to "traditonal" hmong family? i've never heard of any of these things before
  223. S

    hmong scary movie..

    wht is it about
  224. S

    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

    hmong cannibals? like???
  225. S

    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

  226. S

    ntxawm lis

    i'll be waiting for picture ;D
  227. S

    Miss Hmong International 08-09

    PZK wants too much attention! like seriously! i mean wasnt miss hmong california enough?
  228. S

    hey! suab nag fans!!!

    what MV is nkauj toj siab nraug nram nroog in??? i love tht song!!!!
  229. S

    Miss Hmong International 08-09

    pzk won again? tht dam bitch! haha! wht else does she wants? to become the freakin next "hmong hottie?" ugh! she really bugs me, all tht attention from the other isnt enough for her? i hope she chokes!!!
  230. S

    gran torino

    toad and yum yum! haha! funny! cant wait to see it in theater!!!
  231. S

    Miss Hmong International 08-09

    ugh! pzk bugs me haha! she already had her fame and all and she still wants more? wtf? the first one is pretty and the third one. any ways, best of luck
  232. S

    gran torino

    i saw it! yay! it's not suppose to be out til jan 9th tho. ah ha! the way they had the hmong ppl talk was so funny! especially the grandma! she blamed every thing on clint eastwood's character! overall, it's a typical hmong life story, the whole "stay away from me nyuam liab!" thing. there...
  233. S

    hey! wht happened?

    so i was gonna check out some songs of hers andthey were gone! like notta left! man!!! ja kno wht happened?
  234. S

    Gen.Vang.Paos Bday

    that's rediculous!!! i mean i appreciated what he had done for us hmong ppl but seriously, that's beyound messed up. friggin ppl act like he's the hmong god or sumthing. it bugs me when ppl are like that.
  235. S

    Hnub Lis

    yikes! tht loos scary! ha ha! whts the movie about? anyways, thts good for her! cant wait to see the new actresses!
  236. S

    another maiv xyooj topic :D

    o really? wow! how did u kno that? i mean i love her music and all, but wow! tht is so messed up! her kids are probably gonna hate her later on for that. haha! wow... tht's messed up! haha! she probably have more than enough money to pay for child support then! haha!
  237. S

    another maiv xyooj topic :D

    so is it just me or does it seems like she's been having a lot of concert in different places? and who watches her kids? anyway, just wondering about these things...
  238. S

    MISS HMONG CA 2008-2009

    oOo! who won???
  239. S

    hey! tht new BK commercial!

    i think they used hmong ppl.
  240. S

    eh! help!

    it's files... i tried burning thembut the wont work...
  241. S


    i think i use to go to church with rose, she was my buddy... idk... it's been like 8 yrs! is there any background info? anyways, best of luck to them
  242. S

    eh! help!

    so before i was able to dwn load and now i can't. it'll save into my files but it won't burn onto a cd... ideas???
  243. S

    hmong gossip! :D

    so is it just me or does words spread hella fast??? eg: my barely 15 yr old cousin is 5 months prego and every one at her school already knows, she just told her mom and brothers on sunday! hmong ppl up here already knows too. haha! i just find it funny how words spread so quickly!
  244. S

    Maiv Xyooj's Myspace Blog...

    oOo! gossip! gotta love it! i do... as for mai, i love her! who cares about her personal problems, every one has them. anyways, always supportin'! woot!
  245. S

    [Movie] Twilight

    wow! lotsa twilight fans! i work at a theater and we sold over 800 tickets! all for the midnight! and dam i'm working tht night!
  246. S


    so i'm just wondering if there are any bollywood movies with lots of singing and dancing. please list some!
  247. S

    dont u hate it when ppl wears the same outfits as u do?

    so our hmong new year is coming up and my sisters and i are the only ones who do ever keep up with the "newest" hmong fashion. anyways, my grandma bought us the new hmoob suav outfits from sac and we were the only ones who had them up here and then next thing i knew, all of the other hmong utah...
  248. S

    upcoming hmong new year

    oOo! u all live with lots of hmong ppl! dam u! haha! utah has only about 60 hmong families so our new year isnt anything fancy... sad :(
  249. S

    hi lily!

    hi lily!
  250. S

    Oil and Lift Thai singers

    oOo! how exciting! ahhh!
  251. S


    o! i remember tht movie!!! i didnt like it much... the sister was so annoying!
  252. S


    omg! i freaking love maiv xyooj! she's my idol! ha ha! no she really is my idol! anyways, i am so super excited for the music video! ahhhh! i cant wait! and who gives a fuck if she had plastic done! shoo! i woulda too if i had the mulah! won't you??? :D it's freaking the USA, over 16 million...
  253. S

    bao xiong miss hmong cali 07/08

    aw! good for BAO! wish her the best in all she do!
  254. S


    haha! funny topic... i agree, it's so hard to find a nice "decent" man these days. this guy i'm dating lost it to this one girl and she left his sorry ass after that! lmao! i teased him and tell him that he deserves it for being horny.
  255. S

