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  1. J

    He's so cute !!

    Another older video but I like how he communicates with fans.. I'm not going to lie I can listen to him talk and not get tired of it because his english is so cute lol
  2. J

    Question about this video Aum Aff and fans making merit??

    What did they do with the cows and buffalo.. the monks can't raise that many cattle ?! I know if he didn't buy the cattle they would have been killed right? By the way he's so sweet to the fans and his english is really impressive!
  3. J

    I just got done watching Ratree Samosorn with P' Aum

    It was the one with the cast of Koo deud. He loves to exercise it's no wonder he looks super hot. Makes me want to exercise more because I want to look good ! He also said he likes to sing lol He seems like he'd be so much fun to hang out with!!
  4. J

    Why does Aum look so good in black??

    I mean like black from head to toe he looks so hot! He wears that color very well!
  5. J

    Scenes that should have been added in lakorns

    In Thara Himalai they should have made Shakul have a heart attack because let's face it he was one psycho prime minister! I couldn't help but laugh when he got mad because it looked like he was going to have a seizure. In Jamluey Rak they should have had Soraya and Harit's wedding included...
  6. J

    Questions for anyone who is in Thailand or has gone before?

    I'm going to visit Thailand for the first time in October. Staying in BKK for a few days then I'm going stay in Surin the rest of my trip. I'm concerned because my thai is not good at all. I try to practice with my thai friends and family and they have trouble understanding me sometimes...
  7. J

    No updated news on Aum??

    Nothing else going on with him lately????
  8. J

    Has anyone here met their favorite thai celeb?

    I've been fortunate to meet many people but none thai celebs yet. I have seen videos with Aum Atichart at fan meets and he seems like he has a good heart :-) And so does many others :-) I like that they take to time to talk with fans. I'm curious if anyone here has meet any...
  9. J

    How old is everyone here?

    I'm 29 but seems like alot of people are way younger than I am!