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    how do I burn videos with subtitles which is an srt file?

    I want burn some of my videos but I also have subtitles that goes along with them. How do I burn it with the subtitle showing up. I use nero express by the way for my burning videos.
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    Moment to Remember (drama)

    okay well I just got done watcing this. and doesnt the main girl die, cux the the diesease. it juss shows them two in the car riding away. does she die? someone pelase tell me!
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    How do I rip the videos I burn into the computer?

    well I burn sum of my shows and music videos so I didnt waste room onto my computer. but how do I rip it so I can have it onto my computer again? thanks.
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    anyone who has over 200 posts that lives in the US

    so I've been wanting sum stuff from I dont have a credit card so I cant get anything. I was wondering if sumone that has a credit card willing to get those things for me. I'll mail my cash to you, adn you can then send my stuff when yuo recieve it. I asked for people who has over...