    Gran Torino Trailer

    ooo! are they gonna talk in hmong??? like some clips or so? haha
  256. S

    Leej Twg Mus Xaiv Ntsha Ua Nom (Presidential Election, Vote?)

    ya heard about palin's lil scandal thingy back in alaska? well if not here is wht i heard, when she was governor she fired two sheriffs (or some what like tht) cause of a personal family issue, then she used the states tax or something like tht to pay her family trip for disneyland and all...
  257. S

    [News October 21st] Hmong Garden Controversy

    oOo! someone who live in fresno should kick her ass! shoo! hella disrespectful man!
  258. S

    Do you guys think that this is Ntxawm Hawj???

    o ok. tell her us peeps in utah said "hi!"
  259. S

    Ciaj Sia

    i don't know him personally, i do, however, know ppl tht knows him personally. my uncle is dating his sister and he lives in (or by) merced. anyways, my uncle says tht he's hecka coincited about his voice and all! haha! o! been to there house once too! very nice. model homes like... tee wee...
  260. S

    Do you guys think that this is Ntxawm Hawj???

    omg! her sister use to live by me!!! haha! but since her split i havent seen her around! sad... o well... i'll show ya a pic of her sis when i find one. o! btw... ask ntxawm had she talked to zoua???
  261. S


    so which is the original hmong language? is it hmoob dawb or hmoob leeg? 'cause i was watching a video of hmoob suav(spell check) and they were speaking in hmoob leeg. and i read this article on wiki and it said tht this one dr. dude claims that "hmong" is only refer to hmoob dawb and not hmoob...
  262. S


  263. S


  264. S


    oOo! mine was the very first one! haha!!!
  265. S

    English Interview

    omg! u cant even hear his accent! wow! in the movie he has an accent tho... dam! hella cute!!
  266. S


    LMAO! o that's funny! good one!
  267. S

    Anyone going to support Chakrit in Bangkok Dangerous this weekend?

    omg omg omg! i work at a theater and still havent seen it!!! errr!!! i heard it was way good tho! hopefully it wont be a dissapointment :) charkit is soooo friggin adorable! haha!
  268. S

    Movie price should be worth the money

    i know what ur talking about! i wasted 20 bucks on this one hmong movie and i only watched it once! gay!!! i usually look up the trailers on youtube or ask wht is it about or if anyone seen it...
  269. S

    Cockfighting ring busted

    my dad raises chickens, and sometimes he even but them into a cockfighting ring... but it's just for fun, and it's only once in a while... i dont think i've seen a cockfight for4 or 5 months now... ha ha!a lot of hmong guys do it too... it's soooo boring! and abusive!
  270. S

    Huab Tais 7 Leej Ntxhais - prasuton manorah

    oOops! my bad! wrong one! haha!
  271. S

    Huab Tais 7 Leej Ntxhais - prasuton manorah

    isn't it the namununa one??? it's on youtube if it's that one...ha ha!
  272. S


    ha ha! just the thought of marriage scares me! lol... i personally think that it is up to the parents. such as if she has a good eduacation (exp. bachelors masters phd ect...) then she should be price higher... just my opinion
  273. S

    o hey!just got your comment! ha ha! mmm... weber state university.. yeah!

    o hey!just got your comment! ha ha! mmm... weber state university.. yeah!
  274. S

    who's some good hmong singers?

    any? jw...
  275. S


    haha funny... wow...
  276. S

    mai xyooj to marry tub yaj

  277. S


    ha ha! ppl hella talk smack! funny! lmao... anyways, if u cant see tht mai layers her make up, get ur eyes checked! obviously she hella layers it! she shouldn't act or model wht so ever... i like her the way she is, personally i think she should stick to singing... love her! anyways, this whole...
  278. S

    Share your Hmong posters

    oOo! he's cute! ^_^
  279. S


    o i kno! it bugs me! why couldnt they just leave the first few! god!
  280. S


    if u watch her first music video, u'll be able to see her flaws...
  281. S


    i'm a very big of mai's, and she DOES put on a lot of make up! like what YM_girl said, you could see her dark spots f ur close enough. camera adds 10 pounds!
  282. S

    old hmong dubb chinese movie

    thnaks soooo much!
  283. S

    hmong-american girls are fat!

    omg! i totally know wht u mean! so my uncle's like 44? and he's lookin for a wife in laos or thailand, and he went over there last summer??? or spring???- anyways, my cousins, aunt, and i went dwn to cali to visit my grandparents and he was like "stephanie, come see your future auntie" and i was...
  284. S

    any upcoming projects??

    i'm confused... wht's SEG again??? and wht do they do? ha ha! i'm a little lost...
  285. S

    Paj zaub has kids?

