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    [Ch7] Tawee Pope (Polyplus)

    i seriously wish the nang'ek was somebody else besides pancake. she is really too much. she acts like that in other lakorns too which i find annoying. i think the lady in this version doesn't fit either because she looks more on the mean side. however, i find om so cute when he secretly...
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    to end or not to end?

    thanks guys. so 7270 think i shouldn't end due to safety reasons which is understandable. and cecilia why so? it's hard for me because i'm a very grateful person like even if it's the smallest thing they did for me, i probably won't leum their boon koon leuy lol but the weirdness is getting...
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    to end or not to end?

    i have a former professor who's been extremely nice to me. in the past he has helped me with recommendations to grad school and such and anything else i really need. a few years have passed and he still writes to me, less than before because i don't reply much anymore. reason being is i'm not...
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    help with twitter plssss

    ok i sound like a dumbie but i can't figure this out and it's pissing me off. i'm trying to msg a thai celebrity on twitter but don't know how. so on their comments, i click reply at the bottom and then it says msg being sent or something but i never get anything back. like i do see them...
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    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    the last ep was sad i cried when rerng got down on his knees and accepted his dad. but then she didn't have to take all the bullying from tome she could've just simply throw him in jail i mean he's only a driver. i didn't understand why aun, rita, and jaja forgave noon and the driver easily...
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    Hong Fah (Kantana)

    i think this is another one of those typical princess lakorns and it is boring lol. i'm only watching for tle and kwan since i like them both. like someone said earlier, it's stupid how the n'rai is still chasing after the guy 20 years later lol and who the h*** is she that everyone is afraid...
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    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    it's funny how some people claimed that they knew the person all along or guessed right when i don't even see anybody mentioning the suspect's name. like guys come on! for ME, it's a surprise too but like everyone else i would like to know the reason too. let's just hope everything falls...
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    give it a rest people. gosh i came in here to read about the progress of the lakorn and all i see are arguments about ann being old or not. ok she is older but if you watch the lakorn they don't look that bad together. and people should be able to say what they think. it's not like people...
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    i don't know how i started liking this lakorn and end up disliking it. oh yeah because they freakin dragged it to 20 epis! i can't believe chane died so easily and everyone felt sorry for him? pancake's stupid. heck everyone is. it's like they can't do anything to him. i thought the mom...
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    it's just stupid i'd say haha talk about a good quality lakorn? nope! i do think tae is kinda cute though and is that rotmay playing thoeuy? are they even in the opening credits?
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    man i'm really pissed off. this lakorn is so upsetting now. everything is like so stupid like nita ran off by herself when tle said he was gonna help her. the freakin bad guy acting innocent storyline is way too long and boring. he's always there and the dad can't do anything even though he...
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    LOL the horizontal mambo? haha yeah i'm not too excited about this week's episodeand hope they'll find out the truth soon cuz if not it's gonna drag!
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    the uninvited

    ooh i like this movie. i thought everything was done well. haven't seen the korean version prob never lol. i was pretty surprised with the ending.
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    thanks for the pics jakjann. wow this is the only lakorn rite now that got me hooked. i like both their first lakorn and this.
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    Buang Rai Pai Ruk (Nook Naan)

    i love pan and tle as a couple ever since sst. i guess it's time for pan's payback time to tle cuz he was so mean to her in sst. if anyone, i think she has chemistry with tle the most. but i don't really follow all her other work closely so i don't know. she does need a different role...
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    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    ahahaaa..thanks for the surprise jubjib! that is so cute of the nang'ek haha.. man she sure cause a lot of trouble for mek and son! all those running around lol maya fantasy you are very observant girl cuz i missed all those. no wonder i was thinking the reason for kidnap was lame like why...
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    Jai Rao

    i like the cast but i didn't watch the whole thing cuz it's annoying..even the song that they kept on playing was annoying.
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    chompoo is the next ann tongprasom

    yeah i don't think so either. she's alrite. there hasn't been a lakorn of her where i really like so i can't say.
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    Fai Chon Saeng (Feeling Good)

    so is wantakarn going to die? i don't know but i see more love from khem than great. khem was there when she was sick and he's better looking too lol. he should have been p'ek. well even if he doesn't end up with her i hope he won't get with great's sister cause she is so annoying. she's...
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    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

    i think pinky is pretty good in WWHJ but can still improve. she lacks emotion, her face is always the same or maybe that's the way she is i don't know. poo-do we need to say the details? kob-i think she was way better when she first started than now. she does well in those stuck up roles...