    wow! she's gettin old! sarnworld has like 10 topics about her already...
  286. S

    Song in a Thai movie help.

    can sum one re upload the songs?
  287. S

    Which Thai singers do you want to see perform in the U.S?

    does that includes any type of singers??? if so, i would LOVE to see got jakrapun! haha! woot!
  288. S

    oh ha ha! sorry lily! i comment the wrong lily! lol... my badd!

    oh ha ha! sorry lily! i comment the wrong lily! lol... my badd!
  289. S

    Hmong casanova

    dam!!! he looks hella coinceded!!!
  290. S

    Kunfu Lovers

    oOo i know! ilove hu ge also!!! wu chun does look odd in anceint chinese clothing... go hu ge!!! woot!
  291. S

    hi lily!!! i'm goodZ! how r u? hey! r u guys gonna visit ur g-ma and em ppl in south sac during...

    hi lily!!! i'm goodZ! how r u? hey! r u guys gonna visit ur g-ma and em ppl in south sac during 4th of july? we're coing dwn so hopefully i'll see ya! any ways, yea... when do u graduate???
  292. S


    how do u dwn load frm it then???
  293. S

    To maiv xyooj fans

    she's catholic
  294. S

    paj muas

    god! i'm really bored! ha ha! anyways, is paj muas a good singer??? i've heard her sing but just wanna kno ya'lls opinion.
  295. S

    good hmong movies...

    so i'm on scanning through the hmong movie section, is there any good "newer" hmong movies???
  296. S

    SAWADEE KHAA from thailanddd

    omg! ur so lucky! have lotsa fun!!!!
  297. S

    Oh no, are ALL actors GAY?

    o no!!! cry cry cry...not rome! o my gaw! i hope other actors/ singers aren't gay... speaking of tht... who else in the thai entertainment industry is... gay???
  298. S

    Lakorn Store (All in DVD)

    omg!!! u have "dao tam din?" ahhh!totally awesomeness!!! do u happen to have "hongfah kub somwang???" o btw! wht's "Game Kiattiyot" about? does it have got j??? or a diff. one? ha ha...
  299. S


    o! ok thanks!!!
  300. S

    Tang Pan Korn

    i love this lakorn!!! omg! my sisters and i finished it in 4 days! ha ha! do u guys kno where i can purchase it? o btw... wht does "tae pang korn" means? ha ha
  301. S

    Baan Sai Thong

    whts the lakorn about? i'm always hearing ppl talk about it and stuff...
  302. S


    if so, how? thanks!
  303. S

    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008

    i think the whole miss. hmong california pagent is just way over rated. most of the winners only wins because they have connections to the judges. Other hmong girls who were born in california should also be allowed to enter, they all once was californians too.
  304. S

    mercedes ly

    she's planning on attending byu! yay! awesome! me too!
  305. S

    To maiv xyooj fans

    when she still had her old myspace she posted some pictures of her with less make up. her "recent" pictures were taken by a regular camera, so there's no touch or up or anything like that on the pictures.
  306. S

    Which clan?

    wow! this topic is kind of getting too bias. haha... my parents doesnt have a problem any clans... well... not that i know of...
  307. S


    looks nice! i'm not a war movie person tho... war movies saddens me
  308. S

    Where Do You Live..?

    in utah!!! yay! no... not really. but yea!
  309. S

    what are some good lakorn to watch?

    thanks guys!!!
  310. S

    ❤️ AsianFuse's Wiki!

    sarnwiki is totally awesome! there's one of p' got! woot! ha ha! here's i think all of p'got's lakorns. 1. dao tam din with kob suwanan 1995 1. hongfa kub somwang with aom piyada 2001 2. likay likey with tong pukkaramai 2003 3. tur keu duang jai with cherry khemupsorn 2006
  311. S

    My Sassy Girl Trailer (Hollywood remakes)

    omg!! !a remake? err! makes me mad when (no offense) white ppl rip off asian movies!
  312. S

    Huas Ham

    oOo! so u could get us the sales info right?
  313. S

    what are some good lakorn to watch?

    i just got done with i kaew tah pee a few weeks ago, it's a very cute lakorn! but yea, i was just wondering if u guys kno any lakorns that are enjoyable to watch. please list them and who's in it. thanks!!!
  314. S

    WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak

    ah! u ppl tht r going is sooo lucky! too dam bad it's on a school night!!! i'd cry if i were to see him in concert! ha ha! be sure to take lotsa pics! and have fun!
  315. S

    Huas Ham

    omg! he's so cute! i just think all immer guys are cute! haha!
  316. S

    The Forbidden Kingdom

    it comes out april 18th. omg! i'ma so go to the midnight preveiw!!!
  317. S

    To maiv xyooj fans

  318. S

    A true miss hmong california?

    ha ha! true that...
  319. S


  320. S

    relatives liking each other

    i guess he'll be my 2nd cousins in law. but yea. and also my other 2nd cousins husbands 1st cousin... it's confusing. lol... i agree with wht u said about the connections. ha ha!
  321. S

    relatives liking each other

    so my dad's 1st cousin's brother in law has a thing for me and i just find it really uncomfotable! does any one else have a smiliar situation? it just really disturbs me when relatives like each other (probaby cuz i'm so white wash).also, i live in a small community of hmong ppl and they're all...
  322. S


    ah thts scary! was it gang related? my g-parents lives in south sac too and they had a drive by shooting cuz of my uncle. freakin' retard! lol... ah but thts scary!!!
  323. S

    To maiv xyooj fans

    ha ha! that's from her myspace!!!
  324. S

    Got Jakrapun

  325. S

    Got Jakrapun

  326. S

    family size

    3 boys and 5 girls... woot!!!
  327. S

    Luj Yaj

    <h1> ah! thank u so so so so very much!!!
  328. S

    If you got to go to Thailand....

    one of my friends went to thailand last summer, she bumped into tata young at the mall! haha! it was total awesomeness!!!anyway, i'd like to "bump" into tik, aom p, oil, and of course p'got!!! either tik or p'got would do... ha ha!
  329. S


    omg omg omg! i am so gosh darn excited to see it! ah! totaly jet li fan!!! woot! so excited! this should be good!
  330. S

    who's tht one girl???

    can some one post pics of her?
  331. S


    i agree! her mom is playing favorites! just cuz pang zua's all "famous" now. geeze! her parents are gonna rip her off one of these days. i personally think the younger sister is cuter!
  332. S

    who's tht one girl???

  333. S

    who's tht one girl???

    so i'm watching kaew tah pee and i was just wondering what's the actress's name? the one tht plays tik's ex? and dam! she's good at playing a bitch! especially in tae pang korn. but yea..
  334. S

    Subway Hmong Shaman

    wow! interesting!!!
  335. S

    underage kids

    who r u guys all talking about? i wanna see.. lol
  336. S

    Maiv Pu Vol 2

    hey! can someone re upload it? it won't lemme dwn load it. thnaks!!!
  337. S

    underage kids

    thts good to hear. i'm sure tht any other parents wouldn't let their daughters do tht too.
  338. S

    Heath Ledger dead

    o i just read tht a little bit ago. ah! it's so sad!!!
  339. S

    List actors/actress of new faces

    wht ever happen to those actors and actresses that herr's video use to have in their movies? anyways, havent seen any "new" hmong movies. but anything with somchai would be totally awesome!
  340. S

    Maim Tseeb Tseeb Lis Concert in Sacramento

    yeah, any one has his songs??? all be dam! i cant go. shoo!!! love his songs tho... woot!
  341. S

    Guess What?????

    o well tht mai and chue are divorce, it's not our business. look at britney spears for example? she's been divorce and she still has hella fans. mai may be divorce but she's still gonna have hella fans. am i right? cuz i'm still a huge fan of hers.
  342. S

    Guess What?????

    her and chue did divorce. i emailed her myself and ask.
  343. S

    voos yaj two new movie

    can anyone one post up the pics?
  344. S

    hi tina!!! how are you???

    hi tina!!! how are you???
  345. S

    Guess What?????

    oOo i kno! i just post it in her other topic... it's so sad :( i didnt kno she was going outta state! aw! all i kno was tht she took her younger sons with her.
  346. S

    maiv xyooj's rumor

    although it's none of my business or any one elses, mai did divorce chue... she took her younger sons with her and left, heard it frm a source tht knows the family.
  347. S

    A true miss hmong california?

    oO my... nOo cOmmeNt...
  348. S

    new year photos

    ooo! i talked to maiv xyooj for a few minutes... she's really nice in person... people were looking at me hella weird tho! lol
  349. S

    maiv xyooj's rumor

    i think she has 4 sons. her oldest son is like 16-17??? he's huge! like a football player huge!
  350. S

    old hmong dubb chinese movie

    omg! thx so much!!! can anyone upload it if they have it????
  351. S

    doing fabulous! just looking at colleges to go to. yay!!!

    doing fabulous! just looking at colleges to go to. yay!!!
  352. S

    old hmong dubb chinese movie

    o thank u so much!!!
  353. S

    Ntxhuav Yaj (tub yaj youngest brother)

    ah! i wasted 20 bucks on that movie! shoot! tht movie is hella lame!!! but Ntxhuav Yaj is very handsome!
  354. S

    old hmong dubb chinese movie

    omg! thank u so much!!! i've been looking for the song forever!
  355. S

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    ooo! i kno huh? i'm listening to it and i'm like "they're so depressing!" i mean don't get me wrong i love her! but the majority of the album does have painful songs in it. i like the album tho!
  356. S

    new year photos

    here's maiv xyooj and i! it was awesome meeting her!!!
  357. S

    old hmong dubb chinese movie

    does any one kno the hmong song for this movie??? the movie's about this one girl that keeps on hunting deer then the deer prince told the town's doctor to tell her to stop or she's gonna die and she ends up dying and the doctor ends up marrying her ghost. and the doctors lady friend doesn't...
  358. S

    good "immer" music

    i'm just wondering if any of u guys kno any good "immer" singer, album, ect ect ect... that i could probably get during sac's new year.
  359. S

    how would you spell/pronounce "pov pob" in english?

    thanks!!! but i think i used "ball pa"
  360. S

    Mixed Thai Stars

    got jakrapun: half thai and american
  361. S

    how would you spell/pronounce "pov pob" in english?

    how would u pronounce it????
  362. S

    hey you! how have you been?

    hey you! how have you been?
  363. S

    how would you spell/pronounce "pov pob" in english?

    how would u spell "pov pob" in english... like how to pronounce it?
  364. S

    what kind of hmong girls is prettier?

    well yea! of course a girls are beautiful in their own way. but i'm talking about hmong girls in general.
  365. S

    what kind of hmong girls is prettier?

    so i was on youtube looking up hmong music and like all these kinds of stuff popped up, anyways, what kind of hmong girls do you guys think are prettier??? i think that hmong chinese girls are gorgeous!!! especially the ones like wang li, ayouduo and zuying song. oh! they're all so gorgeous...
  366. S

    lily!!! whts up cuz??? ahha!

    lily!!! whts up cuz??? ahha!
  367. S

    Guess who is our HMONG Britney Spears & our HMONG Justin Timberland

    i dunno... but i think our "hmong elvis" is pov thoj and our "hmong tim mcgraw" is luj yaj! ahha! i think...
  368. S

    brenda song speaking hmong

    ahha!!! that's funny!!! i woulda expect more hmong words from someone like her.
  369. S

    hmong hater right here

    geeze! some people kids these days! they be hella hatin' for gay ass reasons! it cracks me up! ahha! what a loser!
  370. S

    Mai xyooj & Tswb vaj

    awww! poor maiv!!!
  371. S

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    oOo! how much is it to go abroad??? i wanted to go but i'ma probably end up else where... shoot!
  372. S

    Hmongs New law

    wtf??? thts gay!!! only 5000??? geeze! the girls parents should raise the dowdry price if she has a "good" education... like a college degree or something... especially with all the money they had to help her with... i'm not gonna let my parents collect 5000 for me! shoot! i'll be hella p/o...
  373. S

    pa nou thao...

    no it's panou thao... google her up... it should pop up under ehmongmusic... most likely...
  374. S

    when is Laos and Thailand new years

    oOo!!! fun fun fun!!! i wanna go too! someday... maybe during college summer or something!
  375. S

    pa nou thao...

    just wondering if you guys heard of her before??? i've seen her live before.... ahha... she lives in utah so yea, kinda obvious why i've seen her live before but yea... just wondering if ya'lls like her music....
  376. S


    yea wu zun's hot! he looks like my prom date! ewww! but wu zun's way hotter!
  377. S

    hey! it's stephanie! ur cousin! lol... whts up hun?

    hey! it's stephanie! ur cousin! lol... whts up hun?
  378. S

    who know how to speak thai and read thai?

    hello! i wish i knew how to speak and write in thai... unfortunately i dont. but i heard that it is very easy to learn how to read and write along with speak, a lot easier than learning english. anyways, i could understand a few phrases and speak a few phrases... and i could sing in thai but...
  379. S

    paj huab ham

    just wondering if u guys heard of her... she sounds like mee ham... but she has better hmong, u kno? but yea...
  380. S

    Num/Anne-Tae Parng Korn performance

    love tht movie! it's so cute!!!
  381. S

    183 club

    ahha... yea, i knotice tht matthew usually have the lead roles too...have u guys seen his "king of adventures" series????
  382. S

    CaN sOmEbOdiE pLeAsE uPlOaD NpAuB tHoJ & TsHeEj LaUj vol. 1?

    who are they? do u guys have a picture?
  383. S

    The Hmong Teens' reputation

    i just colored my hair golden brown with caramel color strikes... it makes me look half white cuz i have light skin color... my parents dont care what i do with my hair... but yea, golden brown!!! woot woot!
  384. S

    1990s Vaj Yim Leej Movie

    ahhhh! i use to hella like tht movie! lol... i havent seen it in ages! lol... but the song was nice!
  385. S

    183 club

    i just got finish watching "the prince who turns into a frog" and i'm wondering if any of their other shows as good as it... can u guys give me some kudos on which ones are good and not good? after watching "the prince who turns into a frog" i'm like in love with 183! especially Matthew and...
  386. S

    i have 1 yr and 3 months until i graduate! wooo whoo! i'm terrified! ah ha! but yea, i dont want...

    i have 1 yr and 3 months until i graduate! wooo whoo! i'm terrified! ah ha! but yea, i dont want to grow up, it's more responsibilty! pooey! ok, talk to ya later! muah!
  387. S

    hELLo kEvIN! hOW aRE thO??? aH Ha... sHaKeSpEArEAn wEEk's cOmiNg uP... sOOOO eXCiTiNg!!!

    hELLo kEvIN! hOW aRE thO??? aH Ha... sHaKeSpEArEAn wEEk's cOmiNg uP... sOOOO eXCiTiNg!!!
  388. S

    hi lily! i hearts u a million skittles!!!

    hi lily! i hearts u a million skittles!!!
  389. S

    what would you do???

    o my!!! do u kno how he looks like? well... since ur aunt could read plams i say go for it... but first start out slow!!! then you guys could speed up the paste from there on. best of luck hun...
  390. S

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    o my freakin gosh! u r so lucky!!! if i ever bump into one of my fav. stars i think i'll cry!!!
  391. S

    ying chou moua... tsu muas

    omg!!! thank u soo much leek18!!! he's soooo cute!!! too bad he lives in laos!!! dang it!
  392. S

    ying chou moua... tsu muas

    can you find the cover and post it up plz sassygurlm310??? BTW does he live here or overthere???? o and here's the close up... their not very good it's just his side but hopefully it works i couldnt get the front side... do you guys kno where i could find his music? thanks!
  393. S

    ying chou moua... tsu muas

    [b] his vol. 1 album is called "nco nkauj hmoob mekas." he's sooo cute!!! where is he from and how old is he??? he looks like he's 17-20's how he looks like. i just got it off a preview so hopefully it's good... and he also has a nice voice!!!
  394. S

    Who Came???

    ah ha!!! i saw voos yaj when i was at their booth. the music was so loud! i was with my mom and aunt and i saw him yelled "mom! look! there's the guy from npaum npaim and 80 xyoo!!!" i guess voos and this other guy heard me and they turn and looked at me... it was so funny! but voos looked so...
  395. S

    if you could make a movie

    if you could make a movie wht would it be about??? don't forget to tell us about the story and the setting... i personally like musicals... if i could make a movie, it'll be about a girl getting pregnant by her b/f and saying tht it was another guys baby... so her parents made him marry her and...
  396. S

    We Are Still Casting for SAC movie

    ooo! sounds like a great flim! is it gonna be flim in the states?
  397. S

    Celeb's Pix

    they were all so cute when they were adolescence! in Kob's adolescence pic her eyes kinda looks green... their all so pretty now!
  398. S

    Ntxawm Hawj

    [b][color=#CC66CC][font=Comic Sans Ms][size=2] i was just wondering if she married txam yet?i kno tht she's with him in chiangmai. but her sister told my mom that they were gonna get hitch but we haven't seen her sister in a while since they moved to cali... but yea, i was just wondering if them...
  399. S

    Nom Phaj txoj kev Lim Hiam

    o! sounds interesting!!! but i prefer the original...
  400. S

    fav. hmoob actors/actress

    [color=#FF6600][b] hi guys! i was just wondering who's ur guys favorite hmong actors or actresses... i personally like hnub lis, paj thoj, and umm... xab thoj! love their acting... especially in tht one movie... umm... the one where he keeps on hitting his wife, yea! tht movie!
  401. S

    Dr. Tom 8

    who's dr. tom??? i've heard of him and his movies, but i havent seen any of them... r they good???
  402. S

    who is ur favorite pra'ek&Nang'ek

    i like num and ann... they both are so cute in tae pang korn!
  403. S

    What do you like about Hmong New Year?

    lucky u guys! all we did for utah's hmong new year was sit around and gossip... it was pretty lame cuz the ppl forgot all the good immer music! lol...the entertainment was awesome! cuz i was in it! lol... other wise, it's the ssame thing has ever year, we sit, eat, dance, dance some more, and do...
  404. S

    Movie news

    omg! herlinda did wht??? wht a two face!
  405. S

    how tall are you?

    mann! u guys r hella tall! shix! i'm only 4'11!!! tht sux!
  406. S

    Maiv Xyooj New Album

    wht do u mean by "not so good???" like, it's ok, not bad, or like every other album of hers?
  407. S

    Maiv Xyooj New Album

    since sac's hmong new year is this week... if u guys get the album, tell me how is it k... thanks in advance!
  408. S

    Uh average age

    17! wooo whooo!
  409. S

    Maiv Xyooj New Album

    o yay! new album! woo whooo! can't wait to buy it!
  410. S

    Happy Halloween!!

    dont forget about the chocolate!
  411. S


    o my! danny and teddy are both so fione!!! dam! jus thinking abou tthem 2 gimmes the chills! ah ha!
  412. S

    Cua Yaj is married

    cua's wife is only 16? omg! u must be kiddin' me? how old is he??? wow! and she was gonna kill herself? WTF? and i thought i was obsess!
  413. S

    brenda song

    why does everyone thinks she's so pretty? ugh! i've seen better looking hmong girls than her!!!
  414. S

    Sacramento Hmong New Year looking for girls to be in their pageant

    ah ha! my grandparents and their church wanted to put my sister in it but my mom said no cuz we live to far and she's too young... can't forget tht she sux at hmoob...
  415. S

    Xab Thoj new movie coming out

    who is he?
  416. S

    ah ha ha!!!!

    ah ha ha! it's so werid how all hmoob ppl are some how related! kinda phunky tho! but yea... it sux tht thao boys are cute!!! too bad i'ma thao too! ah ha ha! but just thinking of talking to a guy u "have" to address has "uncle" is sick! ahhhh! lol....
  417. S

    Ando Masanobu Official Thread

    omg! so true! masanobu ando so reminds me of won bin! both are so hot hot hot! ah ha ha!
  418. S

    Mab Vaj

    i personally think tht maiv xyooj has a better voice except she got to work on the "taking a breath" part... if you listen to her singing you could hear her take a breath in between! it gets so annoying! but mab vaj does kinda sound like maiv...
  419. S

    Haus Ntsav tes,(Sucking your love one's blood)

    ah ha ha! that's hella scary!!! especially if ur love come and hunt you in your next life! i so do not believe in that! i dont care how much you two are in love! heck! get a tatoo with his name instead!!! it's just wrong drinking ur spouses blood! and what if your partner has HIV or sumthing? ah...
  420. S

    ah ha ha!!!!

    ahhh! omg! i hate it when your talking to a guy and later you find out that you two are related! ah ha ha! sick!!! but then again it's only in hmoob culture! but yea... i still wont date a relative! especially if my aunt is dating his brother or my dad's 1st cousin is dating his sister! and one...
  421. S

    hmoob jail bait!

    ha ha... it's so wrong tho!!!
  422. S


    omg! she's so funny in her movies! i love her acting... she's dawb thoj's sister??? well, anyways, if she is paj can so act better than dawb thoj... i dont like dawb's acticg, it's too fake!
  423. S

    hmoob jail bait!

    ha ha... it's sick if they took ur aunt on a date then try to hit on u! ewww
  424. S

    Brenda Song

    i wanna see brenda in a hmoob movie! it'll be so awesome!
  425. S

    hmoob jail bait!

    ugh! i hate it when hmoob guys who are like freakin 32 hittin on u! and ur like 16-18! it bugs!!! how about u guys?
  426. S

    Mos Patiparn's Girlfriend

    his girlfriend is cute, i've seen better, but hey! it's about time these ppl start havin their own life! i'm so happy for him! but heartbroken at the same time! :(
  427. S

    favorite hmoob-thai translate movie

    my favorites are 1. txoj hmoov coj kuv los cuag koj 2. hlub tsis dhuav 3. mam hlub koj lwm tiam 4. npau suav mus nrog tus hlub yab taum ub and a lot more. i couldn't find any pics. "tae pang korn" or "hua jai chocolate"
  428. S

    ~ alot of hmong people are crazy 4 num ~

    num sornram is hott! but i'm not crazy about him, he's pretty hott tho! heck ya! isn't he engaged? i heard on this one site that he was engaged... huh, oh well... now i'm a crazed fan of p'gott...
  429. S

    The Hmong Julia Roberts

    yea, i hope she'll end up doing some hmoob movies someday
  430. S

    The Hmong Julia Roberts

    what about brenda song? she's half hmoob. would she count??? just curious...
  431. S

    The Hmong Julia Roberts

    hmoob ppl don't actually have a julia roberts, more like a charlenze theoren...
  432. S

    The Hmong Julia Roberts

    good point! actually i don't think hmoob people have a julia roberts, but we do have some good actresses. i like ntxawm's acting, her's older sister said that her and txam might get hitch this coming summer, but their not sure yet, i haven't talked to her older sis for a bit now so i dunno much...
  433. S

    masanobu ando

    ahhh~! thank you so much!
  434. S

    masanobu ando

    [B][FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=green] hi guys! u guys know anything about masanobu ando? any pictures? he's so hot!
  435. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    oh. thanks! is she good at singing in english???
  436. S

    'Got and Cherry'

  437. S

    HMong RUMOR

    woe! lots of gossip! but omg! dawb thoj is gettin hitch? wow! congrats! how old is she anyways?
  438. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    does her husband sings too???
  439. S

    Npauj Npaim Lub Kua Muag

    ha ha... yea, she does need more acting classes. it's a ok, movie tho, even tho i didn't see all of it. thanks!
  440. S

    CHerry Lakorn w/ Tik Opening Ceremony

    cherry is so pretty! thx for the pix!
  441. S

    Tur Keur Duang Jai

    thx for the pics!!! great lakorn!
  442. S

    Npauj Npaim Lub Kua Muag

    [SIZE=7][COLOR=purple][FONT=Courier][SIZE=1] hey! any one seen this movie??? i've only seen parts of it, and i want to finish it, is it a good movie???
  443. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    ha ha...yea, it's hella long!
  444. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    i don't think maiv xyooj divorce her husband... i saw him selling her CDs with at sac's new year this pass year... she's prettier in life than in pictures... and her dancers ain't all that cute, but they seem like nice people. have you guys seen her 2nd MV??? she dressed so hoochie in "nyiam koj...
  445. S

    Lub Plawv Suab Thaj / Hua Jai Chocolate

    i like the thai version better, cuz it's actually their real voices... my opinion
  446. S


    omg! i'm like so in love with Gott!!! i like now about almost everything about him! even tho he's 37... cry cry cry... but yea, he is a GREAT singer! i'm lovin it! hey! so like did Gott and Aom got together at the end??? i came down to cali. but none of the hmoob stores in merced had his movie...
  447. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    i like it how maiv xyooj sings about young girls falling in love and stuff like that, it kinda gives me hope... but she is a bit too old to be singing those kind of songs but there're still good...
  448. S

    [KBS] Autumn in My Heart

    this series made me cried! it's so sad how her family ditch her! it's a very good movie. i just did't like the hmoob ending... but i haven't seen the korean version.
  449. S


    is hongfa kub somwang good? i have the VCD for it, but i never saw the series...
  450. S


    i hate it too when hmong folks dubbed, they suck at it! anyone seen the hmoob version of hongfa kub somwang with Gott and Aom?
  451. S

    who's your favorite Hmoob singer/band?

    who's da player? are they good?
  452. S

    what's ya last name??

    i ma thao!!!!
  453. S

    who's your favorite Hmoob singer/band?

    hi guys! i wanna know who is/are your guys favorite Hmoob singers or bands... mine's 1. maiv xyooj 2. kab lws lis ( can u believe she's only 14!) 3. cua yaj 4. rwg thoj 5. tshaj meej yaj 6. voltage and lots more...
  454. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    ha ha. that's funny...
  455. S

    Mov Nplaum

    they both taste the same to me... but i like the purple one
  456. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    yea, maiv xyooj does have a good voice for her age. know whats weird? madonna is older than she is and no one gossip about her. it's kinda funny if you think about it, but then again, hmoob people are just like that... afraid to lose your face and all that crap.
  457. S

    Guess who i saw at Fresno New Year..

    hey! i wanna know how he looks like. can someone show me a pic or gimme a web where ui can go look at his pic.
  458. S

    Who is Herr's Video Best Actress and Actor?

    i'm related to Ntxawm Hawj, for reals... her sister's husband is my mom's 3rd, 4th, 5th? cousin! they use to live up here with us but they moved down to cali...
  459. S

    Kwm Lis....

    well... if any one can, would you translate "kev hlub tws rau koj". thanks...
  460. S

    Kwm Lis.... sells his albums
  461. S

    Kwm Lis....

    does any one know "kev hlub tws rau koj" lyrics? my aunt is getting married and she wants that songs lyrics... she already got the song...
  462. S

    Kwm Lis....

    it's the song that kept on replaying! it kinda got annoying tho. but it's not the one frm. the wedding though. i dunno but he went on stage and sang the song to the girl...
  463. S

    Kwm Lis....

    yepperz... that movie is kinda gay! there's like no point to it! and it tries to copy korean dramas...and they're all dressed hella immer! no affense to any one... but i just like the song, it's cute...
  464. S

    Kwm Lis....

    hey peoples! i was watching this one movie about him, i forgot the tiltle but the cover has a pic. of him and this girl on their wedding. anyways did he sing that song that they kept on replaying? and what is it called? well... if you know any thing else about him, post it ight... :)
  465. S

    Myspace anybody????

  466. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    yea, it's ok. i like the umm.. hmoob neej or something like that, number 3. that song is so sad!
  467. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    wow! i got her autograph from sac's new year in 05. i totally love her hmmob out fit! any one heard her new album yet, i think it's nkauj npau npam or something like that...
  468. S

    what do you guys think about tsab mim xyooj?

    she has a nice voice but her lyrics aren't all that good
  469. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    how old is she anyways? she looks pretty good for a mom!
  470. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    is she married to that chue vang dude? and like was she born in thailand or laos??? cuz i heard that her husband married her then had her moved to the usa then become a singer.
  471. S

    Maiv Xyooj

    hey people! just wonderin' if any of ya'lls like to listen to maiv xyooj. i love her "ib leej nyob ib sab ntub" song! it's so me! well if you know anything about her post it ight. laterz! muahz!
  472. S

    Tur Keu Duang Jai(เธอคือดวงใจ)

    can someone reload "tur keu duang ja"i for me, i really want to watch it. thanks!